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Cheryl Miller

Cheryl D. Miller (born on January 3, 1964 in Riverside, California) is a former college basketball player, coach and sportscaster for TNT.

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If anyone needs their dogs groomed and really do not want to take them anywhere Cheryl Miller is an excellent groomer! She is gentle and dogs love her. She has her supplies and comes to you! Message me I will give you her information.
This Cheryl daughter or nah? "Reggie Miller's niece, Nikki, is missing. Have you seen her?
great! There coming Friday for the conference. Would that work?
Reggie Miller niece missing…thas crazy” I know it ain't Cheryl daughter can't be. That *** a ***
This *** just asked me if that was Cheryl Miller's kid. Im howling
I feel awful for Reggie Miller, Cheryl and the whole Miller family. Hang in there everyone.
are you guys interested in demoing the new polar H7 HR monitors? A polar rep has offered.
Just watched in the UK. Cathy is so unprofessional. must be a saint to ignore her.
How can we keep up with the plans for our area? Many folks are very concerned, as you certainally know.
We heard there was a community meeting at Rehoboth tonight. True? We live in Brockett Heights.
I said, "When Cheryl Miller scored over 100 points in a high school game." This kid then says all snobbishly, "It was 105," then winks at me
Cheryl miller always strike me as man with her outfits lol
And then I realize how annoying Cheryl miller was
I'm convinced that Cheryl miller and Reggie are the same *** person
Cheryl Miller came and watched me play 🙌😩😭
Celebrating Cheryl Miller, recipient of the Catalyst Award, at the Maine Women's Lobby Gala!
The speakers/award recipients tonight are amazing. Jan Miller Rich and Cheryl Boone Isaacs had great words for the ladies.
Wenthworth miller ,Sarah Wayne Callies and Cheryl Cole are the greatest people on the planet 💕
Cheryl keeps switching the wrong bloody people
It's so weird seeing Cheryl Miller everyday on campus lol
Larry Miller Nissan in Highlands Ranch got a from Cheryl for extreme customer service.
and Cheryl Miller talking about this morning but once again omitting my voice
Hall of Famer Reggie Miller will join basketball coach Cheryl Miller at 9th Annual President's Scholarship Gala
I didn't know Derek Jeter used to be Cheryl Miller?
Queen Latifah vs. Cheryl Miller, who you taking 1 on 1?
Congrats to our Spirit Slaps winners and Cheryl Herman!
Book Review by Cheryl Holloway - Seeds of Magnolia by Bill Bambi Miller -
Remember when everyone said ona softball sucked but we actually don't...3 home runs between me and today ⚾️😍…
IBC accepted and completed by thank you! with our CEO Cheryl Miller.
Sound a little testy. I said Co-chair. Were you not in a photo of London Free Press with Cheryl Miller identifies as co-chairs
Are you saying you were note co-chair of the campaign with cheryl miller?
And here is a pic of my 5'5" mom guarding the 6'2" Cheryl Miller back in the day. Yeah, Reggie Miller's sister, ...
Cheryl Miller loved cats and so do I - here's how we can all show our love
Join Cheryl Chumley, author of "Police State USA" on the Dennis Miller Show, hour 2 (1:00p)
The miller's hen and widower's maid, of want need never be afraid. - German Proverb
WOW! I just had an amazing facial at The Zen Lounge! Cheryl Miller is so great at what she does! I haven't had a facial in years because any time I had one in the past, I thought they were pretty awful and didn't see the point. This was so relaxing, informative, rejuvenating and my skin looks and feels so good! Go see Cheryl, she's right in downtown Puyallup.
Massive cedar has hint of mystery: Cheryl Miller, Regional Operations Manager for Regions Bank in Ocala, was sure...
... And NC has process for city formation clearly written into law includ. how to pay for both unincorp. and incorp. areas
"Goats are the pickiest eater on the farm," Cheryl Miller said. "They are very finicky.".
I wonder how many chicks Cheryl Miller & Queen Latifah jumped off back in the day. Know they was tag teaming em
Savannah Miller will participate in the 65th International Festival de Primavera in Peru.
Congrats to Tangella Landry for signing with LU Women's Basketball!
