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Cherokee Indian

The Cherokee are a Native American people historically settled in the Southeastern United States (principally Georgia, the Carolinas and East Tennessee).

Puerto Rican Cherokee Nation Trail of Tears African American Elizabeth Warren

See the legendary craftsmanship of Cherokee artists at Qualla Arts & Crafts Mutual.
"I don't just work at it, I live it" -Freddy Wilnoty on his past work @ Oconaluftee Indian Village, now open!
I am Bill. My parents Cherokee Indian. Indians name baby after first thing they see after birth. So my Mama name me Hospital Bill.
I have Cherokee Indian, which is a Native American tribe.
It’s illegal to drive Texan, Mexican, Cherokee, or Indian cattle on a public road. (Massachusetts)
Bounce it up an down do it like a cherokee, Indian Pocahontas dancing by the tipi, in a 2 piece on my king size
I'm Finnish, Hungarian, Cherokee Indian, German, and Irish. That's all in my blood. I was born in America.
yo Chris Hardwick said 'Cherokee Indian'...bro we're not from India. We're Native American Cherokee. Oy!
The 81-year-old Indian teacher still transforming lives
I am English, German, French, Irish, Jewish, Italian and a little bit Cherokee Indian. My daughter is half black. I'm Caucasian and Persian.
Cherokee Indian and European background. FO sez retired, too, only 30 YO.
Asking if deserved an Ivy Teaching job based on merit is like asking if Elizabeth Warren is part Cherokee Indian.
More than 1,300 acres of Cherokee land placed into trust: The U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs has placed into trust…
gf is on My great-grandmother was not Cherokee as we thought. She was Chickasaw. Guess I'm an Indian Outlaw.
Just broke the news to my girl that im 1/8th Cherokee indian.. hope this won't change anything... 😂
oh yes I'm Indian I do belong here Cherokee Trump is American he belongs here he will be president he will build the wall
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Elizabeth Warren says Donald Trump's 'woman's card' comment is a sign of 'what weak men do. Says the white Cherokee Indian woman
A warrior of gentle courage Dark liquid eyes and blonde hair Which belied the Indian heritage Of the Cherokee...
- I'm part Cherokee and part Blackfoot Indian... and it doesn't bother me a bit! I guess I'm not as thin-skinned as most.
As a 1/4 Cherokee & Creek Indian get the *** out of the U.S. If you aren't legal! We are civilized now!
Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian) by from with LiveLyrics®
Wolves - the cherokee red indian seeming per the public enemy for: jEy
Yeah- we've never had a fake Cherokee Indian in the WH before.
I'm 100% Cherokee Indian and I don't want your Mexican *** here .
I'm Cherokee Indian and I want you gone
Guess what. I am part Latino, Cherokee Indian, and A JEW
We the citizens of the USA want YOU OUT.I am part Cherokee Indian & I with millions of others want your filth gone
Don't let yesterday use up too much of today. -Cherokee Indian Proverb
I have got to join the Cherokee Indian nation if I get a check! What.. I get paid to be Native American. Awesome.
And since he died two years ago I don't know what happened to that box. And someone said the Cherokee Indian nation could help me.
😂😂😂 a man in NC asked if Marena was Cherokee Indian when she was a baby.
I can't believe Hailey said she's Cherokee Indian lmfao
unless your Cherokee,Navajo,Mexica, NO its NOT your country. Your ancestors rape,stold,and kill Native INDIAN AMERICANS
Elizabeth Warren's Indian controversy illustrates why race is pointless
Off to a town filled with Cherokee Indian descendants in the mountains... Culture love it.
just cause your a Cherokee Indian princess :-/
1 of the Best episodes, was the Cherokee Devil Hunt! they caught the Indian Girls Ghost &an EVP
im mixed though Liberian and Cherokee Indian
what a beautiful song!! Amazing Grace - Cherokee Version by Indian Calling ♫
went to bat for his people today in DC. Told Congress to adequately fund Indian Ed. htt…
I am part Cherokee Indian & hold no anger against this great country. Now, you be quiet. 😎
Aaron Carapella, a Cherokee Indian and Oklahoma native, has created a map of the original 595 tribal
CHEROKEES FOR BLACK INDIAN HISTORY PRESERVATION FOUNDATION is crowdrising for Save our Historic Cherokee Church:
An old "Cherokee" teaching was written by a Christian minister. . Check you sources! .
