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Cherokee Indian

The Cherokee are a Native American people historically settled in the Southeastern United States (principally Georgia, the Carolinas and East Tennessee).

Cherokee Indians Eastern Band Blackfoot Indian Cherokee Indian Reservation North America North Carolina Cherokee Nation French Canadian Native American

EBCI all chose not be relocated. This is about a group of people who can't prove there Indian
I'm Cherokee Indian and no one believes it
Blackfoot Indian side is my mother. In 1920 Cannady side married into Cherokee too, Indian on both sides of family
. Now is when all people start claiming they're like 1/16th Cherokee Indian
yup. That's how I am. I'd much rather you say Cherokee than Indian anyway lol
Indian Reservations can now cultivate cannabis - approved by the DOJ - just saying.part Cherokee outlaw.
If you're like 2% Cherokee you don't have a right to say the word Indian offends you. Go do something else for attention instead.
somebody asked me if I was Cherokee Indian last night because of my dream catcher tattoo😂 sure buddy!
Cherokee. I hate this. I mean seriously. Did anyone ever feel bad playing an Indian in Cowboys and Indians?
Only mixed w/ Cherokee Indian and they think I'm from another country .
I'm not offended, really, I love my Indian Blood. My Mama and my Grandpa were great. More Choctaw but my Cherokee/Chickasaw,grt.
Asked a black person what their ethnicity is. I bet 20 bucks they say they have Indian in them nd from the Cherokee tribe 😂😂😂
An old man just asked what Indian Tribe I'm from.. I'm obviously Cherokee 🙆
This photo is simply labeled Big Y Church. (Photo courtesy of the Museum of the Cherokee Indian)
My family is from UK and Scotland and Cherokee Indian if we all can get along why can't everybody L give me a break
Christmas present wrapping and colouring in with my Cherokee Indian princess.
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my dad was irish and half cherokee indian and my Mom was Pennsylvania dutch.
Curious what Yeo thought of Scandella's "mission" to become a Cherokee Indian with that Tomahawk Chop on JT.
The Cherokee Indian museum was eye opening. The Native Americans have had to endure so much suffering
I'm Choctaw/Chickasaw on my Mama's side and Cherokee on my Daddy's side. I'm an old 62 yr.old mixed INDIAN out of Oklahoma.
reports on the resolution passed by Eastern Band Cherokee Indian Tribal Council, to ban http:…
I sent all those kisses to the most handsome, greatly anointed Irish, Cherokee Indian that is soo anointed that anything he
Please support our Bill for strict guidelines on STATE TRIBAL RECOGNITION. .
"Congress gives NativeAm lands to foreign mining company w new NDAA
1/8th Blackfoot Cherokee Indian. Don't talk about me
The federal policy of Indian Removal: One of those breeds that survived the Trail of Tears is the Cherokee horse
Half Cherokee Indian and Half Irish! If you're talking race there. You're stupid too.
Looks good different I have Indian in me my grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. I need to learn bout the spices lv bh
My Great Grandmother. A full blooded Cherokee Indian. Photos from the early 1940s. I've met her in spirit only.
Elders from the Cherokee Nation share Halloween stories, in two parts on Indian Country Today Media Network:
I've narrowed it down to Biggie, PAC , or a Cherokee Indian Chief. What should I be for Halloween?
.Preach it, Emily! Cherokee citizen here - we fight this fight with Indian costumes & headdresses all the time.
I'm dressed like a Cherokee Indian because I'm wearing jeans and I've adopted white customs, but Jackson still forced us off our land.
Being an indian today gives me every right to talk in cherokee. And idc if nobody understands me. 💁
happy birthday to the ole Cherokee Indian I call one of my friends. The big 20 still looks like a 10 year old whuss but hbd
why does the Indian version of the cheerokee look so bad?.
I'm part Cherokee Indian, German Irish, and Dutch. Does that make me diverse or just American? Lol
Cherokee Nation to receive $29.5 million in settlement from Indian Health Service – Tulsa World...
Jackson’s Indian Removal Act of 1838 resulted in the Cherokee tribe being marched at gunpoint from Georgia to barren la…
I'm Santee Sioux Indian, my wife-Cherokee. We both think that blacks and whites are ALL crazy. Rodney King had it right
lol! I'm Spanish & german with some English,Cherokee Indian mixed in!
Grammas grandmother half Cherokee so what dat make me 10% Indian
You'll have to settle for a Wannabe Cherokee with a non-existent Great-grandmother who was a Cherokee Indian Princess. ;-)
“Yes u do” lol but mine is meherrin indian not Cherokee :p
Mine's kind of interesting too. Lebanese, Greek, Dutch, English and Cherokee Indian
Using "gypsy" to describe the Romani is equivalent to calling a Cherokee an "indian." The named may take offense.
Phase-one construction of Cherokee Indian Hospital is complete
I'm "No Bullet". Indian name, Cherokee might mean more than we imagine... myself. . (How'd that guy get in there?). Pop...
So dressing as a sexy Native American Princess is now racist?? Who's a good thing my daddy is full blooded Cherokee it
I have Cherokee Indian in me I tan very easily my skin looks g8 to b 44 and tan yr round tho. Since I was 16 lol
Cherokee CRC completed a 2-year project for the construction of dormitories at Riverside Indian School in Anadarko.
Cherokee CRC completes construction of new dormitories at Riverside Indian School
see i have cheekbone feature look like a indian like i said Cherokee blackfoot but have mixers of white in me too my skin is
A little red faced because I have Indian blood. Yes. Cherokee. Natives can disown me if you want. Rich has the blood.
God everytime I watch U tell Carol the story of the Indian mothers tears in Cherokee Rose I cry you are so sincere
My grandpa is FULL blooded cherokee lol you don't ever hear me claiming a percentage of indian...
Chickasaw musician Tabitha Fair and Chickasaw Youth Ensemble to perform National Anthem at game Nov. 2. http…
Yall don't believe I'm Indian but guess who's bringing Cherokee food tomorrow
Its official I do have Cherokee Indian in me .. my great grandmother was a full blood indian . ☺
they took the Cherokee Nation to the Indian reservation
Don't let yesterday use up too much of today - Cherokee Indian Proverb
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Bet y'all didn't know I'm a full Cherokee Indian 󾌧󾭻󾌺 with half black in me. 󾍃
so 19 in that yung grand Indian Cherokee or what
thank you. The more I cut the more it grows. I can thank my half Cherokee and half Black Foot Indian parents
To my granddaughter its wont be a costume shes part cherokee indian Thank you
Beautiful Cherokee Indian Legend Do you know the legend of the Cherokee Indian youth's rite of Passage? His father takes him into the forest, blindfolds him and leaves him alone. He is required to sit on a stump the whole night and not remove the blindfold until the rays of the morning sun shine through it. He cannot cry out for help to anyone. Once he survives the night, he is a MAN. He cannot tell the other boys of this experience, because each lad must come into manhood on his own. The boy is naturally terrified. He can hear all kinds of noises. Wild beasts must surely be all around him. Maybe even some human might do him harm. The wind blew the grass and earth, and shook his stump, but he sat calm and unflinching, never removing the blindfold. It would be the only way he could become a man! Finally, after a horrific night the sun appeared and he removed his blindfold. It was then that he discovered his father sitting on the stump next to him. He had been at watch the entire night, protecting his son . ...
