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Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation (ᏣᎳᎩᎯ ᎠᏰᎵ or Tsalagihi Ayeli) is the largest of three Cherokee federally recognized tribes in the United States.

Wilma Mankiller Cherokee Indians Bill John Baker Native American Andrew Jackson Civil War Indian Health Service Standing Rock History Month

Ask the Cherokee Nation about check-and-balances and what happens when the president defies a court ruling.
Cherokee Nation formalizes purchase of Sequoyah’s Cabin - Anadisgoi
Cherokee Nation citizen here. Drain the Swamp. Build the wall.
it was because of the "Indians removal policy" the Cherokee nation was forced to give up its lands ?
Break from Sequoyah's historic cabin returned to Cherokee Nation. More Fri Photos at…
Cherokee Nation is the new proud owner of Sequoyah's cabin.
Cherokee Nation company collaborates for hurricane research
This is so poignant right now. They took the whole Cherokee nation. Put us on this reservation. Took away our ways of life. The tomahawk...
Cherokee Nation formalizes purchase of Sequoyah’s Cabin
The Cherokee Nation's flag is at Standing Rock but their former chief helped elect a man that's detrimental to NDN country.
Cherokee Nation sent semi trucks loaded with firewood to Standing Rock.
Local state park honors generation who rebuilt Cherokee Nation
Elizabeth Warren is not a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee.
The Cherokee Nation hosted a ceremony in honor of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Legacies the Sequel to the Proud and the Free Finds Lije Stuart Returning to the Cherokee Nation to Discover That
Cherokee Nation told her to stop Saying that!! Says her Papaw had a picture w Word Cherokee on it -don't make it so!
I've spent all the money at this Gullah Festival & I chatted with vendors from the Cherokee Nation (NC) about history/activism/coalitions
Chelsea Boys & Girls Club benefits from donation .
The seals of the 7 clans of the Cherokee Nation. Over 4,000 Cherokees died on the Trial of Tears.
"Plan Mothers took care of our society.". Mary Grow, Cherokee Nation
i am a patriot and vet really appreciate Cherokee Nation doing this great day there,Johnny wichita falls,tx!
I'm a member of the Cherokee Nation & live in the capital of the nation. She's not on the rolls
Join us 3 p.m. today at the Cherokee Nation Veterans Center as we honor the warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice
Warren is the same percentage Native American as Principal Chief of Cherokee Nation Bill John Baker, 1/32.
with what US State do you most commonly associate the Cherokee Nation?
Warren is not a citizen of any of three federally recognized Cherokee tribes or the Cherokee Nation. She is lying!
The current principal chief of the Cherokee Nation is only 1/32 Cherokee.
Cherokee Nation strong Elizabeth we stand with you
BTW She has never provided proof of her heritage to the Cherokee Nation shos demanded it:.
The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears: The Penguin Library of American Indi
Actually,the Cherokee Nation says she isn't Cherokee. Pocahontas Warren has no ancestral proof. http…
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I live in the Cherokee nation Forrest you are a fake
the fur of the box, the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation.
well the Cherokee nation denied her so I think they actually were offended...
Cherokee Nation has called Warren out on her lies YEARS ago!
The first female chief of the Cherokee Nation was called Wilma Mankiller.
Hang Your Head in Shame, Ben Carson. Contrast the State from the Cherokee Nation's Principal Chief, shared below,...
The Cherokee Nation and other area tribes became embroiled in the Civil War conflict, even though th
After tells of partnerships between & Cherokee Nation ht…
Cherokee Freedmen. The Cherokee Nation of Oaklahoma is NOT the universal voice ...
I added a video to a playlist Cherokee Nation Why do Cherokee Indians look like the white man?
No doubt the Cherokee Nation wouldn't agree
Leaving Cherokee Nation headed home. Fat daddy's tonight n Mansfield with one of my favorites, the lovely Van Darien. Acoustic show
Only airport that's hassled me over my Cherokee Nation ID is LAX. Felt great to show it at ATL last year.
UNFORGIVABLE what he did to the Cherokee Nation. He shouldn't be honored for anything
Cherokee Nation lifts minimum wage to $9.50 via
So I'm Eastern Band. Do you know if you're great grandmother was Eastern Band, Cherokee Nation or Keetoowah Band?
