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Chesty Puller

Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell Chesty Puller (June 26, 1898 – October 11, 1971) was an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Chosin Reservoir Marine Corps John Basilone Goodnight Chesty Puller Semper Fi Smedley Butler Dan Daly Iwo Jima Happy Birthday Mount Suribachi Yalu River Master Chief Petty Officer George Patton South Carolina May God Parris Island

yep I found him to be ridiculous for a few years now. I got to say Goodnight Chesty Puller wherever you are
"Take me to the Brig. I want to see the real Marines." ~ Chesty Puller
A George Patton or Chesty Puller would probably be up to the task.
GF cheated w marine who used Chesty Puller 1775 to contact her. Violated in multiple ways...
Notable . . . epic . . . what one word would you use to describe LtGen Lewis "Chesty" Puller?
just read this! is the MAN!!! . [VIEW] Legendary Marine Corps Leader: Chesty Puller via
some consideration should be given to Chesty Puller. And I agree with the above sentiment. Those three were criminals not heros
"USMC reverence of Chesty Puller sexist and misogynistic" by Melissa Bell.
God bless the the U.S. Military discount just bought a pair of ray bans $60 cheaper hallelujah praise the lord and chesty puller
"Old breed? New breed? There's not a *** bit of difference so long as it's the Marine breed." — Chesty Puller
Check out USMC Chesty Puller - Rank Private Challenge Coin in CHAMP Key Chain via
The spirit of chesty puller is with the U.S. Women's team right
My Dad fought at the Chosin Reservoir with Chesty Puller, where was your father?
Happy Fourth of July to my fallen brothers/sisters !!! And a big happy fourth to the man the myth the legend CHESTY PULLER!
The problem with boats is that you can name them whatever tf suit want. Like we juts Sped past a boat called "Chesty Puller". Come on, son.
“We’re surrounded. That simplifies the situation.”--USMC G…
“We’re surrounded. That simplifies the situation.”--USMC GEN CHESTY PULLER
Conan.I want you to know. Chesty Puller is specifically hating you this 7/7. Your nazi bs is justifying gwb jr. You r a ngger
A marine just screened out Goodnight Chesty Puller
Happy fourth of July ya'll! Semper Fi do or die Goodnight Chesty Puller where ever you are.
Yesterday I missed one of the US greatest heroes & hard charging birthday. Happy Birthday Chesty Puller
Chesty Puller kneeling on the right.
Good Night Chesty Puller - wherever you all. Good night to you too Gina. God Bless-Semper Fi!
in 1898, an icon was born. . Happy Birthday, Chesty Puller ... wherever you are.
Brings back memories Plt 2109 Sir yes Sir! Good night Chesty Puller where ever you are!
Mattis is special. Most gung *** Marine since Chesty Puller and seen as an intellectual
nvm. No invoking the highly motivated ghost of Chesty Puller.
If by God, you mean CHESTY PULLER OF THE US Marine Corps (which we'll just assume founded the USC or whatever), then yes.
Build one for Floating base named for legendary Marine arrives in fleet via
Navy has named a second ship for Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller. Be nicer if it named one for his son, Lewis B. Puller, Jr.
USNS Forward Staging Base LEWIS B PULLER MLP 3 has been delivered. Good night where evah you are.
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his old roommate said we need to get him blues and that's what he told me lmao how u gonna name him Chesty Puller then!?
A floating forward staging base for Marines named after Chesty Puller
CHESTY PULLER USMC I met Chesty Puller in 1962 in the Commissary at the Yorktown, VA Naval Weapons S
Useless trivia of the day - WWII Generals George S. Patton and Chesty Puller were distant cousins.
Chesty Puller was the greatest Marine who ever lived.
I don't know who Chesty Puller is, but I am strangely aroused.
Thank you. Also,"Good night Chesty Puller-wherever you are". Enjoy the rest of your weekend MissKitty :)
We should weaponize the AFSB "Chesty" Puller...: via USNI News. The first General Dynamics…
I wear a shirt and tie on casual Friday because I wake up every morning and say, "What would Chesty Puller do?"
You should apply the KISS method in all you do. (Keep It Simple Stupid)-. General Chesty Puller USMC
I hope he has a beer with Chesty Puller. "Once a Marine, Always a Marine!" Semper Fi
I won the Chesty Puller Starter Kit achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection for 28 -
That was Lt Gen Lewis 'Chesty' Puller. 1st Marine Div. If that was news to you, you should google him. (He was before 'google').
