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Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning, December 17, 1987) is a United States Army soldier who was convicted in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses, after releasing the largest set of restricted documents ever leaked to the public.

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Collateral damage and corruption - these were some of the stories revealed by freed whistleblower Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning has proven herself a brave and principled whistleblower - blogs https:…
REMINDER: Obama wanted to throw Julian Assange in prison for publishing the info Chelsea Manning gave him, while releasing Ma…
Two traitors - part of one whole big "happy" family! Chelsea Manning leaked 700k classified military & diplomatic docu…
Chelsea Manning has just been released after serving seven years in prison
Chelsea Manning discusses life after prison: "First steps of freedom"
Chelsea Manning posts photo of "first steps of freedom" after being released from Fort Leavenworth's military prison
Time to freshen up Chelsea Manning's now vacant cell at Fort Leavenworth...
Chelsea Manning just released from prison on Transphobia in prison is a huge issue
BREAKING: Chelsea Manning has been freed from military prison
Chelsea Manning will walk out of the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., today after 7 years of incarceration
The Independent has more on the release of Chelsea Manning:
Chelsea Manning has been released from prison
Cause for celebration: Chelsea Manning released today from prison
Chelsea Manning released from Fort Leavenworth prison after ..
NEW: Chelsea Manning has left Fort Leavenworth's military prison after 7 years of incarceration.
"First steps of freedom": Chelsea Manning discusses life after prison
Okay, crying now! "Chelsea Manning released from Fort Leavenworth prison after serving 7 years of 35-year sentence"
Chelsea Manning is released from Fort Leavenworth prison, 28 years earlier than expected.
'First steps of freedom': Chelsea Manning discusses life after prison
Fort Leavenworth, United States - Chelsea Manning, the transgender army private jailed for one of the largest...
Trump said to be furious at release of Chelsea Manning. Responsible for leaking huge quantities of state secrets, Trump…
“I can imagine surviving and living as the person who I am ... in the outside world.". Chelsea Manning is free. 👍🏾 .
Chelsea Manning has just been released from prison
State of the media today. The same people praising Chelsea Manning for releasing classified info bashing POTUS for sharin…
Good morning to everyone but especially Oscar Lopez Rivera and Chelsea Manning. Enjoy that fresh air.
The freedom of Oscar Lopez Rivera & Chelsea Manning is proof that even in these times, grassroots organizing works
Oscar Lopez Rivera & Chelsea Manning are both being freed today. Big shout out to the activists who fought tirelessly for the…
Oh, what a beautiful day. Oscar Lopez Rivera and Chelsea Manning are walking free. What's the call? Free'em all!
Crowd: Trump endangered the country by leaking classified info to Russia. . Same Crowd: Thank god Chelsea Manning is finally…
Newly-freed Chelsea Manning says putting past behind her. Chelsea Manning, the transgender army private jailed for giving US secrets to Wik…
Chelsea Manning, who gave trove of U.S. secrets to Wikileaks, to leave prison
Discourse Collective fully supports Chelsea Manning and all American heroes who expose heinous war crimes of the regim…
Former US army intelligence officer Chelsea Manning set to be released. He leaked classified material to wikileaks
"if Eric Garland wants to misgender Chelsea Manning and malign Edward Snowd…
Chelsea Manning set for prison release next week |
And Chelsea manning announced her plans to run for office in 2018
Chelsea Manning set for release next week
.Here is the timeline of Chelsea Manning's case:
.Q: What's next for Chelsea Manning?. A: Chelsea will finally be able to speak to that for…
We're live now with and talking about Chelsea Manning's upcoming release from
Intelligence leaker Chelsea Manning speaks out ahead of prison release
Chelsea Manning speaks out for first time since clemency win. Read more:
Who's in charge of Chelsea Manning's release in 8 days?
This is great!. Chelsea Manning, Legal Team on Upcoming Release from Prison
Great discussion right now on Chelsea Manning and her imminent release ft.
Chelsea Manning set for release next week.
Chelsea Manning releases first statement since receiving clemency
Chelsea Manning envisions life after prison: 'I can see a future for myself'
In other news, Julian Assange still reneges on promise to accept extradition if Chelsea…
Chelsea Manning to be released in one week.
