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Chavez Jr

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I liked a video Kevin Barry breaks down Joshua-Klitschko and Canelo-Chavez Jr
Costco is selling canelo Chavez Jr tickets for 20% off. I thought they was sold out though? ?
I bet Canelo comes in at over 180 lbs for his fight with Chavez Jr. De La Hoya has been protecting him ever since the Floyd loss (1/2)
Jorge Arce and Chavez Jr for total of 25 champions. Dayum
Fans waiting for Canelo v. Chavez Jr. press conference. Their fight will be May 6 in Las Vegas.
VIDEO: Canelo and Chavez Jr raise the stakes and bet their purses on the May 6th fight 💰Mi…
Canelo a natural welterweight who's fighting Chavez Jr who's fought at light-heavyweight, size gonna be INTERESTIN…
Chavez Jr is one big boy, I'm not convinced Canelo Alvarez can do this
Watch Saul Alvarez working the mitts accompanied by some Mexican 🎵 in the background! He fights Chavez Jr o…
Alverez v Chavez Jr. I am not sure why but I am looking forward to this.
Chavez Jr. has great trainer for Canelo fight - By Dan Ambrose: Former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Ch...
Canelo and Chavez Jr. on May 6th fight to take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas not Dallas.
Canelo Alvarez vs. Chavez Jr to take place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.
Robert Garcia: On Canelo-Chavez Jr, Mikey-Zlaticanin, and being one of the best.: via
Who you see winning this fight vato. Chavez Jr vs Canelo Alvarez .
Big fight for Mexico wins by KO for me never been a fan of Chavez Jr.
So Canelo was not big enough to fight GGG at 160 but will fight Chavez Jr at 164.5.
Joe Smith Jr knocked out the guy that knocked out Chavez Jr
Canelo Alvarez vs. Chavez Jr. expected to be confirmed next week
Canelo Alvarez willing to fight Chavez Jr at 168 but not Gennady Golovkin at 160
Then again I am thinking back to Brian Vera nearly handing Chavez Jr his *** LMAO
Chavez Jr. and Britsch set for clash
Chavez Jr. fights Britsch on Saturday - Former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will be making ...
When your dad is Julio César Chávez and he gives you advice, you listen‼️ Chavez Jr fights in Monterey MX next.
Chavez Jr. set to fight Britsch but eyes Canelo
Chavez Jr. to face Britsch, but eyes Canelo. My story:
it was an honor to help translate to the Legend Julio Cesar.Chavez Jr
Who is at 168 who is a big fight? He tried Chavez Jr, but Chavez got injured (yeah, right) Other than , no-one.
Freddie Roach says he thinks Chavez Jr return bout could be backed up from July 16th. Estimates he's about 185, right now
So true. Jose G Chavez Jr has endured many a night like this--lol!!
wish I could've been there with you Marco Chavez Jr., but I was at work
All purpose parts banner
Great way to "protest". Follow examples like Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr. instead of acting like wild animals.
- dope tattoos😛. - sometimes I still reminisce about times in Jr. High/hs &remember Mr Browns class& Daniel Chavez in that mug
Need some more Chavez Jr in my life. He's gotta get a fight soon bro
«A ghost you say? A ghost may be. She was just like a ghost to me...»
Our top GPAs, Mariel Antunez, Ricardo Pargas Jr and Armando Chavez. Congratulations, we are very proud of you!!!
Guy wins one official fight since 2012, and he's gets the options of facing Chavez Jr and Canelo
My new story: prefers to go up in weight for Chavez Jr than down to 155 for Canelo
Ken Griffey Jr retired 6 years ago today. Here's the commercial Nike ran that week.
Gabe Rosado vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. now this is a fight I hope happens. Nothing like 2 warriors battling it out👊🏼
getting ready for Chavez Jr. I'll be tuning in and Goodluck champ!!
From what I'm reading the 2nd marriage between Freddie Roach and Chavez Jr is working out. I hope it lasts.
I could use the same argument...fonfara beat cleverly, and chavez Jr , first to stop him, so he
regram Yo what weight is Chavez Jr. Fighting at next? WTFFF he looks huge…
Hopefully ggg and chavez Jr meet at 168 as roach said, im a chavez fan but it's very very frustrating
Arum on Possibility of Gilberto Ramirez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. - Boxing News via
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Arum on Chavez Jr going back to Roach,"thats like people who go to rehab for like two weeks and they've kiced an addictio…
Chavez Jr is kinda like Steve Howe. Always getting suspended for drugs, goes to rehab, returns to the mound - then snorts…
What's the difference between Canelo and Chavez jr? . Weed
I have no interest in watching Chavez Jr, Canelo, Walters, Stevenson, Ward, Charlos and especially Floyd. Am I a casual now?😂
does this open the opportunity for Crawford-Broner and Ramirez-Chavez Jr? Among others or too early?
