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Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Victoria Clinton (born February 27, 1980) is the only child of former U.S.

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These same men hate Hillary and Chelsea Clinton because they aren't submissive or conventionally hot. They don't make m…
President Hillary Clinton's top adviser Chelsea Clinton will fundraise for Clinton Fdn while in West Wing office
If you have problems w/ private citizen Barack Obama earning speaking fees or Chelsea Clinton on any level then you're an ***
Trump might attack North Korea. . There are actual Nazis in the White House. PUNDIT: Can you believe Chelsea Clinton? h…
Lol another detail re the time Chelsea Clinton shouted down an anti-war event, Jeremy Corbyn was in the audience
"When I was 7 years old I wrote a letter to Richard Simmons and told him I supported his lifestyle choices." - Chelsea Clinton
Thank you Candace Printz & Mrs. Chelsea Clinton for brining the Trash to Treasure Art Project to our students.
Chelsea Clinton effortlessly disarms a joke about Hillary:
Many of the people telling Chelsea Clinton to disappear from public bc political dynasties are harmful also claim to cher…
Vanessa Bayer sets Chelsea Clinton up for a feminist comeback
Chelsea Clinton had a firm response to Vanessa Bayer's awkward Hillary joke:
Chelsea Clinton responded to star Vanessa Bayer's Hillary Clinton joke with this comment:…
Chelsea Clinton had the perfect response to SNL cast member's awkward Hillary joke:
Chelsea Clinton responded to a Hillary joke by star Vanessa Bayer at Variety's http…
Bill Nye is the Chelsea Clinton of science.
Many people aren't aware that Chelsea Clinton married a Sor…
It's so odd, for people who want Chelsea Clinton or her mother to stop, go away, quit talking, the same men breathlessly follow…
Yes, she is a VERY accomplished thief!
Stop tying to make Chelsea Clinton a thing.
Chelsea failing will be almost as glamorous as Hillary failing..we took down the Clinton Cartel.. *** yes!
Chelsea Clinton makes deal with Chinese leader for exclusive trademark in China. GOP start impeachment proceedings against Hillary.
You left wing elitists are nauseating. Almost as nauseating as Chelsea Clinton.
Chelsea Clinton is a completely USELESS, CLUELESS MORON. And they want to run her for…
Dems are THIS desperate... Chelsea 'Deeply Saddened' by Sexism in America: 'We Can't Take Progress for Granted'.
Imagine FOX NEWS today. If China. Gave First Daughter Chelsea Clinton. Even a free box of fortune cookies.
The personal knowledge Chelsea Clinton has of climate change asking someone to adjust the thermosta…
Equally transparent: seeing through the Russia blame game. Also not interested in HRC again, Chelsea Clinton, Eliz…
just announced he will primary Chelsea Clinton no matter what position she runs for! lol. Join us. http…
Honored to have met Chelsea Clinton at her book signing, It's Your World, at keplersbooks this…
In case you don't know what I'm talking about here's a link
People are calling for Trump's children to stop receiving Secret Service protection
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I am sure Chelsea Clinton's carbon footprint is far from eco friendly. Let's not pretend she is living the life
Chelsea Clinton is hiding something. The FBI must investigate her.
Variety / The left trying to force feed us Chelsea Clinton in a positive light . Not working with me !!. I still see th…
Democrats are busy polishing Chelsea Clinton as a mixture of Mother Theresa and Lady Gaga. It's not an easy thing to…
I liked a video Inside a rare interview with Chelsea Clinton
And probably 6 of the glory of Chelsea Clinton.
Chelsea Clinton has such cool clothes! She should be a Senator or Secretary of Defense or something.
Clapback of the day! Between Chelsea Clinton & a White House Reporter for Politico
The "attack" is on the lack of any merit with the total package. This is entitlement at its best w Chel…
Hubbell doesn't even deny it when confronted. It's almo…
Inside a uncommon interview with Chelsea Clinton -
Chelsea Clinton, with no skills and no product or service to sell, will eventually choose "public service" as her path…
Chelsea Clinton wants periods and breastfeeding to be stigma-free
New post (Inside a rare interview with Chelsea Clinton) has been published on Bonjournal-best Hub of News -…
Chelsea Clinton laughs in leather on cover of new 'Variety' Being a career criminal appears to pay off.
