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Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy is a 1997 romantic comedy film written and directed by Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith Joey Lauren Adams Ben Affleck Silent Bob Strike Back Silent Bob Gone Girl Red State Alyssa Jones Good Will Hunting Jason Lee Tinley Park

Haven't seen Chasing Amy in years. Let's try this and see how it goes.
Chasing Amy is ridiculously underrated and overlooked
Mallrats is fun, I actually saw it BEFORE Clerks, but it's not quite on the same level as that or Chasing Amy
in some ways but on a bigger/sillier scale. Chasing Amy is closer
Watching Chasing Amy.I don't know why it popped up on Netflix so I said what the ***
Find out why therapist recommends chasing peace over happiness: ☮️
I think chasing amy would be such a good suqeul to bring back. Still Chasing Amy. It such heart and so much love.
chasing Amy isn't my fav but that first 10min of the movie is perfect
Welcome back can't wait to see you chasing high jump dreams after beating cancer
Amy: I'm going to stop chasing these men. A guy: hey . Amy:
Ben Affleck... holy crap I think I like his work..Phantoms, The Town... Good Will Hunting...CHASING AMY!!! Didn't see that coming.
Watching Chasing Amy for the first time in years. It's so 90s...
Amy Marie Ortiz out Jaylyn on to Dream Chasing but wat ain't make me isn't going to break me.
Breaking: AMY SCHUMER in talks to play BARBIE. Yes, you read that right.
I can't see these and not think of Chasing Amy!
📷 philipjfryy: top 50 otps of all time ☆ Amy Pond & Rory Williams “All those boys chasing me, but...
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Messi to replace Sanchez? – frontman and fan takes our Starting XI…
Amy is abandoning her post chasing butterflies watching ethnic cleansing by her favorite and genocide in Yemen
The only running Ryan it's going to do its running from a mob chasing he's ***
This is what people like are supporting. All in the chasing of precious tax cuts for the rich.
How am I just now watching Chasing Amy? Been missing out...I need to watch more movies 😑
Is it bad I thought Chasing Amy rather than Star Wars when I read that? 😄
lol no I got it from a show called "chasing amy" but mine sound better.
it's not chasing amy it's a scene from mallrats & I promise the girl was a *** fully 😂🤘
Chasing Amy is the best LGBTQ movie ever made
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your lying *** daughter Amy clearly said "I swear on my mom and dad" Somebody c…
Dusted off the vintage Chasing Amy t-shirt
Just re-watched some Chasing Amy footage and wow, uh, it doesn't hold up well.
Have you seen the Chasing Amy bit where they lampoon the famous Jaws scene? It was a LOT like that
For whatever reason I was thinking about the fisting scene from Chasing Amy today, so now I'm watching Chasing Amy.
Chasing Amy has a show on 03/24/2017 at 08:00 PM @ JW Hollsteins in Tinley Park, IL...
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Laying in bed, watching cult classics — watching Chasing Amy at Castle Williams
Chasing Amy (1997) What a beautiful movie. "How seldom it is that you meet that one person who just gets you"..
This coming Friday MAR 24th Chasing Amy along with our friends Resurrection Larry will be tearing up JW...
I had a ton of fun figuring out chasing Amy by one of my most favorite songs. I'll be uploading a cover some…
Kinda bummed I don't have a chance with suvi, there's no way I can chasing amy this lady?
But no, Chloe, he's TOTALLY not homophobic, cos he made that movie Chasing Amy about how *** are really just confused!
Let's see if Chasing Amy is any good 🎥
Chasing Amy: giving guys hope that they can turn *** chicks straight since 1997.
Run, don't walk, to go see Mallrats. Actually Chasing Amy first. But still.
The third installment in the New Jersey Triology, Chasing Amy! Get your Blu-Ray copy today signed by Kevin Smith https…
... after Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Chasing Amy was the up next. Congrats.
