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Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat (born 22 April 1974), is an Indian author, columnist, and speaker. Bhagat is the author of five bestselling novels, Five Point Someone (2004), One Night @ the Call Center (2005), The 3 Mistakes of My Life (2008), 2 States (2009) & Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition (2011).

Suhel Seth Ramachandra Guha Five Point Someone Amish Tripathi Kai Po Che Aravind Adiga Anupam Kher Manu Joseph Swapan Dasgupta

Me: Sir, Tell me something about people who read your books. Chetan Bhagat:
Be so busy Improving your self that you have no time to criticize. others.Chetan Bhagat
Ya he must know before telling that. He must know that these are made of rat skin. Loll
Mom: Why don't you write anymore . Me: You can't produce art on demand. I want to make art not write a Chetan Bhagat novel
I have never seen a company like this!.
sir, I'm a huge fan of your writing sir.. just wanted to know your opinions on this one.
Lynching is wrong bt sir plz tell you know what is the place of cow in Hindu culture then why not so…
I can personally confirm that 90% of the folks that write "voracious reader" on their insta profile read nothing more than Chetan Bhagat
How well has Shekhar described himself & his fellow Journos.
Even in my family not a single member use leather's things, we r not taught to use any animal's skin…
I knew it, that people like u, ll never miss an opportunity to talk about this, that's why I wear on…
Wails of despair ringing out from the Chetan Bhagat household. ? 😫
Speak against Hindu and India is very easy. But dare to oppose Muslim also. Have you dare to write against them
Have you ever write are speak about godhra Kand when 58 person where brutally killed dare to write against them shame
why they people use to eat only cow meat Use to eat Dog, Cat, Swine advice them to eat meat of these animals also
I'm not supporting any killing... I'm not a…
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Till Chetan Bhagat makes a film about it giving proper credit and a cut in profits to the half minister.
Why is HT is polluting the atmosphere with negative remarks all the time!
I the name of the said minorities why should we through our morals and values and tradition on other…
Tell something on uniform civil code ?
Throw some light what happened in the campus of aligarh Muslim university during Ramadan?. If Muslim…
It's ridiculous to support the eating of beef or any animal in name of freedom In so called democracy ?
Eating a cow or skinning a cow is not a crime according to u. Then why death penalty to victims of n…
Better you may not get lynched for wearing cow leather shoes
The biggest adventure I have done in my life so far is reading Indian authors 😝😝. Especi…
You can't eat cloth because you use it.
Thank you sir.for Eagerly waiting to read many more like it.thanks a lot💖💖💖
Sir, I'm eagerly waiting for announcement of your next book. Will it release for this Diwali?
Uttam Pradesh shining as expected. waiting for another chance . Shrestha Thakur
15/36: What young India wants: Chetan Bhagat. Exactly what the young Indians should think about.
New Hindu Rituals continued:. Praise Modi on Chetan Bhagat bday. Dance for Modi on Akshay Kumar bday. Tie Muslim to jeep o…
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The only way I can get a girlfriend is to buy two copies of Chetan Bhagat's half girlfriend and tape them into one book.
What about that Chetan Bhagat movie? On cricket, Kai Po Che. It was a hit I believe.
for me it's Durjoy Datta and Ashwin Sanghi ... Who cares for Chetan Bhagat... Amish is also better than him..
A quote from Chetan Bhagat's Book Five Point Someone - "Girls are beautiful, let's face it and life is quite, quite worthless without them"
Arvind Kejriwal and Chetan Bhagat are the reason why i have a trust issue with IIT Degree.
Delhi is the most well read city of 2016 with Chetan Bhagat as its most read author. . And you wonder how Kejriwal won with 67 seats?
Sell the plot to Titled as 6 minutes.
moved up on INQUIZIE celeb ranking by "1". know Y? Goto & tell “Chetan Bhagat's fans
Not explaining how black money hoarding of 1000Rs note can be erased by inducting a 2000Rs note!
