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Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation (ᏣᎳᎩᎯ ᎠᏰᎵ or Tsalagihi Ayeli) is the largest of three Cherokee federally recognized tribes in the United States.

Wilma Mankiller Principal Chief Eastern Band Bill John Baker Native American American Indian Housing Authority Five Civilized Tribes Baby Veronica John Ross United States Oklahoma Blood Institute Indian Territory Sandy Hook Elementary School

Cherokee Nation and Cherokee Nation Businesses employees potentially saved the lives of more than 5,000 people throughout the state last year by donating more than 1,800 pints of blood. The tribe’s partnership with Oklahoma Blood Institute has potentially saved more than 18,000 lives since 2010.
The Cherokee Nation is now issuing photo tribal citizenship cards. Cherokee citizens can visit the tribe’s registration department to get a valid photo ID, similar in appearance to a driver’s license. “I’ve presented my photo tribal citizenship card at several major airports, and even to the U.S. Secret Service, and experienced no problems whatsoever,” Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker said. “Producing a government-issued, photo ID helps to instill a greater sense of pride in our people and decrease the possibility of fraud or misuse of the traditional ‘blue card.’” More than a year of planning and design was required to transform the tribal citizenship cards, also known as “blue cards,” into photo IDs. The cards still feature a citizen’s Cherokee Nation registration number and official registrar signature, but have been upgraded to include the citizen’s photo and signature, Principal Chief’s signature and a distinctive Cherokee Nation seal hologram for validatio ...
Cherokee Nation and CNB partners with Oklahoma Blood Institute to Save More than 5,000 Lives
Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker signed a proclamation Thursday declaring May as "Foster Care Awareness Month" within the Cherokee Nation. Interested in becoming an adoptive or foster parent? Please visit for more information.
Sequoyah and the Cherokee Syllabary "Your invention of the alphabet is worth more to your people than two bags full of gold in the hands of every Cherokee." -Sam Houston Family tradition tells us that Sequoyah (S-si-qua-ya) was born west of Chillhowee Mountain, which is approximately one and a half miles east of Tasgigi, Monroe County, Tennessee. This location is only about 8 miles from Echota, the capital of the old Cherokee Nation. As far as his birth year, the best estimation is from 1760 to 1765. Sequoyah stated that when an Iroquoian Peace Delegation visited at New Echota in 1770, he was living with his mother as a small boy and remembered the events. While in Washington in 1888, he told Samuel Knapp he was about 65. An annotation on the Treaty of 1828 states his English name was George Guess. As the traditional Cherokee society is matrilineal, and one's clan is obtained through the mother, this information is of most relevance when researching the man's history and background. Her name was Wu-te-he, ...
This mentions "Cabin Creek" civil war battlefield. Great grandma Josephine (Brown) Richey had 2 sisters, one was Sarah Ann Brown. Sarah married Tarlton Bull in Denton County, Texas. Tarlton had earlier in his life served the Confederacy from Texas. As a soldier, he served in the Confederate Cavalry at the Battle of Cabin Creek. Earlier, during his family's migration to Texas they travelled through the Cherokee Nation, where his father had caught some unknown disease, and died. It was said of Tarlton, that during the course of this battle, his horse stood over his father's unmarked grave.
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Email correspondence shows that Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin sought to speak with advisers about repercussions with the Cherokee Nation as she considered intervening in a custody dispute involving a Cherokee girl. Veronica was in the center of a custody battle between her biologica…
MOLLY JARVIS FOR CHIEF of Cherokee Nation!! Why not.she has bullied her way through for over 12 years running CNB!! Can't stand her behavior to the "Everyman", but seems this admin doesn't "get" what she is all about and who she really works for...CHAD AND CARA!! This gal gives up!!! I can't support ANY administration that keeps covering for her.she is and has been Vice President hired by Chad and has SCREWED and been hateful to me for the last time. .and not ONE Tribal Council member seems to care to hear about it!! My last straw!
Contact Information for the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation including LOCAL OFFICES
Cherokee Nation to build new east Oklahoma casino: ROLAND, Okla. (AP) - A casino in eastern Oklahoma ...
Stand Watie (December 12, 1806 – September 9, 1871; also known as Standhope Uwatie, Degataga (Cherokee: ᏕᎦᏔᎦ), meaning "stand firm", and Isaac S. Watie) was a leader of the Cherokee Nation and a brigadier general of the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He commanded the Confeder…
Chrissi Nimmo speaking now, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma Assistant Attorney General in case on modern day forced removal
Sgi! Wado! Citizens of the Cherokee Nation, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians for CherokeeDays
Fish Fry tonight at South Campus! 4-7 PM. Proceeds will help send our youth to Cherokee Nation this summer on mission!
cherokee chiefs pt 2-Joseph Vann Vann, born February 1, 1789, was the first Assistant Chief of the Cherokee Nation under the new 1839 Constitution, serving with Principal Chief John Ross. His brother, Andrew Vann also spent time serving as an assistant chief, completing Joseph’s term after he resigned from office. Another brother, David, served as treasurer of the Cherokee Nation. He was also related to Principal Chief Lewis Downing through his mother’s side.Letter from John Ross, Principal Chief After a long absence on the business of the Nation, I was unavoidably prevented, by a tedious journey, from returning home previous to the meeting of the present session of the National Council; and I now appear before you amid the sorrows which fill the hearts of all, on account of the trials and afflictions with which our land has been visited, by sickness and death. By these deep calamities our people have sustained a loss, in the death of public men, unparalleled, for any one given year, in the annals of ...
Just finished a wonderful book by Barbara Kingsolver called Pigs In Heaven (1993). Quirky, funny and moving, with crazy musicians (The Irascible Babies!), wacky families and the Cherokee Nation. (made me think of you Michael Logan). I know I have really enjoyed a book when I am sorry to see it end - but this one has a good finale. BK also wrote the Poisonwood Bible - another great read.
In celebration of Women’s History Month, The College of St. Scholastica is hosting a free showing of “The Cherokee Word for Water,” a motion picture that tells the story of the work that led Wilma Mankiller to become the first modern female Chief of the Cherokee Nation.
There is no Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation?? Ya'll know that right? Then we would have to be EBCN, we aren't. We are The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. I am a member and we are EBCI.
Flash! From The Mountains To The Sea! From Scoop Rudy! Cowabunga! Wes Studi, Date of birth 17 December 1947, Born in Norfire Hollow, Oklahoma, Studi exclusively spoke his native Cherokee language until beginning school at the age of five. A professional horse trainer, Studi began acting at The American Indian Theatre Company in Tulsa in the mid-80s. Studi and his wife, Maura Dhu Studi, live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They have a son, Kholan. Studi has a daughter, Leah, and a son, Daniel, from a previous marriage. Trivia (12) Is an American Indian of the Cherokee Nation. Two children, by wife Rebecca Graves, named Daniel and Leah. Spoke only the Cherokee language prior to attending grade school. Drafted into the army in 1967, he served 12 months in South Vietnam with the 9th Infantry Division in the Mekong Delta. Attended Chilocco Indian School in northern Oklahoma; studied at Tulsa Junior College. Plays guitar and bass. Used to perform in a six-piece band called "Firecat of Discord". His wife, Maura Dhu Stu ...
