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Cheryl Miller

Cheryl D. Miller (born on January 3, 1964 in Riverside, California) is a former college basketball player, coach and sportscaster for TNT.

Reggie Miller Lisa Leslie Rachel Nichols Sheryl Swoopes Cynthia Cooper

Miss USA loses as cohost due to Donald Trump
Sorry, Cheryl. The country empathizes with the pageant. They worked hard. Not the pompous ***
Language is the great equalizer at this school in Louisiana - Cheryl Miller is the principal of the Baton Rouge Fo...
Does Cheryl miller claim to be from riverside?
that name sounds familiar. I think we've had two in Cali. Cheryl Miller and Lisa Leslie.
Thank you for the follow Cheryl Miller We post & & news about &
Last year I LITERALLY traded my baby boy for a signed cheryl miller ball
Pretty cool one for me personally. The Riverside backyard basketball hoop that Reggie and Cheryl Miller drained 3's
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Know who else looks too much like their brother? Cheryl Miller. Would be like kissing Reggie. NO!
Cheryl Miller would be great at it.
Another special congrats to our most recent blog winner Cheryl Miller! Get on THE list today to be in the know! ;)
Kaminsky can't guard Cheryl Miller, though. Everyone in the league can score. WCS is a unique defender, offense will develop
When I played basketball I had 3 female players I was amazed by. Cheryl Miller, Cynthia Cooper & Dawn Staley. They're still pretty amazing.
Thanks Cheryl Miller for the follow! I´m Just a Man on a Mission 2 C the World, 1 City at a Time :) I'm very happy You're on-board.
Cheryl Miller one of the all time greats in basketball (men's or women's) coaches in the
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Can I ask who the last female jock to cover men's sports was? Cheryl Miller?
Called my husband J.R. Smith because he was 0 for 8 playing basket in pool, and I am Cheryl Miller for making all the baskets
Rare original color slides of Cheryl Miller in the 1970s and 80s
We had to read it again. We'll sure miss Robert Miller when he retires! Thanks for all you've done for nonprofits
Cheryl is going to have a lovely hang over tomorrow
Tony Diana Taurasi is phenomenal but she isn't the greatest female hooper ever. I think Cheryl Miller or might be though
You should have included more women, like Lisa Salters, Sage Steele, Rachel Nichols, Heather Cox, Cheryl Miller, Cari Champion.
Savannah Miller Brings Home the Gold at the World Baton Twirling Championships - in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy
ranks the top athletes to come out of Riverside.
Reggie Miller ranks best athletes from Riverside —&and doesn't include himself
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Cheryl Miller Thank you for following me!!
free ball. I love Reggie Miller. He was great at Riverside Poly, UCLA and Pacers. Cheryl wasn't bad either!
Reggie Miller will never be half of the man Cheryl Miller is
I wish Cheryl Miller's little brother would shut up.
True story. I can still remember the plot of the one episode Cheryl Miller was in of Living Single. It was on FOX. Starring Queen Latifah.
LOL at list of the 4 top athletes to come out of Riverside High:1)Cheryl Miller
No Reggie Miller, your brother Cheryl is not the best athlete to come out of riverside Cali. It's kawhi
Reggie Miller just gave a shoutout on 2nd best athlete from riverside after Cheryl Miller.
Reggie Miller is saying Cheryl Miller is a better athlete than Barry Bonds? GTFO!
Reggie Miller just put Barry bonds third on a list of best athletes behind Ronda rousey and Cheryl miller. Needless to say the game is muted
I love that Reggie Miller just shouted out his older brother Cheryl. That's nice
Reggie Miller should put on a wig, shut his mouth and say he's Cheryl so he can get some respect.
Has anyone ever seen Cheryl and Reggie Miller in the same place at the same time?
Agape founder, Cheryl Miller (front right), received a check gifted to Agape from the Food with Friends group's...
Cheryl Miller's brother needs to stick more closely to basketball.
you just mad cuz you like Cheryl Miller more
I bet Cheryl could teach Reggie Miller what a pun is. No pun intended.
Who was the better player overall: Reggie Miller or his sister Cheryl Miller (who played in the WNBA) believes Cheryl is better
Remember what happened when MSG chanted "Cheryl" at Reggie Miller?
When you're having sex with Cheryl miller and realize it's just Reggie with a wig.