Kevin Smith personally handed Harvey Weinstein the script of Good Will Hunting while he was making Chasing Amy with Be…
I have Clerks, Yoga Hosers, Chasing Amy, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back queued up on , which 1 should I choose?
Chasing Amy heads back to the stage at Eden Bar (926 Gardner St in Joliet) SAT Jan 21st at 10PM! It's going to be...
A special mention and massive good luck 🍀🍀🍀 to Lottie James, Finn Trehane, Amy Mills and Izzy Pryce chasing winter national qualification.
Little Giant Ladders
I just re-watched Chasing Amy & It still holds up and it's still one of my favorites! Loved the ViewAskewniverse, man!
watch Chasing Amy again and tell me the writing is on par with Inglorious *** I refuse this comparison!
Chasing Amy is still the most underrated Kevin Smith movie
How awesome was Chasing Amy's gig last night
The whole 'diner scene' in Chasing Amy is another one of my favourite scenes in film history - way too relatable to both Holden & Bob
TONIGHT NOV 5TH Chasing Amy heads to the stage at Cuzins Pub (17704 Oak Park Ave in Tinley Park) starting at 9PM!...
Done chasing friends that could give two craps 🤗
Have you ever had the inking argument from Chasing Amy with someone?
Earlier I watched Chasing Amy. That's a really funny, sweet, raw and honest film. Great dialogue and acting too.
Rufus and Lily's relationship in Gossip Girl=Chasing Amy. Think about it.
just now realizing Ben Affleck was in Chasing Amy and Gone Girl (where he was looking for Amy) ..weird huh
Nope. I really like all his old stuff, Chasing Amy etc ... Fallen a bit behind since having the bairns. Usually their treat.
"Aflleck was the BOMB in Phantoms". And Chasing Amy, and Mallrats, And Dogma. And Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.
How can u have Clerks Chasing Amy & Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back for streaming, but not also Mallrats Dogma & Clerks II?
I'm tired of chasing after a governor that won't even look back to see if I'm ok! I'm sick of chasing yo…
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Finally gonna watch Chasing Amy tomorrow night as well. Things were a little hectic this week so I couldn't sit through a movie.
Good job making Doctor Strange in the image of Ben Affleck's character in Chasing Amy.
Chasing Amy? (I never saw it, but I've heard it's p r o b l e m a t i c).
Same here. First 5 or 6 easily, esp Chasing Amy. Now I feel like he needs to be more critical & not follow every whim.
I'm tired of chasing my governor so I've decided to vote for…
wondering how Chase feels? As a fellow cross country runner I know about dogs chasing us but didn't the uniform help
To me, Chasing Amy was greatest film. Warm,Personable, and well balanced. Si…
Worst suggestion in movie history: threesome in Chasing Amy?
TIL learned that the comic art in "Chasing Amy" was drawn by Mike Allred, which only partly redeems a film so 90s that it's painful to watch
Such a blast girl chattin' with my girl today! Stay tuned on her blog Chasing Amy…
My favorite movie has changed over the years from Ghostbusters, to Chasing Amy, to Vanilla Sky, to The Fountain.
Come home for what kwa? Did they tell you they are chasing him from where he is?
Amy is like 12 and if Sonic was chasing her, he'd be a sexual predator. But because she's a cute little girl it's okay to stalk him.
Amy got me these yesterday. My chasing down Cajun cuisine must be being noticed
Tonight's movie plan of attack: Clerks into Chasing Amy 👌🏻. Love the View Askewniverse series of films.
Making comics while listening to CHASING AMY a movie about, in part, about making comics.…
"We were tired of chasing the next big thing .."
I'm not chasing a guy ever again . I know my worth .
Netflix has been slacking, but they have good classics, Goon, Beavis and Butthead, Galaxy Quest, Clerks, Chasing Amy
PudgeLife Chasing Amy is in my top 5! Smith was my 90s.
Why people persist in adhering to the views of the 'moron comedic relief' in Chasing Amy is beyond me.