This nation needs more young patriots like you! Awesome that you know about.Chesty Puller!
The legendary Chesty Puller proclaimed this to his men in 1962. It still inspires today.
I don't think my dad can even say that! :-) And I know who Chesty Puller is. He's the most decorated of all time
We are surrounded, that simplifies things, we can't miss them now.- Chesty Puller
I joined the corps to meet chesty puller. What do you mean he's dead?
Chesty Puller rolls in his grave whenever his Corps is used to promote BS liberal agendas.
Could you see yourself writing & producing a film about a hero like Chesty Puller, Smedley Butler, or Dan Daly?
Meaty reminds me of Chesty Puller the U.S. Marine mascot named after the Lewis Puller who was a Lieutenant General in the corps.
"They have us surrounded again, the poor *** " Chesty Puller.
That rumble you just felt was Chesty Puller rolling over in his grave . . .
Chesty Puller would weep. Cheapening the accomplishment by lowering the standards isn't the answer.
TIL upon seeing an officer force an enlist to salute him 100 times for missing a salute, Chesty Puller told him "Yo…
My next tattoo will be chesty puller yelling at me to take another shot lol
I would say General James the most gung *** since Chesty Puller :) but he will most likely not be willing
As Chesty Puller once said . "We're surrounded.THAT makes it easier.". Have a great Saturday Patriots !! .
John Basilone,Opha Mae Johnson,Chesty Puller & now legends of
My top 5 followers: Smedley Butler, Dan Daily, Chesty Puller, John Basilone, Brad Kasal. Find yours free at
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that quote comes from a longer one from Chesty Puller at the Chosin Reservoir
General cited Chesty Puller at Chosin Reservoir "we are surrounded, that favors Marines, we can attack in any direction"
Brian Williams with USMC Gen. "Chesty" Puller during a firefight in the Korean War.
christens ship named for Marine legend Chesty Puller
Navy christens ship named for legend Chesty Puller
The latest honor for USMC icon Chesty Puller
chesty puller. Now thats a name from the past
This base *** there's no signal, boots over crowd the gym, and the barracks were built by Chesty Puller.
Navy christens ship named for Marine legend
MT"Where do you put the bayonet on the *** thing?" . — Lt. Gen. Lewis "Chesty" Puller.
“Chesty Puller.USMC And Gen Mad-dog Mattis is the same rare breed...
the other 50% of physical skills for tactics [you must never stop reading, Chesty Puller didn't] is The.Range
Told you it's on Chesty Puller's birthday. Wear EGAs and something kinky.
We are to be married on Chesty Puller's birthday Graveside.
The ghost of Chesty Puller has come to join me tonight. Oh, yeah.
A "Chesty Puller" is where you stand above the girl and she takes her.
They are in front, behind, & we're flanked both sides by enemy 29:1 They can’t get away now! “Chesty” Puller, USMC
Chesty Puller was told that he was surrounded by Commies said, good, they won't get away, this time
Chesty Puller retired from the Marine Corps in 1955 60 years later his daughter-in-law retires from the Senate of Va
Don't you forget that you're First Marines! Not all the communists in *** can overrun you! . Col. Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, USMC
Jordy Mercer is gonna go all Chesty Puller on this Kang dude.
Lol 😂😂😂. Chesty Puller at the Chosin Reservoir though. Amazing story.
The words of Chesty Puller makes more and more sense each day !!. "We're Surrounded . THAT makes it easy."
in the Chi - It was good Chesty Puller and it's good enough for me -
One of original designs. The Chesty Puller tribute shirt.
Give an animal their forever home this year! Come visit Chesty Puller and
to learn a thing or two about Chesty Puller
hey gunny I bet you didn't know that Chesty Puller was *** ?
Haven't shaved today, chesty puller just turned over in his grave.
Distinguished Marine "Chesty" Puller awarded the Navy Cross five times in combat
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Chesty Puller felt they were easier to hit when you were surrounded !! .
"We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem.” - Major General Chesty Puller, USMC
Lt Gen Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, (1898-1971) was the most decorated Marine in history. He made one of my favorite...
get a FatHead of Chesty Puller and have him say "You lack discipline!"