Soon-to-released Bradley/Chelsea Manning wants to help others after prison
Army leaker Chelsea Manning on impending freedom: "I can see a future for myself" via
Chelsea Manning is finally being released. Thanks to a brilliant campaign,
“For the first time, I can see a future for myself as Chelsea.”—Chelsea Manning issues statement on upcoming release
Chelsea Manning free in eight days, because of the support of folks like you!
Wikileaks: Chelsea Manning confirms her release from prison next week - . ...
Chelsea Manning set for release next week. Should've hung. Sick traitor gets to live his delusion.
10 days until one of her generation's greatest heroes, Chelsea Manning, is finally released from prison.
Whistleblower and political prisoner Chelsea Manning will finally be released next week. This is a statement from her,…
Soon-to-released Chelsea Manning wants to help others after prison
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Only 8 more days until Chelsea Manning is released from prison for exposing
We couldn’t be more excited that our client Chelsea Manning will finally be a free woman next week!
Chelsea Manning to be freed from prison next week, attorneys say, after sentence in Wikileaks case commuted by Obama
Transgender whistleblower Chelsea Manning has thanked former President Barack Obama for freeing her in one of his… https:/…
This is almost as good as when Judith Miller said Chelsea Manning has blood on her hands. You're great IMO.
if Bernie Sanders, Chelsea Manning & George W Bush were drowning, how long would you hesitate before saving B…
America has chosen to rally and come together for Chelsea Manning. She has a bank account of over $100K waiting upon her…
Chelsea Manning has been chosen - not Ralayzia Taylor, not Gigi Thomas, and neither was Cece McDonald. They weren't cent…
Chelsea Manning did the right thing. Finally, Barack Obama has too | Trevor Timm
Liberals loves Chelsea Manning & Wikileaks for military leaks but hates Wikileaks & Julian Assange for DNC email leaks…
Would this be LGBTQs, Bowe Burgdahl & Bradly/Chelsea Manning in the military staging this coup?
Trump calls Chelsea Manning an 'ungrateful traitor' and says sentence should never have been cut
Chelsea Manning is safe from Trump, legal experts say.
unfortunately Chelsea Manning was not as fortunate from Obama where she served 7 years in jail. Is this real life right now.
Trump calls Chelsea Manning an “ungrateful traitor” after her critique of Obama presidency
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Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a…
MM, employer of the honey bun who wanted Chelsea Manning to rot in prison, also just throws Alex Jones' words around as if they have meaning
Fox News commentator Abby Huntsman is the one that called Obama a WEAK Leader not Chelsea Manning.
Julian Assange says Obama granted Chelsea Manning clemency to 'make life hard' for him
Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden walk into a real dump.
Julian Assange: I'm a champion of free speech, release Chelsea Manning!. *happens*. Assange: You only did that to call my bluff ***
Julian 'Chelsea Manning clemency was bid to make life hard for me'
.& debate the commutation of Chelsea Manning's sentence.
.angry at pardon of Chelsea Manning ignoring General Petraeus did not serve 1 day in jail.
The leaker of the Pentagon Papers says Obama has corrected an injustice in commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning htt…
Chelsea Manning was right 2release this. Collateral Murder &US Soldier Ethan McCord's Eyewitness Story via
."It is shameful that [is giving a pass to Chelsea Manning and not for General Petraeus." http…
Orwellian degradation of our language: media referring to Chelsea Manning as a “woman.” He’s a female impersonator. Wh…
Personal message from Pentagon Papers whistleblower to Chelsea Manning.
Good job on Chelsea Manning, Mr. Obama. Now how about Leonard Peltier?
Was the 'collateral murder' video also unverified? Chelsea Manning went to…
Pentagon Papers whistleblower reacts to President Obama's commutation of Chelsea Manning:
Is this Chelsea Manning actually a girl now, with girl parts? Or does this person still have boy parts but...
...justice has been served': Obama...commuting Chelsea Manning' press conference- Read at Business Insider:
I don't usually post social justice, but this comment on a Chelsea Manning article. LOL "Hallucination Genders"
Former NYT journalist Judith Miller had a take on Chelsea Manning and well...
Good for Chelsea Manning, but I don't think I've seen a single image more than that weird selfie they've been using for her
Josh Earnest weighs in on the "outrageous" GOP anger over Obama's commutation of Chelsea Manning's prison sentence
Good for you Josh! Josh Earnest on "outrageous" GOP anger over Chelsea Manning commutation
Amazing solidarity made today possible for Chelsea Manning, read statements from her legal & support team here:
President Obama did the right thing with Chelsea Manning's sentence today. Now, how about pardoning Snowden?