The STORY OF MANATAKA By Lee Standing Bear Moore THE PLACE OF PEACE The Sacred Mountain and Valley of the Vapors For thousands of years, this magnificent site was the gathering place of many nations. Tribal leaders and spiritual elders made pilgrimages to the Great Ma-na-ta-ka Mountain to sit in great councils with many tribes. Some came every seven years, others came every eleven years, and others made the journey more frequently depending on local custom. Tribal leaders prayed and made peace offerings to the Creator, the Great Manataka (Place of Peace) Mountain and each other. They danced and sang around huge campfires in the narrow valley situated between the Manataka mountain and her sister mountain, today called North Mountain. Her other sister mountain, today called Indian Mountain stood guardian to her east. Daughters of the first nations gathered rare medicinal herbs found in great abundance in a large area surrounding Manataka in the shape of a circle. Their sons found precious clear crystals, .. ...
After visiting the Biltmore Estate, we took some time to drive on a small part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, visited the Cherokee Indian Reservation and took a ride on the Great Smoky Mountain railroad through a part of the old Cherokee Nation land and up to Lake Fontana. My first visit in that area and really thought it was lovely.
I have factual proof of being half cherokee indian do to fact my great grandpa on my mother side was full cherokee 100%
why everybody is so diverse? :( why do all the nappy head girls say they are Cherokee Indian :(
I don't think I've been to a reservation before that wasn't a casino. (@ Cherokee Indian Reservation in Qualla, NC)
John Drennen, a Van Buren founder who was also Indian agent to the Choctaw and Cherokee.
I've been reading about this guy Ghandi. Ghandi is an Indian, a Cherokee I think but that doesn't matter
you far from Cherokee Indian with that bald *** head...👧
Structural steel now being installed at the new 140,000-square-foot Cherokee Indian Hospital. via
"People always asking is me and my sister mixed with Cherokee . Idek what that is" it's a type of Indian
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being Cherokee Indian...I and many others think this is disgraceful disgusting and uncalled for
Morning White Dove Elvis' great, great, great grandmother. She was full blooded Cherokee Indian. Elv
I know there are traces of Bahamian and gatisn and cherokee Indian
I'm Cherokee and call myself Indian lol you just gotta ask
Boy's Soccer: Cherokee and Lenape go to OT, end in a 1-1 result. Battle in Indian country!
everyone has Indian in them I have Cherokee
"Quote this with a selfie & your race..." Cherokee Indian, black and German 🌹
“this with a selfie if you are a mixed girl.Put what your mixed with”Black,White&Cherokee Indian
He can tell I ain't missing no meals 🐽
The last Confederate General to surrender in the US Civil war was a Cherokee Indian named Stand Watie.
Rosie and I are getting our craft on Cherokee Indian style for my Bella (@ Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft) on
I'm an Indian outlaw. Half Cherokee and Choctaw. My baby she's a Chippewa
Do you still claim to be a Cherokee Indian?
African American + Cherokee=African American Indian 😂😂😂😂 i jus made up the name for my race!!
I absolutely love this & being 1/8th Cherokee indian, this speaks to me on a spirtual level.
lol you look fresh off a Cherokee Indian reserve
cause I'm an Indian outlaw. half Cherokee and Choctaw. my baby she's a she's a Chippewa, she's a one of a kind.
my mom likes Calum the most because he has the Indian tattoo and she's Cherokee 😂
fun fact: I am Eastern European and Cherokee Indian. But you wouldn't know that by looking at me bc I'm so *** pale sigh
Not me, I'm a Cherokee Indian who just got fired by the Cherokee owned Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Catoosa/Tulsa
I dedicated this to My Grandmother Mrs. Earmease Moten who is born a Cherokee Indian who still lives this day. To show the Orignal Cherokee people. Its just in my Spirit to do this. Cherokees ran and hid in Mountains of East being N. Carolina, but some where forced to Oklahoma. The force movement is known as the Trail of Tears. God name Ya was used in serval songs in that time of trouble. To know you is just the beginning of new heights. God Ya bless ALL HIS Tribes, Cherokees being some of Judah is just one of the many indian Tribes ,but 12 Tribes.
and just so everyone knows, we love however the Indian Band plays it.
Our annual Cherokee Indian Fair will be Tuesday October 7th through Saturday October 11th. We'll be posting some...
The older I become and the more shaped my face become..Im beginning 2 look like an Islander..Creole&Cherokee Indian..Both love dancing&music
White lady:what kind of indian are you. Guy:..Cherokee White lady:i was adopted into a cherokee tribe Im princess ? maybe youve heard of me
Vote for Museum of the Cherokee Indian-Cherokee, N.C. as the Best Native American Experience
I really want to start getting more into my Indian side.My great grandmother was a Cherokee healer and it'd be so stellar to learn her ways.
My dads dad was 100 percent Irish but his grandma was full blooded Cherokee and my moms dad was half Sioux Indian! But yes Irish! 😊
Waiting on aka the Indian outlaw at Harrah's Cherokee.
ScottIsh, Irish, German, Cherokee, Seminole Indian.thats all I know off hand
Quote with your nationality I'm welsh/Cherokee Indian 😁
Proud adopted Oklahoma Cherokee Indian supporting the tonight!
I gave her that name many many moons ago I am Cherokee Indian .lol
Didnt know my great great great grandma was full-blooded cherokee indian & walked trail of tears but heeey 💁 learn somethin neew everyday
Daily OK Fact: Wilma Mankiller was the 1st woman to head a major American Indian tribal government as the Chief of the Cherokee Nation!
my dad is 99.9% Cherokee indian he isn't offended by the redskins. He jut shakes his head when ppl talk about it, lol.
