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Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti (born February 20, 1978) is an American comedian and writer based in Los Angeles.

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Ralphie May is in a dark room somewhere cursing himself for blowing his load prematurely going after Chelsea Peretti for "One Of The Greats"
will we get a "Call Chelsea Peretti" maternity edition? We could discuss which fast food chains have the best ice.
Bernie Mac and Mitch Hedberg are two other comedians I love and miss. Chelsea Peretti and Rory Scovel are hilarious. Tom Segura also great.
A lot of good people were born on this day: Rihanna, Chelsea Peretti, Robert Altman, Me, Charles Barkley, and Lili Taylor.
Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti went to kindergarten together. For...
tru. I just wanna see Chelsea Peretti, Seth MacFarlane, and Jeff Ross go in on her
I only do private room karaoke where it's just me and one of my c...
I complimented Chelsea Peretti on her nose one time and I don't think she took me seriously. I meant it, Chelsea! I think your nose is
There's no such thing as healthy spaghetti/ Comedy Central presents: Chelsea Peretti/
Have you heard the MAGICAL new Check it out! PHONE MAGIC with & RT!
like Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, Chelsea Peretti, it's an absolute masterpiece
I think that with podcasts, a lot of things are about fostering and h...
I mean Chelsea Peretti's gonna be fine so I see nothing wrong with this.
Always knew Chelsea was the only good Peretti.
My girlfriend, comedienne, Chelsea Peretti: "Honey, look. I drew you as a cat centaur.". Me: *trying not to feint* "You're amazing."
his sister is the famous (?) comedian and actress Chelsea Peretti
Watching new ep.of:The 99. -Started watching this year because I love Chelsea Peretti.Every line is funny.I have fa…
There's a thread in IMDB discussing whether Chelsea Peretti's two front teeth are fake or not based on that episode in
Sometimes when I'm nervous, that's when the most interesting thi...
Chelsea Peretti is truly one of the greats
We went to a very small high school. It was, like, in a wooded h...
I'm obsessed with nature and living in the wild, which I just thin...
Chelsea Peretti and Natasha Leggero are worth half a million.
There are so many good people in Brooklyn 99. I think Chelsea Peretti and Joe Lo Truglio are standouts though.
📷 katewinslet: Chelsea Peretti signs books after her live podcast taping/special screening
I need to watch it, Chelsea Peretti is a goddess
Chelsea Peretti's banana updates have been the only consistent thing in my life recently
I barely watch TV. Somehow, I make it work with just the Internet...
"If you text 'I love you' and the person writes back an emoji, no matter what that emoji is, they don't love you back."—Chelsea Peretti
Patton Oswald. Chelsea Peretti. Jay z. And his wife. Rosie (if she qualifies as a celeb) 😂
I feel like I really appreciate Jewish girls, but there's a heavy lean on Chelsea Peretti and Chandler's girlfriend, Janice, from Friends
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I have an issue with all other Chelseas apart from the divine Chelsea Peretti
I don't want to get you started, but is this Chelsea the place or the football club, or Chelsea Peretti?
same writers too! Chelsea Peretti used to be a writer on Parks too pre Gina
And frankly I'm just down with any show that has Chelsea Peretti as a regular cast member. She's hilarious.
People see technology as something that will ruin society and cultur...
I just want to be friends with Chelsea Peretti
Concept: audiobooks of classic works of literature read by Chelsea Peretti
'Chels-emojis' are in the works. I use emojis heavily in life, a...
Chelsea Peretti wished me a happy birthday and no one will be able to top that sorry
I would say that I have a love-hate relationship with almost ever...
I do feel like guys feel pressure to be funny with me, which is k...
Chelsea Peretti is everything and Gina Linetti is my god.
I performed after 9/11 for relief workers down by Ground Zero. There were these men just co
no prob! Do Chelsea peretti's special too if you haven't! And new(er) John Mulaney?
So many people: Lucille Ball is the earliest incarnation of a woman I thought was funny, Jo
is such goals, Sarah Lawrence, Chelsea Peretti, feature film..and he's only 37
From most favorite to least its Tig notaro, Maria bamford, Kristen Schaal, and Chelsea Peretti.
