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Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon (branded Bank of America Chicago Marathon for sponsorship reasons and formerly the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon) is a major marathon held yearly in Chicago in Cook County, Illinois, United States.

Rita Jeptoo Florence Kiplagat Team World Vision Boston Marathon Abel Kirui

T minus 9 weeks to Chicago Marathon! Will you help me reach my goal?
Didn't get in to the Chicago Marathon? Join our charity team to earn a free entry and training:
Please back Susy's Team World Vision run in Chicago Marathon to raise $ for safe clean water via
7:30am alarm is set. Chicago Marathon training begins in the morning. Let's go, Team World Vision.
Q5 Hal Higdon. Though I met him at a book signing at Chicago Marathon race expo, he was rather quiet, shy. I need more time.
Would like to let the world know that Zac Craig and I will be training to run the Chicago Marathon for Team World Vision this October! 🎽🏅
It was blackflagged. So brutal! Hopefully Chicago Marathon will go better.
Might attempt the Chicago Marathon this year.
At least in Chicago for the marathon, I believe Gatorade visits each aid station and tests the consistency of the b…
Great day at Lurie Children's Chicago Dance Marathon. Thanks for the support team
World marathon majors: 5 down with 1 to go. Putting this out there now.. I want to finish with a PB in Chicago this year!…
My brother and I have a tradition of getting a Chicago style pizza then sitting down to marathon a Marvel Netflix show.
Maybe in 2018? I have the Chicago Marathon this Oct.
I just need to run the half marathon or marathon in Chicago. Its been decided :o)
Does anyone else remember when the Chicago marathon ran out of medals because they didn't think everyone would finish
Chicago Fire is having a marathon on Binge (channel in Aus) and I flick it on at the ep where Dawsey loses their ba…
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Placido Domingo is opera's marathon man at 76 - Chicago Tribune
I need to fundraise $1,000 by September to run in the Chicago Marathon,
I literally just screamed YES to a Chicago Fire marathon on TV 😊.
"I purchased this groupon for a massage with Sharon Vogel while training for the Chicago Marathon. She was..."
My wife is running the marathon to raise money for the dogs at Please donate! Thank you.
Planning to run the Chicago Spring Half Marathon on May 21, 2017? Get a discount on your entry fee and help out...
Seven steps to survive the longest string quartet of all time:
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Celebrate alongside over 40,000 run..…
Placido Domingo is opera's marathon man at 76 and will be in Chicago Thursday.
I've got the Bridge Street Half in a few weeks...Chicago Marathon in Oct. 5k season in between. And you?
I'm runnning the Chicago Marathon to support Donate today:
Also I'm half way thru my flight marathon!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 . Only NYC, Kansas City, Chicago and Vancouver left! 🙌🙌
.Boston Marathon bombers were immigrants from Russia.Why isn't Russia on ban list?
.Boston Marathon bombers were immigrants from Russia. Why is t Russia on ban?
Up and out on the lakefront trail before 6 am. For the kids:
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Voting closes March 20th! Go to to vote for BofA Chicago Marathon in Best International Event
Marathon, 26, Vegas & Chicago. So much to look forward to this next month.
The is the 1st marathon to earn the highest possible certification from Council for Responsible Sport https:…
Check out our new Chicago Marathon signature framing kit. Now available at
I'm running the Chicago Marathon w/Team Joslin for T1D Research. Pls support my effort as I run 4a cure!.
I'm running the Chicago Marathon and fundraising for Girls on the Run. I would ❤️ your support!
How Four Musicians Plan to Survive the Longest String Quartet Ever Written: The Spektral Quartet is taking on a…
Last year Team JandyStrong had over 30 runners at the Chicago Half Marathon & raised $26,000 for the Anderson family https…
I feel that tombstone Pizza should be my sponsor for the Chicago Marathon 😂😂
A Chicago PD marathon when your sick is key👌🏼😷
Marathon Pundit: Obama advisor at center of Chicago housing mess.
