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Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Joy Handler (born February 25, 1975) is an American stand-up comedian, actress, best-selling author, and producer.

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Chelsea Handler gets my blue ribbon today for biggest A_ _hole
Regan Blasts 'Petty' Chelsea Handler for Blaming Trump for CA Wildfires - Criticized former President…
I love how Chelsea Handler is being held to a higher standard than the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. SAD!
Chelsea Handler, who has had 2 abortions at age 16 and has slept with countless men including TV executives, is calling…
Chelsea Handler brags about having an abortion at sixteen, guzzles vodka & some random guy's pee and brags about one night st…
Jason Biggs uses his Super Soaker to do the unthinkable to Chelsea Handler via
Chelsea Handler is in for a rude awakening when the left gets whacked. has no comment…
Chelsea Handler's net worth is $35 million. Yours is under $3 million. So shut up about her being…
I absolutely despise Chelsea Handler.. she is as vile as Ann Coulter
🤬Disgusting & ignorant Chelsea Handler wastes no time trying to push her Liberal BS & blame Reps for Texas shooting!. http…
*** lady! The bodies aren't even cold yet and this is your response?
Chelsea Handler just joined my list of CFIs (Complete F**cking ***
Backlash after quickly blames Republicans for Texas shooting... SICK CHELSEA SICK! vi…
Chelsea Handler has just pulled a Kathy Griffin! Her career is OVER...👍🏻😎
Chelsea Handler is a despicable human being, that is a given. But look at the thousands of people who liked and retwee…
Over 20 Christians were killed worshipping at church this morning, and Chelsea Handler blames Republicans. Few people are…
Hey Chelsea Handler way to politicize a mass shooting within an hour of it happening you are sick they haven…
Since we assigning blame I guess he was democrat Antifa. Elizabeth Warren & Chelsea Handler can shut up now
Which idk what I did, I was just speaking truth to Chelsea handler.
I see the Corrupted News Network logo in the Chelsea Handler picture! No surprise!
Between Clinton & Handler I'm really feeling a visceral disdain for the name Chelsea.
If we could get Keith & Chelsea Handler hooked up, their mugging could result in their mutually as…
Chelsea Handler is a poor excuse for a human being. She's a vile witch with bad intentions.
IGNORE HATEFUL uninformed *** Chelsea Handler, the if Texas shooter was dishonorably discharged he’s unable to…
The most divisive liberal in America has decided to share more of her B.S. 'wisdom'. . .
Wow!! Chelsea and Will Wheaton compete for scummiest liberal response to shoo...
Chelsea Handler blames republicans for Texas shooting...who will she blame when she gets STD.
Innocent people get run over by Muslim in a truck. What country? America. Why? Democrats. See how stupid that sounds. h…
Just another example of Hollywood scum voicing an opinion they know nothing about. 👿
I’m thinking there might be hope for naughty Chelsea Handler, in that she actually seem…
Chelsea Handler blames all Republicans - Uncle Hotep chimes in via
Chelsea handler, if you had anything going for you and I mean anything at all, we would boycott it. But you’ve got nothi…
11-06 Norwich 1-2 Chelsea: Kenedy and Diego Costa lift blues into the top half of
Backlash after Chelsea Handler quickly blames Republicans for Texas church shooting. Handler is a mad dog liberal. S*i…
.Handler blames republicans for Texas shooting. Chelsea Handler should stick to what she knows best..…
Chelsea Handler the face of stupidity!
.How about we pack your bags to Cuba or Venezuela? You can live with real communist.
Chelsea Handler looks like her Botox wore off recently. Just an observation, old ladies ar…
Did you expect anything else from Chelsea Handler? Wasn’t she supposed to leave the country last N…
Chelsea Handler is one of the most vile human beings. Golden shower loving twisted boot licking libtard! Alcohol ki…
Between Matt Novak and Chelsea Handler the left is having a real tough time differentiating between men and women!
- Half-Hour Dramedy Starring Mary McCormack from Chelsea Handler in Development at
Chelsea Handler had an intimate dinner with serial child rapists Jeff Epstein & Woody Allen! 👇🏼
Chelsea Handler ending Netflix show to focus on activism
Chelsea Handler's show has been canceled by Netflix... I hear her fan is very upset.
Got to love that *** Chelsea Handler says she's leaving her show, ironically dec…
My dog Chelsea is smarter than Handler.
