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Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Soccer Club is an American professional soccer club based in the Chicago suburb of Bridgeview, Illinois.

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Photo: Schweinsteiger with Chicago Fire shirt [chicago fire]
'And then a reporter asked me if Chicago Fire would make the World Cup...'
If any guy can help Chicago Fire win the the World Cup, it's Bastian Swinesneijder
No!! I can't watch. Reporter asks Bastian Schweinsteiger if him joining the team improves the Chicago Fire's chance…
'World Cup for Chicago Fire?' Nicely played by Nelson Rodriguez.
Schweinsteiger was asked by a reporter if World Cup is a realistic expectation for Chicago Fire?! And Schweini looks like *** Lol
Schweini asked if Fire can win World Cup New Chicago Fire midfielder
Schweinsteiger: "It was not so easy as the decision to move to Chicago Fire was a bit late so I couldn't say a proper…
DEAL DONE: Bastian Schweinsteiger has completed his move to MLS side Chicago Fire from Manchester United. (Source:
Bastian Schweinsteiger, vet. Ger. center mid. asked by reporter if he would "help Chicago Fire (MLS) win World Cup" at 1st press conference😢
Bastian Schweinsteiger asked RIDICULOUS question at Chicago Fire press conference
That Chicago Fire/World Cup reporter will be a Tottenham supporter in 2 years, tops
Ladies and Gentlemen, The MLS at its finest 😂. Reporter: "Bastian, do you think your addition will help Chicago Fire win…
LOL some American journalist asked Schweinsteiger if he thinks Chicago Fire can win the World Cup😂😂😂
When the Chicago Fire win the World Cup they'll dedicate their victory to the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre https:…
Six places for Concacaf at the World Cup from 2026. Or to put it another way, Chicago Fire plus 5 others..
When they use chicago slang on Chicago Fire and you just proud cause they did they homework. Gang member on show: ..…
As someone has just pointed out maybe the 6th Concacaf spot is for Chicago Fire?
Reporter: "Can you help Chicago Fire win the World Cup?". Schweinsteiger: ...? 😳😂
American reporter asks Bastian Schweinsteiger if he can lead Chicago Fire to a World Cup 😳
American reporter asking Bastian Schweinsteiger if Chicago Fire can win the World Cup. No words 😳
do you think Chicago Fire can win The Ashes 2017-18? What about Wimbledon? Maybe Miss Universe. ;)
Schweinsteiger signed for Chicago Fire? Been watching soccer a while now but this still a gray area. Do they sign outside transfer window?
A reporter asked if Bastian could win the World Cup with Chicago Fire.
This is Embarrassing.Schweinsteiger was asked if he can help the Chicago Fire win a World Cup.
Bastian Schweinsteiger trains for the first time today with his new side the Chicago Fire
Schweinsteiger to play attacking midfield role after completing Chicago Fire transfer from Manchester United -…
And this is just fantastic...confusion reigns as Schweinsteiger asked if Chicago Fire can win World Cup – video
Bastian Schweinsteiger set for attacking midfield role at Chicago Fire after sealing United exit
Bastian Schweinsteiger makes bizarre claim at Chicago Fire unveiling
Bastian Schweinsteiger unveiled as a Chicago Fire player!
Chicago Fire may now finally fulfil their dreams of winning a World Cup with new signing Bastian Schweinsteiger
Bastian Schweinsteiger grilled by USA press at Chicago Fire unveiling. . Asked if he could help them win a World Cup
An interesting first Chicago Fire press conference for Bastian Schweinsteiger 😳
Anything's possible with Bastian Schweinsteiger at Chicago Fire. . Except this.
OFFICIAL: Bastian Schweinsteiger has completed his move to Chicago Fire. He will wear the no.31 shirt.