my mother is white and my father is half black and half Indian my grandmother is full Indian Cherokee
So my kids want to play they will be cowboys-cowgirls and they invited local Cherokee Indian kids over to be Indians
Lol! I'm part Cherokee Indian too and still don't tan well
My mom was the female Phil Jackson. She was half Cherokee and practiced Native American Indian philosophy and Zen :)
Lmao @ this old dude: I'm from Oklahoma, I'm a cherokee Indian
The issue of Cherokee Freedmen is one of the most controversial issues in Indian country. Here's a short history:
indeed. I've been told I had a great great aunt who was Cherokee Indian too, but who knows . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And people not doing it i am cherokee indian a little i gave you card thanking you and for what you were preaching and
thank you for work establishing paramedics in areas. Are you still friends with "Roy"? Indian nation from? Me, Cherokee
yet you scream about being a Cherokee Indian on my TL. Stfu *** I'm African American. Know that and accept that.
Are you truly American Indian? My dad Is a fourth Cherokee.Who's reaching out 2 the true natives in this. this country4theVote
and I'm Cherokee Indian so you can all kiss my *** And get of my land!
My granddad was a Cherokee Redskins fan. How's "Indian" an insult? They don't ban the "Fighting Irish"
Museum of the Cherokee Indian takes you back to the start of human life in
it's funny to me that your a cherokee indian choctaw and german and support the KKK
My great grandmother on my dads side was full blooded Cherokee my grandpa on my moms side would never disclose the kind of Indian he was
- little while back @ The Museum of the Cherokee Indian (NC) incredible museum!:)
A few pics. Not Italian, Not Spanish. Part Native American as my grandmother is full Cherokee Indian.
This *** reppin Blackfoot to the core 👀😂 You might be Cherokee Indian but I know you ain't no Blackfoot 😒
My great great grandmother was full Cherokee Indian, does this mean I am Indian OR white man
Comment~ "I'm in WV and Cherokee Indian. as most all of us that were born in WV.These hills really hold a lot of stories that's truth."
My momz. Apparently my Great grand-something was some badass Cherokee Indian
We would like to send out our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Cherokee Indian…
Just finished a site-tour of the new Cherokee Indian Hospital!. So excited…
Cherokee Indian in Cherokee will open it's doors on Oct. 15.
Long-time Cherokee Indian police officer dies from injuries
Blessings and Sympathy for his family.
my children are the chosen Children My Son the Anti Christ,My Children Indian Cherokee
Finally, to all my "Cherokee" fam who seem to pop up wearing "Indian" outfits every year: Cherokees don't wear war bonnets. Never have.
I was Born an Indian Child Cherokee a Star Child.a Cherokee I even have an Indian Number just like the Jew's
Excited to be opening for Erica Nicole Music this weekend at the Cherokee Indian Fair with a great crew and a...
or a Cherokee Indian found in a basket while looking for a Christmas tree
My Great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was a Cherokee Indian chief
I'm an Indian Outlaw. Half Cherokee and Choctaw. My baby, she is a Chippowah.
every black person I've met said they're are Cherokee indian just make it seem like they have good hair
One evening an old Cherokee Indian told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, ‘My son, the battle
German, Irish, and some Cherokee Indian💁 still have cousins in Germany but I've never met them.
In winter of 1838, Martin Van Buren ordered the US army to move 12,000 Cherokee to the Indian Territory.
And native Americans Indians oh he's a Cherokee Indian??? IDGAF! What I'm suppose to bow to him your Cherokee do you have manic powers?
I don't actually know really. I'm also Cherokee Indian as well as British, German and Irish. But my skin is white
Most people wouldn't know, but I am and Because of that I often…
"You're Cherokee!? Maybe we're related in the Indian world" -mo
Museum of the Cherokee Indian coffee mug; Cherokee and British Delegations 1762
This is Dathie Haine.her mother was a Cherokee Indian named Chloe and her father was unknown.
If Biden made his 2016 announcement using an Indian accent with Warren in a Cherokee headdress next to him.