Chelsea Handler is rude, vulgar, somewhat informed, & spouts off before thinking. In other words, we've found the next d…
Democrats have memory problems.Obama didn’t attend funerals of military/police but hosted a deserter’s family and pardoned Ch…
Yes of coarse. MirrorMirror on the wall, is Chelsea Handler dumb enough to be dumb…
Chelsea Handler’s focus on activism tanked her show. Hopefully others will follow.
So the only Russia Collusion was with Hillary & Obama & the only Golden Showers we've seen is with Chelsea Handler!. ht…
Dear re: I hope you find what you're looking for.
Chelsea Handler... your IQ there is struggling to stay above 10. Are you doing anything to cope wit…
Chelsea Handler is what happens when you wipe your *** with a facelift.
Chelsea Handler's Netflix talk show to end after Season 2 so she can focus on activism via the App
Chelsea Handler just quit her Netflix talk show ... or was she canceled?
The best thing about Chelsea handler is that her grand papa was a nazi
Chelsea Handler thinks Trump is a disgusting man. . . . OK. 😏.
Drunken slag Chelsea Handler ending her Netflix show so she can focus full time on "resisting" Trump. So sad! 😂😂
Chelsea handler questions if there is anyone dumber then POTUS . She'll always be the last to know 🙄
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Chelsea Handler’s show gets canceled!! Now we just need to shut down her vile acct that breaks TOS daily.
Chelsea Handler, and director Woody Allen—convened around the dinner table of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstei…
Confirmed: Chelsea Handler fantasizes about playing with President Trump’s ***
Horrors! Chelsea Handler had to sleep at a Holiday Inn!. (apparently no smarter today... so much for that myth)
Netflix is going to very liberal and very old "entertainers". Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen and Chelsea Handler.
I mean I wish I looked as "homely" as Chelsea Handler & Kaitlin Olson when I was in puberty.😏(i.e they look beautiful in their pix)
Chelsea Handler& anyone else who doesn't like it can kiss my white *** .I'm never taki…
Chelsea Handler has no talent except to be repulsive and crude. Stacey Dash is a lady!
I guess you're just not black enough if you're conservative. Here's the example of inclusive leftness.
Chelsea handler is looking real old ... HATE has taken it's toll on her ..SHE HAS THE HATE AURA
Chelsea Handler is a brain damaged alcoholic
Chelsea Handler and Samantha Bee are two talentless women. Neither is capable of being funny, just angry.
Chelsea Handler is a big fat foul month rug eater!
Unfortunately for Chelsea Handler she will resort to anything to stay in the limelight since her c…
Chelsea Handler is just an awful person...
Electronic Device Insurance
Is there any way we can deport Chelsea Handler?! This woman has gone off the deep end calling people "black white s…
Golden Shower!. Chelsea Handler enjoying being peed on via
Chelsea Handler, who remains desperate for media coverage, called a "black white supremacist."
Stacey Dash destroys Chelsea Handler for calling her a black white supremacist: 'How dare you ...'
| James Corden & Chelsea Handler talking about Harry having four nipples and how James became Harry's friend https…
Chelsea Handler the fascist girl who wants a military coup
Watch: "Comic" Chelsea Handler's slur about David Clarke will make you SICK
Chelsea Handler having fun by riding
I liked a video Gavin McInnes; Explains Chelsea Handler is just another Lonely Spinster Trollop !!!
Is this Chelsea Handler enjoying her televised sigmoidoscopy on Sara Murray where are you?
Do Democrats disavow Chelsea Handler whose a descendant of Nazis? No wonder she voted for Obama & Killary!
Chelsea Handler looks like something that would crawl out of Louie Anderson's *** crack after doing hot yoga.
Positano same time as Magic Johnson, dinner in the same restaurant as David Scwhimmer in Florence, and Chelsea Handler at Heathrow. A+ trip.
How about a law against people that think Chelsea Handler is funny.
And again Chelsea Handler puts on display the *** that she is. Making fun of racism should be illegal.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Chelsea Handler I think I love you, maybe in a perfect trumpless world we could've found each other…
Loved me some since Chelsea Handler show. Gotta go see him!
How about a law making Chelsea Handler unlawful?
Chelsea Handler is now promoting thought crime via
CHELSEA HANDLER. Thinks people who make Nazi salutes should be arrested. She may have a point... 🤔.
What is a Chelsea handler? A person in charge of Chelsea football club's towels?
