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Chelsea Pitch Owners

Chelsea Pitch Owners plc a is a non-profit organization that owns both the freehold of the Stamford Bridge stadium and the naming rights of Chelsea Football Club.

Dennis Wise Stamford Bridge

Chelsea Pitch Owners, Mark without the recently set up CFC Trust ,is responsible for keeping us at Stamford Bridge
Statement from Chelsea Pitch Owners welcoming the approval of Stamford Bridge redevelopment
and we did just that JF. Pre the Chelsea Pitch Owners eh?
THE SPECIAL INTERVIEW WITH JOSE MOURINHO Guest of honour José Mourinho granted CPO (Chelsea Pitch Owners) director and Chelsea FC author Rick Glanvill an exclusive interview in the programme for tonight's 'One Special Evening' fundraising dinner. He talked about his decision to return, why the club deserved to win the 2012 Champions League final, and the love and loyalty of Blues fans. Here it is in full. ☼Rick Glanvill: What's your response to those in football who say 'Never go back'? ►José Mourinho: I have always thought this was a stupid phrase, but of course it depends - I would never go back where I was not happy. I think exactly the opposite. Is it a risk in respect of what happened before, people can forget, if things don't go in the same direction? Is that a risk? Maybe. But I don't think that's the Chelsea people's culture. I always felt that Chelsea people were very connected with the ones that did something for the club in the past. I felt that so many times with players even coming to p ...
Aston Villa fans have spoken – the people who run our club MUST listen!!! Supporters are the lifeblood of any football club. It may sound a twee cliche – but it’s the truth. We’re the ones who, through sheer blind loyalty, give our hearts, souls and wallets to the club we call ‘ours’. Strip away the CEOs, the WAGs and the 4x4s, and football – the game, rather than the business – is still about the fans. When the whistle blows, it’s 11 against 11, roared on by people so feverish the Italians know them as ‘tifosi’ – literally, ‘typhoid carriers’. Yes, many Premier League clubs - or more specifically the businessmen who run them – seem more interested in their FTSE price than their points tally. But supporters still retain an element of power. Dissent from the stands can spell the end for some managers, while the Chelsea Pitch Owners saw off Roman Abramovich’s plans to leave Stamford Bridge. What’s this to do with Villa? Well, the Birmingham Mail recently invited Villa fans ...
That pitch wasnt too good. Barcelona is still the best!!!
I reckon people should concentrate more on bantering and less on complaining. For a page like this to be good, its as much the members responsibility as the admins. Just my thoughts on the admin drama... Oh and, city are the biggest joke in football. Everybody is laughin at them falling apart. Har har har. Let's all point at city and laugh. -Jamie
People criticizing Arsene Wenger have no idea about the state of European football the fact of the matter is that football has changed and Arsenal do not have the wage bill or the transfer money to compete with the best teams! Until we get bought by a multi billionaire (Usmanov) we will not be winning silverware but for people to be having a go at Wenger for everything he has done for this club is nothing short of a joke. Wenger's achievement of keeping us in the top 4 these last 8 years could prove to be significant in the future because by doing that he is maintaining our status as an attractive prospect to be bought by one of these rich owners to then go on and win silverware but until that day comes we have to be realistic and realize how much the game has changed and that without rich investors the chances of a team like Arsenal, Everton or Tottenham of winning major competitions is out of their grasps. If you want to blame anyone blame Stan Korenke for running the club like a business or simply the ...
Arsenal Fan Msg to Us: "This time Arsene, there really can be no excuses. This is arguably Arsenal's best team and they lack fight, belief and shape. Arsene out, someone who can actually motivate, in."
As an Arsenal fan, I am currently embarrassed with the way the team is playing recently, and I know this is off topic, but *** / ~El Mistico
GUNNERS need 2 play without fear today. Those muchens shld not score anything today. 3-0 to the Arsenal.
Arsenal haben keine Möglichkeit an den Emiraten und an der die Allianz-Arena 3-0 in England 5-1 in Deutschland
PAOLO'S GONE ! Walked out according to talk sport
Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes has confirmed that Javi Martínez has recovered from a toe injury and will be in the squad to face Arsenal. Looks like we're facing a squad with world class players in every position. -Taps
(orgazy) Can you share with us the problems you have seen we have in our team CHELSEA ???
BBC1, Xabi Alonso: "With Brendan's project you have to have patience."
The problem of Chelsea this season is not the coach, it's not the owner or lack of team spirit. It is simply TORRESS. He is awful to watch and he has cost Chelsea all the trophies this season. I have never seen a striker that cannot make an attempt at a goal throughout the duration of a game. Seriously , Chelsea will never win a trophy with Torres up front.
Blues captain feels he's ready after knee injury but manager insists more training-ground work is required - and praises Cahill and Ivanovic
The top 10 dog names are: Bella, Max, Buddy, Daisy, Bailey, Coco, Lucy, Charlie, Molly and Rocky. The top 10 cat names are: Kitty, Bella, Tiger, Max, Smokey, Shadow, Tigger, Lucy, Chloe and Charlie. Do you have any pets with these names? Our golden's name is Bella. We also have a Lainey, Libby, Foxy Roxy, Farmer and Bob and of course our kitty Vanessa. I like giving people names to my pets, how about you?
Applications for the purchase of shares in Chelsea Pitch Owners are now being accepted again...
Dennis Wise resigns as director of Chelsea Pitch Owners
Dennis Wise today (Thursday, August 2) resigned as a director of Chelsea Pitch Owners...
Dennis Wise has today resigned as a director of Chelsea Pitch Owners. More to follow.
Steve Frankham, chairman of Chelsea Pitch Owners plc, has released a new statement...
News of a proposal by Chelsea Football Club to Chelsea Pitch Owners: (SL)
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