When jade said "I'm Cherokee but I ain't got no Indian in me"
My Great Grandmother 1942. Full blooded Cherokee Indian. Died long before I was born but have always felt her spirit
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I'm an Indian outlaw, half Cherokee and creektaw, Scotland, she's a one of a kind
im Cherokee Indian so if you got 1% or more indian in ya blood you INDIAN and this AMERICA belongs to us first...
Love you grandma I am a Cherokee Indian
cause she's an Indian outlaw half Cherokee, wipper something something
CSG1 is Cherokee Indian and hey, no animosity here, but you took my land.
my great grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. I have more right to this land than any European or African.
Walking eagle: Hillary Clinton was invited to address a major gathering of The American Indian...
It was part of a group of Indian Treatises from 1866. It also applied to the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Cherokee and Seminoles.
Cherokee! We went there when I was a kid. I'm part Cherokee Indian.
✨✊"Donna" staytrue90911 (African American, Greek, Irish, German, and Cherokee Indian) by way of San…
I do. I played Cowboys and Indians as a child. And I am 1/16 Cherokee Indian.
From a Queen with Ghanian, Nigerian, Cameroonian, Sengelese, Sioux & Cherokee Indian and South…
She is also a Liar. She claimed to be a Native American Cherokee/Delaware Indian when applying for University. LIE
"Ya I'm 1/20th Cherokee Indian. I like to show my Cherokee Indian pride" foh
Learn more about the Museum of the Cherokee Indian and visit Blue Ridge Parkway
The 17th Annual American Indian Tourism Conference is brought to you in part by the Eastern Band of Cherokee...
I am Indian, I am First Nation, I am Cherokee and my tribal name is Manyfeathers. @ Face Bling By…
I'm Black, Mexican American, Puerto Rican, Honduran, Filipino, and Cherokee Indian in the name of Jesus. Amen
I'm an Indian oultlaw half Cherokee and chawkta
Confederate Veterans of the Cherokee Nation. This photo is on display at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian ,...
I think Kygo secretly remixes the songs from the Cherokee Indian rain dance at the Strawberry Festival and I'm a fan
Cherokee Indian cyclists learn about ancestors on 950-mile ride retracing the Trail of Tears.
I'm ¼ Cherokee Indian and I was born in Oklahoma. And have confederate ancestors. My southern roots run deep
my maternal grandmother was born on a Cherokee Indian reservation and I regret not learning more about the culture
So if I "feel" like a Cherokee Indian can I move onto the reservation and receive the money from the casino?
..and I say that a lot.. my heritage is Cherokee Indian. My ancestors walked the Trail of Tears. I'm only 1/4 Indian.
you know tcot get mad when you make fun of his native indian beliefs past down from word of mouth from Cherokee tribes ok
you look like a 100% Cherokee Indian right here. All you need is a head dress!
Prepare yourselves with the Universe..Things are happening..
Ummm, ok sir. Lol & y'all should see his picture. Ain't nothing Cherokee Indian about him.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I'm an indian oulaw, half cherokee and chactaw, my baby she's a chicamaugua, she's a one-of-a kind
I'm an Indian outlaw, half Cherokee and chactaw.
Or as I am half Cherokee and half Chickasaw. I mean I ain't no Bobby Jindal I just look like an Indian
The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears (Penguin Library of American Indian History) -
Talked to a Cherokee man for 2 & a half hrs today. He has white, black, Spanish & Indian in him but he just looks white. Said if ppl would..
My kiddos in wildflowers called Indian Paintbrushes.
I don't get on a soapbox and the Redskins logo, Indian Outlaw are not offensive to me being a Cherokee I'm saying, he knew better.
I'm Cherokee Indian and Peruvian why am i pale
Oh Loretta that is so awesome, my grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian. She had a hard life!
I'm 1/8 Choctaw and Cherokee. Good. MT American Indian actors quit Sandler movie over claims of stereotypes.
If you've ever set foot on real Indian reservation property, you're more Cherokee than Warren & Ward Churchill put together!
hey thanks Mr. Mike I'm 1/4th Cherokee Indian and not many people understand
I'm 1/4 Cherokee Indian meaning I could have gotten my entire college paid for because of the hardships my great grandparents went
I'm Korean, Taino, Black, Irish, African American, Chickasaw/Cherokee/Red Dot Indian, French, and Canadian. So NO, I'm not just black.
