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Chevy Cruz

The Chevrolet Cruze is a General Motors (GM) automobile, spanning two unrelated models. The original iteration, a subcompact crossover SUV, was manufactured by Suzuki in Japan between 2001 and 2008 under joint venture with GM.

Ted Cruz Chevy Cruze

if Chevy Chase married Ted Cruz his name would be Chevy Cruz like the car
Ted Cruz, Chevy Cruze, Victor Cruz.we don't give a ***
Congrats to Troyce on her New Chevy Cruz... we can wait to see you around town in this new beauty and welcome to th…
The 2017 chevy cruz bae af. made it to Atlanta on 1/2 a tank
Tinder gotta chill with these ads like im tryina find the love of my life but i guess a 2017 chevy cruz is fine too
I love my chevy Cruz & I don't regret my decision on buying it😍
Amature Storm Chaser? Figured that when you had a Chevy Cruz with a Go Pro strapped to the roof
Craigslist is sketchy and I hate it so much...if anyone is looking for a good car, great condition, my 2012 Chevy Cruz is for sale
Today is the blocks-long car show part of Cruz'n Eureka! This '55 Chevy 3100 truck is my…
In the market for a new car? Jack Maxton Chevrolet will take care of you. Like, 24% all Chevy Cruz and more! Tell...
Just when you think you've seen everything, you see a Joker style Chevy Cruz
Is Manny on the streets in a blue KiisFM Chevy Cruz? HES RIGHT BEHIND ME! 😍
Wando Band selling $20 raffle tickets at the Farmers Market for a Chevy Cruz. At 20 bucks a pop, you *** well should be raffling a Porsche.
Hope so, we are pretty far down the toilet now, due to trump. Who might save us not trump Paul R…
.needs your help looking for suspects in a blue Chevy Cruz--after woman says she was stabbed 6-7x in the bac…
Deductible for that chevy cruz gotta be $500 issa
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Chevy Cruz is a cool car I love mine
I truly don't understand the physics behind jumping a Chevy Cruz up two concrete barriers.
out of the few cars I've had so far, Chevy Cruz has to be the worst. so ready to get out it & into something I been wanting. 🀞🏽
Chevy Cruz detailed with our Deluxe Steam wash package.
Just found the largest spider in my car so if anyone wants to buy a 2013 chevy Cruz she's all yours
Chevrolet selected the Detroit auto show to unveil the new Cruz Hatch. .
the Chevy Cruz have been known to have a lot of engine problems. It's a hit or miss. Hondas always last forever
Come check out this 2013 Chevy Cruz 2LT JUST $10,991-
maybe you should stick with the Chevy Cruz it might help you not almost kill all your passengers
This happy customer is celebrating with a new 2012 Chevy Cruz. Congrats & welcome to the family!
Bout to finally get my own car next week✊🏼 Chevy Cruz here I comeπŸ˜›
Thinking about selling my car and getting a Chevy CruzπŸ€”
chevy cruz. lil ranch house with a badass huge basement, one story, on a hill in the country where I live. well out skirts of where I live.
The whole coup attempt, according to was a DNC operation aided by Ted Cruz, et. al.
Yo this lil *** chevy cruz tryna be cute and race me and couldn't even keep up.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Ted Cruz is now showing his true colors- a Democrat.
Basically, I could lease a NEW Chevy Cruz, or buy a brand new 2016 for cheaper/same price we were talking! lol
2012 Chevy Cruz for sale Gh38,000. Hit me up if you're interested
Chevy Cruz and no airbags? That means he removed them on purpose!
Ted Cruz just committed political suicide with the phrase, "Vote your Conscience." What a classless loser .
Ted Cruz talks about the Constitution but doesn't say that if the Dems win the Presidency, the new JUSTICES appointed…
LIVE: coverage. Heidi Cruz flees after refusal to support Trump: Tune in 11am-3pm cst
Texas, being the smartest state in this great nation, will certainly deal with the cruz, and I'm not talking the Chevy.