Watching Charlotte Sullivan in Chicago Fire really makes me miss Rookie Blue
While you were sleeping: Bastian Schweinsteiger agrees to join Chicago Fire from Manchester United. htt…
I saw that the MLS's Chicago Fire signed a Soccer Player who was on "Manchester United" in "English Premier League" Tues
Chicago Fire sign Bastian Schweinsteiger from Manchester United. Great signing , still a good player and will improve the F…
why go to Chicago Fire & not Los Angeles Galaxy?? Either way im excited to see u in MLS. Welcome to the USA.
Bastian Schweinsteiger moving to Chicago Fire from Manchester United. Will become one of best paid players in MLS on £70,000…
ICYMI: Bastian Schweinsteiger is joining the MLS. by via
Bastian Schweinsteiger is moving to Chicago Fire. Sad to see leave seen the best of Basti. Good luck!
BREAKING NEWS:. Its official Bastian Schweinsteiger has left Manchester United to join this club. Shocking move!...
Looking forward to season 12 of AGT. But first an all new Chicago Fire tonight.
BREAKING: Manchester United confirm that Bastian Schweinsteiger will leave the club for Chicago Fire.
A World Cup-winner comes to Chicago. sign to a one-year DP deal: http…
Bastian Schweinsteiger's Manchester United is over, as the club allow him to join Chicago Fire. Farewell, Basti. Long may…
Chicago Fire signing Bastian Schweinsteiger is the backwards step MLS doesn’t need. . h…
these chicago fire tickets better not start to her pricey now that a WC winner is joining them lol
Some really good analysis from on what Schweinsteiger's move means for Chicago Fire
Bastian: “I’m sad to leave so many friends at but grateful to the club for allowing me to take up the challenge at Chicag…
Bastian Schweinsteiger: "I've sought opportunities where I hoped to make a positive impact. Chicago Fire is no differe…
Two years down the line, Schmidfield is now Goodison and Chicago Fire. What a time.
"I am sad to leave so many friends". Manchester United have let Bastian Schweinsteiger join MLS side Chicago Fire:
Bastian Schweinsteiger 'sad' to leave for Chicago Fire
DONE DEAL: Chicago Fire confirm the signing of Bastian Schweinsteiger from Manchester Utd.
BREAKING: confirm Bastian Schweinsteiger is moving to Chicago Fire on a one-year deal.
Bastian Schweinsteiger has signed for MLS side Chicago Fire from Manchester United A deal is to be completed next week
When Sky Sports are comparing Man Utd's & Chicago Fire's mascot, you know it has been a slow news day...
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.to join Chicago Fire, subject to medical and visa: All the best, Bastian. 👍 ht…
Chicago Fire is the name of a barbecue restaurant, right? Schweinsteiger would've been a lot more use at Chelsea than that ninth defender.
Bastian Schweinsteiger has completed a move to join the Chicago Fire from Manchester United
Bastian Schweinsteiger moving to Reports coming out that Chicago Fire has signed him from Man Utd.
Bastian Schweinsteiger has been signed by MLS side Chicago Fire from the periphery of Man United. He was treated terribly sh…
BREAKING: Manchester United have released Bastian Schweinsteiger, this will see him sign for MLS side Chicago Fire. (
According to the Chicago Tribune, Bastian Schweinsteiger has joined Major League Soccer side the Chicago Fire.
Breaking: Bastian Schweinsteiger joins the Chicago Fire from Man United - Chicago Tribune (ESPN)
When your hometown team Chicago Fire signs World Cup Champion Bastian Schweinsteiger. but yo *** is moving to Texas..…
Bastian Schweinsteiger has joined MLS side the Chicago Fire. [Chicago Tribune]
Bastian Schweinsteiger has departed Manchester United to sign with the Chicago Fire, the MLS club confirmed Monday.
German legend Bastian Schweinsteiger is set to join the Chicago Fire from Manchester United, according to the h…
BREAKING: Reports suggest Bastian Schweinsteiger has joined the Chicago Fire from Man United. Read:
American media suggests Bastian will join Chicago Fire, possibly as early as next week
Manchester United midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger has joined MLS side Chicago Fire on a 1-year deal, according to re…
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World Cup champion Bastian Schweinsteiger will join the Chicago Fire: Report...