This london doesn't fear anything how are they chasing Feds 😂😂
someone make a drinking game based off of how much I watch chasing amy
Chasing Amy has a show on 10/22/2016 at 02:00 PM @ Gippers II Sports Club in Coal City, IL
Chasing Amy is the only Kevin Smith movie I dislike, yes including Jay and Silent Bob Strike Again.
I'm not a huge Kevin Smith fan (Chasing Amy made that impossible), but this response to his daughter's bully is...
My 10 Favorite Directors and My Favorite Film by Each of Them:. Kevin Smith - Chasing Amy . Martin Scorsese - Taxi...
Chasing Amy has to be the best movie out of all the Kevin Smith movies
. No > meant Spike Lee. Didn't Spike Lee do Chasing Amy (and Jersey Girl) -? Kevin Smith did, Get on the Bus.
You need to check out the next episode of the They're discussing Chasing Amy & other Kevin Smith films.
It's tough to pick just one Kevin Smith film. Chasing Amy and Clerks 2 are also favorites.
I just got distracted from dinner by the last 30 minutes of Chasing Amy. I can't quit Kevin Smith.
Who remembers the movie "Chasing Amy"?. Who remembers the swings-set scene when Joey Lauren Adams is explaining...
did Joey Lauren Adams ever record Alive from Chasing Amy? It's been inexplicably stuck in my head for days.
'Chasing Amy' was an amazing role, but then after that, I went and did...
Chasing Amy, Clerks 1 & 2, Dogma, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, and Mallrats are all complete classics.
When a customer is chasing you as you're about to go on your break.
"You know the squirrel off ice age? That's what you look like. Always chasing a nut" KAM IS EXTRA SUPER BRATTY TONIGHT *** 😩
Lady at work is convinced that Jason Lee is Stan Lee's son and apparently her smoking gun is seminal late-90's film Chasing A…
Starting to feel like a person again. First time in many years 💜. Chasing Amy and chocolate chip cookies 💜
the Donald is a big chasing Amy fan
Insert joke from Chasing Amy about "tracers" here? ;)
Snow Patrol chasing cars is literally my favourite song ever😿😿
my fav RomComs are High Fidelity, Chasing Amy, When Harry Met Sally, Midnight in Paris, Knocked Up
Being content in the Lord is one of the most overlooked things. We are always chasing something. Take a moment to just th…
got that idea from Chasing Amy. That's all.
Do you remember the Kevin Smith movie "Chasing Amy," where Ben Affleck falls in love with *** Joey Lauren Adams, and convinces her to ++
I hear by declare May the 5th to be Chasing Amy Day. I figure if is a thing I can have a day for my fav movie
Chasing Amy. Great movie! Joey Adams was fantastic. Too bad her squeaky voice kept her from deserved bigger roles.
Silent Bobs Chasing Amy monologue is probably one of the best things Kevin Smith has written
Chasing Amy. Pls, you won't regret it.
This guy at work said I need to watch chasing Amy to understand his strange friend. Can anyone summarize it for me? Too lazy to watch
Watching Chasing Amy for the first time, so enjoyable and the writing is very which is awesome!
I'm gonna vote again and say Chasing Amy.
What about when your race has 1000' of elevation gain per mile?
"I'm not even supposed to be here today!". Kevin Smith's CLERKS and CHASING AMY 10:35pm ET tonight on HS90
Chasing Amy didn't seem like that much of a stretch on release, but it's fifteen years later and the bet didn't really pay off. 3/5
Chasing amy was great so i gotta go with ben
The film for tonight is Chasing Amy... i dont fancy affleck in this at all... maybe im just for the middle aged affleck...
Gotta watch Chasing Amy soon, just because for the "What's a Nubian?!" Scene lmao
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Chasing Amy. The Star Warses. Ghostbusters. The first seven seasons of Scrubs.