I believe I'm going to do the same with the Chicago Marathon this year. The last two years I ran it it was above 80° in Oct
The day before my Chicago Marathon, I went for a walk in Millenium Park. It was a cold morning, with blue sky...
Marathon drive to and fro Chicago day
Jen from houston. Furthest traveled is Chicago for the marathon back in 2010
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jrswinford from Logan Square, Chicago - traveled to Napa for the Marathon only to drop out in the 2nd mile due to an injury
awesome! ❤I'm running for Team Paws in the Chicago Marathon!
I am running the 2017 Chicago Marathon with Team Joslin Please consider supporting my effort as I run for a cure!.
having a Chicago Med Marathon. What're you up to?
Country-Living looks good on you! So does the City life! ps-I'm coming to Chicago in October for the marathon. 😀
In 2002 I fractured my spine, herniated discs L4, L5 & S1 & crushing the nerves in my elbows... . ht…
I met this amazing woman Friday on the Amtrak to Union Station. She was traveling from Colorado to compete in the Chicago Marathon.
I was at the Chicago marathon watching the runners, but I forgot my phone at home, so i have no pictures!!! :-(
Trying to get somewhere downtown during the Chicago Marathon is literally impossible. 10/10 would not recommend.
Chumba and Kirui jockey for the lead as men's elite runners approach the finish line. WATCH LIVE:
Congrats to Jabe McCoy who dominated the Chicago Marathon sprinting in to sneak under 3hrs (2:59:53). Gutsy race Jabe!!! So fast bro!
REPORT: reigns as peerless defends title in Kenyan double
Thinking of you as today is the Chicago Marathon... 👟😊
Gutted to report that I didn't finish the Chicago marathon today
Congratulations to alumni for completing the Chicago Marathon in 3:13:49!
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Looking good at the halfway mark of the Chicago Marathon! Go Steven!!
We are cheering loud and proud for our very own as she runs the Chicago Marathon today!
Girlfriend is halfway through Chicago Marathon: "Don't ever let me do this again."
I'm out at the marathon and I found this :) Second pic is the alley I think they'll be in.
my friend just finished the Chicago Marathon in under 3:20, and I ate two doughnuts in his honor. life priorities amirite (also so proud)
About to crash the Chicago marathon
This morning as I participated in the Chicago marathon, I had to stop and take a photo of &…
Time to brag: my best friend just passed the half way point of the Chicago marathon!!!
Congrats to Little Hawk alum Chris Robertson on his impromptu Chicago Marathon today- 2:24:55. Not too shaby!
I just walked through the Chicago marathon I am a part of history 😎
Breaking news wins 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Lots of congratulations!
These folks are running by my apartment. I respect the Chicago Marathon runners ✊🏾
Please follow me. follow accounts who love idols. follow back 100%. Chicago Marathon
Renato Canova coached both winners of Chicago marathon @ Hilton…
Kirui leads Kenyan 1-5 sweep in the men's Chicago Marathon as Florence Kiplagat leads1-2-3 in women's race. Well done. ht…
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My mom is running the Chicago marathon right now, and I can't even run up a flight of stairs without dying
How the Chicago Marathon will keep track of 40,000 runners today
Congrats to my brother for not only running the Chicago marathon but qualifying for the Boston Marathon!
Cheering on our friend tau_angulo running the Chicago Marathon right now! Maybe we'll do it with…
Douggie at mile 23.3 of the Chicago Marathon, still looking great!
Congrats to Abel Kirui and Florence Kiplagat for making Kenya proud at the Chicago marathon...
Mas, we are so proud of you..near stage llistening to the and. Kisses. marathon
Abel Kirui edges out defending champ Dickson Chumba via
Abel Kirui surged ahead of defending champion Dickson Chumba in the final mile and won a slow Chicago Marathon on a dominant Sunday for Ken…
There's a dog running the Chicago marathon and I complained about my arm hurting from ringing a cowbell
Florence Kiplagat wins for second year in a row via
So many great stories at the and so many great moments
I will shift again after a few months to Chicago but next weekend I am cancelling marathon for a short trip to California
Amanda Renkel crossed 30K at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon!