I just drafted David Accam & Joao Meira on for Chicago Fire v Real Salt Lake…
After enduring a painful rebuild, David Accam is eager to reap the rewards of an improved Chicago Fire in 2017.
Chicago Fire is having a marathon on Binge (channel in Aus) and I flick it on at the ep where Dawsey loses their ba…
I literally just screamed YES to a Chicago Fire marathon on TV 😊.
Chicago Fire striker David Accam named in Team of the Week in MLS opener
If you like Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., you'll love NBC's new drama, Chicago Department of Motor Vehicles.
One of the actors on Chicago Fire had to call the REAL Chicago Fire Department to get out of a stuck elevator. 😂🚒
Forget Chicago Med or Chicago Fire, we need a Chicago Sanitation Department TV show!
'Chicago Fire' actor Joe Minoso rescued from elevator by Chicago Fire Department -
It was Casey from Chicago Fire. Clearly it's Jesse Spencer AKA Dr. Chase from House. NOT Wade from Hart of Dixie li…
player and coach reactions Chicago Fire at people who want to stay informed,
I've just watched episode S04E01 of Chicago Fire!
Senator Mulroe fights for Chicago police officers and firefighters video -
team details Chicago Fire at football fans,
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
LAST CHANCE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Grab some fire eating torches for the fire lover in your life! Chicago local...
It's 3am I'm watching Chicago Fire, I don't see sleep anywhere close 😀
Muslim student's claim that man threatened to set her on fire over hijab not true, Michigan police say - Chicago…
In Chicago we'll show you 2 spineless cockroaches by the name of Garpax who are too comfortable with the coach to fire him.
Going to start watching Chicago Fire. I hope it's good
So my cousin met mouch from Chicago Fire at tjmax.
the walking dead, Lucifer, lethal weapon, the blacklist, designated survivor, . Supernatural, Chicago Fire, Pd an Med.
NHL All Access: took time out of his busy NHL schedule to visit some of Chicago's true heroes at the city f…
Welcome to Chicago, Nemanja Nikolić! 🔥. has acquired the 28-year-old striker as a Designated Player. Details➡️ https…
Get a sneak peek at January's 'Chicago Fire' and 'P.D.' crossover
Chicago Fire fans Chicago Fire at people who love the game,
SATC, The Mindy Project, Awkward, MKR, The Flash, Chicago Fire and the list continues..
I've just watched episode S04E06 of Chicago Fire!
pretty little liars(always). how I met your mother. chicago fire
Why you don't use water to put out a grease fire
I've just watched episode S03E23 of Chicago Fire!
I'm still bitter that Chicago Fire got rid of Chili just to have an open spot on Ambo for Dawson. Chili's Storyline/exit was unnecessary!!
We're still recovering from all the feels! 😍 📺:
is Chicago Med part of the Chicago Fire cinematic universe
apartment in the 2800 block of Rosemont Ave. -
We see 30s in Chicago and suddenly the kids want to open up the fire hydrant and act like it's a heatwave!
Meeting Jesse Spencer from Chicago Fire was a dream come true today😍😍.
New York Red Bulls pulled out the oldest trick in the book vs. Chicago Fire, & they fell for it!
Chicago Fire cast sparks Bloomington boy with leukemia
Scoop on the possibility of NBC doing a 4-way crossover with Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, and...
Chicago Fire is better than Chicago Med and Chicago PD.
I love the fact that me & have called dibs on Casey and Kelly from Chicago Fire 😂😂😍
midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger has met with MLS side Chicago Fire as he looks likely to leave Old Trafford…
Just watched Chicago Fire! - Episode S05E01 . Auto populated from
Matt Casey from Chicago Fire will always have the most beautiful, expressive eyes I have ever seen
The 26-year-old joined MLS side Chicago Fire, from Swedish outfit Helsingborg where he scored 30 goals in the Allsvenskan.
