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Chase Utley

Chase Cameron Utley (born December 17, 1978) is a second baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball.

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If it wasn't for Chase Utley's "slide", the Mets probably don't go after Asdrubal Cabrera in the offseason.
Dodgers have picked up Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and now Carlos Ruiz. Might as well give them Ryan H…
Chase Utley: 2nd to hit 2 HR in his first road game vs team that he played at least 1,500 games for (Frank Thomas) (via…
RelNews: Chase Utley's return to Philadelphia comes with a wallop in Dodgers' 15-5 win -Los Angeles Times-
Chase Utley hits two homers in first game back in Philadelphia
Chase Utley slept with all of our wives and we loves him for it...
Chase Utley rewards standing 'O' with two homers in Philly return
Philadelphia gives Chase Utley a hero's welcome, and still the critics say we're a nasty sports town? Screw the critics.…
Standing O from fans for Chase Utley after GRAND SLAM. Another curtain call.
Chase Utley has to have a beautiful golf swing. Simple and compact. No overswinging.
Chase Utley's return to Philadelphia was perfect:
Chase Utley gets a standing ovation every at bat & a curtain call for a grand slam ... but Philly fans are classless http…
Chase Utley returns to some brotherly love.
Leading off for the Dodgers, Chase Utley. . Here's what it looked like from inside the stadium.
Chase Utley just hit a grand slam. The crowd loves it! 13-3, Dodgers.
What love the city named after it gave Chase Utley in debut return. Hits 2hr & 5 rbi (first time ever in Philly) & still cheered!
Chase Utley a blast in his return to Philly
Chase Utley puts on a show in his 1st game back in Philly as a Dodger hitting a HR and a grand slam as LA wins, 15-5
Chase Utley's Grand Slam from his 1st game back in Philadelphia, welcome home!
Watch Chase Utley get a standing O and then hit a homer and a grand slam in Phila return: https:…
It was pointed out to Chase Utley pregame that he has a history of rising to the moment: "I don't know if that's the c…
Chase Utley crushed the Phillies and Philly fans cheered him anyway (Big League Stew)
PHI LVL: WATCH: Chase Utley walks up to 'Kashmir,' huge ovation in return to Philly
Today's MVP is Chase UTLEY! He's the reason dodgers are in first
RECAP: Chase Utley homers twice, including grand slam, as top Phillies, 15-5!. 🔗:
Great tidbit of how Chase Utley got to Philly in 2003 before that grandslam. Involves waiting for a ride in a Subway https:…
how do you think Velasquez felt with crowd cheering Utley hitting a homer off him? Chase is now the enemy.
Work in the Internet without investment | Instant Replay: Chase Utley records grand slam, 5 RBIs in return - Comcast
Chase Utley confessed that tonight was "something I've been looking forward to for a long time," a stunning admission,…
Chase Utley's ovations: Overkill or just right?
csnphilly​.com >> Photos and videos from Chase Utley's incredible Philadelphia return
csnphilly​.com >> Chase Utley on Ryan Howard's HR: 'Bittersweet but you're happy'
Chase Utley with a return for the ages. "He's always going to be a Phillie at heart." story:
Getting drilled in the back, tossing the ball back, and jogging to 1st base... The most Chase Utley thing ever. https:/…
Chase Utley opens up about facing the Phillies in Dodger Blue: Gregg Murphy sits down with Chase Utle...
Chase Utley is Dodgers' recipient of MLBPAA Heart and Hustle Award, presented by George Lombard and Don Newcombe.
Chase Utley, Scott Kazmir stand out in Dodgers' 8-4 win
RECAP: Chase Utley started Tuesday's game with a home run and Scott Kazmir tossed seven solid innings with eight...
Chase Utley, Scott Kazmir stand out in Los Angeles Dodgers' 8-4 win -...