Can't believe Pres. Obama has pardoned Chelsea Manning. Slap in tha face for intelligence & military communities.
The video Chelsea Manning leaked. US army assassinating innocent human beings for fun. .
When I talked to about Chelsea Manning, he said, "Has she not suffered... by via
Chelsea Manning or Edward Snowden. both are deserving of Nobel Peace Medals ... unlike most recipients of that Awar…
Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's sentence for leaking Army documents | news now drop charges on Edward Snowden
US whistleblower Edward Snowden allowed to stay in Russia for another 'couple of years' as Chelsea Manning's ... -…
Focus turns to Julian Assange after US decision to free Chelsea Manning
Julian Assange Focus turns to WilkiLeaks founder after US decision to free Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning will go free. Now, about Julian Assange's extradition ...
Chelsea Manning has her sentence commuted and Julian Assange may allow himself to now be extradited. I don't know how to feel..
Fabulous news Chelsea Manning is to be freed! Now peoples fight is on to free the other whistleblowers & ed…
Has Obama commuted 35y sentence of whistleblower Chelsea Manning in return of Julian Assange head? ..
Julian Assange's offer to come to the US if Chelsea Manning was released is meaningless. The US is Russian-occupied.…
Update: Julian Assange's lawyer says he will follow through on extradition pledge after Chelsea Manning commutation. https…
Wow holy cow looks like we are really going to see Julian Assange take Chelsea Manning's place
Amazingly, it's also possible to celebrate Chelsea Manning's release and simultaneously still regard Julian Assange as justice-…
Is gonna let Obama show him up by commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence? SAD! One up him & pardon
Julian Assange promised to let the US extradite him if Chelsea Manning was released. Well, that just happened.
Julian Assange agreed to extradition if Chelsea Manning was shown clemency. Her sentence has just been commuted
In 2016, Julian Assange said he would turn himself in if Obama pardons Chelsea Manning
Obama commutes Chelsea Manning sentence. This is a victory for justice.
Obama again shows true colors - Steve Hayes on Chelsea Manning commutation ...
Barack Obama's 209 commuted sentences. Chelsea Manning is listed. Oscar Lopez Rivera, too. Leonard Peltier is not. http…
Y'all have no idea how over-the-moon elated I am to hear about Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez Rivera. Like, just seriousl…
So glad that Oscar López Rivera and Chelsea Manning will be freed this year, but deeply saddened that Leonard Peltier ha…
Today, Obama donated $500m to a climate change fund and commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence. Trump was sued by a woman h…
Assange: "Thank you to everyone who campaigned for Chelsea Manning's clemency. Your courage & determination made the impossi…
Ryan: Obama’s commutation of Chelsea Manning is "outrageous"
I'm stoked for Chelsea Manning's release, if for no other reason than the media can finally get a new picture of her.
Ron Paul supports the pardon of Chelsea Manning, but Fox News wants her to stay in jail I bet Fox thinks Edward Snowden should be in jail.
With commutation of Chelsea Manning, Joy Reid deciding whether or not to criticize Obama or praise him.
Chelsea Manning is to be freed on May 17th.
BREAKING: President Barack Obama commutes sentence of Chelsea Manning, who leaked Army documents and is serving 35 years.
Hey Barry any chance you can bump Chelsea Manning's release date up to tomorrow. She has a to attend this weekend
I'm THRILLED that Chelsea Manning will be released. President Obama really did the right thing here. Kudos.
BREAKING: Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's 35 year prison sentence. is now free in four months on 17 May. htt…
A big thank you to everyone around the world and to you did it you freed Chelsea Manning!!
Sean Ono Lennon, John Lennon's son, joins campaign to encourage Obama to grant clemency to Chelsea Manning b…
Op-Ed: Before he goes, needs to pardon Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, writes Jonathan Power
Julian Assange has agreed to be extradited to the United States if Pres. Obama will pardon Chelsea Manning.
Julian Assange says he'll agree to US extradition if Chelsea Manning is released:
WikiLeaks says Julian Assange "will agree" to extradition if Chelsea Manning is granted clemency
I covered Chelsea Manning's trial from Fort Meade. She deserves to be free. Please pardon her,
Feel like this person has a different name. ⚡️ “Report: Chelsea Manning is on Obama's 'short list' for commutation ”.