Peter Mills got written off Chicago Fire in the stupidest way I'm SAD
Steven R. McQueen is no longer on Chicago Fire meaning BRING LITTLE GILBERT BACK, PLEASE.
Columbus Crew vs. Chicago Fire. Honestly I'm torn so I'll just eat this pizza. @ Toyota Park…
Because we were really good in the Columbus day parade, my school band was invited to play at the Chicago Fire game tomorrow. O.o
Thanks for posting. Chicago Fire is expected to return on the 17th of November and will air on Fo...
Just learned the episode of Chicago Fire I'm in has the same title as an episode of L&O: SVU, and if you know me you know Im geeking out.😄
Jazz orchestra lights up Chicago remembering the Great Fire
😬Obama belongs back in Chicago, well maybe not, it's on fire now too!
Revelations everyday, people are a trip here in Chicago idk where all this HATE comes from but, THE FIRE WILL RISE...
Where is the studio for Chicago fire?
Two of the most successful and critically-acclaimed bands CHICAGO and EARTH, WIND & FIRE will be coming to...
I wanna thank the Chicago Fire gods for releasing those sneak peeks when I was not in class. You the real MVPs
I watch Chicago Med. Have to get 1st seasons of PD and Fire to watch those. Can't seem to find them without paying😑
he’s is moving to the new chicago show? I had to stop watching all of them except Fire bc it was just too much to keep up w
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
no one else I'd be able to watch Chicago Fire with😈
3. how would you describe the Chicago Fire premiere?? > Scary.
whenever i finally convince myself that im ready for s5 of Chicago Fire new promos and sneak peeks come out and ruin my confidence 😅
team updates Chicago Fire at people who love the game,
Trump decries loss of steel jobs in PA & OH, but Newsweek reports his Vegas & Chicago hotels used mils of Chinese, not US,…
I've just watched episode S04E22 of Chicago Fire!
.SPARKING THE FIRE, the final Hot in Chicago is here!
your show in Chicago is going to be fire! Hook a gzbe up with a vip ticket? Only one pls 😁
Staring down another last-place finish, the Chicago Fire are in desperate need of some big changes.
Do you have all chicago pd and fire episodes downlo... — no
Another U-19 call-up comes the way of Djordje Mihailovic ➡️
the episodes of SVU where they merge with chicago pd and chicago fire are so good 🤑🤑
no permits for today but Chicago Fire and PD have both filmed within about a block of there.
me&mum sobbing at Chicago Fire was really the highlight of my night😭😭
im so beyond ready for dawsey in s5 Chicago Fire omg
Team news Chicago Fire at people who love the game,
Greys anatomy code black new girl Chicago Fire blue bloods oh god. Why'd I have to get obsessed with all these shows.
One man was wounded in a shooting in Chicago's Loop on Saturday evening, according to the Chicago Fire Department.
Such a loser, sat here crying at Chicago fire
Hey Enter NOW for you chance to win tickets to see take on Chicago Fire on October 23!...
any information on Chicago Fire or PD filming at printers row?
"Caught up in your show at least now I know, it wasn't love.". If she's talking about Chicago Fire and Taylor I'm jumping off a bridge.
😩😫 I ran into Voight at Whole Foods one day. I'm waiting on Taylor Kinney from Chicago Fire!
Loved the firefighting theme today leadership exchange . Maybe Taylor Kinney from Chicago Fire will be a match ?
Then he'd better get a lot of fire extinguishers-Washington could look like Chicago after the Great fire.
Tour Updates: Redheads are for men who like to play with fire🔥. Aug 7-11
I've just watched episode S01E16 of Chicago Fire!
Remember when Obama caused the Great Fire of Chicago? Or the San Francisco Earthquake?
