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Chicago Bear

The Chicago Bears are a professional American football team based in Chicago, Illinois. They are members of the North Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

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President Trump says gang violence in Chicago is "very easily fixable"
Trump gets his strategies from Papa Bear. Our country really is in good hands now.
no need to send feds, just stop the war on drugs and give citizens back thier right to bear arms in Chicago.
as a long time Chicago bear fan it warmed my heart to see you make it to the super bowl
"Get busy living, or be a Chicago Bear."
If Chicago doesn't fix the horrible "carnage" going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I w…
Talking with Flint Taylor about his piece on the Chicago Police Department reform (and Trump's feds threat…
He wants to be a Chicago Bear so much. That's what I got out of this anyway.
you realize Chicago is in the us for murder rate, right?
Violates 10th amend! . thank gawd for CHICAGO=A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, we will keep & bear arms & not be infr…
Trump targets Chicago because: . - it's a liberal stronghold in a sea of red. - Obama lived there. - it's a sanctuary city . - something petty
just another illegal roaming the streets. Head to Chicago little bear.
Take The Plunge this weekend to support IBEW 21 member Stanley Dybsas. The Chicago Polar Bear Club, NFP is...
with his renewal of & threats to Chicago he seems to be replaying Jackson's playbook on Seminole war & WV invasion
Spicer confirms Trump will strip fed funding from sanctuary cities like Chicago, NY, LA. A map of sanctuary cities: ht…
Do you know 'I used to work at Chicago' or the Bear Song? Sustained us on the bus on school trips abroad
The streets in Chicago cannot bear the weight. . (City cannot afford to patch the pavements.)
If you think Trump cares about Chicago you are delusional. He thinks martial law is a simple solution.
I'm just tryna go to Chicago for some bday fun and Pattie and I got in a wreck leaving Muncie...
Bear in mind, ladies, that Chicago is a sanctuary city so Trump is picking on Rahm E. Feds shld stay OUT, it's gun control. Trump pro NRA
Question alter ego prerequire chicago they bear up services: ijQHaF
"We deny that the preacher has any message from God apart from the text of Scripture." Chicago Statement Article 25
If I were you I'd accept the federal assets that can be brought to bear here, your mayor cd care less, revJesse either$$ flo
Look what two hunters found near a bear den in Virginia. Now officials plan to find a surrogate bear mom.
Trump is worried about Chicago as much as DeVos is worried about grizzly bear attacks on schools
Time for Chicago to officially bear arms.
The answer isn't "Send in the Feds." It's seeing that Chicago recognizes its citizens' right to bear arms and protect themselves.
Would have to be brief, and on FOX News... Or maybe a segment during Infowars... Papa Bear has him ready to invade…
.Someone must take control of Chicago, Obama did not care and the citizens of Chicago are suffering.
U.S. President Donald vowed on Tuesday to bring intervention to bear in to quell the...
Chicagoans find an unlikely hero in
U.S. President Donald Trump vowed on Tuesday to bring federal intervention to bear in Chicago to quell the "carnage" of gun violence
man even the "bad" parts of Chicago aren't that bad. Certainly not bad enough to declare martial law
Education secretary nominee possibly the second least qualified person working the government
Chicago ranks on the cities with the highest murder rate, below Newark (and Kansas City (
While intended to mitigate rampant violence, the Chicago Conflict raised the death toll in the city at a horrifying rate
I can see it now: The Chicago Conflict of 2017 resulted in the deaths of thousands of law enforcement and civilians alike
BREAKING: President Trump says he will 'send in the feds' if Chicago violence is not stopped
After nearly four decades, I finally see the connection: Chicago Cubs. Chicago Bears. Bear cubs. My only excuse is that I'm a h…
Thinking about buying Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions Patch by The Emble via
leaving Chicago for NC, I'm going to miss the most
Uh oh. Josh Sitton is now a Chicago Bear. Packers fans must be pretty livid right now
My Five takes of Chris Conte's time as a Chicago Bear.
BB: jb what do u do in the 1st morning in Chicago?. JB: I go to downtown. JS: What u do there?. JB: I eat PIZZA!
song suggestion: Hard to say I'm sorry by Chicago and Something beautiful by Steven Curties 😊 yeah, two songs but they are 😍😍
scarbo91 with a WICKEDDD hair flip. @ Cubby Bear…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Bear Down, Chicago Cubs. *** is happening? Waiting for the next article to say it's better it happens now than in September.
LindaIkeji's Blog: Too much cleavage for a wedding dress?: That is the dress Chicago Bear...
Bruh I didn't know pizza was so diff in other places. Chicago deep dish pizza is DISGUSTING. It's like a phucking cake. I was sick.
