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Cheryl Lynn

Lynda Cheryl Smith (born March 11, 1957), known better by her professional name Cheryl Lynn, is a female African-American disco, R&B and soul singer known best for her 1978 disco song, Got to Be Real .

Anita Baker Luther Vandross Donna Summer James Kent Evelyn Champagne King Mariah Carey Chaka Khan Bette Midler Epic Records Barbra Streisand Gloria Gaynor Never Too Much Whitney Houston Love Power Stevie Wonder Earth Wind Warner Bros

Listen to Got To Be Real by Cheryl Lynn! here ---> 🔥🔥👀
Defintely doing Cheryl Lynn's - got to be real , at my Karaoke party next week
I'm convinced that Cheryl Lynn is a millionaire solely off the number of times "Got to be Real" is played in the ATL market.
If your family reunion don't have this on its playlist don't invite me☝🏾.
How a rape survivor wed her high school sweetheart and built a family after they had a hit man kill her dad
I added a video to a playlist Cheryl Lynn - Star Love (Soul Train 1979)
Mariah Carey and her legendary godmother Patti LaBelle covering Cheryl Lynn's "Got to be Real" at the Hammerstein B…
Thanks, Cheryl Lynn S., for your excellent review
remember that night Cheryl Lynn came for Anita Baker on here
this is the best old school beef since Cheryl Lynn was coming at Anita Baker.
Now: Cheryl Lynn - If you'll be true to me - Scarica la nostra applicazione ufficiale
my aunt played if this world were mine by Luther Vandross & Cheryl Lynn, you should look it up.
Good thing is it got me watching Shirley Murdoch, Shirley Brown, Betty Wright, Barbara Mason, Cheryl Lynn, Evelyn Champagne King on youtube
Got To Be Real by Cheryl Lynn from the album A Brief History Of Disco. Listen at
I'm listening to Cheryl Lynn - Encore (Single Version) - Cheryl Lynn on 181.FM Soul with TuneIn.
I bloody love 'got to be real' by Cheryl Lynn. I haven't stopped listening to it 😂😂😂
Atlanta :D you could cheer for the Hawks, hang out with Cheryl Lynn, and drink Coke and watch CNN
older sister named Cheryl Lynn page now teal and younger sister named Stacey Elesbeth page now smith
Cooking with the Wines of Oregon by Townsin, Troy & Cheryl-Lynn 155285843X
One of my all-time fav producers Here's why! EWF, Chaka, Cheryl Lynn, Donna Summer, Seal
I listened to IF THIS WORLD WERE MINE by Luther Vandross-CHERYL LYNN on Smooth R&B💜
Does Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant have ties to North Korea too? https…
Got to be real Cheryl Lynn always a banger
I love this collaboration..Can u listen and give a truthful comment about it...I know I messed up a couple times...
Good thing about Friday is.the WEEKEND! . Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real via
on air now Cheryl Lynn it's gonna be right - 1985 - - Lynn
'Now Playing:' GOT TO BE REAL MIX by Cheryl Lynn listen at
Lol...oh Cheryl. Don't even know what to say anymore. You astound me with your utter ignorance. https:/…
Cheryl Gallant MP tries to figure out how web pages work.
Earlier this week Gallant was asking about our stealth fighters, of which we have none. https:/…
Welcome Cheryl Lynn Gamble on for Rodan and Fields in New Castle, Delaware!
'Now Playing:' ENCORE MIX by cheryl lynn listen at
Now playing: Fidelity by Cheryl Lynn at - Buy it
Luther & Cheryl Lynn took my soul with if this world were mine then years later Jesse Powell gives us You 😩
More great tunes coming up by Bon Jovi, Dobie Gray, the Beach Boys, Cheryl Lynn, Joe Jackson and much more!
One time I walked by a dentist office in SoHo (NYC) that was blasting Cheryl Lynn's 'Got to Be Real.' And it's always stuck with me, tbh.
is NOT the Church Folks who made Psychic Cheryl Lynn popular, STOP the BLAME GAME. Brian, You made the Psychic POPULAR
Su RADIO abbiamo trasmesso: Cheryl Lynn - Got to be real
A taste of easy listening in the morning Cheryl Lynn - Got to be real 🎧
Got To Be Real by Cheryl Lynn is in Pier Eight. Download it now at
would love a reading for my best friend Cheryl Lynn. She lost her daughter and can't move on.
Cheryl Lynn Larry just won a game against Timmie Lyvers Hayes in Trivia Crack!
Got to Be Real by Cheryl Lynn on Old School R&B
If this world were mine by Luther Vandross ft. Cheryl Lynn
Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real (with lyrics) sent you this on fb then realised you are cold turkey!
