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Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Victoria Clinton (born February 27, 1980) is the only child of former U.S.

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Speaks volumes about the crippled state of the Democratic Party if they're trying to make Chelsea Clinton t…
Chelsea Clinton is cashing in on Elizabeth Warren’s persistence.
The Hill fuels speculations of Chelsea Clinton fueling speculations of political run, cup runneth over.
So, Trump's young son is 'off limits'? Was Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, or the Obama girls off limits?
If Oprah, Cory Booker, Chelsea Clinton are the names being thrown out there right now, I'm voting for Trump in 2020.
I wonder why this type of attack didn't happen for Sasha Obama or Chelsea Clinton for their father's pol choices?
Chelsea Clinton offers high praise for Bernie Sanders
And this is where Chelsea Clinton went to college. Need I say more about the Clintons. Crazy Liberals!
LOL - i thought i recognized him from the "Dead" - Lindsey had to go to a college to get an audience - like Chelsea Clinton at ASU
Chelsea Clinton and Kellyanne Conway Share a Surprising Warm Moment on - News :
Chelsea Clinton has about as much useful trash to contribute to US politics as Eric Trump, or the Nixon &…
Happiest of birthdays, Adam! You share your birthday with Chelsea Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor, John Steinbeck and Josh Groban!
Reserve your spot now to see author Chelsea Clinton at Left Bank Books:
Chelsea Clinton, the Bashar Assad of the Clinton Foundation. building upon her father's legacy.
Chelsea Clinton: I left the Baptist church at age 6 because it was
Chelsea Clinton gives Trump answer to anti-Semitism question
I see Gawker in your future Was it worth it having Chelsea Clinton on your Board of Directors?
Chelsea Clinton's husband enjoys afternoon at a bar with a friend - Daily Mail
Emma Roberts in on Ivanka: "She's like the Chelsea Clinton from a parallel universe if Hitler wo…
Chelsea Clinton's mom's, votes dropped faster than Bill Clinton pants in a girl scout camp. Get over it. Hillary Clinton lost, again.
Will Chelsea take time to visit mom in jail or prison
your only response to Chelsea Clinton should have been her equally corrupt daught…
Chelsea Clinton being groomed to run for Congress via Thought this was all gone.
Chelsea Clinton knocks Kellyanne Conway on comment: "Please don't make up attacks"
Chelsea Slams Fake Bowling Green Massacre, Forgot her mom lied about "Sniper Fire"
Chelsea Clinton didn’t think things through; tragically tries to take on Conway for ‘Bowling Green’ gaffe
. Your left news source admitted it.
'Member when your mom was under sniper fire in Bosnia? Member? MT Chelsea Clinton knocks Kellyanne Conway: 'don't ma…
Does Chelsea Clinton realize how objectively ugly she is?
Conway hits Chelsea Clinton for criticizing "Bowling Green massacre" statement: "You lost the election".
Chelsea Clinton takes swipe at Kellyanne Conway over "Bowling Green Massacre"
Conway lies and makes up an attack. Then shows no class and attacks Chelsea Clinton. What a loser
pls ask to investigate Clinton Foundation so they can all be sent to jail for a long time. C…
Chelsea Clinton finally finds her political voice - and it's edgy
Take a second to imagine reaction on the right if Chelsea Clinton racked up $100k in hotel bills in Hillary's first two weeks o…
CPR for stalled political dynasty in progress: Media’s push for Chelsea Clinton to run for ANYTHING accelerates
Media weapons of mass distraction pointed at in another attempt to distract us from the...
Chelsea Clinton is Hillary Clinton's anger translator and I'm all for it.
Chelsea Clinton zaps Kellyanne Conway for making up 'fake news' about Bowling Green - Democratic Underground
I Pray your crooked mother Hillary goes to Prison this is a great topic putting grandma in prison⚡️ “Chelsea Clinton & Kellyanne Conway ta
Chelsea Clinton, one remarkable young woman who grew up in a difficult spotlight. You are amazing! Your parents, unique and talented!!