You can bear witness only God can make them like that (Jr. Fruit like Bro Justice speaking
Induced current conjunction warm over services bear out chicago friendly: lWmHVrjTS
my dogs are scared from the fireworks and Chicago is laying at my feet shaking and bear won't stop crying :(
Today I built a bear. He's called Gerald. He's the coolest bear in the cave. @ Chicago, Illinois
Which is the kid and which is the bear?
Chicago must hate Jews, too! Look at the Star of David on their flag.. Four times!
Joking aside, Chicago is Obama's pride & where He accomplished all He needed to be POTUS! Now look at America😏? https:/…
On the road with my Binky Bear to see family up north! 🌸💕
Just voted for McMouse to perform at Edition 7/19/16!
ETH & GRAY BEAR . 😍 Ilysm. I already went to Chicago show. But I'm forcing my parents to take me to another show.😍
Will this be Alshon Jeffery last year as a Chicago Bear?
important people in my life. You & my dog Buddy. They thought the photo of buddy was sweet because he had my Chicago Bulls bear!
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye now available on tap.
Awesome news for the Shaw family! Congrats to my bro on becoming a Bear! Go Chicago Bears!
Proud of the good work this former is doing as a Chicago Bear! A great role model for our young people!
School fight trial delayed for former Chicago Bear
DJ Moore, former Chicago Bear and Carolina Panther and Rixon Lane, voice of the Woodruff Wolverines will be the hosts.
Matt Forte says his days as a Chicago Bear have "sadly come to an end."
Chicago Bear & former standout Harold Jones-Quartey visited with Dr. Fell this week in
Jordan Lucas ( ) reminds me a lot of his former teammate, and now current Chicago Bear safety Adrian Amos due to his versatility.
Reggie Ragland needs to be a Chicago Bear. Next great bears linebacker.
don't EVER disrespect the late great Chicago Bear.
Devin Hester scored his 20th TD Return, but not as a Chicago Bear
. Chicago Bear (always) Charles Tillman knocks Rogers throw out of receivers hands
I'm giving away something for you on Chicago Bear Dog Tag. Get it here -
we sound like Chicago talk radio after a bear loss. Chillaxing. *** kicking, ya. Better lose v Denver than next week
Police report: ex-Bear Ratliff made threats at team facility.. Related Articles:
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
This Sunday Come Party at Bull and Bear for Gloweeen the Hottest Sunday Industry Party! Chicago's hottest DJ...
River North production studio celebrates fall by throwing giant Teddy bear off building.
1985 Coverage: A survival guide for Bear fans.
To console the Bear fans after another heartbreaking loss.
I've been in Chicago every time Beyoncé performs in NYC and I'm convinced this is the curse I bear from not forwarding s…
lol go eat that cold *** fried chicken from Missisauga and avoid bein' attacked by a Brown bear from Chicago ha ha!
Jeremy Piven knows how we exactly feel Talk about Bear Down...
Chicago Bear fans...The Bears do suck! To day they got a taste of their own medicine, loosing by a field goal instead of winning by one!
it's all good... We had a few blown opportunities. Few blown calls... Your from Chicago but no bear fan?
Matt Forte of Chicago Bears out for game with knee injury ZOLWA2R Bears RB Forte leaves game with knee injury Bear…
any real Chicago Bears fan is upset with this lose and all the rest. If your not your not a real bear fan,
"Bear Down Chicago Bears...the pick will be our victory"
Minnesota 23, Chicago 20. In Soldier Fierld. Let's get these Bear Rugs back to the North.
Cutler EARNED that TD the hard way 😯... & that's why Chicago loves him, he knows when to 'Bear Down' & suffer for his city 👍🏽😎🏈
Is that Super Mario bear ripoff thing the Chicago Bears mascot?
Love Jeremy Langford for his work at Michigan State, but I can't root for him as a Chicago Bear. It *** he plays for Chicago.
Chicago Bear football and a tranquilizer.
Concealed carry starting to bear fruit in Chicago! Kinda goes against the antigun narrative to boot.
Beautiful day for a touchdown. Bear Down @ Soldier Field- Chicago Bears Football
Cutler just tied Sid Luckman for most career TD passes as a Chicago Bear. Luckman's last year was 1950, and his last good year was 1947.
Which song is more annoying? Chelsea Dagger or Bear Down Chicago Bears?
If the Bears ever win the Super Bowl you gotta post a video fo you singing "Bear Down, Chicago Bears"
The are now Chicago's lovable losers-thank Jay Cutler
The Bear who showed no fear. Rest In Peace Sweetness. .