Working backup logistics dispatch for our response at the Chicago Marathon (@ American of Greater Chicago)
The fountain in Daley Plaza is blue, but I'm not sure why. Conceivably for the Chicago Marathon?
Hill Family and Friends's 🏃 Chicago Marathon in memory of Nikki for Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children on
Half of my toenail finally fell off from damage done by running the Chicago Marathon, & I almost threw up on myself. My nights going v well.
Surprised to find out that I was tentatively placed in Corral B for Chicago Marathon. I quickly sent my RnR half time to hopefully move up.
Peace. God blessed me 2 finish a Half Marathon today. Building up 4 the Chicago Marathon. Thx 4 your support.
Hey!! I know - love her. I worked w/ her on press & social media during the Chicago Marathon. That girl has a MAJOR presence
I'm getting in the miles for the Chicago Marathon. Support my effort to raise money for autism.
Sam Krane, Samuel Christianson and Samuel Cooper train for the Chicago Marathon. Will Dr. Jamie Drake join them?
I am a local. I will be running my 13th Chicago Marathon this October!
CHICAGO | Today is the Chi-Town Half Marathon and 10K, at 8:15 am (CST) at Montrose Harbor.
can we get a Real World marathon? I wanna watch Real World New York (2001) be Chicago
My marathon debut was in Chicago in October 14. Excellent race, course, support, expo, city.
chicagoalerts: Chi Town Half Marathon & 10K, 8:15 am at Montrose Harbor. Expect additional traffic in the area.
Shall I enter Chicago Marathon ballot? Is it worth the expense? I'd be on my own without my family.
Sorry. Ran Chicago once in my life. Running my final marathon at the
Glenview runners train for Boston Marathon - Chicago Tribune |
From the archives: Seen at the Chicago Marathon
Looks like I'll be running the Chicago Marathon in October. That is if I don't die while training 😳
I find out in a week and a half if I get to run the Chicago Marathon!
Sign up for Great Western Half Marathon, help support Special Olympics of Illinois - Chicago Daily Herald
Glenview runners train for Boston Marathon - Chicago Tribune
Please support and the work they do to advocate for women who've experienced domestic violence!
Another fun race performance for UFC tomorrow! This one's in Chicago - The Chi-Town Half Marathon - so anyone...
Just applied for non-guaranteed entry into Chicago Marathon.
Wishing the best as she heads to what will surely be a cold half-marathon in Chicago this weekend!
Snow flurries today... Half marathon tomorrow. Always interesting preparing for a race in Chicago!
Don't miss out on getting a spot in the Chicago Marathon!
Are you looking to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon?? The American Cancer Society DetermiNation can get...
Last call for anyone interested in running the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon with Team SCIS/u2fp to raise...
The Winner of the 2016 Chicago Marathon Guaranteed Entry Is... - via
LAST CALL to register with Team SCIS/u2fp for the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Applications must be...
There's still time to join for Bank of America Chicago Marathon! Register before 5 p.m. EST on 4/11:
Is anyone planning to run the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon and would like to designate the Indo-American...
Unlimited guaranteed entries for the Chicago Marathon if you run and fundraise with us!
Urgent Reminder: Team GLASA still needs runners for our Bank of America Chicago Marathon charity team. Slots must...
ICYMI: You could qualify for a guaranteed spot if you're a fast Deets:
URGENT REMINDER: GLASA has entries to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Spots MUST BE FILLED by APRIL 12TH!!
Join us at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 9, 2016!
Don't miss your chance - GUARANTEE your entry for the Bank of America Marathon w/ by 4/12
I'm running the Hartford marathon in Oct. same weekend as Chicago so I'm synced w ppl here. You?
Time's running out to join our Chicago Marathon team! Claim your spot today! Sign up here:
LAST CHANCE to participate in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon at the reduced fundraising minimum with MDA...
Deadline Tues.!! So sign up NOW to run the Chicago Marathon for to raise money for people in crisis
Looking for a little support for my first marathon:
LAST CHANCE to register for Team Challenge Bank of America Chicago Marathon Team! Registration closes on MONDAY,...