Not clear that Cruz should get points for parking his Chevy Vega in the Reserved 4 Nominee parking spot at the 2020 GOP convention
For the one human who said that Ted Cruz would end up as the voice of reason, you win! Your new Chevy Malibu is waiting in back.
Your 20k old foreign car is just as equivalent as a Chevy Cruz
The NY Times is running an add for the Chevy Cruz above this story about Ted Cruz That is awesome.
Ted Cruz's speech at the RNC was more savage than the Chevy Chase Roast.
β˜†β˜†Rafael Cruz lived up to his American name "Lyin' Ted" by violating his pledge to support THE NOMINEE!. Might as well flee…
Ted Cruz is Chevy Cruzing, it's Canadian Dry time. But he got the holy water, with each and every rhyme
In 20 years Cruz will be an old Chevy (sorry Chevy) sitting under a tree rusting out. He's a liar and crook. Shame!
It feels like old times.using the Chevy Cruz again for a little
I’m getting a Chevy Cruz tired of tickets and getting harassed anyways
Saw a Chevy Cruz fully paint wrapped in a Lyft camo logo in downtown SF. Not sure if rental.
um.if I were to work for less than anybody and harder, can I make enough money to ball, JUST A LIL a chevy cruz lol
Any chance of adding RWD conversion for Chevy Cruz TC?!?
it's not. Take a Chevy Cruz and a Civic. Compare the 2 cars, price to produce, msrp etc.
I searched "Chevy Cruz" on Google and was not disappointed with what I found.
Still running after my goal to earn my Free 2017 Chevy Cruz and get on target this month. So with that being said...
Pre-roll ad: 'What emoji would u use to describe all-new Chevy Cruz?' smh. Please stop. Go home. Everyone go home.
Before/After pics of 2015 Chevy Cruz that came into the shop for our crazy tint special for only…
nothin too fancy ford explorer with leather interior my cars newer lol I have a 14 Chevy cruz
Always liked Cruz but felt we needed a powerhouse 2 defeat Hillary.
I had people from both groups block me. I voTed Cruz, but was ..
always. I was raised Chevy and GMC. I'm looking at a Cruz.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Insurance gave me a Chevy Cruz as the rental. β€œI also have an M3 ..”. It’s like they knew I was white before I got there.
I want so many things😭but I'm almost done paying my mom back after that is saving for my Chevy Cruz❀️😍 I know I can make it
An Egg White Grill And Egg White Grill? This is like trading in a Maserati for a Chevy Cruz.
Look at what I bought today every body (: 2013 Chevy Cruz πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
Congratulations to my son Dan on his shiny new Chevy Cruz that we finally picked up for him today. Thanks to Faten for referring us to Mo…
Nothing says cool like red lining a Chevy Cruz
cruz, the most connected car on the road! Yeah, connected to a tow truck!
John Torok went past me going 55 in a 35 in his stupid Chevy Cruz and all I did was laugh
Happy Birthday Blake. Love jamming to your CD'S while driving my Chevy Cruz down the road. πŸ’—
Just don't get the new commercials at all
Congratulations Sara Reeder on your new Chevy Cruz. Patrick Gil appreciates yours and your familys buisness.
I think a Chevy Cruze would make for a better senator than Ted Cruz, and that car isn't even good at being a car
The Chevy Cruz that I'm going to win on June 27th! β˜ΊοΈπŸ™πŸΎ
Taking my time before purchasing my new car. Still leaning twords the 2016 chevy cruz. Just taking my time b4 i sign that contract. $
Went from a Mazda6 to a 2016 Chevy CruzπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ˜Ž
nah, that's the Chevy Cruz hairstyle Marcia for lol
Ran into what I assume is the new Cruz being road tested in Goodland, KS. Rare to see these test cars out.
Stop in and see the 2016 Chevy Cruz today.
you got a Chevy Cruz I'm sooo jealous 😭😭
What did Victor Cruz and OBJ say today about being on the field together?. READ:
Just want to say God bless to the person in the Chevy Cruz that went through flooded water 40 mph while I'm rolling through it with
Yall got a problem with the 300s? Cuz every time I blink while I'm driving I see *** Chevy Cruz.
