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Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning, December 17, 1987) is a United States Army soldier who was convicted in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses, after releasing the largest set of restricted documents ever leaked to the public.

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.nails it as usual: Don't celebrate Chelsea Manning.
Jan 2017: Chelsea Manning is the Real War Hero of the 9/11 Generation
On the far end of the scale we have people like Luka Magnotta and Chelsea Manning.. Victims of projected shame within the community.
Obama commuted more than 1,700 people. Everything from drug dealers to traitor Chelsea Manning – spare us the faux outrag…
anything else can be said here. This is not like Marc Rich or Chelsea Manning or even my dad's old playground friend S…
Paul Ryan was Silent on Chelsea Manning being pardon
Just for the record, Chelsea Manning was not pardoned. Obama commuted her sentence after she served seven years in prison.
No one cares - Chelsea Manning, Scooter Libby, Marc Rich (& white water trash folks), ... he's 85 he would've died…
Bet you were dead silent when Obama pardoned Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning
What say you about dangerous sociopath Marc Rich, spy Chelsea Manning, and murderous terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera? Pard…
So does that mean Barry Hussein Obama pardoning Chelsea Manning mean that a TRAITOR PARDONING A TRAITOR? Dumbazz
Arpaio was convicted of a misdemeanor. Barack Obama pardoned Chelsea Manning who's treason endangered agents in the field. You'…
.Chelsea Manning is taking no nonsense from transphobic 'patriots'.
“Assange wants to have a deal with the president,” Johnson said. “He believes he should be pardoned in the same way that Chelsea Manning
Why is Edward Snowden so poorly appreciated? Why didn't the people keep Chelsea Manning out of prison? Why no truth? htt…
Armed white supremacist weeping about mean people, threats from Chelsea Manning
OMG. Master Race Nazi man in Charlottesville crying because Chelsea Manning threatened to kick his ***
What good is free speech in a Plutocracy like the US? Did Chelsea Manning and Edward S…
This is how Chelsea sees herself. Why should anyone see anything differently?
National Review compares Chelsea Manning and Assata Shakur. "OK". (with Jay's The Story of OJ inflection) .
'A day we never thought would come’: Chelsea Manning's legacy explained - video
Chelsea Manning poses in a scarlet swimsuit for Vogue :Auto pickup by wikyou
Chelsea Manning Changed the Course of History. Now She’s Focusing on Herself via
Why do ppl praise "Chelsea" Manning?. Mentally ill ppl shouldn't be praised.
Chelsea Manning joined others at the White House who were protesting the US military ban on transgender people. https:/…
Chelsea Manning to be featured in Vogue magazine
SO BRAVE. So inspiring. Western Civilization has been saved lads.
⚡️ “Chelsea Manning is in the September issue of Vogue”.
It really bugs me that Chelsea Manning's celebrity is basically "sure she was a traitor, but she's a *tra…
Chelsea Manning appears in Vogue magazine's September issue
Remember when that average looking woman was awarded a bathing suit spread in a major fashion mag? No, neither do I. ht…
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CNNMoney: Manning was convicted in 2013 for leaking reams of material to WikiLeaks Via jdisis
Chelsea Manning leaked classified secrets to foreign power. Cover of vogue. James Damore of Google said men/women differe…
I was genuinely excited to work on the profile spread that brings Chelsea Manning into Vogue's September issue:
Chelsea Manning will be featured in Vogue magazine’s September issue
Chelsea Manning shows off her beach body in Vogue
Chelsea Manning photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue magazine
Swimsuit-wearing Chelsea Manning photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue. "Guess this is what freedom looks like"
Chelsea Manning for the September issue of Vogue. Stunning photo by Annie Leibovitz.
Do people really need to abuse some poor girl bc she muted Chelsea Manning? I love Chelsea but pls.
Ringo Starr explains to us why Eleanor Rigby would be unsure about Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning's courage/kindness/moral clarity -- after all she's been through, at this moment in history -- is truly insp…
Chelsea Manning does not support Hillary Clinton lol
had me till Chelsea Manning. what does that say about snowden and General Petraeus, both leakers?
As a Veteran, and former NCO US Army, I agree 100% with you. Have the AG go after Obama and Chelsea Manning for Treason.
Pro tip: Don't publicly mock Chelsea Manning's suffering then tell other people how to behave.