A pregnant woman from Chicago once ran a marathon and ended up birthing the child just after finishing.
"Join me for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon" on
Join the Imerman Angels 10th Anniversary Team for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and your entry is free
Guaranteed entry in Chicago or Marine Corps Marathon with Team Momentum and the MDA! Get in now under low fundraising minimums!.
Great stuff! Would be much easier if the videos also had the clock time. Still searching.
There's still a chance to enter Chicago Marathon without playing the lottery for a slot. Ask how!
Brother and Sister team Quentin and Christina Mueller run for to show a https:…
.doesn't state it will ban runners caught swapping like BAA, NYRR, Chicago. should at least delete results.
.doesn't permit bib switch so at least remove results. NYRR, Chicago & BAA will ban runners caught.
Who called it the 'Chicago Marathon' and not the 'Running of the Bulls'?
Thousands compete in 37th annual Chicago Marathon
Today we had the incredible opportunity of listening to Boston Marathon bombing survivors, Jessica Kensky and Patr…
Tuesday is your last chance to enter the 2016 Chicago Marathon - RedEye Chicago
you ran the Chicago Marathon... shade in IL girl :)
Run the 2016 with Team TAG Heuer. Show how you Don’t Crack Under Pressure.
My husband is running the Chicago Marathon this year on Lurie Children's Hospital Team. Donate at
is running 27 marathons straight and I'm here trying and failing to prep for my first quarter marathon in Chicago.
Have you ever wanted to feel like a celebrity for 4-6 hours?. Run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon with TEAM...
$1500 to run the Chicago marathon? I'll pay it if you quit and don't run.
Last night, my brother and I decided to run the Chicago Marathon this year. Frankly, I'm terrified.
marathon watched 2 seasons of Chicago Fire. And then... Shay dies... *chokes on an overly dramatic sob*
if you would attend a LAN in Chicago!
been running 70 to miles a week for the past 16 weeks plus. Entering either twin cities or the Chicago marathon.
Chicago med marathon since I have nothing better to do
in my sprint across the Chicago airport I decided I could run the Disneyland marathon. 😜😳
Want to run the 2016 Chicago Marathon?. has your GUARANTEED entry. Join the FundRacing Team
Marathon Pundit: Obamas not moving back to Chicago in 2017
Run with in the Boston, Bank of America Chicago, and TCS New York City Marathon
Register for Team ELH today at until April 6th!
Working with again! Chicago Marathon applications open March 8th, join
Please cheer on or support my wife Margarita Foss as she runs 26.2 miles for Autism with the Chicago Marathon We...
Do I sign up for the Chicago Marathon as a legacy runner or as a charity runner again. Hmmm.
Registration is now open to join the Team Challenge Bank of America Chicago Marathon Team! Join us as we run or...
W/ opening of regis 4 soon, look @ this The 1st Chicago Marathon in 1905, w/ Louis Marks leading!
5 days until the registration for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon officially opens. Make your commitment now...
Trying to get into the We've got your bib →
Ya know it was my friend Bari & his big bro who drove me 2 the airport 4 4 the Chicago Marathon I was 18..he reminded me last night. 😁😎😍
Chicago Marathon Map painting. This is supposed to be from it's inaugural year in 1905.
Please check-out my post: Running The 2015 Part III - The Celebration via
Get guaranteed entry into the through
That was us in Chicago for Britt's first marathon! :)
I'm running the '16 BOA Chicago Marathon on behalf of the Children's Tumor Foundation. Join me and the NF Endurance team to
A family friend & avid runner just died of lung cancer. She was diagnosed w/ Stage 4 after running the Chicago Marathon…
Join TEAM for a Guaranteed Spot in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon!
Team Danny Did in the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon - General Events - Events via
When I was training for the Chicago Marathon, I would eat a cup of cereal a...