Miller towed Admin line before Iraq invasion,still doing it by blaming CIA for bad info like Cheney and W
Because Judith Miller was used to spread propaganda from the VP's office in the NYT, Bush=able to say, "Even the liber…
Only interested in jailhouse interviews with Judith Miller.
BREAKING NEWS: Bill Laimbeer just signed Lisa Leslie and Cheryl Miller. "They still have a few years left in the tank," says Laimbeer.
This my best friend Cheryl Jane Miller as CjTiger43 as my best sister ever to come into my life :) Brother Ben !
This my best friend ever to come into my life CjTiger43:Cheryl Jane Miller as my sister and I love you! - brother Ben
Reggie Miller thought he was a hot shot when he dropped 40 in a game in high school. On the same night, his sister, Cheryl, dropped 105.
Cheryl miller got more buckets and box than Reggie.
Can somebody please get Cheryl Miller off of my tv doing commentary on TNT
The fact that Reggie Miller is on TV more regularly than Cheryl just makes no sense to me. She is better than him at everything!
I want Cheryl Miller to take Reggie's job.
I was thinking more along the lines of wyatt being Cheryl Miller
If you like sports, you won't want to miss today's show. We visit with Olympian Cheryl Miller, look at playing...
When I first started, Cheryl Miller was an up and coming model on LJ. She's still there!!! But she's from Moldova http…
Cheryl Miller. Cynthia Cooper. Diana Taurasi. Lisa Leslie . Who should finish out my starting 5?
He is still and always will be just Cheryl Miller's little brother to me.
I didn't know Cheryl Miller had a brother who played basketball?
Holly could coach CP, Holdsclaw, Catchings, Bird, Taurasi, Moore, Griner & Cheryl Miller all in their prime and still not make a Final 4.
Reggie Miller is the worst. AND, I'm convinced he and Cheryl Miller are the same person. Has anyone seen them at the same time?
Cheryl Miller's brother has a penchant for saying some strange things as an analyst.
He shoots like Cheryl Miller just worse and more girly
Watching the Elite 8 and wondering if anyone's ever definitively proven that Cheryl and Reggie Miller isn't a Juwanna Mann thing.
Your aunt is Reba?! (or are you fronting like I used to when I'd tell people my cousin was Cheryl Miller?)
While I'm thinking about college basketball, what about Cheryl Miller's story? Ann Meyers Drysdale? So many more stories to tell
Fly on wall: Cheryl Miller on the move? Stay tuned. Hearing that she's essentially packed up office. Question is where next?
Yeah but what does make him in a 3pt contest vs. Cheryl Miller with roller skates on? PS. RJ is a serious fraud.
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You gotta have sex with Cheryl Miller, Jemele Hill or you die. What do you choose?? I'm taking death.
Sunday, March 29 on Oklahoma Horizon, we profile basketball superstar Cheryl Miller and world champion bull rider...
Look, I know we're all trying to suck up to Cheryl, but this Reggie Miller as an announcer thing has gone on too long.
Cheryl Miller should hire her little brother as her assistant so he can get off my TV
I didn't know Cheryl Miller had a brother (RT reggie is cool its his sister that I cant stand. We haven't had ...
Cheryl Miller is not only the better bball player in the fam but the better announcer as well. Probably grills the best ribeye too
West Virginia's only hope at this point is if they get Cheryl Miller to suit up for them.
Cheryl Miller's little brother calls basketball games?
Dang. Reggie Miller is doing this game too. I was hoping Cheryl beat him up during the break.
Should Cheryl Miller's little brother be cheering for UNC during the broadcast?
Marcus Paige and sister Morgan are 2015 version of Reggie Miller and sister Cheryl
Ever seen Reggie Miller and Cheryl Miller in the same room? Jus sayin.
(I was rly hoping for 1 more round so I cld break out Sheryl Swoopes & Queen Latifah, Cheryl Miller & MC Lyte...🏀🎤)
The rise in bob haircuts, as seen on Sienna Miller, Rosamund Pike and Cheryl Fernandez -Versini, is cl
Austerity is so last season – why else would celebrities be cutting their hair? | Fashion | The Guardian
Listening to Cheryl Miller from the talking about how to get more women and girls into tech!
Congrats to teacher, Cheryl Miller, 2015 nominee for the Edwin Parr . Award.
All about Cheryl Miller : height, biography, quotes - see at
Correction: That record belongs to the great Sheryl Swoopes, not Cheryl Miller. Moss is just two points away from tying it.
Cheryl Miller won an Olympic gold medal & was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in '95.