(((Chelsea Handler))) doesn't appreciate the jokes regarding her love... for the African Shalom. . (((Shut It Down))). https…
I call for laws mandating psych evaluation of people who think Chelsea Handler is funny.
Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin and Amy Schumer are the holy trifecta of unfunny and n…
I've seen wild baboon *** that look less hostile than the hard features of Chelsea Handler's face
Oh the IRONY! Chelsea Handler did NOT think through her call for this law
Chelsea Handler is now promoting thought crime
I would love a law banning Chelsea Handler.
🚨Alcoholic is now promoting thought crime
Chelsea Handler gets destroyed after seeking ‘laws against people who think racism is funny’ http… featured in NBC s Science of Love
But yet Chelsea Handler is the biggest contradiction to herself because her comedy is laced with racial slurs. Libta…
Perhaps Ms. Handler might want to rethink the notion of modeling our racial laws after, uh, Germany. https:/…
Chelsea Handler is so much worse at this than I expected.
Jessica Chastain . Naomi Watts . Julianne Moore . Chelsea Handler . Charlize Theron . Why nobody told me I was in heave…
.after bashing Obamacare at “Luckily, I am 24, so I am still on my parents’ plan.”
Chelsea Handler is propaganda for the left, with the help of Netflix. Pls be vocal about stopping h…
Chelsea handler thinks that we should let trans serve in the military but says Rubio isn't fit for presidency because he is a "non-man". 🤔
Chelsea Handler - talentless, unfunny, and skanky is no way to go through life, honey.
So that much-hyped Chelsea Handler/Tomi Lahren 'debate' wasn't really a debate:
At Politicon, Tomi Lahren said she is "luckily" still on her parents' health insurance plan
Here's a livestream of Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler's debate at
How many black dudes has Chelsea Handler banged so far at
I wonder if Chelsea handler is still alive after getting destroyed in the politicon debate ? 🤔
Chelsea Handler vs. Tomi Lahren Gets Ugly at Politicon via She is no match for Handler.
Tomi Lahren destroyed Chelsea Handler in that debate hands down
Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren admits she's benefitting from Obamacare
I say Trump got triggered by this Fox News story about Chelsea Handler interviewing former Obama staffers.
Sneak preview of the Chelsea Handler/ Tomi Lahren "debate".
Chelsea Handler's going to be like the three-year-old at the big kid table! You know...the one that doesn't know wh…
Tomi Lahren & Chelsea Handler: Someone who knows nothing commenting about someone who knows even less...
Tomi Lahren is going to debate Chelsea Handler at Politicon? Chelsea is going to destroy Tomi and I can't wait.
OMG -- we can't wait for this: Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lahren to face off in live debate grudge match
Chelsea Handler, Tomi Lahren to face off at Politicon via the Android app hopefully Handler will be SOBER
Chelsea Handler is debating Tomi Lahren. Tomi is practicing right now by saying "Snowflake, Libturd, Lefists" in her mi…
⚡️ “Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler will face off in a debate”.
Brace yourselves: Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler are going to face off in a debate
Chelsea Handler. Either Chelsea would strip her and sell her for parts.
Tomi we got confidence in you. Go get em. Chelsea handler play identity politics card only! No substance!
Chelsea Handler is gonna rip Toni Lahren apart
is debating Chelsea Handler. what are the odds Chels gets the questions in advance?
Can someone please show me what world Chelsea Handler is qualified to participate in a formal political debate in?
Chelsea Handler will no way crucify you. Speak a different language if you know one. She'll get confused
Me before: Eh Chelsea Handler is kinda funny ig. Me:*Finds out she's facing off against Tomi Lahren*. Me now:
Chelsea is going to get her Worn Torn Old Drunk A$$ Handler'ed by Tomi 💯.
"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more". Ever fearless, Tomi takes on the insanity of Chel…
I will personally pay to physically see the Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler debate. Tomi girl is going to roast her as…
Pretty sure... Chelsea Handler "debating" Tomi Lahren actually *is* everything that is wrong with Politics and Political Me…
Chelsea Handler is reportedly taking on Tomi Lahren in a live debate
As if Chelsea Handler has a halo over her head. Give me a brea…
I can't wait to not watch this! ==>> Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lahren Will Face Off in a Debate
Tomi Lahren. To Chelsea Handler. "What's it like to have your face pee'd on?". 👉 
Chelsea Handler doesn't know the difference between jeans and genes and she's participating in a political debate with T…
Tomi Lahren/Chelsea Handler debate is the McGregor v Mayweather for people who think drinking Barefoot Moscato makes th…
the Tomi Lahren/Chelsea Handler debate is McGregor vs. Mayweather for people who say "it's wine o'clock"
Chelsea Handler? Geezus... that is your spokesperson? She is one of the d…
HanAssholeSolo vs Glozelle on the undercard.