Check our our new blog on the efforts to
THE CHEROKEE NATION/ANCIENT HEBREW TRIBE. "The Trail of Tears", by Robert Lindneux, depicting the expulsion of...
Blacks &Cherokee nation proudly fought on the side of the confederacy. Any who tell you this flag is racist is liar
Cherokee mommy, Irish daddy, DADDY people came here as slaves. Mom was not. I owe my nation my life, and loyalty
i stay, i love this nation. I do not feel it owes me a Irish Cherokee one damb thing, I owe it my life, not shut up
This is my nation, my family died building it, my grandfather a Cherokee built it as well. Get off your pity teepee
I have got to join the Cherokee Indian nation if I get a check! What.. I get paid to be Native American. Awesome.
I wouldn't use racist blood quantum to disprove someone's identity. Plenty of actually members of the Cherokee nation have
not a member of the Cherokee nation and never even sought to check his heritage with them. So he's claims are for
If you actually check he is unsure whether she was Cherokee or Cree, and is not a member of either nation.
not an episode, just giving a tour of Cherokee Nation
HERE FYI ICYMI .. opinion on Andrew Jackson. Statement from Cherokee Nation (cont)
The Cherokee Nation is among those cheering the pending removal of President Andrew Jackson's image from the front of the $20 bill
Cherokee Nation applauds for replacing with on $20. Bravo! ht…
Cherokee Nation great tribe i am chickasaw-seminole!
Remove Andrew Trail of Tears Jackson from the $20 bill and put Wilma Pearl Mankiller the first female chief of Cherokee Nation on it.
Cherokee Nation plans 30 new homes in Vian . Written by Staff.
Literally anything would be better. Anything. Try Cherokee Nation by Paul Revere and the Raiders as a quartet. Viola leads.
I'm sure a zillion people have sent this to you already but I thought of you first so
Perk of being part of the Cherokee Nation? Seminars are informal and provide food👌🏼
That's 4 times requirement for legal tribal membership status in Cherokee Nation isn't it?
Keeping the Heirloom Seeds alive through the Cherokee Nation: My Bear is Cherokee.  Because he is Cherokee and...
Vince Gill with the Cherokee Nation Choir at the Hardrock in Tulsa. This ...
The broke ground on its 10th casino and entertainment venue near Grove, Oklahoma
The Cherokee Nation wants to reverse the ‘silent epidemic’ of hepatitis C via
Straight up im a Native of the Cherokee Nation, under the 14 counties of Oklahomas Cherokee reservation. Tahlequah, Ok
Liz,pay the 1/64 Cherokee back what the 63/64ths of yr white ancestors stole. C Nation stands ready to do genealogical research
treatment of Native Americans in Johnson v. M'Intosh and Cherokee Nation v. Georgia is just as despicable as Dredd Scott.
Headed to Cherokee, the home of the eastern band of the Cherokee nation. Visiting there reminds me that our history is not…
For the first time in intertribal history, the Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians are...
TV station cuts ties with anchor after online post
60th annual Cherokee Nation Holiday Promo. a video promoting the ...
Advocate Blog: How the Cherokee Nation plans to reverse the ‘silent epidemic’ of C
Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma breaks ground on $23 million casino: via
Groundbreaking for newest Hard Rock tower. Cherokee Nation and Cherokee Nation ...
The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma broke ground on a $23 million casino, the tribe's 10th gaming facility
Cherokee Nation bringing 175 jobs, more entertainment to Grove
Cherokee Nation calendar of events for April
Wilma Mankiller was the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation. Celebrating Women's History Month!
He's Cherokee. fullstop. If he's asked about parents, then it matters. Not about blood, about nation-hood.
Tomorrow at 6pm, at An evening with renowned Cherokee Nation storyteller Gayle Ross
1st female Chief of the Cherokee Nation, Wilma Mankiller led her people from 1985-1995.
Cherokee Nation breaks ground on 30 new homes in Vian - Anadisgoi
Hopefully I will post Cherokee Nation and Andrew Jackson sometime today… featured in NBC s Science of Love
And since he died two years ago I don't know what happened to that box. And someone said the Cherokee Indian nation could help me.