AUDIO: Cheryl Tiegs appeared on the Twins' radio & TV broadcasts tonight in a slurred, sloppy disaster
The one rivalry Reggie Miller just couldn't win, Reggie Vs. Cheryl
w/ Cheryl Miller today about Boomers & Shakers (awards .
Cheryl White and Mary Frances Miller are attending the Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar this week in San Diego.
can't help but think of Cheryl Miller when I hear that! Love it!
Cheryl Miller could've played NBA. Don't even argue with me.
Cheryl Miller...arguably the greatest women's basketball player ever...tough life for Reggie 😂😂😂
Cheryl Miller has a spot in the top 5
David price looks like cheryl miller.
she's no Cheryl Miller. And I have nothing to base that off except my dad's drunk rants every time he sees Reggie on TV.
Cheryl miller was the best woman player ever
1.Lisa Leslie 2. Cheryl Miller 3. Swoopes and then you can talk about Taurasi and also Candice Parksr
cheryl miller woulda cooked *** lol. And coop dominated late in career because their was no wnba when she was n prime
I remember when Cheryl Miller was coaching them, and talked trash ALL the time about the Comets.
LaFarn Burton of LBBEF,and Karen Wilson LBBEF Committee Member, interviewed by Cheryl Miller of WTVR Channel 6 -...
Congrats to Cheryl Miller on 30 years in the Richmond community. Cheryl is, without no doubt, an icon I've looked up to in my career.
On the set with my friend Cheryl Miller as we celebrate her 30th anniversary with CBS WTVR tv6 in Richmond Va.
Hate that Cheryl miller is my gf basketball coach. She never let them out of practice on time
Congratulations to my friend Cheryl Miller at on her 30 years on the air. A classy & kind lady I was lucky to work with for 10 yrs
MUST READ: Great piece by Cheryl Miller via How to End the Polarization of
Ethicon’s Traci Miller and Cheryl Furman to pack healthy snacks for local school kids in need.
“How long was Cheryl miller in the WNBA?” She didn't play
How long was Cheryl miller in the WNBA?
Anyone else out there 'member Cheryl Miller, Grandmama, Planet Reed? Good ole days in Phoenix
If Cheryl Miller actually played professionally, she would hold AL the records in the WNBA
Great quote to kick off the wk with-“Top Leadership Quote "Stay Focused, Stay Humble, Always Hustle" ht…
Reggie Miller scored 40 in a high school game and won the game. His sister Cheryl miller scored 105 and won the game. Dun look down on girls
CONGRATULATIONS to... Cheryl Miller! You're our August Wear to Win competition WINNER with this lovely picture of...
Hey you mob.My one on one interview with MND CEO Cheryl Miller is going to air tonight. Things got pretty 'icy'. Stay tuned
Cheryl Miller had creditability to I be forgetting she's a lady
Cheryl finished her brew and she is absolutely gutted...
If anything Cheryl should be the most lenient judge, given that she is the least talented.
I liked a video from Cheryl Miller Interview
“I don’t think I ever want to hear another love song as long as I live!”. — Cheryl Miller.
Trying to find ways to include field trips in your lesson plans? Cheryl Miller shares how she took her kids to...
Cheryl Miller had 105 points in a hs game like how?!?!?! Ik she was cold but that's ridiculous
Sure glad kept Brant Miller and let Cheryl Scott leave - said nobody. are they thinking ?
Flight booked for Houston! Going with Cheryl Miller to show her how the Colts go on the road and take division games like clockwork! Look for us on the 50 in Luck jerseys. HORSE!
So glad my cuz is down;) it's been intern years. Much love my cuz Cheryl Miller;) its Miller time;))
Coors and Miller Light drinkers are more likely to be Republican. Drinkers of Bud Light are split Rep/Dem, but are less likely to…
Another great sibling duo Reggie and Cheryl Miller. Cheryl just might be greatest female bball player of all time
"Lilly" . ~by our guest artist for July/August, photographer Randy Miller~ . Meet Randy at the Opening Reception...
Not often you see and come together... But for the betterment of LA Community, Cheryl Miller an...
So John Wooden's Dynasty doesn't matter? And no Women sports at USC matter? Cheryl Miller and Lisa Leslie would beg to differ.