Johnnie Walker's Sounds of the 70s, Cheryl Lynn Really Nice Ed Stewart tribute 1hr'10mins in
ENCORE (12-Inch Extended Version) - Cheryl Lynn via lets make songs like this lets remix
LIVE on Break time at Starbucks. Hot tea and cheese Danish ☕️🍮
at the shop: Cheryl Lynn - Got to Be Real Open til 5 p.m. today: 70A Leonard in
Dancing around a club with straight to Cheryl Lynn's got to be real
To be real . Our love is here to stay ! Cheryl Lynn
You know that your love is my love. My love is your love, Our love is here to stay - Got To Be Real, Cheryl Lynn
Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn 🎤🎧🎶 can't help but dance to this song every time I listen to it💃
Listen to Got to Be Real by Cheryl Lynn on
I liked a YouTube video Cheryl Lynn - Got to Be Real
- Or are you ANOTHER "Boyriend" from Cheryl Lynn Greening aka. Stokes - (1 of 43 (me including, but i am OUT now)) - Chris
Ok the last one wasn't disco but this is big time Got To Be Real by Cheryl Lynn.
To be real you have to get real. The great Cheryl Lynn told me that.
Are you upset with Cheryl Lynn over this?
IMAGINE Olivier Messiaen IMPROVISING RHYTHM to Got to Be Real by Cheryl Lynn with Jug!
This is a classic from Toto and Cheryl Lynn. Great song!
has babyface ever thought of doing a various artists album. Angela winbush, Evelyn king, Cheryl Lynn, Freddie Jackson and so on
'Emotions' also mashes up perfectly with Cheryl Lynn's amazing 'Got to be Real' (after the key change).
want somebody that'll sing Luther's parts in 'If This World Were Mine' while i sing Cheryl Lynn's lol 😩
Got To Be Real x Cheryl Lynn, this is my jam !
this interaction will never top the Cheryl Lynn/Anita Baker drama
you must didn't hear about Anita Baker verse Cheryl Lynn
I'm not really here for this Bomani Jones/Talib Kweli beef. At all. It's turning into the Anita Baker/Cheryl Lynn sitchoo.
I just remembered that Anita Baker beef with Cheryl Lynn lmaooo. Then started blocking everybody. lmfao
no that won't happen. Those two are good friends. Anita Baker vs Cheryl Lynn was lit!!!
my personal favorite, Anita Baker vs Cheryl Lynn
In other news..Anita Baker & Cheryl Lynn still ain't friends. What is the world coming to?!
Absolutely nothing. Acting like Cheryl Lynn the other day lol
PS: that artwork design, though... Humming Cheryl Lynn,
So that wasn't really Cheryl Lynn beefing with Anita Baker, it was this queen? --->
(1978) This was a good year. After Ike and Tina, dropping Cheryl Lynn (album)​!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Enjoy Cheryl Lynn - Shake It Up Tonight and other 1950s-2000 Oldies on .
People giving me weird stares just because I was driving by myself listening to "Got to be Real", by Cheryl Lynn with the windows down😂😂😂
If that Cheryl Lynn account is fake, WHO did Anita Baker block???
Thanks for the follow, Lynn! We support taking charge of your health!
If that account is not Cheryl Lynn's, why didn't her management team reach out to Anita Baker's and have HER clear it up? Did I…
Finally remembered to tell my dad about Anita Baker and Cheryl Lynn
Maybe Minister Farrakhan can settle this Cheryl Lynn v Anita Baker beef like he did for Common & Ice Cube before things go…
What tiff am I having with Anita Baker? Oh Cheryl Lynn, not Jeff Lynn! I would still like to meet Andy and Miss Ross!
One of my fav songs in the whole world. Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn. If this world were mine. Traci Director...
Woke up still laughing about Anita Baker vs Cheryl Lynn. But this beef can only be settled one way: Best potato salad wins.
Really? Cheryl Lynn and Anita Baker beefin? needs your vote
Jennifer Holliday got Cheryl Lynn together? Cheryl tried to call on Deniece Williams? 'BLS wars getting real in the field.
I'm just waiting for Cheryl Lynn to go on the Tom Joyner Morning Show tambout "ARE WE LIVE??"
medium length hair. Love the cut ng ng ng ng Lynn this is what you need in the back!!
Now Playing on Cheryl Lynn Encore . Click link to listen live:
All new exclusive story by Cheryl Lynn. MARTIN...
Still to come Cheryl Lynn,Lou Rawls,Shakatak,Gavin Minter.Ernie Smith and a whole lot more
when u go to the dining hall and they rockin Cheryl Lynn and Evelyn Champagne King >>>
Did you know that Michael collier listen to got to be real by Cheryl Lynn
Got to be real Cheryl Lynn-- Sweetest Thing U2 -- tears for fears everybody wants to rule the world :)
Cheryl Lynn didn't have too many great songs but that was one of them!
Great segment with Judge Cheryl Lynn Allen. Look forward to next week's segment with her.
Seems working now, heard Nenah Cherry & Cheryl Lynn & now Arrested Development ~ Boom xx
Cheryl Lynn is my spirit black woman.
A new favorite: Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn - By Bianca Fachel With Discovery Band by Bianca Fachel on
Cheryl Lynn . Its got to be real...
Some Sade, Chaka Khan, Earth Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang and Cheryl Lynn kind of night. :). There is so many...