TOMORROW IS THE DAY! THERE IS STILL TIME TO REGISTER!! 50% off registration for MEDICAL AND NURSING STUDENTS! The HIV Education and Resource Training (HEART) Coalition along with the National Indian Women’s Health Resource Center, Cherokee Nation and Creek Nation, will be presenting “HIV/AIDS and The Native World Today: A One Day Conference Focusing On The Current State of Native American’s and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic” on MARCH 14th. This special one-day conference will take place at the Tulsa Renaissance Hotel and Conference Center from 8:00am-4:30pm and will include such topics as CDC HIV testing recommendations, HIV co-morbidity, the impact of social media on HIV, substance abuse, HIV and Hepatitis and the two-spirit community. 5 CEUs for physicians and 5 contact hours for nurses are being offered for a cost of $50 and lunch is being provided. 50% off registration for NURSING AND MEDICAL STUDENTS To register, please visit Please note that, while National Native HIV/AIDS ...
NIEA Celebrates Wilma Mankiller - former Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, located in Oklahoma.
Claremore Indian Health Service (IHS) Hospital is a Federal facility and is NOT ran by the Cherokee Nation.
CHEROKEE NATION TRIVIA: 2006 TAHLEQUAH, Okla. - A group of Tahlequah physicians recently donated an original painting by Cecil *** one of the most honored traditional painters in Cherokee history and known as the "father of Cherokee traditional art." The 4-foot-tall-by-15-foot-wide acrylic mural is titled "The Curing of the Fever." Physicians Bryce Bliss, Jim Brixey, Coy Edwards, Herb Littleton, Danny Minor, Ed Pointer and Tom Ward attended the Tribal Council meeting in July and were honored by the council and Principal Chief Chad Smith. Also on hand to commemorate this donation was *** s daughter Polly Reed and granddaughter Deborah Reed. "We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to these doctors who made this donation. Cecil *** is one of the premiere Cherokee artists of all time. For the Cherokee Nation to have this mural means his legacy will endure for many more Cherokees for many generations to come," Smith said. The mural has been appraised by Native American art experts who agree that it would br ...
John Ross CHIEF BRAVEHEART 1790 - 1866 (D.M) Hollywood has made us familiar with the names of certain Native American chiefs: Sitting Bull, Cochise, Geronimo. All formidable horseback warriors, but the only tribal leader who ever made a real impact on US society was a 19th century Cherokee chief called John Ross. And, as his name suggests, there was hardly a drop of Native American blood in his veins, as Ross was one part Cherokee and seven parts Scots. As Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, he was known as “the Indian Prince” in Washington. He haggled with every president from James Madison, in 1816, to Andrew Johnson, in 1866, to keep that nation intact under growing white power. “The great object with me,” he once wrote, “has been to have the Cherokee people harmonious and united in the full and free exercise and enjoyment of all their rights of person and property. Union is strength: dissension is weakness, misery, ruin.” Ross was one of an extraordinary number of Scots who lived and f ...
So I've been researching my families geneology and finding intresting facts. I also found out that for over a year I've been working with my cousin, Crystal Silver, whom I've never met. She confimed one of our great grandfather's was an Indian Chief from the Haliwa Saponi Tribe. I heard this growing up but now I know its a fact. To all my family check out roots web. com and type Rebecca Silver. I've researched alot deeper than what you'll see on the web of our family but this will give you an indication of where you come from. I've seen records of our family members application from the 1800's to the Cherokee Nation, Eastern Band for Cherokee citizenship. AMAZING STUFF!
What a gaggle of bullshyted people, standing in line to save a few bucks on Oklahoma tags stamped Cherokee Nation, at the link you can see ole dumazz Bill Davis babble!! Even though I had tried to splain it all to ole Bill Davis for years, my last try was back in 010 over on my ole John's place: I said: Most people that got the tags Bill, don't got a dam clue what they are, they think they are Indian Tags, they ARE NOT, They are simply Oklahoma Vanity Tags for Cherokee, with Cherokee Nation on them, all because of the lesson Oklahoma learned when the "1839 Cherokee Nation" now (UCN) issued Tags, and the weezle Smith took them to the Crooked *** Cherokee County Court that does NOT have jurisdiction and got them stopped... Okla realized the Cherokee of CNO got a taste of Tags, so they ordered the weezle Smith to do up a compact so CNO could appear as an Indian Tribe issuing tags, with Ok getting most of the profit, so thats how it works CNO folks aint got no Indian tag simply an Oklahoma tag with with Chero ...
Good evening friends of PTFD. As promised, I'd like to present my bio, so you know a little about me. I'm a female in her late thirties who grew up in Claremore and Grand Lake. After H.S. graduation, I joined the U.S. Navy and served as a Military Police Officer and worked in an F-18 Fighter maintenance squadron in Fallon, NV, home of TOPGUN. I met a Navy Combat Engineer (Seabee) and we married. We travelled to many places, but as he spent time in the sand box, I called Ventura, CA and Ft. Lauderdale, FL my homes. After we married, I worked for the Dept. of Defense as a Police Officer ultimately earning the position of Lieutenent. We transferred and I went to University and studied Homeland Security. A few years later, we divorced after 13 years of marriage and I moved back to OK. I work for the Cherokee Nation in Administration. I haven't remarried, never had children and am a happy woman living life. That's the short yet long account of my life, lol. My heart is with US Military and Cops for obv ...
Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation (for program information and applications)
The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees, a federally recognized tribal government organized approximately 50 years ago, consists of a Chief,(Present-John Ross) Assistant Chief,(Present-Jim Henson) and a Tribal Council of nine members elected by district.[they are the original nine districts within the Historic boundary lines of the Cherokee Nation] Headquarters are in Tahlequah. Its current membership is around 7500, all of whom are at least one-quarter (1/4) Cherokee. The 2sgby or United Keetoowah Band should not be confused with the Keetoowah Society, also known as Nighthawks, a major traditionalist religious society with which many people are familiar. Nor should the Band be confused with the current Cherokee Nation, another governmental organization established much later than the Band. Because the Keetoowah Society is a religious society which can be compared to any other major religion, and the two tribal governments do not prohibit membership in the other, it is possible for a Cherokee to belong ...
And another email from At Large TC Julia Coates 2/6 maybe Cara shouldn't have announced she was running fir Chief year earlier - Hello, everyone – Summary: On the last Thursday of each month, two standing committees of the Cherokee Nation, the Rules Committee and the Executive and Finance (E&F) Committee, meet. All Tribal Councilors are required to serve on these two committees, and these are where some of the weightiest – and the most contentious – issues are debated. This is where observers will frequently see the differences in principle and policy between the majority and the minority blocs on the council come to the forefront. Last week’s meeting was no exception. Interested? Read on… There are two sets of meetings each month. The first are held on the first Monday after the second Saturday, and includes the monthly Full Council meeting. I fly in to attend those in person as I am constitutionally required to do. On the second set of meetings (Rules and E&F), I “attend” by webcam. At the ...