I looked up Cheryl Miller's coaching career to try to prove you wrong. Turns out she was a heck of a coach.
You're lying if you say you can tell the difference between Reggie and Cheryl Miller's voices.
Reggie Miller, plugging Kindle Fire HDs. Cheryl Miller losing to the University of Great Falls.
Lady Argos defeated Langston, Okla., team today that's 28-4 on year and is coached by alltime hoop great Cheryl Miller.
I hope that Cheryl Miller's brother lost his voice and can't call any more games this weekend.
Wondering how the great Cheryl Miller ended up coaching in the NAIA ranks? Her teams faces U of Great Falls today.
This dude ran the 4x4 with a broken leg. Inspiring! Matteo Miller @ Washington State…
Reggie Miller is straight up bashing a player's name right now. I'm convinced he was severely bullied by Cheryl as a child.
@ march madness committee but really, why wasn't Cheryl Miller hired to report on the side lines tonight?
ANOTHER reason why they should've hired a sista for one game. i know cheryl miller was available
Cheryl Miller's brother may have been a good shooter, but he's not much of a college bball analyst.
Some of the Beaverton Teachers hanging out with
Anyone know where Cheryl Miller is right now?
Is it bad that I want Reggie Miller to say Cheryl at the end of every sentence?
Cheryl Miller's brother is starting to bug me.
Don't miss All🌟line up '14 elem TOYs in less than 10 min! http:…
Cheryl telling Reggie Miller what to say via ear device
just won a game against Steven Miller in Trivia Crack!
Cheryl Miller thanks for followme check ours
Cheryl Miller you are welcome on channel
Photos: Cheryl Miller coaches her team in the NAIA tournament | The Kansas City Star
Cheryl Miller must have hated Reggie's guts when they were growing up.
Cheryl Miller's little brother still heckling even as an announcer. Somebody put him as commentator for NCAA
Cheryl is the better Miller at basketball and announcing. Must suck to worse than you're sis at everything
The moment Cheryl Miller and Reggie Miller are gone, will be one of the greatest moments in history.
Psssh Cheryl Miller might be less annoying
Reggie Miller not half the man Cheryl Miller became
I'm sure Cheryl Miller still puts Reggie in the full Nelson until he yells uncle..
The more I watch TNT the more I wish Cheryl Miller's little brother would just shut his mouth.
Why isn't Cheryl Miller doing sideline reporting for ? Not gunna lie, she was a lot better than Rachel Nichols.
Reggie Miller shouldn’t be allowed to do color commentary anymore. Stop the madness TNT. I’d rather have Cheryl.
Why is Cheryl Miller's little brother still commentating for All Star game?
Reggie Miller will forever be in the shadow of his much more talented brother Cheryl
The way Reggie talks about Marc and Pau Gasol makes me wish we could’ve gotten a Cheryl/Reggie Miller TV matchup.
I thought Reggie and Cheryl miller were the first brothers in the all star game
6 ft *** sang the national anthem... Surprised Cheryl Miller not commentating instead of Reggie
I'm not here for your negative words Cheryl Miller face.
So Cheryl Miller WNBA legend coaches our girls basketball team and we're like 18-1 and I'm just finding out about this 😐
Nah Cheryl Miller had 105 point in a high school game?
I do not believe Cheryl miller is a female
Every man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him. - Henry Miller
Thanks Cheryl Miller for the follow! I´m very happy about it.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Inbee Park and Serena Williams are MUCH more dominant athletes than Rousey has been. *** Cheryl Miller can make a case
I just realized Cheryl Miller wasn't there 🙌
RIDDLE ME THIS: When have you ever seen Reggie and Cheryl Miller in the same shot? I'll wait.
Cheryl Miller will dunk all over Reggie & let her strap-on sit right on his head
How basketball legend Cheryl Miller found her way to Langston
Why didn't they just get Cheryl Miller to play Reggie Miller's brother "Roger" miller?
Cheryl MILLER,an I @ OLLU game vs Langston okla. She is one of the GREATEST FEMALE BASKETBALL PLAYERS!
I was just there last night interviewing Cheryl Miller! Should be a great game!
Sienna Miller will take over from Emma Stone in the Tony-award winning production of Cabaret on Broadway in February. …
Had the honor of sitting down with the great Cheryl Miller. She's now head coach for the women's…
Reggie Miller by far the worst NBA commentator. Voice, analysis, opinions all garbage. Off topic but whatever happened to Cheryl? Went ghost
Somebody tell Reggie Miller to go blow cheryl miller's load
jk she's about to pull a Cheryl miller and drop 100
Congrats to 2015 Va Comms Hall of Fame inductees and Cheryl Miller!