Meet Chesty Puller! He is new to Paws4ever, and would love for you to celebrate the start of the…
Good night Chesty Puller wherever you are. God bless especially those in harms way.
I wonder if I can make a Christmas tree or two in the shapes of Mad Dog Mattis doing knifehand & Chesty Lt. General Lewis B."Chesty" Puller?
. Lewis Burwell Puller. Good night Chesty where ever you are
To quote Gen. Chesty Puller, "They're on our left...our front of us and behind us. They can't get away now."
This is who we need in charge of things today. Chesty Puller, USMC.
"I only could do 92 pushups.. But you know what I pushed through and did 100 for chesty puller cause its what he would've wanted"
Good night chesty puller, wherever you are
My Dad was there and sat on a four holer next to Chesty Puller. I also became a Marine in 1976 ... Semper Fi
Don't forget that you're 1st Marines! Not all the Communists in *** can overrun you! ~Chesty Puller motivating his men…
Ok Senator, we sent a Marine back to the senate. In this situation, what would Chesty Puller do?
Leg day was dedicated to Chesty Puller...can barely walk or feel my ***
Chosin and the importance of perspective. Check . Col. Lewis “Chesty” Puller. 1950 Korean War.
"You don't hurt 'em if you don't hit 'em!" Chesty Puller USMC
wants General Mattis for SECDEF!!! The Chesty Puller of our Generation.
"They are in front of us, behind us.." - Lewis "Chesty" Puller [600x600] via
Great morning run! Ran an extra mile for Chesty Puller! orah!
"We're surrounded .THAT simplifies the problem." Chesty Puller USMC
Don't know if I'm ready for this chesty puller run this Friday!Our company is running a combined 62 miles😳😳
I hear ya. Still, doing Chesty Puller proud by being a true marine and getting an NJP.
There's got to be a story behind how someone named Chesty Puller became a lieutenant general instead of an exotic dancer.
Young Breed, Old Breed don't make a *** difference. As long as it's a Marine Breed. -Chesty Puller
my bad USMC wants to go Chesty Puller. Reagan gave us the B1 use it. GBU39s on their office's. Toss a few MOPs in for effect.
We've found the ghost of Chesty Puller, everyone!
"It wasn't me. Must've been the ghost of Chesty Puller"🔒
Hi Dave: I posted the Chesty Puller blog. Hope you like it.
Chesty Puller was once told in battle, "General, we're surrounded." To which he relied, "Great! We can attack in every direction!"
Marines to run in memory of Lt. Gen. Lewis B. 'Chesty' Puller: FORT LEE – US Marines from ...
We in the USA have a *** of a mess on our hands. Rookies. In charge. Where are chesty puller and George Patton when we need them!!!
wait *** Marine the only thing you should want is to be Chesty Puller.motherhood is for those other girls not a Warrior
Be a jarhead and sweep and clear the world! Goodnight Chesty Puller wherever you are...
When chesty puller was surrounded by the enemy in every direction he said fine now we can shoot and not miss
Chesty Puller's Ghost is an awesome name for a page and they shared us. Two good reasons to go give them a like...
"Take me to the brig, I want to see the real Marines" - General Chesty Puller. .
we don't shy from our insanity. FOR CHESTY PULLER! cc:
I only know how to lead from the front. Chesty Puller.
Good memories at MCRD. "Good night Chesty Puller were ever you are"
in 1942, Douglas Munro risked life to save Marines, one being Chesty Puller
Good Night Chesty Puller wherever you are. May God protect your from harm along with our fabulous …
My hero? My Hero's are Jesus, Thomas Jefferson, Chesty Puller, and the guy who invented Allergy Medication. For POTUS? Rand or Ted.
I like Mattis because he is the most gung *** Marine since Chesty Puller. The USA needs a kick in the *** who better?
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I was excited until I saw that "i" in there. “"Paperwork will ruin any military force." -- Chesty Puller”
"Paperwork will ruin any military force." -- Lewis "Chesty" Puller
..Methinks Lucca is telling Gunny: Chesty Puller ain't got nothin' on me!
Thank you I love Chesty Puller! Nothing beats a great Marine :) Thanks for being a great mother for a great marine!
"We're surrounded . THAT makes it easy.". Chesty Puller USMC
so did Chesty Puller. That's the problem when military blindly follows orders of Executive against civilians. It's unlawful.