Is Ted Cruz's son named Chevy because he should
Sorry, but millennials would prefer that
FRESH HOME FROM MY CAR SHOPPING!. Decided not to pull the trigger on anything TODAY. But Tomorrow ::. 2016 CHEVY CRUZ
- the Chevy Cruz emoji dorks or the father/son BMW/Infinity "this is not how we raised you" stuck up dorks?
I drive the foreign like it was a Chevy πŸš—πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
Is it 2:30 yet??? Patiently waiting for .to perform at the Chevy Cruz Park Stage πŸ˜‚
Rise and shine! Time to start getting ready for today at Chevy Cruz stage!
1st time customer William Garcia of Rockwell City found what he was looking for with his 2013 Chevy Cruz.
This emoji-based ad for the Chevy Cruz confirms that Chevy thinks you're a moron
that's what I've always heard. Fun to drive. I'm a big fan of the Chevy Cruz but I think this shares the same problem: peppy,
Congratulations "Daniel" new owner of a 2013 Chevy Cruz! Welcome to our Stone's Kia Family.where you will...
I saw a Chevy Cruz today with a license plate that said "IM CRUZN"
*** I wanted to post it here what's the big deal?
my bad I ain't know anybody even uses that anymore
I was talking about my face nothing about my weight πŸ’€you try to hard to be funny relax 😭
On the plus side my rental car is a 2015 Chevy Cruz 😏
A big shout out goes to Cody Wood on the purchase of your 2012 Chevy Cruz! Enjoy!! "Making dreams come true,...
The economical Chevy Cruz was not a good fundraising decision. Mike Chelep would not be pleased.
I guess but who got the yellow heart? You like SHAAA πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
Of all the cars to put built in Wifi in, they choose to put it in a Chevy Cruz
u gotta get one that drive a Chevy Cruz only faithful women drive those.
I didn't know there was a Chevy Cruz (my daily driver) in the AND it's in Being able to go all out in it is super fun.
Feel like my life will fall apart if they say ma Dice bought that Chevy Cruz
slammed Chevy Cruz tho this could be you πŸ˜‚
*driving through most expensive part of houston* . Me: do you think people think we live here?. Cousin: no were in a Chevy Cruz
"I have a Chevy Cruz but it doesn't have cruise control
i see myself as normal and perfect but I drive a Chevy Cruz. Lease to own. Does that make me "weird" to u??
very good. Miss seeing you on breezy's computer everyday! Are you doing good? How's the Chevy Cruz?
that's Chevy Cruz if you stop playing ***
Shout out to the Uber driver who told me to pursue my dreams as I left his Chevy Cruz in downtown LA
S/O to the man in the red Chevy Cruz that almost made my friends and I pancakes 😑
new hhr gate 2006 -2011 emblem factory new cruz, LINK:.
Hey ever thought about a $14milllion chevy cruz. Not sure if I can get a lower price.
Is that a Chevy Cruz or Malibu? If it's the Cruz, I don't like that car at all. The new Malibu's are nice & so are Impala's.
Happy birthday never forget the time I almost killed us and wrecked your truck into a small Chevy Cruz!! :-)
The 2015 Chevy Cruz is to high tech for me πŸ˜‚
The NEW Chevy Cruz has wifi?? Damnit. I bought two years too old.
Thanks to Jean and Demetrious Foster for the purchase of their brand new Chevy Cruz from sales person Nick...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Hey girl, just saw a web ad for Chevy Cruz...sure looked like you behind the wheel. Am I right ?
Bruce is all nice and shiny and clean πŸ’§β˜€οΈ
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this Chevy Cruz playing games with me
Altima a compete with chevy Cruz
Life would be so simple if the rents would just give into this Chevy simple!
Leave it to me to get stuck between 3 Chevy cruz's. I'm so over life.
I forgot your Chevy Cruz was a diesel lol
Just purchased a brand new Chevy Cruz Diesel!
Senior Night Tomorrow v Atlee. Halftime Shootout for a Chevy Cruz thanks to Luck Chevy and Marty's Grill
so my mom gotta new 2015 Chevy Cruz πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
well not BRAND new... But it's a 2012 Chevy Cruz my nig.
