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Cherno Samba

Cherno Samba (born 10 November 1985) is a Gambian footballer who plays as a forward for Norwegian club FK Tønsberg.

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Cherno Samba for me. Always a good starter. Mind you Marv Andrews always got me loads of goals from corners.
there was a few, Cherno Samba, Freddie Adu, Taribo West but none of them standout as much as To Madeira (never played 😂
Tbf, he was a Championship Manager legend years ago, but so was Cherno Samba.
signed Cherno Samba for Greenock Morton and he scored 50 plus on his first season to take the ton to the SPL
don't need them when you have Ibra, Klose, Defoe and Cherno Samba mate!
Iain, have you forgiven cherno samba yet?
When I discovered Stefano Okaka on years ago, I didn't know he's a big black lad. Next I'll find out Cherno Samba was Asian
Owen Price and Cherno Samba. Blasts from the past indeed. Sad story in a way.
Laptop manager Ian Cathro set to shake up Hearts XI by handing debuts to Kim Kallstrom, Mark Kerr, Cherno Samba and Tont…
no worries. I'll get it on Steam and watch it in between trying to sign Cher…
more of a Cherno Samba man myself mate, he's actually in our TV ad this year! (And please enjoy the game!)
Is that actually Cherno Samba in the new tv ad??
the Freddy Adu, Cherno Samba route. Plenty of players never make it after being promising, without this kind of spotlight.
The 20 best wonderkids on Football Manager 2017: Who is the next Cherno Samba?: Bag yourself a prodigious young…
you may find this helpful. I tried to find the next Cherno Samba on
Who is the next Cherno Samba? Wonderkids on Football Manager 2017
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"Cherno Samba and the Hyperreal: Championship Manager, Jean Baudrillard and the Disfigurement of the World".
Loving seeing cherno samba in the new advert
Proper Millwall links in the new FM ad.cherno samba and Zampa road
Cracking work by including Cherno Samba in the ad. What a legend!
That footy manager advert Cherno Samba whatever happened to him he was a legend back on the old Champ Managers always used to sign him.
I love that Football Manager has cherno samba on their new advert
The fact that Cherno Samba is in the new Football Manager advert is amazing!
Great mention of Cherno Samba in the new FM2017 ad. Those were the days, smashing 01-02, Mark Kerr in centre mid and Samba up top
For putting Cherno Samba in the FM17 advert. I will love you until the end of time sir.
Is that actually Cherno Samba in the FM advert? Legend.
Sports Interactive gears up for Football Manager 2017 launch with pan-EU campaign featuring FM cult hero Cher...
Love that Cherno Samba gets a mention in new advert. A computer game legend. Finished his real life career as
Cherno samba on the new advert, quality that
have you seen cherno samba actually appears in the new FM17 advert? Quality. ⚽️
Lol was that really Cherno Samba in the FM advert?? Lmfaooo
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hi I love the big interview I would like to suggest Cherno Samba/Freddy Adu as a guest, maybe someone who experienced the..
Love the tv ad and the nod to Cherno Samba !
Give that man a pay rise who ever thought about having Cherno Samba in the new advert 👏🏼
I can't believe Cherno samba retired aged 26
The new Football Manager advert with Cherno Samba in it. Amazing 😂😂😂
As if the new Football Manager advert has Cherno Samba in it!
Rebrov/Clemence/Taricco so far - few others on the T/L. Cherno Samba is in and scoring trying to sign Pochettino as well
truly horrific. There's no one showing potential. Cherno Samba is already in and scoring
I only need Cherno Samba. The rest is irrelevant
Will always remember that partnership you had on champ man with cherno samba
Could Martin Odegaard join Freddy Adu & Cherno Samba by ending up as another failed wonderkid? via
That's before even mentioning the legend that is Cherno Samba, a young Petr Cech, an (incredibly) old Desailly, and Govou the great.
The more I hear about Mikael Ndjoli. I think of Cherno Samba & David Amoo. Two players who thought they were bigger & better than
It's like the best of Championship Manager 01/02, minus Cherno Samba.
Cherno Samba never reached his Championship Manager potential and currently finds himself without a club!
. Champ Manager 98/99 🙌🏼 .. Cherno Samba up front with Freddy Adu , tactics play on the deck 👌🏼
As Championship Manager legend Cherno Samba retires, he admits he's never played the -
Bit confused by the fantasy football, Where's Cherno Samba?