"We've been looking for the enemy for some time now. We've finally found him. We're surrounded. That simplifies things."- Gen Chesty Puller
who'd have thought our own Gen Chesty Abbott would lead from the front -apologies Gen Puller
Go tell any Marine that Chesty Puller lied, cheated, and stole and then tell me what hospital I can visit you in
conquering war is not = to politics. Just ask Chesty Puller or Black Jack Pershing
My little brother just asked me who chesty puller was so I immediately hung up
If I die bury me deep. 2 45's by my feet. M16 across my chest. Tell Chesty Puller I did my best
You can't hurt them if you don't hit them - Chesty Puller
I'm thinking of a few Chesty Puller quotes right about now.
Check out - reppin these guys so much I can smell the Chesty Puller soap in Nick's beard
Goodnight Chesty Puller where ever you are.
I looked to the West, and saw a great figure approaching. At first, I thought it was Chesty Puller, rebirthed. But, no, it was
hit me with good ole Chesty Puller next sketch
Good night, Chesty Puller, where ever you are.
Detachment invites you to attend the Memorial Ceremony honoring Lt. General "Chesty” Puller Jr. on 11/8.
Oohraa Marine Corps, praise Chesty Puller and all that good Moto stuff!
"We are surrounded that simplifies the problem" Chesty Puller Korea
TY 4 remembering 1 of my Heroes, Chesty Puller held 5 Navy Flying Crosses,(closest award to Medal of Honor).
Pain is just weakness leaving the body. -Lt. Gen. Lewis B "Chesty" Puller USMC
For those of you not leaving this Fourth of July weekend, and need a source of BEER-TERTAINMENT. July 5th come out to our event, help us raise awareness, and funds for our community, & LAPD. You can either buy tickets online or at the door, Beer list: Caramel IPA, Darling girlie black cherry chocolate imperial stout, Pacoima St. Corner Orange Red ale, Chesty Puller Smoked Barleywine, & Lloyd Browns hazelnuts back by popular demand. Pactoberfest Marzen may make its debut. CHEERS!!
I apologize for being very late but I just wanted to thank everyone that came out last week for the Nam Knights Sot Chapter's Charity Crawfish Bash in support of the Friends Of The Wounded Veterans at The Revolution "Rock & Billiards" Lounge! It was an awesome turn out with the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, Tyler Toliver ( Tyler Toliver Fan Page), Alex Anders, Brianna / Music and James III. Thank you to all of those MCs, friends, guests, Potomac Records, and the artists that came out for such a worthy cause! You know its a good time when an MC President and more jump on the Mechanical Bull!!! - Mike Bailey, Nam Knights Capital Chapter, Yeti Leatherneck, Leathernecks Nation MC - VA Chesty Puller Chapter, Mohawk Ryderz Prez JDubbz, Guilty Ones MC Manassas, Tradesmen Motorcycle Club, Patriot Harley-Davidson, Fish In A Barrel, LLC and so many more I can't tag!
When Marine Chesty Puller was told that his troops were surrounded he said "Good, now we can attack from all sides!"
See pictures here of the Chesty Puller Memorial 10K and Kids 1 Mile Fun Run on Saturday in West Point.
"Good night, Chesty, wherever you are!" When I was kid (50's) I thought "Chesty" Puller was my uncle!
I say the USA is in desperate need of a kick in the *** and who better than the most gung *** Marine since Chesty Puller?
I just read the Wikipedia entries for Chesty Puller & Audie Murphy. Then I laughed at *** Cheney.
Chesty Puller, USMC...wanted to have beer machines in barracks with ladies of the night, I had forgotten.
is at Chesty Puller 10k in Westpoint, Va. Cheer on runners and grab free samples. More info:
Good night Chesty Puller, where ever you are...
Goodnight Chesty Puller, wherever you are
I have the same birthday as Chesty Puller *** yeah
Chesty Puller would win all day, errday.
Don't remember if I said it yesterday but Happy Birthday "Chesty" Puller!
Seventh Annual Chesty Puller 10K and Kids' 1-Mile Fun Run tomorrow! There's still time to register.
Chesty Puller on the 20th anniversary of the 2d Marine Division
If you dont know who Chesty Puller is you should look him up. Quite impressive.