If you think Chelsea Peretti is hilarious then you're probably a *** & have a poor sense of humor
Chelsea Peretti (Gina), I don't know what it is about her, but I want to do dirty stuff with her 👅. I can't even explain it.
I remember when I cussed Chelsea Peretti's nose and she called me racist
I want to be Chelsea Peretti when I grow up.
He's half white.he just got married to a white woman(Chelsea Peretti from Brooklyn Nine Nine) this film could be a…
Andy Samberg & Chelsea Peretti went to the same elementary school in real life -- just like their characters.
I believe that all this world need is 100 Netflix specials each from Anjelah Johnson, Chelsea Peretti & Kitty Flanagan.
Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele are having a super majestic engagement
so far added specials from Ali Wong, Chelsea Peretti, Jen Kirkman, and Hannibal Burress.
The Jordan Peele/Chelsea Peretti ad campaign for Booking-dot-com is really good.
Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele fake their wedding in campaign for http…
Those Jordan Peele/Chelsea Peretti commercials now make me want a movie about them searching for the perfect wedding venue
Women I'd love to be berated by:. Chelsea Peretti. Stephanie Beatriz. Aubrey Plaza
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ME TOO :) Everyone is so so funny. Andre Braugher. Terry Crews. Chelsea Peretti. JUST EVERYONE, FRANCESCO. :)
thinking about what i've done w my life: [chelsea peretti voice] dare i say i threw it with all my miGHT !
I would really appreciate it if I blink and I became Chelsea Peretti's daughter or sister pls
I thank god everyday that Chelsea Peretti exists
Chelsea peretti ... inventor of feminism! Legends only!
You have to read it as Chelsea Peretti in order for it to be funny.
I just gronked on to what's happening in this chelsea peretti comedy special, and it's amazing.
I'd love to go out with Chelsea Peretti but id be scared of my character being completely dismantled and then destroyed
OK le spectacle de Chelsea Peretti "one of the greats" est vraiment super
I love Kyle because he thinks women like Tina Fey and Chelsea Peretti are attractive and it makes me happy because they're not fake pretty.
Chelsea and I share a birthday so there for I am a peretti OG too! 👊🏼💁🏽
Billion dollar idea: A Youtube channel that exclusively posts videos of Chelsea Peretti's scenes on Brooklyn Nine-Nine
thanks for sharing Chelsea Peretti, have a great Monday :) (Want this 🆓? >>
Half the time I try to do Chelsea Peretti's voice, I wound up sounding like a bored, sinus infected Jack Nicholson.
I like a pretty woman with a big nose. Chelsea Peretti, Keri Hilson... me. We are people too.
It's pretty satisfying to use an image when you don't have a great articula...
just listened to Chelsea Peretti’s live from sundance ep where you mention fireball island. Used to be my favorite game.
I'm watching chelsea peretti's Netflix show and it's so hilarious so far I love it
There was a good "chicken Caesar salad wrap" line from Chelsea Peretti on a recent ep of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fun to say.
I just realised my inner voice sounds like Chelsea Peretti. Or she sounds like me when I'm in sarc mode. Either way.
My sister is why Trump ran for Prez But proving wrong also helped!
I completely forgot Crystal in China, IL is trans. And played by Chelsea Peretti. A+ show. Greta Gerwig slays.
Whoa, Chelsea Peretti's big brother is a co-founder of The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.
I had no idea that Chelsea Peretti is Jonah Peretti's younger sister.
This on Buzzfeed, on the other hand, is top quality. Also apparently the CEO is Chelsea Peretti's brother. Who knew?
Ah... hmm. Very tempted to follow H. Jon Benjamin. and Chelsea Peretti... choices...
You may be interested in Chelsea Peretti on "The Big Fat Quiz" she's at least as awesome as Gina.
Chelsea Peretti takes tech industry’s money, makes fun of them at Crunchies Awards
Chelsea Peretti, Lauren Lapkus, tig notaro, Cameron esposito, more that I cannot think of / haven't experienced.
Kinda comforting knowing a guy like Evan Fournier is aware of Chelsea Peretti's existence
Just me, or are Chelsea Peretti and Zoe Lister-Jones the same person?
Chelsea Peretti in her Brooklyn Nine-Nine intro freeze frame is by my new jam.