Wilma Mankiller, 1st female chief of the Cherokee Nation.
Cherokee Nation ready to lead fight against hepatitis C.
1842 African Slave Revolt Against the Cherokee Nation | Black Then. The Cherokee Indians were one of the largest...
You, who gave me my first name, you, Pawnee, Apache, Seneca, you Cherokee Nation, who rested with me, then Forced on bloody feet,
Bill John Baker, Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation to speak at Future Forum in Tulsa.
How about a Native of one of the 500 Nations? Former President of the Cherokee Nation? There's a logical pick.
Vietnam War veterans honored: The Cherokee Nation honored three Vietnam War veterans with the Medal of Patriot...
S/o to Cherokee Nation for the discount on these car tags! 🙌🏾
Agreement will expand Cherokee Nation health care services
February 26, 1863 . The Cherokee Nation rescinds its declaration of secession and abolished slavery, reversing its earlier course
interesting read. . did a scooby-doo double-take when i got to, "In 2011, the Cherokee Nation revoked the tribal...
Old settlers of the Cherokee Nation of Indians ,Memorial of Judge Wind et al
Cherokee Nation partners with Indian Health Service on Oklahoma hospital
Cherokee Nation secures funding for hospital expansion.
The largest tribal nation finally gets its very own
Follow The Buzzards has a show on 02/27/2016 at 08:00 PM @ Cherokee Nation C... in Liberty, KS
Cherokee Nation leaders and ambassadors introduced on house floor at at State Capitol htt…
Cherokee Nation signs historic agreement w/ today in Md. for largest tribal health center ever built.
Transformation 96 (Part Two): A chat with of The Cherokee Nation via https:/…
Huge news for Cherokee health care out of DC today. Chief could negotiate circles around Trump. https:…
The Cherokee nation looking to eliminate Let's do it!
The transition of the tribe’s successful housing rehab program to the Housing Authority starts March 7.
Cherokee Nation secures millions in federal funds for expansion of Tahlequah hospital
Cherokee Nation partners with Indian Health Service on hospital
Designed to the Endangered Language via own font 4 largest nation
The Journal Record - Cherokee Nation to build health center - The Cherokee Nation has an agreement with the Ind...
Cherokee Nation secures large sum of federal for the of Tahlequah
this is the woman who ignored the pleas of the Cherokee nation to not steal their very heritage. Heh
How the Cherokee Nation plans to reverse the 'silent epidemic' of hepatitis C
Website Builder 728x90
President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman recognizing the Cherokee Nation on Cherokee Nation Day at the Capitol
Me: So what tribe are you? Guy: Cherokee Me: Eastern Band or Cherokee Nation? Guy: *crickets* Don’t play...
Chief Justice John Marshall ruled that the Cherokee Nation was sovereign, making the removal laws invalid.
Cherokee Nation announces that they're planning to build a new casino.This will start in April, and will be their 10th casino.
Cherokee Nation announces plans to build a new casino in the four states.
Stand Watie and the Agony of the Cherokee Nation, by Kenny A. Franks
Principal Tye Sutton addressing the Cherokee Nation in preparation of Inky Johnson.
I wasn't aware of the new agreement with the Cherokee Nation. Now Chickasaw & Choctaw, where will it end? This is...
Got my hunting and fishing license from good ole Cherokee Nation lol
Actually Mexico is the fattest nation on earth - but who's counting.
LOL. we are the fattest nation on earth. We smoke the most, drink, drugs.
Because we are the FIRST industrialized nation to be founded on Freedom and Unalienable rights.
Oh whatever. Doesn't detract from the factual statement that USA is the last industrialized nation to not
Tribal Hunting License in the Mail for Citizens of Cherokee Nation
I'm half Cherokee & live near the Cherokee nation headquarters in Ok here is what I don't like but it won't change due to $$
Name another first world nation that doesn't.
Download Trail of Tears The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation PDF Online
The case of the Cherokee Nation against the State of ... -
N.Y. pizza shop owner an Islamic State conduit
Wishing all of Cherokee Nation a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the day!
Heck yes she IS part of the Cherokee Nation!
Christmas Eve Sermon - 8 PM: A story connected to Advent and Christmas from the Cherokee Nation, "Why Are Some...
didn't Cherokee nation hold slaves for years after the emancipation proclamation?