Chelsea Manning was held in solitary confinement (tortured) for 7 months. 2 suicide attempts. She's suffered enough.
Edward Snowden is calling on President Obama to pardon Chelsea Manning over himself
Chelsea Manning on the short list for commutation: call the White House at 202-456-1 to…
Chelsea Manning on Obama's 'shortlist' to commute prison sentence – report
Let this be the most stunning news all day: Chelsea Manning's sentence could be commuted by Obama
"This is my last chance to go home" Chelsea Manning tells me as hopes rise for whistleblower's release
Chelsea Manning witnessed atrocities + did what all of us hope we would do in that situation: she spoke's…
Chelsea Manning should not only be pardoned, but paid restitution for the torture she's endured in prison.
"Chelsea Manning shouldn't get pardoned bc that would just be white privilege" needs to be the hottest take i read in 2…
Can we stop talking about Trump for one second and focus on freeing Chelsea Manning. Time is running ou…
Reports imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning could be given clemency by Obama in his final days of presidency
What! You mean Chelsea Manning's security clearance will not be restored when President Obama commutes her sentence? How unjust.
Chelsea Manning has suffered enough. do the right thing &
Important: Chelsea Manning has been put on President Obama’s shortlist for commutation, decision could come today. http…
Chelsea Manning is on Pres. Obama's short list for a possible commutation, US DOJ source says.
The only possible nod to humanity that Obama can make on his way out of his disastrous presidency is pardoning Chelsea Man…
Announcement can come as soon as today whether will receive a commutation. please 🙏 https…
Chelsea Manning has suffered long enough. It's time for President Obama to
Dear thousands of Americans like me are praying you choose to
Reminder: Truimp's incoming National Security team have called for Chelsea Manning's execution. time is running out!…
Chelsea Manning, from all signs, did not understand the implications of her actions. I suspect she has paid enough, and sh…
He has her on the 'short list,' but will Obama free Chelsea Manning? via
Chelsea Manning has suffered cruel and unusual prison conditions because of following her conscience. Please merci…
Big win. Manning said to be on Obama commutation shortlist. Your final push can make the difference.
President Obama, you've got just a week left—free and other political prisoners:
Mr. President, if you grant only one act of clemency as you exit the White House, please: free Chelsea Manning. You alone can…
I suppose it was naive to think we'd make it to the end of the day without "Chelsea Manning's emancipation is actually racist" takes.
Chelsea Manning is reportedly on President Obama's short list to be set free
Edward Snowden issues heartfelt plea to Obama to pardon Chelsea Manning
We must defer to Chelsea Manning. If she wanted to be transferred, she'd say so. It's disrespectful to pretend you know better.
Do you believe Chelsea Manning should be in women's prison? She has never requested that; feels no need.
No, nor Chelsea Manning. The law is the law, no matter who you broke it for.
New York (NY) Post: Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning want pardons from Obama . More -
News post: "Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning want pardons from Obama"
Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning want a pardon or clemency from President Obama - Salon
FACT CHECK: Chelsea Manning's trial lawyer, David Coombs, is an independent practitioner who has never been associated w/ the ACLU.
More important he should pardon Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowdon.
Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning statues unveiled in Berlin
Newly engaged redesigned her business cards, adding a photo of the sound barrier.
Write to Michelle Obama and ask for her assistance in freeing Chelsea Manning. via
Please call the White House and advocate for Chelsea Manning! A short script and suggested points can be found here
has just one month left to free Chelsea Manning. Email him now:
On a clickbait list of “20 celebrities you forgot were transgender” they listed Caitlyn Jenner & Chelsea Manning. Oh right, totally forgot.
These hacks are always like: "LGBT folk deserve rights. Except Chelsea Manning, who should be tortured forever"
Trump only supports WikiLeaks when it is advantageous to do so. Where's that same support for Chelsea Manning or Edward Snowden?
And prosecuting whistleblowing is something now synonymous with Obama admin
MORE JUDICIAL FAILURE FROM EX-POTUS BARACK OBAMA: dozens of thieving bankers walk the street as Chelsea Manning sta…
Chelsea Manning is a woman and she has been subjected to Human Rights abuses while in prison.
like being a blogger where at least half of your job is comparing Michelle Obama to Marvel characters and saying Chels…
Happy 29th Birthday, Chelsea Manning (May you never have to spend another birthday in prison.