I want to remake Chasing Amy, spin it about that one perfect 🍑 that got away. Chasing Booty. Roll the credits
I saw the most immaculate *** on the subway today. I'm going to remake Chasing Amy, call it Chasing Booty
no I'm not crying watching Chasing Amy.
Stalking, suicide and all the chasing after Amy after the end of their relationship shows Desi has a dependent personality type
Some coffee spilled from my cup, but fortunately only a small portion, when the chasing cats collided with my legs. Mainly spilled on me.
"Photograph, How to save a life, Chasing cars, Daughter"
When Silent Bob was right and you'll always be chasing Amy.
I added a video to a playlist Sonic Adventure DX : Chasing Amy
Well, some days you're Chasing Amy, and some days you're Red State
U *** really be out hear chasing these *** and dusting the good girls lol sad.
Last call for our podcast on Chasing Amy. Listen now:
Really hoping Hodor has a Silent Bob in Chasing Amy speech at some point this season.
5/3/97: jump up and plant my impatiens in the rain * muddy! * mom pops in * Tracy and I roam * speed to Joe * Encore Cafe & Chasing Amy
The kid at my neigbourhood ITWare Computer shop reminds me of Kevin Smith kn Chasing Amy..Lol
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Just listened to the most excellent tearful setdown Joey Lauren Adams gives Ben Affleck in Chasing Amy. So much love for it.
Chasing Amy is def my favorite bc i really like the examination of sexuality and Alyssa Jones is a great character
In the pre digital download days, I searched hi and lo for this. ❤️. Joey Lauren Adams - Alive (from "Chasing Amy")
When they heard was a Chasing Amy (1997) fan, and ask him to play Metatron.
my first band was named after a scene in Chasing Amy. Love the movies & the pods, keep making gold.
Our bus driver just pulled over to get timmies and Courtney is chasing after him to buy chase 🙃🙃🙃🙃
Decided to pop in the Chasing Amy DVD with the intro... It's weird how weed has had the opposite stereotypical effect on him
Just sent the soppiest text to my girlfriend ever after watching Chasing Amy, thankyou for making me feel all my emotions.
I guess you shouldn't stop Chasing Amy. Look, somebody had to make the pun, allright ?
We'll stop chasing better when our athletes do. MM Fly Blade Polo:
After seeing Gone Girl, my question is: does this have any relation to Chasing Amy?
Man, I loved Chasing Amy when I was a teen, but watching it now as a fairly woke adult, I realize it's just an ode to fragile masculinity.
I'm giving away something for you on Chasing amy -dvd- drama *** interest. Get it here -
Chasing Amy is still one of my all time favorite movies ever.
I made the mistake of watching Chasing Amy tonight. I hurt.
Um, I watched one of these (Chasing Amy) with my girlfriend the other day... ... on Valentine's Day. Oops?
I seem to remember HMV slapping a card sleeve on Clerks, Chasing Amy and Jay & Silent Bob. I think. But nothing with the BluRays
Chasing Amy, if they are likely to handle the deep off color nature. There's a lot of lessons I feel are important in it.
I would argue Chasing Amy is so good it's worth sitting through at least two or three bad Smith movies.
Listened to Chasing Amy LD commentary. Do you still keep a laserdisc player around the house? LD jackets are the best.
Wasn't prepared for how serious things got while discussing Chasing Amy...
i watched chasing amy for the first time the other day because Brianna suggested i should and it's made me really think these past few days
not if Miss Robson is in charge she'll be chasing us out of our beds telling is it's a light drizzle
Stayed up too late reading Me Him Her in one go. It's great fun. Chasing Amy by way of Scott Pilgrim. Can't wait to watch it!
Chasing Amy is quite possibly one of the greatest movies ever
The Naira, having overtaken the Zimbabwean Dollar, is chasing the Ugandan shilling with fervor while we feverishly defend …
Might be unable to watch John Wick today :( last resort is Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy
"All every woman really wants, be it mother, senator, nun, is some serious deep-dickin'." -- Chasing Amy
I watched Chasing Amy tonight. Now I understand why it's in the Criterion Collection.