Former MVP Chesty Puller is in this pic. When you spot him, click "like". PLEASE DONT BE A SPOILER!!!
I really hope this place is either owned by a Marine or haunted by Chesty Puller.
- A great man was THE Marine, Chesty Puller.
Chesty Puller spends some down time in his library
Update your maps at Navteq
It's Chesty Puller's birthday today. Take a moment and reflect on how awesome you aren't in comparison.
Goodnight and Happy Birthday LtGen.Chesty Puller, wherever you may be💪
Happy Birthday and good night Chesty Puller. One of the greatest Marines that ever lived and a true American hero -
Today is Derek Jeters bday and Chesty puller's
Your not a real Marine until you have been njp'd -LtCol. Chesty Puller
Chesty Puller was a hero to every Marine I ever met and and inspiration to any American warrior who knows of him. Great Man!
Most highly-decorated Marine ever. To this day, Marines in boot camp end their day saying, "Good night Chesty Puller, wherever you are!"
Off for a bier. It *is* Chesty Puller's birthday, after all...
A very special Birthday salute goes out to one of my heroes - Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, the most famous & highly...
it was good enough for Chesty Puller it’s good enough for me.
Every man or woman who served, no matter what branch of service, has to love Chesty Puller. He taught us all to never quit.
Born Today, 1898 – General Chesty Puller, the most decorated Marine in US History.
I'm not even a Marine, but I thought of Chesty Puller just today. What a hero!
Our squad just did 116 pull-ups together in honor of Chesty Puller's birthday. Happy Birthday, Chesty. Wherever you are.
was a lance when he did all that. We don't refer to chesty puller as LtGen all the time either lol
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Happy Birthday Chesty Puller, you would have been 116 today, you are dearly missed
The most decorated Marine who ever live was born on this day back in 1898. Rest easy Chesty Puller and Happy Birthday.
Just want to give a birthday shoutout to the one and only Chesty Puller.
Happy Birthday Chesty Puller, wherever you are
They're on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us; they can't get away from us this time! - Chesty Puller
"They have us surrounded, that only simplifies our goal to killing them." - Gen. Chesty Puller
116 years ago today, a legend was born. Colonel Lewis "Chesty" Puller served in the Marine Corps from 1918-1955.
Happy Birthday to the biggest role model for any Marine, General Lewis B "Chesty" Puller.
Honored to have been part of singing Happy Birthday to Chesty Puller at the field day formation today!
Happy Birthday Chesty! . Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller one of the most decorated Marines ever.
Holy Crap Chesty Puller and have the same birthday. Happy Birthday Chesty. .. And to LtGen Puller Happy Birthday also
Happy Birthday Chesty Puller, wherever you may be
. Happy Birthday to one of the greatest Marines to ever live, Lt. General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller!
"Good night, Chesty Puller, wherever you are!"
Sometimes I feel sorry for civilians. Those looking at this pic and wondering, "Now who the heck is Chesty Puller?"
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Chesty Puller is a great name for a Marine and he looked exactly like someone with the name Chesty Puller should.
Happy bday chesty puller, remember this marines Chesty puller 5 foot 6 done more damage than a dynamite stick Semper Fi chesty
Meredith American Legion Post 33 in NH has challenged Dale City, VA VFW Post 1503 (Chesty Puller) to raise more than the $1,100.00 the raised! I am...
Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller, the most decorated U.S. Marine in history.
They don't call us marines for nothing will drink till chesty puller himself comes back from the dead to join us
Time to sign off, Goodnight Chesty Puller, where ever you are.
👏👏👣. Goodnight Chesty Puller wherever you are
They said "goodnite Chesty Puller wherever you are" that's to much motivation lmao tweakin lol
LtGen Lewis "Chesty" Puller, is the only Marine to be awarded five Navy Cross Citations?
Did you know the time in Germany 0700, Calgary 2300, Tokyo 1400, Rome 0700. In Afganastan it's 0930 and May God and Chesty Puller watch over and protect Our Military in harms way. Here in Seguin it's 00:14 and I'm just now starting the baking for tomorrow's Market Bread. We like it fresh.
My favorite HERO. ..of all time...John Wayne.ROOSTER COGBURN...ONE OF THE DUKES' BEST MOVIES! He will live in my memory for eternity. ...if there was one person in heaven, that I could spend time with, I think it would be. JOHN WAYNE !!! BUT then again, CHESTY PULLER IS ONE OF MY HERO'S, ALSO!