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Free press and free speech? This will be news to Assata Shakur, Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Chelsea Mannin…
Pro Tip: if your take when Chelsea Manning was forced into solitary confinement was mockery you should be afrai…
John McCain said actual American hero Chelsea Manning's dishonor will last forever after he pledged to torture innocent people as president
I can't believe Chelsea Manning invented emojis
The Long, Lonely Road of Chelsea Manning (in ita su )
Hey Benny boy remember when you mocked Chelsea Manning being tortured in prison & your boss made you apologize htt…
I asked Chelsea Manning if she was marketing for the Emoji Movie a couple of weeks ago, but didn't get a re…
I am also glad that Chelsea Manning is free and living her best life
USA You guys are too much this boot camp is killing me every morning you telling me the drill Sergeant is *** or like that Chelsea Manning
there's no one trick to figuring out if someone has good politics but how you feel about Chelsea Manning comes real close
I'd like him to honour his promise to surrender to justice (…
What if Chelsea Manning just turns out to be stealth marketing for The Emoji Movie?
Libertarian, crying: You can't just say every rich person should pay more. Chelsea Manning: *points at rich person* They should…
Julian, where is your promise to surrender if Obama pardoned Chelsea Manning?
Basically the only thing that gives me hope these days is Chelsea Manning's discovery of emojis.
Artist to debut 3D portraits produced from Chelsea Manning's DNA via
Alternatively, a rapist, fugitive from justice, liar and Kremlin tool who promised to surrender himself if Obama pa…
Walk out the door then. Chelsea Manning is free...
Hope strongly cosiders reversing chelsea manning commuted sentence, allowing this sets a new standard on tre…
Here's on war criminal John McCain vs war crimes whistleblower Chelsea Manning. I'll be playing my tiny violin Ben…
How will this affect Chelsea Manning's pending case at U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals?
He wants to be a martyr like Chelsea Manning wi…
Chelsea Manning to show exhibit of self-portraits constructed from DNA
Anjelica Huston explains to us why The Tenenbaums strongly supports Chelsea Manning
Had a dream last night that I had to make small talk with Julian Assange and I asked him if he read NYT Mag's Chelsea Manning profile.
In Sunday's I've got a story on Chelsea Manning's 7-year journey from arrest to military prison to freedom: http…
Hillary Clinton knew that Chelsea Manning's leaks didn't harm national security but wanted to imprison her anyway.
Rolling Stone breaks the news! Benefit compilation for Chelsea Manning out now featuring me + other great artists!
A moment of freedom worth a lifetime of imprisonment. People will rally for you worldwide like Chelsea Manning in your choice
I added a video to a playlist Exclusive Interview with Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning on why she leaked classified intel: "I have a responsibility to the public"
Traitor chelsea manning thanks obama for setting her free. Funny how only CRIMINALS have a reason to thank that muslim idio…
The Chelsea Manning deal proves Obama is fine when Wikileaks endangers US soldiers and only outraged when Wikileaks embar…
Chelsea Manning talks leaks, transition after prison release |
what's your opinion on Chelsea Manning?
After 7 years in a male military prison, transgender U.S. Army soldier Chelsea Manning speaks out in her first TV interview…
Chelsea Manning says WikiLeaks disclosures weren't solicited; 'No one told me to do this'
Chelsea Manning gives her first televised interview since her prison release, reports.
Chelsea Manning on responsibility: owed it to public, accepts it for actions
When will Comey be given the Snowden/Chelsea Manning treatment???
‘Collateral murder’ exposed US war crimes against Iraqi civilians – and Chelsea Manning got 7 years for revealing it.
“I have a responsibility to the public …we all have a responsibility,” describes what motivated her
Chelsea Manning thanks Obama in first interview
WATCH: ABC NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea Manning speaks out for the first time since her release from prison, sitting down with
Video: Chelsea Manning to speak in exclusive ABC News interview
Did you watch Chelsea Manning on Now support her by picking up this benefit album featuring amazing musicians: https:…
Coming next week: first post-prison magazine cover for Chelsea Manning, in Cover & story will post on Monday.…
"Chelsea Manning should have been the Leonard Peltier of the LGBT movement." Great interview. .
Manning - C'mon it wasn't Obama to thank it was the judge who allowed you to call yourself transgender
"No one told me to do this. No one directed me to do this. This is me. It's on me" - Chelsea Manning
ICYMI, my essay on what has meant to the trans community--and trans women in particular:
This is her first interview since being released from prison.