Jersey girl, brilliant. 97% of your stuff is amazing...You need to understand your "fans" are stupid..Time for Chasing Amy 2
All purpose parts banner
I'm chasing dreams while you snorin'
What's the best in the nation and Vermont is the Warmest Color, Chasing Amy, Mandragora, Brokeback Mountain, Far From Heaven...
lol thanks. I think. I did like Chasing Amy.
Then Chasing Amy, Dogma, and even Clerks 2. That was an impressive 5-film career.
Just chasing up Amy, did you find the alert's useful? JA
nice work! You should use more Chasing Amy references in your stories!
I just went through my Chasing Amy experience and your movies and podcast pulled me through, thank you so much!
And Bob loves Chasing Amy & of course. This is a follow-up to a story Kevin tells in FILM HAWK.
it will always be Chasing Amy close second Red State man that movie still haunts me
Amy is very territorial so yeah she was chasing Jasmine and Jasmine got very scared, she's hiding now.
then in that case I will be watching chasing Amy next
The RPD were chasing a car and it ended in an accident.
Want 2 go home n watch chasing amy then look up the comic book references and laugh about it later but still enjoy the movie cause the plot.
Think what you like about my taste in flicks; when I have an unscheduled bout of feels, Chasing Amy does the trick.
just watched Chasing Amy for the first time. I'm sure you've heard it a million times but this is a fantastic film!
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Watched Chasing Amy with Ben Affleck and some dude from a chipmunk film. Talk about homophobia! And sexism! Worst film of all time!
I've watched Clerks and Chasing Amy so many times this month. It helps me get inspired to write my screenplay
Chasing Amy is seriously underrated. at his finest. If I could make a film half as good I'll be content with life.
When Holden confesses his love in chasing Amy >>>
Amy's chasing her tequila with grapefruit and I'm chasing my bacardi with almonds
After I watch dogma all I'll need to watch left to have completed all of the askewniverse films will be chasing Amy
I've never hated a character so much in a movie before until I watched Ben Affleck's character in Chasing Amy. Holy 💩 😡 blood boiled
Chasing Amy might be my all time favorite movie
The prison scene of 'Clerks II' is probably my fav scene in any flick,just ahead of the 'Chasing Amy' parking lot scene.
Chasing Amy is the pinnacle of Jay and Silent Bobs career
Chasing Amy and cibo Matto kind of couch time.
Chasing Amy and Mallrats are the best Kevin Smith movies.
When i first saw 'Chasing Amy' i liked it, as i get older and rewatch, it has much more punch.Its a beautiful story of love & friendship
Up next the Smith flick that continues to have the biggest effect on me as ive grown up 'Chasing Amy'
exactly how much sugar did you eat during s Bob speech in Chasing Amy!? Jesus!!
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So I finished Chasing Amy for the first time. Im ultra late but *** that was a good movie.
it's been 11 hours and i already wanna watch Chasing Amy again, i you haven't seen it GET ON IT
If they'd have done a chasing amy but in that time period then maybe it would have gotten attention from em
Kevin Keller had better be there! (insert Chasing Amy rant about Archie & Mr. Weatherbee, too.)
Night ends with Chasing Amy, it's been a good Friday
Chasing Amy and video games is the best Friday night. .
Rewatched CHASING AMY for the first time in about 15 years and I just want to slap Ben Affleck's stupid face during the climax.
Swear to Alanis Morissette movies are prophetic for Batffleck. Waiting to see what parts of Chasing Amy will be so…
Chasing Amy is my favorite Kevin Smith movie.
: outtake from Kevin Smith script of Chasing Amy.
How Jason Mewes didn't win an Oscar for the Jay & Silent Bob scene in Chasing Amy, I will never know.
I kind of like the Chasing Amy one from Brett James.