What is an Indian Marker Tree-This Cherokee marker tree exhibits the typical sharp bend low on the t
NC Cherokee friend Barbara teaching about her heritage and the Indian culture
I'm 1/67 Cherokee Indian and I find this offensive
im sorry Irish temper coming through on me I have Irish on my mom's side and also Cherokee Indian and right now
I just Stomped the Yard in my dance class! Not bad for an Irish, Quaker, Cherokee Indian from Kansas with no rhythm or rhyme. . KA-BOOM!
I'm just black & Indian... cherokee tho, No lumbee ova here.
My great great Grandmother was Cherokee Indian, There is a lack of History on Indian Heritage' (Cont)
Irish, Scottish, and French.. Explains why I'm not tan. I do have Cherokee Indian in me but skin tone obvi not from that part.
As a fellow *** Cherokee indian I will say native Americans got somethings right.
meet this lady she was Native American Indian Cherokee she came up me n told me that I would fall for this man
Kindergarten fish weavings! Inspired by Cherokee Indian weavings.
I like the show my grandma is a full blooded Cherokee Indian that's makes me an american and proud
lol Cherokee & Apache indian. My dads dad was half apache half white. My moms dad grands from IE. Ggrandma on mom part cherokee
/ /Oh that's cool! I'm part Cherokee Indian, Scottish, with a little German in me lol. ._.
OK History: Polecat Station, OK (circa 1873) A stage stop in the Cherokee Strip of Indian Territory, Northern OK
Cause I'm an Indian outlaw Half Cherokee and Choctaw My baby she's a Chippewa She's one of a kind
Ooltewah is believed to be a Cherokee Indian word meaning "owls nest". It is pronounced oo-duh-wah! But good try...
Instructor has not said one word to me all semester, he walks up to me, "Do you have a tribal affiliation cause you look Indian"
Everyone claims to be Indian, it's not a trend, it's not cool. Yall know nothing about the history, or any other tribe than Cherokee man.
The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian and the Federal Courts for the Western District of North Carolina have signed...
Geweldig verhaal. Wees respectvol! Ancient Cherokee Indian Tale of the Origin of Illness
FYI. I'm half Cherokee Indian. People call me "chief" at times. I don't really care for it but I don't get offended.
Mix of Cherokee Indian, Irish, German & *** — If so, what an AMAZING mixture!
My great great great grandma was half Cherokee Indian from Oklahoma
Wolves - the cherokee red indian direction afoot the perverse over: mJu
"Song of Creation" A true story of how a half Cherokee Indian boy found his people
Ask me no more. I know not where: Lydia Sigourney, the Cherokee, and her poem on "Indian Removal," March 12, 1831
Hey if signs with the is that racially motivated? What about Sam Bradford? He's Cherokee Indian. Punk
Im an indian outlaw, half Cherokee, half Choctaw.
Native Americans - Cherokee Indian Blood on both sides of my family..
Jesse Chisholm, part Cherokee, a trader and founder of the cattle route across Indian Territory into
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Son of immigrants from India v faux Cherokee Indian. Fabulous!
is a word that means "two is enough," in reference to the 2 trips made by Cherokee elders to Indian Territory
If no Hillary then we will get fake cherokee Indian Elizabeth Warren 😨😱
"My heritage is American Indian. Cherokee. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can.” More http:/…
In 1838 under Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy, the Cherokee Nation was forced to give up its lands and migrate
"My great great great grandpa was a Nazi. My great great great grandma was a Cherokee Indian. isn't that crazy? Nazi's and Indians."
Elizabeth "Betsy" Brown Stephens (1903), a Cherokee Indian who walked the Trail of Tears in 1838 . In the winter...
My sons will be born here " If it's okay with God & His Majesty The King of Dubai . Because my kids are Cherokee Indian White & Black they may not like my kids because in America they tend to believe in Racism as a way of life . The problem with Racism that is most alarming is they tend to believe that you should not be mixed with more than one race . So that means my kids will only be safe in a country that is wise enough to put god first no matter what.
i take so much discrimination for being white and im 1/15 Cherokee Indian
Yeah but most whites are part Cherokee Indian so they actually won.
the only thing that will bring more snow is my sacred Indian snow dance straight up I'm 5% Cherokee 💯
I would slap the white black German Trinidad west Indian Cherokee Indian Italian out of his mixed up American *** ...