16 years have passed the game of football, the city of Chicago & Bear fans take a moment to remember the one & only
Me: Wouldn't it be great if Chicago had little fuzzy bear ears on their helmets? Like a toddler?. Him: Yes. Yes. . …
I remember when Devin Hester was a Bear and you held your breath. Still hold my breath for Chicago Bears special teams. 🐻⬇️
Grand marshal of parade is former Chicago Bear, NU Rose Bowl player and SoC alum (C06)!
How Tim Tebow could end up as a Chicago Bear
As positional battles heat up, here are a few things to keep an eye on the the Chicago Bear's matchup with the Colts. …
Little Giant Ladders
Reagan was our greatest President. Sweetness was the greatest Chicago Bear. Michael was the greatest, period.
Thank you for the Follow Chicago Bears Fans as it is definitely time for the Chicago Bears to Bear Down!!!
The bear the palm things on good terms decoder services chicago: waVjRk
BRUIUH . Have a dream in New Orleans,. Fall in love in Chicago,. Mayne.
I think chicago got 5.8 inches of snow. just yuck!@
A lot of football left in me. I want to play them for the Chicago Bears and retire a lifelong Bear. But they have to want …
Definitely still looking for a ride for FWA. If anyone knows anyone driving for Chicago I could use the help!!
this really blows! we can never be friends between august and feb. you are a GB Packers fan and I a Chicago Bear fan.. LOVE
Since bear pride in Chicago is coming right around the corner, I wonder who are going?
Despite the here in I just can't bear to spend the rest of my day off indoors.
.Bringing machine learning, IoT, mobile, & cloud to bear on urban infrastructure:
Come join to movement! Shoutout to chicity2atl reppin' the TasteMaker "Chicago" Bear Raglan…
I lost my beloved teddy bear Isabelle at Chicago O'Hare yesterday please help me find her I' m heart broken
Things learned at : orgies make the world go round, Cindy bear is open in her sex life, Chicago is a weird place to work.
.Bringing machine learning, IoT, mobile, and cloud to bear on urban infrastructure innovation:
Of course I can't get my moms Chicago Bear's case off of this phone
The cool thing about the stock market is whether it is bull or bear, it will resemble a Chicago sports team
- Ex Chicago Bear Bashes Former Coaching Staff - One of Phil Emery's first free agent signings in 2012 was ru...
‘bear raid’ on oil was a very sophisticated strategy hatched by the erstwhile community organiser from Chicago Oil.
Rhinestone Teddy Bear on a Gold Vintage Chain // Made in Chicago // One of a Kind // Teddy Bear …
FOR REAL! Took me 10 days to find out is a Chicago Bear now. Ball out ninja!
Sorry... I can't bear to look. Had my fill of snow this season... not in Chicago.
[Bleacher Report] - Ranking the 2015 Impact of the Chicago Bear
Alderman John E. Scully wrestling with a bear at the Madison Street Carnival in Chicago c. 1904.
Every music video made in Chicago looks like this 😂.
Photo: Jasper stole my phone and took a selfie!!
Jasper stole my phone and took a selfie!!
so it's ok to sweep Sapp's stuff but Lo and behold any Chicago Bear like Marshall or Cutler have on field issues you unload? FOH
Congrats to Vic Fangio on becoming the Chicago Bear d coordinator! Tremendous pick up for the Bears Tremendous loss for t…
it's because if Jay Cutler wasn't a Chicago Bear nobody would have him as an option. What has he done since 1998?
Keep you fingers crossed peeps: Hopefully Jay Cutler has thrown his last pass as a Chicago Bear ! ! Do you believe in Santa Claus ? ?
The only time Jay Cutler smiled since he been a Chicago Bear was when he signed that ridiculous contract very well said Stephen A Smith.
Thanks to former Carolina Panther and current Chicago Bear assistant coach Chris Harris for supporting…
Brandon Marshall challenges Lions fan to boxing match: At least one Chicago Bear still has some fi...
It's still early to talk about but the job security of Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman remains a hot topic.
Official licensed NFL Decorative Team Shoe Collectible Chicago Bears ItemJust The Right Shoe Miniature collection. This adorable pump navy with white and red trim and the "C" for the bears right out front!
The Chicago Bears’ 2014 season is all but on the line Sunday in Green Bay against the rival Packers. At 3-5 with eight games remaining, the margin of error is slimmer than slim in an effort to reach 10 wins. Win or lose, the Marc Trestman-led Bears need to put in a good showing to quiet the…
Lance Briggs: 'This is probably my last year as a Chicago Bear'
You might be nostalgic, but you will never be as nostalgic as a Chicago Bears fan
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Shorty Mzfluffydiva . Happy Birthday Boo Bear . Dhis Chicago though . She is funny and my little teddy . Met her at...