11. On Sam's life I saw a white Chevy Cruz riding my *** Idk what the *** happened to it but I saw it in both my rearview & side mirrors.
πŸ‘πŸ‘ beauty truck. I want a truck soon, i have the new 2014 Chevy Cruz. I want a truck cause my teenage sons Athletic need
Congratulations to Keli Royal of Front Royal, VA on the purchase of her pre owned 2013 Chevy Cruz! Thank you for...
Need a cargo net for your Chevy Cruz? We've got four left on sale for 50% off in our Accessories and Parts...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
When really you can buy a recent Benz for 20k now. Compared to Chevy Cruz @ 15k. Not a loser, more realistic.
your math was a bit off. Chevy Cruz + ice + big hill = Jesse sliding down the hill.
Look out Los Angeles...imma' bout to be mobbin' these streets in a Chevy Cruz rental car with only 172 miles on it!
Nothing make me more happy knowing I'm getting a 2014 Chevy Cruz! Very soon Idk what I would do without my sister
Lol at the Chevy Cruz who tried to race me this morning thanks for the adrenaline rush tho
Getting our cruz on in Tanunda with the Valley Hot Rodders.
DRUG ACTIVITY: Unknown blk Hickory Hollow. 3 teenages, in a white Chevy Cruz, appear to be smoking marijuana. DELAYED POST.
I like them. Chevy Cruz's are cute too.
I'll take Chevy Cruz too πŸ˜‚ my mama be tripping my daddy want my car to be dope
I want something simple, and lowkey. The lil Chevy cruz is cute
I'm just waitin for a man to put all his gal clothes and heels in her Chevy cruz and take picture of it on fire
we were in a rental they didn't have MINIs at Hertz and I'm not taking pictures of the Chevy Cruz rental we had
Hah a dude in a chevy cruz got stuck trying to drift in an unplowed parking lot
To the person going 20 miles over in his black Chevy Cruz with tinted windows, I hope you get pulled over
Because of this Chevy Cruz is not what's up
Hamilton Collection
When you see a black Chevy Cruz parked in front of your building and it's not baes😭
Nice white joggers in your chevy cruz m8
Driving a Chevy Cruz as a loaner for 3 weeks. At least it has windshield wipers so I can wipe away all the panties that will be thrown at me
Just saw a Chevy Cruz in the median *** to be that guy
Reason Your Car Smells Who knew loneliness had a smell? Enter the Chevy Cruz
should've done it it Chevy big dawg
Don't misconstrue the idea that he will do the same for you. Bae came thru and got me the 2014 Chevy Cruz!
Looks like I'm takin the ye'ol chevy Cruz
Dear Chevy Cruz if you do not get off my *** little bunny foofoo going to run out on me and I'm gonna break check you
I will get that Chevy sonic turbo soon real soon ; ever since I drove it in February to Santa Cruz
My new set of wheels!!! 2013 Chevy Cruz LT. Got it all by myself.
Chevy Cruz rental, malcom from enterprise was great.
A 2014 Chevy Cruz with 9 miles on ur biggest accomplishment this year?
Totaled my Chevy Cruz LTZ today. All I can say is thank God for A 5 Star safety rating.
I should have known that it was someone else's 2013 Chevy Cruz in the drive when I got home I guess.
thank you!! I liked it too. It just came to me. (lol its a 2014 Chevy Cruz. It was only fitting)
Chevy Cruz's or however you spell it are nice. The new Altimas are badass and supposed to be really safe too
I think we can all agree that Cruz is a *** How 'bout you hitch your trailer to my Chevy?
signed Steve Tasker memorabilia and a Chevy Cruz for am escape vehicle
2012 Chevy Cruz if you're in the DFW area $500 today gets you rolling out the door. Get at me
Helped a dude start his Chevy Cruz. Thank god my mom has the same standard car as him. But this guy shouldn't have got a car he can't drive
Chevy Cruz, Hyundai Elantra, Chevy Malibu, or? Anyone have any suggestions?