Chavez Jr prob gets so baked he forgets he trained and just hits up Golden Corral nightly.
Big news!. Watch our announcement and read how SeaWorld is changing here:
for one fight it was going to be 2m a piece and Chavez jr only mad more with high ppv
recall Chavez jr was only getting 7m if he agreed to a rematch clause .. ppv sales had to be really high too.
Carl's Jr. CEO says he's investing in machines because he can't afford to pay workers
I do think Chavez jr ducked but those contacts they offered were garbage. Basically same money as ggg"B"side ???
Chavez Jr REVEALS he was 200 lbs wants May BOXING return via
Looks like Chavez Jr fell in a pool of Jell-O and is trying to eat his way out.
Mexico's next big star could be - the ex-construction worker talks Abraham, Chavez Jr & more
BOXINGEGO: Chavez Jr admits he was 195 after surgery.
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Accident, right lane blocked on I-35 SB at Cesar Chavez St, stop and go traffic back to M L K Jr Blvd, delay of 10 mins
Just read that Arreola injured his ankle in training. Maybe he can fight Chavez Jr when they're both healthy. No catchweight needed.
Wilder headed to Russia; Chavez Jr. pulls out of title fight; All this and the latest rumors
Title shot at 168 might be Chavez Jr’s last chance at redemption: Boxing Legend Julio Cesar Chavez was known ...
Chavez Jr was weighing 195 before his training camp.
Its gets even better, next I'm put chavez jr vs some random on primetime. Wait on it.
50/50 may be generous. We may be more likely to see Chavez, Jr. make weight. :-)
The Browns don't have a Tejada, Chavez, Zito, Mulder, or Hudson so...
step up on 'short notice' after Chavez Jr. withdrew?
Chavez Jr. withdraws from Jack bout with heel injury.
Badou Jack hasn't fought for 6 months waiting on Chavez Jr. Fights off. Jack will need to line something else up. Bad management also TMT.
Chavez Jr. has asked for postponement of Badou Jack fight in April due to sprained left ankle.
The delays in Chavez Jr vs Badou Jack being announced is because the future of Chavez Jr is unclear. He may walk away completely.
My man Robert Garcia and Chavez Jr with a silly hat. Looks like he ain't making 168
Great day of training for Julio Cesar.Chavez Jr putting things together with…
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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr ALI is greatest in and out the ring EsNews Boxing via
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr getting in top shape - EsNews Boxing via
Glad I'm able to help and teach Julio Cesar.Chavez jr something new…
Who's next for First Ballot Felix? Chavez Jr can come catch these hands.
Canelo needs to learn english already if they wanna make him a bigger star than he is.. Chavez Jr, Marquez, Barrera, Morales.. They can
Holy *! How good was Chavez jr.-Martinez in the 12th round!?: Forum: General Boxing Forum. Posted By: drenlo...
One of mines was Chavez Jr Vs Martinez lol
I hope so man.. All we have in the higher weight classes are Canelo, Chavez Jr & Zurdo Ramirez.
congratulates Sergio Vargas Jr of Pittsburg HS Wrestling on winning the 2016 BVAL Heavyweight Title! 🏆
So they would've gone up for Froch, Chavez Jr, and now Bhop... But they wouldn't go up for
Was Ade with you at the presser? Or is he in big bear training Chavez Jr lol
Ryan, what's your thoughts on proposed Jack vs Chavez Jr fight?
Badou Jack : chavez jr is not his dad! EsNews Boxing via
Zendaya's dad chaperoned her date with Odell Beckham Jr 😩😩 he don't play
(Left to right) Fumigator Hector Chavez Jr, President Lee Whitmore, fumigators Pablo Maganda and Hector Chavez
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Every time I pass by Cesar Chavez it reminds me of that time Jr ditched school and the fat security chased him 😂
So GGG has no problem going to 168 for Hopkins or Chavez Jr? But I thought he was 160 only? 🤔
McCormack is putting it on Chavez Jr hear
WBC made Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. a brand spanking beautiful new belt in case he doesn't beat Badou Jack.
vs in the works according to the fight will also televise Chavez jr vs Badou Jack
[Boxing News 24]The winner of the Badou Jack vs. Chavez Jr. fight will need to defend the WBC title aga…
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr has revealed a deal is very close for a world title fight with WBC super-middleweight champion in April.