Chelsea Clinton makes fun of Bowling Green, forgetting her mother fabricated a terrorist attack in Bosnia:
Chelsea Clinton knocks Kellyanne Conway: 'Please don't make up attacks'
Chelsea keep in mind America doesn't care about your opinions, we never have and never will . ⚡️ “Chelsea Clinton & Kellyanne Conway
Wow...brutal LMAO you should follow your parents lead into obscurity.
Well Rush Limbaugh once compared pre-teen Chelsea Clinton to a dog on his TV show, and he's still got a job, so
Remember when Rush Limbaugh mocked Chelsea Clinton when she was a child? Whatever happened to Rush anyway? After he lost…
Jason, remind me again: What price did Rush Limbaugh pay for bullying a pre-teen Chelsea Clinton on air?
What about Chelsea Clinton? Plenty of rude things said about her
Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump after social media bullying
Chelsea Clinton comes to defense of first son Barron Trump following Inauguration Day via h…
Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump: He deserves the chance 'to be a kid':
Classy response from someone who was treated horribly as a child by the GOP. When they go low, we go high. .
As a Trump supporter, I respect Chelsea Clinton a lot for speaking up for Barron Trump.
Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump from cruel internet bullies
Chelsea Clinton should take high road like Bush sisters did for Obama girls..but wait Dems/Libs can not help themselves. She is a ***
No. Chelsea Clinton said something you agree with and your response is that libs ''need to be told this''.
Chelsea Clinton comes to Barron Trump's defense: Let him 'be a ki...
Chelsea Clinton: Barron Trump deserves a chance to 'be a kid' qua
I remember the mainstream media making fun of Chelsea Clinton's looks when she was a young kid. That was pretty disgraceful.
didn't read the thread but I assume this is about inviting Chelsea Clinton on Ch…
Thank you Chelsea Clinton. No one should be attacking Barron Trump. I've said this before. Don't blame a child for the sins of their father.
Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump against trolls by via
Chelsea Clinton is standing up for the newest inductee into the first children’s club.
Chelsea Clinton comes to Barron Trump’s defense: Let him ‘be a kid’
How Chelsea Clinton being bullied as First Daughter may have inspired her to defend Barron Trump https:…
Chelsea Clinton defended Barron in typical Clinton fashion, propping him up and using the pedestal to take a shot at his…
why is Chelsea Clinton bullying Barron Trump now?
Chelsea Clinton has an important message to people criticizing Barron Trump: Stop.
Chelsea Clinton: "Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does -- to be a kid"
Now Chelsea Clinton is bullying Trump's 10-year-old son. You are as evil and crooked as your mother!
.message to people criticizing Barron Trump: stop.
Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump from online haters | CTV News/Kudos to Chelsea. Kids are off limits.⚡⚡⚡
Chelsea Clinton says Barron Trump deserves the chance to be a kid:
Chelsea Clinton breaks her silence: We must keep fighting
The Bush & Obama girls, Amy Carter & Chelsea Clinton, all moved into White House mid school yr & didn't cost US 2Mil$ day in extra security
Website Builder 728x90
Chelsea Clinton is married to former Goldman Sachs guy whose dad went to jail for ins…
Jared Kushner not allowed to make a living but it's fine when NBC tossed 600k to untalented Chelsea Clinton.
. While Chelsea was going to keep pay for play Clinton Foundation going
he never wrote about the Clinton Foundation paying for Chelsea Wedding the appointment of donors(3)
Exclusive: Its not over for the Clintons: Chelsea is being groomed to run for Congress via
*** Russkies! /s My fav was the Clinton Foundation blackmailing Chelsea to stop asking so many questions. She did.…
Chelsea is running the Foundation nor would they care Bill Clinton would be an advisor to Hillary. But of course Trumps had (2)
Chelsea Clinton, taking a test drive on her mother's new flying broom.
Chelsea Clinton lives in a $10 million condo makes a Million $'s a year working for her parents fake charity and no one bats…
Liberals went silent when Chelsea paid for her wedding with Clinton Foundation 💰 | | Trump Foundat…
The Clinton's are textbook "grifters ". Chelsea included & will go to the easiest way to drum up $$ for themselves.