Im a Cherokee Indian. And guess what I'm *** good friends with the guys holdin the sign Im not *** hurt! Stop being babi…
True. Then she's also part Cherokee Indian in this life and she was a full-blooded Indian in a previous life. She's also been cont
When I was in elementary school and i told people Iwas Indian some blackpeople would replyto me saying "oh yeah?I'm like 25%Cherokee too"smh
See original paintings by Native artist Pat McAllister (Cherokee) and other amazing artisans at Indian Summer...
thank you Cherokee. Love you ❤️ really don't know what I woulda done without you
Black girls be like uh yeah I'm mixed with Cherokee Indian no you're not you're black
This *** sitting up here with this stripped blanket on him like a Cherokee Indian Lol
"My heritage is American Indian. Cherokee. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can"..
Talk about growing up. 2014 jadawadaaa shelbie.wayne bri.bby
I look like a red skin in my avi doe... "I got Indian in my family" face *** we Cherokee on both sides over here doe😜😂
And OSU is on land that used to be part of the Cherokee Strip land given to Cherokees for moving to Indian territory but later taken away.
Ancient Cherokee Indian Tale of the Origin of Illness - via
This morning we started by visiting the Museum of the Cherokee Indian in Cherokee, North Carolina.
Red Clay State Park, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian and the Cherokee Nation will host the first Cherokee Heritage Festival on Saturday, August 2, and Sunday, August 3, at the park. The theme of the festival is “Persistence, Resistance and Perseverance: The Formation of the Eastern Band.” The event will include traditional singing and dancing, Cherokee foods, Cherokee plants and uses, hikes led by Herbalist Darryl Patton, Cherokee artisans, 18th and 19th century living historians, storytelling and much more. Visitors can also enjoy a traditional game of stickball and listen to lectures about the Cherokee removal and the formation of the Eastern Band. There will also be a temporary exhibit in the visitor’s center focusing on the theme of the festival. In addition, the first female tribal chairperson, Terri Henry will visit on Saturday and Chief Michell Hicks will visit on Sunday.
Shannon Elizabeth ~ Cherokee Indian Birth Name: Shannon Elizabeth FadalDate of Birth: September 7, 1973Shannon Elizabeth was born in Houston, Texas to a Syrian/Lebanese father and a mother also of mixed decent (including Cherokee Indian). Soon after Elizabeth was born, her family moved to Waco, wher
Story The Indian Chief There was a man that we all called Chief who always hung out at the dispatcher’s office at night. He really was a Cherokee Indian. (well, part Indian, enough to qualify as a Cherokee and live on the reservation with an Indian number & check) Joe, the night dispatcher at Blue Bird Taxi, was a driver for several years before becoming a dispatcher. He had driven for Blue Bird most of his career. He told a story about how he met Chief & how he came to be at Blue Bird. Joe was sitting at the bus station one evening when a bus came in from the western part of the state. Several people got off the bus, including a young indian boy. There were several people picking on him and giving him a hard time. This young boy came over and got into Joe’s cab, even though he had very little money and no idea where to go. Joe being a very kind person, allowed this boy to ride with him in his cab for the rest of his shift that night. He learned a lot about this boy while they rode around. He was only ...
Appalachian Cherokee Nation Who are we? The name of this Nation (Tribe) shall be the Appalachian Cherokee Nation (ACN) Tribe , of Montross, Virginia. Our history goes back to the Great Cherokee Chief, Aaron RedBird Brock, born Dec 8, 1721 in Virginia. RedBird Creek in Clay County Kentucky, then Virginia was named after him. Chief RedBird (Tatsu'hwa), is the Son of Chief Great Eagle, Grandson of Moytoy and the Great Grandson of Amato. The Cherokee dwelled in the Holston River Valley, Clinch River Valley and the Appalachian mountains. To save themselves from being extracted and becoming part of the Trail of Tears, the Cherokees subsequently hid in the surrounding mountains primarily known today as Russell, Scott, Tazewell, Wise and Washington Counties of Virginia, Harding, Leslie and Clay counties of Kentucky, Graham County, Carter County and Johnson County of Tennessee. In 1997 we became Incorporated first as the Cherokee Indian nation of the Appalachians Tribe, then amended to our present name, The A ...
for the last time I'm Cherokee Indian, French, Dominican, Caucasian, & African American.
Or Blackfoot ““I swear every black chick is mixed with Cherokee Indian.” "Mixed"”
Embracing my {one-thirty second} Cherokee Indian heritage here in Oklahoma
Many people are unaware that Michael Landon could not grow facial hair. He was part Cherokee Indian, which explains this.
I have to ask am I the only Cherokee Indian that's been accused of stealing our own land from the Indians lol
Do you like Native American fiction? Here's a good book for middle grade readers about a Cherokee Indian boy. his name is Wohali, can you...
Norma Smallwood - Born Norma Des Cygne Smallwood, she was a full blood Cherokee Indian from Tulsa, Oklahoma. While as a student at Oklahoma State University, she entered the Miss America Pageant in 1926 and was crowned the first Native American to win the title. During the year of her reign, she had an acute business sense demanding a fee for appearances. She reportedly made over 100,000 dollars, more than either Babe Ruth or the President of the United States.
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This is a history of the Brock Family Genealogy, taken from my book "My Kentucky Heritage" published by Robert William Brock, Jr. and available from I have been researching my family tree and have been fortunate to have traced the Brock family back to their roots in England. To order the book "My Family Heritage" type in my full name Robert William Brock, Jr. under the books section at The Brock Family I have been very fortunate to have traced the Brock heritage back to the time they came to America from England. The first Brock to arrive in America was a John Brock, who was born in England in 1616. He and his wife Barbary Brocke arrived in Virginia November 24, 1637, and settled at Queens Creek at Charles River, Virginia. There they bought and owned 300 acres of land, next to an Indian Cabin. John and Barbary had a son William Brock, who had a son Reuben Brock, who married Christian Place who was a full-bloodied Cherokee Indian. The Brock’s from this time on until my Gre ...
Democrat Elizabeth Warren was exposed as a fraud when she claimed for years that she was Cherokee Indian. Cherokee genealogists traced Warren’s family lines back to the early 1800s and documented that Warren’s family not only was not Cherokee or…
2014 Colbert County Sports Hall of fame induction of my cousin Willie Brown, classmate Douglas Hargett & CHS Alum Michael Daniel!!! Its a great day to be an Indian! Cherokee Indian, that is :)
Major throwback! Always wanting to show off my girly Cherokee Indian heritage! 😂
whenever i joke about white girls who say they're 1/160 cherokee indian to other white girls, i usually get an immediate response of "but i am ACTUALLY 1/16 navaho…jsyk" smh
Im part Cherokee Indian and my arms are about the same tint of brown as yours are tbh. Im extremely tan for most part
Im an indian outlaw. Half cherokee chakta . My baby is a chipawawa. She's a one of a kind
Yall go into details too talking about youre cherokee please no. 😂
The Cherokee Nation, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and United Keetoowah Band work together to share the Cherokee story in Washington, D.C.