Chavez Jr. says Badou Jack fight is close to being done
Big super-middleweight news as closes on bout with world champ https:…
Next up on WBN are fight updates on - -
"Chavez Jr. Eyeing Super Middleweight Title Bout" via I think he need a few fights first
I know you've all been dying for JC Chavez Jr update, well, here it is:
Chavez Jr told Sr that Amir Khan got K.O by Paquioa during sparring like 3 times while Jr was at the wild card gym Hilarious man !
this is what even ward said "GGG is like Chavez jr, but hits harder and has a better defense"
Father and Chavez Ravine, Massachusetts. Tom Wessel, Jr. Ink and pencil, crayon on paper
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wrong GGG wanted a CW 164 but not for froch or Chavez jr lol
so ggg said he fight froch and Chavez jr who are bigger then ward but 🍵🐸
The demokkkrats were for slavery during the Civil War! Abraham Lincoln was a Republican like like Martin Luther King Jr and Caesar Chavez!!
is that the middleweight Chavez Jr. Beat for title?
Lady.hear me tonight, prolly the best song from gta5 Daniel Mueller Jr Rodriguez Wil Son Chavez Jerald Bell Jr. Ivan Luque
Don't sleep on this *** . POLO.SZN Prod. By RomeoRoel by Felix Chavez Jr
Check out Cros Chavez's Jr. Year Highlights on mid season of Sr year will be up shortly.
Chavez Jr? Lol... Anyway, Golovkin needs a lot more work if he wants to develop Duran's inside game, in my opinion.
Boxing lesson, when someone mentions a Mexican legend and they say the name Chavez, they're not talking about Jr. 😒
Abel Sanchez "The 'Mexican' style we're developing is to resemble Duran, Gomez, Chavez Jr. It's more entertaining, aggressive."
Look: Chavez Jr set to be back training in two months following further surgey | World Boxing News
154-168 but when Froch and Chavez Jr. Fights fell thru he back peddled on all of that
Wow. Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. threw a punch in the Bills game...
Eubank Jr added to Brook vs Chavez card: via
Cecile Richards' PPFofA deserves a donation for this Chavez asskick 2:50; a chart he lied says was from PP reports
domain names
Funny video of Chavez Jr getting high lmao!!!
my heart has been broken by Jason Jr. Chavez
Chavez Jr: I'll be back in the gym in two months... Cleto Reyes USA. 2625 Imperial Ave. San Diego, CA 92102...
dont forget Chavez Jr's deal with five guys burgers that was a win-win
If Julio Cesar Chavez Jr fights again this year wouldn't mind it being against either Badou Jack or Anthony Dirrell. Both bi…
I wonder what fat boy Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is up to right now? Probably eating and being a disgrace to his dad's legacy
Is the Chavez high school bathroom still looking like this??
Daneilla (Jr) Chavez ('14, Crowley) hits grand slam and Chaley Brickey ('12, Haltom City) does her part in Kansas...
I'm much more jealous of Ghandi, MLK Jr., or Caesar Chavez. These dudes weren't rich, but they inspired a whole generation, and the world.
Poor Kriegel, first he has to do Chavez Jr redemption pieces, now Broner, lol
canel decent. Pacquiao above all. Chavez jr is nice.
Just take out Chavez Jr. and that's a great shirt...
Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Julio Cesar Chavez, Roy Jones Jr, Joe Louis. all better fighters than mayweather
Mehh, i don't think that Chavez Jr should have won that fight. He won simply because he was stronger
Chavez Jr still has no technique and he's still a human punching bag
Heart chavez jr has no heart or balls will work this kid will work this kid will knock this kid out
Why Julio Ceasar Chavez Jr. look nothing like his dad.
Going to watch Julio Cesar Chavez Jr's fight from July which i missed cause i was in Mexico
I've heard it masks other drugs. I also heard it increases pain tolerance or something (why Chavez, Jr. survived Martinez)
Chavez jr thinks Nick Diaz is irresponsible
don't act like Chavez Jr wasn't abused by the commission
Chavez Jr only got 9 months for Weed
[Boxing News 24]I mean, I would give Groves a good chance of beating Chavez Jr. and Bute. However, I do…
She a *** if her favorite athlete is Odell Beckham Jr.