Friendly reminder that Disney Channel's Zenon said Chelsea Clinton will be president in 2049 h…
Looking forward to Chelsea Clinton's speech in 2046 calling for a 2-state solution
Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a money-maker for the Clinton crime family, including Chelsea an…
Why the fuk did the Israeli PM tag Trump's kids? If Hillary was Prez Elect, I guarantee he wouldn't be tagging Chel…
the 2 talking the most about it are the 2 most privileged people on earth. Hilary and Chelsea Clinton.
betrays loyal friend Chelsea Clinton to destroy her credibility. Can you think of anything lower than…
President Obama must pardon Hillary, he too is implicated. With Chelsea Manning in prison, Clinton did worse. Obama le…
Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton will continue as a First Family in the years to come, see US Constitution Center
Hillary Clinton used millions from hers for Chelsea's wedding, apartment and living expenses.
How long would it have taken you to spit out an article about the women hating Trump supporters had it been Chelsea Cl…
Just a reminder that when Chelsea used 3million from the Clinton Foundation 2fund her lavish wedding,1,000 homeless Ha…
Applying this logic, people have the right to dish out the same treatment to Chelsea Clinton or Jenna Bush. Am I r…
Chelsea Clinton attended Stanford...we from Cal, Berkeley, beg to differ! Recall the Free Speech Movement, Viet Nam protests! LOL
It's just my opinion. If a man had cornered Chelsea Clinton (or any woman) while she was with her young kids, I'd say…
Fake news media gets mad when you remind them Chelsea Clinton owns the Daily Beast.
The Daily Beast, owned by Chelsea Clinton, is calling me a "neo-Nazi." Libel and fake news. Maybe I'll sue them.
Swap out "Donald Trump Jr" for "Chelsea Clinton" and the media freakout would be feverish and merciless. But this? No b…
Neither did Chelsea Clinton, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner or Hillary's maid Maria Santos. But hey guess what, you have NO s…
Now the Libtards, specifically Andrea Peyser, is promoting Chelsea Clinton as the next Dumocrat female hope!! Can't make this up!
and how about that $$$ apartment...Chelsea Clinton to buy $10.5 million apartment
Word is Chelsea Clinton will be running for Congress soon. You can't make thi…
The Democratic establishment thinks Tim Kaine, Cory Booker, and Chelsea Clinton are the future. This is how out of touch…
Pay to play ends until they get Chelsea elected & in office. Then the Clinton Foundation will be back in business
Pictures of Chelsea Clinton walking around town wearing a necklace with cross hanging upside down really thank God for Trump
People I hope I never hear from again after this election:. Hillary, Bill & Chelsea Clinton. Colin Powell. Donna Brazile. More after Jan 20th...
or unlike Bill Clinton..a saint right? He is a 10 year am. Bet u had a crush on Chelsea!
Chelsea Clinton. Adding her name to Clinton Foundation must have jinxed it.
. The Clinton's never go away. Chelsea will be back...
Most people didn't vote. Of those who did, Clinton got more votes than Trump. To say "Voters sent a message" is to overn…
You know that Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism when she got married,right? . And that Chelsea Clinton did not. So, whoops!
Take serious criticism from serious people, seriously. Take unserious criticism from unserious people, unseriously. - C…
Chelsea Clinton using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade https:/…
um, you're forgetting about Chelsea. She will run.Greed & power are a light to these Clinton moths
The Clinton Foundation Paid for One of the Most Beautiful Days of Chelsea's Life--Too Bad It's Illegal
Chelsea Clinton : How does it feel living in $10 MILLION apartment & earning $900k/year while this little baby goes without…
Somewhere the first woman president of the USA is watching Hillary Clinton speak, and she is making plans. It will hap…
25.6% voted Clinton. 25.5% voted Trump. 46.9% didn't vote. and that's how democracy dies
Chelsea Clinton - the REAL Manchurian Candidate. She's been 'groomed' since she was a child, forced interrogations.
Jennifer Lopez and Chelsea Clinton are neighbors in NYC and their kids have had playdates!