Fired conservative pundit Tomi Lahren to debate Chelsea Handler
Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler are in the woods... Tomi: Look, deer tracks!. Chelsea: No, bear tracks. Then both are r…
'Holy s**t, tickets please'! Tomi Lahren vs Chelsea Handler debate set to be an epic, and one-sided showdown
Chelsea Handler for President in 2020! Handler/ Sanders " Get us out of these 5 wars and our f++country and be…
I've had nightmares about Amy Shumer and Chelsea Handler working a comedy tour and I get dragged to it on a date
Liberals wish death was Scott Baio, conservatives wish it were Amy Schumer or Chelsea Handler. You're both sick.
Blake Shelton and Chelsea Handler will take a ride together during Apple Music's new Carpool Karaoke series!
Conan Co-Host Andy Richter Delivers the Comeback of the Year to Chelsea Handler. Read Blog:
So did comedian Chelsea Handler and actor Jon Cryer.
-Chelsea Handler needs a one way ticket to the Betty Ford Clinic. Dumbell also needs to repeat 5th grade English class.
Chelsea Handler from The Social Network stars in Mean Creek about a versatile Surgeon (general) named Junita
Some say: "Women can be just as funny as men!" Then you look at Samantha Bee, Chelsea Handler, and Amy Schumer, and real…
I propose that Meryl Steep, Chelsea Handler, Richard Gere, Robert DeNiro, Christoph Waltz and others lead an...
A liberal idea for Liberal Hollywood from German actor Davi. I propose that Meryl Steep, Chelsea Handler, Richard...
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I want to see get Patrick Stewart to play Mitch McConnell and Chelsea Handler as Elizabeth Warren.
Chelsea Handler trolls Trump with a Nordstrom bag outside the White House:
"She learned her "comedy" from disgusting women like Roseanne Barr and Chelsea Handler. SMH..." — Kathy Jia
Chelsea handler wished she was as elegant as Melaka!
.speaks 5 languages. What about you Loser.
Her cervix is dry and dusty like the Sahara desert~Nobody cares. Desiccated OLD empty bag Chelsea Handler will…
Chelsea Handler could not be a comedian in Europe. Her diction is not good enough. She seems to be drunk. Perhaps s…
Chelsea handler, the dumb blonde bimbo, move to Spain like you promised. You can't carry Melania's water. 🐖🐖
Chelsea Handler and SNL Writers do not represent "US" the middle class! God Bless You & Melanie!! Thank You! Make US great again!!
Watched your interview with Tucker Carlson.I agree with your comments about Chelsea Handler.Thank you!
First Lady Melania Trump has Class, Style and Grace, of which Chelsea Handler has NONE!
Chelsea Handler is just another PHONY, Left-Wing Jew from Hollywood. She's tired and boring.
Why R Whitney Thor & Chelsea Handler trashed by TRUMPETS? Hypocrisy spans across all TRUMPETS yet they still attend their religious services
Chelsea Handler reminds me of a young Joan Rivers, but without her grace, class (if you get my drift), and talent.…
chelsea handler has NEVER been known for having any 'class' at all. Ever. It shows too.
Chelsea Handler is so pathetic. Please go to Canada like you said you would if Trump won
Chelsea Handler: You can't be on my show!. Melania: Your show?. CH: It's on Netflix!. M: Where?. CH: NETFLIX. M: I'm sorry,…
I don't know who has less class. Chelsea Handler or Madonna.
Melania Trump classic First Lady Chelsea Handler cant deal with it
in other news, fake or not, Chelsea Handler became a has been after parting with Chuy Bravo
And Chelsea handler can barely host a TV show
OMG! must be severely depressed after hearing that untalented wouldn't interview her! https…
why don't you have Chelsea Handler on to see how many languages she speaks and where she went to college?
Hollywood beauty Kirsty Swanson is still beautiful after all these yrs Called Chelsea Handler classless Said she respects T…
Chelsea Handler must have low since she needed 2 put someone else down 2 make herself feel better.
