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Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team located in Chicago, Illinois.

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If your a Cubs fan and dislike Puig's antics, I understand. Luckily, I'm a Dodgers fan in Chicago and loved every bat flip and tongue shake
"So far the Chicago Cubs bullpen has had trouble keeping the ballpark in the yard" -TBS announcers
The Extra cover after rally to take Game 1 of
Jon Lester stars in a Game 2 reboot of L.A. Story TONIGHT. Get your 🍿 ready for Pregame Live at 6 on NBC Spor…
I can't wait until 2019. When the then old veterans of the Cubs meet the up and coming Sox in the first All Ch…
I'm going to call it. Best Cubs tribute: Chicago Board of Trade.
Another reason to root for a Cubs vs Yankees WS = renewal of the Chicago vs New York sports ri…
Go Cubs Go. Good luck to the Cubbies in game 2 tonight.
Toasting the Chicago Cubs with their official vodka
Our new space is coming together! Get a sneak peek of our renovations tonight during the game!
The final out that sent the Chicago Cubs to their third straight NLCS.
The Chicago Cubs experienced twice the length of misery that the Detroit Lions did and they…
Cubs turn to Lester as they aim to even NLCS
Hey Chicago Men, it's Sunday so don't forget to wear your nicest Cubs hat to brunch with your parents.
Trubisky's passing today reminds me of the cubs bullpen last night. Might be a long day Chicago.
.may not have another World Series crown. But we have our candidate for Cook County Board President.
Sweet! Go, Cubs! Decorate with gusto this weekend at
Spend this dreary Saturday night in watching the listening to me discuss the Freddy phenomenon with…
Dodger pitchers wear out Cubs to take NLCS opener at Dodger Stadium via
Joe Maddon flips out, comparing MLB home-plate rule to Chicago soda tax: (
Yahoo! Sports - Joe Maddon went to his bullpen, and two pitches later, it all began to implode for the Chicago...
NLCS: Los Angeles Dodgers strike first in NLCS, win 5-2 vs. Chicago Cubs -
Despite an emotionally draining week, Jose Quintana still matched the ace:
Daisy is happy like any sports team outside of the cubs in Chicago is relevant lol
Cubs still owe Tigers a player to be named or cash to complete the deal that sent Justin Wilson to Chicago.
manager Joe Maddon believes the collision rule at home plate is as equally as bad as the soda tax in Chicago.
P.S. since I just read this, kudos to Maddon and Lackey for this
Not everyone is a fan. Searching for a safe space in Cubslandia. My column:
I was born in Houston. I grew up in Chicago, a Cubs fan. I married into a Dodger Blue-blood family. We all hate the Yankees😏
Slide rule? Who cares?This is what matters: Cubs still can't find the winning card to play out of vulnerable bullpen https…
No doubt about it, Cubs' pregame hug routine motivates, inspires via this is fabulous
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Three questions as the Cubs head into Game 2 of the NLCS: via
to 10/15/2016: Cubs fever is taking over Chicago via
Lol at “ it’s like the Soda Tax on Ejected Maddon blasts home plate collision rule - via App
My free sports picks for the 15th between Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers-National League Championship Series:…
Chicago Cubs vs. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Gets a Mixed Reaction from the Crowd
Chicago Cubs: We may not win the World Series often but when we do we always make noise in the Natio…
Congrats to the National League Central Division Series champion Chicago Cubs! We left a night light on f…
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Game 5 and you lose the feed info chicago?
They are heading to the Bottom of the 9th Inning, in D.C. Chicago Cubs are 3 outs away from advancing to the...
Yall better get those 3 outs quick with no runs or im coming back down to Chicago to fight yall
She didn't respond...but like seriously does it stand for Chicago or does it stand for Cubs??? l m k
Please come back to Chicago, we obviously need you!