- with a great read on the great run that Lance Briggs has had with the :
Lance Briggs: ‘This probably will be my last year as a Chicago Bear,' via
Is it time for the Chicago front office to give Tim Tebow a call? | Chicago Bears
Eatery sign: "Bear Down". Started humming Bear Down,Chicago Bears,somehow morphed into Barber of Seville. Peter Schickele lives in my brain.
Enjoying the beautiful Thursday morning. Photo c/o
A bear market is not good, but a (Chicago) Bull market means the economy is on the go!
Bears may 'move' Cutler but unclear whether it matters | CSN Chicago
Has Bears defensive end Jared Allen found an extra half-step? - Chicago Tribune
I'm glad that Brandon Marshall called out Jay Cutler for poor play, although indirectly. Unfortunately, that probably means his days as a Chicago Bear are numbered.
Jay Cutler has 381 passing yards, his most as a Chicago Bear.
Move over Deion "PrimeTime" Sanders, here comes Devin Hester, a NFL Record Breaker from the Speed U! He would've broken that NFL record a long time ago as a Chicago Bear. He also owns another NFL Record that doesn't even exist, he scored the most nullified TDs, that we're mainly called back by holding penalties. Congrats to Devin Hester! Da U!
Only been 2 games, but I have seen the type of excellence in all aspects of the corner position from Kyle Fuller so far. Could the Chicago Bear finally drafted a Ronde Barber type corner? Well...if they is a game changer. Ronde was the best corner I have ever seen by far...Bears never had a corner near as good until now. This could be huge. So Bears MVP is Kyle of the best players on the team and I am NOT even kidding. He is about excellence. Jay Cutler on Kyle Fuller: "We knew from DAY ONE he has NO fear. He is uninterested in rookie of the year or all pro awards...he wants to be a hall of fame player. Period."
There is NO question that the "white skins" treated the Native Americans ruthless and inhuman. There is no question that Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren were flat out jerks with their treatment of the Native Americans, especially the Cherokee during the General Removal Act. My Girl Friend is part Cherokee, and I also have a great grandmother who was in the Cherokee tribe, although I don't have legal birth certificates to prove it. There is no question that the Anglo Saxon race has been terrible to other races historically. When God returns and sees Mount Rushmore He will point to it and say, "Your sins have found you out!" The Black Hills were sacred grounds to the Lakota. We took them away and plastered the faces of four white men onto them. We don't need any more proof of our incorrectness. So with all that aside, one has to ask himself, "Why do schools and sports teams choose Mascots? In Chicago did they say, "I don't like Bears and want to treat them disparagingly?" So now we have the Chicago Bear ...
Chicago Bear's Lance Briggs said it best: "Win, lose, or draw, I still ride with my Chicago Blackhawks. Great season!
Yes, the Chicago Bears made upgrades over the season and have an additional year under Marc Trestman's offensive scheme. However, the Packers improved as well by adding Julius Peppers (yes I feel Jared Allen is an upgrade) and drafting the best safety in the draft (Ha Ha Clinton-Dix). Don't forget, the last game of the season, Clay Matthews (one of the best linebackers in football) was in street clothes. In addition, the Lions improved; not worried about the Vikings. Chicago Bear fans biggest concern should be the interior defensive line and lack of depth on the greatly improved offensive line.
I was so impressed by the news conference today with Chicago Bear receiver Brandon Marshall. He was so unashamed about his faith in, "My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." He talked about football being his platform but helping those with mental illness being his purpose. That meant a lot to me because that is a cause near and dear to my heart. His genuine gratitude to so many people was so well expressed. He talked about his life being saved. His life shows how Jesus Christ and caring people can turn a life around. He was so transparent about his struggles with mental illness and so vulnerable so that he could help others. As an aside, he didn't know at the time, but the publication Pro Football Weekly, after going through play-by-play film of all of the wide receivers in football and watching them every play and the effort they give and the way they block, etc. rated him as the number one wide receiver in all of football!
Brandon Marshall is quickly becoming one of my favorite athletes. He so respectable, well spoken, overall stand up guy on and off the field. He definitely deserved his contract extention. Couldnt be more happy this guy may be a Chicago Bear for the remainder of his career.
Is Brandon Marshall the best wide receiver in Chicago Bear history? If not then who?
Did you miss this: New post: Temple's Abdul Smith has a tryout with the Chicago Bear
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So I was bummed not to see one of my fav college player Jordan Lynch go undrafted, but I just found out that the bears just signed him off of free agency! I am so excited that he is a Chicago Bear! Jeebs Mentgen
Watch as general manager Phil Emery calls Kyle Fuller to tell him that he will be a Chicago Bear. Link:
Be back soon.Have a great night Bear family, have to think about the new pick Kyle Fuller. Im sure James Fuller, and Melvin Fuller like the pick. What do you think about the pick? Till next time good night Chicago Bear super fans.