Hey Melania Trump is actually fluent in French, Italian, German, Slovene and English. Chelsea Handler…
Give props to Kristy Swanson. (Hollywood) for speaking out agnst Chelsea handler who spoke down to women immigrants, inc…
Melania speaks better English than you speak Slovene, you uneducated lump.
Chelsea Handler has good looking hair. Too bad there's so little brain underneath it. Melania Trump is really quite intelligent.
While Melania can speak 4 languages, Chelsea Handler only speaks stupid!
The other day you Chelsea Handler was interviewed by Variety and was ask if you would interview Mrs.
Chelsea Handler accused of immigrant shaming Melania Trump via you are fool
Watch: says she won't interview Melania Trump. . Also: Chelsea Handler is still in the US after promisin…
Chelsea Handler is probably too drunk to understand Melania's English.
On the same day that led the she also attacked for her English.
. Melania Trump 5 languages . Chelsea Handler 1 never even went to college. Another example of the left…
Chelsea Handler attacked Melania by claiming she could barely speak English. Melania is fluent in several languages. S…
Chelsea Handler does not have a college degree and Melania Trump speaks five languages
Chelsea Handler leads Sundance edition of - USA TODAY
Chelsea Handler leads Women’s March at Sundance with Kristen Stewart. Get the inside scoop here:
Read Chelsea Handler and Mary McCormack’s powerful speech from
IGNORANCE has a new name, Chelsea handler
Sundance: more converge on Main Street for anti-Trump march
Was not impressed with Chelsea Handler when she wanted to be a "voice FOR" marginalized people on TDS, even less impressed now
Can people just stop dissing Melania Trump because she's an immigrant? She speaks English just fine. via
Chelsea Handler, Dolores Huerta, John Legend and more march at the Sundance Film Festival
Chelsea Handler and thousands of others in a powerful showing have shut down Park City! — Even the Wifi is…
Chelsea Handler, John Legend, Dolores Huerta and others march at the Sundance Film Festival
Chelsea Handler explains her anti-Trump march: 'I don't have a choice, this is just too scary' - Mashable…
Chelsea Handler leads the woman's march on main at
Chelsea Handler, Mary McCormack pen lengthy message on why they chose to participate in the at Sundance
Chelsea Handler groped me while she was drunk at The Bever…
Chelsea Handler and her relationship with her dogs is goals
Chelsea Handler to lead 'Women's March' at the Sundance Film Festival via
His answer to resigning would be the same as chelsea handler for not moving they are needed 😀
Chelsea Handler is against President Bush's dedication to U.S. soldiers and veterans; their daily struggle w/combat…
Chelsea Handler: when you meet a single woman, congratulate her
Apparently Chelsie Handler is not upset about Obama approving uranium shipment so Iran can make 10 nukes tho.
“I don't like the word 'alcoholic'. I like to think of myself as an advanced drinker― Chelsea Handler,
Chelsea Handler needs script to read from, no brain acty going on
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Also: Alicia Keys with John Legend, James Corden with Will Smith and Blake Shelton with Chelsea Handler.
Shannen Doherty talks cancer with Chelsea Handler. Shannen Doherty moved Chelsea Handler to tears.
the Tiffany Haddish episode was so perfect. Also I love Chelsea Handler and anytime Regina Hall comes on, it's "Good Times".
Chelsea Handler from Joan of Arcadia stars in Curly Sue about a naive Midwife named Valarie
The real reason Trump got the votes was people hoping Miley Cyrus and Chelsea Handler would keep their promise to leave America if he won.
Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, and any others you can add ...They should be boycotted and encouraged to leave like they p…
Bill Maher gave a great run down at the end of his show with Chelsea Handler. 100% worth finding...
Shannen Doherty discusses her heartbreaking cancer battle with Chelsea Handler: "It tears you down": . The former Beverly Hills 90210...
Shannen Doherty talks cancer with Chelsea Handler: "I think what's beautiful and hard and interesting about c...
I decided to watch Chelsea Handler's interview with Shannen Doherty and now i cant stop crying
Shannen Doherty Open Up About Cancer to Chelsea Handler: Shannen Doherty was a guest on Chelsea Handler’s Net...