Missed one point. Poor farmer due to bad luck gets fake note. Bank won't take it and it will be a big loss for him.
This piece of writing of urs very elegantly brought home 2 d point d fine-tuning left 2 b done for making the step a success!
Your relationships are Chetan Bhagat, pretending to be Murakami.
99.99% Indians don't know what is demonetisation but have an opinion based on political party affiliation.
Rupee at 68.It is mayhem, close to economic crisis, But well, the government is silent. Your words. 😂😂. ht…
M have 6-8 kids on an average, not 4. M will redefine the math :D
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it was great reading. Very accurately penned.
the analogy to chemotherapy is excellant. Initial reaction by govt/pm was one of celebration now it has mellowed down.
well said. Very nicely put pro n cons of a big decision.
. Folks who're pontificating maximum on virtues of Blackmoney cleansing. Are they without any trail?
Chetan Bhagat says is only chemotherapy. Yes, it is like administering chemotherapy on his whole family if he gets cancer.
Oh man I feel so superior reading Stephen King. I should just read Chetan Bhagat and feel nauseous
chemotherapy kills good cells and bad cells marginally killed ! finally death inevitable go to TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Mumbai?
.nonsense, economist Bhagat has given a formula that justifies Rupee fall under modi govt.
Does Chetan Bhagat have a leg to stand on when it comes to economy & Rupee value stick to be a story teller
Please do not forget and his autobiographical character "Chatur" in 3 ***
This reminds me of his own character "Chatur" in 3 ***
sir, please something write on suicide attempt by the students. Because it's very painful to all the parents. Please.
brilliant article on Great example of valid and poor
Great objective and balanced analysis. Hope, opposition and fan boys read and learn a bit.
Panic does not help, even if you are unable to answer. Try to ask qu...
democracies in North Europe have free edu&health & freedom
So Jacqueline F. mentioned in new book! Cast already decided. is going to dance to a number
Rupee at 68.52. It is mayhem. Close to an economic crisis. But well, is silent.
The great Indian Chemotherapy is an excellent balanced article but did one of the fastest growing nation need…
I srsly doubt uve read anything written by Owen. Otherwise u cd never hv taken that 4 his writing. Reads like
kind of misattribution is the stuff of my nightmares. (Altho really does write like that; check out his page).
Interesting perspective... Liked your article. Govt has to understand public suffering/inconvenience with sensitivity.
it's very catchy and to the fact sir. Thank you.
Saw a small crowd gathered outside and got scared that Chetan Bhagat had come. Thankfully it was
great example. Best example for the current move.
scam akin toCancer surgery is over now patient is onChemo which will go for 6mnths malignancy may recurr…
Bas ye sun'na baaki reh gaya tha. Next she will compare Chetan Bhagat with Charles Dickens saying that both their...
The Sidney Sheldon of modern day India . Take a bow Chetan Bhagat
cut all debate programming, has become an infotainment channel with B Dutt interviewing Chetan Bhagat & Prannoy Roy, Deepika Padukone.
Chetan Bhagat looking for career options as builder and masseur after realizing his career as an author is not pann…
Before you start having any big hopes from the youth of India, just remember that Chetan Bhagat's novels are their most…
I read Five Point Someone / One Night at the... by Chetan Bhagat
On page 116 of 267 of Five Point Someone, by Chetan Bhagat
The MBA Mentality, A Vikram Bhatt Film, based on the novel by Chetan Bhagat.
Is that it the benchmark? Chetan Bhagat sold more books than say Amish Tripathi .. That makes him better writer?
I just bought: 'Five Point Someone' by Chetan Bhagat via
: Same as Jayant Sinha, Chetan Bhagat, Rajat Gupta. But weren't fortunate to be students of Dr except Rajat.😃
Mitro, I actually expect an open letter from Anupam Kher, Chetan Bhagat and Suhel Seth on Kiran bedi's appointment
I think I have figured it out. Manu Joseph is actually Chetan Bhagat, but with better vocabulary.