Got my 2016 hunting/fishing license and tags in the mail. Thanks, Cherokee Nation! 😁
My great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. Constitution of the Cherokee Nation.♥
Holiday recipes from the Nation! Give one a try and let us know how it is!
We the Cherokee nation want to close the borders- you folks are dangerous 😂😂.
Got my Cherokee nation combination hunt/fish license.
Two of my favorite things, typography and traditional languages, via
Cherokee Nation issuing first hunting and fishing licenses to tribal citizens
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Happy Holy Days from the Horse Nation. Amazing Grace (Cherokee) performed by Windwalker
Wilma Mankiller was the 1st woman to lead a major American Indian tribe (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma).
Top story: Military News: Cherokee Nation honors 188th Wing with visit see more
Cherokee Nation employees raise funds for health needs
Cherokee Nation honors 188th Wing with visit
Another idea for tonight's webinar: a petition from the Cherokee Nation in both Cherokee & English
News: Electronic records make Cherokee Nation health care easier -
Won $5 million for the Cherokee Nation in a suit argued before the Supreme Court in 1906
Wilma Mankiller ~ The first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation. She served as principal chief for t
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Public Safety Communications Manager Ray Stamper on in the Tribal Nation
we're also touring the greater Cherokee nation
Photoset: CHEROKEE NATION, GQ SPAIN, Travis Smith was photographed by Sergi Pons. Here came the very fine...
You didn't respond either after your watched your team get put out by us in baseball spectating from the bench..
Cherokee Nation hosting job fair for Macy's Tuesday
Native American News and Cherokee Nation Stories: Cherokee Nation Newsletter - Notes from the Chief ...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Couple Files Federal Challenge to State's Indian Child Welfare Act: The Cherokee Nation looks to be involved in…
New Echota was the capital of the Cherokee Nation pre-removal, it's located in Calhoun, Georgia.
I HATE the way Cherokee Nation employees run late on everything! If I have an appointment at 11, you call me in at 11. Not 11:30. 😡😤
The whitest little Indian in line for Cherokee Nation's brand spankin' new CDIB cards, now with photo…
The Jeep Grand Cherokee is leading the nation in top Eco Diesels, beating the hybrids by 0.5% market share.
Cherokee Nation hosting job fair for Macy's
Cherokee Nation's national holiday has reunion theme
Cherokee Nation's national holiday has reunion theme - More than 100,000 visitors are expected for the 63rd Cherok...
Our new Cherokee Nation Pendleton blanket on sale at
I'm 1/16 Cherokee Nation, clearly I don't benefit from white privilege you nerd.(That's how it works right?)
PAIA Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation ... Pow Wow next month! CANNOT wait to see my Cherokee relatives! All are...
I SAY:. My Indian name is going to change to Crow. Hail to the Bird Clan. Cherokee Nation. Take no prisoners.
Literacy and Intellectual Life in the Cherokee Nation, 1820-1906 by Parins, J...
First Families of the Cherokee Nation announces reunion
A bold face liar to get hired by Harvard dissed the Cherokee nation
Disagreement persists over Cherokee Nation hunting-fishing compact
Bill John Baker: Health care is top priority for Cherokee Nation
National Indigenous Women's Resource Center. The Cherokee Nation has begun an advertising campaign to encourage...
Confederate Veterans of the Cherokee Nation. This photo is on display at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian ,...
Never Forget - The Remember the Removal Bike Ride is an annual program put on by Cherokee Nation of...
Unofficial results: Baker re-elected to lead Cherokee Nation: The Cherokee Nation re-elected Principal Chief B...
Congratulations to Principal Chief Baker for winning another term leading the great Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma!!
Visiting the eastern Cherokee Nation in the Great Smoky Mountains. Still here, 17,000 strong.
2015 Remember the Removal Bike Ride Begins Journey to Retrace Trail of Tears: Cherokee Nation and Eastern Band...
NWAonline - Cherokee chief visiting Fayetteville - Bill John Baker, principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, is vis...
did my senior paper on Cherokee Nation during Civil War. Went to National Museum at Talequa.