Less than 3% of the Cherokee Nation sealed the fate for the Cherokee to go on the Trail of Tears.
To anyone upset over the Coca-Cola commercial, let me ask you this: Where was the singing in Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, etc. I grew up in Calhoun, Ga. the former capital of the Cherokee Nation before the Trail of Tears in which many Native Americans were rounded up and forced to walk 1,000 miles to the Oklahoma territory, which had only been possible through the Louisiana Purchase, which means that the French used to occupy a good chunk of what is now America. It was an ad to sell you Coke. Nothing more, nothing less.
U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell on Friday filed a motion in federal court for a summary judgement in the Freedmen and Cherokee Nation court case. The motion, submitted by acting Assistant Attorney General Robert G. Dreher, requests all citizenship rights provided by the Cherokee Nation be afforded “certain Cherokee Freedmen and their descendants.” About 2,800 Freedmen descendants are seeking citizenship rights within the tribe. In 2007, the Cherokee Nation passed a constitutional amendment requiring tribal citizens to have at least one Indian ancestor on the federally authorized Dawes rolls. Freedmen claim the Treaty of 1866 between the U.S. and the Cherokee Nation created citizenship for the slaves and their descendants. Since 2007, Freedmen descendants were allowed all the rights of other Cherokee citizens, only if they could provide documentation of an Indian ancestor on the Dawes Rolls. “This court should declare that the Treat of 1866 between the Cherokee Nation and the United Sta . ...
Well Folks on the Brief Robin McLain Smith been posting tidbits from I guess is about all a person can do that is not a puter whiz...Marilyn Vann was kind enough to send me a copy of it I got it open and can read it but that is all I can not find a way to make or post a link, cant do anything with this format, if there is any out there that can let me know and I will see if I can forward the copy I have... The one thing that sticks out like a sore thumbh, much of it is stuff the Cornsilks been telling ya for a long time... Here is a tid bit that may be of interest: "The Cherokee Nation’s assertion that Article 9 of the Treaty has been abrogated should be rejected. IV. THE CHEROKEE NATION DOES NOT HAVE A SOVEREIGN RIGHT TO DISREGARD FEDERAL TREATY OBLIGATIONS. The Cherokee Nation argues that it has the sovereign right to determine its own membership, and that this entitles the Nation to exclude the Freedmen. Interior agrees that the Cherokee Nation is a sovereign entity that retains powers of self-gover ...
For those interested in the roots of today's conflicts, here's something from: And Still The Waters Run by Angie Debo PS I'm not saying the selfishness is the root of civilization, they did. The same people who pushed the Dawes Rolls off onto the Cherokee Nation. "In 1883 a small group of Eastern humanitarians began to meet annually at Lake Mohonk, ... they discussed the Indian problem with crusading motive. Senator Henry L. Dawes of Massachusetts, a distinguished Indian theorist, gave a glowing description of a visit of made to the Indian Territory. The most partisan Indian would hardly have painted such an idealized picture of his people’s happiness and prosperity and culture, but, illogically, the senator advocated a change in this perfect society because it held the wrong principles of property ownership." Speaking apparently of the Cherokees, he said: “The head chief told us that there was not a family in that whole nation that had not a home of its own. There was not a pauper in that nation, ...
Reminder for CASA volunteers and Board Members . Monthly meeting tonight . In- service hour ! Tad Teehee from the Cherokee Nation will be speaking about the Indian Child Welfare Act and new laws within the Cherokee Nation concerning child welfare and Saftey. Adult Ed building@ 5:30. Reminder : CASA volunteers are required 12 hours of in- service hours a year. Thank you!!
Courtroom Drama 120 of the World's Most Notable Trials (Volumes 1-3) UXL brings the drama of history's most notable -- and notorious -- trials to the classroom with Courtroom Drama. This one-stop source provides details on the key events, people and outcomes of 120 of the world's most compelling trials, including: United States v. Susan B. Anthony (on trial for women's rights) Cherokee Nation v. Georgia (Indian nations attempt to sue U.S. citizens) Thomas More (on trial for treason) John Thomas Scopes (on trial for teaching evolution in the classroom) And d List Price: $ 165.00 Price: $ 49.00
but maybe some day when they;ve learned Cherokee Nation will return will return will return will return..'
Furniture for Grill area - Cherokee Nation: Furniture for Grill areaCherokee NationAny item(s) with exceptions...
News: Board dismisses Cherokee Nation appeal in United Keetoowah Band trust case
Cherokees are very talented in preserving their culture through art.
Does anyone know why the Cherokee Nation has chronics on their tribal tags?
Listen up Cherokee Nation citizens ages 16-24! The Remember the Removal Bike Ride needs MORE applications! Don't miss out on this once in a life time opportunity! You can apply at Hurry the deadline is January 31st!
Cherokee Nation opens new child development center: The Cherokee Nation has opened a new $4.2 millio...
Great great Job Cherokee Nation!! The children of today and tomorrow thank you! Chief, Staff and Council women...
and hated by indigenous communities as well. See: Cherokee nation in the US, for example. But like I've experienced, and so have
Check out the Cherokee Nation History and Preservation page for updated history classes just added! I will also...
Cherokee Nation allows their employees to have a drink during their lunch break... Why in the world am I working at TCH?
It is the voter of any nation, who decides to elect either rightwing or leftists to power.
STILWELL, Oklahoma - The Cherokee Nation is scheduled to cut the ribbon on a new $4.2 million child development center in Stilwell.
Do you remember reading about Baby Veronica - a case where a biological mother made an adoption plan, and the...
If you missed the report on our newest food distribution center in Collinsville catch it here:
Cherokee Nation opening new multimillion dollar child development center in Stilwell on Friday
Cherokee Nation strengthens laws to prevent future battles such as Veronica's case.
Placing Cherokee kids 4 adoption R Foster care in white homes deprives them of their culture and the tribe of Kids. .
Cherokee nation clarifying adoption position in the wake of Baby Veronica rulings
The Cherokee nation passed a new law giving more protection to biological parents in adoptive and foster care cases.
Cherokee Nation opens Collinsville Food Distribution Center: Center is the seventh operation for the tribe, se...
Notice how converts to All Vol when Coach Jones comes to the Cherokee Nation! Thanks 4 the visit!
The Cherokee Nation is risking millions in federal funding with its decision to expel black members.
The Cherokee Nation has passed a law giving preference to safe biological parents and tribal family when placing...
is at the Collinsville Cherokee Nation food distribution center grand opening with Buel Anglen and Lee Keener.
The Cherokee Nation honors its roots with an heirloom seed program for its members:
The whole Cherokee nation crew meets at danos in the morning.