Manu Joseph is turning out to be a Chetan Bhagat of sorts when it comes to social commentary.
I thought that Bhagat house belonged to Chetan Bhagat, now have a clarification, thanks Mumbai mirror a great story
Neither Padma award nor RS Seat for Chetan Bhagat. Why this unfair treatment to him?
Chetan Bhagat is losing fans. His next book will be flop. His columns are criticised for lack of substance. Stardom comes with shelf life.
Two days ago Chetan Bhagat wrote inTOI on Kashmir. distribute article in the Valley inlakhs.Plan minimum visibility of Forces
Nach baliye was judged by Chetan Bhagat. Remember ??
Doing 2 Chetan Bhagat's story based film is not a good move. . Kai Po Che was good. . 2 states was OK. . Half girlfriend seems below average.
New post (Kai Po Che has the message of hope: Chetan Bhagat) has been published on
Today's editorial in TOI by Chetan Bhagat, Swaminathan S A Aiyer and Swapan Dasgupta are superb. Everyone should ponder upon those issues.
Today's editorial on TOI by Chetan Bhagat, Swaminathan S A Aiyar and Swapan Dasgupta are suberb and is ponderable by citizens of India.
So kids, deactivate SM & turn up your TV so you can see Suhel Seth, Chetan Bhagat & Shobha De tell you how to feel.
Chetan Bhagat poor chap. Been punching bag of all - Indians, Pakistanis, Liberals, Bhakts.
Anupam Kher, Suhel Seth and Chetan Bhagat would rather embarrass themselves and India than go one day without publicity…
Rare honest piece on so called 'literary' types: When people ask me what I think of Chetan Bhagat via
sir ple write a book on neerja , sir I have watch the movie but I want to read whole life of neerja mam sir ple this book
last August in Samarth Bharath 2 day freshers camp of RSS held in Blr 3880 ( 823 were young ladies) tk pa…
If d youth is educated in he will not know what is patriotism othrwise many attend RSS shakhas
"She can wear what she wants because she lives in a free country called India" by Chetan Bhagat v…
come to think of it, I do wanna know if also feels prosecution of marital rape is against 'bharitya sanskriti'.
good jöb. Now also do tell what reforms you think bjp govt and not the parliament hasn't undertaken?
6 Mistakes of TinyOwl.. Two times more stupid than Chetan Bhagat's..
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. change is only permanent in life... Decisions are taken as per situation and not on morality of right or wrong.
I am a member & have pledged for an India where every1 uses a toilet by2019 Come join, RT
I am Modibhakt so is sexually frustrated according to you. Hey had any male disappointed you sexually? Come.n see my POWER.
Surpises me how quickly how so many commentators on the net and elsewhere change their tone and tenor and...
yes I connect to RSS .i ve studied from UK and have modern thinking still I believe in RSS
Why argue and do Guesswork.? Pl attend RSS shakha,entry is free for everyone. Talk to participants n find out.
Yes, it does. I know some of them. Not all young are blind with material ambition.
Absolutely yes, NGO flooding now, oldest and best one is RSS
You Must had a really bad experience of MBA guys i am not sure..Not all are as bad as ..
Balaji Motion Pictures, Mohit Suri & Chetan Bhagat's 'Half Girlfriend', is slated to release on 28th April 2017.
yes chetan we do connect ourself with RSS.
modern! but i kno 1 of my colleague who perfectly connect n attend RSS meetings. Seems u defndg RSS.
Not fair to call every MBA professional useless for one
libtards r in Hindi called fattu Hindus who clever enough to count shortcomings of Hindu but not others
in Nation building, all of them are Sakha going ;) Well Chetan own IIT lost education credibility
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Mr. chetan the modern youth does connect with it that is y it still exists so effectively.