Hotep! 150 years after the Union defeated terrorist from the Confederate States, their ally 'Cherokee Nation' expels Black-Cherokee members
Cherokee Nation nurse returns from Ebola efforts in West Africa
museum and a lot of info in the the Cherokee nation. Around the Macon area is the Ocmulgee mound park with a lot of info. In the
Sam Bradford is an official citizen on the Cherokee Nation tribe.
Chip Kelly is obviously biased towards the Cherokee Nation.
Glad about new film on life of Wilma Mankiller, first female chief of the Cherokee Nation. More here:
[Journal Record] Filing period ends for candidates for posts
As a member of the nation, I will support this documentary any way I can!
Ah the Romans! They were apart of the Cherokee Nation right?
Blue holly was a good medicine. (@ Occupied Cherokee Nation in Boaz, AL)
Great story on Wilma Mankiller - the first female chief of Cherokee Nation
Osiyo from Cherokee Nation! Already obsessed with the people here.
Support an upcoming documentary honoring the leadership of Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee Nation Chief
Uh oh! “Gale Anne Hurd Launches Kickstarter for Documentary on 1st Female Chief of Cherokee Nation
Doc on 1st female chief of cherokee nation. pls donate . this is incredible! Happy Women's History Month!
try contacting the Appalachian Cherokee Nation. They may be able to direct you to better resources
"Cherokee Nation Welcome Center.". Welcoming pale faces didn't work out so well last time. Did you not learn anything?
Could have went to Miami but instead I gave all my money to the proud Cherokee Nation. don't spend it all at one place.
Cherokee Nation draws 36 candidates for June election
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Principal Chief debates for the upcoming 2015 Cherokee Nation election:
Wilma Mankiller made history by becoming the first female chief of Cherokee Nation. Learn her inspiring life story:
Cherokee Nation Mission trip meeting at 5pm at the DeCamps house. Followed by Youth at 6pm.
after the brutal way Jackson treated the Cherokee Nation, he should not be celebrated but should be treated with disdain!
. tells how growth of gaming = money for Cherokee Nation health care and services. http…
Filing Period Ends for Candidates for Cherokee Nation Posts: TAHLEQUAH, Okla. (AP) — The filing period has ended…
You don't have to be of the Cherokee Nation to show your support. Charlie Soap is a very good man and is a hard...
Cherokee nation, Cherokee tribe, too proud to live, too proud to die.
RFP - Chairs and Barstools for new Roland Casino EDR - Cherokee Nation: RFP - Chairs and Barstools for new Rol...
Bill John Baker: Sharing the Cherokee Nation's story of success
I should have a Cherokee Nation tag.😒
Honored to represent Cherokee Nation Career Services at the Tulsa Mayor's meeting on Workforce/Economic Development.
member of the Cherokee Nation. All people should follow the immigration of this country. Period.
Rain or snow, the future of Cherokee Nation continues to work hard to Re-Elect Chief Baker!
Some of my family are American Indians. Members of the Cherokee Nation. We, of all, know the importance of law
Did you know our US Congress is modeled after the Cherokee Nation's Council? :)
Get a new from Cherokee Nation Businesses in Claremore, OK.
How the Cherokee Nation keeps their culture alive through
Warren is from OK, home of the Cherokee Nation. She had to know Cherokee rolls scrupulously maintained. She's abhorred in OK!
Cherokee nation wants to close at 4 😑
Cherokee Nation launches monthly program highlighting people, places, history and culture -...
I'm suing Cherokee Nation for 52820 billion in cash when I wreck.
Last week, launched a monthly television series: "Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People”
Op-ed: Legislative Day allows to educate and inform Oklahoma lawmakers.
Everybody getting out except us come on Cherokee nation let us go let us go home
Snowfall coming down hard at the Cherokee Nation today.
The Program’s goal is to ensure Cherokee language lives on for future generations
Videos: Lost and Found Archery (by Cherokee Nation citizen, Steve Russell) -
New ICWA ruling in case of Cherokee Nation case, you can't violate ICWA, the tribe has to be noticed
Office in Cherokee: Office supports the Cherokee Nation’s commitment to revitalize their language by providing...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
NJ appellate court reverses ICWA case because of failure to notify Cherokee Nation
From Hunter Library-. Address of the "Committee and Council of the Cherokee Nation in General Council...