Inside a rare interview with Chelsea Clinton
Spotted: Chelsea Clinton signing books at Kepler’s
Uh, wasn't offered a hug from Chelsea Clinton?
Magazine puts Chelsea on Power of Women Cover. PLEASE ~ NO MORE CLINTONS! Being a Clinton is NOT an accomplishment
Inside a rare interview with Chelsea Clinton
I'm officially announcing my candidacy for whatever office Chelsea Clinton is planning to run for. Qualifications: Not…
Chelsea Clinton talks fighting President Trump — and the best advice she ever got from mom Hillary http…
Chelsea Clinton being groomed to run for Congress via
Nikki Haley > Chelsea Clinton. Now that's a powerful woman you should be promoting.
"I can't believe you are picking on Chelsea Clinton on Easter" - People who think Mike Pence is going to electrocute *** ou…
Chelsea Clinton made almost a million dollars straight out of college while helping Hillary speak out against "white pr…
u also made a qualifications argument against Chelsea Clinton but you think a state senator Nina turner is qual to be Potus
MODERATOR: Ms. Clinton, why are you the best person to serve NYC's 17th Congressional District??. CHELSEA:
Chelsea Clinton married to Soro's nephew. Explains everything
Chelsea Clinton admits she's "Not the right person to run to defeat [Trump] in 2020."
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Today in brazen lies that are repeated by Chelsea Clinton:
To Chelsea Clinton's credit, so far, at least she claims not to want the task. So far.
if chelsea clinton is allowed to become the president of america I should be allowed to become president of parts of scotland
The only worse person the Democrats could realistically field than Chelsea Clinton is her mother again
At least Pepsi had the good sense to keep Chelsea Clinton out of the ad
Y does she always look like she's crying 😭 grow up⚡️ “Don't count on a Chelsea Clinton presidential run in 2020”.
Dems really need to do better. Stop mentioning Chelsea Clinton for running for any office! No idea how she's qualif…
Chelsea Clinton is in no hurry to follow in her parents’ footsteps
.Welcome back to my thread. I see thinks it's super important to do multiple articles about something Che…
Chelsea Clinton suitably vague when asked whether Hillary Clinton would run again
And 2think they screamed bloody *** over Clinton Fndtn. At least the Clinton's incl Chelsea were prepd 2…
"Americans deserve an answer" —Chelsea Clinton on to Russia's election interference
If Democrats nominated Chelsea Clinton for president, it would prove nepotism is as rampant in Dem party as it is i…
Bad news from Chelsea Clinton: I’m not the right person to take on Trump in 2020
Chelsea Clinton, on book tour, in no hurry to enter politics
Chelsea Clinton on challenging Trump in 2020: "Right now, the answer is no"
The Clinton's don't know how to cut their los and go home. This will not end well for Chelsea. She…
Chelsea Clinton: I'm not the person to defeat Trump.. Related Articles:
I would love for Chelsea Clinton to run for president. Then I could catch up on my sleep.
Chelsea Clinton: 'I'm definitely not the right person' to run against Trump in 2020 | Washington Examiner
To Bobby Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, Chelsea Clinton, nepotism was/is just a way of life.
Between letting this w/o a fight & asking Chelsea Clinton if she'll run for Senate how does Gayle King keep her job?
"Women deserve equal pay for equal work": commemorates
Cillizza: Chelsea Clinton just ruled out running for president... 》 》
I appreciate the sentiment but I am sick to death of hearing from Chelsea Clinton.