I am out here at General Motors lordstown. Were the Chevy Cruz is made. Been waiting 45 min so far to get unloaded. Forklifts all over. Workers just sitting around.. they see me and pay no attention. Getting ready to unload it myself.
I have found a new love. It is a 2.0 L turbo diesel Chevy Cruz. But I love my Malibu. :'( I think I need to win the lottery and get me my dream car. :)
The age I was given. Age 28, Lived in Chicago IL, worked at First Savings Bank of Hegewisch, had one child named Rochelle Slater, Married and drove a Chevy Cavalier. Today. Live in Chicago, IL, working for automotive shop as a secretary, going to college for my Associates in Accountin. Divorced, have 2 boys also Jeffery Slater and Austin Slater. drive a Chevy Cruz or Ford Windstar. The oldest child is now attending Kaplain College for Medical Assistant and in a very good relationship. Life is hard with all the ups & downs but the happy endings are the best! If you like my status, hit like and I will give you a number so you can share too!!!
I don't know yet, I can either get a Dodge Dart, a Chevy Cruz, or a Malibu
I told my mom a chevy cruz and she said cruise control? ?
I really like the Chevy Cruz, I dunno why but that's what I want
Hey that gas station inthe Chevy Cruz commercial is seen in Incomplete - BSB :-p
no I was in a orangish Chevy Cruz I wasn't driving lol I but I deffiently seen you :)
Little Giant Ladders
The Chevy Cruz is really lettin down right now
Wonder who that girl was in the that chevy cruz ?
Can't wait til Leah has her Chevy Cruz 😍🚘
I added a video to a playlist Drive Away in a New 2014 Chevy Cruz for Just $99/mo!
I'm supposed to go test drive a Chevy Cruz before Thursday. Where??
.. and I question why the major rental car companies can classify a Chevy Cruz as a "mid-size car".
My rental car this week is a Chevy Cruz. Only word I can use to describe it is "claustrophobic"
More ammo for my people abusing the welfare system argument. Lady in a brand-new Chevy Cruz just walked into 7-Eleven bought candy bars with her food stamp card and bought a pack of Swisher sweets with cash. Does she really need these things if she is on food stamps I don't think so. I mean if she can buy cigarettes then she can afford food in my book.
Good Monday morning. Got to love it when it's a short week. Being a Monday means we want to hear what made you say "Oh my God" over the weekend. Today we have a chance for you to win a pair of tickets to see Rascal Flatts at Meadowbrook with the Frankly Impossible Question. Also keep your ears open for the cue to call so you can qualify for the Wolf's 2 year Cruz. Someone is going to win a 2 year lease of a Chevy Cruz from Newport Chevy, Buick, GMC.
Alert: Break-in at a house near 12th and Holman. Car also stolen: Light blue 4 door Chevy Cruz.
By summer next year I will have a chevy Cruz!! You can unlock it with your phone!
2012 Chevy Cruz LT with only 10,800km for sale. Msg if interested. Please RT
Bless us for we have no sales tax. 2013 Red Chevy Cruz and a 2013 VW Jetta Both are stick. It's the only way to drive! TX has 9% sales tax.
NEWS FLASH! Rental car report: Ford Fusion is MILES ahead of Chevy Cruz. Are you listening, Hertz? is all.
lmaooo don't make shoot that boy!! I'm already mad because I'm driving his lil azz Chevy Cruz. Lol
just picked up my new car . A 2013 Chevy Cruz 😻
Maybe getting my pretty Chevy Cruz tomorrow ☺ gonna get a black one I think πŸš—πŸ’¨
Test driving the new 2013 Chevy Cruz was awesome! I'm soo in love! :)
I hope Erica gets get car back. That Chevy Cruz ain't doin her no good
Everyone, meet my new baby. 2011 Chevy Cruz :)
Should I get a 2013 Volkswagen jetta, or a Chevy cruz? 😢
This Chevy Cruz seriously just tried to race me...enjoy the smoke cloud I left for you!!
Thank You Keshionna King!! Welcome to the Stevenson family on the same day of my return!! Congratulations on your 2011 Chevy Cruz!!