Congrats to the newest Chicago Bear, Mt St Joseph's own Kyle Fuller! Go get em, Kid!!!
Good fit for Aaron Donald as a Ram, Kinda wanted to see him a Chicago Bear, Which just seemed right, But no less, *** of a gain for St.Louis...Kid is a stud!!
Chicago Bear's James Anderson gave me a bottle of Hennessey from his personal collection. Got his name…
I feel a tat coming on. thinking strong yet humble image...fits me. Maybe a Chicago Bear and a bull being held in the arms of al capone. Chi til I die
Jared Allen as a Chicago Bear, what a slap in the face
Julius Peppers a Packer Jared Allen a Chicago Bear? My whole world has been flipped upside down!
In celebration of James Caan's 75th birthday today, here's a still from one of the most moving moments in the classic 1971 ABC TV movie, "Brian's Song," with the actor as Chicago Bear running back Brian Piccolo, whose career was tragically cut short by cancer, and Billy Dee Williams as his teammate and best buddy, Gale Sayers.
Billy Dee, I don't care how old, slow, and confused you looked last night, you're still the epitome of cool, suave, and smooth. From playing Chicago Bear, Gale Sayers, to playing Bingo Long alongside James Earl Jones and the late great Richard Pryor; from being Diana Ross' leading man in Lady Sings The Blues and Mahoghany, to imprisoning and saving Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back, you've always been a class act.'ll always be the classiest Schlitz Malt Liquor man that ever was.
I think was crazy for letting you go!!! An agreement with them would make me SO happy!! You're a forever!!!
So how does 2 tickets to the Chicago Bears 1st home game, a PlayStation 4 OR Xbox One and dinner gift cards sound for prizes for this year's
Dear Chicago Bears, It would be great if we stopped screwing our team up. Thanks, A concerned fan.
and Mail - Today's Question: Should the government make vaccines mandatory?? Irresponsible Q from a National Paper, considering most people don't know enough about the ingredients in vaccines and the so called experts, or talking heads, just spew their positions as medical experts often do, who subscribe to big Pharma, and the minions.. here's more fuel for the fire. Right back at ya, The Globe and Mail! Need to up your blood pressure? Watch talking TV heads wax eloquent on medical subjects. Someone somewhere says she isn't vaccinating her kids? Boom. The talking heads go to work. “Oh my God! That's terrible! This mother obviously doesn't care about her children and the safety of other children!” The thing is, the talking TV heads know as much about vaccines as a dead duck on Jupiter knows. Nothing. They seem to occupy a position of authority owing to the fact that they're on television. And that's it. As for the venal doctors the talking heads bring on to back them up, there is a different botto ...
We have the makings for a reunion of sorts, if former Chicago Bear Izzy Idonije rejoins the Bears. NFL Network’s Albert Breer is reporting that Izzy will visit Halas Hall on Tuesday:
“Bear Report >> Bears interested in Idonije yesss bring back to Chicago!
Reports say the Chicago Bears will have Israel Idonije in for a visit and a physical this week
perhaps if the Chicago Bears went back 2 playing in wrigley field the CUBS might grow up ?
Hey Parker are you a Chicago Bears fan? I see you wearing a green hoody on the show with the Chicago Bear on it
Chicago Bears LB Lance Briggs will wear a harness on his left shoulder next season because of the fractured shoulder he suffered this season.
The intro to the CBS telecast of the 1987 NFC Divisional Playoff game between the Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears from Soldier Field in Chicago.
So picked up a Chicago Bear and Minnesota Viking.. when are we getting a Detroit Lion?
New England Patriots star Vince Wilfork has asked for a release from the team after they asked him to re-do his contract and if he gets released, the Oakland Raiders, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys all could be options for him, while BJ Raji is on the market…
My Chicago Bears are already back to work and Let's go get championship this season!
This Saturday is the battle of the band for summer camp music festival. Its at the Cubby Bear Wrigleyville in Chicago. Teed hits at midnight
Chicago Bears is going to kill it this season!
7 second pause is all you need to know. Cam will a Chicago Bear in 2 years.
Now " That's what I'm talking about! My Baby is still with one of my favorite teams , you know my Cowboys are M F up., but I still have my home state Chicago Bears .I'm loving it ! And it's going to be He'll of football season this year & I have to give a shout out to my T S U"!