I'm from Chicago and I didn't even know the Cubs made the playoffs. I lived in the South side so I'm a pseudoSox fan
The nails of all and faithful...start investing in Spas in Chicago and Washington now
October 7, 1984 - San Diego celebrate 6-3 Game 5 victory over Chicago securing the clubs 1st National L…
Watching the Cubs game in Chicago is way more intense. I live and die with every pitch 47x more than normal.
Cubs vs Nationals... in DC and who am I hoping wins? CHICAGO! (@ Prime Time Sports Bar & Grill)
Does Davis has one pitch that can fool the meatballs coming to bat? We need a rain delay.
What happened to our lead? 9-8 at the top of the 9th. The are trying to give me a…
If the 🐻 can close the door 🚪 in the 9th will have a fantastic 4 (Houston, NY, LA & Chicago) in 4 biggest markets of 🇺🇸
Difficulty Breathing: Chicago fans watching the NLDS. . Be sure to both inhale and exhale in the next 20 minutes.
I always knew this day could come. Keep me in your thoughts. I’m told the HOUSTON Astros could face the CHICAGO Cubs in the World Series.😳
The Cubs have call overturned, Jose Lobaton ruled out, ending the 8th inning. Chicago leads 9-8 entering the 9th.…
Chicago refs. They should have Cubs uniforms on.
IF (big IF) the win tonight, do they fly directly to LA or stop in Chicago first? Seems better to fly directly to LA
Why did I just make the connection that the Cubs are little bears & the Bears are big bears & they're both versions of bears from Chicago.
We go to the bottom of the ninth. by a run. . Does Chicago or do the continue their in the NLCS?
In a hotel in Chicago and thought it was just us
Last licks for Washington. Who will Chicago trot out there to pitch the 9th?. Will this game end before 1am?.
I really do love the Chicago I love this team. I believe in this team.
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Pope Francis receives Cubs jersey with his name on it
Lord please bless the Chicago Cubs all we need is 3 outs
Game 5 live updates: Last chance for Nationals to save their season
If the bats lose this game. The Chicago Cubs can thank the MLB Umpires
If Chicago fans were gonna get one coach’s challenge right tonight, I’m sure they’re glad it was this one!
Not even recently. Remember when Selig moved the Cubs @ Astros late September divisional games to…
What was Javy Baez swinging at?. Chicago Cubs v Washington Nationals
Wonder how some of these old friends are holding up tonight. Here’s hoping they’re asleep.
I'm thinking absentee rates in the Chicago area will be nearly as high as after game 7 last year...
10.5 hour drive from Chicago to Manhattan (KS) that started at 3:45 pm. Thank god for a super long Cubs game to hel…
We are only 22 minutes away from playing the longest nine inning game in mlb history (4:45 minutes)
This whole Chicago team is completely gassed. This bottom of the 9th inning is gonna be scary for us fa…
Let's get it done Cubs!! — watching Washington Nationals vs Chicago Cubs
2 On 2 outs bottoms of the 7th we have a ball game folks — watching Washington Nationals vs Chicago Cubs
Let's get it done Cubbies!! — watching Chicago Cubs vs Washington Nationals
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Bryce with the SAC FLY — watching Washington Nationals vs Chicago Cubs
This game is going to give me a heart attack!! 😱 — watching Chicago Cubs vs Washington Nationals
OMG!!! friggin load em up man!!!. — watching Chicago Cubs vs Washington Nationals at The love...
Im just going to very calmly say Id prefer jason heyward to never play another game for the Chicago Cubs ever again. Jus…
10/12/1970: The deal shortstop Hector Torres to the Chicago Cubs for shortstop Roger Metzger*…
Man who was blinded in one eye by foul ball at Wrigley Field is suing Major League Baseball and the Chicago Cubs
If leadership is what we want to hear about, we may all need to listen to the head coach of the
My family is in Chicago going to the Cubs game and I’m in Bowling Green studying for a human nutrition test...