Love watching on Chicago Fire. Keep up the great work...:-)
If you have followed me a long, long time, *maybe* you remember I took "mental health first aid" training in Chicago back in 20…
If promotion/relegation were actually a thing in American soccer, we'd be swapping places in MLS with the Chicago Fire.
Really don't know what to do with my life now that I'm done watching Chicago Fire.
[Chicago Now: Fire Confidential] Fire add to attack with Arshakyan, Solignac
Fire add to attack with Arshakyan, Solignac | Chicago Fire Confidential
Chicago Fire bolster front line with Arshakyan, Solignac (
Chicago Fire bolster front line with Arshakyan, Solignac: The worst attack in MLS has been ...
03/04 boys represent at Fire Juniors Elite ID Camp in Chicago
is on FIRE in Chicago. got applause for flapping...
is reaching historic proportions...though not as big as that fire Obama started in Chicago in 1871.
Authorities ID boy found dead after fire in abandoned building – Chicago Tribune
OFFICIAL: acquire forward in trade with Welcome, Luis! ➡️ https:…
Chicago Fire bolster front line with Arshakyan, Solignac.
[Chicago Fire bolster front line with Arshakyan, Solignac
Chicago Fire bolster front line with Arshakyan, Solignac
Chicago Fire last in standings, but champions for stifling anti *** chant, says http…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Chicago Fire bolster front line with Arshakyan, Solignac via
NEWS: trade to in exchange for General Allocation Money: http…
That time Obama's cow started the great Chicago Fire of 1871.
Why does it seem like Chicago Fire either drops points or has bad news the week of the "White Party"? Asking for a friend.
So have been linked with a move for a striker value at £5million
We're just about ready to fire it up LIVE from B1G Media Days in Chicago. B1G interviews from B1G players, it's gonna be B1Gtime.
Illinois refuses to release why 'Chicago Fire' got tax breaks
Rock the Badges 4: Police, Fire bands to rock, rumble for charity
it is Chicago fire day in Germany. at 21 o'clock we go.🚒😍
cool is that?! I love Chicago Fire. Looking forward to watching new season.
[MLS: Chicago Fire] Ethan Harvey and Mark Jerabek to represent Fire in MLS WORKS/Special Olympics Unified Spor
"I don't get how they are so patient with what's going on there" on the Chicago Fire fans
Context - this move would require to spend 250x the £20,000 that was their transfer record until two weeks ago
linked with move for striker David Accam valued at £5million
This Sunday, check out a Pub To Pitch bus and tailgate at ➡️
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Site for the devastating 1871 Fire is now the fire academy!! Love the old fire engine.
I should have stayed in Chicago so Jesse Spencer could save me from a fire
I'm ruined. I just cried at Chicago fire
Stapleton with another great save off a Chicago corner. She's on fire today!
Maczwel : guest speakers gets the house on fire. Greats in our presence. Possibilities are real. NNtel…
I own 40%. A third-party investor has 50%. And the Chicago Fire controls the rest.
:Have no fear, the trusty fictional crew of Chicago Fire is here!.
Chicago fire filming outside of 73 east lake st!
'Chicago Fire' season 5 spoilers, plot news update: EP hints something 'big' for Dawson and Casey
csnchicago​.com >> STL: Kap talks with the Chicago Fire's Michael Stephens
A fire department from New York are sat across from me as I'm watching Chicago Fire. I wanna invite them to watch with me
This coffee is the 3rd best thing in the world behind my girlfriend and Chicago Fire being bottom of the Eastern Conference.
7 year old in the crowd, "I don't want to watch Chicago Fire, they aren't any good. They can't beat the Galaxy" NR within earshot
[MLS: MLS Insider] Chicago Fire happy with rapport between David Accam and Kennedy Igboananike
Portland Timbers at Chicago Fire: Match predictions and poll
Chicago Fire look to make it two wins in a row against Portland Timbers
*starts watching Chicago Fire because Steven R Mcqueen is in it*. 😍
Chicago Fire and Empire got me all tore up tonight! 😱😱
Why does Chicago Fire soccer GM Nelson Rodriguez slam Razvan Cocis in this quote? Team needs "real captain"?