The Chicago Bears wanted to re-sign defensive end Israel Idonije last offseason, but lost him in June to NFC North foe Detroit. Now the Bears find th
Idk how I feel about the packers signing a Chicago bear and now a Minnesota Viking
Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond - Windy City Gridiron: Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bear...
yeah we could do; it depends if bear and want to come to michigan first then Chicago?
(posts adorable video of grown bear mauling Anthony Rizzo, ripping him to shreds)
BEAR FANS!!! Hear what new Bear had to say to me today.
Lamar Houston dropped by the Oakland Raiders now he goes on and says hello to the Chicago Bears!
What do think the Chicago Bears record will be this year? Does it hurt the team by not having Devin Hester and Julius Peppers?
nice... When are scheduled to become a Bear again? Dude should close as a Bear !!
Our CEO Ted Bennett made new friends while traveling recently. Here he is with Chicago Bears Hall of Fame great Gale Sayers and former undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World Leon Spinks. Talk about elite company!
If you have a child interested in playing QB or currently playing QB in Little league - High School HAFL is hosting QB lessons from Jerrod Johnson. Jerrod is currently a Chicago Bear and he has done wonders for the kids he has worked with in Humble. Lessons are $50 and are well worth the price you pay. Please respond to this post if you are interested in attending tonight Monday 17th... 3rd - 5th grade will start at 6PM and 6th - 12th will start around 7:15 PM.
Reality TV star will never vaccinate her one-year-old son Camden because she's worried that vaccines cause autism. "I've read too many books about autism," Cavallari, 27, told the March 14. "There is a pediatric group called Home First. They've never vaccinated any of their children and they've never had one case of autism. And now, one in 88 boys is autistic, which is a really scary statistic." Kristin, who's pregnant with her second child, is concerned that the chemicals in the vaccines our children get are responsible for the escalating rates of autism. Autism wasn’t prevalent — like it is now — years ago, so something is going on, whether it’s the chemicals in our food or the vaccines. Something is happening, and we can’t really ignore that. I choose to believe that I think it’s in the vaccines but, again, to each their own and that’s where I stand on it.” Cavallari, who's married to Chicago Bears quarterback husband Jay Cutler, isn't the only celebrity who's opposed to vaccinations. " ...
From NFL Guru Peter King's Well regarded Monday Morning Quarterback Column. Every week he has a "Stat of the Week" feature. Stat of the Week Let’s not let the moment pass, Panther fans, without remembering how much Steve Smith (now a Raven) did for your franchise over the past 13 seasons. Here’s the numerical legacy of No. 89: · On the first play of his NFL career, with Cris Carter and Randy Moss watching from the Vikings’ sideline in September 2001, Smith took a Mitch Berger kickoff at the 7-yard line at the Metrodome and ran it back 93 yards for a touchdown. · He ranks 25th on the alltime receiving list with 836 catches. In the long, illustrious histories of the New York Giants and the Chicago Bears, no receiver has caught more for either team. · Smith has caught 17 more balls than Steve Largent; 72 more than James Lofton; and 86 more than Charlie Joiner and Michael Irvin—who are all in the Hall of Fame. · With three returns for touchdowns as a rookie (two kickoffs, one punt), Smith was the ...
we will be coming through Chicago with Boy & Bear.
Ian Rapoport reported minutes into free agency that the Chicago Bears and defensive end Lamarr Houston have agreed to a five-year, $35 million contract.
Chicago Bears are really going to suck this year...just a side note
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thanks claire bear! Have fun in chicago while im stealing your bf from you ;)
So im official ticked off at the Chicago Bears for getting rid of star players way to go to screw up the season and it hasnt even started yet X(
Went tanning, bought a new coffee maker and Chicago Bears pajama pants, got some Orange Chicken for lunch at work, and now going to take a nap, then get up finish making the corn beef and cabbage in the crock pot and then to work all night for 10 hours! It's like rush rush rush...Ready set Go! Hurry and sleep!
I won't be in PA :( i'm planning on going to Chicago, LA and San Francisco with Cybil and Bear hopefully! aww me too :)
Come back to the Bears! I want to be able to rock my Idonije jersey with you on the field as a Chicago Bear again!!!
How free agency will affect the draft via
jimmy: did you ever go to Chicago for the polar bear dip? BRrrr. And that's coming from Toronto!
Prev1 of 5Next Use your ← → (arrow) keys to browse In Part 4 of our series, we looked at the top 5 outside linebackers the Chicago Bears should target in the 2014 NFL draft.  Now, in part 5, we’ll take a look at one of the deepest positions in the draft — cornerback. The […]
Former Chicago Bears DE Israel Idonije might be coming back. He will be in town tomorrow to talk money and take a physical.
the bean in Chicago! It's so pretty any time of the year:)
Any Chicago bear fans in this town fifty bucks
Because I live in Chicago I grin and bear the St. Patty's day festivities of the weekend, but you won't find any green on me today.
