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Chesty Puller

Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell Chesty Puller (June 26, 1898 – October 11, 1971) was an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Goodnight Chesty Puller Semper Fi Marine Corps John Basilone George Patton Smedley Butler Mad Dog Mattis Chosin Reservoir Iwo Jima

Oh sweet Chesty Puller, that is brilliant
It's baseball , it's just a game and remember those damos words " there's no crying in baseball " good night Hog Fans and Chesty Puller
1of2 Marine General Chesty Puller once said "They are in front o…
Gen. Mathis is the modern day Chesty Puller...
So they've got us surrounded, good! Now we can fire in any direction, those *** won't get away this time!. Chesty Puller
Always remember what General Chesty Puller said first time he saw a flame thrower... "Where do you put the bayonet…
Great quote from Korean war general Chesty Puller USMC!
dound like good advice from Chesty Puller
Chesty Puller does not back down from sa fight!
Or lie at attention in yr rack. And upon completion try not to shou…
Somewhere Tesp, Chesty Puller is calling you a moron.
Chesty Puller would shake his head in disgust at this prediction.
Sounds like Alabama football coach Bear Bryant's famous line. Bet the Bear got his famous line from Chesty Puller.
Wait, I found a pic of him IRL. Chesty Puller…
Twain & Hemingway would be fun. . Chesty Puller also be great.
But then it gets into Wall St and COMEX territory and we know no one is supposed to criti… featured in NBC s Science of Love
I think you're right, but as the sugar eating Chesty Puller inside me insists, "Did you *** want to live forever?"
Son, if the thought you needed a wife, we would have you one. General Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller...
Thank you! Chesty and I share the same birthday, but I'm more of a pusher than a Puller!
Chesty Puller said, when completely surrounded, "Good! We've got them where we want them!"
Psalm 144:1 "You're first called MARINES, not all the communists [& jihadis] in *** can overrun you!" General "CHE…
God has blessed us with a man like this...General James 'MadDog' Mattis. He's like MacArthur, Patton and Chesty Pul…
"You don't hurt 'em if you don't hit 'em.". ~ Chesty Puller
Smedley Butler and Chesty Puller would disagree with you.
RIP chesty puller... Greatest Marine. Served in 4 different war. Gone but never forgotten! cc…
"Take me to the brig. I want to see the real Marines." --Chesty Puller. Semper Fi, Jarheads.
My Dad was in 1st Marines. Chesty Puller was God.
Chesty Puller? I know about him - and Lewis too. Great respect. Hope I guessed right. Appreciate yo…
Thank God and Chesty Puller that Vox wasn't around in WWII to tell the Marines how to act on Iwo Jima.
. “Old breed? New breed? There's not a *** bit of difference so long as it's the Marine breed.” — Lt. Gen. “Ches…
Semper Fi devil dogs!!! Good morning chesty puller where ever you are!!
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As Chesty Puller once said: Yeah, it's cool... but wh…
It's a battle with many fronts, got to attack in every direction like Chesty Puller.
Good Nite Chesty Puller where ever you are!
The next Chesty Puller or Dan Daily...I give you...
The Korean War is the real forgotten war LtGen Chesty Puller and the 1st Marine Div. struck fear i…
Ah, the kind of day Chesty Puller would adore.
"Goodnight Chesty Puller, where ever you are!". It's a Marine thing!
"We've been looking for the enemy for some time now. We've finally found him. We're surrounded. That simplifies things."…
We once had General George S Patton and Chesty Puller, & now we have General James…
The 👹🐀s just don't get it. failures r victories. the GREAT LEATHERNECK Chesty Pul…
"We're not retreating. We're attacking to the rear." (Marine commander Chesty Puller).
Chesty Puller said before he died. .
Fat Boy. To borrow from a great Marine: Chesty Puller said it best, "(He's) surrounded, that simplifies the problem…
"Where do you put the bayonet on the *** thing?" – LT. GEN LEWIS “CHESTY…
Oh no we're surrounded, that simplifies things!~Gen. 'CHESTY' Puller
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delusional turds, we are deplorables correct? that simplifies the problem, Chesty Puller.
Good night, Marine. Good night, Chesty Puller, wherever you are.