Cheryl Miller joined Newschannel 7 Today on Wednesday with details about the new school year
Every time I think of a chandelier I think of maddie
Wish I could be homeschooled so I can dance more
Did you enjoy teen choice last night
I might follow the matching headband trend
It's ridiculous how obsessed I am with
I think the other should focus in their own daughters and not maddie, it's unfair on maddie
If only the dancers tried freestyle dancing in the uk
Am I the only Brit who actually waits up to watch ?
Pyramid is by far one if the best parts of
lies! ! Ask Cheryl Miller how she got on the map
I learned a lot from the beat downs - Reggie Miller on playing games in the neighborhood against his older sister Cheryl
I am unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict, but be sure to PM Cheryl Miller if you want to reserve a spot.
I ain't buyin this story of Daniel Bryan and this Megan Miller having an affair
nah my mother got preggo with me...she was suppose to go play at USC with Cheryl Miller...but she had me!
What a feeling to receive a call from Cheryl Miller! Awesome just to speak with her "TrueLegend
Blue Jays fans, congratulate power hitter Trent Miller (on his promotion to the
Espn just say the greatest sibling rivalry is Venus and Serena? *** no. Reggie & Cheryl Miller everyday
Last time I was in this airport I saw Cheryl Miller's brother
So excited to be going to the x factor bootcamp show tomorrow & meeting simony Cowell, Mel B, Cheryl Cole and lois Walsh ahhh Omg!!
Thanks, but last day of vacation and I plan to be on the golf course
there is a PA Leader training at my school on Aug. 25th. Would love for u to be there.
Find yourself in need of a massage. New Chamber Member, Cheryl Miller, owner of The Zen Lounge is the person to...
WINNER of the Don's men's Shop Gift Certificate is (drum roll please).CHERYL MILLER!!! Cheryl, please contact...
My head feels like it just got posterized by Cheryl Miller
lmao remember my Cheryl miller post that you showed Ted & Coley?
As Bill Walton called Reggie Miller: "Living under the shadow of the great Cheryl Miller."
Little League park prepares for softball tournament: The sun is shining in the sky and Cheryl Miller is hoping...
Taurasi best WNBA plaer Lisa was tall af but Cheryl Miller GOAT
Cheryl Miller talks about coming to Langston in part one of a two part interview with The Shadow League-
they did Cheryl Miller foul. Reggie's Millers twin brother 😂😂😂
Honestly feel like my kids will be like Cheryl and Reggie Miller...
Congrats to the best womens basketball player ever Lisa Leslie. p.s shout out to Cheryl miller, Cynthia cooper...
WNBA All Stars. These women can play! I miss our lunchtime games in North Gym with Cheryl Miller and Cynthia Cooper!
Photographer, Randy Miller is our July/August Featured Artist at Point of View Gallery. The gallery is open...
Drop in today and meet our July/August Featured Artist, Randy Miller, photographer and view his photography on...
My good friend, Denise Miller Beaumont, enjoyed Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Thought some of you might like to check...
Thanks for giving us your time 2x! Here's part 1 of our interview with you by TSL's own ht…
Cheryl Miller is the GOAT of women's basketball!
This has made my year ! Cheryl Mattorano-laffoon Erika TuttShannon SterbaShannon TinoJoy BrooksHannah Miller
Vanderbilt junior LHP Jared Miller has officially signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Congrats Jared.
Hey friends! I'm joining Cheryl Miller on the News at Noon today. See you in a bit!
I text my brother " who the prettiest female athlete ever" and that fool said Cheryl Miller lmao. 😂😂😂😂
Great to see my colleague, Carol Blazejowski, in mix of "greatest women's basketball player ever" debate.
Watch Cheryl Miller's Summary of Around the World from ttp:/
$PCOM: Who is the greatest women's basketball player ever?
For people who think working at home is easier than at a company office, right Katherine Miller?
What's Cheryl Miller doing in a place like this? Learning a lesson that even legends have to learn via
Inspiring women for an inspired world. led by Cheryl Miller
"The key to success of sustainability initiatives is getting women on board." - Cheryl Miller (kicks off w/
Would pork Cheryl Miller before Diggins on any occasion
Who is the greatest women's basketball player ever?
Who is the greatest women's basketball player ever? - USA TODAY
Who is the greatest women's basketball player ever?: It's easy to debate who the best men's player ever is. Bu...