I can appreciate a man who knows who Bootsy Collins, Isley Brothers, Zapp & Roger, Evelyn Champagne King, and Cheryl Lynn are …
This is John C nesting and Cheryl Lynn Deakins at the Senior Prom in 1976 at North Vigo High School in Terre Haute, Indiana
FYI- Zumba tonight is being taught by Rebekah Gooding and Wednesday, 01/07 is being taught by Cheryl Lynn Moore :)
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Late last night, I participated in the first same sex marriage in Central Florida. Congratulations, Cheryl and Patti! http…
Cheryl Lynn hit the top of the US R&B chart with Got To Be Real this date in 1979 & also took the song to pop -
Cover of Studio 1 Program (print). Designed by Cheryl Lynn. E: cherylreasor
I'm listening to Cheryl Lynn feat. Busta Rhymes - Got to be real (Nattycee remix) by Unknown Artist
Ain't no female on this Earth like Cheryl Lynn Thomas *** why you leave me mama
Cheryl Lynn "To Bee Real" Honey this song makes me want o take a match to Paris and burn ha down!!
cheryl Lynn's Masterpiece "Got To Be Real" could be played every second of every day and I would never grow tired of it as long as I live
ENCORE (12-Inch Extended Version) - Cheryl Lynn: I hope this will cheer you up bit X
This is my jam: Got To Be Real by Cheryl Lynn v103 ♫
listen... Kid Capri was FAMOUS for dropping Cheryl Lynn "got to be real" at ANY club and EVERYBODY hit the floor. hip h…
We waiting on the 🚍🚍 I'm so excited back to school they go 󾍗󾍗 can't wait to see ms. Cheryl Lynn Allen Mitchell pull up!
Playing Got To Be Real - CHERYL LYNN '1978 on Front Porch Jamz your home of R&B ,Southern Soul,Blues, and Gospel
Guys I have a flight in 6 hours and I'm drunk af and just sang Pearl Jam and Cheryl Lynn at karaoke!!!
In respect to Cheryl Lynn's more delicate sensibilities I didn't post the more ESSENTIAL pictures
Do you want to start an art-based business? Should you? Successful artrepreneurs Lynn Krawczyk and Cheryl Sleboda... htt…
Electronic Device Insurance
At lunch with my daughter, Cheryl Lynn and her boyfriend, James Kent (@ Chopsticks Super Buffet in Clearwater, FL)
Lyrics to 'Encore' by Cheryl Lynn': yeah / Your love's so good /…
Cheryl Lynn - Encore, on click to play it on the home of Black Music
“I was challenged in a way unlike any university class” | Cheryl-Lynn reflects on her time as an Allan Gray Fellow:
Encore x Cheryl Lynn. Talk about getting my Whole. Entire. Life.
Your. good love.DEserves an encore. ~ Cheryl Lynn
I am😒 ima walk up in there Saturday and make my own *** Cheryl's
Cheryl Lynn just came on the radio while I have a pounding headache, she hit the high note and my head just exploded
And once again, Cheryl Lynn takes us to church
So I'm listening to my jams at school right now and this Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn song comes on... I'm so ready to sing aloud
I just used Shazam to discover If This World Were Mine by Luther Vandross, Cheryl Lynn.
Cheryl-Lynn: "fruitcake is the PLAGUE Christmas gifts"
This song aways makes me move. Woo Forever Song of the Day! Got To Be Real by Cheryl Lynn
Musical goodness that u 2 should enjoy! Cheryl Lynn - I'm On Fire (Funk Hunk edit) by Funk Hunk on
And another promotion on my team. Congrats Cheryl Lynn. And the Rockstars are not done yet. featured in NBC s Science of Love
and BAM Cheryl Lynn gets murdered on her honeymoon bc you didn't tell her his previous 3 wives all got murdered
don't be gross around Cheryl Lynn, you trashbag
cocktail and it is frowned on by Cheryl Lynn with
Cheryl Lynn's station is very groovy 💃
TONIGHT! Faces & Places art show by Cheryl Presley and Brianna Lynn Reception from 7-9 p.m. This is...
Design Consultation, Home-Staging Session, or Interior-Design Services from Cheryl Lynn Designs, LLC. - Up to 72% O
The VOICE it's a pleasure to meet you Ms Cheryl Lynn I LOVE Sweet Kind of Life. But I'm sure ur version of anything would be the best 🌼🌼🌼
Our song Luther Vandross ft Cheryl Lynn if this world were mine.
Didn't know Cheryl Lynn=female on Georgy Porgy or Got to Be Real composed by David Paich (Toto), David Foster & her!
CHERYL LYNN sweet kind of life: via from the Shark Tale kind of music catchy but FUNKY
Here’s a great candid photo of Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn in 1982, recording “If This World Were Mine.” http:…
this song reminds me of The Wood lol
Dun fell in my Anita Baker station on Pandora just started playing If this world were mine x Luther & Cheryl Lynn
I'm listening to Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real (Pt 2) on Funk Republic Radio with TuneIn.
You were right Cheryl Lynn, good love deserves an encore.
Lynn, Cheryl and Jude practising the recovery position yesterday during training.
Now playing on : Cheryl Lynn - SHAKE IT UP TONIGHT. 80's : Nothing but the best!