UKB to meet The Canadian District of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma will meet at 1 p.m. April 26 at Bacone College. Information: Canadian District Representative Eddie Sacks, (918) 822-1957.
the Bible did say that Adam was made out of the dust of the earth God formed Adam and Eve every thing he spoke into exsistence my grandma was full bloodied Cherokee Indian so when she died and was buried dust she was and dust she became so Adam could have been red clay dust thou art and dust thou shalt return
Never Say Can't On a clear October day, the peace of the southern California desert was shattered by a great, cracking boom. High above, a small orange aircraft shaped like a chubby bullet carried Chuck Yeager as he finally traveled faster than sound. The year was 1947. For many years, pilots had risked their lives to overcome this magical barrier described as a “brick wall” or “demon in the sky”. Experts said it couldn’t be done. But Chuck Yeager proved them wrong and with that discovery, ushered in an era of supersonic flight and the space age. The wife of the man known as Sequoyah was furious. Her husband was spending so much time alone, letting the fields go fallow and ignoring his friends. It was the early 1800’s and Sequoyah was a Cherokee Indian obsessed with “the talking leaves” – reading and writing – because he knew this would be the key to the success of his people in the future. There was one glaring problem. The Cherokee people had no written language. Sequoyah was crit .. ...
🎼I'm an Indian outlaw, half Cherokee and Choctaw 🎶🎶
Cherokee Indian Hospital invites you to attend our Open House for the new Cherokee Eye Care Program located at the Great Smokies Center on Acquoni Road at 10:00 on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.
There's a guy in my unit whos full blooded Cherokee Indian and his last name is "Sixkiller" Most badass name ever!!
Why does every black person say they got Cherokee Indian in them stop lying
cherokee Indian italian and irish to b more exact
Wolves One evening, an old Cherokee Indian told his grandson about a “battle” that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is between the two wolves inside us all. “One is Evil. It is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. “The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.” The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?” The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.” Good morning
Here is the effect the "Ties" had on my family. Before the Civil War my ancestor John Fields married Harriet Darby off of the Darby Plantation in Sumpter and bought some land nearby. They had a few children,one being my Great Great Grandfather John Fields born in 1858. After the war he married a Cherokee Indian woman my Great Great Grandmother.they had two children William Fields and Thomas E. Fields born between 1868-1871. Because he married a Cherokee and because he wouldn't sell his land to the Govt. They arrested him, had him declared insane because he had a hog he named Lucifer and they made it look serious and confiscated his land to make it part of "Camp Jackson" which is now Ft. Jackson. Then they murdered him @ the State Hospital on Bull St in 1904 giving him stuff in his food to make him have diahrea till he died. Then they killed my Grandfather Freddie Fields Aug 11th 1955 by overdoseing him with nitroglycerine until his heart ruptured at age 48. Then my Father on Aug 11th 1976 they rigged a sc ...
Don't let yesterday use up to much of today ... ~cherokee Indian
UHHH im pretty sure there a Cherokee Indian outside my house, screaming chants..
"Quadoushka" were the sexual teachings of the American Cherokee Indians
Nm im not Hispanic on my mom side im Cherokee indian and Portuguese on my mom side
Just found out that I'm half Cherokee Indian and Chinese 😳
Nah my hair not that bad actually my great grandmother Cherokee Indian had to throw dat in there lol
GOODEVENING FRIENDS. A must read! The Cherokee Indians way of proving manhood.In the jungles of the india,there is a tribe of people known as the Cherokee Indians.What concerns us today,is not their location but their rite of becoming a man. On the night of initiation,the youngman in question,the one passing from youthhood to manhood,is taken to a deep forest and left blindfolded till morning. His ability to stay all night,blindfolded and alone is the rite of passage to manhood.This youngman stays all alone in the dark,dangerous forest with beasts and wild animals roaming. In the morning,the youngman who sat all night removes the fold from his eyes,only to see that his father was on top of a tree,watching him,all night,protecting him from the animals.This secret is kept to see if the youngman is brave enough to stay alone in a thick forest at night,this,they say,is what makes a man,bravery. So the frightened boy wakes up to see his father smiling back at him from the tree,he was there all night,watching h ...
gma just told me and moms that we got Cherokee and Indian in us 😳
Thank you to the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority Staff for inviting us to provide input on our new hospital. We truly are grateful for the opportunity and commend you on valuing the input of our youth! We look forward to working with you in the future.
Today we were invited to attend a meeting to get an update on the progress of the new Cherokee Indian Hospital facility! We had a blast and enjoyed ourselves! Thank you Jody Bradley and the Hospital Administration Team, our Tour Guide Ausitn McKinney with Robins & Morton, our buddy Sara Crowe Sampson, Bo Crowe, Wolfetown Council Representative Eastern Band of Cherokee IndiansRobins & Morton Team, and DesignStrategies Team for the invitation and for involving us in the entire process!
interesting fact. my maternal grandfather and great grandmother were both full blood Cherokee Indian... that must be where I get my sexy from
Today was told by an Indian from India I didn't look like an Indian. I told him I am Cherokee Indian and from Oklahoma. He grunted a bit much like cornflakes do and said "oh" and started speaking his Native language to his friend. I told him we used to live in NC, GA, TN, etc,. but were forced to Oklahoma and there was only a couple million left of us in this country...then started speaking Cherokee to him in Cherokee.he said to me once again "I didn't look Indian"...just replied donadagohvi.ahhh racism from an Indian from India against an Indian from North America. priceless!
Listening to "White Cliffs of Dover" and thinking of my little brother. President John F. Kennedy listened to this song over and over when he lost his little sister in a plane crash. So comforting thinking of the Irish part of my Dale (Irish and Cherokee Indian).
I know many people have issues with immigrants and people that aren't from this country. BUT I'm watching a documentary right now, where this mom who moved her family from Jamaica to find them a better life in the land of opportunity. She is soo grateful to just get to live here! While we have Americans who could give a rats bottom about anything we have and don't appreciate anything those who weren't born into it appreciate. I'm not trying to start an argument, just making a statement. I think anyone and everyone should have to be legally here, but this lady makes me see how much we take for granted what we have right in front of us. After all yes I was born here, but I'm English, Irish, and bit of German and Cherokee Indian my ancestors had to get here somehow;) yes I know some people move here and take advantage of our system too. So no one has to go there.
*talking to Casey about not wearing sunscreen*. "I'm a Cherokee Indian. None of them ever get skin cancer."