I love Chelsea Peretti , her home shopping skit on the Todd Glass podcast had me crying
Chelsea Peretti's hilarious Crunchies speech points out everything wrong with Silicon Valley
It's really irritating. Even people who like my work sometimes come up to m...
it was good! Better than last year's, anyway. And the anniversary one (with Chelsea Peretti) was even better
I really want to interview Larry David.
.the funniest awards show host EVER. LOL funny!
I watched Chelsea Peretti's One of the Greats today. I'm really hoping her stand-up persona isn't too exaggerated as I identified TOO MUCH
Do any celebrities give you that "much smarter than they act" vibe? I get that from Schwarzenegger, Ice Cube, and Chelsea Peretti.
Chelsea Peretti is the best part of that show.
that GRAVITY FALLS episode with Chelsea Peretti as a terrifying spider-woman named Charlene
If Chelsea Peretti doesn't notice me I'm going to buy a burrito this is your last warning
Chelsea Peretti makes a bitcoin joke during the opening the 9th Annual Crunchies
Chelsea Peretti gets engaged to Jordan Peele after two years of dating via 💐🎉🎈
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I just logged Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats, 2014 - ★★★★ on letterboxd
Tech Elites Feel the Burn(s) in Chelsea Peretti's Crunchies Speech: Watch via
Outspoken opinions of a fire-spitting Chelsea Peretti opening The Oscars of Startups and Technology. htt…
just glad to see Duke got their one freebie from the refs before Wednesday. via giphy
"This company has completely revolutionized how teenagers get pregnant!"
Watch comedian Chelsea Peretti tear Silicon Valley a new one via verge
Literally care only for Chelsea Peretti rn bye
Would you say that Chelsea Peretti is your favorite comedian? Or do you have more than one?
.addresses issues of diversity, at Tech Crunch awards.
Woah! Chelsea Peretti's gonna be on The Big Fat Quiz of Everything next Tuesday (05/01/2016) on C4 at 9PM. That's my Peretti fix sorted.
Just found out that the founder of BuzzFeed is the brother of Chelsea Peretti and that she is engaged to Jordan Peele. Woah.
I want to go shopping with Chelsea Peretti
2. I started Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I have a renewed love for Chelsea Peretti's voice
*Reynolds' Chelsea Peretti impression voice* you are my son
So if Chelsea Peretti ain't interested I think it's time to move on
I hope Chelsea Peretti is incredibly smug about thinking Oscar Isaac was a good actor way back in Sucker Punch.
Very strong bananas mental associations I have:. Oscar Isaac -> Chelsea Peretti on HDTGM. BB-8 -> PFT as Cake Boss on CBB
I am not Chelsea Peretti he has no power over me!!!
I'm relistening to Into the Ether, one of the greatest Call Chelsea Peretti episodes where I get a shoutout as a sour cream-hating demon 😎
Chelsea Peretti stood up for him in Sucker Punch on how did this get made
Is Amy Schumer biting Chelsea Peretti or is Chelsea Peretti biting Amy Schumer?
Chelsea Peretti makes a lot more sense when you find out she had a black mother for 18 yrs
Chelsea Peretti is basically everything I aspire to be
CHELSEA PERETTI like i'm getting emotional just thinking about it
Had forgotten they're a going concern; I missed when this happened; now am filled with the tiniest vicarious thrill
do a call in style like Call Chelsea Peretti so you can go through a bunch of people, not one sit down.
This Chelsea Peretti Netflix special is the weirdest comedy special I've ever seen, and thus one of the funniest!
Chelsea Peretti's Netflix special dampened one of my only celeb crushes...!
oh my god Chelsea Peretti on Big Fat Quiz of Everything!
Oh, excellent. Bit of a funny day to put it on tho. I had to google Chelsea Peretti but I know who she is now. Should be good!
Saw this in my timeline which is funny because Chelsea Peretti blocked me sometime in the last year.
Chelsea Peretti has a show on Netflix so I kinda have to watch it really
he was really funny on Chelsea Peretti's podcast. Random
I have the weirdest crush on Chelsea Peretti
they got Chelsea Peretti this year apparently...