"Is that from the late 80s?" "Yep, how you know that?" "Oh I love RnB. Y'know, Cheryl Lynn Stephanie Mills" "Mm. Mhmm those the real divas"
Online Personal-Shopper and Design Services from Cheryl Lynn Designs Online, LLC - Up to 55% Off -
Now playing on : Cheryl Lynn - GOT TO BE REAL. 80's : Nothing but the best!
Lunch with Cheryl Lynn and James Kent . (@ Teppanyanki Grill & Supreme Buffet in St.Petersburg, FL)
Cheryl Lynn Photography and Jana's Posh Pieces have partnered up to offer the first family to book a outdoor...
Just got back from my moms birthday party. We had a blast with family and friends. Our two nephews Jayden and Damien and staying overnight with Uncle Andy and Aunt Val. Thank you sis Cheryl Lynn Rodriguez and David Rodriguez Jr. for letting us take them for the night.
VOTE on part 1 of tonight's Flashback. Out of:. Cheryl Lynn - Got to be Real. OR. Donna Summer - I Feel Love
Cheryl Lynn would get way more love she came out today vs. 70s/80s. Cheryl Lynn - Shake It Up Tonight (1981):
Puppy and I singing Cheryl Lynn's Got To Be Real at the top of our voices. Neighbours clearly living for it.
dammit Cheryl Lynn don't make me come over there you know you're pretty as HECK
All this talk about Madonna and Mariah, heard of Cheryl, this is called singing in from the Rain by Cheryl Lynn
got to be real by Cheryl Lynn is still one of my favorite songs ever
Congratulations Cheryl Lynn Pressler! You have won Fill Up Friday! Please come to The Rock this week and ask for...
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New from Cherry Red this week! Cheryl Lynn, The Glitter Band, Labelle, Piero Piccioni, Gary Burton & more!
Had a very productive day got all the school shopping done with my to granddaugthers.thanks to a very special angel Cheryl lynn your the best can't say thank you enough... came home got 8 bottle of strawberry freezer jam made and put away to relax the rest of the night.
Great Monty Python night - thanks Cheryl Lynn Robson Steven Lindsay Gwen Thomson John Thomson for a great laugh. And thanks again Rona for the lift home !
has Cheryl Casterline written ALL over it!
Cheryl Lynn Watson, 59, of Little Cypress passed away on Thursday, August 7, 2014 at Orange Villa Following a lengthy illness. Born December 9, 1954, Miss Watson was a lifelong resident of Little Cypress. A teacher by profession, she taught English and Social Studies, impacting lives of students in…
I love face timing with the girls at work on my break lmao
Live Music & Entertainment:. FRIDAY, AUG. 8. Cheryl Lynn at Casablanca. Moon Jr. at Paradise. Dustin Clark at Shorty...
Are you a bride to be or do you know one?? Please recommend Cheryl Lynn Photography. current special is:...
HTG (Heritage) opening for Simply Three in concert! Performing "Got To Be Real" by Cheryl Lynn! See here:...
There's just something about Cheryl Lynn - got to be real that just makes me so happy
makes you wanna "jump, jump, jump to it!!" Some Aretha Franklin, Cheryl Lynn & Crystal Waters to...
need some mood? Listen to this full volume thanks Cheryl Lynn!
All I can say is *** Cheryl Lynn, you'd better WATCH OUT!
I think has another Cheryl Lynn confused with you. I just got this recommendation-lol.
Cheryl Roach Aida Vazquez this is the 2 of you back in the days! !! Lmfao! Misha Vazquez, Erie Lynn Deanna Rios
Cheryl Lynn Beal..we should've done this the other day!
Are you getting married or know of someone that is? Please recomnmend Cheryl Lynn Photography. Free engagement...
"Then I watch your face, put my finger on your tongue cause you love the taste" 🎶🎧🎶
I have always admired the voice of Gladys Knight and Cheryl Lynn also. . out
I added a video to a playlist got to be real --cheryl lynn
Complaining is good for you as long as youre not complaining to the person youre complaining about. Lynn Johnston~
ENCORE (12-Inch Extended Version) - Cheryl Lynn: Tune into the rebel sound!
On this day in 2005 we lost the great Luther Ronzoni Vandross (April 20, 1951 – July 1, 2005) an American singer-songwriter and record producer. Throughout his career, Vandross was an in demand background vocalist for several different artists including Chaka Khan, Bette Midler, Diana Ross, David Bowie, Barbra Streisand, Ben E. King, and Donna Summer. He later became the lead singer of the group Change which released its certified gold debut album, The Glow of Love, in 1980 on Warner Bros. Records. After Vandross left the group, he was signed to Epic Records as a solo artist and released his debut solo album, Never Too Much in 1981. His hit songs include, "Never Too Much", "Here and Now", "Any Love", "Power of Love/Love Power", "I Can Make It Better" and "For You to Love". Many of his songs were covers of original music by other artists such as "If This World Were Mine" (duet with Cheryl Lynn), "Since I Lost My Baby", "Superstar" and "Always and Forever". Duets such as "The Closer I Get to You" with Bey ...
From FB: Jacob Ruth, Cheryl Lynn Leung and Melissa Tang commented on your life event.