Larry "Chipper" Jones,Chase Utley,and Daniel Murphy Met killers this guy is on a mission when it comes to the
head to the bottom of the eighth still trailing, 4-1. . Due up:. Chase Utley. . Trayce Thompson
The are a good team with Jimmy Rollins, Cole Hamels, Chase Utley and Roy Halladay.
Bottom 8th. *Pitching Change-Gonzalez Germen replaces Jorge De La Rosa on the mound. . Chase Utley grounds out to...
I'm pretty sure Chase Utley is just the grandpa from the Security Benefit ad. "How about that Crawford misplay?!"
Speaking of Chase Utley, he makes nice play on grounder up middle to retire Keon Broxton for second out. Perez to 3B with Davies up.
Chase Utley looks like Robert Redford from the Natural. Ancient.
Second baseman Austin Barnes makes like Chase Utley with a diving stop-and-throw.
Chase Utley owns the New York Mets, according to Wikipedia - Comcast SportsNet Philadelp...
Adrian Gonzalez, Chase Utley and Yasmani Grandal are out of the Dodgers' lineup.
I want a motion to name our leadoff local hero Chase Utley to be "The Captain" of this LA Dodger ballclub.. 2016- WORLD SERIES CHAMP OR BUST
37 yr old Jason Werth not to be out done by 37 yr old Chase Utley gets his grand slam day later.
At this point, Chase Utley should just go the Chipper Jones route and name his next born child Citi. Has a nice ring to it.
Corey Seager, Howie Kendrick, Chase Utley (x2) and Adrian Gonzalez. This is the kind of offense I've been waiting for. 9-1 Dodgers.
I'm not even a mets fan, they are my and I hate Chase Utley as much as I hate Miggy Cabrera
Chase Utley is cracking me up, hits two homers tonight including a grand slam and yet the New York fans are still "booing" him😂😂😂
A script Hollywood would laugh at: Chase Utley grand slam! Second HR of the game...What a night.
Chase Utley, king of the trolls. That's quality work.
Chase Utley continues to torment NY...Solo HR leading off Top 6th. 1-0.
Here is a history of Matt Harvey's meetings with Chase Utley - NY Daily News . For people who think he can't take it
Retaliation? Noah Syndergaard threw behind Chase Utley & was ejected. . Terry Collins was livid & got tossed too.
Don't worry fans Mayor Deblasio will get Chase Utley back with a hefty fine for dipping during that at bat.
Noah Syndergaard has been ejected for throwing behind Chase Utley with a third-inning pitch. Terry Collins also... https…
Has Ichiro replaced the place that Chase Utley once held in Chip Caray's heart?
Chase Utley tied the game with two outs in the 9th at Citi Field. Chase Utley will always be the man.
Vintage Chase Utley last night at Citi Field. Hitting .292 with a .385 OBP. Not bad at 37.
Last night's Mets game was awesome. Let's watch some highlights!
Mets vs. Dodgers lineups: Chase Utley hits leadoff in return to Citi Field
Went to the Mets game last night:. TC needs to let other guys pitch the 9th. Booing Chase Utley has not worked. Lagares needs to play more.
A really good read from Ryan Lawrence, who was on hand for Chase Utley’s first game at Citi Field since “The Slide." https…
this is gonna be me at Chase Utley's funeral
Correction: Chase Utley doubled in the ninth and advanced to third on the throw.
Report: Family of Chase Utley received death threats after...
Why is Chase Utley a story in Philadelphia anymore? Who cares about the Dodgers
Chase Utley when he realizes Syndergaard is going to put a hole in his chest tomorrow night.
One day chase Utley will die and I will throw a party
Utley continues to be a thorn in Mets’ side.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Don't care that they lost...seeing Utley terrorize met fans brings me great joy. Even if it was only for a half inning. Much love Chase.
Nostalgic Mets fans boo Utley and cheer Wright
I hope Chase Utley & his kid play Legos together & each night 1 Lego ends up in the carpet & Chase always steps on it when he…
I was driving all last night so I missed it, but I can't express enough that I LOVE CHASE UTLEY
It's safe to say we don't like Chase Utley.