How to win at staying humble: Chicago Cubs Exec on Keeping Fans Loyal
Get Your Chalk. Get Your Step Ladder. Writing on the Wrigley Field Outfield Outer Walls is back. h…
Cubs game at 4:30. Come in for our Made in Chicago Handshake.
Question time...if Game 4 of Nats/Cubs gets rained out tomorrow (supposed to rain all day in Chicago), do you start Strasbur…
Did you catch the Cubs game yesterday? Now you can get the history on the greatest players.
It's sad to see the season end for the Dbacks, but I still have the Chicago Cubs to cheer on
Corn maze pays tribute to last year's champion Chicago Cubs
Only one game today, Game 4 between & check out the Preview…
😎 Saw José Quintana relaxing out on the lake before his 1st post season start today. Congrats José & Cubs! ⚾️
Can't wait to meet incredible students today 1-6 and then cheer on the
Bring a poncho, fans: It's going to be a wet night at Wrigley for Game 4
⚾My son's baseball team (Minor League Cubs) just won their championship.🏆This is good luck for the Chicago r…
Cubs try to advance to NLCS behind Arrieta
I think the reason Almora doesn't start more often is Kyle is a folk hero to Chicago…
A Rockford, IL shop owner just bought what has to be the greatest Cubs baseball card collection ever built:
I like lebron james, steph curry, and the entire history of the chicago cubs more than I like aaron rodgers
I'm gonna hold off on this one right now, but if you want it, here you go! Looks…
The reaction to everything the have done this series: "So what? Now what?"
Chicago Cubs NLDS Game 4 Lineup: Is This the Lineup That Punches a Ticket to the NLCS?
Gonna be raining all day in Chicago. If they can’t get game in today, wouldn’t mind it being played tomorrow. Hawks game that’s y
Monday was big day for Chicago sports: Cubs found mojo, Bears discovered a QB and Mike Ditka lost everyone denying existenc…
Pat Hughes is a Chicago icon. I feel blessed I still get to listen to his voice. Chicago Cubs baseball is on the air!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Clinch squad? Here's the Cubs' starting lineup for Game 4 of the NLDS:
Water polo might be a better option today than baseball in
Cubs wild rollicking battle with nationals- perfect Chicago day- listening to Tom Petty in Murphys roof - perfect night
Fan sues Chicago Cubs, MLB after being injured by foul ball.
Jesus Chuy Campuzano from Chicago and I'm ready for the Cubs tonight and a member of thresholds
Chicago Cubs set lineup for NLDS Game 4 after 2-1 win over Nationals
I’m in Chicago celebrating my birthday, Go Cubs!!!
Go from your biggest fan of sincerely
Can’t wait to be in Chicago for game four tonight for the cubs 😍
Bernie: Postseason Pressure? What Pressure? The Chicago Cubs eat that stuff for lunch
Playoff coverage!. -Tom Verducci on CLE's Game 4 flop: -on the cursed Dusty Baker. http…
Baez returns to Cubs lineup for Game 4 of NLDS
Chicago Cubs looking for series-clinching start from Jake Arrieta via
Tonight on Pretty Late (Oct 10th)! Comedian Paul Farahvar rides side car as we celebrate the Chicago Cubs most... http…
Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals pitches in the fourth inning against the Chicago Cubs...