Chelsea peretti is replacing the word "god" with "the internet" in biblical verses
As long as I can still snag Alexandra Daddario, Stephanie Beatriz, and Chelsea Peretti as my Alpha Baes I could give up Brie
I love that all of my friends know me essence is simply just Chelsea Peretti Fan
Trevor Noah is funny, I'm a fan of Chelsea Peretti's as well. Mike Birbiglia has a killer one, "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend"
S3E13 of ‘Drunk History’ is the best yet. Nathan Fillion as Werner von Braun, Paul Scheer as Carl Sagan, and Chelsea Peretti as Ann Druyan.
I didn't even realize that Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti is EXACTLY what I've needed ever since Will Arnett and Amy Poehler split.
I just learned that Chelsea Peretti (Brooklyn nine-nine) has an older brother, Jonah... who is founder and president of Buzzfeed.
I need to try again on watching Another Period. I love Natasha Leggero! Brooklyn 99 I've never watched, but I love Chelsea Peretti
Wait how did I not know Jordan Peeled and Chelsea peretti were dating???
Okay but the most important thing is Chelsea Peretti finally got her food.
Ooh, my name is Chelsea Peretti, I know how to eat with a fork, la dee da!
I just read Jordan Peele & Chelsea Peretti are dating. I've always lowkey had a crush on Peele & Peretti's nose is like mine so I approve
Anyway when will chelsea peretti be getting her own show?
I need that Chelsea Peretti and Neal Brennan love
Chelsea Peretti & Jordan Peele, new favorite couple alert!
Just found out Chelsea Peretti & Jordan Peele are dating. I humbly offer my services as wedding officiant should they ever need it.
Chelsea Peretti looks lovely. That's all I needed to know. 😊
Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti are so cute
Photo: glamorousladies: Chelsea Peretti attends the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater...
Ok, I love Chelsea Peretti's dress. I must have it immediately.
I want Chelsea Peretti to be my vodka aunt
I hate when ppl call celebs mom and dad but I honestly want celebrity power couple Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele to be my parents.
Photo: omgthatdress: Chelsea Peretti’s dress… is a mess.  She needs a bra, and the cherry blossom pattern...
Chelsea Peretti stands out on the red carpet. Do you like her look?
Chelsea Peretti wore a Fall 2015 printed illusion gown at the
Chelsea Peretti's. But I would also want Jenny Slate and gabe liedman to be guesting too
Jen Kirkman, Eugene Mirman, Chris D'Elia, Bo Burnham, Aziz Ansari, Chelsea Peretti. all hilarious and all have netflix specials!
OMG Chelsea Peretti's brother is the founder of Buzzfeed?!
I love a lot of comedians, but my favorite ti5ght now is Chelsea Peretti. How about you?
you kind of look like Chelsea Peretti
| Chelsea Peretti: women should do more sexy posts on social media |
It's obvious that Jonah Peretti's sister Chelsea is way more talented than he'll ever be, which is why he greenlights articles like this.
.Chelsea Peretti's perpetually tired character in Farts and Procreation ep of CBB is. me?
I will pray 4 u, hope you make it thru dis (read that in Chelsea Peretti's voice for full effect)
Just saw on Chelsea Peretti's snapchat that she's on Brooklyn 99 season 3! Now I just need Captain Holt to return or I'll be a sad sally
Life is short so I'm fast-forwarding Brooklyn Nine-Nine and going straight to Chelsea Peretti's standup.
Chelsea Peretti is perfect on Brooklyn Nine Nine. Just *perfect*.
I'm all out of Call Chelsea Peretti pcasts dare I move onto Pete Holmes or will listening to him laugh every morning cause my demise?
| Chelsea Peretti: i guess i'll start drinking charcoal |
I have an odd crush thing on Chelsea Peretti. Humour is sexy!
Why is there random dogs in the audience of Chelsea Peretti's stand up?
Like Chelsea Peretti’s bit on waking up as a man and being like “The world needs to hear what I have to say."
"I wish I could text my dog. That is so irritating to me, that I could text everybody in my life that I love but my dog." - Chelsea Peretti
Holdzkom makes good on podcaster Chelsea Peretti's prediction via
she's def white. I'm sure it's chelsea peretti
Prop Stylist Justin Allen for Men's Health with Chelsea Peretti. . See more here:
25 July transfer updates Can someone tell Chelsea Peretti she is *** via vanessaThief
Can someone tell Chelsea Peretti she is ***
Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats goes without saying... I think Problem Child: Leslie Jones is on Netflix too
I didn't know Jordan Peele was dating Chelsea Peretti. Comedy golden couple in the making?