Chelsea Manning explains why she leaked secret military documents
Such a moving performance by reading the words of Chelsea Manning at
This is garbage. You should hire op-ed writers who didn't advocate killing Chelsea Manning.
Chelsea Manning striker Morata on Man Utd radar and offers the one quality Mourinho needs the most
How Wired Magazine helped to arrest Chelsea Manning and facilitate the prosecution of Julian Assange
Chelsea Manning thanks Obama for release "I"ve been given a chance"...
Dems using Chelsea Manning as a prop.
Chelsea Manning breaks down in first interview, thanking Obama for givin.. Related Articles:
Chelsea Manning exposed war crimes and government crimes. That was a patriotic act. She made an oath to defend the…
Oliver Willis is legit a monster tbh. Dude has been non-stop calling for Chelsea Manning's head since her arrest
in Oliver Willis' fantasy, the neoliberal Avengers assemble to disappear Chelsea Manning to a black site
The scary thing is we see ourselves in Ross Ulbrict, Chelsea Manning, Aaron Swartz, Charlie Shrem, Edward Snowden. Idealistic techno geeks.
Tell me, truthfully what do you think of Chelsea Manning?
"Chelsea Manning, don't follow in Caitlyn Jenner's footsteps". The likelihood of this seems low
The consequences faces after 'apparently' "sexting" Chelsea Manning 🙄
Do you consider dismissal of Chelsea Manning conditions of confinement lawsuit significant? I beli…
A really insightful piece of writing. I agree wholeheartedly. - Beware of fame, Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning's conditions of confinement lawsuit dismissed
Who of these do you trust the most?. Please RT. Assange Chelsea Manning
You maintain Chelsea Manning is the Queen of Sheba, LouLou, do you retract? 🤩
🇺🇸 | to do first TV interview since prison release 👍…
Chelsea Manning finally leaves prison after Obama pardon: “First steps of freedom”
Whistleblower Chelsea Manning has been released after seven years behind bars
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One of the world's most famous whistleblowers, Chelsea Manning, is enjoying her first day of freedom.
Chelsea Manning [toasts her liberation from U.S. military detention with Champagne "Here's to freedom and a new…
Whistleblower Chelsea Manning walks free from prison
Chelsea Manning was released from prison today. Here's the story of how she gained her freedom htt…
I dont' know. In this environment, Chelsea Manning could probably carry 2032, NP.
AFAIK Crowley did not update his opinion over ensuing six years to describe Chelsea Manning's mistreatment…
Chelsea Manning, don't follow in Caitlyn Jenner's footsteps
The writer is the guy who looks like Jared Fogle that tried to savage Chelsea Manning in the press. His byline is trash.
But gop want Chelsea manning dead so
Chelsea Manning's release divides people. Is she a traitor or Christ figure? & discuss.
Per your Wikipedia screenshot, Crowley did not describe Chelsea Manning's mistreatment as "Tortu…
Well said, I'll say it again what makes Chelsea…
Chelsea Manning free: Here are the crimes she allegedly revealed
I feel so bad for Chelsea Manning. That cockroach took everything from her.
Stop droning kids. Have single-payer. We shouldn't coat Palestinians in white phosphorus. Chelsea Manning is good. htt…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Chelsea Manning will give her first TV interview to ABC’s Nightline.
Just so we:re clear, this is reporter that got body slammed talking about Chelsea Manning being tortured in solitary confi…
A lawsuit brought by Pvt. Chelsea Manning over the conditions of her confinement has been dismissed.
Republicans before you start whining about Chelsea Manning being released, remember glass houses. . Loose Lips Sink Presid…
As long as people like Chelsea Manning can expose what they did, don't be surprised when the next terror attack happens over here
Chelsea Manning to speak to ABC News next month: . Did you know? Chelsea's appeal continues: http…
Dude Tom Brady would destroy any Manning!. Except for Chelsea, who's release is a ray of light in these dahk times. -progressive Boston bro
I hope Chelsea Manning is having a good day
Chelsea Manning is a free woman: Her heroism has expanded beyond her initial whistleblowing by
Chelsea Manning to give first TV interview to ABC's Nightline - PinkNews
Like Chelsea Manning?! That statement is a total assumption on multiple levels. I can't bel…
EXCLUSIVE: breaks silence w/me 1st TV intvu in June after 7 yrs in prison http…
Collateral damage and corruption - these were some of the stories revealed by freed whistleblower Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning has proven herself a brave and principled whistleblower - blogs https:…
REMINDER: Obama wanted to throw Julian Assange in prison for publishing the info Chelsea Manning gave him, while releasing Ma…
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Two traitors - part of one whole big "happy" family! Chelsea Manning leaked 700k classified military & diplomatic docu…
Chelsea Manning has just been released after serving seven years in prison
Chelsea Manning discusses life after prison: "First steps of freedom"
Chelsea Manning posts photo of "first steps of freedom" after being released from Fort Leavenworth's military prison
Time to freshen up Chelsea Manning's now vacant cell at Fort Leavenworth...