Many Hill articles are either promoting celebrity degenerates cursing at Trump or astroturfing a Chelsea Clinton presidential ca…
maybe she will go to jail tooDid Russia election meddling doom Hillary? Chelsea Clinton weighs in
Chelsea Clinton announced she's not running for President in 2020. Still waiting to hear what Amy Carter will do
I used to wonder what it felt like to deal with inbred royalty in medieval times until I saw Chelsea Clinton.
Universally disliked woman says she's not running for president, despite no one asking her to
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Chelsea Clinton is in no hurry to get into politics
If I had $6 billion stolen from the state dept I would only come out twice a year to say I'm not running for president…
Chelsea Clinton gets more than she bargained for when she tries to lecture people about hypocrisy
Chelsea Clinton on if her mother will run for public office again: "I have no idea. I don't think so."
imagine if Hilary was POTUS and the republicans discovered Chelsea Clinton was meeting with Russian banks
Jeff and Rebecca talk Chelsea Clinton's upcoming children's book, Jane Austen's new alt-right fans, and much more:
Rumblings about Chelsea Clinton running for US Senate - New Pittsburgh Courier
Jewelry store apologizes for billboard after fools like Chelsea Clinton are 'offended' by rocks ... it's insane!
Chelsea Clinton wedding shows extent of Reform Jews' assimilation.
So, you're saying Chelsea Clinton is the epitome of financializaton on politics? Listen, I watched Charles Ferguson's doc.
Tad insulting to The Godfather Part III, but Chelsea Clinton is certainly worthy of comparison to Sofia Coppola.
Chelsea Clinton's senior prom was in the White House. She was very under qualified for her NBC News gig. She def "g…
Please move to Syria and become a Muslim!.
ICE is bragging about getting criminals off the streets; Chelsea Clinton may not like it but other Americans do
What other nastiness does global warming have in store for us? Future president Chelsea Clinton explains
I got nothing against Chelsea Clinton but aren't there real problems you could use your publication to talk about?
The Hill has posted 70(!) articles about Chelsea Clinton in 3 mos. Nita Lowey, NY 17th district, is 79 and set to retir…
How is Chelsea Clinton a political figure?
Hey I'm really sick of your writer Josh Barro's sexist attacks on Chelsea Clinton.
Horrifying statistic that the birth rate in America has declined since MSM began broadcasting photos of Chelsea Clinton.
Stop trying to make Chelsea Clinton happen. Stop. Stop.
Like her mother, Chelsea doesn't understand that she is nobody without Bill Clinton.
This is a REAL Woman. She deserves the award, not Chelsea Clinton. Godspeed Kirstie!
Ann Friedman is a moron. Chelsea Clinton's ENTIRE CAREER has been a series of hard to get/cushy jobs heavily influenced by her name
she has tens of millions of dollars in the bank but yeah life is hard for Chelsea Clinton.
Someone actually wrote 600 words giving Chelsea Clinton unsolicited advice (wrapped in criticism) for something she proba…
Chelsea Clinton has syphilis from her father
The really didn't learn from the last election: Stop *** The Clinton Crime Family!
Ivanka getting top security clearance is BS.It's unprecedented.Imagine if Chelsea Clinton got the same w/out any experien…
Chelsea Clinton getting a lifetime achievement award is like a guy with military actions in 7 nations getting a Nobel Peace…
Op-Ed: Just like her mother, Chelsea Clinton never gets a break
A full day of outrage against Chelsea Clinton because The Hill mistook an award from Lifetime TV as a "lifetime achievement…
Imagine if Chelsea Clinton were in meetings like Ivanka. They would be los…
America has a quasi-aristocracy that is completely convinced that it rose to the top of a meritocracy.
Chelsea Clinton will not have fun in a big rig or wear a truck button. She's way too serious for that. She's real.
This has to be from a parody account - Chelsea Clinton to be honored by Variety, Lifetime
I think Chelsea Clinton is both a subject of sexism and a victim of her own spectacularly poor sense of optics. Both t…
I want Chelsea Clinton to get elected some day just so she can go all Michael Corleone on her family's enemies. (Slowly clo…
Poll. If Hillary Clinton had won, given Chelsea a White House office and a security clearance, how would Republicans be…
I hear they're gonna give Chelsea Clinton the leg lamp from A Christmas Story next
Chelsea Clinton named to Expedia board of directors
NEBRASKA: Chelsea Clinton joins Expedia board of directors
Chelsea Clinton is on the board of directors of IAC.
names Chelsea Clinton to board of directors now gets all my business.