Who is the greatest women's basketball player ever? via Solid list
I'm just glad Cheryl Miller isn't on the red carpet 😒
Sue Freed Connie Miller Cheryl A Fricke U HAVE TOO SEE THIS! Wait til u get to about 42 seconds in. EVEN...
We are pleased to announce our featured artist for July-August 2014 is photographer, Randy Miller. Please stop...
Congratulations to Cheryl Miller Rankin who guessed the correct carat weight 1.25!
Cheryl Miller da best woman to ever play basketball. Chamique holdsclaw 2nd
Catching up with then-NBC's Cheryl Miller during my stint with the Atlanta Olympic Committee in 1996.
Excited that Cheryl Miller has accepted to come and talk at our IABC networking drinks - she will amaze you if you haven't heard her talk yet :-)
Cheryl Miller and Ian Andersen will be speaking at our networking drinks - come and join the summer fun in an informal setting!
Watch Cheryl Miller and Patrick Porter announce the Battle of the Brains' Brain Teaser winners.
Woo hoo...I just saw where our team is in 18th place...would be cool to finish in the top 25 Cheryl Miller...
Good luck to Cheryl Miller and Dondra Doty on your doubles/singles...bowl awesome
Like any good leader I'm introducing Cheryl Miller and Beth Klenczar to the art of being accah-mazing with the help of Pitch Perfect (they are virgins) :o
iPads Used for Jury Exhibits:. Cheryl Miller. The Recorder. Jurors are usually admonished to stay away from Google...
Cheryl's list is getting smaller, she's still looking so anyone who can help send me a message.. ( and Thank her :) ) Cheryl Miller 8 hrs · Mitchell, SD Hey all... Everything is rolling along great for the reunion...looking forward to seeing everyone! There's still plenty of time to get your registration mailed! I have not had any luck with the following...every piece of contact information I've tried has been a no go...including returned letters sent via the post office. Help! Kent Bailey Dean Case Pat Fitzpatrick Kelly Fox Jeff Jervik Judy (Robertson) Peters Zona (Vogel) Seybold Barb (Hagebisch) Wietgrefe Dave Dravland Bruce Kelly Debra King Lori (Reedy) Livesay Dan McKittrick Randy Moe Andy Putnam Rosalie (King) Reinhart Reed Sandness David Vessey Lana (Krogstad) Wiblemo Liz (McEntee) Woods
Greatest all time female basketball player Cheryl Miller announced as new coach at Langston University
I wanna wish my best friend Cheryl Miller Brumfield a Happy Birthday. I wish you many more to come..
How about Spike Lee and Reggie Miller and Cheryl Miller for the framily plan. SHE SCORED 100
Former campaign mgr and political veteran Cheryl Miller says Fontana did honourable thing. More insight from her 2nite.
Mr. Kyle said Cheryl Miller kicked girls off the team for not being in shape. I could be a walk on. 😳😳😳 scared. Fr fr
The Booster Club would like to thank everyone that came out Saturday and helped with our first fundraiser of the year at the Clay City Drag Strip. Also thank you to those who brought there items in for the fundraiser. For all of you that missed your chance to work, you will have another chance coming up. Please keep in mind that everyone who has a child playing sports will have to work atleast one fundraiser this year. Once again thank you to those that came Saturday We appreciate all your help! Jessica Lee Arnett Jarrell Jack Jarrell Savannah Jarrell Casey Mitchell Jorden Tackett Angie Dickerson Prater Payton Corbett Pam Coleman Salyer Kathy Bailey Prater Michael Prater Robin Renee Matt Man Imogene Slone Shay Slone Regina Wakeland Destiny Wakeland Rick Wallen Hayley Wallen John Goble Lexi Goble Cheryl Miller Hackworth Josh Joshua Hackworth Aaron Hackworth Malik Mcdonald Pepper Ben Kelvin Kingsley and Bobby Jo Spencer
He was like me and Cheryl miller used to "talk"
Not sexist in any way, shape, or form but only females that talk sports and not annoy me is Rachel Nichols, Cheryl miller, and Sage Steele.
The need to put Cheryl Miller in the game.