Found Got To Be Real by Cheryl Lynn with keep it real
I can give u rave reviews 'cause u sold out my heart with love - Encore, Cheryl Lynn
I'm listening to Encore by Cheryl Lynn on Pandora
Why are you late today? I am late because I had to listen to Got To Be Real by Cheryl Lynn
There's something amazing about being around people who make you want to be better!
I'm listening to All My Lovin' by Cheryl Lynn on mobile application. Get it on your iOS device!
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There is a person impersonating Cheryl Lynn please disregard any and all comments made by
Cheryl Lynn Pinsius that's the name for the UN 2014!
Cause you live in shades of cool, Your heart is unbreakable.
I'm posting this in memory of my older sister "Cheryl Lynn Hill "Osborne Jan 6 1954 - June 2 1983 it's been 31 years and she is still missed. RIP
Jamming to I Surrender, No Curfew, I Forgot, In Love Sweet Kind of Life , Im in my Cheryl Lynn mode and it feels so good.
Thankyou Cheryl Lynn Shannon and Hunter Proctor for helping me with getn stuff dun this weekend ... wouldnt of got half my work dunn without yas.
Yumm Cheryl-Lynn Elliott thank you for our sweets
Can't go wrong with the Cheryl Lynn "Got To Be Real" sample though.
Well, we will finally be moving on Tuesday! Go figure it's my last day of school too so I can't take off work! Praying everything goes smoothly. Thank goodness for grandma Cheryl Lynn Jacobson Crews and grandpa Larry Crews! Watching the dogs and Logan until Wednesday will be quite the job!
I see your true colors shining through 🎶🎤🎶
NOW, in the mix with DJ Renay on on 365 JAMZ Internet Radio - Cheryl Lynn - You...
I heart breakfast burritos. Anytime of day.
Cheryl Lynn Stump Holly Jenkins this is what i was telling you about you should both try it
It's was really nice to meet Richard and Cheryl-Lynn this evening... Thank you!!!
Aside from sleeping on rocks and the sickening smell of Lee's feet not to mention Cheryl Lynn going to the barroom 4 times I've had a good time camping with the kids. Breakfast is bout over and time to beak down and head home
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Happy birthday to the awesome guitarist and performer Jesse Woods Johnson (born June 1, 1960 in Rock Island, Illinois) a musician best known as the guitarist in the original lineup of The Time (more recently known as The Original 7ven). Johnson moved to St. Louis at the age of nine and was raised by foster parents after his parents split up. At age 16 he moved back to Rock Island to live with his father. Johnson began playing guitar when he was 15, honing his chops in local rock bands such as Treacherous Funk, Pilot, and Dealer, throughout his teens and early twenties. On a friend's recommendation, he moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1981, where he met Morris Day and played briefly in Day's band which was called Enterprise. He then became the lead guitarist for the city's funk-rock group, The Time. Although Prince basically recorded the first two Time albums on his own with Morris Day, Johnson did contribute to the Vanity 6 project with a song called "Bite The Beat" co-written with Prince. On The Time's ...
Cheryl Lynn Richard Grimes :ACE UPDATE. My embarrassing before pics that motivated me to start taking a product...
Thank you mom for taKing care of my babies and giving me a break. I appreciate it. Thank you dad for helping my mom financially. Thank you family in New Mexico for everything you did for my babies! Thank you Cheryl Lynn and Anferney Spencer for helping with gas money! And thank you God for blessing me with beautiful children and everything else you do!
Listen to spen deejay / Cheryl Lynn . Shake It Up Tonight Re-Edit | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of mus...
Cheryl Lynn Russell Art's just went Disney World Snow White House and Senate and I am home now.
Cheryl Lynn Nottaway, want to walk later this evening??
"This job is a labour of love, and I do get confirmation that it is all worthwhile." A counsellor's story:
MEAN FIDDLER REWAXING SOULFUL JAMS - A selection of best DISCO-FUNK FIRED MIXES. Regrooved and Re-Rubbed for...
Had a great weekend with Angie Mcnabb-Lowe. Connors lacrosse game Saturday and then drinks in steel town with Cheryl Lynn Johnston and Gerry :)
Because no one else wakes up and starts bumpin Cheryl Lynn.
Such a caring and sweet person (most of the time) ;) But also an "I'm here for the good time" kinda person that we all love, and I feel very privileged to call you one of my closest friends, my family. Happy Birthday Cheryl Lynn!!! Have an amazing day!!
also Got to be Real by Cheryl Lynn lol
What a day on the Jolly Mon with Captain Dalton and Team RUSS! Excellent charter with the best crew, wonderful mentoring and guidance from Cheryl Lynn, and BONUS got to spend my first day ever spearfishing with no bag limit. Lionfish for lunch tomorrow wo!
Just want to thank Josh Ferguson and Cheryl Lynn for a great day!
Thank you Cheryl Lynn and Kenny. For being the greatest sister and brother-in-law ever.
Shelly Pein-Campton Shaina Murley Cheryl Lynn Roal Heckel Jane Simpson. .puppy play date next Saturday at 3pm at Firemans park?? Gina Rupnow and Kily Rupnow are in...