Give it a couple of days and sky sports news will be scratching their heads as to why cherno samba retired so early with his great stats
Cherno Samba, easily most well known for being a legend on Champ Manager, has officially retired from all forms of footb…
Mark Kerr,Fred Adu, Kim Kallstrom,Cherno Samba,Taribo West.what could have been.
not read the book. I liked this about Adrian Heath
is this from the guardian cherno samba piece? I watched the champ man documentary the other day.
Have you seen this ? next week they'll be doing a football special on Cherno Samba
apparently Cherno Samba ain't too bad
Sky sports are really scrapping the barrel! Some one will be trying to get Cherno Samba out of retirement next!
it's just a shame for them that Cherno Samba has retired
Cherno Samba came into football 10 years too early. just think if sky used their Football Manager logic. he would be going for 100m..
absolutely distraught that Cherno Samba has retired. Would have loved to see his stats on SSN.
Or most other Summers. If we had, Cherno Samba would be a legend at Anfield!
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Have they compared him with Cherno Samba's attributes yet?
Is this acually happening? Just a reminder that FM isn't real and Cherno Samba never actually made it.
Sky Sports actually using Football to compare stats. Cherno Samba may have his career resurrected.
As a Football Manager fan I'm so happy I got to see the legend Cherno Samba play in the flesh before he retired.
people quick to dismiss Football Manager scouting database on the basis it predicted Freddy Adu and Cherno Samba would be world beaters ...
using Football Manager statistics? Breaking News: Cherno Samba comes out of retirement
they'll be suggesting Man United are trying to tempt Cherno Samba out of retirement later.
this is fantastic. Cherno samba and Freddy Adu up front for their high potential
Does that mean that Mark Kerr and Cherno Samba are now worth 10's of millions?
Don't worry mate, we're not getting excited. All the rumours are coming from his end, not ours. I'd take Cherno Samba like🙈
That's it! Sky is losing it! I await to hear how 'Sky Sports Sources' break the news of child prodigy Cherno Samba.
getting excited about Pato. It's not 2007 anymore guys. Who else they gone sign? Freddy Adu and cherno samba?
done more this pre-season than Cherno Samba ever did. He's retired now, not sure what from, can't be football
BREAKING NEWS: Spurs double bid for Cherno Samba and Freddy Adu. 😂
Why!?! He was good on Football Manager 2008, but Cherno Samba was good on Football Manager 2001...
Championship Manager legend Samba has retired (in real life).
Champ Manager legend Cherno Samba has retired (in real life!).
Champ Man legend Cherno Samba has retired (in real life).
Right, a got champ manager every year when a was a wee boy. Then laterally Football Manager. BUT I had never heard of Cherno Samba?
Excellent first three comments on Cherno Samba / article
Cherno Samba - Legend on Championship Manager. Now 29, his football career has already finished.
Imagine always doing that. Clubs would be going mad for Cherno Samba, To Madeira and Leon Knight.
Mark Kerr from Falkirk? Buy for 250k then instantly becomes £8m. The legend of Cherno Samba too.
seriously though.i did see FM legend cherno samba at Bescot market today walsall weighing up a free transfer.
Cherno Samba - Championship Manager legend. At aged 13,he scored 132 goals in 32 games for school team.Now 28,no club …
Remember when this guy used to score for fun on Champ Man? The 'new Kim Kallstrom'? Turned out more Cherno Samba.
bets that's what Leicester are thinking. They'll he after Cherno Samba next.
I don't know if you are all aware of this but Cherno Samba is currently without a club. Arsenal's striker crisis solved?
Gutted when I realised this wasn't Cherno Samba scoring the winner.
Arsene, Cherno Samba is a free agent. Snap him up, quick!!!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Cherno Samba - 132 goals in 32 games as a youth.He became a favourite of Champ Manager while at Millwall.
I thought you were going to suggest Cherno Samba, Freddy Adu and Javier Saviola for a sec.
Let's hear some of your favourite - Cherno Samba, Anthony Vanden Borre and Freddy Adu all welcome.
Arsenal sign Kim Kallstrom, Wenger must have been playing Champ Man 01/02! Cherno Samba to follow in the summer?
The list is endless on the old CM series. Mark Kerr, Mike Duff, Cherno Samba...
Brilliant brilliant show by Brought back so many memories of Mark Kerr, Mike Duff, Taribo West, Cherno Samba and more
I hear Cherno Samba and Mark Kerr have had Scout Reports requested on them too. Expected on his desk at spacebar o'clock tomorrow.