I can't stand female sports commentators except Cheryl Miller n she's questionable cuz i believe that's Reggie in a weave..ijs
Sage steel look like Cheryl Miller in the face lmao
And me!! I'm from the Reggie and Cheryl Miller era Riverside.
Jaz got a bf and turned into Cheryl miller
In 1982 Cheryl Miller scored 105 points in a single game, she was a senior in high school.
Shrimp, pink grapefruit and avacado salad. Trying to complete with Cheryl Miller. :-)
Cheryl Miller's dad raised a big strong man. He also raised Reggie Miller.
Gonna miss Gloriana and I hate that democrat Cheryl Crow. Looks like it's miller time when I get in!
You HAVE to see this Ronni Holt Logan Brooke Cheryl Nedell McAbee Lisa Marie Miller your mom needs to see it too!
Might have to make a trip to a Langston game just to see Cheryl Miller
Court Documents on Former Cold Case Searches to Be Released - Pamela Jackson and Cheryl Miller
I'm still convinced Giovani dos Santos is Cheryl Miller.
what Lisa Leslie... Who she the new Cheryl Miller?
Cheryl Miller in the 84 Olympics was the best women's player I've ever seen. To this day.
ummm these cheryl miller braids has GOD.
Danny Green do run like Cheryl Miller lmfao
If Pacers had drafted Cheryl Miller, they would have won multiple championships
Always a good day when Cheryl Scott is on the 6:00 news rather than Brant Miller
I can score 78 points on Cheryl Miller.
Aww lawdd somebody started lah cheryl miller on my tl.
This is why I "over-share" sometimes - because for someone, it's just the right amount :-) Love you, Jo Miller
Lori Lewandowski check it out the house you sold last year to the couple on my big blue Cheryl Miller rambler...
Cheryl Miller is my all time fav WNBA Player 💪😍
Just ran into Cheryl Miller and Madame Gravatt. So much class.
Check your boy out talking politics at the voters rally! Make sure you go and for Cheryl Miller…
I just joined my neighborhood on Nextdoor!
Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Park PTSA Officers: President - Carol Kinsley, VP - Tina Anchondo, Treasurer - Cheryl Miller, and Secretary - Rayann Huth-Peters! We thank them for their commitment and everyone for supporting Park!
Cheryl Miller the peas and carrot sandwiches YUM
Why does Cheryl Miller hate the spurs so badly?
Is that Cheryl Miller or Reggie Miller because who ever it is they are riding the *** out of Westbrook.
Is that Reggie or Cheryl Miller on the mic tonight? I can never tell.
SCJ News: Family and friends say goodbye to Vermillion, S.D., teen: Cheryl Miller was finally laid to rest...
Friday Journal: Finally closure for family of Vermillion teen missing for years. Loved ones remember Cheryl Miller.
If Reggie Miller did that to MJ, Cheryl would still be tryin to get MY off him.
.now has the ability to listen to your private convos through its app. That’s not okay. via
Tune in to hear Cheryl Miller, Basketball HOFer & Langston University Women's Coach now!
Cheryl Miller talks with the Shadow League at 3:15 CT. Follow the links to hear the interview-
PODCAST: Oklahoma Sports Blog featuring the new head coach at Langston University, Cheryl Miller.
I want the on Cheryl Miller now; she looks like an amazing basketballer! 🏀
Wicked night at prspct rotterdam ! Nice too see & hang out with friends cheryl miller & wim van djick
Friends; classmates; family; interested persons...whether it has been 43 + years or just recently...please remember Cheryl Miller and Pam Jackson who have been found and now laid to rest. Cheryl Miller's funeral is Thursday May 29th at 11 am in Vermillion SD at the Baptist Church. May they now finally rest in peace. May this closure bring all of us left wondering these many years peace as well. Thanks.
Cheryl Miller is the homie lol trippy but truu
you're laughing but here goes the real since you want to be Cheryl Miller today.
