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Ched Evans

Chedwyn Michael Ched Evans (born 28 December 1988) is a Wales international footballer currently playing as a striker for Sheffield United.

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Scott Neilson battering a taxi driver, Clayton MacDonald and the Ched Evans 'i…
Obviously there's also the kids (Brownell, Smith, Parkin) and Ched Evans, if his move falls through for whatever reason.
I'm sure Ched Evans and Billy Sharp will lead you to survival!
On a serious note if Jessica Ennis-Hill doesn't give Ched Evans a public apology for slandering him then she is no Role model
Yes, because the person who really deserves condemnation about the whole Ched Evans affair is... Jessica Ennis-Hill 🤔 ht…
If they can make Jessica Ennis a dame for trotting & hating Ched Evans, they can give Alexander Blackman MBE for the suffering he's endured
Sheffield United are set to re-sign striker Ched Evans, six months after he was found not guilty of rape.
And hot on the heels of the news about Ched Evans is this: Adam Johnson: "I wish I'd raped her"
Them signing Ched Evans is the most Sheffield United thing I've ever seen.
Ched Evans set to return to Sheffield United six months after being cleared of rape charge
Is the ched evans thing just sheff utd giving money to a local club on hard times and calling it a transfer?
Sheffield United to re-sign striker Ched Evans from Chesterfield
Would you have rather signed Lee Gregory for £2M or Ched Evans for 500k I know which one I would have picked. SUPER CHED EVANS IS BACK
If the penalty for rape was death, Ched Evans would be wrongfully executed. I'm not down for seeing innocent people get wasted.
Reminder that Ched Evans was found 'not guilty' of raping someone because another man owned up to raping her previously. h…
Ched Evans to have medical this week ahead of return to Sheffield United
Sheffield Utd are set to re-sign Ched Evans. Can you ever redeem your reputation after being wrongly accused of a sexual crime?
Weirdest part about Sheff United signing Ched Evans is the fact they're paying £500,000 for a striker who scored 5 goals i…
Fetch the high horse from the stable! Ched Evans: Sheffield United set to re-sign striker from Cheste…
So many feminists out in force tonight still claiming Ched Evans is a rapist. Move along now he was found 'not guilty' for a…
It was also based on her sexual relations after the Ched Evans situation. He wil…
New post: Blades set to re-sign striker Ched Evans League One champions Sheffield
New post: Ched Evans: Chesterfield striker to have Sheffield United medical this week ahead of Bramall Lane return
Ched Evans is expected to have a medical this week at Sheffield Utd. Deal could be done quickly.
Ched Evans set for shock return to Sheffield United via
Sheffield United set to re-sign Ched Evans as Blades agree fee with Chesterfield
With back in the news it's worth reading 's excellent blog on the case .
Jessica Ennis after finding out that Sheffield Utd are close to resigning Ched Evans
Ched Evans isn't to everyone's tastes despite the conviction being overturned but comparing him to HITLER...
Ched Evans set for return to Sheffield United - Irish Independent
The only question i ask myself about the whole Ched Evans saga is: Why isn't the lady in question…
I see Ched Evans is back in the news. Time for a reminder that 'Not Guilty' does not mean 'Innocent' or 'The Complainant L…
Sheffield United looking to bring back Ched Evans - reports - via App
Not one Ched Evans song should be sung Sunday, it's about the boys who have won us the league. Back him once he's here and…
Sheffield United are in talks to re-sign striker Ched Evans from Chesterfield. (Sky Sports)
Oh, what a surprise - Ched Evans set to be welcomed back by Sheffield United. But BBCR4 asking if women have too many r…
Sheffield U . s . set to re-sign Ched Evans from Chesterfield, Sky sources understand – SkySports
Ched Evans scoring and running to celebrate in front of the Jessica Ennis stand is the stuff of dreams
Wednesday fans are actually doing polls on whether Ched Evans is good enough because they need reassuring that they are right😭😭
Sheffield United have reportedly agreed a fee with Chesterfield for former striker Ched Evans.
Ched Evans is a rapist, so is Clayton McDonald who admitted raping a woman too drunk to consent.
Fantastic news for Ched Evans. Good man. Let the feminazis spit.
Sheffield United are set to re-sign Chesterfield striker Ched Evans.