I hope Chase Utley is watching SVU & he sees an actor whose face he remembers but he just can't place it & his wife's no help…
I think Chase Utley's scoreboard photo is smirking at Mets fans
Chase Utley's 3-run triple ties the game at 5, in the top of the ninth!
fans awaiting the arrival of Chase Utley back to Citifield this weekend...
Jeurys Familia records the win. Chase Utley and the Dodgers lose. That's baseball, Howie.
It's tied at Citi Field ... because of Chase Utley.
with a terrific 9th inning rally as Chase Utley drives in 3 on a bases clearing double after Grandal was walked with bases loaded
Love that Chase Utley. I hope Miguel Rojas' leg still hurts.
No one I hate more than Chase Utley
A good throw gets Yasmani Grandal. That was not a good throw. Chase Utley drives in three runs, and the game is tied 5-5.
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Wow! Chase Utley has grey hair. I remember when he was a dashing blonde winning a World Series for Philly!
Chase Utley has 11 HR in his career at Citi Field. He's tied with Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Jason Bay, listed as 16th in the building's history.
"Ok everybody, whoever wants to hit Chase Utley raise your hand."
.singles to right and scores Chase Utley and Justin Turner! . up 2-1, in the bottom of the fourth! 👏
Hey, Greg Amsinger . Chase Utley doesn't play and bat lead off EVERYDAY like you kept saying.
Luis Castillo (02) and Chase Utley (06) both got to 35. Jimmy Rollins had 36 at the end of 2005
Hey When a dude tries to go Chase Utley on my femur, I will go Henry Waxman on his beak! Signed, Rougned. Brent in the TX 806
May 11, AB 3: Yoenis Cespedes grounds into a force out, third baseman Howie Kendrick to second baseman Chase Utley. Michael Conforto out at
Remember when Jeff Francoeur threw 48 pitches last year and Chase Utley freaked out.
Last 2B to homer in 4 straight was Jason Kipnis in 2011. Only 6 times has a 2B homered in 5 straight. Chase Utley last to do that.
dude. Carlos Ruiz would never lead off. Freddy Galvis would never bat clean up. Chase Utley could hit anywhere in the lineup
Chase Utley's homer is almost as exciting as when Willard Scott announced his birthday on TV
Top projected 2B for 4/24 are Jose Altuve, Jason Kipnis, Chase Utley, Dee Gordon, and Darwin Barney.
Looked like Chase Utley used his leg to block the bag as Freddie Freeman tried to advance on wild pitch. Garcia immediately singles.
"What's the most you've ever lost in a coin toss?" --Chase Utley
Dan Baker's best name pronunciation was obviously Chase Utley, but Carlos Ruiz may be number two.
Maybe they should call it the Wright Rule. David Wright taking out Chase Utley when he was a Phillie.
When can we give Cesar Hernandez away so we can bring back Chase Utley?
All I see when I look at Chase Utley now is that loser Eric from Billy Madison
Serial scumbag Chase Utley has to go down after this takeout slide at Derek Norris' knees
Chase Utley's slide into Derek Norris wasn't legal and proves it
LOOK: Chase Utley started the season with an illegal slide via
I hate Chase Utley right now more than any person on the planet. Except for Jeff Nelson. He is the worst
Back at it again, Chase Utley came into the plate sliding right for Derek Norris's legs
Last night Chase Utley reminded baseball that he's a bad person. via
It's a new season, but the same old Chase Utley.
Oh, that was the new Chase Utley slide rule. Stupid rule. (Just like the infield fly rule)
Patrick Saunders Joey Bautista hot take so late that Chase Utley said *** that's late."
"There's some situations that need to be taken care of.". -Matt Harvey on Chase Utley
Don’t care what anyone says, I’ll always love Jonathan Sanchez for hitting Chase Utley in Game 6 of the 2010 NLCS.