Not exactly like when Cheryl Miller took on Annette Smith. :)
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Cheryl miller, I got hoop dreams face ahh
Congratulations to two of my well deserving colleagues, Co-worker Cheryl Miller - WTVR CBS 6 and former...
Independent school system measure back to House via
Hey! Cheryl Miller thanks for following! Keep an eye for our launch:
my problem is trying to prove that Reggie and Cheryl Miller are , in fact, the same person.
I might fly out but she into sports I'm scared she prolly sound like Cheryl Miller
Thank you Cheryl Miller for the fabulous Facelift Facial!! The Zen Lounge is so relaxing and these before and...
isn't that Cheryl Miller's little brother? 😀
Thanks Cheryl Miller for the follow! Welcome to my world!
.joins likes of Cheryl Miller, Carol Ross, Cynthia Cooper to play/coach school for top 25 team.
Cheryl Miller thanks for followme keep in contact I export italian vines
Congratulations to my former colleague, Cheryl Miller, on her upcoming induction into the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame!
Cheryl Miller to be inducted into Virginia Communications Hall of Fame
Congratulations Cheryl Miller on your Virginia Communications Hall of Fame selection!
I must confess, if made the WNBA available, I'd be all over it. Do Cheryl Miller and Lisa Lobo still ball?
OK, maybe it IS me - we lost...1st burned rock of the season goes to Cheryl.Fireball!!
Just met frmr USC women's basketball player Terri Huff, who says she helped recruit Cheryl Miller before the Trojans' NCAA titles in '83-'84
you're wrong though. I am a princess and Cheryl Miller. Just ask your coach 😏
👸- def not a princess and def not Cheryl Miller😁
could we get a real face off basketball the Miller dynasty reggie and Cheryl on the court. I know Cheryl swoops
But Cheryl Miller... I can mess with that. Happy b-day girl.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to professional basketball player, basketball coach, and sports analyst Cheryl Miller!
Sienna Miller stars in hilarious video for Vogue:
I added a video to a playlist The one rivalry Reggie Miller just couldn't win, Reggie Vs. Cheryl
Thank you Cheryl Miller for taking the kids for a few hours. And thank you Heather Nichole Vanburger for inviting I get to go sit at the laundry
Cheryl Miller is already in Now she's coaching again at a tiny HBCU:
Cheryl Miller hates him enough for everyone.
Cheryl Miller needs to come back to TV!
O.K. here it is- GOOD guys who voted against the HUGE funding for amnesty and Obamacare:. Jeff Miller, Ron...
Such a great article. Please take the time to read it !!
I wonder what happened to Reggie Miller's brother Cheryl
Cheryl Miller and Reggie Miller are the same person
Our mascot Buddy at with President Dave Perno, our dir. of advancement & Anchor Cheryl Miller
Underrated when it comes to tactical analysis. Cheryl Miller is a example in Basketball. Can talk X's and O's.
4th row with Cheryl miller!!! Sending you a little Christmas is my fave!
Thanks to for tipping me off that basketball legend Cheryl Miller is coaching at an HBCU.
You truly deserve this Cheryl Shuman, It's an honor to have you as the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce...
Let's breath in Peace. ♥ Cheryl another beautiful share from our friend. Thanks to Maureen Miller of Living...
Cheryl Miller, union organizer and cab driver extraordinaire, is about to take over the world
Ada Lovelace conference how do we get more women into stem and digital starting Cheryl Miller starts
Morning session on skills and diversity and skills starts at 10am Cheryl Miller of DLII
Check out Christmas at Tucker (at Tucker First United Methodist Church) from the
A basketball legend takes over at a small school
Great job on your Cheryl Miller piece!! I'm sure all of my fellow Trojans would feel the same. (One of my mentors was an LU alum)
Very cool that hoops legend Cheryl Miller is coaching again at It's the perfect fit. …
How Cheryl Miller ended up in the middle of nowhere. via
lol I'm totally jealous that Cheryl miller is coaching at Langston U. offense to my favs though 😍😍
great speakers tomorrow on skills/diversity @ incl. Cheryl Miller celebrate 199th anniversary of Ada Lovelace
See some foreclosed HOMES near you . . . . Author: Cheryl Miller-Eld
At a tiny HBCU, a basketball legend Cheryl Miller is coaching again.