Chetan thinks he is the only educated in India or education as per his own ideas is education
No coincidence that there is very little overlap between ppl who read & ppl who attend RSS shakhas. Polar opp …
most of this 'modern educated youth' doesnt do 0.1% of social service RSS youth do. Just saying
& most of them Engineers IIMian Harvardian & few f them consider themselves reader as they read your books ;)
I am a proud Indian and Swayamsevak. RSS never supports Hinduism, they support Nation only.
Why comment on the subject you are unaware of ? Keep writing novels that poisons the Indian Youth and make quick bucks !!!
Bhai once a BJP MP said same thing &I did survey on FB wall out of 6800 friends around 80 % Supported RSS
If you are not agree with then Its Okay but you have no right to criticize them before knowing them correctly
Sir, What is your comment on Reservation. Outdated Thinking??? Every person has a different view point.
Dear Mr. Bhagat, High intellectual doesn't mean you are always right. I cant speak on any topic but you are wrong this time
i m agree with u. Actual prblm is that they does't know about Rss and stand with opponents
sad. We all fight for secular society during our youth, but realise we are alone when old midst phoney
they connect better with RSS than with your books :P
what do u mean by out dated? What Dr. Hedgewar told 80 years ago, is still a truth
Chetan Bhagat showing the condition of his hands after not getting full or half girlfriend during IIT days.(1995) https…
go to Nagpur,read, understand long history,activities of !Would be a rich experience for u avoiding u…
- fringe elements are in every org.Attend shakha and c for urself the ideology. help change perception!
I very much connect with RSS, in fact I am proud of RSS
OMG...this you have just given a new book idea to Chetan Bhagat.😜
Looking at the DP of I have come to the conclusion that, this is the 'Half Girlfriend', . Chetan Bhagat was talking about..!!. 😋😉
a new plant is born out of an old seed. You cannot build a New Nation without the experience of old.
lame effort to project urself as Non Bhakht.. we all know the truth. .
"The Stench of Bigotry: Why is Ramachandra Guha turning into a Chetan Bhagat?" [In response to the Guha piece]
one article and the liberals bring out their biggest shame label. Chetan Bhagat
The stench of bigotry: Why is Ramachandra Guha turning into Chetan Bhagat?. Ramachandra Guha says worry about the …
The stench of bigotry: Why is turning into Chetan Bhagat?
Indeed, sir. Yuvraj was there to participate in a panel discussion along with Madhur Bhandarkar and Chetan Bhagat.
Remarkable how Suhel Seth, Chetan Bhagat and Arnab never miss a chance to tell us how much they love themselves. Sorry, love their country
So isnt a bhakt after all. Fearlessly goading PM Modi to act on Vadra; become a sardar !
. Corruption is an integral part of Indian political system my friend . Please concentrate on your new book
The only place where I bring Chetan Bhagat type romantic novels is Toilet. In case if there is no Toilet Paper.
yes makes me mad so many biopics can be made and yet ...BW 😂😂😂 still obsessed with chetan bhagat
Together their are many lives we can change!Let's give wings to their dreams.
I love my country, not because it is great, but because it is my own. Visit
awesome article.Non of d politicians came to solve the problem.Jst came for vote. Muffler wala besharam bhi usi liye aaya tha
Mind of is cleaner than others. . . . . . Because he has changed it after 2014..
saw u on Could not interact there.. Sir can I please ask something if you could lend a helping hand & interact
Chetan Bhagat had strong views on Vadra once upon a tym 😂.
Keep convincing urself that ur master is doing right. With this formula MMS should have left Re @ 80
If this guy had half common sense, wud have applied simple formula 4 MMS' tenure. r u really stupid
What was half brain doing When u abused MMS on Re/$?How he reached college w/o knowing calculation?
Very sad that Chetan Bhagat is calling Modi a Cockroach,didn't expect this from such an erudite writer.
was Chetan Bhagat. Wish u a speedy recovery KP..