During the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council meeting for December, four Cherokee veterans were honored for their service and duties.
The official news source of the Cherokee Nation, Cherokee Nation Businesses and Cherokee Nation Entertainment.
Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed agreements Friday that will allow Cherokee citizens living in all 77 Oklahoma counties to buy a Cherokee Nation license plate.
?The Cherokee Nation is giving seeds from its limited supply of seed bank inventory to tribal citizens interested in growing traditional Cherokee crops.
The Cherokee Nation Tribal Council on Monday passed a resolution changing placement preferences for Indian children involved in adoption and custody
We applied for Cherokee nation to build us a house. Finally. Hopefully in two years ill be in a house. :O
Cherokee Nation Unofficial Code: This work has been created by Michael E. Moore, Esq. This Unofficial version of the Cherokee Nation Code is not to be relied upon, but only for educational purposes. Since Cherokee Nation has yet to publish a complete indexed code, I have created this website.
Nation joins the InterTribal Buffalo Council of SD & begins planning process to raise bison in OK
Elizabeth Warren at a Cherokee Nation tribal meeting
Are you looking for forms related to your Cherokee Nation citizenship? Do you need to update your address and other contact information? You'll find an assortment of forms related to your Cherokee Nation...
Cherokee Nation's partnership with makes the Bits and Bytes headlines by Via
Actual search terms that brought people to my website: patriotic bald eagle images; cherokee nation; importance of coxey's army; elephants
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thank you Cherokee nation for delaying my schooling until February.
Cherokee Nation to open a new food distribution center in Collinsville, OK this week.
And for all y'all so proud of y'all Native American heritage hang it up because it prolly ain't true . The Cherokee Nation despised blacks
to open new food distribution center in Collinsville OK on 16 Jan
Doing my community service for my Cherokee Nation scholar while watching my Broncos grind. My kind of community service
Cherokee Nation-Paul Revere and The Raiders via great grandmother was full blooded Blackfoot...
Since I work for the Cherokee nation, would I get a raise if I rode a horse to work?
The Cherokee Nation has recently joined the InterTribal Buffalo Council (ITBC). They are the 59th tribe to join this council that works with national parks to relocate buffalo and bison from national parks to tribal lands.
Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin, Jr. speaks about the accomplishments of the Cherokee Nation in 2013.
Cherokee Nation joins InterTribal Buffalo Council: The Cherokee Nation has joined the InterTribal Bu...
Cherokees open new food distribution center here Thursday, Jan. 16: The Cherokee Nation will celebrate the gra...
the Cherokee nation sued me over my underwear.
Cherokee Nation hosting health enrollment fairs for veterans
The Cherokee Nation and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hosts a series of enrollment fairs starting this month for Native American veterans to sign up for health benefits.
Ginger Glory and Cindy Scott of The Cherokee Nation Health Services department. I was able to stop by and visit...
I know I'm back when I start seeing Cherokee Nation license plates...
Cherokee Nation citizen Candessa Tehee began leading the Cherokee Heritage Center on Dec. 9.
““Whats walrus nation” a cultural phenomenon and the best basketball players jn cherokee
A guy from Cherokee nation has my class ring!! I lost it 11 months ago and someone had found it and turned it in. Thank you whoever did that
The Cherokee Nation is expanding the tribe's hearing aid program for its tribal members.
from Nation in seeks restroom construction bids
Race, Culture, and Identity in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma via
Cherokee Nation hosting health enrollment fairs for veterans via
The Cherokee Nation is reacting to a lawsuit that seeks more than a million dollars in legal fees from Dusten Brown and the Cherokee Nation.
Went and got the new Cherokee nation cards, they're a very big improvement over the old.
The Cherokee Nation finished its largest translation project to date, adding the Cherokee language to Microsoft Office Web Apps.
An all new Native Report covers the development of Oklahoma’s Indian Law, Ojibwe’s Native astronomy, and an appearance from Emma Garrett of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation, to provide a lesson on the art of basket making, airing now on PBS North!
I heard that Cherokee Nation will now allow it's citizens who live outside of Cherokee Nation to tag their this true and has anyone tried it yet?
Demanding the Cherokee Nation examines nineteenth-century Cherokee political rhetoric to address an enigma in American Indian
Stay in touch with Cherokee Nation news and events with weekly Cherokee Link emails and a bi-weekly message from our Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker. Just visit to subscribe!
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Has anyone heard if Cherokee Nation will open late today due to the road conditions?? I'm not sure where to check first.
New Lorenzo Dow Davis Collection Lumpkin County Library The Lumpkin County Library is pleased to announce the addition of the Lorenzo Dow Davis collection to the library genealogy archives. This collection was donated to the Lumpkin County Library by Douglas and Barbara Abee Saxton. They obtained it from Minnie Belle Patton who purchased it at a yard sale in Lumpkin County. The Lorenzo Dow Davis collection contains documents formerly belonging to the Lorenzo Dow Davis family, dating from 1832 to 1893. The papers include promissory notes, receipts and bills, gold bullion deposits at the U.S. Branch Mint in Dahlonega, guardian papers, court ordered seizures, powers of attorney in land lot sales. Also included are correspondence, rifle permits, original deeds from the 1832 land lottery, obligation papers from prospectors who went to California, a letter from IT (Indian Territory), and hand-drawn weaving patterns by Susan Davis. Lorenzo Dow Davis was the fifth child of Daniel and Rachel Martin Davis who were ...
The Cherokee Nation has finished a project that adds the Cherokee language to Microsoft Office Web apps.
The Cherokee Nation focuses on providing jobs for Cherokees in their communities. The Nation and its businesses offer an array of professional disciplines including human resources, environmental, accounting, information systems, manufacturing, marketing, gaming, business development and many more.…
Bethany Henry, a UA grad student in the Dept. of History and a member of the Cherokee Nation, presented a talk here at the museum recently on the Five Civilized Tribes in the Civil War. Her talk is available on our YouTube channel and on our iTunes U site. Here's a link to YouTube.
OSIYO ~ From Our Cherokee Chief Bill John Baker ~The beginning of a New Year is always a great time to reflect on our achievements and set new goals for the upcoming months. Last year, hardworking staff of the Nation worked diligently to fulfill the hallmark of our administration: Homes ~ Health ~ Hope. In 2013, we achieved many dreams for the Cherokee Nation: • More than 100 Cherokee families celebrated Christmas in new homes built by our housing department, and every month more Cherokee families are moving into their brand-new homes. • We made a record $100 million investment to provide better health care for Cherokee citizens. This includes new and expanded clinics, which will make it easier to provide essential health services. • We increased educational opportunities for Cherokee citizens by investing more funds in academic scholarships than ever before. • At Cherokee Nation Businesses we saw record-breaking growth as we continue to expand our business portfolio. • We fully funded the compl ...