When an Army captain asked him for the direction of the line of retreat, Col Puller called his Tank Commander, gave them the Army position, and ordered: “If they start to pull back from that line, even one foot, I want you to open fire on them.” Turning to the captain, he replied “Does that answer your question? We’re here to fight.” At Koto-ri in Korea - Chesty Puller at Koto-ri in Korea
Marines are taught in boot camp to say, before hitting the rack for the night, Good Night, Chesty Puller -- wherever you are. Who was Chesty P
Got this from a Sgt Grit e-mail.who can answer them? I had a fun time putting it together and I thought a lot of our brothers and sisters might get a kick out of passing or failing this test. Semper Fi, my friend. Chris Vail OK, Marine Corps history buffs and those who don't like history, but do like to play games, here's a list of famous sayings about Marines and or the Marine Corps. See if you can correctly link the quote with the author. No cheating (which, of course, Marines wouldn't do anyway), but the answers can be found at the end. 1. Who said, "Uncommon valor was a common virtue?" a. Gen "Howlin"' Mad Smith, Okinawa, 1945 b. ADM Chester Nimitz, Iwo Jima, 1945 c. Col Chesty Puller, Guadalcanal, 1942 d. ADM Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese navy, 1945 2. Who said, "The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle?" a. Gen Lemuel Shepherd, Commandant of the Marine Corps b. Gen Douglas McArthur at Inchon, 1950 c. Gen John Pershing, World War I d. Unidentified German officer at Bellleau Woo ...
E-16 in the Marine Core. Super sergeant. He wears 4 strips up, 10 strips down, bursting chesty puller in the center.
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Happy Birthday Dad! (RIP) In 1974 my father came to America from Sierra Leone at 27. This past March I turned 27. Though my father isn't on Earth anymore I still celebrate his birthday in some way. This year as a gift to his soul, I'm going to make a drastic change on the outlook of life just as my dad did when he made the decision to leave Sierra Leone and come to America to prosper. No more negativity. No more being materialistic. Living off of philosophies from Buddhism, Leo Tolstoy, Chesty Puller and Maya Angelou. No more Gods. Not dwelling on the past or being anxious about the future. Living for the now and not just myself but also for those (family/friends/Marines) who want to build me up instead of those constantly trying to knock me down. Bringing the positive closer even if it means making my family/friends circle smaller while allowing the newly demoted associates watch me happy on the sidelines. Also helping those family/friends/Marines that comes into my life, help themselves even if using my ...
More info about Chesty Puller can be found at this Wikipedia link: Lieutenant General� Lewis Burwell ?Chesty? Puller �(June 26, 1898 ?
Found an old photo. Swagger game Chesty Puller.
It came as no surprise when Steffen Evan Baldwin informed me that ACT Ohio became a sponsor... what an amazing group of people! Along with former MVP Chesty Puller! Thanks for all you do and thank you for ALWAYS supporting Miami Valley Pit Crew. Click on the link and check them out.. while you're there give them a like! Ohio is the only rural County Humane Society in Ohio focused on partnering with other County Humane Societies to provide Humane Agent service/support. Description ACT Ohio works actively in four Counties, Union, Champaign, Hardin and Marion to help enforce animal cruelty laws. Over half of Central Ohio has nobody enforcing animal cruelty laws that are set in the Ohio Revised Code. The most rural areas are in the greatest need because of the lack of funding for Humane Agents. Right now, animals are suffering. Right now, animals need YOUR help! We exist to provide these services to the most needed areas in Ohio! ACT now, by supporting ACT Ohio.
A great marine once said " Your not a true marine until you get a NJP" chesty puller
Chesty Puller threw a grenade and killed 5 people. . Then it exploded...
You're a great Chesty Puller Laura. I'm a little hostile over people attacking a senator who helped my friend Vic.
I am weary of friendly fire, but when do we get a Chesty Puller?
Obama swapping 5 prominent terrorist for Bergdahl is like trading Patton, MacArthur, Eisenhower, Chesty Puller, & Sgt. York for Gomer Pyle!