Cowgirl?- Sometimes I am an Indian with feathers and fringed boots-lol- have Cherokee...:
"Quote this with a selfie along with your ethnicity 🙏" Puerto Rican. African American. Cherokee Indian.💋
‘Ama,’ the Cherokee Indian word for water, is a beautiful piece of two seashells wound w...
There's foreign language & I can't tell if it's Indian or Cherokee
“Quote this with your best selfie along with your ethnicity 🙏”black/French/Cherokee Indian/portuguese
I agree. I was proud to say I was part Cherokee Indian! Still am!
I spent my birthday in 2013 at an indian one in Cherokee lmao
My adopted father really3 native Americans Indian Cherokee from the Aztecs
Lmfao I look like a straight Cherokee Indian
“Just found out I'm part Cherokee Indian apply for scholarships and go to college fo free
Cherokee Indian thank you. Now Indian's have a color pegged on them by the man. Cool at least we are recognized.
My brother and I have different dads. His grandfather was a Cherokee Indian. Most beautiful man I had ever seen.
Hey world im in such a great silly mood... I love being me just gorgeous
I don't come across it often. Lol. I always look for natural ways. Lol. Must be my cherokee Indian side. ☺️
If you were a Cherokee Indian your name would be 'cierra little hands' 😂😂😂
Im mixed with Italian , cherokee indian , white , black , & french 5 races you cant really tell I guess by my hair you can though
it's got death and love and spiritual stuff that's Cherokee Indian
“2. What's your nationality ?” Italian with a lil bit of Cherokee Indian
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Well, A Cherokee chief as he dances along . Sings an Indian boogie to a white man's song . Singin' "Hey *** a-lina"
If you are Cherokee like me, hello. Lol
bruh its raining. I'm half Cherokee Indian, do you want me to melt?
Cherokee Indian and central Asian. I stand out
Why you should NOT underestimate the spirit of our determination to stop the KXL pipeline.
My tattoo is finally done and I love it sm my beautiful cherokee indian
lol I'm spainish and Cherokee Indian but you know Colorado is pretty cool
Pullin out all the stops tryna find some scholly money. Bouta get a DNA test to see if I'm actually Cherokee Indian
OMG YES! I'm going to allow my inner Cherokee Indian out...if only I had a feather head dress to wear
Yes pow wow this summer at the reunion. My indian *** is excited. Lol
My heritage is 1/8 Cherokee Indian. I am very proud of that heritage.
Henry (Heinrich Ernst) Earnest By Wilhelmina Williams Henry Earnest and his wife Mary were among the first pioneers in western North Carolina. He received his first land grant for 60 acres of land on the north side of the Nolichuckey River in 1777. He received a second land grant for 600 acres (on November 10, 1784 on the south side of the river. Henry was born on June 8, 1732, in Dattlikon, Zurich, Switzerland to Felix and Elesbeth S. Weydmoven/Weirdomann. His parents and sister, Anna, left their home and began their journey to America in 1743. Henrys parents died during the voyage leaving him and his younger sister orphans. After arriving in America, he was bound to Lawrence Stephens and lived with them at their home in Newtown, now Stephensburg, Frederick Co., VA. Henry married their daughter Mary about 1761 when she was eighteen. The ancestral Stephens family was also from the Dattlikon area. They lived in Newtown until moving to Rowan, Lincoln County, North Carolina about 1769. As a young man, ...
Dentist just confirmed I have Cherokee Indian in my heritage because of the way my teeth are structured. So, Gramps wasn't lying lol
so I'm part Cherokee Indian and I'm at the Cherokee Indian reserve so I could live here because Im over 10%😹👌
I mean I get them from my great gram who's part Cherokee Indian but still., I'm not mixed
I get government benefits just because Ima descendent of a Cherokee Indian BT they the ones who took the land of America from my ancestors
Indian Branch Rd : stalled vehicle at Cherokee Lady St -
I love being Puerto Rican , black Native American & Cherokee Indian.