Amazon asked the Wolfman to her room earlier, The Wolf is too busy trying to nurture the career of Cherno Samba on Championship Manager
Fredrik Gulsvik (born 29 August 1989) is a Norwegian former footballer. He played in Tippeligaen with Odd Grenland and Sandefjord, in addition to Mjøndalen before he decided to retire at the age of 22.
we signed Cherno Samba a few years ago. CM fans were excited..he was awful
it was £250K buyout clause same as Kennedy. What about the one the only Cherno Samba
Championship Manager 01/02 Flashback. Cherno Samba (Millwall and England wonder kid) has turned out 4 times for Gambia, scoring 1
ha ha ha. Aslong as we don't get Cherno samba then sound
He's a management game hero,All they need to sign now is Cherno Samba, Mika Aarittalo and Mark Kerr then at's title materiel
Does Cherno Samba fancy ending his QPR *** Im sure he can speak french
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I hear he's more Sonny Pike and Cherno Samba
Let's hope he's more Danny Ward than Cherno Samba.
Balotelli looks weird with that hair. Kind of like Cherno Samba
I'm afraid I'm going to need a dep for Cory tonight, I've got Champ Man 01/02 back up and running...there's no way I can drag myself away from this!!! The greatest version of the greatest game...EVER!!
I could do this all day. Kim Kallstrom, Kennedy Bakircioglu, Andrea Barzagli, Isaac Okoronkwo, Cherno Samba...
Mourinho has just gone 3-4-3 Gung *** !! When the keeper gets thrown up top and Cherno Samba appears, you know it's desperate !!
I bet Jose is fuming that Cherno Samba was unavailable for tonight's game.
Love that. Task in summer is to discover the next Kennedy Bakircioglü or Cherno Samba.
I will give it a go. Will they check the cards? I could be the new cherno samba/kanu/martins!
sadly Cherno Samba never hit such heights in the real world!
being an excel geek and ex footy manager geek (still follow career of Cherno Samba!) this fills me with excitement!
lee Hendrie, Jody Morris, Joe Cole to some extent. Cherno Samba too!
Cherno Samba and Julius Aghahowa most feared strike partnership in Europe
signed cherno samba for my villa team was epic then left to go barcelona,my team fell apart and I got the sack
Getting Cherno Samba to score 50 goals in one season. Oh what could have been Cherno...
He was fuggin ace though, him and Cherno Samba
what are yer on about lad? Yer mean Cherno Samba isnt Liverpools record scorer and its not 2034?
Neymar is the ultimate Cherno Samba - amazing youth but can't cut it when he's playing with men.
Any other FM legends you'd like to see screenshots of? I'll get as many done tonight as possible. A few notable ones will be missing, like Cherno Samba and Mark Kerr though! - Guru
Last month we were waving a million at Chris Wood. Today, I wouldn't be surprised if we signed Cherno Samba...on loan.
Different Samba, you are thinking of Cherno, this is Christopher Samba who was at Blackburn
I wonder if Harry Redknapp think's he is signing Cherno Samba for QPR? Life's like Championship Manager but with a bag of notes for Rosie.
I thought this was about Cherno Samba for a mo. I used to pay him £100k/wk, but that was in Championship Manager...
wouldn't it be ace if QPR actually ended up signing Cherno Samba
I'd be very careful. The same Football Manager that predicted Cherno Samba would go on to be a world class player
That's a point...whatever happened to Cherno Samba?? Apparently Liverpool offered us a couple of Mill for him back in the day
whenever I see 'Samba' in the headlines, I'm always a little disappointed it's not Cherno
Just saw Chris Samba was trending and mistook it for "Cherno Samba".
There's only one Samba that's worth £100,000 p/w and that's Cherno Samba on Championship Manager 01/02.
£100,000 a week for Cherno Samba, if he's owt like he was on Champ Man then it's totally worth it
Hamilton Collection
it's looking that way. They'd be better with Cherno Samba.
We will end up with cherno samba instead of Chris Samba
I wish it was Cherno Samba... Best ever FM player on the best ever game. Coolest name. The man had it all!
glad some people enjoyed it! I bet Cherno Samba and Ibrahim Bakayoko are on the radar next...
cherno samba would do a job.everytime I see Ramsey on team sheer I shed a tear
I'm still hoping Cherno Samba is gonna make it big time!
I built many a team around Cherno Samba with Isaac Okoronkwo at the back and Julius Aghahowa on the wing. A real African flavour
Have QPR made the worst signing ever? £10 million for Chris Samba. The mighty Cherno Samba would have been a better signing
Are we sure QPR aren't signing Cherno Samba
Venkys have been playing too much Championship Manager.Freddy Adu to Blackburn?Next they will be signing Cherno Samba!
Bala needs a new computer or we will be getting Cherno Samba next.