A small but powerful tale! The Master Chief Petty Officer and the Master Gunnery Sergeant, two old friends, one a Marine and one a Sailor meet in a bar one day (I know it may be hard to imagine how either a Sailor or a Marine could be meeting at a bar, but hear the tale). After the second beer, they began to discuss which of them had had the more difficult and dangerous, 30 year career. The retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant began by saying, "I graduated from high school, and the next morning I was on the train for Parris Island, South Carolina. Following boot camp I found myself in a infantry regiment assigned to the Iwo Jima assault. With my fellow Marines we fought our way to the top of Mount Suribachi. Later, in Korea, I was with Chesty Puller at Inchon; then, we fought our way toward the Yalu River. In the cold Korean winter we fought at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir. I ended my career after spending two 13 month tours in Viet Nam - I was wounded twice, once at the Battle of Khe Sanh and o ...
Legendary military commander Chesty Puller joined the marines as a private, was promoted to Sergeant and became a Lieutenant before being...
I want to say thank you to the men and woman out there like my grandpa (on my mothers side). He gave everything for the people he loved and the ones to his left and right. He might not have been chesty puller but the man was a hero like so many others. He embodies everything America is about. He is the reason I joined, so that one day if it was my turn I could do the same for my brothers and family. America is what it is because of the people in it and it will continue to be because of the people like my grandpa.
This could not be the land of the free if it wasn't home of the brave.. Rest Easy Lcpl Sanchez.. Oh and Chesty Puller
This morning, I started the coffee pot. I brought my daughter and her friend out to get donuts. We brought it all back to my house. While they had a good time eating donuts in the kitchen, I watched some of "The Pacific" on Amazon Prime, about Marines like Chesty Puller and John Basilone in the South Pacific During WWII. I understand my freedoms and the blessings we enjoy in America. I respect the pain, and the blood, and the fear, and the torment, and the lives that were lost of our American Warriors. They have given me wonderful gifts. I do not take these gifts for granted. When my time is up, and I'm at the Pearly Gates, I would ask the Lord for the opportunity to shake the hands of each and every one of them who died so I can have things like Hot Coffee, Fresh Donuts, A Beautiful Day, A Wonderful Daughter, a House in the California Sunshine, Free Choice, and Freedom do live as we wish. I pause my Memorial Day Holiday, to reflect upon these facts. God Bless America, and our men and women who died, to . ...
Today isn't about the food, it's not about having a day off from work it's about those who served. It's to honor them dying in the service of our country. It's not for your friends or family who died, may they rest in peace. Thank God for life today. Thank a serviceman or woman for ensuring peace everyday. Oorah to the fallen Devil Dogs. You rest among greats like Chesty Puller, Smedly Butler, Daniel Daly and Carlos Hathcock to name a few.
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Rest easy Chesty Puller. You are an inspiration to all Marines
I honor all the soldiers who died in war defending this country. To those veterans alive who carry the scars every day. From General Chesty Puller (USMC) to Geronimo Pratt (U.S. Army, Black Panther Party) I salute you all! Happy Memorial Day! OOORA!
I've got a feeling if Chesty Puller was alive that Marine wouldn't be in that Mexican prison,
G'nite Chesty Puller and Sgt. Stubby...where ever you are...
Plans for today: Remember Chesty Puller, Smedley Butler and the entire gun club Run for an hour Write some lyrics Have a drink for the heroes Shake a Veterans hand if possible. Truu
Remember chesty puller, dan dayley, and so many more
Almost as badass as Chesty Puller or James Maddis...almost
Had a weird day. Stopped at watering holes that are local and mean something to me to quench my desire to to share libation with like-minded souls and met with despair. First, the first group of bikers had only one person that served this country, lastly, I was admonished by management for trying to give a free drink to anyone who knew who Chesty Puller was. Once again, only one person guessed right. I guess the best thing is I saved money, okay. I love my country! I love our history! I love my Brothers and Sisters that gave for this great country! Was that over the top, I can never tell.
Praying Memorial Day blessings upon our dear MCHS classmates of all years. We were blessed to have been influenced by some tremendous American heroes and patriots. Coach James Allen and Coach Walt Bentley were Korean War veterans and U. S. Marines. Coach Allen was a machine gunner in that war. I only heard him talk about it one time. I never heard Coach Bentley mention it all all. I believe that Coach Allen was with the soldiers who were surrounded and greatly outnumbered by the North Koreans and the Red Chinese in the Chozin Basin or Reservoir. Coach Bentley may have been there, too. They never talked about it to me. Their Commander, Marine Corps General Chesty Puller, told his men that they were in a target rich environment and that they could kill the enemy in every direction. His American soldiers believed him and bravely fought their way out of certain death. Great men and quiet heroes. Faithful, courageous, and effective. We are all better people because of our teachers, coaches, and adm ...