Im single, Black, bajan, Cherokee Indian, well connected, and respected, street smart 25 wit No kids at all anywhere in the world handsome ,tall, wit swagger an jokes to cut any *** *** who think dey Wavy if dey feel a way idc im tough far from puss ..
American *** be like I got Cherokee Indian in me and thats the only *** tribe they know bout
Lucky girl! I have a little Cherokee Indian in me & Irish so that's why I'm pale 😂
lmao thats like me Colombian, german, cherokee indian
The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., hosted “Cherokee Days” on April 3-5 to share the...
I'm cherokee Indian… my people were on this land long before there was an American government here… therefore I...
Pixie Poltergeitst, Ghost Or Demon? When my grandparents passed away, they left me their house. The house is about 70 years old and is built on lands that the Cherokee Indians lived on. We have found all kinds of artifacts in the fields in front of our house. My husband and I moved into the house two years after we were married and things started happening right away (I was pregnant at the time). I have always felt uncomfortable in this house as long as I can remember coming to visit my grandparents. There has always been a dark entity in this house and it has become more and more active in the last ten years I have lived here. These are some of the things that have happened. My grandmother had given me a mirror when my husband and I got married. When we moved into this house we put the mirror on the wall in the living room. It was a beautiful mirror that had stained glass around the edges and a maple frame. We both had gone outside to work in the yard. Later in the afternoon we came back inside and the m ...
A milestone was reached last Friday when the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) assumed ownership of the Hall Mountain tract of land in the Cowee Community just north of Franklin. The 108 acres overlooks the Cowee Mound and will host a series of hiking trails in hopes that it may be used as an educational resource for schools in the area as well as the public. The celebration took place at 7339 Bryson City Road. The project first began in 2005 with the Land Trust for the Little Tennessee and the Wilderness Society playing important roles in the project. The funding come from the USDA Forest Service Community Forest and Open Space Conservation Program. Principal Chief Michell Hicks spoke at the event and prompted many in attendance to wonder about another prominent mound found in Macon County, Nikwasi that is located in the middle of Franklin. “This is the right thing to do and our people are headed in a direction to reestablish ourselves," said Hicks. "We've all been blessed. I have a burden on my ...
Cherokee TERO | Indian-Owned Businesses (BUY INDIAN! Find a company to do business with, today!)
Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Testifies Before Congress: He addressed the need for Indian Health Services to...
it's gonna be on May 3rd after prom lmao and yeah I want a cherokee chief Indian on my thigh ima get it for my grandpa (x
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I need more information on my daddy side his daddy and mom's ! and my husband side of family plz who ever can let me know thanks. Doing research on blood history. I know im Cherokee Indian but I need to know if my dad's side got Indian in them too. And see if my husband is Indian too!
Yo I'm German (and Cherokee Indian) what are you trying to say about my people?!?!? lol
Oh yeah, and Cowboy Bill Watts is a quarter Cherokee and he had no problem being both a cowboy and an Indian
lol my grandmother is Cherokee Indian.
Visited a Cherokee Indian Reservation and followed part of the Trail of Tears - a powerful learning experience for us all. Then a 6 mile 1,600 ft. Climb up Mt. Richland - it was a little tense at times! The Haun's persevered so can the Irish!
i wouldnt mind having a little girl . she would be Cute asf , Brasilian , Italian , Cherokee Indian Black and White .
when in fact it is the Native American Indian who is most likely to possess that trait.
Mom got six cards today!!!...she has read them and re-read them and looks up at me and smiles!!!.Thank ya'll sooo much!!!...(makes my eyes water!!).Her name is "Kay"Sanders, she taught me (2nd grade) and a million other native children so I often call her "Mrs. Sanders" til 4:00,then I call her "Mom" again! Ha!...her birthday is the 11th,born in the Cherokee Indian Hospital in 1918...she is a national treasure and I am so proud of her as her life has touched many people. She is my heart, even with her dementia she is a hoot and we live each and every day with laughter and love...God is good all the time!!!...she says we have to send all a "thank you" card!!!...bless your hearts! loveyameanit!!!
Playing video games dont make me a kid just like wearing that weave dont make you a Cherokee indian
“I'm Cherokee Indian so everyone can stfu now. 😏”same😳 but you can't really tell with me..
I'm Cherokee Indian so everyone can stfu now. 😏
LOL, too funny, especially considering I have never had to shave my legs, no hair on them at all.must be the Cherokee Indian in Me, on both sides of the family...
I'm an Indian outlaw, half Cherokee and half Choctaw
Cherokee indian with a mixture of other stuff lol
Aaron Carapella, a Cherokee Indian and Oklahoma native, has created a map of the original 595 tribal
lets see how this goes, one grandmother is an african american, grandfather was a mixture of white and african, the other grandmother was an 100% Cherrokee Indian (Cherokegian Indian Tribian Land), the grandfather was a mixture of afro american and Blackfoot Indian.So in school my grandmother would list me as a Cherokee Indian and we got all our school supplies free!! and the teasing came with now that Im older I asked my God about 18 years ago "Lord what am I? he replied softly ...Mydear child, you are a Godservant" nothing more, nothing less..that is whom I am!..I have a Minister license and a Pastorial .degree.but i dont need a title...I am Yada Carol Laverne, the Godservant!!
im mixed wit Haitian, West Indian, Cherokee Indian, Blackfoot Indian and black
Why do people think I'm Indian? I am Cherokee Indian but not the Indians in India with the dot like I'm darker . 👳
Found out tonight I come from a long line of Cherokee Indian chiefs. That explains the short temper everyone on my dad's side has!
Is that like Elizabeth Warren thinking she is a Cherokee Indian?
I'm Puerto Rican, French, black, Dutch, creek German, Cherokee Indian and 4 other Indians, I didn't even know some of this
"BLACK HISTORY REVIEW" Eartha Kitt Eartha Mae Keith was born into a poor, rural family in South Carolina in nineteen twenty-seven. Some reports say she was the child of rape. Her mother was of African and Cherokee Indian ancestry. Her father was a white farmer. When Eartha was eight, her mother married. The husband did not want Eartha to live with them because of her mixed race. Eartha Kitt said he called her "yellow gal." Eartha was sent to New York City to live with an aunt in the African- American neighborhood of Harlem. The relationship was difficult. The aunt helped pay for piano and dance lessons for Eartha. But she also beat the girl. Eartha would run away after beatings. Eartha Kitt lived on the streets and worked in a factory as a young teenager. But she kept up her dance lessons. One day she decided to try out for a famous African-American dance company. Soon, Eartha was performing in shows around the world with the Katherine Dunham Dance Troupe. In Paris, Eartha left the dance company to sing i ...
my grandma bought it from a cherokee indian who made it on some plantation ¯\_( ˘͡ ˘̯)_/¯
Working on Hannahs Cherokee Indian project with her (why did I ever think these things were fun when I was younger)?