Here's an insightful longform piece on Cheryl Miller on broadcasting, coaching, & being a legend via
The Truth passed but not big deal. Had he passed Cheryl Miller (a better basketball player) then I would be more impressed.
We thank God for Cheryl Miller, hospital chaplain & member of Grace Church in Eden Prairie MN.
"Cheryl Miller's Perfect Place" by is the lead story over at today. Read for an inside look at our …
I enjoyed seeing this crew tonight. Ronnie Barney, Cheryl Miller, and Lulu Perry!!
Happy Thanksgiving! Congratulations to our winners of 2 tickets to see The Glen Miller Orchestra! Cheryl Speicher...
One of Cheryl Miller's Turkey Portraits from her 46 Million Turkey's project. . Courtesy of Huffington Post.
and Cheryl Miller thank you from and Great Interview and Show!
Author discusses his w/ Cheryl Miller on Virginia This Morning!
Award-Winning of was interviewed by Cheryl Miller on Virginia This Morning!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
talks about his with Cheryl Miller on Virginia this Morning in
Very proud to have Cheryl Miller as one of our leading speakers.
Very proud to have as one of our leading speakers. Cheryl Miller is Founder and Executive Director …
In case you missed another in series of breaking news scoops from Cheryl Miller
A kiss for her champion: celebrates with Lewis Hamilton following his victory in Abu Dhabi -
And cheryl miller is her coach so she don't get no days off really, she be so exhausted at night.
Harry Webb Kitty Miller Dorothy Graham Elisa Balera Angela Holder Cheryl Rubman how about some good funk for a...
go Mr. Luke! So excited for you! . And the 2015 class of District include.
Cheryl to fleur. "I wasn't that keen on what you're wearing" MEGA LOLS... Remember this?!
How does Cheryl have the cheek to comment on other people's clothes when she came dressed as Kermit the frog a few weeks ago? …
Mel b and Cheryl critisising anyone's singing is like Kenny miller slagging Messi. They're all hopeless mind you on
Langston University is something else. Their AD is Mike Garrett (hired Pete Carroll at USC) women's BB Coach is Cheryl freaking Miller
NCCC wants to thank Cheryl Shuman for continuing to fight for our rights everyday!
Cheryl Miller about to speak event by at http:/…
I wonder if Cheryl Miller can cook...
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Yo I am about ten feet from Cheryl Miller right now.
Watch Cheryl Miller coach Langston, Langston is wearing orange . You can watch the . game tonight here.. Right...
“We as adults have to wake up and smell the cannabis here,” says Cheryl Shuman, marijuana business expert and...
OK FANS: BIG game today for the women! We take on the undefeated Langston Lions, coached by Cheryl Miller, a former WNBA coach.
Cheryl Miller about to speak at event by Digital StartUp Academy at
It's crazy to think that Cheryl Miller is a coach at Langston university here in Oklahoma. The greats women's basketball player ever.
Cheryl Miller about to speak event by at
This art project by artist Cheryl Miller honors the turkeys who lose their loves on
Does anyone care that Cheryl Miller scored 105 points in a single basketball game? Most I've scored was 37 and that was hard.
An estimated 46 million turkeys will be eaten this Thanksgiving, and artist Cheryl Miller wan...
I had to explain to a close friend...who played basketball her whole life who Cheryl Miller was. Smh. Terrible.
So who is tryna go watch the Langston girls basketball team with me tomorrow? I need my autograph from Cheryl Miller.
no. track in h/s. got into the game watching cheryl miller on tv. and later matchups betw tenn & dawn's UVA.
Although I love the Reggie Miller/Cheryl Miller/Spike Lee one. Any chance to see Spike in troll mode.
Nov 17, 2000. Reggie Miller became the 25th player in NBA history to score 20,000 career points.
"Deep Within" also sold on the weekend to Cheryl Miller. Thanks Cheryl :) This painting is one of the first of my...
That conversation starts with Cheryl Miller in 83 & 84 at USC. I give my word on this. She was a Bad *** you know the rest.
I didn't even know Cheryl Miller had a brother.
well Cheryl and Mel clearly need their head testing !
.women's coach Cheryl Miller with assistant and OCU alum Natasha Doh!
Had a great time on with Cheryl Miller! Thank you for having me on your show!
That's like Cheryl & Reggie Miller, they're the same person
"This is the moment it begins," Major Cheryl Miller at 2014 Salvation Army Tree of Lights campaign.