I'll enter the lottery for the Chicago Marathon & if I don't get in, then I'll run the Philadelphia Marathon
Chicago Marathon gear in Nike clearance... just saying.
made me think of the Chicago marathon 😂😂
Stuck In Chicago!! via re-watching old pranks/vlogs. im doing a marathon of old stuff.
60 year old United pilot runs 2:45 at Chicago and comes back with 2:47 at NYC marathon! Amazing running.
Team TROT runner has completed his Chicago Marathon to New York Marathon Journey
Today a man at the hotel who ran the Chicago marathon recently gave me his card if I wanted to run with his group next year. 😭🙌🏽
A1: Training for 1st marathon was all on my own. Realized running with others would help.Joined a group then PB'd in Chicago
Good times at the Chicago Marathon social tonight at Hard Rock. It's been great to continue meeting all of the terrific people in our sport!
Get one while they last: stylish many magnificent miles sweatshirt, complete w/ city skyline
My (half) marathon visit to Chicago: By George Melichar, guest blogger I had been planning a visit to Chicago ...
Running couple says 'I do' at mile 8 of Chicago Marathon - Naples Daily News
.record earns her Athlete of the Week: 📷Chicago Trib
Please help me donate to Chicago's Coalition for the Homeless!. FirstGiving - Dance Marathon 2016 NTHS
Right up there with the vaseline pods that medics shared during the Chicago marathon. In blocky letters it read "DO NOT EAT!"
A little motivational reading to get you out training~
Was feeling good about my physical abilities until I learned there was a woman who ran the Chicago Marathon while she was 9 months pregnant
Not winded. Dickson Chumba and Florence Kiplagat earn victories in the Chicago Marathon.
I think I’m obsessed with the Chicago Marathon on
Congratulations to everyone who finished the Bank of America Chicago Marathon yesterday!! Moses Mosop from Kenya...
Two ultrarunners ran from the to the — with impressive times: http…
Why run 26.2 mi at the when you can run...900 like + ?
"She ran a marathon and it took her 5 hours, which is a huge accomplishment, but like - she could've driven to Chicago."
Doing a follow up on my former Illinois X-C teammate, David Walters, who was doubling back after Chicago Marathon...
Dan, a Shriner & member of the Shriners Hospitals for Children charity team before today's 2015 Chicago Marathon. http…
Congrats on your new America masters record in Chicago Marathon. I always feel honored that I have…
Couple gets married during Chicago Marathon, is more athletic than you Cc
Burnham-On-Sea runner completes Chicago Marathon in America A Burnham-On-Sea runner jetted over to America to comp…
Congratulations to our most inspiring woman for completing the 2015 Chicago Marathon this weekend. Lauren- you rock!!
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Kiplagat and Chumba achieve Kenyan double at Chicago Marathon: For the second time in three years, Kenya...
Chicago Marathon: Broke my record again this year by not running a 39th consecutive time. Previous best 38 years in a row.
Kenyans dominate Chicago Marathon: Dickson Chumba and Florence Kiplagat took convincing wins in the windy city...
Good Luck to Jonathan Beener, Natalie Cooper and Angela Agnoli Fedinec as they run in the Chicago Marathon. And Also to Ricardo Sumugod and…
Big shout out and GOOD LUCK to fellow Spider Judy Nelson running the Chicago Marathon this weekend!! We will be...
Everything You Need to Know About the Chicago Marathon: Here's how to enjoy Sunday's 26.2-mile event without…
Just a friendly reminder for all attending the West Loop center that the Chicago Marathon is this Sunday. Please...
Kenya’s world half marathon record-holder Florence Kiplagat targets win in Chicago Marathon
in 1977 the first Chicago Marathon was held
Help make it happen for Chicago Marathon with Team World Vision on indiegogo
Sponsor as he runs for St. Jude's Hospital in the Chicago Marathon, every cent goes to the charity:
Chicago Marathon. Airtel Delhi half, Gurgaon full & grand finale with Mumbai full in jan 2016 *** conditions
😅😂😅😂 Ending July with 82 miles compared to 48 miles in June... Chicago Marathon training i…
I'm running the Chicago Marathon this fall. Please consider donating to my autism charity team: via
I am so excited that this Summer I'll be working with with my Chicago Marathon training. I…
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the next race will be the half-marathon at this weekend and then the full marathon at Chicago in October!