U knw I got mine 👌 . I'm more than half Indian counting my Cherokee! Almost half Choctaw 👍 .
If Roger Rivers says he's Cherokee, have him show he's CDIB card (Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood)
"So um *** apparently I have Indian in me from the Cherokee tribe ?" DontWeAll
My grandma is an Cherokee Indian just had to tell yall that lmao
LOVED watching my Cherokee Indians play baseball tonight. They started the season out right with a WIN over vina 12-1!
Saturday March 1, at 11 am at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, Cherokee NC, we will gather to remember and celebrate Robert Conley, the most prolific Cherokee writer in history, Sequoyah Distinguished Professor of Cherokee Studies at Western Carolina University, a great man_
Questions I wished I had asked the old people when I was a kid. Andrew Persinger was born 1779 and died 1861. He was either the son of John Henry Persinger or Jacob Persinger, Jr. Rose Persinger wrote a letter stating that Andrew was the son of Jacob Persinger, Jr. Having lived all her life in Virginia and the granddaughter of Andrew, I feel Rose is correct. Both Everett Persinger and Bill Mounts said that Andrew was the grandson of a Cherokee indian chief. Andrew is identified in the 1850 census of Virginia as an indian. His first wife may have been Martha Terry and his second wife was Rebecca. We (Persinger) are his descendants.
I officially hate school and it , just because im very dark complected doesnt mean you can call me a (ni*g*r) and say it was just a joke I take that offensively , well you know what well im not ,im white with Cherokee Indian in me so back off im proud of who I am , and who my mom has raised .
CWY CRC building new dorms at Riverside Indian School
My Grandma was a Crockett, they were Cherokee Indians ! They came to Indian Territory in 1882! Grandpa and his 4 brothers 1 sister and their Mother each got 80 acres In the Ogeochee area! There were 5 kids then 12, 10, 5, 3 and new! They brought 2 covered Wagons, 1 pulled by horses and the second Pulled by Oxen! A milk cow a coop of chickens, Furniture they could carry! Grandpa and Will The oldest boy brought the wagons. Grandma And other 4 kids came on the train from Ash Grove, Mo. Where the Kids were born and Grandmas home town! They lived 4 Miles from Nathan Boone, who was my Great Grandmothers X 8 brother on my dads side! The got the land, got a house built, fenced And a barn! And crops in! Five years Grandpa Got sick and died! Leaving Grandma Pregnant, With 7 kids already! 4 boys and 3 girls. And a girl on the way! Great Grandma Crockett who was quarter Cherokee, only spoke Cherokee! She smoked a corn cob pipe! That is why we are Okies all the way!
In 1838, the Cherokee Indians were forced to give up their remaining lands in the east, migrating to what is now Oklahoma. Over 4 thousand died on the journe...
that is pure cosmic Cherokee Indian
Congratulations to NCAIHB member, Casey Cooper! He recently accepted the Governor's Award for Performance Excellence in Healthcare which was presented to Cherokee Indian Hospital at the North Carolina Hospital Association 2014 Winter Meeting
Read about the cherokee for indian education,they were huge on assimilation and being the most civilized but in the end that means nothing.
"Someone help! I got mugged by what I believe to a Cherokee male Indian in drag!"
I'm half white quarter Mexican quarter Cherokee indian
Page created for Cherokee Indian and Choctaw Indians and their descendants include black Cherokee Indians and mixed .thanks please do not add to...racist page by Karen White.Cherokee Indian page over 600 members they do not recognize.the black Indian..white or Asian mixes.
Cherokee Indian Mound in East Tennessee Cherokee Legends of their ancestors called "White Indians"
SAVE THE DATE: Robert J. Conley public memorial service this Saturday, March 1st at The Museum of the Cherokee Indian.
I'm an Indian outlaw, half Cherokee and Choctaw 🎶🎶
So the blogger bully strikes again. I get told. ew, your ugly. You need a nose job and your lips are big. Um. Ok? LmAo. I am Cherokee Indian. We do have strong noses and thick lips. I find it to be 2 of my more beautiful attributes. Very proud if my lineage. She's just jelly because I have DSL. I'm dying over here. Lolol. People are amusing.
Cherokee Days event coming soon to Read more about it: .
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Cherokee NC. 17 natives in our group and we are excited!
Going back to roots. My dads side is Irish, Cherokee Indian, and German, My mothers side was Greek. What a mix I am
TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT In May of 59, I finished High School, but did not graduate because I flunked two required subjects – Sr. English, and Sr. American History. I did have enough credits to graduate, however. That’s another story to be told later. I had a part-time job working at the Gulf gas station at the corner of Park Ave. and Lamar Ave., which was owned by my brother Tom’s father-in-law, Eph Folsom. Eph was part Cherokee Indian, I think, and could be hard to get along with sometimes. I was, however, the picture of gentility and diplomacy. At any rate, one Saturday morning I was doing some kind of automobile repair, using a pair of needle nose pliers. Eph didn’t like the way I was using them and said I shouldn’t be using them. I think that an argument may have accidentally ensued, which resulted in me throwing the pliers at him and telling him to stick them somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine. Oh, I may have also said something like “I quit”. I went home, undressed and to ...
This statue of a Cherokee Indian is awesome. It's down by the riverfront below the aquarium.
just incase anyone was wondering my eyes look Asian but they're actually like that because I'm like 1/8 Cherokee Indian 😂😊
I mean that's totally cool and everything but I'm Cherokee indian
Every girl swear she mixed with Indian and when you ask what kind they say Cherokee. Like SWERVE.
Cherokee Indian. And some day when the world has learned Cherokee Indians will return.
My grandmother just told me that I'm part white and Cherokee Indian 😳😱
Wow im learning alot about family history French,Irish,Cherokee Indian N some more On my mommies side
Wild onion pesto: Maybe it's a bit personal, this love for the wild onion. I spent most of my life unaware of the bit of green that pops up along highway edges in early spring. (wild onion has a slight blueish coloring) Earlier generations knew the worth of those early varieties of onion and planted them near their homes. We have owned a few older Victorian-like homes and have noticed that there are wild clumps that are either planted in rows or clumps near the houses. It was my mother-in-law, Charity, that seriously first drew my attention to the wild onion. She lived in the Tahlequah area of Ok., an area inhabited by the Cherokee Indian. Charity knew much about "wild greens" and gathered them on a regular basis, especially in early spring . She once told me that an old Indian woman told her that a person could eat anything a cow could eat. For whatever reason, she was knowledeable about such things and provided lots of fresh vitamins and minerals for her family, and wild onions were a part of that m ...
my father his mother is Creole (Cherokee Indian & French from New Orleans) his Dad is Dominican but grew up in Haiti.