Had a puppy photo shoot tonight...Be prepared for cuteness overload!! All of these puppies are wards of the Humane Society of Wichita County, and are currently in our foster care. They will be available for adoption once weaned. Mom is a Schnauzer mix. Dad is unknown. They are 4 weeks, 2 days old. Let us know if you'd like to come for a meet n' greet :). Kimber Farrar-Hopkins, Jan Herzog, Cheryl Miller
I know it's just an hour early for TBT... But I HAVE to go to bed!! So here is to my dear BFF, BGH Roommate, Partner in Crime, Linda Pickard Knightstep and her Sweet Mom, Sara, and our lovely Denise - helping me get into church for our June 17th wedding in 1967!! And, of course, to our wonderful Buffalo Crew [and Lenny's cousin, Allie Carter] - Cheryl Miller, Susan Howard, Skip Borowicz, Rocky Lucci, Sharyn Prior, Linda, Allie & EJ !
on a completely different note, Cheryl Miller is the new Langston women's coach...
I kept wondering who Tarez reminds me off. Its Cheryl Miller LMFAO.
I'd rather have Barney Miller pitching for the Cardinals right now than Shelby Miller. Or Darius Miller. Or Dennis Miller. Or Cheryl Miller.
This is where you will be staying. ..I'm so excited to see all of you. Mother, Lewis and Jenny, Ronald and Cheryl Miller Martin. August 16th-19th. Don't forget to bring something to wear for our pictures on the Beach. I love you all bunches
Home from my much needed field trip with my bestie! I always leave sad but full of love. I love you Cheryl Miller-Goff
Greetings Everyone!! we've got four more ladies who have joined. please welcome; Cheryl Miller, Shirley Lehman, Tammy Mc Millen, & Gina Lance Riels. Hi Ladies!! & Welcome to the group. Have a great day Everybody!!
steve kerr we could of had something beautiful in NYC. you had to go and listen to cheryl miller and messy marv lol
Reggie Miller so used to losing he already talking about game 5 it's 17 pts with 1:21 in the 3rd slow down Cheryl's little brother
Just came from a successful meeting with Mrs. Cheryl Miller who is currently running for Delegate 30A…
The latest Podcast is up! Today, we get to hear from the new head WBB coach at Cheryl Miller.
I'll always give the Cheryl miller argument. She grew up around the men's game, and when I could stand to watch NBA
you slay me Cheryl.. you should take pictures so he can reminisce about what it once was when he's old and gray
Cheryl Miller is so heated about her offensive, defensive continuation theory. 😂😭
this is absolutely not true. Cheryl Miller used to eat dudes for breakfast.
I had to share Maddie Belle Miller. She is just adorable.
I was thinking today and realized I've never seen Reggie Miller and Cheryl Miller in the same room. Just some food for thought.
Mya Moore might b the greatest girl to touch a ball Cheryl Miller was a dog too tho
I could actually watch the whole of prison break again! That's how much I loved it! && cos mr miller made my evenings😍
Stop trying too hard Steve. Just go coach the Warriors. Leave commentary to...anyone else. Except Reggie or Cheryl Miller.
I was about to call in sick today but I'm glad I didn't , I met Cheryl Miller
Combining PBL and STEAM makes perfect sense:
Why doesn’t Cheryl Miller do court side analysis/interviews at games anymore?
bro really said Cheryl Miller was better than Reggie lmao
Cheryl Miller forgot more than Doris knows. Doris played in college.a long time ago.
Cheryl Miller ain't have a sex change and change her name to Reggie for this
Video and photos: A ride with pro motorcycle racer Chris Ulrich
Congrats Cheryl and Roberta, what a fantastic wedding. @ Miller Lash House
Cheryl Miller and Pamella Jackson were last in a Studebaker on their way to a party
I just want to go to MASS already! We need to have an awesome vacation guys! Erica Miller Olivia Miller Laurie Martwichuck Miller Sarah Turley Amanda Favale Mark Favale Cheryl Miller Favale
Came out 800m open water swim in 12:13. Top 6 out of 300. Felt great actually. A little rough in the start (kicked in face) but otherwise I felt good considering I haven't swam competitively in years. Had my eyes on top guys, and began to eat people up on the bike. Passed New Zealand within seconds of the bike and went on to find the top USA guys. Then my bike chain snaps. And that's my race recap. Didn't even get to my run! I've been pulling 17:00 5,000m runs now for weeks and I was really excited to finish this race with a win or at least top 3. It is what it is. I can't control the chain on a brand new bike breaking. Still blows my mind that it happened. I wanna say thank you to Rebekah Murphy and Bryan Wesley Williams for coming out to support me and waking up with me a 4am and putting up with my "old man" sleep schedule of getting to bed by 8pm and what not. I know I've been a pain prepping for this race and it effectively takes me out of the running for a championship. On to the next one! I race aga ...