Chelsea Manning just released from prison on Transphobia in prison is a huge issue
BREAKING: Chelsea Manning has been freed from military prison
Chelsea Manning will walk out of the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., today after 7 years of incarceration
The Independent has more on the release of Chelsea Manning:
Chelsea Manning has been released from prison
Cause for celebration: Chelsea Manning released today from prison
Chelsea Manning released from Fort Leavenworth prison after ..
NEW: Chelsea Manning has left Fort Leavenworth's military prison after 7 years of incarceration.
"First steps of freedom": Chelsea Manning discusses life after prison
Okay, crying now! "Chelsea Manning released from Fort Leavenworth prison after serving 7 years of 35-year sentence"
Hamilton Collection
Chelsea Manning is released from Fort Leavenworth prison, 28 years earlier than expected.
'First steps of freedom': Chelsea Manning discusses life after prison
Fort Leavenworth, United States - Chelsea Manning, the transgender army private jailed for one of the largest...
Trump said to be furious at release of Chelsea Manning. Responsible for leaking huge quantities of state secrets, Trump…
“I can imagine surviving and living as the person who I am ... in the outside world.". Chelsea Manning is free. 👍🏾 .
Chelsea Manning has just been released from prison
State of the media today. The same people praising Chelsea Manning for releasing classified info bashing POTUS for sharin…
Good morning to everyone but especially Oscar Lopez Rivera and Chelsea Manning. Enjoy that fresh air.
The freedom of Oscar Lopez Rivera & Chelsea Manning is proof that even in these times, grassroots organizing works
Oscar Lopez Rivera & Chelsea Manning are both being freed today. Big shout out to the activists who fought tirelessly for the…
Oh, what a beautiful day. Oscar Lopez Rivera and Chelsea Manning are walking free. What's the call? Free'em all!
Crowd: Trump endangered the country by leaking classified info to Russia. . Same Crowd: Thank god Chelsea Manning is finally…
Newly-freed Chelsea Manning says putting past behind her. Chelsea Manning, the transgender army private jailed for giving US secrets to Wik…
Chelsea Manning, who gave trove of U.S. secrets to Wikileaks, to leave prison
Discourse Collective fully supports Chelsea Manning and all American heroes who expose heinous war crimes of the regim…
Former US army intelligence officer Chelsea Manning set to be released. He leaked classified material to wikileaks
"if Eric Garland wants to misgender Chelsea Manning and malign Edward Snowd…
Chelsea Manning set for prison release next week |
And Chelsea manning announced her plans to run for office in 2018
Chelsea Manning set for release next week
.Here is the timeline of Chelsea Manning's case:
.Q: What's next for Chelsea Manning?. A: Chelsea will finally be able to speak to that for…
We're live now with and talking about Chelsea Manning's upcoming release from
Intelligence leaker Chelsea Manning speaks out ahead of prison release
Chelsea Manning speaks out for first time since clemency win. Read more:
Who's in charge of Chelsea Manning's release in 8 days?
This is great!. Chelsea Manning, Legal Team on Upcoming Release from Prison
Great discussion right now on Chelsea Manning and her imminent release ft.
Chelsea Manning set for release next week.
Chelsea Manning releases first statement since receiving clemency
Chelsea Manning envisions life after prison: 'I can see a future for myself'
In other news, Julian Assange still reneges on promise to accept extradition if Chelsea…
Chelsea Manning to be released in one week.
Soon-to-released Bradley/Chelsea Manning wants to help others after prison
Army leaker Chelsea Manning on impending freedom: "I can see a future for myself" via
Chelsea Manning is finally being released. Thanks to a brilliant campaign,
“For the first time, I can see a future for myself as Chelsea.”—Chelsea Manning issues statement on upcoming release
Chelsea Manning free in eight days, because of the support of folks like you!
Wikileaks: Chelsea Manning confirms her release from prison next week - . ...