Little Giant Ladders
Chicago Cubs rally late, take Game 3 of the NLDS, 2-1 over Washington Nationals... Max Scherzer and the Nationals …
and gave Ryan Zimmerman the chance to break the tie with this three run shot. . --. FINAL SCORE: Chicago Cubs 3 Washington Nationals 6
John (veteran) and his daughter attended a Chicago vs. Cincinnati game through
Been there, done that: ‘Underdog’ Cubs feeling no pressure in repeat quest
Today In 1945: The Chicago kick Billy Sianis & his goat out of the World Series, starting the now broken "Curse of the Bi…
Cubs vs. Nationals NLDS rosters: Former Chicago closer doesn't make the cut via
Cubs fallout still in mind, Dusty Baker believes Nationals' championship story 'already written' v…
Kind of happy we in Washington to much rain on & off in Chicago
Men vs. Boys: How Nationals showed the way to build a heavyweight contender -- (…
We would like to wish the Chicago Cubs good luck as they start Game 1 of the NLDS Hit hard, Run fast, Turn Left and
They also refused to send me Wonder Woman costume accessories even though I am not referring to CURLY W (Chicago Cubs) and Im told the
The Cubs will hold NLDS viewing parties at the Park at Wrigley this weekend
Parker's NLDS Picks: Washington over Cubs in 5 game. Chicago pitching not the same. Dodgers over Arizona in 5. LA will finally solve D-Backs
"continue to rock as hard as anyone." – Danny Clinch on Read the exclusive:. https…
Hours after won the World Series, Ian Happ went to work in the batting cage, thinking about the next title: featured in NBC s Science of Love
Chicago, Washington mayors wager on Cubs-Nationals series
It's casual day for the Chicago Cubs playoff game! 💙🐻💙🐻
Cubs playoff ticket prices dip on resale market — but are still high - Chicago Tribune -
Tonight: Chicago Cubs face the Washington Nationals in Game 1 of the NLDS. The game is at 7:30 p.m. on TBS.
Have you claimed your FREE cupcake today? via
Cubs first playoff series of the season starts tonight!
On this day in 1945, Billy Goat Tavern owner declared, “Them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more” after his goat wa…
2017 Chicago Cubs "Road To The Playoffs" Hype Speech. Hey do not forget who the world champs are.
Emanuel betting on Cubs with beer and sausage wager with DC mayor
Who's ready for Round 1 between the and Coverage starts on NBC Sports Chicago at 5:30!. 💻📱:
Back home, the city is bleeding Cubbie Blue! 🐻⚾️💙
DC, Chicago mayors bet on Nats-Cubs games with beer, sausage - WTOP: WTOP DC, Chicago mayors bet on Nats-Cubs games…
"Where to Eat Near Wrigley Field Playoffs Edition" via features us! Come say hello, we're open at 4pm…
Rahm Emanuel hoping to hang on to his sausage after
Cubs release NLDS roster and yes, John Lackey is on it along with anothe..
⚾️Already looking forward to the taking the series! To see more on our friendly wager w/ 🔗https:…
Let’s play ball! Did you know that on 09/30/1988 threw the first pitch at the Chicago Cubs game?
Heady times in Chicago sports. Cubs open title defense, Mitch Trubisky making his debut, Blackhawks on verge of 82-0-0, 82…
NLDS 2017 schedule: Chicago Cubs vs. Washington Nationals, dates, times, TV channel, how to watch online -…
Been there, done that: 'Underdog' Cubs feeling no pressure in repeat quest
Chicago, Washington mayors wager on Cubs, Nationals series
If it's a close game and Chicago Cubs pitcher John Lackey thinks he still has enough to win it, he'll let the...
Chicago Cubs feature Grambling and CAU in HBCU Day -
Washington Nationals will play Chicago Cubs for the National League Division Series on Friday,…
President at the Chicago Cubs game today...Spreading the word on Grambling State University
Nothing unusual about this house; but the W-flag shows that the Cubs won last night.
Chicago Cubs have clinched the NL Central, in St Louis
Help out! Give to Cubs playoff tickets Raise funds on
Congrats to our neighbors, the Chicago The countdown to postseason is on! // p:
Cardinals host Cubs with absolutely no room left for error
The Chicago Cubs called up Taylor Davis (and his eyes) from the Iowa Cubs this week. Let's just say he loves the camera..…
We still can't get over these photos of the Chicago for Body Issue.