In the room for the event on Bill Clinton's 2 terms: Cheryl Mills, Capricia Marshall, Sidney Blumenthal others.
Breanna Stewart is 1 of 5 players to be Final Four MOP twice. Hall of Famer Cheryl Miller the only other to do it as a freshman/sophomore
Yo Langston U. Women are playing OCU next Tuesday. I'm in there. Going to see Cheryl Miller all time great!!
Cheryl Miller rockin' the high fade with confidence in that broadcast booth.
I cant believe I met Cheryl Miller yesterday. And I had a short convo with her too lol. She's a down to earth chick y'all! 😱😂🏀💯
In case anyone wants to know, coffee is office Cheryl's best friend.
What possibilities do you see today? ♥ Cheryl Thanks to our dear friend Maureen Miller for this beautiful share.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
How about Cheryl: The game. The object of it is to see who can get married and then divorced in the quickest time?
Marijuana Industry Leadership strengthens with Cheryl Shuman, joining The National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce...
you tripping! Cheryl Miller woulda been dogging any of them *** she was THAT good
I think Cheryl Miller will be outed as helping hide Clintons role in Benghazi.
Food tastes better on beautiful dishes.
Chop wood, carry water. Reminds me that paperwork is my work.
Sometimes we just need to lean on others. In this case Sophie leans on toby all the time.
Doris Burke and Cheryl Miller the only females who truly know basketball
At a quick glance Chris Douglas Roberts looks like Cheryl Miller out there lmao!.
Lisa Leslie, Cheryl Miller, Kevin Costner, and LL Cool J. What could be better?
My God...let me catch Cheryl Miller's brother in the streets
fire Reggie Miller and his brother Cheryl.
I would rather have Cheryl Miller call this game on because her brother and that other fat *** are brutal.
I wish Charles would call games the whole season. Rather hear him than Cheryl, I mean Reggie Miller
Not much talk about it. Part of me expected to find a different Cheryl Miller when I arrived at gym.
Breast Cancer Awareness
The public hearing for Briarcliff did not end with a vote. Should they be allowed to move forward in 2015?
shes put up 100 couple of times in a game, i believe. Just another wednesday for the great Cheryl miller
lmao TNT need to quit fronting and fire Cheryl Miller and get this girl in there
Case Study: Pamela Jackson and Cheryl Miller. Identification by UNT after 40 years.
Reggie definitely one of them wild corny *** who got the hands. *** grew up scrapping with Cheryl Miller so Kobe was easy food.
Sooo Cheryl Miller just emailed my mom asking about my little sister that hooped at a Nike Tournament in the summer...she gonna make it
Manhandled by Cheryl Miller's little brother. We don't believe you dawg,.
Reggie Miller has to be the worst broadcaster in the history of broadcasting.. I'd rather listen to Cheryl Miller than Reggie Miller
God I hate having to listen to Cheryl Miller's little brother
Cheryl Miller needs to humble her brother like when they used to play basketball against each other
Did Reggie Miller just tell kobe to stop bein sensitive do I need to call Cheryl
When Reggie Miller can beat Cheryl Miller…let me know
“the *** up Reggie Miller with your Cheryl Miller looking *** is that Chris Rock in "New Jack City"
If anyone needs their dogs groomed and really do not want to take them anywhere Cheryl Miller is an excellent groomer! She is gentle and dogs love her. She has her supplies and comes to you! Message me I will give you her information.
This Cheryl daughter or nah? "Reggie Miller's niece, Nikki, is missing. Have you seen her?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
great! There coming Friday for the conference. Would that work?
Reggie Miller niece missing…thas crazy” I know it ain't Cheryl daughter can't be. That *** a ***
This *** just asked me if that was Cheryl Miller's kid. Im howling
I feel awful for Reggie Miller, Cheryl and the whole Miller family. Hang in there everyone.
are you guys interested in demoing the new polar H7 HR monitors? A polar rep has offered.
Just watched in the UK. Cathy is so unprofessional. must be a saint to ignore her.
How can we keep up with the plans for our area? Many folks are very concerned, as you certainally know.
We heard there was a community meeting at Rehoboth tonight. True? We live in Brockett Heights.
I said, "When Cheryl Miller scored over 100 points in a high school game." This kid then says all snobbishly, "It was 105," then winks at me
Cheryl miller always strike me as man with her outfits lol
And then I realize how annoying Cheryl miller was
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