Chelsea Manning set for release next week. Should've hung. Sick traitor gets to live his delusion.
10 days until one of her generation's greatest heroes, Chelsea Manning, is finally released from prison.
Whistleblower and political prisoner Chelsea Manning will finally be released next week. This is a statement from her,…
Soon-to-released Chelsea Manning wants to help others after prison
Only 8 more days until Chelsea Manning is released from prison for exposing
We couldn’t be more excited that our client Chelsea Manning will finally be a free woman next week!
Chelsea Manning to be freed from prison next week, attorneys say, after sentence in Wikileaks case commuted by Obama
Transgender whistleblower Chelsea Manning has thanked former President Barack Obama for freeing her in one of his… https:/…
This is almost as good as when Judith Miller said Chelsea Manning has blood on her hands. You're great IMO.
if Bernie Sanders, Chelsea Manning & George W Bush were drowning, how long would you hesitate before saving B…
America has chosen to rally and come together for Chelsea Manning. She has a bank account of over $100K waiting upon her…
Chelsea Manning has been chosen - not Ralayzia Taylor, not Gigi Thomas, and neither was Cece McDonald. They weren't cent…
Chelsea Manning did the right thing. Finally, Barack Obama has too | Trevor Timm
Liberals loves Chelsea Manning & Wikileaks for military leaks but hates Wikileaks & Julian Assange for DNC email leaks…
Would this be LGBTQs, Bowe Burgdahl & Bradly/Chelsea Manning in the military staging this coup?
Trump calls Chelsea Manning an 'ungrateful traitor' and says sentence should never have been cut
Chelsea Manning is safe from Trump, legal experts say.
unfortunately Chelsea Manning was not as fortunate from Obama where she served 7 years in jail. Is this real life right now.
Trump calls Chelsea Manning an “ungrateful traitor” after her critique of Obama presidency
Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a…
MM, employer of the honey bun who wanted Chelsea Manning to rot in prison, also just throws Alex Jones' words around as if they have meaning
Fox News commentator Abby Huntsman is the one that called Obama a WEAK Leader not Chelsea Manning.
Julian Assange says Obama granted Chelsea Manning clemency to 'make life hard' for him
Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden walk into a real dump.
Julian Assange: I'm a champion of free speech, release Chelsea Manning!. *happens*. Assange: You only did that to call my bluff ***
Julian 'Chelsea Manning clemency was bid to make life hard for me'
.& debate the commutation of Chelsea Manning's sentence.
.angry at pardon of Chelsea Manning ignoring General Petraeus did not serve 1 day in jail.
The leaker of the Pentagon Papers says Obama has corrected an injustice in commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning htt…
Chelsea Manning was right 2release this. Collateral Murder &US Soldier Ethan McCord's Eyewitness Story via
."It is shameful that [is giving a pass to Chelsea Manning and not for General Petraeus." http…
Orwellian degradation of our language: media referring to Chelsea Manning as a “woman.” He’s a female impersonator. Wh…
Personal message from Pentagon Papers whistleblower to Chelsea Manning.
Good job on Chelsea Manning, Mr. Obama. Now how about Leonard Peltier?
Was the 'collateral murder' video also unverified? Chelsea Manning went to…
Pentagon Papers whistleblower reacts to President Obama's commutation of Chelsea Manning:
Is this Chelsea Manning actually a girl now, with girl parts? Or does this person still have boy parts but...
...justice has been served': Obama...commuting Chelsea Manning' press conference- Read at Business Insider:
I don't usually post social justice, but this comment on a Chelsea Manning article. LOL "Hallucination Genders"
Former NYT journalist Judith Miller had a take on Chelsea Manning and well...
Good for Chelsea Manning, but I don't think I've seen a single image more than that weird selfie they've been using for her
Josh Earnest weighs in on the "outrageous" GOP anger over Obama's commutation of Chelsea Manning's prison sentence
Good for you Josh! Josh Earnest on "outrageous" GOP anger over Chelsea Manning commutation
Amazing solidarity made today possible for Chelsea Manning, read statements from her legal & support team here:
President Obama did the right thing with Chelsea Manning's sentence today. Now, how about pardoning Snowden?
Can't believe Pres. Obama has pardoned Chelsea Manning. Slap in tha face for intelligence & military communities.
The video Chelsea Manning leaked. US army assassinating innocent human beings for fun. .