Clerks/Mall Rats/Chasing Amy/ Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is the most brilliant universe / storyline ever
Been on a Kevin Smith kick lately, watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back the other night, Chasing Amy the next night, now rewatching Clerks
Chasing Amy, Kevin Smith's most underrated film which seems to have only got better with age.unlike Joey Lauren Adams' attempt at singing
Kevin Smith was the Director/Writer of Clerks, Chasing Amy, MallRats. SilentBob is the character he plays in the films
Mine's also 3 unofficially; I was an uncredited extra in Chasing Amy. Kevin Smith, Affleck, Damon & Joey Lauren Adams are 2s
I was there on March 28 2003 I believe and it was awesome!! Affleck, Adams, Jason Lee reunion of Chasing Amy!! 😝
I know that a Chasing Amy follow up is *** near impossible but I have a feeling that you could pull it off.
Will we ever see a Red State follow up? Or a Chasing Amy follow up for that matter?
Chasing Amy by Coleman *** from the album Stark Raving. Listen at
I should probably try that sleep thing but, I kinda wanna watch a movie. *** ! Why do I not have 'Chasing Amy'??. 'Life of Brian' it is.
WMNS - Clare Thomas and Amy Roberts lead out front with Jo Rowsell chasing them down through a rather expensive looking part of Lincoln
Finally saw Chasing Amy. is a genius who deserves far more accolades then he has gotten
watching Gone Girl for the first time and noticed is chasing a girl named Amy...Food for thought
Continuing my Kevin Smith "marathon" tonight by watching Mallrats. Might watch Chasing Amy too if I have time
Ah, Chasing Amy was a great movie. It reminds me of Patrick though, I miss that fool.
Just searched Ben Affleck on Netflix. Forces of Nature AND Chasing Amy?!? My night is set.
"Gonna be up all night, chasing the sunrise. Like we're wild and young. Baby, kids on the run. Gonna…
Son: What are you watching?. Me: Chasing Amy. It's about two comic book writers. Son: Ok, cool!. . That was probably wrong of me.
Google car encounters a women in a electric wheelchair chasing a duck in circles
The devil that carried me to Cohann's Timeline, is the same one that was chasing Amy in Gone Girl.
(Not Chasing) Amy, Mind to followback?Check my web to know the secret to get 400.000 clash 0fclans gems for FREE.Thx :)
Great read in this week 'Chasing Amy' still one of the best of all time & "Love Is A Losing Game"
just reading your "Chasing Amy" story - Amy's final concert was in Belgrade, Serbia. Sarajevo is in Bosnia, not in Serbia.
I think the moral of Chasing Amy is that Holden is a moron and that we all end up depressed.
Decided the proper response to today's SCOTUS news is to watch Chasing Amy.
Chasing Amy is on now. Kevin Smith makes brilliant movies. I love everything except Jersey Girl, really.
Due to today's revolutionary new law,we now interrupt your nightly news to bring you Chasing Amy.
It DOES seem a good day to link this again.
Amy Rodriguez has been all over the place chasing that ball but ***
Testing the back line moving all over the place pulling defenders everywhere chasing lost causes. Amy Rodriguez is so fun to watch
Von Pea and The Other Guys - Chasing Amy, on the FEEL MUSIC website & musicaroma radio iOS/Android app
I finally understand how Holden felt in Chasing Amy lol
Chasing Amy, 1997 it pain n panic cured for personality uprise. if taboo is not there. it's dogmaless something. can you heard about dogma??
shot, teams chasing David Sweat, according to law enforcement.
For some reason I thought of that scene in Chasing Amy: "You're just a tracer!" ✏️✒️ @ SDPL Central…
So this just happened!!! Guess I'm no longer Chasing Amy... @ FLORIDA…
Sorry we haven't got back to you with an answer yet, Amy. We're chasing this up and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
wow she hasn't aged a day since Chasing Amy
In you said Tusk has no ADR (versus Mad Max totally ADR!) Why was rain scene Amy monologue in Chasing Amy ADR?