Wait we're signing Cherno Samba? Oh no, it's the other one that hasn't amounted to anything...yet (hopefully)
Lol, Cherno Samba now that's a name I havent heard in a while!
I was tempted to go with FK Tønsberg in the same league , partly for the Cherno Samba factor, but opted for Italy instead
Cherno Samba lad. The Champ Manager guy. Wasted on you. Wasted.   10% Off
Cherno Samba was the best forward in the world under my expert management. Five consecutive CL's. :D
Footballers that were only any good on Champ Manager - Cherno Samba
I remember when Kallstrom popped up in the CL for Lyon and I was like "I knew about him years ago!". Remember Cherno Samba?
Family stuff done. Football time. What have I missed?.Torres Hat trick and we've signed Cherno Samba and Freddy Adu.
infact...if I had my way. I'd sign Carlos Fierro and Cherno Samba.
Cherno samba back in the day was a beast
just to let you know Cherno Samba now plays for FK Tonsberg in Norway.
Cherno samba was great, had him upfront with Supat Rungratsamee ! Goal machines
Cherno Samba was never as good as Freddie Adu
If you know who Cherno Samba is then you were once addicted to Football Manager or still are.
Random conversation about star youngsters on champ manager years ago who never done owt in real life. Cherno samba was the boy lol
Balotelli taking City to a tribunal over excessive fines. Better keep an eye out, Cherno Samba may be getting ideas.
Wonder if Cherno Samba ever dreamt he had the career most ppl did with him on Champ Mgr
Cherno Samba was a Championship Manager legend!!
Cherno Samba, Kim Kallstrom, Kennedy Backircioglu! I had them all in my Championship Manager 99 team
[NEWS] launch internal investigation after dressing room thefts:
Cherno Samba and Mark Kerr, Konstantinou all got to be in with a shout!
next you will try to sign the great Cherno Samba
BBC FOOTBALL: Too much, too young for Adu
Just in the middle of writing a cracking article on young players that just never made it. Some boss names. Sneak preview - Cherno Samba.
Former Wrexham striker Cherno Samba is now a tram driver on the Great Orme in Llandudno.
(To the tune of The Stranglers' No More Heroes) Whatever happened to/Cherno Samba?/ He went to Spain/ Never seen again
have a look at this Sprocket was right he just need the right manager
football flops=Cherno Samba! although he was immense on Football Manager 1 year
Watford sponsored by Football Manager... expect Cherno Samba and a greyed out ghost player up front.
Championship Manager legend goal of the week: Kennedy Bakircioglü v Varberg
Yes! This arrived today. Hernan Crespo and Cherno Samba upfront.
Now, according to Knight was good on an old Champ Manager. So he is basically a pervy and sociopathic Cherno Samba, then, yes?
we need a striker...Cherno Samba must be just coming up to his prime years
we could really do with a Cherno Samba type of striker.
Any chance of last min moves for Cherno Samba, Mads Jorgensen, Freddy Adu and Stefan Selakovic?!
Shawcross is quite good on FM but how come he doesn't make the England squad? -- Well, Cherno Samba's still uncapped...
Can't believe WBA are signing Cherno Samba and Freddy Adu! So much potential
Bored at work? Bored with life? You can download Championship Manager 01/02! Let Cherno Samba fire you to glory
New! feature on the mighty Cherno Samba - Champ Man legend. By
Superb stuff from on one of my favourite strikers, Cherno Samba.
Some great shouts for fallen FM heroes. Freddy Adu, John Fleck, Bojan, Cherno Samba...
Just read the link you sent me I enjoyed that so no doubt I will enjoy the book, Cherno Samba & Mark Kerr two of my faves!
Sign Cherno Samba from Millwall. Unless you are playing a version made since 1995 of course...
Check out the new site Football's Lost Prodigies
Check out the new website Football's Lost Prodigies at
Cherno Samba (did he become Chris Samba in real life?)
Cherno Samba. The guy was a wonderkid on Championship Manager back in the day, flop in real life!!
And to pre-empt your next question, yes it does mention To Madiera, Cherno Samba, and my personal favourite CM/FM player Nii Lamptey.
That's what I mean. Put these people in charge of a club and they end up signing Cherno Samba for 20m
Cherno Samba spotted pacing up and down the corridors at Wembley
people are just going 2 laugh at u because u were meant to be a bigger star than Jermain Defoe. What apnd2u apnd2 Cherno Samba
And on the back of that, I just became Cherno Samba's 100th follower. The Champ Manager legend now playing for Tonsberg.
...players because you know you have to evolve, and end up having to perm 2 from Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Muslimovic, Tsigalko and Cherno Samba
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