Chetan Bhagat is neutral, Anupam Kher is apolitical, CBI is independent, Aamir is traitor and Modi is the best PM. https:…
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With free fall of rupee, also sinks reputation of Modi ‘economist’ Chetan Bhagat
My two penny on phenomenon called Chetan Bhagat the economist
New authors of "english writing" have emerged in India oflate in last 15 years like Chetan Bhagat, Aravind Adiga , Amish Tripathi a handful
In last 15 years has seen new coming of "english writers" specially from India like Chetan Bhagat , Aravind Adiga , Amish Tripathi
Gujjus have their version of everything. This is me chilling with Chetan Bhagat & Sajid Khan after the show.
Chetan Bhagat, you're not Amitav Ghosh. Let 'writers' be
If anyone has still any doubt over the foolishness of Chetan Bhagat after his Nach Baliye appearance, wait for his next book.
Chetan Bhagat is the most popular writer. Honey Singh is the most popular singer. Salman is the most popular actor. India, next superpower.
Sources are saying that Indian team won under the pressure that if they lose, they will have to read Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat
Rohit Shetty making movies. Chetan Bhagat writing books. Lalu winning elections. has never been more tolerant.
People like Anu Malik, Chetan Bhagat and Raghu are proofs that going to school doesn't make you educated.
Modi, Shah targeted because they are from Hindi medium: Chetan Bhagat
I know that what history will do is forget Chetan Bhagat.
What does Chetan Bhagat do? yak yak here yak yak there research needed no reason applied n work done
Any top writers, artists supporting govt stand? No, Chetan Bhagat and Gajendra Chauhan are not among our top writers/actors.
Indore Literature Festival - The Curtain Raiser. 'Changing The Game' Strategies for Winning in Life by Chetan Bhagat on 30th October.
Recent incidences are well answered in Chetan Bhagat's Making India Awesome full of ideas,problems with solution,an ideal approach presently
Chetan bhagat keep telling that he writes stuff on reality but after reading half girlfriend I now find him more of a film scripter. Really
now they will add chapter on Badal Singh Mandela and Chetan Bhagat wordsworth
Every day morning looks out of window , u know why. To check which side the wind is blowing , accordingly he too can ;)
hw cn elected lawmakers b fringe ? Hw cn institutes patronized by ruling party be fringe or parties they …
This is why we need to study law. To frame a problem well & argue/discuss. 'Uniform Civil Code' what duh-uh?
Chetan Bhagat is the biggest sycophant of the present Modi govt. he is really a person who change sides as per his convenience.
.Even a Child in Bharat knows who is but hearing 1st time the name of !!
very hurt at such language? Let me try to use a civilized language - Chetan Bhagat is mostly sexually frus…
Why have these liberals turned blind to the plight of persecuted Hindu-Sikh families from Pakistan, now camping in Rajashthan
well written. secularism should imply to all religions, not only Hindus. If 1 demands it then shud be able to accept it too.
After reading 1 of the book written by fake sahityakar... only things comes to my mind is that V all owe an apology to
don't forget Prasoon Joshi last year got padmashree from the Bjp government.he has 2 expecting this year
"You're sentenced to death". ME: Ok. "But before that you have you'll have to read a book by Chetan Bhagat". ME: This is inhumane
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.Watch the Victory of Good over Evil & celebrate the biggest Victory of all.
Bolywood movie would be made on my book; which would give a huge setback to Chetan Bhagat 😂😂😁
'I' n 'U' are seculars. Just 'They' don't adhere to secularism.
When Sadhus were sprayed with bullets in Ayodhya haven't seen single Writer give up Academy
Just finished reading two of your books in a span of 6 days.
Student refuses to accept MBA degree from Smriti Irani. Chetan Bhagat: Where wr u in UPA regime..?. Student: Engineerin…
Breaking News:: India under attack via Media by
Ajit Agarkar questions MSD's place in the Indian team. Time for Chetan Bhagat to question Shakespeare's role in literatu…
Looking at his accomplishment from a literary point of view, Chetan Bhagat isa writer who, technically speaking,...