JUST IN: Chelsea Clinton joins the board of directors of travel firm Expedia. $EXPE
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Expedia names Chelsea Clinton to board of directors.
Chelsea Clinton joins Expedia board of directors
Jenna Bush, Chelsea Clinton, Abby Huntsman, all working in media due to Family Ties to govt. and media.
Folks who looked to George P. as Jeb bowed out & had 0 to say re Meghan McCain, Abby Huntsman & Sarah Huckabee bristle at Chelsea Clinton. 🤔
Chelsea Clinton joins expanded Expedia board - Expedia is based in the northwestern US state of Washington and ...
Imagine if Hillary Clinton met with Merkel and Chelsea Clinton was seated next to her for official meeting. . You can't. It's…
just put Chelsea Clinton on board of directors. Created new seat just for her. Zero business experience. Boycott!
WYFF Greenville Expedia names Chelsea Clinton to board of directors…
WDSU New Orleans Expedia names Chelsea Clinton to board of directors…
"Remember, traveling Centipedes, Chelsea Clinton is now a board member at
WVTM13 Expedia names Chelsea Clinton to board of directors WVTM13 In a…
Chelsea Clinton joined the board of
. *** Get involved! Run for office!. Chelsea Clinton: Ok, I'll do it. *** Not YOU!
U wld think so if u support one of the biggest Elites of all; Chelsea Clinton! U liberals truly hate this country!
Clinton honours Sally Ride, Harriet Tubman and Oprah in children’s book of strong women
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This is not a drill . Chelsea Clinton is "writing" a picture book for triggered snowflakes. Use This A…
great news everyone: Chelsea Clinton has agreed to go on MSNBC for an hour and 50 minutes to fund Meals on Wheels https:/…
Chelsea Clinton will release a children’s picture book on inspirational American women.
I'm old enough that I remember Republicans being jackwagons to Chelsea Clinton. Now men on the left are being Just As ASSY…
Chelsea Clinton Announces New Children’s Book Called “She Persisted” - Hope she's not on the cover! via
Chelsea Clinton and Jeff Sessions are the only people left on this hellish earth that still think weed kills.
Media, stop trying to make Chelsea Clinton happen
It's gonna suck when Chelsea Clinton loses the NY senate race to the opening verse of Bawitdaba
Your prettier than Chelsea Clinton. A blond color similar to Sandra S. or Shannon B. would compliment your skin color more.
Clinton Foundation Execs troubled. by having to slush fund. Chelsea's lifestyle for a decade,. but. She…
"It’s about all of us building toward a more equitable future, together" —. More on
if you don't give one heck about Chelsea Clinton.
If you’re fulminating about the horrors of a Chelsea Clinton candidacy, Jesus, you’re an *** Get a life &/or stop being a…
Pretty sure none of her dad's or her mom's victims will be included in her book (which should be labeled fiction)
"Chelsea Clinton is the Paris Hilton of American politics." The CDS is strong with this one.
I don't get the outrage over Chelsea Clinton potentially running for office. We have elections. If you don't like your re…
It looks like Chelsea Clinton made $26,724 for each minute she appeared on NBC
Persisted in scamming Americans like her dad & mother: Chelsea Clinton to Publish ‘She Persisted’ Children’s Book
I feel like the Onion creates every real Chelsea Clinton headline
Somebody wrote a leftist propaganda piece for your kids and Chelsea Clinton put her name on it.
"She persisted" is going to be Chelsea Clinton's slogan. "Although nobody wanted her to run, she persisted & lost by 300…
Chelsea Clinton should absolutely run for office.