Cheryl Lynn Russell's Art coupon codes and I have been declared a girlfriend.
Our final Sweet Sunday Snippet was requested by Lynn Cheryl Pool, and had one like. . Thank you ladies for...
This is for my daughter, Cheryl Lynn, and my son, Ronald. No need to say more!!!
Thanks Gail Badolato for the ride to Cape Cod, Cheryl Lynn Gagnon for the ride home, Jane Elliott for picking an awesome place. Did get some sewing done
Wow! Hard to believe (especially at this age) people being so fake and creating drama.
So happy today get to see my babies and spend some time with them!! 😄😄😄 Heather Nicole Ellis & Cheryl Lynn Tesseo!
Happy Bday to one of the Legendary DJ Pioneers from JC and abroad ... i was inspired when i saw him backspinnin 2 records back to back , it was " To be real " ( Cheryl Lynn ) in 1979 . The beginning of Hip Hop in J C ... for me ...Happy Bday Dj Count Basil aka Basil Brando , The Godfather !
Kerri Sullivan Ramirez!!! Seeing all the pictures Cheryl Lynn Baranski is post gets me excited about our trip!!!
Did I mention I met the Fabulous Cheryl Lynn yesterday? I love her Videos ☺
Having great times with Angie Mcnabb-Lowe Cheryl Lynn Johnston and Gerry!!!
Thank you Cheryl Lynn for reminding me to count my blessings when I'm having a hard day! Thank you for being a wonderful friend!!
STAR LOVE THAT'S WHAT I'M ROCKIN TO (CHERYL LYNN) who know bout this Godsbeautiful Creation.think in of my mom. mothers day is 8 days away love you mommy oh I I wish you were here...
Just served up a fierce runway walk down an aisle in Home Depot to Cheryl Lynn's "got to be real"
Da-Professor's Lounge will like to send birthday wishes to Singer/Songwriter and Motown Legend Tammi Terrell. Tammi is known for her hit duets with former label mate Marvin Gaye. She also attended the University of Penn on a full scholarship and majored in pre-med before pursuing a singing career full time. Tammi had sung with James Brown and Jerry Butler as well. Her music has been remade and sampled by Luther Vandross, Cheryl Lynn, Method Man & Mary J Blige, and countless others. Though she left us way too soon, she left a great impact on music. Happy Birthday Tammi A Philadelphia Home Girl.
BASE: Saint Leo leading No. 9 Lynn by a 3-1 score heading into the 6th!
Dolores Paddock Kat Paquin Leslie Pam Stubbs Cheryl Lynn Lynn Pierson Bobbi Long sending you hugs and a happy Easter *You too Jae Michaels and Jack Biagi but I see ya'll more than enough. LOL! JOKING
Recycle day was a success now to David's bridal for a dress fitting for Cheryl Lynn Jett and Tommie Betancourt wedding ! ❤️❤️
Cheryl Lynn Becker is the winner of the gift package! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm open till 3pm today or next week is fine too!
Encore, Cheryl Lynn is so great. We overlook the fact it's 8 mins. Long LarryLankLank great song
I played Cheryl Lynn "Encore" like 6 times in a row this morning
Hello, my name is Cheryl Lynn and I am a Vera Bradley Lilli Bell a-holic...
Emilee Muse Bonds, Melissa Pattison, Cheryl Lynn Dix Makowski, Nicole Deaver. I'm just saying, if the shoe fits.
I must be getting old . When a bar finally empties when u are playing Touch me Fonda Rae after mixing it seamlessly with Got to Be Real Cheryl Lynn .hmn night all
Dying my hair neon green! Derek Andersen! Also going to go see wayland with Cheryl Lynn!!! Tonight is gonna be awesome!
I thought that till I just dropped Cheryl Lynn and they loved it!
WELLL. I told my buddy Daniel Edenshaw that when I got back the only thing that would make me feel better was him, Cheryl Lynn and I went and got some this morning and they are making feel great!!! soo delicious!!
Queen's Coronation Party in Weybridge Street 1953. Can name quite a few of the people in the photo. The Hern, Thompsons, Jacobs and Mrs Stone on the left holding her daughter Cheryl Lynn
Big single from Cheryl Lynn!! Check it out and my other videos too! No any bad comment accepted!!
Vidéo CHERYL LYNN : If you'll be true to me - funk80 zing25 - vidéo Musique
BASE: And we're headed to the 9th!! Saint Leo currently leads No. 9 Lynn with Newcomb, T. Perez, and Whitten due up.
"I love you Ms. Betty! My mom cheryl lynn loves you dearly! Hope talk work together in th…
Cheryl Lynn gave BET the business earlier this month and rightfully so! Go off, Ms. Lynn!
Okay,'s the scoop. Not even kidding, if you want the BEST KALE CHIPS you have ever tasted (and I can't even bold that enough), then you need to let me know so I can hook you up. My friends Mike and Cheryl Lynn make the best kale chips you'll ever taste. They are going to be opening a business soon JUST TO MAKE THEM!!! OMGE! If you want their number to order, let me know. They will even mail it to you. And seriously, it's $5.00 a bag. Are you kidding?!