My dude just said and I quote "That's a good hire but if I'm hitting a women I'm hitting Cheryl Miller" lol
See Cheryl Miller for you shirt today!
Update your maps at Navteq
History of Black Women in Sports Venus Williams, Cheryl Miller, Florence Griffith Joyner, Flo Hyman and many other black women athletes owe a debut of gratitude to the pioneers who paved the way for these black women to excel in sports. The Pioneers In 1929, all black college Tuskegee Institute (now University) in Tuskegee, Alabama began one of the first women's track teams. That same year Ora Washington won her first American Tennis Association singles title. She held this title from 1929 to 1936. Louise Stokes and Tidye (some references list her first name as Tydia) Pickett qualified for the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics in track and field, but they were not allowed to compete. Pickett and Strokes later went on to become the first black women to represent the United States in the Olympics, vying in Berlin, Germany, in 1936. Alice Coachman won the first of her 10-straight national AAU high jump titles in 1939. Black Female Strikes Olympic Gold Alice Coachman became the first black woman to win an Olympic gol ...
Cheryl miller Reggie Miller sister is the best women basketball player ever she dropped 105 points son omg
Cheryl Miller really dropped 105 in a high school game 😩
Cheryl Miller had a 105 points in a game 😩😳
Cheryl Miller confirmed! One of the greatest women's bball players of all time coming to the Pumps' charity event!
Me and my girls doing it Rae!!! Style!! Witha Alabama twist lol..Rolll Tide alll the way from Panama City Beach!! With Cheryl Miller, Terri Caldwell, April Thomas, and Paige Caldwell!!
Nickname "mom"? Eh? Eh? My friends and I had Cheryl Miller, Sacramento Kings.
I need a Cheryl Miller punt from someone on the Clippers. This is atrocious!
Back on the Friday Roundtable on AM980 with Craig Needles, Cheryl Miller, and Stewart Blair. Lots to talk about, Provincial Election, London's downtown, who knows we might even agree on something, since we'll also talk Memorial Cup. Tune in at 10:35am, or download the podcast from
Congrats , I still don't like Cheryl Miller's brother
Miller's double - the 65th of his Blue Raider career - ties him with Nathan Hines for the program's all-time record.
I was nominated by Bob Plank to share a bible verse and I have recently found a favorite of mine I would like to share. Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. PROVERBS 31:30 I now nominate Elizabeth Garza , Cheryl Miller, and Eve Adams
Reggie Miller and Cheryl Miller the same person. Idc idc idc
“People I wanna chill with soon: Mac miller. Kid cudi. And Justin bieber.” What about me?😔
How did the Cheryl Miller -- the Riverside sports icon, UCS women's basketball s...
Letsbhonest the had as much of a chance in the series as much as I had a chance with Cheryl Miller. I still love you Cheryl.
It's crazy to think that Cheryl Miller will be my bball coach for the next 3 years. 😳
New NCAA Report has been released. Zac Curtis leads the nation with 118 strikeouts. Trent Miller's 23 doubles are 5th in t…
One thing didn't get into in Cheryl Miller package: Lot of women's hoops coaches unhappy in '93 when she replaced Marianne Stanley at USC...
MILLER: It will be different in Oklahoma: Women’s basketball (and Riverside) icon Cheryl Miller is back in the...
Today's column, on Cheryl Miller's new gig at University: ... and from The Blog:
JIM ALEXANDER: Cheryl Miller’s unlikely return to coaching It is hard to believe that any college or university...
Hanging with former colleague and old friend Cheryl Miller. . VA Museum of Fine Arts shines.
Cheryl Miller would average 20 in the NBA in her prime
I do love Cheryl Miller and her support of industry Awards
"A free and open internet is a girl's best friend, Turkish women know this." Cheryl D. Miller (Dijital Liderlik Enstitusu; Belcika)
Cheryl Miller talked also about the work done within
Cheryl Miller: The world is headed to *** in a hand basket!
Have you heard? LI Alumni won the 2014 Rudy J. Favretti Fellowship Congrats Cheryl!