Chelsea Clinton's husband used Clinton Foundation poker games to boost his hedge fund according internal allegation
"The entire plan of hubby has been to use event for his business,”per email
So is Clinton Corruption Monster gone?. No. Chelsea will run one day in the sequel "It's Alive!".
It's high time Hillary Clinton wrote another. That is if she can drag herself away from babysitting Chelsea's kid.
Having a drink at a bar & had to move because some loud piggish businessmen were making "Chelsea Clinton is so ugly..." jokes.
If I had a dollar for every time I have been called a racist I could have paid for Chelsea Clinton's wedding too.
Did u know that Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea do NOT take a salary at the Clinton Foundation? Instead, they've given over $1…
On the plus side, if Trump does win, this is great news for Chelsea Clinton. Imagine if BOTH your parents had been President of the USA.
USA has over 318m population but Chelsea Clinton may be able to say both parents president - in America
Chelsea Clinton could become the first person in history to have both parents become presidents of the US.
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Imagine being Chelsea Clinton and having BOTH your parents be POTUS. That's loads better than the PTA.
Chelsea Clinton could soon be saying that BOTH of her parents have been President of the USA. How crazy/incredible is that?!
Random thoughts - . Chelsea Clinton will be the only person in this country (world?) to have had both parents as...
Sources in New York reporting that Chelsea Clinton withdrew $350,000 from the Clinton Foundation to cover her voting expenses this morning.
Chelsea Clinton used Clinton Foundation resources for her wedding -- email from top Bill Clinton aid Doug Band
Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls all had to change schools...
LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 23: Chelsea Clinton appears at an announcement by ServiceNation to launch '
NOT a conspiracy, folks. Here are 3 pics of Chelsea Clinton wearing an upside down cross; do we want this in the WHITE ***
The big finale: On Monday, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Chelsea Clinton will have a rally in…
Propaganda Alert! Misleading Article About Jill Stein in the Chelsea Clinton on board,…
Chelsea Clinton works at DailyBeast keep in mind
Jill Stein Responds to Daily Beast Smear Attack By Calling for Disclosure of Chelsea Clinton's Role as Director of Beast’s Pare…
Is there a father/daughter relationship between Webb Hubbell and Chelsea Clinton?
BOMBSHELL VIDEO!!. The moment Chelsea Clinton finds out she is Webb Hubbell's daughter not Bill Clinton's!!.
Chelsea Clinton is biological daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton ..
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
HILLARYS'AFFAIR Chelsea Clinton is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell via
Chelsea Clinton speaks at a Get Out the Vote rally along with Senator Patty Murray and Dem…
Chelsea Clinton email to Podesta: Foundation not paying bills. Didn't Hillary accuse Trump of screwing the little guy?
For the record, DNA test results show that Janet Reno is Chelsea Clinton's biological father...
Inbox: Chelsea Clinton campaigning in the once-deeply red state of Arizona on October 19 — where Trump is up by just 0.7…
I guess I'd have to say my new religion is Chelsea Clinton saying "Actors Equity Association"
This seems big. Chelsea Clinton provides a list of concerns to the staff including John Podesta .
NO MORE CLINTONS, we had enough: Chelsea Clinton talks about possible political career
I love Lionel Shriver. Her latest The Mandibles is fantastic...Chelsea Clinton administration, Krugman as Fed Chair"
Doug Band worries that Chelsea Clinton told one of George W. Bush's daughters about potential malfeasance at the Clinton Found…
So after 8 years Clinton, then we swing red to 8 years Jeb Bush, Chelsea Clinton in 2032 for "progress" again, sets up Jenna Bush in 2040.
Aide calls Chelsea Clinton a 'spoiled brat' in leaked emails she sounds as lovely as her crooked m…
Chelsea Clinton: Post-Scalia Supreme Court will be open to gun control U want gun confiscation fr law abiding citzs
Come to think of it, 33,000 emails for a big society wedding like Chelsea Clinton had seems kinda low.
Had never even been dimly aware of the guy. But does this mean NBC news had paid Billy Bush, Chelsea Clinton, and Jenna Bush?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Yea and Chelsea Clinton makes 700k hows that for non profit.