I would be surprised... i just read, he wants to give Chavez Jr a shot. Before the fight, they said unify with DeGale.
he stole the blueprint of Chavez Jr.
no problem at all, dude is the best mexican boxer p4p..yes far better than Canelo and chavez jr
Badou Jack "Chavez Jr. is good, but not as good as his dad"
How does Peter Quillin fair with the elite at 168? Or does he go on a Chavez Jr. tour and fight middleweights at 168/170.
how about broner?should b on the list. Also Chavez jr because of the last name 😂😂😂
asked Jack a good question about Chavez Jr. But i'd love the Groves rematch
Mayweather would never challenge my boy Julio Cesar Chavez Jr though. He knows he cant buy his win in that fight
where all the boxing fans who say GGG is ducking ward & a white hope at when Badu Jack calls out chavez jr an bute instea…
. Venezuela:. Khameini, Erdogan, Castro, Chavez Jr., Assad , all good friends of our president.
Chavez Jr hit by hand injury. Suppose that beats Amir Khans acceptance it's not him, theory/rant
Chavez Jr. gets surgery to fix left hand fracture
Chavez Jr. has surgery to repair fractured left hand: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fractured his left hand during…
Chavez Jr, Peter Quillin, Jacobs and Lara all in touch with Hearn re Macklin fight: Eddie Hearn ...
If Andre Ward was garbage as Chavez Jr, even without the value GGG would have offered the fight at 168.
Chavez Jr vs De La Hoya needs to happen. Pretty sure Oscar can make 170.8 with ease.
Sean Crose feels bad for Chavez Jr. He knows he shouldn't, but he does:
The only thing more hideous that Chavez Jr.'s T-shirt were the Texas officials. Refs Rafael Ramos & Lupe Garcia closing in on Laurence Cole.
I'd love to see Golovkin beat Chavez Jr. to a pulp but I don't feel like he deserves to occupy the same air space as GGG
Why doesn't Chavez Jr. just pull a John L. Sullivan and show up and challenge anyone in the audience to fight him for 500$ ?
BRRAKING NEWS: Chavez jr has been arrested, fight with Reyes cancelled.
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Froch Chavez Jr and Ward keep throwing his name around-
And Chavez Jr. is on the list purely for entertainment tbh
By By, GGG, and Chavez Jr. Those are the keys to my heart. Life is not the same without them. So hurry up and come back kthanks.
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. speaks out on Donald Trump Comments on Mexicans via
Is it July 18 yet? I need Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in my life tbh.
It will never happen. Chavez Jr was his easy pay day.
Listen to Felix - Rick Ross Remix (Big Meech freestyle)Prod. by Dj Chop by Felix Chavez Jr on
Listen to Felix - Plugged In (Freestyle) Prod. By Dj Chop by Felix Chavez Jr on
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Explosive Mitt Workout - Still an animal, he will be back just needs to keep his head down
Julio Cesar Chavez putting in work doing better than Jr. lol
Outtake from early christmas, now finished with some new vocals by Dwood$oul & Jesse Jr. Produced by J Dilla
who has he challenged besides Chavez Jr (oh wow what a badass calling that pathetic ogre out) a old *** retirement pondering
I love you Elie!! The body pad thing with Chavez jr was hilarious! You took some straight lumps!
I still think Froch vs Chavez Jr. is the fight that should happen
I'd settle for Froch/Chavez Jr. even if he doesn't fight GGG or DeGale. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr i want robert to win trainer of year - EsNews boxing
no way the fight gets made. Still wouldn't be surprised if it's froch/chavez jr at the end of the year
He has the Chavez Jr instragram pic, but we don't even know how the GBP lawsuit will play out yet. This is going to be a LONG…
I like how boxing fans are impressed with Chavez Jr training at a boxing gym.
exactly...then there was Kova/Adonis Korobov/Kid C Chavez jr/Golovkin and other that he ruined. That's sabotoging the sport.
Win a Trip to the Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. vs. Marcos Reyes Fight
Chavez Jr. an embarrassment to his dad's legacy.
GGG vs Chavez Jr long sparring session. . Who do you think would have won at 168 in 2014?
Elie, do u know where I can get the RGBA hat Chavez jr is wearing in this video?