I brought this over for debate, I'm sure lots of us have read this,but, I think it deserves a harder look and some Q's could be asked as well as some A's be answered. Reading the comments on the CNO 75 Constitution below this post, I thought this was appropriate, what's your take? A History Lesson By David Cornsilk: We should know our history. But it must be the real history. When it is said "we did that" it infers that Cherokee Nation had anything to do with the development and recognition of the UKB. If that's what is meant, it's not true. It was the intent of Congress and the mixed blood Cherokees that the Cherokee Nation cease to exist when our lands were allotted and Oklahoma became a state. The full bloods were opposed and formed the Keetoowah Society Incorporated to continue some semblance of governance for themselves. When Congress did an about face in Indian policy and passed the Indian Reorganization Act in 1934 it did not apply to Oklahoma tribes. The primary reason was not white opposition. I ...
Is it bad to wish Cherokee Nation to be closed tomm?? Lol wishful thinking!!
Woo hoo I'm in the Cherokee Nation... no more lonely Native... yeppee!!
The Cherokee Nation honored four veterans with the Cherokee Medal of Patriotism at its December Tribal Council meeting.
The Cherokee Nation each year gives its tribal members interested in growing traditional Cherokee crops seeds from its special seed bank.
The Cherokee Nation each year gives tribal citizens inventory from its seed bank.
Students looking to renew Cherokee Nation scholarships can do so by Jan. 10. Students looking to apply for Cherokee Nation Foundation scholarships can do so by Jan. 31.
The Cherokee Nation will hold a grand opening and ribbon cutting of its Collinsville Food Distribution Center on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014 at 11 a.m. The center is located at 1101 N. 12th in Collinsville. Call (918) 207-3911 for information.
Video-An American Indian icon: the importance of buffalo in tribal culture. The Cherokee Nation became the 59th tribe to join the InterTribal Buffalo Council
Wonder how many Cherokee Nation employees will be late tomorrow cause we couldn't settle down after eating all that SUGAR from the SUGAR BOWL?
The song I'm thinking is Cherokee Nation, brings tears to my eyes still today...
Principal Chief Bill John Baker presents the annual "State of the Nation" address to the Cherokee Nation during the 61st National Holiday celebration Saturda...
Well folks ole Ryan Danger Jumper ask a question and I responded with an answer and was promptly deleted by Robin McLain Smith, appears she is desperate to keep truth of the BOGUS CNO cards from her readers!! Ryan said: I still have the paper blue card! Is it not good anymore? The Elder cornsilk said: Yes Ryan the blue is still good, will still get you IHS and comods if ya aint to rich, I got kicked out a few years back for being two bucks over the income limit for comods... BUT as to legal depends on which one ya got if ya got one that says Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma across the top that one is legal and it will also say Tribal Member below your signature. as yo can see with my old original if you got one that Says Cherokee Nation in English and Cherokee across top it is NOT LEGAL, by the weezle Smith the member part is legal but the name aint... Then thee is Baker's blue card it looks like this but they are getting away with them, if you do have one of these look below your signature it will say you are ...
I very much enjoyed my recent trip to East Tennessee and my time with the Chief of the OverHill Cherokee Nation. I spent three days with him learning the philosophy and teachings of the OverHill Nation. It amazes me that all the teachings and beliefs are based on the belief in The Creator. So much of the history of the Cherokee is not being taught and the culture is endanger of being lost. The Chief took me to the capital of the old Cherokee Nation and several other sacred places all in East Tennessee near Tellico Plains. Most people have a misconception and assume Cherokee, NC was the epicenter of the nation but prior to the removal it was just hunting grounds. This is not to speak ill of my eastern ban brothers but to walk the footsteps of the ancestors holy places just has a different feel then Cherokee, NC. I am proud to have joined the OverHill Nation and now look for much growth now that we have a clan here in Pickens, SC.
center of the country those cherokee nation or congress lands had seen, Thomas soccer of heads & chocolate drinking emperors far.
Cherokee Nation helping to bring thousands of jobs to northeast Oklahoma - Anadisgoi
Cherokee Nation making it faster for Cherokees to buy new home
Happy new year Cherokee Nation 2013 was great!
I have so many great memories from 2013, but I believe being honored by the Cherokee Nation and Principal Chief...
Happy New Year to all of the Cherokee Nation! I wish each of you the very best in 2014!
WADO to all Cherokee Nation and CNBusinesses staff who are working New Years Eve and Day!
Cherokee Nation to disperse rare, traditional seeds
Shooting arrows at crippled post-transplant cancer patient Cherokee. Or destroying an entire nation.
Translator finds important part of Cherokee Nation’s history
Three new marshal positions are coming soon thanks to an $845,000 COPS office grant.
In case you missed it, a great read from the on our focus to bring more jobs, opportunities to NE Okla.
Today we're reading (and watching): "Translator Finds Important Part Of Cherokee Nation's History"
Tribal partnership with major corp brings jobs to NE Oklahoma
If your is lower then you butt and 99.99 percent of it is black Cherokee mustang ford Indian chief keef, your automatically ghetto to me
nation, nor do I particularly want that. IMO government often pollutes faith.
.Not sure what you mean by Christianized. America was not, and is not meant to be a Christian nation.
Chief Dragging Canoe (1734-1792). Considered the greatest Chief from the Cherokee Nation.
Lakes Country News: Cherokee Nation Marshal Service to expand unit with grant - Grandlakenews
Cherokee (ah- ni- yv - wi -ya in Cherokee language ) are a Native American people of North America who at the time of first contact with Europeans in the sixteenth century lived in the lands of eastern and south-eastern United States until the current were not forced to move forcefully on the plain of Ozark in the 30s of the 1800s, despite the protests of General Wool , then resigned , and intellectuals such as Ralph Waldo Emerson , who wrote a personal letter to President Van Buren . The Cherokees were one of the so-called Five Civilized Tribes . The nation and the bands of the native Cherokee recognized by the government of the United States (for a total of about 250,000 people) , currently have headquarters in Tahlequah , Oklahoma ( the Cherokee Nation and the United Keetoowah Band) and Cherokee in North Carolina ( the Eastern Band ) , while the recognized tribes are found in Georgia , Missouri and Alabama . Other non-recognized Cherokee organizations are located in Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee. A ...
As usual you know nothing about what you're talking about Chris Whitmire. = CNO is NOT the Cherokee Nation! By David Cornsilk While I have a great deal of respect for Roy Hamilton, I cannot support his letter and the contentions he makes in it. However, I do not think Roy intentionally distorts the truth about the CNO, he, like so many Cherokees, has been mislead. He and all of us, have been fed a gruel masquerading as historical fact about the CNO. The leadership of the CNO have depended upon the passage of time, the lack of information and the draw of the dominant culture upon our lives to give them free reign to control the affairs of the Cherokee people from an illegal perch. Now for some facts: 1. The United States Congress passed the Dawes Act in the 1890s to dissolve the governments of the Five Civilized Tribes. Some tribes resisted, particularly the Cherokee Nation. The Dawes Act stated specificially that its purpose was to divide up the tribal assets and terminate the existence of the governments ...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Wesley "Wes" Studi (born December 17, 1947) is an award-winning full-blood Cherokee actor and film producer from Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma near Tahlequah, who has won critical acclaim for his portrayal of Native Americans in film. He has appeared in well-received Academy Award-winning films, such as Kevin Costner's Dances with Wolves, Michael Mann's The Last of the Mohicans (1992), and the Academy Award-nominated films Geronimo: An American Legend (1993) and The New World (2005). He most recently portrayed General Linus Abner (an analogue to the biblical Abner) in the NBC series Kings, and Eytukan in James Cameron's box office blockbuster Avatar.