Rotation trepidation for heading into playoffs this time around
Glencoe native Rich Cohen needed the to win the World Series before he could write the 'Curse'…
Bill Murray is in talks to play Cubs manager Joe Maddon in a film on the team's World Series win. What do you think?
Chicago Cubs ready for next phase of renovation project, including netting
Hey Chicago, there's a chance we see the advance to the NLCS and see Mitch Trubisky start for the on the same…
Baseball season's underwaaay. Better get ready for a brand new day. Hey Chicago what do you say. The are gonna wi…
Welcome to ChiTown! How Chicago's drive to solve violence will // the Cubs' drive to win a World Series!
Chicago Cubs refused to be present for the National Anthem @ the Cardinals game last night. But, NO PROTEST FOR 800+ MURDERS…
Bill Murray in talks to play Joe Maddon in Cubs World Series flick via
Are the Chicago and the going to play a low-scoring game Thursday night?
In new world for Ben Zobrist explains why he wasn't (totally) trolling with clinch talk:
The Chicago Cubs aren't the only Chicago team that clinched last night. Congratulations to the Chicago Fire on...
Cubs back in playoffs after beating Cardinals to clinch division
Cubs groove to a now-familiar jam: Earning an October return
The universe is making all Cubs fans' dreams come true, it seems...
Cubs weren't going to pay him what he deserved. He got his money but you know he left his heart in Chicago.
Congratulations to the NL Central Champion Chicago Winning is sweet—winning at Busch Stadium is just a bit sweete…
Find out all about "The Official Timekeeper of the World Champion Chicago
the night after the won the Excited to see them back in the 🐻⚾️
'The Chicago Cubs: Story of a Curse' weaves history, memoir as only a fan could - Chicago Tribune
Anyone born & raised in the CHI area that is a Packer fan but supports Cubs/Sox, Blackhawks & Bulls should get Chicago privileges revoked
The Hancock Celebrates the Cubs being Central Division Champs on Wednesday Night with Red and Blue Lights
Jon Lester and the cheers to what could be last regular season start https:/…
It finally feels like fall! And we've got the flavors to match. Enjoy Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, or our fan favorite Chicago Cubs Italian Ice!
schedule for NLDS, with times to be announced later.
When DWade was drafted by Miami, Marlins won the WS.. When traded 2 Chicago, the Cubs won the WS.. Now he's in CLE..🤔
Lmao that's the past. You Chicago fans can't decide whether you wanna live in the past or the present.
Congrats to the Chicago Cubs on being NL Central Champions. Let’s Win the Whole Thing Again
'Let's Play Two': This Pearl Jam concert flick may be the best movie ever made (for Pearl Jam and Chicago Cubs fans) ht…
I'm talking Wrigleyville after a Chicago Cubs game. Drunk madness. People staggering in the street, yelling, blasting…
ICYMI here's the interview w/ .on from yesterday talking state of and more!
"The Chicago Cubs won the Cardinals’ division. Again.". And some wonder why accounts like exist. .
Congratulations to your organization [Chicago Cubs], on clinching the National League Central Division f…
Reporting live from Busch Stadium the Chicago Cubs are your repeating 2017 National League Central Champions! Goodnight St. Louis!
Chicago Cubs clinch National League Central with 5-1 win over St. Louis Cardinals.
5-1 is your final in St. Louis, and the Chicago Cubs have won the National League Central Division for a second consecutive y…
Son of Charleston Church shooting victim drafted by the Chicago Cubs (via Daily Mail)
I'm not a big baseball fan at all but I see more cubs fans coming out of nowhere everyday.been a Chicago fan since day one and dont know why
NFL is doing something nearly as remarkable as Cubs winning a World Series - Chicago Tribune
I love baseball. Specially the Chicago Cubs. Been a fan for 36 years. I hope that they do not follow in the foot steps of the NFL.