What's going on? Matthew Aguilar: Promoter of city's biggest fight could help… Get found ->
hopefully not training in your living room like Chavez jr! LOL
Andy Lee would love rematches with Chavez Jr and Kid Chocolate. 👊🏻
Chavez Jr. picks Pacquiao to KO Terence Crawford: Top Rank promoter Bob Arum recently said this past week that...
he's like the Chavez Jr of basketball or something
Wow stephen curry nice diving into jr smith like that
How in the *** did Karl coach JR and JaVale AT THE SAME TIME?
Steve Stoute is giving JR. all the business in the world from those courtside seats.
Chavez Jr thinks he's one, not working so hot for him a days
«Oh, criminals in this town used to believe in things.»
you are a great boxer, greetings from México.. GGG vs. Canelo or Chavez Jr, When?
it was crazy, he came in at almost chavez Jr weight! making 157 probably was hectic on his body man.
From the looks of it, Chavez, Jr. will train anywhere except a gym.
chavez Jr. Uses his head as if he thinks it's a scoring blow, does that count?
if your bf if the JR Chavez, consider yourself lucky
cuz nobody wants to fight him, Chavez jr didn't want none, canelo doesn't want any, they want GGG to fight Andre ward because
yes he KO Martinez but if Martinez knees was 100% healthy before Chavez Jr Martinez would've won.
Don't think so. He's just attention seeking. Froch is looking for an easy payday. That was Chavez Jr. GGG could KO him.
Pretty sure Daniel Geale just fought his way to the top of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.'s comeback opponent list.
Not really but froch or Maybe chavez jr
Geale went to the Chavez Jr school of boxing.
Like watching Cotto vs Chavez Jr in there. Big lug getting beat on, then showboating after getting stuck
cotto rules the 157 division. Like chavez jr used to rule 172 but fonfara rules that now!
Could we see what happened to Chavez Jr happen to Cotto tonight?
Wilfredo Vazquez Jr just lost an 8 rounder to a journeyman? Man he's in worse shape than Chavez Jr.
Geaele pulling that secret Chavez Jr move. Intriguing.
Umm… Not sure if that will even help him tonight, either, but wow. I'm sure at least Chavez Jr.'s proud…
I can see Angulo being a tune up for Chavez Jr
Chavez jr needs the top 10 super middleweights to get back in, two major belts btw, someone push this kid lol.
Congrats to my son Martin Federico Chavez Jr. on his high school graduation. 2 down, 2 more to go. Love you son!
que pues mr boxer don't be a Chavez jr
Chavez Jr. Deficiencies of Chavez Jr. Are largely due to his personality. They are mental. A trainer can't fix
Jr Chavez on his way to that comeback
The decision by Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. to jettison trainer Joe Goossen after one fight is as absurd as the...
Chavez Jr. says if GGG is so great he should fight Fonfara. However., Chavez Is fighting (most likely), Macklin who's smaller/GGG destroyed
Luis Chavez Jr., wins the Pure Stock feature at
Talked with Robert Garcia this week about training Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
Robert Garcia talks about Catchweights and training Chavez Jr. Video by
I've never hit a better uppercut bag. It gave Fonfara the win over Chavez Jr.
didn't Televisa alone just pay Chavez Jr. over $2M? PBC doesn't need that much... a cool $75k is good lol
thats a problem. If he can't get quillin or jacobs maybe andy lee? Chavez jr can't make 160. Maybe lara goes up?
Santa Fe Lady Indians have Jr. Haley Chavez's jersey hanging up on dugout screen cause she had surgery on knee today & couldn't make game.
Despite suffering 1st KO loss, JC Chavez Jr is ready to return in July & looking at Lucian Bute, Matthew MacKlin or Sebastia…
A clash with Julio Chavez Jr in Las Vegas in March fell through because of the Nottingham fighter's elbow injury.
«True nobility is being superior to your former self.»
lee? Smh just like chavez jr crushed same against ggg
Who asked him? Chavez Jr. wants to see Golovkin vs. Fonfara via
Chavez Jr has never, ever looked any good imo. Got hammered by martinez, beat by Vera and absolutely twatted by Fonfara.
we just gotta play again and hopefully Chavez will step up
Na not even that. I know GGG just has knockout power. but Chavez Jr. Got beat up dirty last fight cuzz
Chavez Jr beats anyone under 168...Fonfara was 175, but atleast he aint fighting bums like Canelo.
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr says Golovkin has no balls: .
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr (vs. Matthew MacKlin!! Talks begin for a potential fight this summer in Las...