Aww seems far. 😅 I haven't seen Chicago Fire, but I remember him in Uptown Girls. 😊
left, and in NBC's "Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Fire." This is how TV works now. A network
Monica Raymund says 'Chicago Fire' tests more than acting skills: BRUCE R. MILLER bmiller
"WASSUP"?. My Great Actor Friend Michael Hammond . in a scene from NBC's "Chicago Fire" !!. Check it Y'all !!
Re watching Chicago Fire oh how I love Kelly! Just all around a great show
Ha, that's a great word for him. He was "Chicago Fire's Most Interesting Man" IMHO
Great performance on last night's (5/3) episode of "Chicago Fire" You come across as very sympathetic, caring person in it.
Thank you for a great episode and I'm watching Chicago Fire 🙋
so powerful tonight. Great honesty on Chicago Fire. Truly a fan!
David that is a great classic Chicago Fire jersey.
the Miami Hurricanes aren't named after the Great Hurricane of 1926, the Chicago Fire is named for 1871 disaster
Opposition 11: Who will the Chicago Fire start against D.C. United tomorr..
'Chicago Fire' season 4, episode 21 preview: 'Kind of a Crazy Idea' puts Monica Raymund in the spotlight
hope the form continues until we see them play Chicago Fire
*** this Chicago Fire episode really got to me … deep episode poor kid. 😢❤️
Are you there, God? It's me, Jenna. . Gabriela Dawson from the NBC hit show Chicago Fire wants to foster a kid. Send good Dawsey vibes. Thx.
The ending of Chicago Fire was really sad. It made me cry a little. I've never been so touched liked that before. Great kid!
Hey my friend, I miss Shay on Chicago Fire . Can I get good vibes? I've a swimming meet this Sat. for Special Olympics .
Thankyou 😊 Do you know when Chicago Fire comes back to the UK?
RS Music News - See Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire Live
When there's a question about Chicago Fire the answer is always about Dawsey, like there are other characters i want to know about too!!!
Chicago/Evanston, IL: FREE documentary film screening of Wilmington on Fire, a documentary on the 1898 Wilmington...
When San FRANCISCO had their MAJOR FIRE, it was REALLY a WAY 2 GROW STRONG, just as CHICAGO'S FIRE provided the same OPPORTUNITY!
tb to when I met Christian Stolte from Chicago Fire just walking down the street in Lake Geneva Wisconsin lol
The scene of Matthew Casey & Chicago Fire Department lining the streets when walking Victor V. to school gave me chills!!
they're not actually dating, she's dating that dude from Chicago Fire. She just calls him that in good fun
Should Andrew Shaw have been suspended for 1 game for using a *** slur during game?
I've just watched episode S04E19 of Chicago Fire!
Valspar and Chicago Fire Team with Habitat for Humanity Chicago to Improve Neighborhoods | Builder Magazine
10 minutes in to Chicago Fire and I'm already crying, new record.
do you know when series 3 of Chicago Fire will be available to view?? Thanks xx
Casey stops at nothing to rid the neighborhood of crime. Catch up on now:
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney on the set of Chicago Fire. 🔥
Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney on the set of Chicago Fire 🔥
NYCFC 0-0 Chicago Fire in full time. Wild finish, lucky break on an offsides call, several great chances unconverted. Grrr.
Chicago Fire missing their best player David Accam in this match, and I dont think their defence can keep up with Villa and friends
Good news for us, is Accam won't be causing our defence any trouble... . Chicago Fire . David Accam - OUT. Sean Johnson - OUT
Chicago Fire boss Veljko Paunovic says top gun, David Accam, is nearing a return from injury.
Accam lauds Chicago Fire after first League victory in MLS. Read more:
Portuguese defender Joao Meira left Portugal and has been picked up by the Chicago Fire.