Shannen Doherty talks cancer with Chelsea Handler - CNN
Shannen Doherty leaves Chelsea Handler in tears after discussing her cancer struggle
Shannen Doherty opens up about her battle with cancer to Chelsea Handler in emotional interview: 'It remakes you'
NEWS > Shannen Doherty talks cancer with Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler breaks down during chat with Shannen Doherty
Shannen Doherty opens up about her cancer: "It tears you down and builds you"
Shannen Doherty interview brings Chelsea Handler to tears -
CNN - Shannen Doherty talks cancer with Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler unloaded on Ann Coulter for skipping out on an interview 🗯
Harry's interviews with Paul Mccartney and Chelsea Handler for Another Magazine! via -k
I wanna sit in a room and just listen to Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler talk to each other
.is SO on point with this. Angelina is just not a girl's girl
The most hilarious thing I've heard today is that Chelsea Handler called someone else a lunatic. I just assumed she was drunk. As usual.
Jennifer Aniston pal Chelsea Handler weighs in on says 'Brad, you married a f***ing lunatic!'
Chelsea Handler’s rant on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce news was brutal
Chelsea Handler on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's split: She's a 'lunatic'
You're going to knock me down, but you're not going to know me over. -Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler has written a rap song (no joke) to get women to register and vote:
Chelsea Handler responds to Brangelina by calling Angelina Jolie a 'lunatic': Team Jen lives on.
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Nic eto know someone in HW feels the same when I do toeards Jolie! She is nuts.
"The Statue of Liberty is an immigrant."-Chelsea Handler 😂
chelsea handler said THAT, i think i just choked she did done THAT
Chelsea Handler , have several sit . Shame on you for blaming Angelina for Brads Pitts behavior ! His
I hope to *** that Chelsea Handler agrees with me that Brad and Angelina had better avoid
Chelsea Handler calls Angelina Jolie a "f-cking lunatic." See what else she had to say about the split:
Chelsea Handler on her career, Hillary Clinton and cursing -
Alex Pettyfer is a British movie star. Chelsea Handler is an American talk show host.
Speaking of British guys, did you know Alex Pettyfer revealed he was circed on Chelsea Handler's show?
yo this girl that was in my science of happiness class last semester was on Chelsea Handler's show and she called her hair pubes 💀
Want to watch smart women talkshow hosts but Samantha Bee just rants & can't deal w/ Chelsea Handler's ego. S'OK I don't watch th'men either
Strahan told Chelsea Handler that he's been enjoying his time after the show. The former NFL star's exit from Live With Mi…
Absolutely love that Nancy Pelosi wore a rainbow wristband on Chelsea Handler. . Thank you former Madam Speaker.
Chelsea Handler responds to Heather McDonald who ‘lived in...
I liked a video Chelsea Handler on Craig Ferguson (2012) [HD]
Chelsea Handler opens up about having two abortions at 16 in powerful essay
My Choice via She murder's her 2 children by abortion & confessed to being a *** at the same time, ***
Chelsea Handler said she murdered/aborted her babies. It appeared as if it was no big. deal. Something to be done over and over again.
Chelsea Handler EXTREMELY candid about her abortions: disturbing & heartbreaking (via
I had two abortions at 16: Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler reveals abortions in Playboy essay on choice - New Zealand Herald
Thank you for sharing your story and speaking up for abortion access!
"I dont ever look back and think 'god I wish I'd had that baby'"- Chelsea Handler on her experience with abortion
Chelsea Handler on the word "irregardless" is everything I've always tried to tell YOU DON'T NEED "ir-" AND "-less" OMG
‘Chelsea’ Makes Case for No Fly, No Buy: On the heels of Democrats sit-in protest for gun control, House Mino...
Chelsea Handler is helping Nancy Pelosi make the case for "No Fly, No Buy":
Michael Strahan tells Chelsea Handler he doesn't miss doing "Live with Kelly and Michael."
I watch enough Chelsea Handler to form an opinion on American politics & hold a decent conversation on the topic. That scares most people
I literally live for Chelsea Handler. Her show on Netflix is life.
7 reasons you should be watching Chelsea Handler's Netflix talk show
Inbox: Nancy Pelosi's interview with Chelsea Handler about gun violence prevention legislation is now on Netflix
♫♫ Catchy 80s Synth Pop from aka the guy who wrote Chelsea Handler's new theme song ♫♫ -
Us mag. Chelsea Handler. 9. All my cars are chocolate brown. 50 Cent got me on that. I bought a Havana Chocolate Bentley when we dated.
Chelsea Handler has her 3rd grade teacher, Florence Henderson and Ellen Page on @ the same time lmao (also the dog)
Most of Chelsea Handler's lines in This Means War were improvised!
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