Apparently Matt Macklin is a hot commodity. Jacobs and Chavez Jr. want him. That's why I say Haymon nice shot.
.willing to drop to 167lbs for clash | World Boxing News
Now rewatching Fonfara vs Chavez Jr. I guess it'll never get old. 😏
First up from me on WBN today as tells me he is willing to drop to 167lbs for clash
Chavez Jr willing to drop to 167lbs for Macklin clash | World Boxing News
On my definition of Cesar Chavez I just wrote Mexican mlk jr
Cotto, Canelo, Ward, Chavez Jr are all excellent competition, I want to fight the best
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. 'I would like to see Golovkin vs Fonfara but Golovkin doesn't have the balls to fight him'...
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr says golovkin has no balls: via
Julie Cesar Chavez Jr. and Shannon Briggs were both models. I feel like my strategy is ok.
Him and Chavez jr both were getting W's but Canelo> jr was always the way I saw them
I wonder if Chavez jr was watching Canelo fight
GGG has offered Froch, Chavez Jr, Floyd and every champion MW a fight in their weight class, no takers.
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GGG vs canelo is going to be epic. I'm going with Chavez Jr lol
chavez is trash and you know that. We're talking canelo not jr
The same as Chavez Jr. wanted to fight Fonfara and he really let us down by quitting on the stool!
Canelo should go up in weight and just finish Chavez Jr from the sport. Do us that favor.
I would like to see a cycle of matches between Canelo GGG Cotto and Chavez Jr. All of them at one point fight another
Stephen u sound bitter that u guys swapped Canelo with the great Chavez jr.? Lol! Good luck with him
Chavez JR needs to start training with Robert Garcia, the best trainer in boxing
just easing him in I guess...Chavez Jr lost the other week. Back of the queue for him now!
But disappointed that he will fight Smith lol. Ive not seen that Chavez Jr guy fight, how come they won't go at it?
1. You're a Chavez Jr and Trout fan so your credibility is already questionable. . and . 2.
but you know what ego the sane thing that happen to Kirkland and Chavez jr going to happen to Figueroa soon
This *** really trying to convince us that Chavez Jr... the guy that quit on his stool, will mop up Canelo? lol
you mad? Maybe you should match-up Chavez Jr with...oh...nevermind.
You left out Julio Ceaser Chavez Jr...Okay I couldn't type that with a straight face. LMAO
Chavez Jr. has been irrelevant for a while. He is a disgrace to his dad
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I was seriously contemplating going but I backed out last minute, I went to see Julio Cesar Chavez Jr last month
you're a Chavez jr fan lol ur opinion don't count lol jk
Canelo is the Pride and Champ of Mexico! Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. needs to step it up and fight like his dad.
Chavez Jr too lol. That fight next weekend gonna be good too. Triple G
But if he did have real love for boxing... chavez jr > canelo 😈
Chavez jr got KO'd cause he don't got no dedication, he don't need boxing. He's the son of the Mexican legend lol
You just take out Chavez Jr in the equation sir :D
Yeah boxing would be dead without Mares, Leo, Arroela, Titere, Chavez Jr.
No thanks to Chavez Jr. Canelo is the man!
I've had the pleasure of being yelled at by Chavez Jr. and Sr. on the same day
I would like to watch canelo vs GGG or totally vs Chávez Jr
Kirkland and Chavez Jr. must have the same career advisor. Both guys are all about self sabotage
Why can't chavez Jr be like that smh
I know Julio Cesar Chavez Jr wishes he had Canelos skill & strength
Canelo making up for Chavez Jr bum ***
Looking like a Julio Cesar Chavez Jr fight!
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr was the biggest fraud ever
he beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr tho all that counts to me
Kirkland is tough and all but Canelo is not Chavez Jr. He will take care of business tonight.
Lol, don't put Canelo and Chavez Jr in the same sentence
Despite losing to good technical boxers, I still think Canelo shows promose... more than Chavez jr at this point 😂
ppl can't be comparing Canelo to Chavez jr. slooow down bih
Roy Jones Jr comparing to Julio Cesar Chavez Sr??? Maybe, maybe not
Yep and so was Chavez Jr. Disgrace on the scales against a fighter who admits to being a lightweight. Embarrassing.
Figueroa reminded me of Chavez Jr. tonight. Not disciplined enough to make weight & prevailed on size. Won't last forever
You guys gonna replay the Chavez Jr All Access? I see a ton of potential there. Gj Showtime!
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