So don't want to get up. Gary and Cheryl Lynn get to have daddy/daughter day and mommy gets to go to work.
This is my kind of Easter bunny with Cheryl Lynn Jackson and Jeanne Hyvarinen and Marabeth Graham! Have a healthy day-love you all!
Nurul Hanani Jacinta Ser Erinne Cheryl Lynn Tee Kian Peng Pritha Ramesh i need the details below: 1. name and IC (all 5) 2. date of competitions and location. from preliminary till finals. Appoint a leader. get it done in either microsoft words/ excel. i am fine with both. email it to me and i will print for co-curricular activities report. oh yeah, pass me the certificates and the trophies on sunday. i will get things done so prize-giving can be conducted on NEXT sunday. tq
♥What an amazing show. Thank you, Cheryl Lynn! Sorry we had to run off.♥
Cleveland Jones is at it again! channeling Cheryl Lynn EWF & even some low Luther notes on a dance spectacular w/ me & Darren Polite ! this mix is a beast to make sure you don't miss a note but imma get it right! ;-)
Such a beautiful, misty day here in Tigard. Please welcome our newest members: Cheryl Lynn Garland, Marlene Silvey Zavita, Pam Bell, Pam Holder-Altmann, Natalie R. Harrison, Ridgeley Reichert, Kate Field, and Beverly Shaw. I hope you all have an amazing time with us. Please be sure to read our page rules, located in the files section, prior to posting and have a wonderful day. :)
Get your groove on tomorrow night with the 'Soul Train Special' on the Purple Worm Hour - Supercharge will be mixing up some Funk/Soul Classics with Wai Wan - Set list includes The Jacksons, Joe Simon, Cheryl Lynn, Stevie Wonder, Commodores, Maceo, James Brown, David Ruffin, Lowell Fulsom, Ebony Rhythm Band, Sly & the Family Stone, Johnny Tolbert, Dee Edwards plus loads more! Friday @ 10pm on WHCR 106.9FM - "Get up and Get down" x
"Shake It Up Tonight" is a 1981 hit single by Cheryl Lynn. Since the success of her debut hit, "Got to Be Real," the acclaimed R&B-dance track peaked at No. ...
I want to celebrate my mother Linda Young born on this day 66 years ago. Before there was Lisa Fisher, Syreeta Wright, Mariah Carey, Chante Moore, Shanice Wilson, Rachelle Ferrell, Patti Labelle, Cheryl Lynn, Melba Moore, Whitney Houston, Minnie Ripperton, and Deniece Williams I heard the Six octaves range of my mother Linda Young. My mother was an original Member of The Sacred Hearts of DC that became The Gospel Pearls of DC who are still going strong today. So when all of these new vocalists are praised for their incredible singing range, I must compare them to the amazing sounds that I grew up with. As a child I remember going to the live recordings at DC’s WUST radio where The Gospel Pearls would sing, it always baffled me why my mother and cousin would have to sing in a booth away from everyone else and I was told that there voices were so high and powerful the sound needed to have a barrier for the air waves. Talking about some pipes. So FB family, please join me in celebrating my Mom on her 66 Bi ...
If you're in South Georgia or North Florida on a Sunday morning and you want to take a trip back in time without having to build a time machine, just tune in to "Cruising 94" (WMTM 93.9) when they replay an entire "American Top 40" program from the past. You'll hear a young Casey Kasem counting down the top 40 hits just as it was originally aired. I listened to almost the entire program today and it also confirmed something else that I've always thought ... we grew up during the most versatile music period ever. Today's program was the countdown for the week ending February 17, 1979 and to prove my point here are just a FEW of the artist from the countdown; Earth, Wind & Fire, Dire Straights, Santana, Dolly Parton, Donna Summer, Chicago, The Doobie Brothers, Village People, Foreigner, Chic, Bee Gees (twice), Little River Band, Gloria Gaynor, Poco, Talking Heads, Cheryl Lynn, Blues Brothers, Pointer Sisters and the number one hit for this week in 1979 ... "Do You Think I'm Sexy" by Rod Stewart! Try to catc ...
Reflection Of My Thoughts Im feelin this Mary Mary CD my little sis Kebra Givens give me.Im in traffic eastbound on 10fwy on my way Montclair to work bumping Im gonna praise ya. Reminscing about being at church with my Granny listen to my Cheryl Lynn sing for lord.While Uncle Artis,Momma,PaPa,Aunt Gloria Jean,and My Triple OG Jerome Givens would have our hand clap and our feet tap all the same with the rhythm of the whole church rockin.Im feelin grateful that the mu family angels in heaven and on earth now. I appreciate all the unconditional love.