Cubs beat Brewers, swagger into St. Louis: `We intend to clinch there' via
Bruce Maxwell took a knee, but should he take a bow? players, bosses reactions: via
Cubs: It'd be nice to clinch division in St. Louis - via App
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Bears win, Cubs win, White Sox win, and D Wade is leaving the Bulls. Great day for Chicago sports
DH: Quintana, Chicago Cubs reduce magic number to 2
Chicago cubs fans travel the best and always root for there team. Sorry you are wrong not 2 have top 5
So, party in the clubhouse sometime this coming week?
Received a briefing this morning on the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago ⚾️ to the
Why is they overpaid? Is the Chicago Cubs overpaid, too? Most of em went to college 4 years, so they ain't dumbasses.
Jon Lester's 34 on home decor, shirts, cases, stickers & more!
Carlos Zambrano on his messy exit from 'It was my fault' -
At least Chicago has the Cubs cause this is the 2017 Bears for ya
my anxiety: (has been peaked for weeks). my dad: hey we’re going to chicago this weekend to watch the cubs game. me: hhhH
Jose Quintana’s ‘career-altering’ game has planning clinch party in St. Louis: (
If there was a question on whether Jose Quintana was going to be on the Chicago Cubs playoff rotation - his...
Chicago Cubs' Joe Madden on national anthem kneeling.
I liked a video Why the Chicago Cubs are Named After a Baby Bear and The Long, Weird History of Their
MLB suspends Willson Contreras for two games after ejection; appeal filed
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It doesn't matter what kind of tear he's on, the Cubs are not going to play Albert Almora Jr. every day:.
Chicago Cubs: The Otani situation, and how the Cubs fit in: The…
Casual no class Friday dates...Cubs beat cards, and kayaking up and down the Chicago river at night. ❤️. Also Gene &…
Chicago History Museum to show items from Cubs' 2016 season
Cubs fans get unexpected treat as Eddie Vedder jams with Wrigley Field buskers. Read more:
So you're saying if you were in Chicago last week, the Mets would've won the series against the Cubs?
Snl chicago cubs: Bryant and Rizzo made a sequel to the video they…
said he loved being able to spend 5 days in Chicago to take in a Cubs game, eat deep dish pizza & loves it here.
Maybe he belongs to the the Chicago...Cubs?
Former Matt Garza and Justin Bour helping Chicago out as Marlins lead Brewers 7-3 after 7.
Addison Russell is back and he made sure everybody in baseball knew it.
The Cubs have no shortstop controversy. It's Addison Russell.
I'd rather lose to any other team than the f'cking Chicago Cubs...
Addison Russell on his Hollywood return to Cubs: 'That was a pretty special moment in my life' -
He was good in the minors but I just think a change of scenery was for the bes…
Update your maps at Navteq
Just another day in the office for Albert Almora Jr. Stream here:
Yankees Lou Gehrig,Mgr Joe McCarthy and Babe Ruth before game 3 of 1932 WS vs Cubs at Wrigley Field.
In the past 2 days, the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox have combined for 54 runs on 64 hits
Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians for the World Series part 2
Well, that's incorrect because the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in seven games.
Rumor is the Chicago Cubs didn't advance to the World Series?
Do you remember November 2, 2016, when they lost game 7 of the World Series to the Chicago Cubs?
Yeah, the Indians won 21 in a row, but remember when they gave up a 3-1 lead in the World Series to the Chicago Cubs?
Jordan Spieth starts BMW Championship week with stellar first pitch at Chicago Cubs game
Mia Khalifa put Chicago Cubs player on blast for sliding into her DMs
When the Chicago Cubs remember they're World Champions & you historically choke in october
Who has a better chance of making the World Series... the Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox?
I'll never love anything as much as I love the Chicago Cubs. And I hope my first born son reads this one day lol.