Chesty Puller would kick some Jhadi *** and a few Commies to boot
He gives us just as many memorable quote as Chesty Puller
"Goodnight Chesty Puller, where ever you are!"
As our savior, Chesty Puller (Peace be upon him) said, "It is not that which one wears on his head that makes him a…
"There are not enough chinamen in the world to stop a fully armed Marine regiment from going where ever they want to go.". – Chesty Puller
Stan Ridgway's big marine was the ghost of Chesty Puller, not "Camouflage"
Just saw this on Amazon: Marine!: The Life of Chesty Puller by Burke Davis for $5.22 via
Good night Chesty Puller, wherever you are. 🙏
"Where the *** do you put the bayonet?" - Chesty Puller, after seeing a flamethrower for the first time.
as a former Marine I am grateful he is in the position he is and Chesty Puller would have approved
Please encourage those in film/TV industry to make movies about American Heroes & Heroines, such as Chesty Puller (1898-1971), USMC
"We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem." -Marine General Chesty Puller WWII the upside in every situation.
I liked a video from The Marine Corps: Lewis "Chesty" Puller
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As I ponder today's political crisis, my mantra is a paraphrase of Chesty Puller, USMC, "We're surrounded. That simplifies the problem."
"Take the side of rich out of touch coastal elites against a Chesty Puller clone!" Right.
I'm tired of watching liberals flame out. Good Night Chesty Puller wherever you are.
A Marine friend of mine that has served overseas always says "Because Chesty Puller said so!"
He was the Chesty Puller of the Army, I own his biography he was a hard charger
Excuse me, would you like to talk about our lord and savior Chesty Puller?
Chesty Puller in Korea.. Surrounded and outnumbered.. Just like defenders today... stay motivated…
Chesty Puller would have been good too! Semper Fi, George
Jalapeno cheese spread, and Chesty Puller's nads
"Chesty puller lets out a sigh of happiness and relief when you make someone bleed on your dress blues". -Lcpl. Nickerson
We're surrounded by challenges. In WWII Gen "Chesty" Puller said in same situation,"Great we can fire in all directions!" Fire
One more person to call me a soldier or saying that I'm in the army getting clapped up word to chesty puller
The Marine Corps was lucky to have him. There has not once been a general officer as iconic as Chesty Puller before him.
Lewis Chesty Puller would buy this man a drink
The legend that almost never happened: Chesty Puller:
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Lt. General Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller USMC...General Puller is the most decorated Marine in American history. S…
We are attacked on all sides. Courage. Surrounded in WWII, Gen. "Chesty" Puller remarked,"Now we can fire in all directions!"
If he can set his sights to those of Black Jack Pershing, Gen. Patton, Gen. Billy Mitchel & Chesty Puller, he might…
- I don't understand either verse! Does it help that my Dad was USMC, first battalion, fought under Chesty Puller in Korea?
God bless Archibald Henderson. God bless the commandant. God bless Chesty Puller, the Commandant and God bless…
One of the highest respected Marines in history next to Chesty Puller. Marines are not soldiers
3 hours left and 2 of it will be spent on another chow break 😭 praise our savior, Chesty Puller
With Saint Mattis as the new SECDEF I can go to bed with a grin on my face. Goodnight, Chesty Puller
How almost never became an Officer of Marines and how persistence made his life
Mattis is a modern day chesty puller
“Don’t forget that you’re First Marines! Not all the Communists in *** can overrun you!” Chesty Puller at the Chosin Reservoir
as a former officer, I'm bound to trying the Chesty Puller.
My definition, a definition in the drill books from the time that G...
well if we're surrounded that just means, as Chesty puller said
I am reminded of a quote from Gen. 'Chesty' Puller - 'they're on our left, right, in front and behind - they can't get away now!'
Just type Chesty Puller into any search engine and you'll find all kinds of stuff!
ok, so I looked up Chesty Puller. Formidable!!
It's a Marine thing. Chesty Puller. Look him up. More of a Marine than Mattis
The school of George Patton, Chesty Puller and George Marshall has gone full-blown sissy.
Once they announce the ghost of Chesty Puller and Gen. Patton, Trump's cabinet will be complete.