Taylor Kinney on 'Chicago Fire' | Live! with Kelly and Michael Mar 29, 2016 via
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Found this cool photo, not mine Chicago Fire dept. Foam / standpipe truck 671 (CFD)
Football video: Jim Belushi frolicking with Brian McBride and his Chicago Fire team-mates via
Opening dates for Chicago Fire in Elk Grove, Nordstrom Rack in Folsom and more - Sacramento Business Journal
Lunch with Tom. Soo good...and this weather...divine! 👌🏻 (@ Chicago Fire - in Folsom, CA)
On my TV blog, pics 4 Chicago Fire " What Happened to Courtney" w/+ more:
Pride Pub: Get your grub and grog selections for Orlando City versus Chicago Fire!
One for the highlights real. Chicago Fire's Joao Meira bicycle kicks Michael Harrington in the face, Tony Taylor sneaks in to score.
marathon watched 2 seasons of Chicago Fire. And then... Shay dies... *chokes on an overly dramatic sob*
favorite police show a road still. You should watch Chicago Fire too. Great shows
This great movie news plus Chicago Fire filming on my block & helping update an architectural treasure is brightening this chilly day
💙 her acting& is great as Det. But I miss her as Shay in Chicago Fire. Alls good tho to see her
Bulls game, Better Call Saul, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, New Girl, Teen Wolf great day for tv
Everyone come out and support Chicago Fire in HomeOpener on Sunday its a great experience
Shout out to this pretty lady for her first day shooting Chicago Fire!! We hope you had a great…
What exactly is so great about Chicago Fire's?
Windy City Facts: The Chicago Public Library was created directly from the ashes of the great Chicago Fire in 1871.
Chicago Fire signed John Goossens earlier today. I like that signing, guy has extensive Eredivisie experience and was great in preseason.
well Taylor Kinney is a hunk, one reason why I love Chicago Fire, great actor too...what;s she singing?
Great day at church today, Man Utd beat Arsenal, Van Gaal gets nominated for an Oscar & now time to watch some series, Chicago Fire
The latest episode of Chicago Fire was great 😍😍😍
Gabriela Dawson, Chicago Fire. played by Monica Raymund whose mother is from Dominican Republic
Chicago Fire generating more heat than the Great Chicago Fire! 😂
I think that was my favourite episode! Great job! Also, loved you on Motive and Chicago Fire!!
Breakfast time at Tower Ladder 39 in Chicago Fire ! Great shot by !. Side note:…
What a GREAT WEEK OF TELEVISIONS for MbMers! Tyler Kaplan's amazing performance in Chicago Fire, then the...
Halftime at the Minnesota United vs. Chicago Fire match at Providence Park.
Hbd Jesse Spencer you're the most beautiful fireman ever (alongside Taylor Kinney) (I love Chicago Fire so much) ❤️
Loved seeing you on Chicago Fire. Hope it's a recurring character!
Been thinking how Chicago Fire or PD should have crossover with Shameless. Then make reality show of the writers/cast and on-set for episode
Law and Order:SVU and Chicago Fire cross over. YASS
The saddest scene in the Chicago Fire history
[Daily Herald] Firefighter injured responding to fire in Elgin
Also on Fridays episode of is Chicago Fire, Fit To Fat To Fit, and Untold Stories Of The ER! Be sure …
i hate chicago fire it A L W A Y S makes me cry
I didn't like the halftime show. Why not get Chicago & Earth, Wind & Fire? They toured in 15'. Bruno & Beyoncé did it recently. Gosh!
Fabian Herbers scores first goal as Union player in loss to Chicago Fire
Check out the match recap and team sheets from 4-2 preseason win over https:/…
Watching Chicago Fire makes me want to have a hot firefighter husband, but then again, I'd worry about them constantly 🚒
After yesterday's brace, see how is prepping for his 2nd act in
New track is fire fam. Slide thru Chicago again soon
addicted to Chicago Fire!! Her favorite actor is David Eigenberg🔥
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