If you want to write and send messages of support and warmth for the holidays, here's how you can
Chelsea Manning deserves transition treatment, and your taxes should pay for it
while we're wishing, free Chelsea Manning
PB is Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden. The truth. And they will boycott the truth.Besmirch it.
Write Chelsea Manning, buy a book, and donate!
Outstanding. Now do the same for Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Julian Assange.
Ask Obama to commute sentence to Please sign & share!
Ireland's kinship with Chelsea Manning I need to learn more
White House won't comment on clemency for Chelsea Manning
FYI Chelsea Manning Support Network is closing down under a cloud of financial malfeasance.
When I teach my kids about "What a hero is" I teach them about Julian Assange, I teach them about Chelsea Manning. https:/…
. Now pardon Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning please.
FBI failed & agents know. If Chelsea Manning is in jail, HRC should be, too. Btw, who investigates crimes against humanity?
Weird that you wouldn't mention political prisoners in America; like Chelsea Manning, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, E…
Solicitude by US republicans for Wikileaks leader Julian Assange is not extended to Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning, for s…   10% Off
truth teller - exposing corruption - a hero just like Chelsea Manning & Edward Snowden .. we need to keep power in check
Chelsea Manning threatened with 'indefinite solitary confineme... Read Blog:
We support Chelsea Manning's application to to commute her sentence to
Ow ow! Chelsea Manning has been released on bail by police the theft of a Thames estuary airport.
how DARE you sir - I'll have you know they support our military heroes, from Chelsea Manning to Nidal Hassan
Chelsea Manning asks President Obama to commute her sentence to time served
Chelsea Manning has formally petitioned President Obama to reduce the remainder of her 35-year sentence to the...
I don't want to mourn Chelsea Manning at next year's TDOR. Join me in asking Obama to free her now:
Please sign the petition asking President Obama to commute the sentence of Chelsea Manning, who has suffered enough
TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Petition for Chelsea Manning only needs 2% of followers to sign 4 response from WH. . htt…
Hey want a meaningful legacy on trans rights? Don't let Chelsea Manning die in prison.
The treatment of Chelsea Manning by many American liberals continues to astound me
can we all take a second for Chelsea? Commute Chelsea Manning's Sentence to Time Served
More than 27,000 people have asked to commute Chelsea Manning's sentence to time served
.has written a letter on my behalf re: Please sign =) -->
Breast Cancer Awareness
Thankful for Let's show it with 80,000 signatures in 2.5 wks. Chelsea's life depends on it. https:…
Please help free Chelsea Manning by signing this petition.
At a time when we'll need whistleblowers more than ever, has done everything in his power to destroy them.
I am thankful for those of us who, against the odds, seek truth, learn, and fight for equality.
Commute Chelsea Manning&Sentence to Time Served Please consider joining me in signing.
Whistleblowers like and should not be prosecuted as spies.
signing this to make sure chelsea manning lives is easy as RTing jill stein posts & way easier than giving her $3m https:…
ACTION ALERT: This may be the final effort to save Chelsea Manning. http…
International Criminal Court has prosecuted no one for "war crimes" based on 734,885 US Govt files Chelsea Manning stole & leaked.
please don't forget about Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning.
Chelsea Manning asks Obama to commute her prison sentence before Donald Trump becomes President h…
No leaker was punished as harshly as Chelsea Manning. She already served 7 years. Tell to
Dear Can you please pardon Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden while you're still in office?
Let Snowden come home! Give Julian Assange a pardon and let Chelsea Manning out of prison!
Amnesty for Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning! Heroes in the fight against corruption!
Chelsea Manning survives another suicide attempt. Bradley OK too.
I wrote about Chelsea Manning's suffering back when she was Bradley The Trials of Bradley Manning via
Chelsea manning is the opp that keeps on giving...transgender agenda, shuts up the military, legitimizes wikileaks, and so m…
2) obvious people--Chelsea Manning and Jeffrey Sterling, especially--whom Hillary or aides have thrown in p…
Chelsea Manning attempted suicide second time in prison, attorney says
Chelsea Manning's second suicide attempt was: foreseeable + preventable. Military is demonstrating gross mishandling of her medical needs.