→ USA → Julius Peppers signs with Green Bay PackersJulius Peppers is no longer a Chicago Bear, but he s not leavi…
my fam in Chicago excited your coming to the bears and I can't wait to get your bear jersey
Chicago Bears live it know it love it
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Bear jerky It's what's for dinner at Elizabeth in Chicago
He is already a Chicago Bear fan.congratulations to the proud parents..
*** Butkus's new campaign to stop steroids use is called 'I Play Clean'. See what he and the other Chicago Bears are doing for charity. Chicago Sports News
So, an old Chicago Bear sign with the packers. He isn't the second coming of White. Tillman was good in his prime,, The Bears unloaded $$ and made room for a younger player--- I am surprised, however, that Ted Thompson made a free agent move
No shortage of suitors for free-agent DT Henry Melton, including Cowboys: Henry Melton of the Chicago Bear...
Another class act all! Please follow Chicago Bear Thank you for supporting sir!!
Current Chicago Bear DB and Husker Legend Zack Bowman will be our guest coach for Position Training tomorow.
I am listening to SuperBowl Shuffle by Chicago Bear's Shufflin' Crew on 80's Channel via
Cities I've been through in the past 12 hours: Grinnell, Bear Creek, Davenport, Auora, Chicago, South San Francisco.
Finished up visiting Chicago. What a great coaching staff and organization! So thankful for this opportunity to be a Bear…
well this bear has been hibernating this winter so have not enjoyed any Chicago food... :-(
Do you know how much gas emits from polar bear *** Combined with helicopter emissions from Chicago LSD standoff - we are DOOMED America.
Jared Allen is gonna be a Chicago Bear
Intermission. Wonderful first half in Chicago. Way to go Lynn! Miss ya Lisa!
Taylor swift's love life. Losing a 777 plane,Chicago bear defense and bears Monday callers
Chicago . Lake Shore drive barricade situation still ongoing, Bear-Cats & Swat are up against thew vehicle, Live...
My superstar he most def proved that if u put your mind to it you can make it big . I love my Chicago Bear
Picture of Swat bear-cat up against the suspects vehicle. (Chicago breaking news)
I realized the bear head tattoo I have pictured in my mind for my thigh is almost identical to the Chicago Bears logo. I am super bummed.
Chicago has a *few* super nice spots. BUT they are not near nice enough to bear the rest of the city lol
019: A guest at the Cubby Bear broke out a window
Thrilled is staying in Chicago. Such a great
If this photo and smile doesn't say "I'm very glad to be a Green Bay Packer now and no longer a Chicago Bear, then I don't know what does".
Good Luck to SBOC Alumni Julius Peppers who will be playing for the Green Bay Packers.. Julius is a former Chicago Bear & Carolina Panther !! Stay warm Julius !!
New info from News-Talk 1310 WIBA & The BIG1070 (WTSO): as we first reported earlier this morning, former Chicago Bear pro-bowler D.E. Julius Peppers signs w/Green Bay Packers! 34- year-old gets 3 year deal, earning $8mill+ in first year. He is expected to take some of the pressure of Clay Matthews..
Quarterback Josh McCown has joined the ranks of Devin Hester and Julius Peppers and is no longer a Chicago Bear.
Josh McCown is leaving? My favorite Chicago Bear is headed for Tampa!
Julius Peppers..thanks for four great years as a Chicago will be missed
5 years, $35M for Lamarr Houston to become a Chicago Bear. Thoughts?
Man oh man, it's a bummer to hear that Devin Hester won't be playing football as a Chicago Bear. He was a very exciting player with any time he got the chance to return a punt/kick. Best of luck to him, just *** that he won't be able to break the all time return record in a bear uniform when he only needs one more return for a touchdown. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Devin Hester has announced that he will not be with the Chicago Bears next season. When Rex Grossman was the quarterback, his kickoff and punt returns didn't just stimulate the offense, they were the offense. Watching him return kicks was like watching Babe Ruth hit home runs, Pele score goals, or Michael Jordan dunk. After his third game ever, Dennis Green said it best, "He is what we thought he was..." And now, eight seasons later, we know for certain that number 23 in Chicago sports is reserved for one type of player. Ridiculous. The best. Ever. I hope I wake up tomorrow and hear wonderful news that Devin Hester has done with his announcement what he has done with the football an NFL record 19 times. I will dream tonight he says publicly tomorrow, "I will remain a Chicago Bear. My announcement yesterday, I take it back."