Another Officer to serve our new The honorable If only…
Yes I am a Mattis fan. He is a leader in the same vein as Chesty Puller and George S Patton. One that is feared & respected…
The Legend that almost never happened: the life and times of Chesty Puller
it's the Chesty Puller meets Matt Ridgeway of the GWOT tbh
Seriously? Dear Lord, what would Stonewall Jackson, Chesty Puller, and George Patton say?
I say Chesty Puller, right down to Commanding the 1st Mar Div. Chesty was quieter than Patton so he wasn't as famous
Gen. Mattis is up there with Gen. Chesty Puller
He's a Marine in the mold of Chesty Puller!!
In the Confederate Army, an officer was judged by stark courage alone,...
just letting you feel the USMC Love for Chesty Puller and the USMC
If we are going to win the next war, in my opinion, 50 percent of the t...
Oh Rah! But I'll bet he still prays to Chesty Puller.
The legend that almost never happened: lessons from the life of Chesty Puller
our 2nd most praised Marine under Chesty Puller. A straight up warrior
Nitwits comparing Gen. Mattis to Patton have never heard of LtGen Lewis "Chesty" Puller, USMC.
gen. mattis reminds me of chesty puller, he will know who i'm talking about. America first
my dad said I can get a bulldog as long as i name it chesty after the Marine chesty puller
I'm no fan of trump but this pick I like. I know he is not like by many at the DOD but so was Chesty Puller.
Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis may be the best Marine since Chesty Puller. Love this pick for
The living embodiment of Chesty Puller just made Secretary of Defense.
Gen Mattis is a Marines Marine. Chesty Puller is having a Special Party in Heaven to honor Mad Dog Mattis Great Leadership P…
Fake news media across the world is attacking me. They are right where I want them. Now I can fight in any direction! (Chest…
gave me a photo of Lieutenant General Chesty Puller, decorated with 5 Navy Crosses, and always watching…
Chesty Puller and Smedley Butler would kick Trumps *** Jerkoff rapist supporter.
it was the large size chesty puller one I wanted.
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Paperwork will ruin any military force - Chesty Puller
I know hundreds of Marine Corps officers stand with Hillary. Those with honor and common sense anyway. Chesty Puller
God -- first name Chesty,. Last name Puller
Gen'l James Mattis, the most revered Marine leader since Chesty Puller, talks about leadership in a new video
Ever had someone ask you to explain who Chesty Puller was and find yourself looking for a random Marine to provide the biography?
Paperwork will ruin any military force.
"We are surrounded, that simplifies our problems." . Chesty Puller, Colonel. United States Marine Corps
One more for for the Marine Corps...and one for Chesty Puller! Oooo-rah!
I just wrote a review on What Would Chesty Do Vinyl Decal via
got this last night. Right next to Chesty Puller. Would love to meet you someday.
Literally came back with the intention of being a good marine but I guess Chesty Puller said
Re polls:. "Those poor *** they've got us right where we want them. We can fire in any direction now!". - Lt. Gen. Lewis "Chesty" Puller
Semper Fidelis to my fellow Marines. Good night Chesty Puller, Smedley Butler and all Marines
Yup yup, I remember when MacArthur and Chesty Puller founded America with Leo McGary
"We're surrounded . THAT simplifies our problem.". Chesty Puller.
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Remember to say good night to Chesty Puller!
Chesty Puller died 45 years ago today in Hampton, VA age 73 the most decorated Marine in history
Your reaction when you're on the pull-up bar and your dying... and your SSGT says "One for chesty puller"
Endorsements? Ever heard of Dan Daly? How about Chesty Puller. I have the BEST endorsements.
USMC Gen Chesty Puller warned us this day would come. He was roundly criticized for being right. He was tough & used to it.
More like Lt. Gen. "Chesty" Puller .less like those who feel making rank is their primary purpose.. OORAH
Marines love their Bully. Meet Corporal Chesty Puller. Just got promoted today.
Lewis "Chesty "Puller. VMI grad. Chosin " we can fire from every direction"
Good night Chesty Puller, wherever you are. Happy Birthday. Semper Fi 🇺🇸 Shae
Never forget, you're First Marines and not all the communists in *** can overrun you!- Lewis "Chesty" Puller
Chesty Puller with his family, circa 1952
Chesty Puller ran out of his command tent to the shoreline, flagged down a nearby Navy destroyer and began directin… https:…
It's men like Gen James "Mad Dog" Mattis and LtGen Lewis "chesty" Puller that should be in charge of this nation 🇺🇸 http…
This Coastie saved "Chesty" Puller at Guadalcanal. Anyone wanna guess who he is? Happy Birthday Coastie!!!