Writing three mistake of my life is the fourth mistake of
Expect them to be replaced by Chetan Bhagat
far Chetan Bhagat is concern if he favors ur rotten thought thn good othe ise?U Barkha Rajdeep n entire NDTV AajtakABP r pimp
Some people criticise even before they can actually write a sentence correctly.
Writers like r better than and who spread hatred and divide the country ! https:/…
All the folks trolling you read your books. If not, How are you the most popular author in the country ? Numbers speak.
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A writer who benefited from State patronage sneers at as “bazaru”. Shows the contempt for those who succeed in …
on Amazon Hot New Releases; flanked by Chetan Bhagat on both sides :D. by Readomania
.In my opinion, they are still making a better use of ink than you.
Why are they outraging against Pseudo Intellectuals n Media ONLY when Modi is questioned?
What are you reading these days fella!
Today I will respect Goddess Saraswathi by setting fire to all Chetan Bhagat books.
Finally, Chetan Bhagat pulls off a witty reply. Not bad at all
Rajdeep Sardesai to journalism is what Chetan Bhagat is to literature
In future Chetan Bhagat will face like this issue by BJPians
Chetan Bhagat is that kid who scored 95 in class twelve but could get into only Zakir Hussain College.
Chetan Bhagat's Half Girlfriend inches closer to its Bollywood adaptation via
Chetan Bhagat's Half Girlfriend inches closer to its adaptation
Chetan Bhagat on the sick Comedy Nights show next week. What a waste of talent!
Agree with you. Your stance was most correct on OROP.
Weakening the mob,in my opinion needs a more holistic approach. Hard for one person to do, but it's a start. Appreciate it !
Maybe you should be better abreast of things that you say and whether you really should be saying it. That ll help a little..
If an NBA player published an article on whats Wrong with the batting technique of SR Tendulkar, he'd be mauled too. No?
a regular visitor of jantar mantar OROP are media hungry people,if camera stops their andolan will come to an end
The poor response to ur latest book is doing it for you? TOI article, judge at realty shows? Options running out?
Haters will hate.Your article on OROP is sane argument.worth a read
Till u can breath ,u can try .its a victory itself that you didn't quit. 👍🙏
Your views are justifiable. OROP is huge financial burden on the government. There need to be open debate on the issue.
I agree. it needs to be realistic. Army is exceptional but other govt emp pampered. Need to rationalise to private sector
OROP organization of rich affluent officers above creamy layer only selfish propganda no care for poor Indian,farmers
* Sir you r doing a gr8 disservice to the Armed Forces by misleading readers due to your ignorance on the subject
i really don't care what people think about you... Bt you're books ARE inspiring . This one's the best
No body is mauling u or bullying u. But even an *** normally knows wen to keep his mouth shut
I agree with the sentiment, but isn't the best way to change encouraging Association and self-learning, which is hard to do!
u can't write sh... or do irresponsible journalism. U have the capacity to influence today's generation. Wake up
a lot in your English doesn't make sense
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
That's the problem with grinding on ur ego when u have limited ability to dwell on a subject
you can see a Colonel threatening to bycott toi they don't believe in public expenditure,poors,selfish
has an Army Background. Never got along with his dad. Hence Anti Fauji and Anti . Now you know.
Not happy with using his celebrity status to harm the interest of Veterans.
must be implemented in its true spirit else we'll see humongous dissatisfaction in defence personnel. Even serving ones
Wish u had spent a few minutes going into d history of b4 writing this.Has even SupCourt been deciding with its HEART?
vocal minority of veterans does'nt represent silent majority! Some off took PMR,are in good jobs,feel they do…
OROP has been looked at very Objectively by the supreme court as well. Its a sham to call it a strain on poor of india.
Smart or not, any sane voice contributes. Emotional groupthink is eventually overcome. Never stop trying.