TODAY IN HISTORY from Washington died at age 67. - 14/12/1819 Alabama became the 22nd state in the United States. - 14/12/1911 Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen became the first man to reach the South Pole, beating an expedition led by Robert F. Scott. - 14/12/1939 The Soviet Union was dropped from the League of Nations. - 14/12/1967 DNA synthesized for the first time. - 14/12/1981 Israel formally annexed the Golan Heights. - 14/12/1985 Wilma Mankiller became the first woman to lead a major American Indian tribe as she took office as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. - 14/12/1989 Nobel Peace laureate Andrei D. Sakharov died in Moscow at age 68. - 14/12/2012 Adam Lanza, age 20, forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut, and killed 26 people. The victims included 20 children between the ages of six and seven.
Cherokee Nation leader and Confederate Army brigadier general Stand Watie (was born today in 1806.
November 26th: John Ross : Native American Chief and Leader John Ross (October 3, 1790–August 1, 1866), also known as Guwisguwi (meaning in Cherokee a "mythological or rare migratory bird"), was the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1828–1866, serving longer in this position than any other person. Described as the Moses of his people, Ross influenced the former Indian nation through such tumultuous events as the relocation to Indian Territory and the American Civil War. John Ross was only one-eighth Cherokee, the son of a part-Cherokee mother and a Scottish father. His mother and maternal grandmother were of mixed Scots-Cherokee ancestry, since his maternal grandfather was another Scottish immigrant. As a result, young John grew up bilingual and bicultural, an experience that served him well when his parents decided to send him to schools that served other mixed-blood Cherokees. After graduation, he was appointed an Indian agent in 1811. During the War of 1812, he served as adjutant of a Che ...
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November is National American Indian Heritage Month! And on this Wilma Mankiller, the first woman chief of the Cherokee Nation, was born in 1945. She served for 10 years and in that time, reinvigorated the Cherokee Nation with community development projects and transformed the relationship between the Cherokee Nation and the federal government. Mankiller was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1998, was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 1993, and was a Ms. Magazine Woman of the Year in 1987. -- via Ms. Magazine
Thanks to Rebekah Burns, I got 7. 1. I am tribal member of the Cherokee Nation. 2. I have 3 boys and a girl on the way, but we've been pregnant 6 times. 3. When I was a senior in high school, I got to be a personal assistant to the band The Black Crowes for one night, when they stayed at the resort I worked for (Shangri-La). They rented out the bowling alley and smoked marijuana all night. It was a stormy night and the power kept going out. They were scared to death. I left with a $300 tip! 4. I love the ocean. I love the fact that's it's so big and I'm so tiny. 5. Shera and I have personally had lunch with members of the Kansas City Royals. 6. My grandfather came up with the bill to make the fiddle the State Instrument of Arkansas. Governor Bill Clinton signed it into law. 7. Shera and I are fourth cousins. Meaning her great-grandma and my great-grandma were first cousins. That was fun! Like and I will give you a number.
The Great Cherokee Children's Massacre Ywahoo Falls Kentucky 1810 On Friday, August 10th 1810, the Great Cherokee Children Massacre took place at Ywahoo Falls in southeast Kentucky. The Cherokee village leaders of the Cumberland Plateau territory from Knoxville Tennessee to the Cumberland River in Kentucky was led by the northern provisional Thunderbolt District Chief Beloved Woman - War Woman "Cornblossom", the highly honored daughter of the famous Thunderbolt War Chief Doublehead. Several months before this date, War Woman Cornblossom was preparing the people in all the Cherokee villages of southeast Kentucky and northern Tennessee to bring all their children to the sacred Ywahoo Falls area of refuge and safety. Once all the Cherokee children were gathered they were to make a journey to Reverend Gideon Blackburns Presbertearian Indian School at Sequatchie Valley outside of Chattanooga Tennessee in order to save the children of the Cherokee Nation remaining in Kentucky and northern Tennessee on the Cumbe ...
Housing Authority of Cherokee Nation opens wait list Nov. 12 for Mutual Help/Rural Rental Homeownership in 3 counties.
Housing Authority of Cherokee Nation opens wait list for Delaware, Muskogee and Rogers counties
Listening to the Cherokee Nation's Principal Chief, Bill John Baker lecture for the Moccasin Bend…
"Bill John Baker, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, tucked a dip of tobacco behind his lip..."
The National Congress of American Indians kicked off its 70th annual convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Monday. Here are some of the highlights of the opening day. Shutdown Grounds Guests NCAI conferences typically attract top federal officials and high-ranking members of Congress. This year was to be no different -- except for the shutdown of the federal government. Assistant Secretary Kevin Washburn, the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Yvette Roubideaux, the director of the Indian Health Service, were among those who were stuck in Washington, D.C. Two White House officials -- Jodi Gillette and Charlie Galbraith -- also couldn't make it. Neither could the only two enrolled tribal members in Congress who would have felt right at home. Rep. Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma), a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, and Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Oklahoma), a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, had to stay on Capitol Hill to continue work on the shutdown. Jefferson Keel, NCAI's outgoing president, offered a blunt assessme ...
That impacts me how? I am 25% NA - Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation, I can say that I am offended. And I'm not a liberal.
I'm white and American Indian. Grew up in the capital of the Cherokee nation. So understand meaning of redskin.
I liked a video Cherokee Nation of The United Mexican States
He is from the Cherokee Nation and they called him Al because he didn't know any English
Cherokee nation's hard rock casino (and Tom petty's guitars) welcome you to Tulsa for NCAI convention
Cherokee Nation of OK not only ones out there, however. Still trying to learn language and stories, even if never get to join
Cherokee Nation has the right to decide its own rules but it cuts off toes so only fingers can wear rings.
Cherokee Nation Expels Descendants Of Tribe's Black Slaves this is why I don't recognize my native ancestory
Former Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation Chad Smith to speak at UNCA Nov. 12 | Asheville, NC
Cherokee speaker translates letters for Yale University: Cherokee Nation ...
That's right! Jesus Christ is coming to set things right!. Cherokee Nation-Paul Revere and The Raiders: via
Former Cherokee chief to speak: Chad Smith, former Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, will discuss the...
Nimmo: As of today, they've moved to dismiss all pending litigation in Oklahoma and Cherokee Nation court.