Ched Evans set to re-sign for Sheffield United from Chesterfield
BREAKING: League One champions Sheffield United (in talks to resign Ched Evans from
Sheffield United have agreed a fee worth in the region of £500,000 with Chesterfield to re-sign striker Ched Evans. ht…
Sheffield United are close to re-signing striker Ched Evans from Chesterfield - he's due to undergo a medical.
justice for ched⚡️ “Ched Evans could return to Sheffield United”.
Ched Evans is set to re-sign for Sheffield United and will undergo a medical this week. (Source: BBC Sport)
Ched Evans, I'll tell you what blades, let us do the drinking and celebrating! And let Wilder do what he does best
Adam Johnson backs Ched Evans in secret recording as he blasts: ‘If she’s too drunk to…
Joey Barton, Marlon King, Ched Evans, Adam Johnson, Duncan Ferguson and Tony Adams just to name a few
The most controversial moment yet, when he said Essein "absolutely rapes" Ched Evans on MOTD
Gary Caldwell's thoughts on Ched Evans' contract extension -
Ched Evans, Adam Johnson, Ravel Morrison, the Kray twins and Harold Shipman all linked with a move to Wigan. Looking promising.…
My column on Josh Cullen, Ched Evans, History Makers, Alex Jones and the excellent VP record
Bolton fans constantly focusing on Manchester United and Ched Evans today... maybe focus on your own team... because w…
63' Michael Bostwick upends Ched Evans and earns a yellow card. It's still not flowing for Posh. Chesterfield remain dangerous.
Ched Evans just scored a goal, but it was disallowed because the goalkeeper didn't give him permission too
James Collins vs Sanchez and Ozil will be like a 19 year old waitress against Clayton McDonald and Ched Evans
I'd have been tempted to bring it back for a Ched Evans one had I not already done it for Lee Hughes.
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Kevin Wimmer here with the worst defensive display since Ched Evans original trial
Wilson says Ched Evans is "50-50" for tomorrow's match and that he's also not sure on the availablity of Jon Nolan.
Ched Evans misses out with an ankle injury, but could be back for Tuesday. Jon Nolan misses a fortnight with his hamstr…
Better news for Ched Evans, who will be assessed ahead of the Fleetwood game to see the extent of his ankle knock.
Ched Evans given standing ovation as Chesterfield lose to Sheffield United
Ched Evans off injured after 65 minutes and receives standing ovation from all sections of the Proact.
Nice to see Ched Evans getting a standing ovation from Shef Utd fans 👏
Ched Evans gets standing ovation from both sets of supporters in limping off injured. Outstanding display as lone striker.
Ched Evans given standing ovation as Chesterfield are thrashed by former club Sheffield United
Might add Martin Jol to the CoysGeorge hall of fame. So far the only members are Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and Ched Evans.
An open letter to and colleagues re the Ched Evans case:
I think statement/concern from Labour women MPs slightly flattens complexities of Ched Evans evidence controversy
I note will be discussing the Ched Evans case. I'll be away when its on air but I have a question... (cont'd)
. Do you genuinely not understand the Ched Evans case, or are you just grandstanding?
Seems far too easy for criticism of people supporting Ched Evans conviction to be labelled as abuse. Can't have it one way, without contest.
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Female Labour MPs write to attorney general over Ched Evans case
Whatever your views on the Ched Evans case, and I've been trying to avoid having any, you should read this now.
.very politely disagrees with over Ched.
From a Ched Evans interview with the Telegraph. Think we can all agree, LAD behaviour sounds utterly pathetic when…
40 female Labour MPs want that awful section 41 removing from law on previous sexual history. Via
. Have you apologised to Ched Evans yet?
Why wouldn’t most defendants, claiming consent, not check out the Evans defence? with
A blogger raising money for the woman who Footballer Ched Evans was accused of raping says the campaign is about showing "love ...
Ched Evans accuser shown 'love and support' by fundraising campaign: A blogger raising…
Here we go again. More legislators not understanding the laws they pass. The reality of Ched Evans and s.41 is here ht…
No anonymity for accused sex offenders, that's how the rape gangs of Rotherham happened!.
Yes the outrage Fems showed for Ched Evans being found not guilty of rape whilst remaining completely sile…
There may be collateral damage like Cliff Richard, but I still say no charter for sex offenders in the UK!.