:Bas Aa Gaye Aukat Pe! U never hinted at re-look on the OROP matter. In clear terms,you abused Army Brass & the OROP HAQ.
You don't worry...carry on this agitation...every man worth his penny was criticized before his time
Hey good writer, do you enjoy being shown your place when you pose as an expert on OROP issue? Even MoD babus r not clear!
point ,now Major General is equated with Joint Secretary,feel Brigadier should be equated with JS & so on
do u understand NFU? Its like a lifelong pre n post retirement OROP/Pay for 58 categories of babus costing 21k crore to govt
BTW Chetan How much is the loot on the paid SMSes?
You hv bn very kind to ESM especially those who claim premature retirees are actually shameless deserters. 😉
Not that it matters now, but Govt is financing OROP through the black money it allocated through the compliance window.
there is humongous scope for cost cutting in army wdout affecting efficiency, Do that along with OROP
For those who follow u think what u deliberated is the end all. Hence u need to correct yourself on missing key issues.
Because ultimately, the right thing prevails. And once the right thing has been said and heard it weakens the mob.
It has been 42 years since successive govt have been thinking with heart & /or head...Now its time to deliver OROP by HANDS.
Will wait to read yr article when you apply yr head & not yr heart to NFU of ₹ 22000 cr for Babus. .
has emerged as a commentator with courage & conviction. In TOI tday: Examine the pros & cons of htt…
Like Arundati Roy, u want to become an expert on everything. I am sure, ur next take will b on India's nuclear policy
. U have a opinion.But do visit jantar Mantar and talk to gen Satbir. Both of u r responsible citizens.I cud arrange it
you are also human who can make mistakes. Agree and move on.
The language in ur novels r pedestrian. U have applied the same yardstick to this piece of nonsense TOI paid u for
Nobody is bullying you. Just requesting you to stand up from your sitting posture & take the pressure of your brains :-)
U say, u r sticking 2 ur convictions? Conviction is there only if u hav a basic idea of wat u r writing or thinking abt
A person asked to look at your book objectively. He is now facing sedition charges!!
Breast Cancer Awareness
you should restrain yourself from the controversial comments about # Indian Male . A majority of them are unhappy with you.
you have no idea of orop issue. Its not bout money but systematic downgradation of status & honour since 1947 by babus
Sir ji! Dont find your writings of great quality. Apologies..but stating fact here.
Even if they are wrong, isn't it in their best interest to stick to their guns/groupism and act 'irrationally'. So why try ?
*** u ! Do u understand the implications of half *** issues raised for analysis on the today's generation following u ?
I believe you were doing the same in GE2014. Riding the wave. :) don't even know the O of OROP. One expected better from you of all persons.
Here is my column, seems to have touched a raw nerve. Well, let's be objective. And civil.
Please comment about RESERVATION System in INDIA.We are eager to hear this.
u shd do what u r good at. is for sure not your cup of tea to even relate to OBJECTIVELY
Retire faujis at 60,nobody will ask for orop.I m sorry,acclaimed writer without knowing …
coming from a man who judged a dance reality show to maximize bank balance. BRAVE !!!
objectivity is subjective coz subjectivity is objective,objective is subjectivity & subjective... :Hindu-Hindi speaking fella
I heard Satguru. He says when you kill anything that has emotions it is bad. Sounded good and correct.
Are they people who are saying this type of words?
Exasperating. CHETAN Bhagat in TOI on OROP. Disinfo at best. Army better paid than NFU earning Babus &Police . Some joke.
sincere advice to chetan Bhagat sahib write novels live in your dream world Army and war are different ball game let experts deal defence
you can ignore such people. Neither do I agree with your views on but people with different views can discuss.
Well your article stands out from head point of view but heart is important as well👌👍.
Mam seems his head and heart are on the sets of Jhalak dikhlaja
Asaram and Radhe Maa seems to be die hard fan of Chetan Bhagat's Novel.
Suhel Seth is an expert on every issue. Chetan Bhagat's position in danger.
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