New Post Addison Russell of the Chicago Cubs has setback in his return from foot injury Daily ... -…
Lurie Children's Hospital receives $3.5M from Chicago Cubs first baseman
Jon Lester's replacement. (@ Wrigley Field - for Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs in Chicago, IL)
Head-scratching finish hangs tough loss on Cubs in tight division race
Ready 4 my Jake song ?lol😊GO GO Hey Chicago what U say,It's Jake the snake,no no,Cy Young gonna get us a SWEEP Handsom…
Customized cleats of Kris Bryant for Players Weekend have meaning near and dear to his heart…
Kyle Schwarber, as you may remember, played in the AFL last year just days before playing in the World Series for the Chicago Cubs.
should target Archer this offseason. The latest from
History will be made tonight at Wrigley Field and not because of the Chicago Cubs...
September call-ups are right around the corner. So, which I-could be headed to Chicago?
Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds Recap 08-23-2017 ... -
Which team did the Chicago Cubs play in the 1945 World Series?.
" Honda Road Ahead: Can the Cubs keep the good times going? "
'Q' starts Players Weekend opener: The Cubs hope to take advantage of a three-game series this ..
Under 2k for Game 7 of the World Series with the Chicago Cubs? Deal of the CENTURY.
How did that work out for the 2016 Chicago Cubs / Jason Heyward? Using other teams as e…
cubbiescrib​.com >> Chicago Cubs: Chris Archer should be an off-season target
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The confidence seems to be growing.
Headed to Chicago next weekend and get to experience my first game at Wrigley. Excited is an understatement. . 🐻⚾️
Robert wants you to compete in this game – Philadelphia Phillies vs Chicago Cubs – on FireFan!
Tickets are LIVE for the 1st annual Block Party benefitting 1st responders for Neighborhood Heroes.
World Series champions the Chicago Cubs :) Really
If the catcher Avila is rocking the nickname Parkman this weekend he'd better do the shimmy. The ladies in Ch…
Vote: Which is your favorite Cubs Players Weekend nickname? - via App
We're 15-5 in interleague play and swept the Cubs in Chicago in 3 games, not sure what you…
Top Pick 1: CHICAGO CUBS vsPHILADELPHIA PHILLIES go with (-175) make picks free:
In 1952, Boston Braves southpaw Warren Spahn threw a 15-inning complete game, and had 18 strikeouts, in a 3-1 loss to the Chicago Cubs.
Maddon not expecting suspension for ejection: Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon said he doesn…
Fans in left field, trying to catch the home run ball hit by Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant.
Lackey wins 5th straight, Cubs beat Diamondbacks 8-3 - John Lackey won his fifth straight and the Chicago Cubs ...
Chicago Cubs loaded up Eugene Emeralds pitching staff with top prospects
Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs your the World Series Champs!
Chicago Cubs to Steve Bartman: Here's your own World Series ring. Really.
Chicago Cubs give ring to Steve Bartman, who deflected World Series foul (cont)
Chicago Cubs to give Steve Bartman a World Series Championship ring to bring closure to "an unfortunate chapter"
Attention fans. History and Art combined in the 2016 World Series. H/t
It's struggling to cope with the loss of all the top prospects
Chris Christie confronted a Cubs fan who was heckling him at a Brewers game
StubHub's homepage lists upcoming events in chicago. I had to verify on the Cubs site because I didn't believe it
ICYMI Complete break down of the Wilson/Avila/Candelario trade between the and
With clock ticking, Justin Wilson and Alex Avila on the verge of being next moves for (
And that's the other complication. How will the Cubs go about bringing the young arms into Chicago? Iowa shuttle service?
Hope that Sonny Gray doesn't end up in NY. Would love to see him in Chicago, though the Cubs are probably done.
√ Cubs are in 1st. √ Sox are in the cellar. √ Hawks start soon. √ Rumor has it there's an NFL team in Chicago
Chris Christie clash with Cubs fan began when fan told the politician that "he sucked"
After a dominant weekend, the Cubs' bullpen now has the 2nd lowest ERA in the NL, at 3.34. ... oh, and they just added…
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