Alleged Victim of Rape by Bill Clinton tells Chelsea, “Your Father is a Sexual Predator” - Freedom Outpost
The afterbirth of Webster Hubbell's *** speaks and can't draw a hoo…
Chelsea Clinton holds early voting rally in Mpls.
new update: Chelsea Clinton bemoans life in the public spotlight: "I...
"I was 35 when Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now 73. It never goes away"
Chelsea Clinton was paid $900,000 to be a part time employee at Clinton Foundation. is that a good use of…
Chelsea Clinton looks like she's been hit with a bag of nickels. What an ugly offspring!
Chelsea Clinton is on Seth Meyer's show right now...grrr she is her mother's daughter. Enough said. 😕
Elizabeth Banks chats with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton during roundtable discussion:
I'm gonna start a media label and sell Chelsea Clinton speech DVDs at the iTunes Store. Guaranteed…
Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at a dinner reception with former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto in Islamabad h…
Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Bill Clinton of rape, fires back at Chelsea Clinton. Martin Brodel
Juanita Broaddrick to Chelsea Clinton: "Your parents are not nice people"
Not one person has Ever died from cannabis. . She's ignorant.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Justin is the picture of Chelsea Clinton a few years from now when they try to force her in as POTUS.
Chelsea Clinton will be Green Bay,WI this Friday at 11:30 a.m. at the Meyer Theater, 117 S. Washington St. Doors will…
Hillary Clinton 100% approves of state sanctioned efforts to torture Chelsea Manning to such point as her mind and personality do not exist
😂 "The use of Mr. Giuliani as a surrogate on this front could be problematic given the former mayor’s own history."
. I lie so my mom dose not have to. - . via
this summer was such a special week for my family. Thank you for letting me share:
It's a distraction from his inability to talk about what's actually at stake in this election
.responds to Trump's threat to bring up her father's mistress at the via
Hats off for respectable no one in the public arena can be found with no distractions in their past!
Chelsea Clinton on Trump's threat to bring up her fathe... via
For most of my life, I deliberately led a private life in the public eye.
Chelsea Clinton implies here that marijuana can kill you. Uhh
Chelsea Clinton: Marijuana is killing people. Me: Your mom is killing more people.
"If you want to tap into Clinton, Inc... you’re gonna get a call from the chief marketing officer, Chelsea Clinton." htt…
We found that Sen Menendez was secretly fed questions from Chelsea Clinton during Benghazi hearings. Nothing happens to either of them ??
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Don't forget that Chelsea Clinton is on the board of directors of The Daily Beast's parent company (IAC). Company is kno…
Sadiq Khan . backs Hillary Clinton. & he is off to meet w Chelsea Clinton. Sunni God may know why? . https…
I guess you have seen Chelsea Clinton the automated answer prompter? Talk about letting down your white privileged family
Chelsea Clinton answering questions at Sinclair Community College. Can't wait til she is again First Daughter!
Sinclair Community College ready for Chelsea Clinton campaign event at noon. +
Chelsea Clinton is going to appear downstairs and right now they are playing 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams really loud. More later.
Chelsea Clinton says he was unaware her mother had pneumonia until she arrived home on Sunday
Chelsea Clinton is to speak at Sinclair Community College in Dayton
Chelsea Clinton disses Matt Lauer over treatment of Hillary at election forum
happened to the Chelsea Clinton video of her her tirade & assault at Mac Donald's when she couldn't buy chicken mac nuggets
. The State Department has redacted Chelsea Clinton's actual email address on
Chelsea Clinton will run the Clinton Foundation if her mother is elected. Even Tammany Hall had rules against this.
Bill and Chelsea Clinton stay in the Morroccan king's palace when they travel overseas. Nothing shady about this.
Can you just imagine... 8 yrs of Killary followed by . 8 yrs Michelle Obama... THEN Chelsea Clinton...THE END
Chelsea Clinton: Bernie Sanders’ plan to end mass incarceration is ‘worrying' Remember this from…
Say "Hi" to your board member Chelsea Clinton. Your name suits you.