Chelsea Manning tried to commit suicide again at start of week of solitary that was punishment for prior attempt
The lawyer said about the second suicide attempt Chelsea manning
what they're doing to Chelsea Manning is inhumane! "oh, you've tried to commit suicide, let's keep you in solitary confinement to help"
Chelsea Manning was supposed to have time to prepare an appeal to the disciplinary board's ruling abt her first suicide attempt. Robbed.
35 years! Chelsea Manning attempted suicide, so they put her in solitary with no human contact, and she tried again.
So it's safe to assume that the FBI agents leaking info will be treated the same as Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, and C…
Chelsea could do with your support right now. Here's how to contact her:
Chelsea Manning attempted suicide for second time in prison, attorney says via
Chelsea Manning Tried Committing Suicide a 2nd Time - during time she was in solitary as punishment for 1st attempt https:/…
Little Giant Ladders
I wish they would release Chelsea Manning & put Hillary in her place
Free Chelsea manning and all prisoners
Chelsea Manning spent days preparing for her first disciplinary hearing for first suicide attempt. All for naught. Will this repeat?
Of course Chelsea manning is attempting suicide in military prison. She's getting sexually assaulted and raped a lot.
The solitary confinement Chelsea Manning is living in is torture. We must fight for all facing inhumane treatment. http…
Q for Chelsea Manning legal team What's next for her? Another disciplinary hearing with no lawyer present? .
My statement on the recent news from the on Chelsea Manning.
Think what you will about Chelsea Manning (I think she is a hero): if she's suicidal, she doesn't belong in prison, let al…
In what moral universe does this punishment make sense.
Dear Please end Chelsea Manning's abuse in prison. before you leave office!
according to Chelsea Manning, intelligence officers disguised as prison guards tried to entice her to escape.
Private manning attempted 2nd suicide while by punished in solitary for 1st suicide attempt. Threatening context:
Chelsea Manning did a public service in exposing war crimes. before the end of your term!
Chelsea Manning 2nd Suicide Attempt while in Solitary, now faces another disciplinary hearing w/out a lawyer.
If you’re lucky enough to be able to vote, don’t let that privilege go to waste.
Chelsea Manning 2nd suicide attempt. There are no words.
Chelsea Manning tried to commit suicide for the second time in October
AP: Private Manning attempts suicide again while serving 35 years sentence for giving Clinton's cables to media
Why does Edward Snowden get more high-profile support than Chelsea Manning?
.Chelsea Manning (and Julian Assange (have each opened our eyes to the authoritarian reg…
Reminder that the Republicans and *** like David Duke wanted to drone Assange for releasing the info Chelsea Manning stole.
praising WikiLeaks. Does this mean that Chelsea Manning and Eric Snowden are now patriots?
Chelsea Manning is missing. Her legal and advocacy teams cannot reach her or obtain word on her whereabouts or condition. https:/…
Hillary Clinton 100% approves of state sanctioned efforts to torture Chelsea Manning to such point as her mind and personality do not exist
Shame on for whistleblower Chelsea Manning's 35-year sentence at the maximum-security U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth!
Fourteen Days in Solitary for Chelsea Manning - Prison officials in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, found her guilty ...
Fourteen Days in Solitary for Chelsea Manning: A prison disciplinary board in Fort Leavenworth,...
Chelsea Manning tomorrow will face disciplinary board to punish her for suicide attempt: possible immediate solitary https:…
Julian Assange volunteers be imprisoned in the USA if Obama pardons Chelsea Manning.
Let's award Rep.Williams an award in his brave sacrifice for a lobbyist. He is the neoliberal Chelsea Manning.
3-"Katrina 2day~Right Left & Center: Edward Snowden & Chelsea Manning are keys to this. Bush & Cheney are free smoking ciga…
Chelsea Manning is on a hunger strike or something - Hot Air deserve to starve to death
If you want to get a taste for how widespread warped & creepy hostility against trans people is, mention Chelsea Manning &…
On day of nationwide Chelsea Manning expresses no solidarity but issues statement—as usual—ALL ABOUT HER.
We have learned that has begun a hunger strike. Here is her full statement via
Weird News - Chelsea Manning announces she is starting hunger strike over 'bullying' by prison officials:
Chelsea Manning needs help, and she is not getting any, begins a hunger strike:
READ MANNING's () STATEMENT about her hunger strike.
If there were any justice in the world Chelsea Manning would get the 40 million dollars and Roger Ailes would have to go on a hunger strike.
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