God, Chelsea Clinton has become the "fetch" of politics.
turns out there are *a lot* of people who are very excited for Chelsea Clinton's new book and they all have
Chelsea Clinton is writing a children's book, called "She Persisted," about women "who didn't take no for an answer"
. Thinking this is a chapter Chelsea Clinton could use for her book
Chelsea Clinton announces new picture book telling the harrowing story of a family of cursed grifters who poison everyth…
and if you are getting this mad because I made jokes about a children's book by Chelsea Clinton I am not the one who nee…
Barro dinging Chelsea Clinton for benefiting from family name & connections must be among the week’s top moments of failed s…
Speaks volumes about the crippled state of the Democratic Party if they're trying to make Chelsea Clinton t…
Chelsea Clinton is cashing in on Elizabeth Warren’s persistence.
Chelsea Clinton hinted at running for office while Bristol Palin hinted at her husband to run to 7-11 to get her a carton of Virginia Slims.
The Hill fuels speculations of Chelsea Clinton fueling speculations of political run, cup runneth over.
So, Trump's young son is 'off limits'? Was Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, or the Obama girls off limits?
If Oprah, Cory Booker, Chelsea Clinton are the names being thrown out there right now, I'm voting for Trump in 2020.
I wonder why this type of attack didn't happen for Sasha Obama or Chelsea Clinton for their father's pol choices?
Chelsea Clinton offers high praise for Bernie Sanders
And this is where Chelsea Clinton went to college. Need I say more about the Clintons. Crazy Liberals!
LOL - i thought i recognized him from the "Dead" - Lindsey had to go to a college to get an audience - like Chelsea Clinton at ASU
Chelsea Clinton and Kellyanne Conway Share a Surprising Warm Moment on - News :
Chelsea Clinton has about as much useful trash to contribute to US politics as Eric Trump, or the Nixon &…
Happiest of birthdays, Adam! You share your birthday with Chelsea Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor, John Steinbeck and Josh Groban!
Reserve your spot now to see author Chelsea Clinton at Left Bank Books:
Chelsea Clinton, the Bashar Assad of the Clinton Foundation. building upon her father's legacy.
Chelsea Clinton: I left the Baptist church at age 6 because it was
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Chelsea Clinton gives Trump answer to anti-Semitism question
I see Gawker in your future Was it worth it having Chelsea Clinton on your Board of Directors?
Chelsea Clinton's husband enjoys afternoon at a bar with a friend - Daily Mail
Emma Roberts in on Ivanka: "She's like the Chelsea Clinton from a parallel universe if Hitler wo…
Chelsea Clinton's mom's, votes dropped faster than Bill Clinton pants in a girl scout camp. Get over it. Hillary Clinton lost, again.
Will Chelsea take time to visit mom in jail or prison
your only response to Chelsea Clinton should have been her equally corrupt daught…
Chelsea Clinton knocks Kellyanne Conway on comment: "Please don't make up attacks"
Chelsea Slams Fake Bowling Green Massacre, Forgot her mom lied about "Sniper Fire"
Chelsea Clinton didn’t think things through; tragically tries to take on Conway for ‘Bowling Green’ gaffe
. Your left news source admitted it.
'Member when your mom was under sniper fire in Bosnia? Member? MT Chelsea Clinton knocks Kellyanne Conway: 'don't ma…
Does Chelsea Clinton realize how objectively ugly she is?
Conway hits Chelsea Clinton for criticizing "Bowling Green massacre" statement: "You lost the election".
Chelsea Clinton takes swipe at Kellyanne Conway over "Bowling Green Massacre"
Conway lies and makes up an attack. Then shows no class and attacks Chelsea Clinton. What a loser
pls ask to investigate Clinton Foundation so they can all be sent to jail for a long time. C…
Chelsea Clinton finally finds her political voice - and it's edgy
Take a second to imagine reaction on the right if Chelsea Clinton racked up $100k in hotel bills in Hillary's first two weeks o…
CPR for stalled political dynasty in progress: Media’s push for Chelsea Clinton to run for ANYTHING accelerates
Media weapons of mass distraction pointed at in another attempt to distract us from the...