Guess Bob doesn't remember nasty comments about Amy Carter or Chelsea Clinton.
I thought it of Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, Bush Twins and Obama girls. Just a principled idea of mine
Marc Mezvinsky: As Chelsea Clinton takes the stage to introduce her mother…
Everything you need to know about Chelsea Clinton's husband, Marc Mezvinsky
I agree, but did you notice Chelsea Clinton was wearing red, Hillary was wearing white and Bill was wearing blue.
Chelsea Clinton husband Marc Mezvinsky lost $100 MIL from investors, but won't apologize..
A late-career Future will perform at Chelsea Clinton's nominating convention & your kids will look at him like Carole King
Chelsea Clinton's husband Marc Mezvinsky has ‘nothing to say’ to his investors | Daily Mail Online
Get to know Chelsea Clinton's struggling hedge fund manager husband Marc Mezvinsky:
Chelsea Clinton's husband is Marc Mezvinsky, the co-founder of a hedge fund and an investment banker. htt…
Hillary & Chelsea Clinton with Ben Affleck on their Cornell University visit in October 2000 (photo:
Chelsea Clinton, millionaire daughter of corruption on stage. Chelsea Manning ethical whistle blower being sent to solitary…
Chelsea Clinton: "My parents raised me to know how lucky I was"
Chelsea Clinton hugs her mother, Hillary Clinton, onstage at
random curly-haired girl fact: often, in the 90s--at airports--I was asked whether I was Chandra Levy or Chelsea Clinton
WATCH: Bill Clinton to 'hark back to his Irish roots' if he's in the White House - Chelsea Clinton:
it's always 1984 to these people. In 2020, Chelsea Clinton and advisor Mark Penn will be retrieving...
Chelsea Clinton says she left the pro-life Baptist church at age six | Daily Mail Online
Chelsea: "My mom tells you how she's going to pay for everything." By grifting Haiti? .
Lots of memories, lots of 80s and 90s fashion... a few pics of me and my mom for
CHELSEA CLINTON can't even get a real job. Clintons had 2 prop her up with a $900,000 salary at the Clinton Foundation. She's no role model.
Chelsea Clinton: Ivanka should ask her father for details on equal pay for women
Chelsea Clinton was moved to tears during mom Hillary's historic moment:
US wd have to add 3.8M teachers to match T/S ratio that Trump kids & Chelsea Clinton experienced in their schools https:…
Bill Clinton just gave Hillary Clinton all credit for raising Chelsea well. In all the Trump kids' praise, their mother…
Also, First Lady isn't reserved for the wives of Presidents. So Chelsea Clinton could be First Lady.
Also from my writer days: How and I practically grew up together. Sorta kinda. (Heart you, Chels.)
Media never asks Chelsea Clinton about how her father treated women. But often asks Ivanka Trump the same. . Hmmm 🤔 htt…
Is it just me that thinks Chelsea Clinton is Butt ugly!
Why would the media be upset by calling for the 33,000 emails regarding Chelsea wedding from being leaked? 😏
We get it--it's tough to be Mr. Chelsea Clinton. .
Touching story about helping Chelsea move into her college dorm. But who would let Bill Clinton loose in a female college…
The fact that Chelsea Clinton leapt to her feet when Bill Clinton mentioned Michelle Obama says much abt the class of Chel…
Chelsea Clinton's mother-in-law Marjorie Margolis lives in a Philly suburb. I guess she was baby sitting the grandchildren last night.
Hillary Clinton, presidential nominee. First of her name. Mother of Chelsea. The Unbernt. Breaker of Glass Ceilings.
Chelsea vs. Ivanka. . I don't think Clinton wants to go there.
Chelsea Clinton wants to know how Ivanka's dad will secure equal pay for women:
Thought: If Hillary Clinton wins, she, Chelsea & Bill will be the first since Roosevelt to live at White House for more than two terms.
this article would make a good segment on today's show. is Chelsea Clinton lie.
Wow, Chelsea is a dead ringer for her dad, Web!
Chelsea Clinton challenges Ivanka Trump on equal pay for women Like Chelsea getting $900k to do nothing?