Have you checked out out latest giveaway from our Chevy Dealership? We are giving away a CRUZ:
I wish my dream last night would come true and my brother would buy me a 2013 Chevy Cruz for graduation! πŸ˜©πŸ™πŸš—
This 2013 Chevy Cruz will be mine in 3-4 months! FOR FREE
I know 😩 I'm at Chevy now. Looking at the Cruz
Do it dude, they're sick af. I wanna lil red chevy Cruz. I decided on my 23rd birthday I'll buy me one. Lmao.
Night Cruz'n in the Chevy with my pops
I think I want a Chevy Cruz but I'm not quite sure yet, & we definitely need too!! We had some real good times !!
I tryin to get the chevy cruz , somethin simple an clean .. a black one please
Holy *** My parents just got me a new car. No joke. Brand new Chevy Cruz. Agh
BOL: S/B US-23 from Grand Blanc Rd. Possible OUIL, gray Chevy Cruz all over the roadway. No plate information.
I wish the Chevy Cruz was less safe. We could have a memorial for Anna and David instead.
If I pass my behind the wheel I just want a Chevy Cruz.
naw I still got it but I'm going to sell it lol and then I'm going to use that money and trade the Prius for a Chevy Cruz lol
I kind of like this car.her name is Renee the's a Chevy Cruz.I'm more of a German car lover tho
Might be getting me a chevy cruz yayyy me
"When trys to do a burnout in a Chevy Cruz! πŸ˜‚ this kid has no clue bout motors lol
I am not sure. Is he related to the Chevy Cruz?
Considering a Chevy Cruz after a ride with Nikkii
I ain't got no 2012 Chevy Cruz lmfao! I have a 1995 Ford Taurus!!!
getting a ride to hyatt with Marcell! I love my Chevy Eco Cruz even more now!
Riding in a new Chevy Cruz thanks Sean for the ride
Renting car for a half week from Sonoma to SanFran to Santa Cruz via coast Hwy 1. Chevy Camaro SS, Dodge Challenger R/T or Ford Mustang GT?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I like the Chevy Cruz too! I haven't looked it up but it shouldn't be bad on gas
for sure! I wish I had enough money for a Chevy Cruz. 😍
Orange Chevy Cruz for sale... Why can I not be 18? Need to get that car loan :(
it would of been dope if it was the Chevy Cruz, you know cruz? Lol
is the best service! is the MAN!! Love the Chevy Cruz and the prompt service. Thank u!!
Taking the free Chevy Cruz with driver Liz. A great deal!
chevy Cruz is perfect and its perfect for bumping lol :)
Thanks for the free ride in the chevy cruz (made in Lordstown, OH)
So happy my momma know somebody that work at a car dealership ! I want a Chevy Cruz 2012 soo bad !
I've looked at a ford focus, ford fiesta, Chevy Cruz, Hyundai elantra, dodge dart, and still no car for me
Forms of transportation taken today: ghetto stretch Hummer limo, Chevy Cruz free taxi car, duck-shaped boat/bus hybrid
Driving a Chevy Cruz I love this car
Has anyone ever drove the chevy cruz? Rented one what a piece of crap!
The worst part about not having a stream with pat and edzo is that I know I won't be seeing the chevy cruz commercial
Really wish I could afford a new car. I'm in love with this Chevy Cruz!!!
They be trying to play ppl on the rental cars. I will not drive a pilot or a Chevy Cruz
no lol my lease is up march 30th and I think I'm either getting a Chevy Cruz or a Buick verano
Giving a shout out to the W.O.W. unit's newest Mary Kay beauty consutlant Heidi Oborne! She is excited to start earning her own MK 2014 Chevy Cruz and will be building her business by working it into her schedule as a full time EMU student, working and staying active as a Delta Zeta. I love the energy and passion she adds to out unit! Welcome to the family!
I want a chevy cruz soo bad .. that has to be my next car !
I bought a brand new 2012 Chevy Cruz last August. But the car payments kill me!