Ok so apparently i am now racist because i referred to a cherokee indian was a Native American??? D: i thought they were Native Americans :( don't blame me blame my history teacher!!! Apparently it offends native people to be called Native American... i feel horrible :'(
Ok so I was talking to my mom and grandmother and I foubf out that I am Egyptian, Cherokee Indian, A little bit of Mexican and French.
of the in Cherokee, NC. A must see.
Remember all them girls in grade school that claimed to be Cherokee Indian?
love life but i would even better if i really new my origin and where I came from I had a great grandma full blooded Cherokee Indian and a grandma thats Jamaican talk funny as *** we come from a line of king's but walk around slaves quoting Bible verses that has been changed over the years you all are just prisoners in your own (Vent)
This is the story of our Davidson ancestor Abigail Cherokee Indian per family documentation from Sandra Norris Bryant : Abigail's Cherokee name was E Sut Te or Running Canoe this is on a document she has E Sut Te appears on several Indian agent records. She was born and raised in Horse Creek Ashe County NC Abigail's Was first married to Charles o'Roark He was a farmer and a soldier in the Revolutionary war rising to the rank of 2nd LT. at the end of the war. He returned to farming and then returned to war in the war of 1812 enlisted with the rank of a 1st LT. After Charel's early death. Abigail Married Cornelius Vanover the 5th on 20 January 1778 in the Western County North Carolina This is their story: Cornelius the 5th came from New Jersey there he lived with his "White" wife whose name was incidentally, Abigail Maddox he she there has been a great deal of confusion with both women, White Abigail and Cornelius had several children I will get I to that another time. Cornelius had to make enough mone ...
Late brunch wit my favorite niece! told y'all I had Indian in my blood 😤 I'm 17% Cherokee lol
"Can I wear your jacket? I'm anemic" 😒 you gonna tell me you got Indian in ya fam next, right? "I do, my great aunt Cherokee" 😾
Top 3 lies black women tell:. 1. I got Indian in my family (Cherokee). 2. I'm anemic. 3. I'm not mad
The Indian Chief . An old Cherokee Indian was speaking to his grandson:. "A fight is going on inside me," he said...
What beautiful day my Cherokee Indian tail is in love w this weather!!i gotta work and I'm like to heck w that it's gorgeous out here I'll rough it lol!!!
Pictures my mom found of me and my daddy on a boat in Florida. I was only 11 years old and yes I really can get that dark because my great grandfather was full blooded Cherokee indian.
So I finally found out that I'm mostly Irish, Italian/Mediterranean, &Mexican, but also Scandinavian Cherokee Indian, and Pacific Islander
I'm Ukrainian German Dutch Russian Spaniard American and Cherokee Indian. That's all that I know of lol
I'm proud for my Black, Danish, Irish, Blackfoot / Cherokee Indian, and German Heritage!
"Girl you aint no Cherokee indian, Cherokee Indians been extinct since the 1800's" . Karlous Miller
I strongly believe that it is my inner Cherokee Indian heritage that draws me to the amazing killer whale. It is my absolute dream to travel to orca island or Vancouver and experience the site and sound of this incredible animal. I recommend the movie "The Whale" to everyone. Incredible story.
.Part Indian- Cherokee. N/A I don’t do PC. So I assume the path of your logic is we let history repeat? I don’t think so.
My Aunt Julie Sheffield just told me I am English, Irish and Cherokee Indian.. Crazy!!
Still having a revelation of what it means to be a Cherokee Indian I AM who I AM
Love all of the American Indian traditions, my father was part Cherokee and I got the book 7 arrows in HS. and from then I knew
The many faces of Tavi and I. tavirivera
I'm actually 47% Cherokee Indian tho but we ain't gone speak on that
A friend of mine found what appears to be a spearhead (pic w spearhead on wooden table) near Albany Georgia while plowing a field near the edge of a river. From my view it appears to be of Mayan origins. I have seen many Creek and Cherokee Indian artifacts from GA and while impressive none seem to have the workmanship or look of a Mayan artifact. I found a picture of Mayan spearheads on the Internet (see pic for comparison) found outside of North America and the one my friend found looks very much the same design. I think the Mayans were definitely in GA. I think I need to take this find to the show "America Unearthed" who have done a study on the Mayans in GA and get a professional opinion. Do you think the Mayans made it to Florida and GA? Some theories say that some of the Mayan gold was mined in GA. I'm intrigued.
I found this to be serious. Never forget America did take this land.. Being mixed with Cherokee Indian this isn't a joke to me.
I wish I had as much Cherokee Indian in me as all my ancestry
Explanation for beginners about how to use the symbols of the Cherokee Indian alphabet (actually a syllabary.)
Yesterdays trip throught the Smokie Montains national park headed to the Cherokee Indian Reservation. The most beautiful scenery yet. Snow, waterfalls, ice, mountains on every side and a beautiful woman by my side. I love this place. Life is great. Today is our last day but we haven't taken one moment for granted. Been a awesome vacation.
I am so sick of black and white. I am Finnish, English, French Canadian, Cherokee Indian, Scotish, and a whole bunch more I'm sure. I'm not white. I am a child of God and an American.
Today is going to be a hard one as my family and I lay our beloved Mother to put in her final resting place. She will be laid to rest in Lola,Ky. among all her family. We will miss her but she is at peace now and we will see her again. To borrow an old Cherokee Indian saying "When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your Life so that when you die the world cries and you rejoice. Love you Mom with all my heart
I went on a treasure hunt today in solgohachia mountains lookin for cherokee indian lost treasures ..wit my unkle jimmy
My Dad Giuseppe Maini sr made us all proud! Famous Jazz Sax Playser pro at 12 played with the greatest chalie Parker Dizzy Ray Charlies ect Best Friend Lenny Bruce! Look up Joe MAINI ON WEB! what a loss ! Passed along with Lenny Bruce at 34 Im Giuseppe Maini lll and last been on my own since 10 professional Magician at 8 ran my own store in Portsmouth Nh then King Crabbed in Alaska Work on feature films like Pulp Fiction Dusk till Dawn CB4 Dragon Played Harmonica with Bo Diddley and Sleepy La Beef we work hard have Pride in our work and have talents passed down from generations ! Nothing gets in our way of our dreams!!! And we never die really just relocate change our names to Smith and grow a beard! Nobody harms our family or loved ones period! No matter what!!! My Grandfather Giuseppe Maini Sr was told by his doctor to drink a glass of deigo red each day for his heart so he drank 10 and lived to 96 still drove in LA till then and was a famous cabnet maker wood carver ! IM ITTALION AND CHEROKEE INDIAN w ...
the lament of the Cherokee Indian Reservation
She’s Swedish and Cherokee Indian, with long blonde hair, downy brown eyes and full lips:
For both my girls! Their great, great, grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian. Sydney Gonzalez & Juliana Gonzalez ❤️
The WEAVE - a form of hair extensions often used by black women, and celebrities. It's woven, or glued, into the hair from the track. If done right, it comes out cute. It may even look real, if its done real good. Nahoje: ooh Taquasha, yo weave is mad cute. Taquasha: wat chu talkin bout? this ain't no weave. I got some cherokee indian in me. Nahoje: girl, please. you black jus like the rest of us. you ain't foolin nobody.