Chelsea Clinton: Hillary's nomination gives young girls something to dream about
What happened to Chelsea Clinton and Tiffani Trump? They both have beautiful mothers but look like aliens!
she's an Orthodox Jew and bffs with Chelsea Clinton this is where my perpetual confusion for her involvement stems from
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Hearing that both Chelsea Clinton & Slick Willy will be speaking at Dem Convention- WHY??? Sounds like a f*g coronation to me!
Clinton. In that case. I will have what Chelsea's having
I have voted in every election that I have been qualified to vote in since I turned 18.
Prosecution of state secrets:. Clinton: no indictment. Petraeus: no jail. Edward Snowden: exile. Chelsea Manning: 35 yrs.
When people say crazy stuff about me or my family, I don't take it seriously.
Changing laws and changing the political dialogue, while necessary, is insufficient to e...
maybe trump will pick Chelsea Clinton for his VP. I would not put it past him. sean would love the unconventional pick
Our job now is to see our progressive platform implemented by a Democratic Senate, a Democratic House and a Hillary Clin…
I want to be the best daughter and wife and friend and person I can be. And I want to he...
Half of HRC charitable donations went to the Clinton Foundation, where Chelsea's salary is $900 k.
. The more the merrier . The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation donors list.
Dear Chelsea Clinton: Has culture who has self-consciousness and all, who feels the relationship with all other beings So be caught, it can
is because of pay-offs?She bought her daughter Chelsea Clinton a multi-million $$$ mansion Vote R else
latest fake "scandal" -lying about Not part of campaign, and 1 of top rated charities in world.
Prediction: Chelsea Clinton will be first to have both her parents impeached.
I guess Chelsea will manage the Clinton Foundation coffers while Mom and Dad cut the deals.
Meanwhile, people like Chelsea Manning who leak documents for purpose of informing the public face decades in prison http…
Thanks for your latest anti-Bernie propaganda. I'm sure Chelsea Clinton on your Corp. board has nothing to…
Bernie Sanders has abandoned his supporters by endorsing pro-war pro-TPP pro-Wall Street Crooked Hillary Clinton.
You know you're a liberal when you wake up to, "Chelsea Clinton's husband shirtless" on your Safari search. And an empty bottle of vodka.
And now have war hawk Clinton for same reason BTW. Enlist! Chelsea wont!
William, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation is a “lawless, ‘Pay-to-Play’ enterprise... VOTE
So Chelsea Clinton is going to have Bernie decapitated. Got it.
Clinton's only tax deductible charitable contribution of $3M was made to the Clinton Foundation so that they could pay Chelsea, etc
I definitely taught my parents how to text and how to charge their phones.
BREAKING! Bernie Sanders officially endorses Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. Time to 4 good? https:…
Now that Bernie Sanders has formally endorsed Hillary Clinton, who will Americans choose as their President? Vote on my p…
people say Clinton Foundations rigged, the best evidence Chelsea paid $3,000,000 per yr
The media asks Trump's daughter how Donald treats women. Why don't they ask Chelsea how Bill Clinton treats women?
Chelsea Corrupt Clinton on Daily Beast board. Did they threaten his grandchildren?
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at some point the official tone of the clinton supporter became 'sassy comeback GIFs and condescension,' which like.. hope that works out
There must be a cheat code for all of this. What if we vote for Ivanka Trump & Chelsea Clinton? lolz
Watch live: Sanders to endorse Clinton in N.H. via
No need 2 b afraid of OR her fndatn, does A LOT of good, hs an "A" rating.Pls read:
can we make Chelsea testify to the house How come she is the only clinton not to lie to congress?
Make Chelsea Clinto testify to congress. Why should she be the only Clinton mot to lie to congress.
October, 2054:. "Chelsea Clinton's re-election in serious doubt after 41-year probe into her mother's emails enters…
A new congressional letter circulating among lawmakers charges the William, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton...
simple. The word Clinton is synonymous with lawlessness. Chelsea not included.
In Clinton's (Chelsea) America, when your tattoo fades, you stop getting medical care.
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