A shameful tax on the poor MT: “Cherokee Nation SoS says gaming revenue has contributed $895 mil over 10 years for state."
Cherokee Nation Sec State Hoskins just ID'd the problem in OK - our govt knows the cost of everything & value of nothing
How about Cherokee Nation's Hoskin's funding priorities be the Oklahoma Standard instead of Fallin's tax cuts?
Minimum wage in Cherokee Nation is $9.50 an hour.
Great to hear from Chuck Hoskin Jr about the Cherokee Nation's contributions to OK economy.
Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. says gaming revenue has contributed $895 million over 10 years for state.
We (the Cherokee Nation) have done something different with our revenue: invested in the health and education of our people.
Guys I am like the Cherokee Nation on the Trail of Tiers. Ever slowly slouching toward Oklahoma to be Born in Friend Tier.*does shot ...
Cherokee Nation officials hosted an open house at the new 6,000-square-foot Tahlequah tag office location.
Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma purchases 6 properties in 2014
"Cherokee faction of fewer than 500 people in a nation of 17,000 who were agreeable to removal."
Starting to think the Cherokee Nation does not want to hire me because I stated I am part of Creek Nation. 😒
The Cherokee Nation once encompassed large portions of the southern United States. Learn How to Explore Your...
The Cherokee Nation Veterans Center began placing 70 new bricks in the veteran memorial courtyard earlier today.
Check up, blood pressure is normal. Now to lose 20 lbs, lol! (@ Cherokee Nation Three Rivers Health Center)
Chief of Cherokee Nation won't be prosecuted for pigeon shoot
If you have a Cherokee nation license plate, I most likely don't like you
Principal Chief Bill Baker with the Cherokee Nation addresses the members of OKAA
The nation's enrollment is over 317,000. Here are 10 things you should know:
Cherokee veteran gets all-expense paid trip to Super Bowl: A citizen of the Cherokee Nation is getting an…
announces $30 million boost for new tribal hospital in Tahlequah
Cherokee Nation hosts open house at new Tahlequah tag office - Anadisgoi
Cherokee Nation Tribal Youth Council signing up voters tonight for at SHS Basketball game.
This Day in Cherokee Nation History: January 27, 1824 - John Ridge and Sarah Bird Northrup are married in Cornwall, Connecticut. The marriage created quite a controversy and outraged many of the townspeople because John was Cherokee and Sarah was white. Although intermarriage was common among the Cherokees at this time, it usually occurred between a Cherokee woman and a white man. This was because of the matrilineal kinship clan system of the Cherokee; meaning children are born to the clan of their mother. Children born to Cherokee fathers and white mothers did not receive full status as Cherokee citizens until the tribe's National Council passed a law in 1825 that granted this. John came from a prominent Cherokee family and was the son of Major Ridge, a well-known Cherokee leader and war hero. He met Sarah while attending the Foreign Mission School at Cornwall, CT where her father was a steward. Soon after their marriage, they returned to Cherokee Nation and settled in Georgia. John was elected to the Ch ...
Watch tonight to get info on Cherokee Nation's free volunteer tax program. It helped 1,500 families in 2014.
We are proud to see students take a hands-on approach learning the importance of financial literacy.
Wilma Mankiller - First female Chief of the Cherokee nation, Wilma Mankiller helped her people in in
that jeep nice. Seb might be about that Cherokee nation tho
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Photo: sixpenceee: The Eternal Flame of the Cherokee Nation. This fire is a memorial of those people who...
I highly recommend Leadership Lessons from the Cherokee Nation: Learn from All I Observe by Chad Smith
Is Ralph Lauren Exploiting Native Americans (yes/no) source: huffingtonpost The clothing company Ralph Lauren released an online advertisement for its RRL line last month that drew scathing criticism from Native Americans. The ad's imagery harked back to the Old West, with henley jerseys and rustic jeans displayed in faded sepia tones. And while one page touted bandanas and “Western-style” shirts, the opposite page showed a Native American sporting a feathered headdress, holding a rifle across his lap. Another page depicted a stoic Native American man with dark skin, braided hair and a Western shirt-and-vest combo. Critics charged that the ads reduced people, and indeed entire cultures, to mere marketing props. Many called for a boycott. Dr. Adrienne Keene, a postdoctoral researcher and citizen of the Cherokee Nation, wrote in a post for Indian Country Today Media Network that Ralph Lauren had reached a "new low." “Ralph Lauren has been doing this my whole life,” Ruth Hopkins, a writer in her 30s ...