Never saw Chasing Amy. Adored Dogma. clerks was fine. Mallrats was meh. Enjoyed ridiculousness of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
DOUBLE BILL TIME! . On Friday May 29th the Kevin Smith Double Bill of Clerks and Chasing Amy at the Zoetic with a...
with Joey Lauren Adams I loved her in the movie Chasing Amy
When you get a chance watch Chasing Amy on It's a movie starring and Joey Lauren Adams.
I gotta say it's a bit weird that Joey Lauren Adams is hyped for Mallrats, and not Chasing Amy.
American Beauty, Pulp Fiction and Chasing Amy. GWT Dragon Tattoo and Lord Of Illusions round it out to a top 5 ☺
I've spent everyday since then chasing Amy, so to speak
If you don't love yourself you'll always be chasing people that don't love you.
Chasing Amy is good too, but it has too much relevance sometimes.
Join us in the garden tonight for Kevin Smith classic, 'Chasing Amy' from 8pm on our beer garden screens. Enjoy 2...
Looking for a Jason Lee in Chasing Amy style hat.
chasing away my Monday blues with my silly partners.
Wow, I didn't know you felt so fondly of Amy, Manic! ... — I've liked her since she started chasing Sonic, and h...
Finding treasures in my basement. Who needs a Chasing Amy poster?
But how good/awful that would be? And maybe chasing the rebels brings her back to team light side!
Jake and Amy chasing criminals in fancy wear is everything I ever needed.
Days like this I hate pushing you away. stuck chasing "amy"
Sometimes I'm found chasing thoughts,away from the world of dreams,and those nights i cant sleep 😀.
Chasing Amy pushed me to be a writer Jersey girl broke my heart and HBO keeps me sane as I make my first film so thank you
I was losing all faith until you threw in Chasing Amy at the end. Although for me, Mallrats > Clerks > Chasing Amy
Our friend's film project needs your votes. Want to help?
I love it this guy chasing debris. He is so fast
Re watched Chasing Amy last night, needs to start writing on that level again. There's a whole new generation out there
Amy chasing criminals in formal wear is just ❤️
for real, watching Chasing Amy right now
HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT CLERKS? CHASING AMY? Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was fan service, but still GREAT!
so Amy hasn't been chasing you around?
Chasing Amy has a lot to teach you about life and relationships.
Chasing dreams not diamond rings so don't call me no more.
Amy and Jake running around chasing bad guys in fancy clothes tho
I'm quoting Chasing Amy, I'm assuming you're quoting Spice Girls
I might run if a safety truck was chasing me. Might. That dude is awesome.
You need to watch the movies. "Chasing Amy", "Mallrats", "Clerks", etc. Some of my favorites by Kevin Smith.
No ones worth chasing or stressing over if they want to be there they will
Feel sorry for everyone chasing... It's been a good hour lol I wouldn't last
Saturday night. .. afew beers and the crowing jewel of the collection Chasing Amy.
Don't know which uses The Mighty Mighty Bosstones "The Impression that I Get" better, Clueless or Chasing Amy?
I have seen it a lot, but the end of Chasing Amy always makes me tear up
I step away from the computer for a couple of hours... (Watched Chasing Amy again) and the Ducks pick up a tight End commit...
Remind me to tell you my Chasing Amy story.
Chasing Amy does this. Silent Bob voices the failure in his similar story. Affleck goes to the other extreme and fails. Then the real ending
Have you seen Chasing Amy on Blu-ray with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Kevin Smith What do you watch next
Happy Birthday to actress Joey Lauren Adams, Alyssa Jones in the 1997 Kevin Smith film Chasing Amy:
My first day of this year's winter vacation consisted of 's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Chasing Amy.
Love is being devoted to your guy, despite him liking Spider-Man 3, and Chasing Amy being his favourite Kevin Smith movie. ;)
reminds me of Joey Lauren Adams from Chasing Amy. It must be the voice.
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