“Oh I want to know your ethnicity and race tooo tell me quote with it !” black/Cherokee Indian/white
I have cousins of all ethnicities. White, black, rican, Cherokee Indian, Trinidadian Indian, and the list goes on lol
Cherokee Indian too but that ish don't fit
these past few years at Cherokee have made me realize how proud I am to be an Indian👌
“Quote this with a selfie and your ethnicity :)” White Cherokee Indian
At the age of 8 I was adopted by an Indian my mother her Indian anstery Cherokee
"When you find out you're Cherokee Indian" lemme know how youre indian. if you're Indian, I'm Morgan Freeman.
When you find out you're Cherokee Indian
. Crazy, among those generations, we picked up Cherokee Indian and Italian, as well - I have more olive skin
Proud to be a Cherokee Indian. You know we got it goin on.
Doing well hope both of you are. Spirit White Eagl are u American Indian or I mean native? I am Cherokee
So I just found out that I'm like 30% Cherokee Indian
Update your maps at Navteq
the Indian Ocean flooded philistine from tectonic shifting & and the Jews God took credit for it. Why?
And they always say " oh I'm mixed wit Cherokee" like that's the only Indian tribe lol
My beautiful cousin I love her so much. I would absolutely die for her... the Cherokee Indian will survive!
7th grade was a good year too. I met this native American chick. She was 3/4 Cherokee. And ever since then I loved Indian women.
I haven't got a pic of myself but im 6'2 brown hair 180lbs tanned from working outside blue eyes part Cherokee indian
My native ancestry is Choctaw, Cherokee & Blackfoot Indian on my dads side. My aunt has those photographs!
Happy Holidays from your favorite Cherokee Indian ECU cheerleaders!
I had a blue-eyed blonde co-worker from Oklahoma with Cherokee in his family. "Indian."
im 6% Cherokee Indian ust incase you didn't know
I want to get a tattoo of s sugar scull that has a head dress on it cause I'm part Mexican and Cherokee Indian lol idk it sounds cool
So excited to be at our hotel at the Cherokee Indian reservation in NC. 🙌🙌🙌
Name one black girl that says "I'm black" instead of "I'm half Cherokee Indian and half Dominican on my dad's side."
I read it and I am happy for you both and I have Cherokee Indian in me
'I can't believe I thought Pinocchio was a Cherokee Indian'
Cherokee Pottery From Hands of our Elders - Native American Indian - Reference
also know that I am part Cherokee Indian, I am not offended by these beautiful kids or this p…
In 1623 the British poisoned wine about 200 people tribe pauatan and finished off another 50 knives. In the evening, May 26, 1637 English colonists under John Underhill attacked the Pequot tribe village and burned alive about 600 - 700 people. April 30, 1774 there was a massacre at Yellow Creek near modern Uelsvillya. Group virgin frontier settlers, which were headed by young thug Daniel Greathouse, killed 21 people from the tribe of Mingo. The chief's daughter was killed on the last stage of pregnancy. She was tortured and gutted insides, while she was alive. Scalp removed both her and the fetus with that of her excised. March 8, 1782 96 baptized Indians were killed by the Americans from Pennsylvania during the American Revolutionary War. February 26, 1860 on the island of Indian Island, off the coast of Northern California, six local landowners and businessmen massacred Indians Wiyot people, killing with axes and knives, more than 200 women, children and the elderly. December 29, 1890 near the town of W ...
While working "Just Ask" during embarkation, a guest asked if I am a Cherokee Indian, which is really impressive bc I do have some Cherokee blood! Another guest wanted to know if the elevators would take her to the front of the ship.We don't have a Wonka-vator. Not so impressive.
Do you know the legend of the Cherokee Indian youth's rite of Passage? His father takes him into the forest, blindfolds him and leaves him alone. He is required to sit on a stump the whole night
True Cherokee Indian and French like my. MOM was scared *** *** but i enjoyed at Trail Ride Thanks Bro for the ride on ur horse.