I have Chevy Cruz it gets 40mpg good choice.
check out our selection of cars. Lots of fuel efficient cars there.. Prius, Chevy Cruz,
lol not you brand new Chevy Cruz right ?
lol I ended up renting a chevy cruz
When you go get that Red Chevy Cruz ; can I test drive it lol . Jp
I went to the dealership to test drive a Chevy Cruz.I clearly explained to Joseph, I wasnt buying a car until ne...
I don't like ford trucks they are just ugly to me, to manny on the Cruz tonight.
You're sitting alone in a Chevy Cruz, what is this about?
Up close photos of the Chevrolet Cruz diesel:
After whipping a brand new Chevy Cruz today I really want a new car.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
What is the most beautiful car? β€” Most definitely Dodge Chargers. But I'm also loving the new Chevy Cruz :)...
Finally got the runnin good took her out for her first last night
I like my Chevy Cruz but Toyota gets better gas milage
Car of missing Denver woman found: Pueblo Police have located the black 2012 Chevy Cruz belonging to missing person...
Best rental in the business. Chevy "Victor" Cruz
2013 Chevy Cruz for my rental, fine with me!
I want a Chevy Cruz or chevy equinox so bad!! 😁😁😁😁
RECKLESS: S/B Dye approaching Corunna. Red Chevy Cruz, partial plate BSA4..., all over the road. Forcing other...
Stupid deer! The Chevy Cruz isn't built for deer bashing. Stuck on the side of the road. Come on tow truck
Which chevy should I buy impala, cruz or Malibu?
I just want to fix my truck. It is way too cold to do any work right now.
"American Muscle" Thanks to Sandra at Midway and chevy for letting me drive this for a bit! A…
If you drive a Chevy Cruz it is impossible to be suspended from school
The Buzz at work: received an email that stated "A blue Chevy Cruz with IL Temp plates has rolled out of its...
Idk what to do today...i'ont gotta work so I guess I'll juss b cruisin in my Chevy Cruz ;P –  10% Off
should o get a truck err that Chevy Cruz?
"I just wanna thank the advertising crew for Chevy Cruz" - Fun.
This is what I have for the next 3 days πŸ˜”
β€œwhat car model is that? I love how it look in the inside :-)” Chevy Cruz ! And Thankyou :)
Well now that I can't sleep I'm looking at cars and I decided I'm getting a Chevy Cruz. πŸš—πŸ’¨
I love playing with Chevy Cruz keys
I Wish I had a Chevy Cruz so I could name it "Victor" :)
neither if you are referring to that horrendously terrible commercial. And why isn't driving?
bro Chevy Cruz 2013 the one i rented...thst what i want
its the new 2013 Chevy Cruz eco 1.4turbo and its 6 speed :) *** Lmao that ***
video team talking with the Chief Engineer of GM about the new turbo clean diesel Chevy Cruz
RECKLESS: SB 75 from Mt. Morris Rd . White Chevy Cruz all over road.
What is a good solid car to purchase these days? Been looking at the Ford Taurus, Chevy Cruz... ?
2012 Chevy Cruz um ya ill take that :)
congrats, warning! The chevy cruz seems to pull to the right slightly ?
Alright need help with a name for this handsome boy. Debating between Cruz, Ammo, Chevy, or Winchester lol
The lavish life can be whatever you want it to be. If you want a Benz, get a Benz. If you prefer a throwback chevy, get it!
omg I've always wanted to ride in a Chevy cruz!!!
Thinking of trading your Chevy Cruz on a Bentley? Jackie Chan has encouragement: (I'm amused by these.)
A white Chevy Cruz has been behind me for 30 minutes, now. That's enough, Team Follow Back!
I have a new Chevy cruz . Love it . Note that's my first American car ;)
should drive a Chevy Cruze, cause it would be fun to say "Cruz cruising in his Cruze."
I hate when you go to try to pass someone and they speed up so you can't pass. Eff you a$$hole in the Chevy Cruz.
At my first stop then to look a new chevy cruz or suv
You'd be better off getting the Chevy Cruz cause its $16,000 less & the gas savings will materialize β€œMT 2300 mi 14 gallons.”
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