What if i told you no nukes were dropped in japan in '45? 'twas just a sparring match between John Basilone and chesty puller.
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Or, as Marine Gen. Chesty Puller said at the Chosin Reservoir, ". . .not retreating, attacking in different direction."
Thinking about changing Layla's name to Chesty Puller or just Chesty.Thoughts?
No student of history of 1st Marines can forget Lt Col "Chesty" Puller. Led from the front and a god to his men.
A Devil Dog who can’t take a good toe sucking? Chesty Puller is rolling in his grave 😒
Chesty Puller will forever my idol, he was a Marine's Marine. Had no idea he was in this series
They're on our right, they're on our left, they're in front of us, they're behind us; they can't get away from us this time. - Chesty Puller
Don't want to turn into a pumpkin, so good night America, good night Chesty Puller where ever you are, Semper Fi.
Goodness, starting to look like the famous USMC Chesty Puller!
This man, Louis B. "Chesty" Puller, is the original badass marine. 👌
Quote: Gen.Chesty Puller was informed he was surrounded on all sides."Good, now that can't away from us." DJT
Good thing I got to chose mine . Read more -
My Uncle would have loved your rules! He was 1000% Marine! His boss was Chesty Puller.
Wallst_junkie: GN Chesty Puller were ever you are!!!. You too SM.: Wallst_junkie
Donald Trump is about to Chesty Puller his way out of this doom n' gloom trap the media has set for him. https…
Nothing, dam, I was replying to someone else. Battery. Goodnight Chesty Puller
Goodnight Chesty Puller wherever you are. We will never let Obama destroy our BELOVED Marine Corps. Semper Fi
"We're surrounded. That simplifies the problem." -Chesty Puller
Study: Millennial Men Not Nearly as Strong as Dads or Moms. USMC LtGen Chesty Puller predicted this decades ago.
Donald Trump will Chesty Puller his way into the White House no matter how much the stacks the deck.
I Agree! RIP Audie Murphy, Chesty Puller, George Patton, Chris Kyle and every other true fighter for this country.
Goodnight and Chesty Puller.wherever you are! OORAH!!!
Made it out of MCRD alive. God bless Chesty Puller and the United States Marine Corps 😎
& each night..."Chesty Puller I want 2B just like U!
General Chesty Puller,. Patron Saint of the USMC:. "...Take me to the Brig. I want to see the 'real Marines'."
. What time does the Chesty Puller half marathon start?
Security challenges require teamwork at sprawling Marine Corps ...
(a Marine on par with Chesty Puller) Marine General Smedley Butler: War is a Racket …
You can buy the home of legendary Marine Gen. 'Chesty' Puller
Good night Chesty Puller wherever you are are. God bless deployed Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines & Coast Guard who stand watch & protect us.
These 13 Chesty Puller quotes show why Marines will love and respect him forever
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Chesty Puller, or Audie Murphy, or Odysseus, or Boudica, or Napoleon, or Leon Trotsky, or Marie Curie, or Jimmy Carter, or Black Widow
Think this guy's name will be either Gunny after GYSGT John Basilone, Chesty After Chesty Puller…
Our Hero: You might think that Chesty Puller is our hero.  But no, we don't idolize officers.You might we that...
“They’re on our left, on our right, in front of us, behind us. They can’t get away this time” --Chesty Puller, USMC
Always do an extra rep for Chesty Puller
Taking masculinity out of Marines? Yeah, that should work well.. Chesty Puller must be doing 300 rpm in his grave. 😞
👍 Good night Chesty Puller, wherever you are.
Think Marines who would "Chesty" Puller vote for? who abandoned her post or a friend to
We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem--Chesty Puller
Check out some of Lt. Gen. Lewis "Chesty" Puller's most memorable quotes here! .
Chesty Puller is praying for U Marine. Our Prayers are with U. God Bless. Semper Fi
Dear lord thank you for Chesty Puller, John Basilone and Mad Dog Mattis
nice pics, and I enjoy the picture of Chesty Puller on the wall. Semper Fi.