As an American I want Barack Hussein Obama Impeached as a American of Cherokee Indian blood line I want him scalped
Black History Month, why is it significant to honor ordinary people who did extraordinary things? My mother, Cleopatra Jones, only completed the seventh grade before her stepmother had her become a full time maid; from this young woman came a legacy. In 1915, Cleopatra Jones was born Cleopatra Cherry in North Carolina to Offie Cherry, a *** and Callie Cherry, a Cherokee Indian. Can you imagine the racism my mother witnessed from both sides of her heritage? I listened to her stories of perseverance: On her mother's side, "The Trail of Tears" and on her father's side, "Jim Crow Laws". Our ancestors perseverance seems like a distant memory today and instead of admiring their courage we could care less about their sacrifice. They were denied education. we choose not to be educated. they were raped and sodomized against their will. we advertise our willingness to be raped and sodomized. They fought to be equal and treated with dignity. we care less about our equality and practice foolishness. My mother work .. ...
So lately for some reason I've been interested in my heritage. So far I've found out that I am Dutch Norwegian, Cherokee Indian, Irish, German, and Blackfoot Indian. That's just from moms side, I can't wait to find out what I am on my dads side.
Mark Biltz is half Cherokee Indian and half Jewish~. His teachings are amazing with accuracy~. Pastor John Hagee...
Death panels; whether they be an aged Cherokee Indian walking into that good cold night to relieve the burden of their care by the tribe or families, doctor or ObamaCare.. wait - what?
if your black than I'm British and Cherokee Indian .
My mama side kinda wild,my pops side got that Cherokee Indian spiritual side in them plus some wildness overall my family is a tuff bunch Eye love y'all:) we all Woodward Ave Sara Stafford,Ruby Wyatt Detroit to Highland Park:)
Proud grandma yeah y'all know I had to get my girl some leopard I love all my grand kids from Asian Puerto Ric ain , el Salvadoran , Honduras , black , white and my Guatemalan hubby , my Haitian son with my heritage Portuguese , Cherokee Indian, black lol a biracial lot. big happy family
★(¯´*•.¸ ★* CALI UPDATE! *★¸.•*´¯)★ Cali has landed with her flying angel, Shelley, at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport at approximately 1216 EST. They are currently preparing for landing at Atlanta. From there, they have a small layover, and will be departing Atlanta at 145 PM EST bound for Los Angeles Airport. They will be on Delta Flight 1855, due at LAX around 326 PM PST. Some interesting facts about Atlanta: Peachtree Street is not named for a peach tree of any sort. Many of Atlanta's corridors follow the paths created by the Creek and Cherokee Indian nations who inhabited the area until the early 19th Century. A large Creek settlement was called Standing Pitch Tree after a tall lone tree. Over time, the "pitch tree" became "peach tree. Atlanta is the only city in North America destroyed by a fire as an act of war. Following the city's surrender to General Sherman in 1864, only 400 structures remained standing. Today, the city's symbol is the Phoenix, a legendary ...
So here is 15 things you didn't know about me, thank you to my dear friend, Jane M Haugen for the wow it's alot. 1) I was born breach, yes of course I came out feet first, no surprise right! 2) My mom named me after a regular dancer on American Bandstand. 3) I am 1/4 Cherokee Indian. 4) I love to fish, as a child I always liked bating everyone's hook with the worm. 5) I was a baton twirler in elementary school and marched in many parades. 6) My nickname was Chester, in Junior High, because I had NO boobs. 7) I played Clarinet and was in the marching band in 7th grade. 8) My first kiss was at a Holloween party and I was dressed as a Martian, green face and all. (Very traumatic to this day when I think of it) 9) I use to own a horse and rode daily. 10) I am obsessed with Little People and can't help myself!!! aka dwarfs or midgets. 11) In my early 20's I was a breeder and showed American Staffordshire Terriers. Had 2 male champions and 1 female champion. 12) I am a great baker OK cook and complet ...
Working on AJs heritage doll...let's see she's: italian, cuban, Irish, german, French Canadian, Swedish, and Cherokee Indian. Poor girl 😎   10% Off
I was given 7 by Shannon Naughton-Gomez. 1. I started playing violin when I was 2. 2. Spanish was my 1st language. I learned English through a speech therapist in Kindergarten. 3. I am very good at Backgammon. 4. I used to sell my parents' grapes door to door with a red wagon and my grandmother's scale when I was 5. 5. Wild Bill Hickok is a great great uncle of mine on my dad's side. 6. My great great grandmother was 100% Cherokee Indian. 7. I rarely drink, but I talk about it a lot.
My number is 9 1. I collect anything to do with frogs. 2. I am obsessed with Sons of Anarchy. 3. My favorite author is John Grisham. 4. My grandmother named me. I was gonna be Kimberly Sue 5. I love my family, those near and far. 6. I regret not staying closer to my family on my dad's side. 7. I am of Cherokee Indian descent. 8. I didn't like THE GREEN MILE or FOREST GUMP. 9. Both my dad and 1 brother have passed. Miss them very much.
I was given the so lets play hit like and I will give you a number. here are 11 things you may or may not know about me. 1. I just got married. My husband's name is Dennis. 2. I have three daughters, four grandchildren, a cat, and a dog. 3. I love Barry Manilow. 4. I switched careers from a paralegal to a nail technician. 5. I love Jerry Springer and Dr. Phil. 6. I once worked as a security guard at Pinkerton. 7. I met Cheech Marin at an art show. He is a pompous *** 8. I saw Sheryl Crow shopping in Old Mesilla, NM. 9. I am part German, Russian, and Austrian. I believe my grandmother told me there was a little Cherokee Indian in there too. 10. I have an associates degree, a bachelor's degree, am a notary public, and licenses nail technician.
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