Chelsea Clinton is Hillary Clinton's anger translator and I'm all for it.
Chelsea Clinton zaps Kellyanne Conway for making up 'fake news' about Bowling Green - Democratic Underground
I Pray your crooked mother Hillary goes to Prison this is a great topic putting grandma in prison⚡️ “Chelsea Clinton & Kellyanne Conway ta
Chelsea Clinton, one remarkable young woman who grew up in a difficult spotlight. You are amazing! Your parents, unique and talented!!
Chelsea Clinton makes fun of Bowling Green, forgetting her mother fabricated a terrorist attack in Bosnia:
Chelsea Clinton knocks Kellyanne Conway: 'Please don't make up attacks'
Chelsea keep in mind America doesn't care about your opinions, we never have and never will . ⚡️ “Chelsea Clinton & Kellyanne Conway
Wow...brutal LMAO you should follow your parents lead into obscurity.
Well Rush Limbaugh once compared pre-teen Chelsea Clinton to a dog on his TV show, and he's still got a job, so
Remember when Rush Limbaugh mocked Chelsea Clinton when she was a child? Whatever happened to Rush anyway? After he lost…
Jason, remind me again: What price did Rush Limbaugh pay for bullying a pre-teen Chelsea Clinton on air?
What about Chelsea Clinton? Plenty of rude things said about her
Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump after social media bullying
Chelsea Clinton comes to defense of first son Barron Trump following Inauguration Day via h…
Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump: He deserves the chance 'to be a kid':
Classy response from someone who was treated horribly as a child by the GOP. When they go low, we go high. .
As a Trump supporter, I respect Chelsea Clinton a lot for speaking up for Barron Trump.
Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump from cruel internet bullies
Chelsea Clinton should take high road like Bush sisters did for Obama girls..but wait Dems/Libs can not help themselves. She is a ***
No. Chelsea Clinton said something you agree with and your response is that libs ''need to be told this''.
Chelsea Clinton comes to Barron Trump's defense: Let him 'be a ki...
Chelsea Clinton: Barron Trump deserves a chance to 'be a kid' qua
I remember the mainstream media making fun of Chelsea Clinton's looks when she was a young kid. That was pretty disgraceful.
didn't read the thread but I assume this is about inviting Chelsea Clinton on Ch…
Thank you Chelsea Clinton. No one should be attacking Barron Trump. I've said this before. Don't blame a child for the sins of their father.
Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump against trolls by via
Chelsea Clinton is standing up for the newest inductee into the first children’s club.
Chelsea Clinton comes to Barron Trump’s defense: Let him ‘be a kid’
How Chelsea Clinton being bullied as First Daughter may have inspired her to defend Barron Trump https:…
Chelsea Clinton defended Barron in typical Clinton fashion, propping him up and using the pedestal to take a shot at his…
why is Chelsea Clinton bullying Barron Trump now?
Chelsea Clinton has an important message to people criticizing Barron Trump: Stop.
Chelsea Clinton: "Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does -- to be a kid"
Now Chelsea Clinton is bullying Trump's 10-year-old son. You are as evil and crooked as your mother!
.message to people criticizing Barron Trump: stop.
Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump from online haters | CTV News/Kudos to Chelsea. Kids are off limits.⚡⚡⚡
Chelsea Clinton says Barron Trump deserves the chance to be a kid:
Chelsea Clinton breaks her silence: We must keep fighting
The Bush & Obama girls, Amy Carter & Chelsea Clinton, all moved into White House mid school yr & didn't cost US 2Mil$ day in extra security
Chelsea Clinton is married to former Goldman Sachs guy whose dad went to jail for ins…
Jared Kushner not allowed to make a living but it's fine when NBC tossed 600k to untalented Chelsea Clinton.