The hypocrisy of front page today: on the right a damning opinion of Ched Evans & his attitude to women, meanwhi…
Rival fan logic-. Ched Evans is innocent because the courts proved it, but John Terry is still a racist although he got decla…
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The Ched Evans case puts rape reform back 30 years by via
Important article on about rape and consent by the man Give it a read -
EPT_bot: lee griffiths got ched evans preg
'We cannot allow the courts to judge rape by sexual history' | Vera Baird :
'They may as well have said she was asking for it' says Ched Evans accuser's dad
Wrote this about why ever abusing Ched Evans' accuser is wrong
Top story = Ched Evans himself in a warehouse with a leather jacket belonging to his
Ched Evans should probably sue these for libel.
Yes! Finally I agree with The Sun... ah, then I look to the left and see them normalising Ched Evans' attitude. As…
Ched Evans cleared of rape after retrial at Cardiff Crown Court
ITV apology over Gloria Hunniford's Ched Evans comments on Loose Women
Listening about Ched Evans case. Jesus that was one *** Coked up to eye balls and been in similar circumstances. Hope sh…
''He's a big softie'': Natasha Massey reveals why she stood by Ched Evans throughout……
Ched Evans - There must be no rapists charter in the UK! Listen to Monday's show.
Ched Evans' girlfriend Natasha Massey reveals why she stood by him featured in NBC s Science of Love
Davies was probably encouraged by the way ITV caved after LooseWomen said Ched Evans wasn't a gentleman
Very moving message from woman who donated to CE complainant fund
Super-Chad "Ched" beats off ZOG gynocrat rape accusations
Natasha Massey: 'I hated what my fiancé Ched Evans had done - but I loved him'
Ched Evans has evoked the fury of the middle-class mob .
Very high profile case here in the UK "Ched Evans WINS his appeal against conviction for rape"
Gloria Hunniford needs to apologise on air to Ched Evans
question for debate: If fans shout rapist at Ched Evans should it be treated like racism or homophobic abuse? Eject and ban.
ITV apology over Gloria Hunniford’s Ched Evans comments on Loose Women
'Loose Women' issues statement over Ched Evans complaint, after Gloria Hunniford consent comments…
ITV says sorry over Gloria Hunniford's comments about Ched Evans
'Furious' Gloria Hunniford is left humiliated as ITV apologises to Ched Evans after she said he was the 'last……
respond on air to Ched Evans' legal threat
Gloria Hunniford is left humiliated as ITV says sorry over her Ched Evans 'sex education' jibe…
Ched Evans family considering action ITVs Loose Women: She may have made a technical error but what she said he physically did was correct.
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If you're blood was boiling this morning with the Kaye Adams discussion on Ched Evans, here's a disturbing thread.
Why the Ched Evans verdict does not set a dangerous precedent
Ched Evans 'considering' legal action against Loose Women after comments over his not guilty rape verdict - OK! Ma…
Ched Evans' father in law is very protective over him. Not sure my dad would be as kind to my husband if he tag tea…
there's a crowdfund to send money to the survivor in the Ched Evans case
can I get odds on Ched Evans anytime scorer in Chesterfield vs Fleetwood?
10 myths busted about the Ched Evans case via
Family of Ched Evans to engage lawyers to look at libel action against Gloria Hunniford...
Ched Evans actively suing people for commenting on the fact he's a class a *** Whatever you call it mate... your not innocent
Excellent by . it is behind a paywall.
Why the fallout from the Ched Evans verdict puts all of our sons at risk, by
There can't possibly be a person on this planet that values the opinion of rizzle kicks on the Ched Evans case 😂
There is no such thing as too much emotional sobriety in a matter like this:.
Calm and sensible words from and on the Ched Evans case.
Gloria Hunniford wins today's Broadcasting Truths award. Nice one Glo. When will this horrible family just go away? http…
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Your language is rather crude, but I do agree - Ched Evans could do a lot of good now. His case provides a stark wa…
Being found 'not guilty' does not make Footballer Ched Evans' actions morally innocent
Ched Evans considering legal action against Loose Women and Gloria Hunniford over 'misinformation' on show
to face legal action from Ched Evans?
Checking the timelines of people defending Ched Evans and they're all fretting that the Calais refugee kids 'look like rap…
Look at all these men raging against a woman sharing the fund for the Ched Evans complainant. They hate to see wome…
Ched Evans considering suing your old friends, the Moose Women
Conor Wilkinson misses today's game after the knock he picked up at Southend, while Paul McGinn and Ched Evans are fit…
any thoughts on the remarks made on the "loose woman" show ref The acquitted Ched Evans ?