This is Lewis Burwell Puller, Jr., son of Chesty Puller. On October 11, 1968, during a firefight with the North...
blessed by Chesty Puller that I get to come home and see my LOVED ones for the holidays! Kill, devil dogs! (:
Chesty Puller as a LT Col on Guadalcanal in September, 1942
U.S.M.C. Perhaps the Best Marine who ever lived! Chesty Puller
Just met John Roy Vestle USMC of Tn. . Was with Chesty Puller in Korea. Still Marine Corps Strong.OohRah!
I want my guns, cause what if I have to go kill John McCain, John Kerry, JFK, Chesty Puller, that young soldier that is your brother or aunt
& God bless Chesty Puller, where ever his is.
"A Marine with cold hands and empty pockets is a foolish Marine" -Chesty Puller
The day my uncle joined the Marine Raiders to start a fam tradition..Goodnight Gen Chesty Puller where ever you are
Have a great day peeps ...and as Chesty Puller once said . "We're SURROUNDED . THAT makes it easy."
Just seen "U.S. Army bc even Marines need heroes" ok let me just call up John Basilone and Chesty Puller and ask which soldier is their hero
Good night chesty puller where every you are
A.Murphy,Chesty Puller and most of America's greatest heroes. were less than the average size...HEART & FOCUS MAKE THE WARRIOR!
I wonder what Chesty Puller would think of our country right now I'd bet he'd let POTUS know exactly to do with refugees
well one of the best Marines ever, Chesty Puller once said "a Marine w/ cold hands and warm pockets is a fool" Lmao
Good Night Cruel World!. Good Night Chesty Puller, wherever you are. Good Night 'Merica. Baracks got your back!
Chesty puller never had to do marine net courses...
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In light of being encapsulated by opportunities of triggering PC:. "We're surrounded,that simplifies our problem" -Chesty Puller. Fire at will
That sound you hear is Chesty Puller clawing his way out of his grave.
Train now for the 2016 Fort Benning Chesty Puller Half Marathon Trail Run March 5. This event is open to the...
We’ve been looking for the enemy . . . We’ve finally found them. We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem. Col "Chesty” Puller USMC 1950
Chesty Puller. Do your research, then get back to me.
«You can buy the legendary General 'Chesty' Puller via http…
My 3 heroes are my grandfather. Jesus, and Chesty Puller
"We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem.". - USMC General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller
I'm going to be honest, I've never heard of Chesty Puller before
We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem of getting to these people and killing them. - Chesty Puller
Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller fought in the heaviest fighting of the 20th century. He's the most…
Next to Chesty Puller. Who is the other Marine?
- Raising money for Chesty Puller's house Raising money for Chesty Pu...
I always wanted2be a three star General. Like Chesty Puller. I wonder if they would let me be one.
Hemmed in like Chesty Puller, covered by Christ like St. Patrick. It's gonna be a glorious day. Or maybe just Thursday. :-)
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WHY "Chesty" Puller NEVER received Medal of Honor, well deserved, because INSECURE Army Generals who out-ranked him!
Chesty Puller is rolling over in his grave w/ some of the wartime bogus charges have tried in the last decade.
I would love to spend an evening with Chesty Puller!
We need another Chesty Puller to guide our Military!
Because Chesty Puller was in Korea during that war, it caused the border that exists today between the North and South.
If they dont know who Chesty Puller is. They should look it up. What a great Marine and man he was
No problem. Not everyone has heard of Chesty Puller, but every Marine has.
Chesty Puller is the Marine Corps' most highly decorated Marine. True American Hero of WWll and Korean War.
He has more cabbage than Chesty Puller.
u understood me but s'pose I should clarify4un-witted onlookers: Our boys can do the job done. (Semi-of Chesty Puller)
Marines launch nonprofit to buy Chesty Puller's house
Semper Fi, Gunny & good morning Chesty Puller wherever you are!
DA FUQ?! . Who in the name of Chesty Puller thought this was even a remotely good idea?!? I know service members...
I'd vote for either Chesty Puller or Joe Foss...pretty incredible stories.