. While Chelsea was going to keep pay for play Clinton Foundation going
he never wrote about the Clinton Foundation paying for Chelsea Wedding the appointment of donors(3)
Exclusive: Its not over for the Clintons: Chelsea is being groomed to run for Congress via
*** Russkies! /s My fav was the Clinton Foundation blackmailing Chelsea to stop asking so many questions. She did.…
Chelsea is running the Foundation nor would they care Bill Clinton would be an advisor to Hillary. But of course Trumps had (2)
Chelsea Clinton, taking a test drive on her mother's new flying broom.
Chelsea Clinton lives in a $10 million condo makes a Million $'s a year working for her parents fake charity and no one bats…
Liberals went silent when Chelsea paid for her wedding with Clinton Foundation 💰 | | Trump Foundat…
The Clinton's are textbook "grifters ". Chelsea included & will go to the easiest way to drum up $$ for themselves.
Friendly reminder that Disney Channel's Zenon said Chelsea Clinton will be president in 2049 h…
Looking forward to Chelsea Clinton's speech in 2046 calling for a 2-state solution
Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a money-maker for the Clinton crime family, including Chelsea an…
Why the fuk did the Israeli PM tag Trump's kids? If Hillary was Prez Elect, I guarantee he wouldn't be tagging Chel…
the 2 talking the most about it are the 2 most privileged people on earth. Hilary and Chelsea Clinton.
betrays loyal friend Chelsea Clinton to destroy her credibility. Can you think of anything lower than…
President Obama must pardon Hillary, he too is implicated. With Chelsea Manning in prison, Clinton did worse. Obama le…
Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton will continue as a First Family in the years to come, see US Constitution Center
Hillary Clinton used millions from hers for Chelsea's wedding, apartment and living expenses.
How long would it have taken you to spit out an article about the women hating Trump supporters had it been Chelsea Cl…
Just a reminder that when Chelsea used 3million from the Clinton Foundation 2fund her lavish wedding,1,000 homeless Ha…
Applying this logic, people have the right to dish out the same treatment to Chelsea Clinton or Jenna Bush. Am I r…
Chelsea Clinton attended Stanford...we from Cal, Berkeley, beg to differ! Recall the Free Speech Movement, Viet Nam protests! LOL
It's just my opinion. If a man had cornered Chelsea Clinton (or any woman) while she was with her young kids, I'd say…
Fake news media gets mad when you remind them Chelsea Clinton owns the Daily Beast.
The Daily Beast, owned by Chelsea Clinton, is calling me a "neo-Nazi." Libel and fake news. Maybe I'll sue them.
Swap out "Donald Trump Jr" for "Chelsea Clinton" and the media freakout would be feverish and merciless. But this? No b…
Neither did Chelsea Clinton, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner or Hillary's maid Maria Santos. But hey guess what, you have NO s…
Now the Libtards, specifically Andrea Peyser, is promoting Chelsea Clinton as the next Dumocrat female hope!! Can't make this up!
and how about that $$$ apartment...Chelsea Clinton to buy $10.5 million apartment
Word is Chelsea Clinton will be running for Congress soon. You can't make thi…
The Democratic establishment thinks Tim Kaine, Cory Booker, and Chelsea Clinton are the future. This is how out of touch…
Pay to play ends until they get Chelsea elected & in office. Then the Clinton Foundation will be back in business
Pictures of Chelsea Clinton walking around town wearing a necklace with cross hanging upside down really thank God for Trump
People I hope I never hear from again after this election:. Hillary, Bill & Chelsea Clinton. Colin Powell. Donna Brazile. More after Jan 20th...
or unlike bill clinton..a saint right? He is a 10 year am. Bet u had a crush on Chelsea!
Chelsea Clinton. Adding her name to Clinton Foundation must have jinxed it.
. The Clinton's never go away. Chelsea will be back...
Most people didn't vote. Of those who did, Clinton got more votes than Trump. To say "Voters sent a message" is to overn…
You know that Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism when she got married,right? . And that Chelsea Clinton did not. So, whoops!
Take serious criticism from serious people, seriously. Take unserious criticism from unserious people, unseriously. - C…
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