Binge drinking while reading a book on the decline of the Cherokee nation just feels so appropriate
I couldn't help but have mixed feelings about this situation. My heart goes out to him and the Cherokee nation
A lot of spirit from many new faces in the Cherokee Nation last night. Not sure who was greater, you or the band! Both were AWESOME!
My heart & prayers go out to Dusten Brown, his family & the Cherokee Nation. Such a tragedy.
Dusten Brown, Cherokee Nation dropping legal efforts to win custody of
It's election day in the Cherokee Nation, folks! Go vote!
Time to get up and hit this road to Tennessee. Cherokee Nation is commemorating the 175th anniversary of the Trail of Tears.
just cause you CDIB says Cherokee Nation...
Early morning. Going to kick some butt here in the Cherokee Nation. (@ Holiday Inn Express and Suites -
So glad gets to be with her family. This is the one redeeming thing biodad has done.
Finally, a member of the Cherokee Nation as a Contestant. Let's see if we have any Christopher Columbus answers.
"Baby Veronica" dad drops fight for custody rights
cd be laid out on a carpet with beads and pipes next to it. Hustling hard for the Cherokee nation.
AP: collects military memorabilia for Veterans Center in
Go Cherokee Nation citizen Bobby Cook!! BA man honored for Tribal work
I can't tell if I'm sad because they gave up or it was his message to his daughter.
Dusten Brown, Cherokee Nation drop pending legal action in case of Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl - Anadisgoi
Dusten Brown, Cherokee Nation dropping litigation in the fight.
Legal fight dropped but still hard for everyone involved.
Adoptive Couple vs. Baby Girl ruling, dad to drop rights: Original story in podcast:
UKB RESPONDS TO CHEROKEE NATION OF OKLAHOMA. A story recently published in the Oct. issue of the Cherokee...
I hope the adoptive parents let Veronica know how hard her daddy fought...and allow him to be a big part of her life. ht…
sure that the Cherokee nation, as well as myself & others grieves solely with this man, Dusten Brown, who has lost all fight to gain HIS
the Cherokee nation, because they have little or no funds & this white couple, out of all the white babies they could've adopted, but it's
do that w/o his consent. The court system knows that the Cherokee nation has little money, & that's this man decided to give up, along with
Today is my Dad, Bud Squirrel's retirement reception after 38 years of service at the Cherokee Nation, having worked in just about every dept. He is doing the cooking for his employees today, this is Servant Leadership.
The adoptive parents at the center of the custody battle over Baby Veronica are asking that the child's biological father and the Cherokee Nation pay the couple's legal expenses. The long custody battle between Matt and Melanie Capobianco, and Veronica's birth father, Dustin Brown, centered around.
“Veronica Brown will always be a Cherokee citizen, and although she may have left the Cherokee Nation, she will never leave our hearts.” Todd Hembree, attorney general for the Cherokee Nation. Read more at
Standing, last evening, outside the house on the Cherokee Nation complex where Dusten Brown's family had taken refuge, I witnessed an Indigenous nation stand down in defeat, handing over the little girl whose father was forced to fight for his own blood after fighting for the country who ultimately forced him to surrender his child to a couple who'd taken custody of her at birth, even before a questionable adoption had been finalized. Last evening, I saw that Indian sovereignty and ICWA cannot protect us, and, our tribal court systems are useless unless they are willing to take on these fights for us and our children...ALL THE WAY! CN Atty General Todd Hembree stated that it was best for them to "honorably' stand aside and watch a Cherokee father pack his little girl's bags and send her off to people who passed on the chance of being seen as "honorable" by agreeing to be loving friends with visitation to a little girl who, as it turned out, did have a fit and capable, loving father and extended family and ...
For my Southern friends from my own library: Ellis, Jerry (1991). Walking The Trail; One Man's Journey Along the Cherokee Trail of Tears. Lincoln NE: University of Nebraska Press, Ch1, pp 3,4. "In 1838 the Cherokee Nation thrived in Alabama, Tennessee,Georgia, and North Carolina. The eighteen thousand Indians had their own newspapers, The Cherokee Phoenix, published in both English and Cherokee. They raised corn, cotton, hogs and cattle. The lived in log houses and had long ago put away their scalping knives. They hoped to live in peace where their ancestors had lived for over five hundred years. But in 1838, President Martin Van Buren, pressured by Georgia, ordered seven thousand soldiers to round up the Indians at gunpoint. Their homes burned before their eyes, while soldiers dug into the family graves in search of gold or silver. The Indians were thrown into thirteen forts newly built to act as concentration camps. I was born and raised in Fort Payne (Willstown), Alabama, between Lookout and Sand ...
My name, George Ulysses Grayhouse, was designed to honor, both of my grandfathers! The middle name is to honor Ulysses S. Grant, who's hard fought victory at Vicksburg during the Civil War, is considered one of the most unbelievable strategic plans ever employed against a foe. Some historians credit his quick decision with the saving of thousands more Union and Confederate soldiers! My great-grandfather, Great-house, was from the Cherokee Nation. He was six foot five and had the darkest black hair into his 70's. He loved America with all his heart! It is sad, America, didn't love him or his people.
MT Cherokee Nation is working w/to translate 2000 handwritten documents
It's National Coffee Ice Cream Day and the best way to celebrate is with a Coffee Milk Shake from Molly Moon or Full Tilt. Encourage your kids to put down their phones for Read a Book Day. Many local libraries are having activities after school. In honor of National Procrastination Day no one else got around to scheduling any holidays for today. No patron saints are commemorated today, either. If you're near Abbots Bromley in Staffordshire stop in for the Horn Dance which includes antlers, hobby horses, a virgin, and a fool. On this day in history in 3114 BC the Mayan Long Count Calendar started, in 1492 Columbus left the Canary Islands for India, in 1522 the first European ship to circumnavigate the globe returned, in 1620 the Pilgrims set sail on the Mayflower, in 1628 the rival Puritans settled in Salem, in 1716 the first US lighthouse was built, in 1819 the lathe was patented, in 1839 the Cherokee Nation was formed, in 1847 Thoreau left Walden, in 1869 the first westbound train arrived in San Francisc ...
is proud of Cherokee Nation Tribal Youth Council who volunteered until late last night and started again at 7:30am, today!!
The U.S.A. Flag in the new Cherokee Nation Veterans Center was donated by and flew over U.S. Capitol.
Deputy Chief Crittenden speaking to a room full of vets in the new Cherokee Nation Veterans Center.
is at Cherokee Nation's Veteran Center with Councilman Lee Keener celebrating our veterans and active service members. WADO!!
Apparently, there's some confusion on what "qualifies" someone to be a member of Cherokee Nation. This will help:
The 2013 Cherokee Nation led a packed house last night! Great job by all my leaders!
"The Cherokee Nation has never been stronger..."
For real though, can the Cherokee Nation Holiday staff shirts stop being black? That's just working for me.
Watch live or archived online at the Annual Cherokee Nation State of the Nation.
USA is an occupying country from its origins , ask the Cherokee nation
Hopefully we shock the cherokee nation this first game!