He's surely won the Conn Smythe if Chicago wins this. What a marathon man.
I miss my purple gel ds trainers. Can U do them in purple asap for the Help me help
Not racing at Chicago, is instead running a half-marathon.
ummm. training for the Chicago marathon :)
. Hello I running the chicago marathon on oct 11, I am running for a great charity and every little bit helps!!!
I'm running the Chicago Marathon in support of Girls on the Run! Support my Virtual 5K, Red, Hot &…
Can The Little Runner Girl get her Boston Qualifier in Chicago this fall…….If we have something to say about it...
My point is, never give up the dream. May take until I'm in my 60s, but I'll run the Chicago marathon.
I won't be going fast. I'm doing a half marathon a week after Chicago in San Francisco. 😂
I'm running for TEAM PAWS Chicago at the Chicago Marathon! (Link in geochickjb 's profile). Please…
. ran his first marathon in 1985. It was the Chicago Marathon.
A beautiful day in St. John's for a run. Training for the Chicago Marathon starts in one week!…
Snagged a Rock 'N Roll Chicago Half Marathon bib with the CF team. We'll be racing on July 19th!!
Last chance for you and your friends to join Team Momentum in Chicago! We must submit all Chicago Marathon...
Help an AWESOME teacher raise money for The Ronald McDonald House as she trains for the Chicago marathon? http:/…
very cool, I'm with you there, HIT sales/marketing/ops for 16+ years and just training for chicago marathon
Melamed suffers a rare muscular condition. He completed the Chicago marathon in 16 hours and 46 minutes .
RUNNING FOR A CURE! Please help my team fight Cancer in the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon | DetermiNation
I started in January. Just kicking an injury — next up, Chicago Marathon! How has your gig been treating you?
you should come run with Chicago marathon training group some Saturday morning :)
A6: my next big running goal is the Chicago Marathon!
A6: To help my running buddy get his BQ at Chicago marathon!.
A6- running a healthy Chicago Marathon in October, and having a race day that reflects my training
Week one of marathon training is in the books! I'm documenting this journey in my blog. Included is my training...
Love! Chicago Marathon is on my radar for 2016 since I already have a fall marathon. Absolutely beautiful city!
A6: knocking 60 minutes of my marathon PR at Chicago
anytime I hear heat, I think of the 2010 Chicago Marathon where it was 93 at the finish, that was bad
I overcame a mental block today and ran my first long run of my Chicago marathon training. The first…
I can't watch chicago fire and the suits marathon finished so there is no way for me to avoid chemistry ***
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btw, 17 weeks until the Chicago marathon. :)
Finishing strong at the Chicago Micro Marathon. All that training really paid off!
I'm running the Chicago Marathon for clean drinking water! Donate today, kids! via
Hey guys so my brother is running the Chicago Marathon in October and is raising money for cancer so please donate!!
Completed week 1 of my Chicago Marathon training program. Did four days of running (25 miles total),…
John Hughes marathon on this rainy day (@ Zagroba girls funhouse in Chicago, IL)
It was the hardest thing in the entire world. I look like I just got done running the Chicago marathon
SummitFest Half Marathon is in 34 days, 19 hours, 53 minutes via
One of my goals in life if to run the Chicago Marathon & after running a half, it seems like my knees can't take it. Any tips?
Just another half hour before the Chicago Marathon lottery closes. Are you in?
Just entered in the 2015 Chicago Marathon lottery...I think I lost my mind during yesterday's half marathon 🙈
Running tweeps, want to run the Chicago Marathon? Get guaranteed entry with FundRacing Team. .