Devin Hester no longer a Chicago Bear! I am so sick of the powers that be in the Bears Franchise! Papa Bear would be ashamed!
Congratulations to my favorite Chicago Bear, Charles Tillman. Winner of the Walter Payton Man of the Year!
Who wants to see Mindy Folse in a Chicago Bears shirt?!?!
If the Chicago Bears couldn't be in this run, let it be the Seattle Seahawks! Woot!
I Go hard like a broke *** if I cant chicago bear she cant get no ***
It's so cold in Chicago that the Lincoln Park Zoo had to bring the polar bears *inside*:
is it too obvious that he will be a Chicago Bear next year? Fits the need and he finally gets to play w/ his brother.
I do love the Chicago Bears but that's how you play some defense Seattle Seahawks style
{DFM} Chicago Bear was just iced by tђє รђєєק, which brings the body count to 131,888 rivals.
I have a compulsion that makes me say "Discount Double Check" with the two Chicago bear fans every time the commercial plays
Even the polar bear is over this weather! @ Brookfield Zoo
“Mike Bennett showing up a lot this game” Future Chicago Bear?
. A. R. I. A. N. A . Do you love me? & Did u ever get ur bear from me in Chicago
hope to see you in a Chicago bear uniform next season.
whos getting the bigger bedroom at your crib? New Chicago Bear or the lil Dino that is due soon?
has definitely become one of my favorite athletes. Glad that he is a Chicago Bear
Diamond ring found in frozen pipe: A Chicago family is able to return a diamond ring to its rightful owner after finding ...
I am the Emcee for this amazing event on Feb 1st! Get your tickets here and help benefit
It was so cold last week the polar bear at chicago zoo had to be moved inside
Kathryn and Brenda are back from Chicago. Finallyyy.
A 29-year-old Florida man has been sentenced to life in prison for fatally stabbing a visiting Chicago Bears fan at a bar before a football game in 2012.
Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears just signed a "No Super Bowl for seven more years" contract today.
ok, do these come in Chicago Bears.
In search of Chicago Bears stuff. And maybe clothing Chicago Bears for child size Large. Please let me know what you have. Thanks.
Attention Chicago Bear Fans !!! Now is the perfect time for you to bail on a bad team. No matter how big of a fan you think you are. You've had great hope for them since 1985. Yes over 25 years you've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting. People tell me they are fans thru the good and the bad. How much bad can you take? Really? Here is a plan: It's quiet in bear country now. Have a garage sale this spring. Sell all that bear stuff you've collected over the years. Pick a new team and buy their stuff. Keep it low key until next season starts and people won't even know you were that silly in the first place to be a bears fan. Think of all the grieve you won't get next year. Just saying. P.S. The above message holds true for Washington Redskins fans too. (Bill) P.S.S. Colts gear looks great. LMAO
PROTEST: Chicago Bears tickets are too expensive for the general public, something needs to happen. Chicago Bears News, Chicago Sports News.
The man who pled guilty to killing a Chicago Bears fan outside the Landing in 2012 will spend the rest of his life in prison.
To all fellow Chicago Bear fans and Green Bay Packer fans. Listen, we know *** Rod is not really *** and we know Quitler didn't really quit. Take it in stride however. It's all for fun! Love, peace, and hair grease!
Attention Chicago Bear fan friends: I have a brand-new, tags-still-on, official Nike Matt Forte jersey (home blue) that I'm looking to sell. It's a size 48 (XL) but I'm thinking it runs a little small. I would let it go for $75 (retails for $100+). Message me if you're interested!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Buy Chicago Bears Cold Weather Gear from the ultimate sports store. 3-Day Shipping is now only $4.99 on your entire order.
Also have 13 Chicago Bears glasses that go 3/$20 on ebay I'm asking $50 for all ($85 value)
Sure, they didn’t vote him to be a part of it before, but now a Chicago Bear has his ticket to Hawaii.
Former South Carolina Gamecock and current Chicago Bear going to the pro bowl WTG Alshon Jeffery
Chicago Bears locker room sign 10.00 message me if interested
Chicago Bears sending Brandon Marshall AND Alshon Jeffery to the pro bowl! Well deserved! Best Wide Receiver duo in the league!
Brittney Payton is back to countdown the top 5 pop culture crossovers, this week her list includes why Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall is going to try and channel his inner Michael Jackson for the 2014 season.
The Chicago Bears gave Jay Cutler his money, but Emery struck again with the structuring of the deal.
Alshon Jeffrey is headed to the Pro Bowl after all. He is taking the place of Calvin Johnson, who is injured and cannot attend. He joins Marshall and Forte. Great job Alshon. Here's to many more successful years as a Chicago Bear!
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