When I talked to about Chelsea Manning, he said, "Has she not suffered... by via
Chelsea Manning or Edward Snowden. both are deserving of Nobel Peace Medals ... unlike most recipients of that Awar…
Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's sentence for leaking Army documents | news now drop charges on Edward Snowden
US whistleblower Edward Snowden allowed to stay in Russia for another 'couple of years' as Chelsea Manning's ... -…
Focus turns to Julian Assange after US decision to free Chelsea Manning
Julian Assange Focus turns to WilkiLeaks founder after US decision to free Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning will go free. Now, about Julian Assange's extradition ...
Chelsea Manning has her sentence commuted and Julian Assange may allow himself to now be extradited. I don't know how to feel..
Fabulous news Chelsea Manning is to be freed! Now peoples fight is on to free the other whistleblowers & ed…
Has Obama commuted 35y sentence of whistleblower Chelsea Manning in return of Julian Assange head? ..
Julian Assange's offer to come to the US if Chelsea Manning was released is meaningless. The US is Russian-occupied.…
Update: Julian Assange's lawyer says he will follow through on extradition pledge after Chelsea Manning commutation. https…
Wow holy cow looks like we are really going to see Julian Assange take Chelsea Manning's place
Amazingly, it's also possible to celebrate Chelsea Manning's release and simultaneously still regard Julian Assange as justice-…
Is gonna let Obama show him up by commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence? SAD! One up him & pardon
Julian Assange promised to let the US extradite him if Chelsea Manning was released. Well, that just happened.
Julian Assange agreed to extradition if Chelsea Manning was shown clemency. Her sentence has just been commuted
In 2016, Julian Assange said he would turn himself in if Obama pardons Chelsea Manning
Obama commutes Chelsea Manning sentence. This is a victory for justice.
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Obama again shows true colors - Steve Hayes on Chelsea Manning commutation ...
Barack Obama's 209 commuted sentences. Chelsea Manning is listed. Oscar Lopez Rivera, too. Leonard Peltier is not. http…
Y'all have no idea how over-the-moon elated I am to hear about Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez Rivera. Like, just seriousl…
So glad that Oscar López Rivera and Chelsea Manning will be freed this year, but deeply saddened that Leonard Peltier ha…
Today, Obama donated $500m to a climate change fund and commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence. Trump was sued by a woman h…
Assange: "Thank you to everyone who campaigned for Chelsea Manning's clemency. Your courage & determination made the impossi…
Ryan: Obama’s commutation of Chelsea Manning is "outrageous"
I'm stoked for Chelsea Manning's release, if for no other reason than the media can finally get a new picture of her.
Ron Paul supports the pardon of Chelsea Manning, but Fox News wants her to stay in jail I bet Fox thinks Edward Snowden should be in jail.
With commutation of Chelsea Manning, Joy Reid deciding whether or not to criticize Obama or praise him.
Chelsea Manning is to be freed on May 17th.
BREAKING: President Barack Obama commutes sentence of Chelsea Manning, who leaked Army documents and is serving 35 years.
Hey Barry any chance you can bump Chelsea Manning's release date up to tomorrow. She has a to attend this weekend
I'm THRILLED that Chelsea Manning will be released. President Obama really did the right thing here. Kudos.
BREAKING: Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's 35 year prison sentence. is now free in four months on 17 May. htt…
A big thank you to everyone around the world and to you did it you freed Chelsea Manning!!
Sean Ono Lennon, John Lennon's son, joins campaign to encourage Obama to grant clemency to Chelsea Manning b…
Op-Ed: Before he goes, needs to pardon Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, writes Jonathan Power
Julian Assange has agreed to be extradited to the United States if Pres. Obama will pardon Chelsea Manning.
Julian Assange says he'll agree to US extradition if Chelsea Manning is released:
WikiLeaks says Julian Assange "will agree" to extradition if Chelsea Manning is granted clemency
I covered Chelsea Manning's trial from Fort Meade. She deserves to be free. Please pardon her,
Feel like this person has a different name. ⚡️ “Report: Chelsea Manning is on Obama's 'short list' for commutation ”.
Chelsea Manning was held in solitary confinement (tortured) for 7 months. 2 suicide attempts. She's suffered enough.
Edward Snowden is calling on President Obama to pardon Chelsea Manning over himself
Chelsea Manning on the short list for commutation: call the White House at 202-456-1 to…
Chelsea Manning on Obama's 'shortlist' to commute prison sentence – report
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