More than £11,000 in donations raised in a day to Ched Evans rape complainant & Rape Crisis
Good evening from the proact stadium. Spireites v Fleetwood. Returns for Paul mcginn and ched Evans in the bench.
‘Horrific’ radio talk as callers debate Ched Evans case on Kaye Adams show via
A jury may have found Ched Evans innocent but they also found Steven Avery guilty ... twice.
The legal justice system has spoken, but Ched Evans is still guilty because Julie, a 47 year old rug munching feminist fr…
Ched Evans wife stood by him through rape charges but some of you girls want to break up because your man didn't notice yo…
The Ched Evans situation is disgusting. rape is most definitely one of the worst things a person can do but lying about…
Ched Evans is a danger to women, and the thought of him educating young people about consent is insulting to all women an…
Court of Appeal judgment in the Ched Evans case,
if you would like to see a public apology from after her comments on Ched Evans!
it is not BS. i am telling you the facts. you can read them yourself. even ched evans said today "she didnt accuse me"
The Ched Evans case sends a chilling message to women: don't report rape - The Telegraph
CW: discussion of r*pe, Ched Evans case. NUSU Feminist Society stands in solidarity with this woman, and all survivors of se…
What are you blathering on about? You're just a weird troll. Ched Evans NOT GUILTY.
Chesterfield striker Ched Evans has revealed that he won't apologize to the girl who accused him of raping her as...
‘I can never apologize to girl who accused me of rape, she had a blackout doesn’t mean she…
This whole Ched Evans case really hasn't reflected well on Premier Inn.
Take Ched Evans for example. Do you know any facts about the case?
Ched Evans and the rape that wasn't via
Men saying the woman at the centre of the Ched Evans case should be put on trial are 'intellectually flawed'
Ched Evans sets sights on a Wales recall after Chesterfield striker was cleared of rape
Footballer Ched Evans says he'll never apologise to woman who accused him of rape...
Ched Evans potentially had a big career ahead of him but had it taken away over someone's dishonesty, surely she'll fa…
I just wish people marching around social media debating Ched Evans might stop for one second to think they might be talk…
Hopefully this is not a gimmick and that perhaps at least someone learned something from the awful situation
Ched Evans trial is a masterclass in why women don't report rape by Laura Bates
ched evans Anyone else getting blocked by the left if they don't like what you say. I haven't sworn, threatened yet 8 have now blocked me
The Ched Evans case will not 'deter rape complainants from coming forward'. Check your facts. There was no rape complaina…
If you see anyone naming the accuser in Ched Evans' case, you can report it to North Wales Police: northwalespolice
Don't doubt for a second that Ched Evans supporters are die hard advocates for due process and justice and that's why they're s…
Powerful piece, especially ref to research about how often judges allowed sexual history evidence in rape trials
This by is bang on: there is no way I would report rape now. Not given this verdict and the reaction to it. https:…
Today's blogpost: 10 myths about the Ched Evans case
I believe Ched Evans raped that young woman & will do all I can 2 challenge the vile misogyny in the legal system that led to…
Hull City, Aston Villa and Cardiff City are monitoring Chesterfield striker Ched Evans. [
you read it wrong, I'm not sticking up for Ched Evans, but it's not right to say that stuff when you don't have a clue
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Big up Ched Evans. What punishment does the stupid girl get for completely ruining the guys career and life?
To men taking time to hurl insults at woman in Ched Evans case - you're hurling that hatred at all women-Including the one…
High profile cases such as Ched Evans are a reason We're still doubted even when the man's found guilty.
Yes, Ched Evans, being an entitled, misogynistic brat can definitely put you at risk of raping someone - ffs
I feel like I really need to comment on this Ched Evans case...
seems determined to attack Sir Dave Brailsford and defend Ched Evans. He might just be in danger of losing the plot.
This is the best legal analysis of the Ched Evans case I've read to date
Richard Keys crowing about the Ched Evans verdict is testing my powers of internet restraint. 👭
Ched Evans is a relieved man today. He shags around behind his birds back in Premier Inns and gets away with it every time.
Ched Evans has lost thousand of pounds and had his career ruined because of that accusation, but the girl will just walk f…
. *Ched Evans found guilty* . You: 'The law is a joke, he's innocent'. *Ched Evans found innocent* . You: 'The law i…
Hopefully the girl who lied about being raped by Ched Evans gets the book thrown at her. Disgraceful.