The time has come for Congress to limit tribal court sovereignty: the Cherokee Nation has gone rogue.
S/O to the Navajo nation,Choctaw nation,Cherokee nation as they celebrate this weekend with festivities.If u are around,go check it out.
Cherokee Nation-Paul Revere and The Raiders: via Best believe we're invested .
The deadline that could force the casino to shut...
Wave your nations flag. Cherokee nation
And with the stroke of midnight, Cherokee Nation has begun their strongest attempt in conquering of the United Keetoowah Band.
Mescalero Apache (me) pictured with a Native American Woman from the Cherokee Nation. Brothers and Sisters in Spirit
some guy made me say "Cherokee nation is rockin tonight" 😂😂😭😂 and my mom saw it on the freakin news
Here is a great segment on Cherokee Nation Behavioral Health from CADCA TV.
Cherokee Nation Holiday.. All the frybread bodies and greasy faced natives dress to impress.. Lol funny
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
[Media Town Talk] Cherokee Nation will be part of upcoming Delco History Festival
Good luck SDHS CHEROKEES!! We are Cherokee nation we stand together. Lets kick some but tonight. Lets show them whos boss.!!(:
All of us at NICWA wish you a relaxing holiday weekend. For those bringing your children to Cherokee Nation...
Peace Rally for & Brown Family at 5:30 today just West of the Cherokee Nation Complex & Marshal service h…
Second of which is the Cherokee Nation Flag since I am part Cherokee Native American.
Cherokee Nation rallies in support of Veronica&biological father in Oklahoma - A gag...
Trying to help my dad get some lenses at Cherokee Nation .. Cheaper than buying them in Lawrence but also kinda confusing!
heard lots of enthusiasm coming from the East this Am. Must have been the Cherokee Nation. LOVE having …
Cherokee Nation to take on displaced workers pending Keetoowah Cherokee Casino's Friday closure.
BREAKING: Cherokee Nation files in SC Supreme Court for rehearing in case.
Dustin Brown is a notorious Indian giver and a witless pawn of the Cherokee Nation's tribal sovereignty political agenda.
Professor Robinson, lecturer of Criminal Justice; academic researcher of criminology; doctor of public policy. Chief of the Cherokee Nation.
Thank you cherokee nation for this amazing free gym! 🙏👏
Nothing can be more appropriate than getting in the car after leaving the Cherokee nation office & hearing Indian Outlaw on the radio 😂
RFP Replacement of HVAC Units at Interchange Building - Cherokee Nation: RFP Replacement of HVAC Units at Inte...
spoke to an elder of Cherokee Nation recently- said no one there is offended by Redskins.
Looking at a website for children of ebic and cant find anything on it...sent and email do you know about this? Constitutional Cherokee?
Update in Baby Veronica case. Legal fight continues in Oklahoma. Father, Cherokee Nation, NCAI, NICWA not giving up.
S.C. court approves adoption of Baby Veronica. Her father, a Cherokee Nation member, vows to keep fighting for her. It's on Bit at SE-001TH.
Who wants to go to Cherokee nation with me in Oklahoma
I'ma go sign up to be Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. You don't have to be full-blooded. The guy now is 1/32 Cherokee
After tonight I will be the chief of the Cherokee nation 💰
Wow. Cherokee Nation scholarship too?! Blessed beyond what I deserve.
"Cherokee Nation will continue to support Dusten, Veronica and the Brown family in their attempt to keep their family whole."
Need 401 new student followers by August 2nd @ 3:00 PM! Important info coming. Get this to all of the Cherokee Nation!
Praise the Lord I received the Cherokee Nation Scholarship! Thank you Lord!!!
Attorney General from New Mexico & Arizona sign the suit filed today, in support of Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Nation files another suit in Veronica case
Another suit filed by Cherokee Nation on behalf of Baby Veronica. Because the courtroom is closed I'm not sure if...
fundraiser for the interns from Cherokee nation!
how many kids in foster care in the cherokee nation I wonder.
Here at court waiting for family hearing. What a crazy ride this battle has been & the Nation insists it's not over
So cherokee nation is slow at everything...not just at the hospitals -_-
is at Hard Rock golf course for Cherokee Nation Businesses (CNB) Board meeting with Councilman Lee Keener.
Via a recount of Saturday's Cherokee Nation council run-off election is set for 8/1.
They should have given the case to the Cherokee Nation. SC should have too.
I initially looked at an image saying something about Veronica being stolen from the Cherokee Nation.
But, this is one of those times I see you as a fan of the state, because it's your state. Cherokee Nation should have the child.
They didn't annex anything. She's a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and her father should have custody of his daughter.
I am so blessed to have done this internship and work for the Cherokee Nation. I've been able to do a…
That is the whitest Native American I've ever seen. Cherokee Nation my *** Someone been dippin in the koolaid
Is speaking to the Summer Youth Program college interns tonight. Talented youth who spent last 9 weeks working for the Cherokee Nation.
“Cherokee Nation v. Georgia was responsible for ___.
On Saturday, we'll be at the OK History Center in OKC for Cherokee Nation community mtg, ID's & updates.
Cherokee Nation v. Georgia was responsible for ___.
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Eric Holder DOJ let down the Cherokee Nation by not fighting for the nation similiar to Cherokee Nations vs Georgia Worcester V Georgia
Are all tag agencies incredibly slow, or is it just the Cherokee nation ones that are this ridiculous?
DOJ should help the Cherokee Nation in remeberence of Corn Tassel. Plaintff In Cherokee Nation v Georgis check out my comment 1250 TMA
Since percentages are irrelevant to Cherokee Nation membership, makes you wonder why Alito brought it up.
What do you mean my Cherokee nation? — What? o.o
Why is Cherokee nation being played at the warren?
Cherokee Nation does not use blood quantum to determine membership. Was Alito aware of this fact? It seems not.
Child is a member of the Cherokee Nation, which is why she is classified as an "Indian." Does Alito understand the laws he refers to?
Warren uses fraud...Cherokee Nation has a big problem with her.
NOW she is not a citizen, after CN has harassed her family for how long? I hope she sues the Cherokee Nation now.
Going to Cherokee Nation Thursday to get my life started :) excited to see what my future has in store for me!! :) ready to go to school. 😁👌
I'm glad everybody at Cherokee Nation decided to bring their whole *** family today.
Cherokee Nation asks S.C. Supreme Court to reconsider custody ruling in Baby Veronica case; tribal court in...
FACT is - the Justices read all the testimony from Cherokee Nation - and ruled that the father abandoned child. RT
They - from all over the country - filed suit against the US. Government. Not the Cherokee Nation.
I told you already all my kids are Indian! What I hate is that most of the Cherokee Nation PRETEND to be Indian for money
The Cherokee Nation pushed the wrong buttons this time. But I am glad that is exposed the game that they've been playing.
The "Cherokee Nation" (ie - large group of non-Indians) must have some kids of group psychosis to be keeping this up.
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