Dr. Julianne Miller discusses pet allergies and why vets are unable to provide medical advice over the phone
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
F you Cheryl Miller lil brother lol
Exactly. like me saying Cheryl Miller's brother can't play basketball
One of ex-girlfriends blasts his latest fling:
Wonder how many times Reggie Miller parents called home and got him and Cheryl mixed up on the phone...
“Cheryl Miller nicer then Reggie” that hunnid points never lie. even if it was a high school girl's game lol
Reggie Miller is making it really hard for me to like him right now
Hey sis(Cheryl Miller), not sure where this is but WOW that would be so cool.
Jan. 27, 1997 - Women's bball legend Cheryl Miller named the first head coach and GM. http…
Reggie Miller is still bitter that his sister Cheryl was better than him at the game of basketball.
Cheryl Miller,twix bars not twirls,
Never seen Reggie and Cheryl Miller in the same place at the same time
Cheryl Miller overwhelmed by reception at Langston - So when she was officially...
Someone needs to start chanting "Cheryl" behind the broadcasters table to get Reggie Miller to shut up
Same with Cheryl Miller. He's not much better.
I've heard Reggie and Cheryl Miller look a like
To is that Cheryl Miller's lil bro on the tube? Didn't know he knew anything about bball.
The matter of Cheryl Miller v Verna St. Rose Greaves and Ors. CV 2013-03971 comes up for hearing, tomorrow, Wednesday 7th May, 2014 at the High Court of Justice, Knox Street, Port of Spain at 9.00 a.m. at POS 22 for a Case Management Conference (CMC).
Signed up to be organ donner feels so good thank you Cheryl Miller Mcculloch
Looking forward to the first women's Wine Cup golf match today at Meadow Springs Country Club! Let's have an impressive year Tri-City Countryclub, Tiffany Buissink, Tana Wyrick, Cheryl Miller, Tracy Dokie, Becky, Heather, Chris Jacobsen, and all our other great teammates!!
PLEASE FORGIVE ME MY F.B. BUDDIES: I went and enjoyed Aarons ball game last night and by the time I got them home after eating at Zacksbe and bath got them in bed I took my med and went to sleep any ways on with the prayer request DEAR GOD I COME BOLDLY AS WELL AS HUMBLE TO YOUR THRONE AND ASK YOU TO TOUCHALL THESE FRIENDS OF MINE ON THIS PRAYER REQUEST LINE first Lord first of all Nicole Thomas , Katelyn Thomas, Joye Barr, Christy Climer, Anita Harris mom and family, Robbie Lisa Wilkersons borther, Jessica Chambers, Kelly GOODMAN, Frances Yarbrough, a very special friend of mine has a very important UNSPOKEN request Lord let your perfect will be done in this situtation, my niece Kathy Telles, Cheryl Miller Mcculloch, Lisa Bellew Herndon, Cheryl Hudson Babb, my very good friend Connie Inman, my niece Kris and her family, niw. LORD for my daddy today makes one week since he had his stroke please God bring my daddy back full recovery better than before he is your child GOD and he lives for you please I a .. ...
I was quiet doing the 1st Round but yes I watched. I'm over the devastation that my have gone fishing. For the record, I only truly root for the Knicks & the Eastern Conference. I'm definitely NOT a bandwagon fan but I support any team that's playing against the team who used to employ "Cheryl Miller's Little Brother". I don't even say his name. Down goes the Pacers.
I was asked last night how chickens have babies and didn't have an answer except "the rooster sits in the chicken's back." The response to that was a blank stare and a bottom lip suspended in mid air Cheryl Miller
Cheryl Miller was at the Big East this weekend & sent these photos of our Formula of Champions display.
Cheryl Miller Tiffany Thought you would like this little girl.
Thanks Cheryl Miller,Cheryl Cooper,Nicki Stockings and Kristen Pickford for a lovely evening and a great movie.
The Beta Epsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma welcomes Cheryl Miller to the Langston family! We will continue to support LUSports
The way the Pacers playin they gonna need Reggie & Cheryl Miller to come out of retirement to win🏀🏀🏀
Just found out that former TNT NBA analyst and basketball Hall of famer Cheryl Miller will be the new women's basketball coach at my Alma mater. Langston University. Wow. Amazing.
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