There’s something about Chelsea Peretti that does it for me 😜
My new TV crush is Chelsea Peretti and it's def because of Brooklyn 99.
"Super hot girls don't understand regular girls' lives, so they'll give you very s*y dating advice" -Chelsea Peretti . OMG
Have you seen that Chelsea Peretti skit? 'It's a rescue.'
I know this is a Chelsea Peretti joke but I genuinely wish I could text my dog. Just to check in, see how she's doing.
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Chelsea Peretti is a better comedian but gets way less hype even though she's on Brooklyn Nine Nine and had a Netflix special
Chelsea Peretti is probably my second favorite comedian next to Amy Schumer.
I watched Chelsea Peretti's stand up comedy on Netflix and it was a delight
It's chelsea peretti btw. You're welcome, it's on Netflix
Netflix has specials by Maria Bamford, Jen Kirkman, Chelsea Peretti, start with those
no one can know about my secret crush on Chelsea Peretti except anyone who can maybe introduce me to Chelsea Peretti
I recognise the gorgeous Chelsea Peretti in that photo but who are the other fuglies?
i find Samberg endearing and Chelsea Peretti + the guy who plays Captain Holt act the crap out of their roles
I'm gonna watch Brooklyn 99 and not just because of my enormous crush on Chelsea Peretti shut up
Now podcasts to listen to:. Jenny Slate on *** with Maron. Jenny Slate on You Made It Weird. Jenny Slate on Call Chelsea Peretti
deep down inside I know if Chelsea Peretti met me she'd hate me
Got round to Brooklyn 99 finally. 1) Chelsea Peretti is the greatest human maybe? 2) Lord and Miller directed the pilot?!
Chelsea Peretti nailing the same hot takes I have about women posting photos with the hashtag
I loved that one. You have to see the Chelsea Peretti one. She's amazing.
If you’ve missed fix that hole in your Netflix life ASAP.
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You're still young. And you went to UGA (probably helps. The specials okay, it's no Chelsea Peretti.
Started watching Chelsea Peretti: One of the greats on Loving your work
I got you a gif! :-) brooklyn nine nine, chelsea peretti,... trendy, trending, GIF, brookl…
Did some pro bono Photoshopping for Chelsea Peretti today.
| Chelsea Peretti: thats funny when airlines try to do cool safety vids |
Chelsea Peretti is one of the worst comedians I've ever seen.
| Chelsea Peretti: Thats cool to make sexy music |
A new favorite: 336 Harris Wittels, Chelsea Peretti, Adam Scott by on
I have no idea why Chelsea Peretti reminds me so much of Cort.
Chelsea Peretti is my favorite celebrity😂
Get a load of this exchange between Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Chelsea Peretti
Let's not discuss how many times I've watched Chelsea Peretti's Netflix special in the past 24 hours
| Chelsea Peretti: today i am interested in jewelry |
| Chelsea Peretti: not interested in: showering, driving |
Should I just keep sending Chelsea Peretti pictures of llamas
think I've been watching brooklyn 99 too much, started talking like chelsea peretti lamo
I like when up wake up in the daytime, Chelsea Peretti.
| Chelsea Peretti: That's weird you would say that? |
i think it's spelled Chelsea Peretti
Chelsea Peretti wrote the Parks and Rec episode "Smallest Park"?? 😮😍
| Chelsea Peretti: My manager has an egg icon |
hoping Chelsea Peretti doesn't go on periscope during my final.
They added Chelsea Peretti to Brooklyn 99?! Why must it be at the same time as Bunheads?!
I wonder if the only reason I find Chelsea Peretti so attractive is because she is an obvs Jewess and I'm obvs whiter than white
| Chelsea Peretti: Just texted my dad: do you exist |
Chelsea peretti is another girl with a big nose I find hot. Uh oh
"Do you guys think it's worse to wear a fedora or kill 15 people". Thank you Chelsea Peretti for your existence
the only way he sinks any lower is if Chelsea Peretti joins that list.