Paedophile Adam Johnson's ex-girlfriend celebrates as Ched Evans cleared of rape
She ruined Ched Evans's life yet she's the one who gets all this protection. Release her name and load her *** wit…
I've said for the last 5 years Ched Evans is innocent! I got so much stick for standing up for what I believed in... I co…
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The girl who accused Ched Evans of rape should be ashamed, it's because of girls like her that actual rapists get away…
So Ched Evans done time inside prison to then found out he isn't guilty? Mad
"women lie about rape for money and attention.". Ched Evans accuser was forced to move 5 times and go into hiding. How…
Ched Evans statement: Footballer's 'relief' at being cleared of rape
Jessica Ennis-Hill spoke out about a convicted rapist. She owes no apology to Ched Evans. She's not psychic.
Alright you fancy apologising to Ched Evans for messing up his move to Sheffield United that time?
Wonder when Jessica Ennis-hill will make a public apology to ched Evans 👀
Solidarity to all survivors affected by ched evans outcome today & to brave survivor who gave evidence at trial
Much like moaning the feminazi-alligned, 'lefty Ched Evans hate mob' are reacting badly to being on the wrong side. Again.
Ched Evans behaved badly but, as it turned out, was far more badly treated by the justice system - & his former club suffer…
Those who claim this is about the verdict should remember near identical abuse after previous trial found Ched Evans gu…
BREAKING: Ched Evans found not guilty of rape.
The girl who lied about Ched Evans is a disgrace! Should be locked up 😤
An apology to Ched Evans would be lovely, don't you think?🙂
Ched Evans: Footballer found not guilty of hotel rape
Between Ched Evans and Brock Turner, all progress in sexual violence cases has seemingly been nullified.
Ched Evans found not guilty of rape, why does that not surprise me. They should throw her in prison for ruining his life over…
That lassie that ruined Ched Evans career should be put in prison for the amount a time he spent in there, shocking ruinin a…
Only possible reaction to the Ched Evans verdict. . Utterly. Sickening.
Consent is to a particular act of sex, with a particular person at a particular time and place. It is not general: https:…
If a client of mine is accused of robbing a bank, can I call other banks as witnesses to say he didn't rob them?
Ched Evans may not have raped that young girl, but he took advantage of her and his behaviour was not acceptable regardless. Shady bloke
Ched Evans verdict: Why we should all feel anxious about high profile rape cases.
Our statement on the Ched Evans verdict - There is help and support available - Live Fear Free Helpline 0808 8010800 ht…
blade aside, I feel for Ched Evans. Some *** after money/publicity has cost him his career, send her down.
Ched Evans NOT GUILTY that girl needs to be sent to jail. Something needs to be done about this now.!!
Exactly what are we all after. and are we likely to recognise it as such when it is delivered. "Ched Evans"
Peppd that Ched Evans has lost 4 years of his life and his career because of some little horrible slag
Ched Evans lost 4-5 years of his career and had to endure jail due to a girl lying. Surely she should be in court next? ***
Ched Evans accuser should not be granted anonymity anymore. He wasn't granted that privilege so why should she?
Funny* thing about the Ched Evans case is that even if he was found guilty so many rape apologists would still be screaming…
Ched Evans has lost 5 years of his life because of a lie
the bird who lied about Ched Evans raping her should be going to jail
I think that the Ched Evans case is way too nuanced to get on a high horse on either side. Best left to those invo…
Every football stadium in U.K. should applaud on 9th minute to show support for Ched Evans. 9 is his number. Solidarity.…
Non-partizan explanation of today's decision Ched Evans – Not Guilty of rape via Criminal Law Blog
people who want to weigh in on the Ched Evans case: please take the time to understand that, legally, "not guilty" does…
In the 21C, whether a man raped you is determined by your previous sexual conduct, as judged by other men. Vile. https:/…
So many things I wanna say on here but I'm not allowed 😠 I really hope Ched Evans plays till he's 40 and makes up for lost…
Ched Evans found not guilty but how does he get his reputation and his career back? Shambles.
Since Ched Evans has already served time for it, in my opinion he should be allowed 1 rape free of charge
Just commented on Footballer Ched Evans cleared of raping teenager after retrial -
Let's NOT forget, Women % wise lose in court in rape charges, so this case for Ched Evans is damaging to those VICTIMS so much more!
Ched Evans’ flawed retrial raises grave concerns about justice for victims of sexual violence
The reaction of men celebrating Ched Evans makes me feel sick, scared, and unsafe.