All my Cherokee Nation citizens - call/email your Council(wo)man & tell them to have dental implants offered as treatments.
Elizabeth Warren For President ! (Cherokee Nation ): I fully endorse the senior senator from the great comm...
The whole concept of Indian warfare was not to kill in quantity, which was why feuds between tribes lasted generations. One commander said of his time fighting Indians that he learnt everything about how to command 30 dragoons, and forgot everything else he had ever learnt, not quite the sort of thing that’s required in the WBTS. The fact that the Delaware, Creek, Seminole, Kickapoo, Seneca, Osage, Shawnee, Choctaw and Chickasaw Tribes formed for the Union side; the 1st and 2nd Indian Home Guard as to fight within their territories wearing the Union uniform--they were mounted and trained as to be 'in uniform' per se to the Cavalry protocols, tactics and the like. Not all tribes had their men on horses--some acted as scouts, river pilots and the like. The National Archives has a picture of Native American Indians at Fredericksburg as 'sharp shooters.' On the Confederate side though, the Cherokee Nation created the 2nd Cherokee Mounted Rifles lead by Col. John Drew, one of the riches Cherokee Indians. And ...
The National Park Service is proud to present "Trail of Tears," produced in collaboration with the Cherokee Nation. This is the official film of the Trail of...
Tell that to my Relatives of Cherokee Nation & all Native Americans_
heres a good one for you, right here at holiday season, i claim my Native American heritage, as a nationality, and i have heard all i want to hear about the mistreatment of *** *** and jews,especially Europeans who are visitors in this great land and have over stayed your welcome, no one gave you permission to stay here and have your pitiful offsprings to polute this the land of the great father i say to you this is my house, so be gone back to the lands you already polluted years ago i say so blackheart of the Cherokee nation, put that into your pipe and smoke it LMBO
Good morning, friends. Here in the Old Cherokee Nation of north Alabama in the mountains, home of the remarkable Sequoyah in the 1820's, inventor of the Cherokee writing system--the ONLY full writing system of almost 570 Native nations--I have powerful and profound news! Thanks to the loving and tenacious heart and spirit of Ginny Brink, it has just been announced that in the fall of 2015 ALL high school students, grades 10-12, in two major counties of Virginia will be required to read Walking the Trail, One Man's Journey Along the Cherokee Trail of Tears. This discussion among them and their teachers will encompass a week. This is a notable step in changing American education, where increased knowledge, history, awareness and Truth start to motivate students to higher levels of authenticity. If further blessed by other rugged individuals like Ginny ,James Percoco, and Dale Stewart, this required study of Native American history will spread to other states. Thank you, Great Spirit!
What a weekend!!! Friday December 5th "a Cartoon Christmas Open House" at the Cherokee Nation Complex, come take pictures with Bugs Bunny, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Whinne the pooh & tigger, Elsa & anna and More!!! Then SATURDAY is the Tahlequah Christmas Parade and before during & after the parade UWE will be having a meet & greet autograph signing at the AWESOME KAWi Cafe! Then Sunday in Claremore We perform and have a fundraiser for Arleigh who is fighting Leukemia!!!
Ah so is my Cherokee Nation I hope all tribes do this
Cherokee Nation upset by link to Washington team's foundation
Turn what has been done into a better path.~Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee Nation Chief
Not even sure where to start on this one -- the Cherokee nation is expelling descendants of the tribe's black slaves
Update your maps at Navteq
People & Places: Library Hall of Fame: The Cherokee Nation and the Tulsa library have been working to record t...
Angel Project helps Cherokee children with clothes, books, and toys for Christmas." 1,500+ "angels" need adopting.
Cherokee removal, part of the Trail of Tears, refers to the forced relocation between 1836 and 1839 of the Cherokee Nation from their lands in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Alabama to the Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma) in the Western United States, which resulted in the death of an estimated 4000 Cherokee. The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.
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