I DIED when chelsea peretti appeared on the movie awards intro thing 😂😂 she's hilarious
Chelsea Peretti and Amy Schumer need a show together
Electronic Device Insurance
I honestly would not mind marrying Chelsea Peretti... Just give me a date😍😍
PP2 sneak peek only reason im watching and hayy Snow and Camp & Chelsea peretti
I love Chelsea peretti omfg can I be her
am I listening to you right now on the Chelsea peretti podcast talking about tinder plus?
| Chelsea Peretti: brioche isnt that good |
I saw Chelsea Peretti in Portland with and one year ago today!
may I bust in to suggest the Chelsea Peretti Netflix special? I think it's awesome.
Chelsea Peretti is the funniest chick ever
| Chelsea Peretti: You only need one more jelly. |
get Netflix get on it watch chelsea peretti's standup it is wonderful
My dad's watching Chelsea Peretti right now. The buttsweat jokes are killin him.
Can anyone explain why Chelsea Peretti is so alluring? She seems to have simultaneously seduced my entire apartment. Including the girls.
Set photo of Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix as lovers in a new Woody Allen movie?. *Chelsea Peretti voice* no thank you!
"Missing my hub like a mug". Chelsea Peretti is my spirit animal
undercovers cop is definitely Chelsea Peretti in B99
Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats on Netflix is hilarious!!
There is at least a 100% chance that I would sleep with Chelsea Peretti.
can't see anything Chico's related & not hear Chelsea Peretti's voice,"does your mom shop at Chico's?" "all moms shop at Chico's!"
So is Rosa like the sassy one in b99 played by Chelsea Peretti???
I wish Chelsea Peretti was my best friend
your podcast, Call Chelsea Peretti, totes bingepodding btw, is making this a lot easier. You're neat. Smooch.
For a long time I didn't get Chelsea Peretti's humor and now I get it and holy crap she's hilar
Chelsea Peretti is my spirit animal
Did I ever tell you guys about the time I took a standup class at Berkeley, taught by Chelsea Peretti? Unsurprisingly, she is amazing.
| Chelsea Peretti: still trippin off this hummus recall |
I'm watching Chelsea Peretti's standup and I love her and how she constantly makes fun of boys
Is Jenn on Survivor just Chelsea Peretti in disguise doing a piece of modern art?
When your friend comes over for pho and brings coconut ice cream for dessert and after dinner says "Let's watch Chelsea Peretti's standup" 😍
Chelsea Peretti's stand up is perfection
Check out my latest post: New trending GIF tagged louie chelsea peretti louie…
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GIF be chelsea peretti, louie ck on Giphy
I only really like Dave Chappelle's Killing them Softly, Carlin's 90s stuff, and Chelsea Peretti's One of the greats recently
also I feel like you should watch chelsea peretti's stand up on Netflix bc you would love her
Omg chelsea peretti's stand up is killing me 😂
I would love to be an on air guest with Debi Mazar or Chelsea Peretti :)
Watched Chelsea Peretti's stand up on netflix for an hour and a half and don't think I laughed out loud once but it was ok
Neil Ciereiga is accusing Chelsea Peretti of stealing his joke
Let me know when it becomes obvious that I'm too obsessed with Chelsea Peretti
I would sell my soul to be besties with pete homes and chelsea peretti
is this the end for Chelsea Peretti? What will become of us?
Does that mean you are actually Chelsea Peretti?
The Chelsea Peretti special on Netflix is great.
My traveling podcast game is strong. *** get up on this, nerdist,the champs, combat jack show,Call Chelsea Peretti
fun fact, Chelsea Peretti’s brother was my computer teacher at Newman when I was in high school. Then he made Buzzfeed
When will Chelsea Peretti notice me and then become my best friend
If Chelsea Peretti, Amy Schumer or Iliza Shlesinger aren't funny to you I have no idea what world you live in man
Watching Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats and was pleasantly surprised at the random shot of the baby.
The things I would do to Chelsea Peretti right now
Honestly I just want to be everything that chelsea peretti is, has been, and will be
"Do you guys think it's worse to kill fifteen people or wear a fedora?" Chelsea Peretti, asking the difficult questions
Lately I might have switched from liking Melissa Fumero to Chelsea Peretti idk
I need Chelsea Peretti and Leslie Jones to be my best friends and always be on call.
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