I'm listening to Shake It Up Tonight by Cheryl Lynn on Pandora
Tonight! Cat Cohen @ SongNet! With songs recorded by Cheryl Lynn, Syreeta, Freddie Hubbard, Bo Diddley & others, David (Cat) Cohen is a songwriter, musical theater composer, teacher, and journalist. He co-wrote a jazz instrumental featured in the HBO movie THE RAT PACK and a funk tune for the Universal feature film UNDERCOVER BROTHER. He was commissioned by OPERA PACIFIC to write a children's operetta THE NOT SO GREAT ESCAPE. He has taught songwriting and artist development at UCLA Extension, Musicians’ Institute, and Cal Poly Pomona. As an author, Cat's books include SONGWRITING FOR YOUR (an) ORIGINAL ACT, a pragmatic text helping songwriters define their brand and genre, ROAD POEMS USA, a collection of poems and photos from his many travels, ROAD STORIES SOUTHWEST, descriptions of his journeys and spiritual quests in the 4 corners area, CHICKEN SOUPS FROM AROUND THE WORLD, an international cookbook, MY DESERT BLOG CABIN, the story of how he built his home north of Palm Springs, and TALES OF A CENSUS W ...
Unfortunately, the obituary was not received at the Indy Star in time so I just wanted to Post for the masses. Thanks everyone. Peace and Love Karen Diane Pirtle, age 44, of Indianapolis, Indiana, passed away unexpectedly January 2, 2013. She was born November 3, 1969 in Muncie, Indiana where she was also raised; she graduated from Northside High School in 1988. She was also a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in criminal justice. Karen was active as a youth in school activities and clubs and was also a participant in church Bible quiz competitions. As an adult she became an accomplished writer and was author of four books. She was a legacy member of Sigma Zeta Phi sorority. She leaves a daughter Kiah Brittany Pirtle (friend, Julia Hawkins) of Indianapolis; a son Quinten Scott Pirtle (girlfriend Bri Anna Schmidt), currently of Muncie, Indiana; three grandchildren Kaylen Pirtle, Darren Satterfield, and Robert Satterfield; a sister, Cheryl Lynn (McCammon) Rivers (husband David); a brother, ...
Got to Be Real by Cheryl Lynn on 93.1 WZAK! Next up: Chanté Moore & Kenny Lattimore.
It's Thanksgiving day for me in Korea. How I wish I was at the family table with some of my momma Cheryl Lynn's turkey wings, grandma Pete's dressing, my aunt Bev's potato salad, my dad Calvin Scott's greens, my aunt Debbie Scott's sweet potato pie, my grandma Annie Jewel's mac n cheese, a can on cranberry sauce, and genuine hugs and kisses from everyone else. That's all I want...oh well, it's to work I go. Somebody eat good for me tomorrow. Hugs and Kisses to my family back home. If you only knew.
Everyone's home for the holiday weekend so let's all spend one night together and give thanks for being part of the greatest part of the county.The Groove Machine will kick it into high gear with it's Old School where the band originated from...**NORTH ROCKLAND. Come out and party with the band that keeps you MOVIN' AND GROOVIN' to the greatest hits from the greatest era of dance music from artists like Rick James, Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer, Sugar Hill Gang, Kool and the Gang, Whitney Houston, K.C. & the Sunshine Band, Gloria Gaynor, Cheryl Lynn, McFadden and Whitehead, Wild Cherry, Barry White, SOS Band, Secret Weapon, Commodores, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, Al Green and many more!!! The party starts at 9:00pm so get there early and enjoy The Publik House's great menu. Remember... Saturday November 30TH @ 9:00pm... See Ya There!!!
This song by Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn is a favorite song of one of my Cape Town Love Video models Kashima Allston. She is a beautiful african woman mi...
That new JHUD is serving Cheryl Lynn and Donna Summer teas!
by the way do you ever hear from Cheryl Lynn? If so, pass on my regards!
If this world were mine.. Luther/Cheryl Lynn... Just close your eyes. Can u feel it??
Tonight at 9/8c, I'm watching as the going gets tough:
Listening to a bunch of sad songs. Country, Christian, Pop:
The deeply talented and clever commentator Cheryl Lynn has quit:
Aw he should've played that Cheryl Lynn Encore.that's my song 😍
“What do you want your wedding song to be?” . Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn - if this world were mine
I'm on my oldie but goodies tonight!! I'm talking Anita Baker, Teena Marie, Luther Vandross, Cheryl Lynn
My guurrl from back home Cheryl Lynn Stansfield came to the show last night to surprise me! Thank you lady, was...
CHERYL LYNN DOWNS 7YRS OREGON CHILD KILLER DENIED PAROLE DIANE DOWNS RECALLS SLAIN 7YR OLD DAUGHTER AS 'LOVABLE' AND 'CUDDLY' Updated: December 9th, 2008 PM SALEM, Ore. — A woman convicted of killing her daughter a quarter-century ago was denied parole after proclaiming her innocence and recalling the slain girl as lovable and "cuddly." Diane Downs answered questions via video link from a California prison for more than two hours before the Oregon parole board turned her down. It was her first chance at parole. Her 7yr old daughter, Cheryl Lynn, was killed and her two other children were seriously wounded in a shooting on a rural road in 1983. Downs, 53yrs old, has told varying stories, including one that a bushy-haired stranger shot Cheryl, 3yr old Danny and 8yr old Christie Ann, who identified her mother as the shooter during the woman's 1984 trial. Subject Of Book & Movie The case shocked the nation and was the subject of "Small Sacrifices," a best-selling book by Ann Rule and a made-for-television m ...
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