Cherokee NC is about to run out of Doritos
I am a wherever I go, and especially when I live there 😜
EBCI all chose not be relocated. This is about a group of people who can't prove there Indian
I'm Cherokee Indian and no one believes it
Blackfoot Indian side is my mother. In 1920 Cannady side married into Cherokee too, Indian on both sides of family
. Now is when all people start claiming they're like 1/16th Cherokee Indian
yup. That's how I am. I'd much rather you say Cherokee than Indian anyway lol
Indian Reservations can now cultivate cannabis - approved by the DOJ - just saying.part Cherokee outlaw.
If you're like 2% Cherokee you don't have a right to say the word Indian offends you. Go do something else for attention instead.
somebody asked me if I was Cherokee Indian last night because of my dream catcher tattoo😂 sure buddy!
Cherokee. I hate this. I mean seriously. Did anyone ever feel bad playing an Indian in Cowboys and Indians?
Only mixed w/ Cherokee Indian and they think I'm from another country .
I'm not offended, really, I love my Indian Blood. My Mama and my Grandpa were great. More Choctaw but my Cherokee/Chickasaw,grt.
Asked a black person what their ethnicity is. I bet 20 bucks they say they have Indian in them nd from the Cherokee tribe 😂😂😂
An old man just asked what Indian Tribe I'm from.. I'm obviously Cherokee 🙆
This photo is simply labeled Big Y Church. (Photo courtesy of the Museum of the Cherokee Indian)
My family is from UK and Scotland and Cherokee Indian if we all can get along why can't everybody L give me a break
Christmas present wrapping and colouring in with my Cherokee Indian princess.
my dad was irish and half cherokee indian and my Mom was Pennsylvania dutch.
Curious what Yeo thought of Scandella's "mission" to become a Cherokee Indian with that Tomahawk Chop on JT.
The Cherokee Indian museum was eye opening. The Native Americans have had to endure so much suffering
I'm Choctaw/Chickasaw on my Mama's side and Cherokee on my Daddy's side. I'm an old 62 yr.old mixed INDIAN out of Oklahoma.
reports on the resolution passed by Eastern Band Cherokee Indian Tribal Council, to ban http:…
I sent all those kisses to the most handsome, greatly anointed Irish, Cherokee Indian that is soo anointed that anything he
Please support our Bill for strict guidelines on STATE TRIBAL RECOGNITION. .
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"Congress gives NativeAm lands to foreign mining company w new NDAA
1/8th Blackfoot Cherokee Indian. Don't talk about me
The federal policy of Indian Removal: One of those breeds that survived the Trail of Tears is the Cherokee horse
Half Cherokee Indian and Half Irish! If you're talking race there. You're stupid too.
Looks good different I have Indian in me my grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. I need to learn bout the spices lv bh
My Great Grandmother. A full blooded Cherokee Indian. Photos from the early 1940s. I've met her in spirit only.
Elders from the Cherokee Nation share Halloween stories, in two parts on Indian Country Today Media Network:
I've narrowed it down to Biggie, PAC , or a Cherokee Indian Chief. What should I be for Halloween?
.Preach it, Emily! Cherokee citizen here - we fight this fight with Indian costumes & headdresses all the time.
I'm dressed like a Cherokee Indian because I'm wearing jeans and I've adopted white customs, but Jackson still forced us off our land.
Being an indian today gives me every right to talk in cherokee. And idc if nobody understands me. 💁
happy birthday to the ole Cherokee Indian I call one of my friends. The big 20 still looks like a 10 year old whuss but hbd
why does the Indian version of the cheerokee look so bad?.
I'm part Cherokee Indian, German Irish, and Dutch. Does that make me diverse or just American? Lol
Cherokee Nation to receive $29.5 million in settlement from Indian Health Service – Tulsa World...
Jackson’s Indian Removal Act of 1838 resulted in the Cherokee tribe being marched at gunpoint from Georgia to barren la…
I'm Santee Sioux Indian, my wife-Cherokee. We both think that blacks and whites are ALL crazy. Rodney King had it right
lol! I'm Spanish & german with some English,Cherokee Indian mixed in!
Grammas grandmother half Cherokee so what dat make me 10% Indian
You'll have to settle for a Wannabe Cherokee with a non-existent Great-grandmother who was a Cherokee Indian Princess. ;-)
“Yes u do” lol but mine is meherrin indian not Cherokee :p
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