Marines launch nonprofit to buy Chesty Puller's house -
Marine recruits say, "Good night Chesty Puller wherever you are" to honor a great Marine. God bless all deployed milita…
The Chesty Puller "Come at Me Bro" Shirt. As in yeah I have my hands in my pockets, but I'm Chesty…
Click here to support Chesty Puller House by Maleesha Kovnesky
31 October 1955: Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, w retired as a Lieutenant General. Happy Halloween Chest wherever you are.
. General James Mattis ret. The most gung *** Marine since Chesty Puller. When the world is on fire, call USMC
Another *** jarhead? How did we get so enlightened? Good night Chesty Puller where ever you are.
So if anyone knows who Chesty Puller is my grandpa drove truck for him in the marines!🇺🇸
chesty puller doesn't even have half the slat you do devil dog I don't even rate to talk to you
do you have time to talk about our Lord and savior, Chesty Puller?
"Chesty" Puller was a US Marine Corps lieutenant general &one of its most decorated members. Here's how he did it.
Chesty Puller became the most decorated U.S. Marine by earning five Navy Crosses. Here’s how he did it.
General Chesty Puller, Ghandi, Mad Dog Mattis, MLK Jr., Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt. All men that I consider better than me.
US won't last soft as we are, because foreigners will invade, take our women & breed hardier race!. GEN. CHESTY PULLER, USMC
Photo: 50 more for Chesty. No, not Puller. Chesty XIV the bulldog, duh 🐶
it's good! I'm readin Burke Davis's book Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller.. it's pretty entertaining too
"Old Breed. New Breed. There is not a dammed bit of difference so long as it's Marine Breed"- Lt.Gen Chesty Puller
Let me guess, you are chesty puller?? Maybe Archibald Henderson?? No no GI Joe himself? Yeah whatever
A Young Chesty Puller - not so easy to distinguish from an old Chesty Puller or his unidentified but
Marine Gen Chesty warned us decades ago. Islam has practiced this for 1k years. Only ignorant & fools ignore them.
As Gen. Chesty Puller might have said “We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem.”
June is "Chesty" Puller month. Inspired by 5th Marines at Belleau Wood, he enlisted in the Corps in 1918.
like for example, SGTMAJ Kasal, if you google him, is salty. Chesty Puller is the epitome of salty. John Basilone. All salty
lmao! Semper Fi!! ."take me to the brig, i wanna see the REAL Marines!" ~ Chesty Puller
Lt. General Chesty Puller was born in West Point, VA. Chesty Puller said you never retreat. You just fight in another direction.
Don't let ME see some turd beating a woman. I'll unleash the spirit of Chesty Puller on his punk *** These guys have NO manhood
Just 12hours remain b4 we board a flight to Rapid City, SD. Better get some sleep. . Goodnight Chesty Puller. Wherever you are. .
Semper Fi! RIP, sir. . I bet he's inspecting St Peter's Gates after checking in w Chesty Puller.
that pear tasted like it was blessed by Chesty Puller himself
Go get some! One for Chesty Puller death before dishonor
As Chesty Puller once said . . "We're surrounded ... THAT makes it simple." .
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Goodnight Chesty Puller wherever you are!. & Goodnight to those I've met on here that still believe in our great country. Freedom isn't free!
Chesty Puller the frenchie is why Martin and I can't have nice things
Goodnight Chesty Puller where ever you are. We now have leaders wanting us to join you !
As Marine recruits say before they sleep, "Good night Chesty Puller wherever you are!" God bless
Sirs, are they any good books on Chesty Puller? I've always heard the stories about him and wanted to learn more about him. Thanks
Oh man, this is an awesome piece of USMC history. Who's going to buy it?
I like to think that Abe believes in our lord and savior Chesty Puller
Chesty Puller was a famous Marine. Every night in boot camp we told Chesty goodnight wherever he was.
Ooh Rah, Marine Corps. 1775, Tun Tavern, Chesty Puller, Iwo Jima, First to Fight and all that.
Paraphrase of immortal words of Chesty Puller MARINE 2nd to none now you can fight from any direction.
I'm not saying I agree with Chesty Puller's assessment, I wasn't there, I cannot testify of such things.
You know what Chesty Puller said about the Protestant chaplains compared to the Catholic chaplains, right?
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