The Dubai Marathon really does want to be a big kid race. Like the Chicago Marathon, London Marathon…
Even the best can have an off day. Kenenisa Bekele's frustration after the Chicago Marathon:
This Sunday December 14 at 2pm the Costa Rican documentary MÁS ALLÁ DE LA META will be screened at the ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES (32 Second Ave) in NYC. It tells the story of 5 ticos as they prepare to run the Chicago Marathon. Director Jose Pablo Matamoros will be present! I'm not personally involved with the film, but we must support Costa Rican filmmaking, come join us!!! TRAILER:
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Check out Kate Luce's article on her mother's journey through the Chicago Marathon!
The Kenyan was tested in late September before defending her Chicago Marathon title.
Boston Marathon winna faile' a dopn' tes': Two-time reignn' Boston an' Chicago Marathon…
nah. Mums up here this weekend and Lisa's running the NY marathon. There's a buzz in Chicago however.wish I was!
Leading female marathoner Rita Jeptoo of Kenya failed a doping test a few weeks before winning her second consecutive Chicago Marathon, her agent and national federation said Friday.
Chicago Marathon winner tests positive for doping [Sale ]
Chicago Marathon winner reportedly tests positive for doping
Rita Jeptoo, Kenyan Marathon Champion, Fails Preliminary Doping Test: The winner of the Boston and Chicago marathons the past two yea...
Chicago is so corrupt...even the Chicago Marathon winner cheated.
Two-time Chicago Marathon champ Rita Jeptoo of Kenya reportedly tests positive for doping, via
Chicago Marathon winner Rita Jeptoo fails doping test: Five of the last six women’s championships are tainted in…
Chicago Marathon winner tests positive for doping
REPORT: Rita Jeptoo, reigning Boston and Chicago Marathon champion, has tested positive for a banned substance.
of the week is Monica Reynolds! She recently ran the Chicago Marathon and Marine Corp Marathon!
Sunday, Tatyana won her 4th consecutive Chicago Marathon title—catch up with her story here | Faces of Spina Bifida -
[See it in Pictures: Robert Serra appeared in America in the Chicago Marathon crazy and left more ?? +
Had a lovely weekend with my forever roommate Tamika Hunt. We didn't make it to K.O.D's, but Marcus Cinema, Buca Di Beppo, Hooters, Chicago Ridge Mall, Garrett's, State Street, and hours of traffic around that *** Chicago Marathon sure did wear me out! Oh an shout out to my cousins Jasmine SweetestSin Smith and Qiana Hill ...I LOVE YOU...POP HOLD IT DOWN...I'M A FEMALE...WITH BLUE LIPS LOL
18 weeks ago, I started a journey that I never knew would be so exhilarating and agitating, freeing and paralyzing, joyful and painful. I scoffed at the stories people told about how training for and running a marathon had changed them both physically and mentally, as an athlete and a human being. Now, 18 weeks later, I can no longer disregard these stories for they are all intrinsically similar to my own story. Yesterday, I finished the 2014 Chicago Marathon - 26.2 miles of exhilaration and agitation, freedom and paralysis, joy and inevitable pain. One has quite a bit of time to think to themselves when running a marathon. By mile 20 I had asked myself numerous questions like: 'what makes running more rewarding than something - or anything - else?' And, 'what motivates me to do better, to be better and to crave betterness?' And, 'what is so enticing about the chase that I have allowed myself to succumb to the dichotomies of running?' By mile 21, I was simply questioning why I had - or have - committed m ...
Wearing your Boston Marathon jacket the day after the Chicago Marathon is such an incredible hardo move.
Congrats to James Schulker 4 running the Chicago Marathon yesterday! He is the state coordinator for CAMS & MIP n the Great Lakes Region.
Chicago Marathon guide now available to all participants. ...also in various different languages. 😊
The 2013 Chicago Marathon: Running the numbers: The Bank of America Chicago Marathon field has beco...
Kenyan Rita Jeptoo continued her dominance of the past few years by easily defended her Chicago Marathon title Sunday in 2:24:35. Jeptoo has won Chicago and the Boston Marathon each of the last two years. With today's victory she won the 2013-2014 World Marathon Majors series title and its accompanying $500,000 prize.
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