I think I bringing in memorial day the way chesty puller would tonight
Lt Gen Richard Carey talks with Channel 11 reporter Bud Gilett about his service alongside Chesty Puller at the "Frozen Chosin". Watch channel 11 news at 5pm today for more.
one person i would meet if I could go back in time is Chesty Puller, no one epitomizes badassery as much as him
Wanted to mention my Dad was a real good friend of Chesty Puller. He gave my Dad a signed copy of his book
"A man with a flag in his pack and the desire to put it on an enemy strong point isn�t likely to bug out." Col �Chesty � Puller, USMC
Or advancing in another direction. - Gen. "Chesty" Puller, USMC
Goodnight Chesty Puller.where ever you are
in all reality if the Marine Corps would have offered "Devil Pups" boot camp, id a sent buzz/rhea/robert/and elsie to this. instead they got gymnastics, boys and girls club soccor/t-ball/basketball. other stuff as was available, but if i could have i would have sent them to "devil pups boot camp" cause they are Marine kids.ha ha so they may ask "who is Chesty Puller" "who is Dan Daily" "one for the Marine Corps" ha ha they a great bunch a kids. not a throw away in the da bunch. better get outta here. love ya.
Lt Gen Richard Carey discusses fighting alongside Chesty Puller at the "Frozen Chosin"
Can't let this weekend get by without qouting The Greatest Marine That Ever Lived, COLONEL CHESTY PULLER In 1951, while leading his small band of marines through the chosin resevoir in The Korean War,Colonel Puller's men became surrounded on three sides by a dvision of the north korean army. When later asked why he had to retreat,Colonel Puller replied:Retreat *** Marines Don't Retreat, we just attacked in a different direction!!!
"We're surrounded. They're in frot of us, behind us, to the left and right of us. They can't get away this time." Gen Chesty Puller
I refuse to ever lose my motivation Blondie. Every pullup for Chesty Puller and every mile for John Basilone.
This first cradle-to-grave biography of Colonel John W. Ripley provides readers with the complete story about a great man who is considered by Marines, such as General Carl Mundy, former Commandant of the Marine Corps, to be on the same level as legends Chesty Puller and Dan Daly.
Chesty Puller and God are awesome. I will love, lead and watch over all of my Marines! Don't ever mess with my Marines! I will kill and die for them. Semper FiDELIS MARINES! 1/7, 2/7, 3/7, 3/4, 3/11, TANKS, CEB, LAR, CLC-13. I love this Great Nation! It is still great!!
Soon, my body will have Chesty Puller, Jaxson DeVille, John Basilone, and Ronald McDonald tattoo’d on it. Im doing pretty well at life.
Goodnight Chesty Puller, wherever you are. And may you look after Luis Fernandez one of the many brothers that now guard the streets of heaven.…that is all.
Ford Douglas Brooklyn Standup I have not earned the right to tell you Semper Fi!!! That has to be earned in a way most people will never understand. Today as I was on the tread mill, you two popped into my head while I was thinking of people I respect. Then for some *** reason After three years out of the service I started singing cadence and it went a little something like this!!! If I die, bury me deep. Two M-16, beneath my feet. But Don't you forget now, to pack my PT gear. Cause early one morning, at a zero five. The earth is gunna shake, be lightning from the skies. But don't you worry, don't you come undone. It's just me and chesty puller, on a PT run! Singing I want to be a recon ranger, live me a life of guts and danger. Recon ranger, guts and danger. Blood guts sex and danger, ain't no stranger to a recon ranger!!! Man I could do this all day!!
LIEUTENANT GENERAL LOUIS B. "CHESTY" PULLER - . General Puller is the most decorated Marine in Marine Corps...
For excellence in leadership at all levels, one Marine Corps unit was presented the Chesty Puller Award. My latest:.
"You think you have me pushed back, but you will NEVER beat me" -Chesty Puller-
“Chesty Puller at parade rest.. Rare indeed cc
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