Here's what Ched Evans had to say after being acquitted of rape
Ched Evans: Cleared footie ace's club Chesterfield express their delight after he is dramatically cleared of raping…
If you want to know why women don't report rape, or get an insight into how much men hate women, search for Ched Evans' nam…
BREAKING: Ched Evans accuser commits suicide following the conclusion of the trial
Disgusting online response to Ched Evans verdict - abuse, misogyny, raking up past sexual history - a masterclass in wh…
Seeing these feminists say Ched Evans is still guilty is getting in my skull 🙈 the bird whos ruined his life needs locking…
Ched Evans was wrongly targeted. Period. Feminism is important but some people take unfair advantage of it, for money.
After flawed retrial of Ched Evans, WE want justice for survivors
Ched Evans missus is a rite munter, I can see why he was shaggin about in Premier Inns
Made up for Ched Evans, but sadly it doesn't get his time back and what could've been as a footballer!
The rich footballer and the waitress living at home: Ched Evans trial profiles
Ched Evans: footballer found not guilty of rape in retrial
So happy for Ched Evans. All them feminists and do gooders owe him a very big apology. Jumping on him just because it was a…
FFS Ched Evans cleared of rape in retrial. His team brought "in previous partners to trash her character.”
The "evidence" in Ched Evans case is terrifying. Will they now say a woman cannot be raped unless she is a virgin? https…
Ched Evans cleared of rape after retrial. Full story by
Ched Evans cleared of rape: Worth reading full report here by including how Evans behaved that night https:…
Ched Evans: The footballer's journey to clear his name
.A recommendation. No probs. Recommend you avoid Premier Inns and Ched Evans.
Most discussed topic in Leeds right now: Ched Evans
Even Ched Evans doesn't quite seem to know what he's been accused of.
Ched Evans is INNOCENT. Classic example of a *** hungry *** who got too drunk and is crying "rape". Hes done nothing wrong
If you think Donald Trump is alone in his remarks about women, check out the Ched Evans trending topic. So sad to see.
Whatever happens during the trial, Ched Evans will not be cleared of sordid behaviour unbecoming to any real man. So s…
Just been stupid enough to search 'Ched Evans'. Among his supporters lurks the cesspit of humanity.
It is for the jury to decide on the guilt or innocence of Ched Evans. Until then, we should respect the right the man has t…
There's a lot of people sharing that the woman in the Ched Evans rape trial 'could not remember a thing'. Rape is rape.…
What many don't seem to understand is that EVEN IF Ched Evans is found not guilty during the retrial, it doesn't mean the…
Locker room talk assuming that Ched Evans is there.
great logic. Just maybe he's innocent. Let's not kill Ched Evans just yet.
Was away to buy fifa then I seen ched evans isn't in it
listening to news summary on at 7pm, i wonder if Ched Evans went to sex education classes taught by Donald Trump
When you make the mistake of checking why Ched Evans is trending and see a steady stream of vile sick misogyny from rea…
Ched Evans: 'Victim' consented to sex and 'sounded like she was enjoying it' ^ITV
Ched Evans rape trial hears footballer 'didn't ejaculate because it became real he was cheating on girlfriend'
Ched Evans denies raping woman in hotel
Ched Evans tells rape retrial that woman consented to sex
If Ched Evans is found not guilty of rape on his re-trial then the girl that he allegedly raped should be prosecuted
Evans admits at retrial to ‘childish’ behaviour: London (AFP) – Ched Evans admitted he had behaved in a “chil...
If ched Evans is found not guilty the girl needs to know she ruined a man's career
Amazing how many Ched Evans fans got a law degree in their cornflakes this morning
Quote Unquote R4 today! Who said 'I can do what I like to women - I'm famous!' Ched Evans? Donald Trump? Jimmy Savile?…
I don't really get in the Ched Evans trial how the other guy isn't also getting done for rape
Footballer Ched Evans tells court teenager was not too drunk to giv... via
MAIL on last link. Ched Evans tells his rape retrial 'victim was enjoying herself dur...
Jurors sworn in for retrial of Wales Footballer Ched Evans
Ched Evans told police threesome not unusual, court hears - reports:
Ched Evans rape trial: Star told cops he'd 'had threesome before...and girls like it'.
WINS rape appeal and faces retrial as conviction is...
The Court of Appeal quashes rape conviction...
Made the mistake of reading some people's thoughts on the Ched Evans trial 😡🔫
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