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Top 4th. *Pitching Change-Travis Wood replaces Kyle Hendricks on the mound. . Chase Utley lines out to left field.
Yawn.. Buster Olney back on the Chase Utley slide soapbox. Remember when he made such a fuss over the slide that took Kang out?
Chase Utley said he expects Jimmy Rollins will be in camp with some team. "He should be. He can still play."
Chase Utley believes Jimmy Rollins will be signed before Spring Training
Citi Field tickets are cheap as *** who's tryna go for a Chase Utley squad
The sound guy at Citi Field should play Kurt Angle's theme whenever Chase Utley is up.
oh ya I forgot about the Phillies, they just win it every year! Ha! How could a kid be a fan of Jim Thome & Chase Utley
Blair Walsh and Chase Utley have the same definition of straight.
Dodgers will bring back veteran Chase Utley for one year
it's ok bud, Chase Utley will come back someday
Did front office let anybody else who can help them slip away today? And are they sticking us with the hideous Chase Utley again?
Ok I'm tired of all the talk of chase utley's slide it's good ol hard playoff baseball.
On the 5-year anniversary of Werth signing with the could the team sign Chase Utley or Jimmy Rollins?
I imagine this is how Chase Utley plays with his kids
plenty of 9th overall picks flame out, not many do after getting Chase Utley comps and playing very well for a season
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I know Phillies fans who hate the Phanatic which for me is like hating Mike Schmidt or Chase Utley.
Imagine the scene if Chase Utley had broken American Pharoah's leg.
a lot of the same logic can be applied to the Padres. Except they need a strong defender even more.
No thanks on Chase Utley. Over the hill and hitting every tree on the way down. Lower body is gone.
Dodgers front office prefer Chase Utley over Ben Zobrist
Lost Grienke but hey still in on chase Utley yeaaah. joke front office from kasten on down. FIX TV DEAL- NOW NOT LATER
Angels & Dodgers both remain interested in Chase Utley. One friend of Utley says he has options, but his preference is to pla…
Howie Kendrick, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley. Seems like they want shells of former All-Stars instead. Hill for Joc 😂
Of course, the Alex Wood and Chase Utley deals last year already told you that. Small time thinking in the front office.
yay You need to put your pic up with Chase Utley and tell them Bring Utley Home :D
The Chase Utley fan letter episode is the most Philadelphia thing ever and is just perfect in every way.
Hey, it's not so bad. Now they can extend Chase Utley with all the money saved on Grienke.
Dodger fans - stop complaining. You still get to enjoy Chase Utley's perfection.
hard to believe. Hey at least they are bringing Chase Utley back..
are another California team showing "strong interest" in Chase Utley, per
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Let's take another look at Chase Utley's clean slide into Reuben Tejada...
can the Angels hurry up and sign Jason Heyward and Chase Utley already?
to decided whether to resign Howie Kendrick or Chase Utley they are also interested in Daniel Murphy from what i have heard
The Dodgers are reportedly prioritizing Chase Utley over Ben Zobrist:
Chase Utley has excellent taste in dogs so I'll be okay if he sticks around
Los Angeles Angels, Dodgers, San Diego Padres pursuing Chase Utley, who wants to play in California
The Dodgers are reportedly more interested in re-signing Chase Utley than signing Zobrist.
MLB Free Agent Watch: Chase Utley: While with the Phils, Utley's power continued to wane and he was m...
With interest in Chase Utley & Ben Zobrist, the reportedly are more focused on one htt…
FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports that the Dodgers "appear more focused" on Chase Utley than Ben Zobrist.
From John Mayberry to Chase Utley, 10 things Mets fans have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving
I just made Chase Utley's slide look clean after obliterating Wilmer Flores
declined options on Bronson Arroyo, Joel Peralta and Chase Utley.
The have declined their options on Chase Utley, Joel Peralta and Bronson Arroyo
You mean Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins are washed up? Wish the geniuses running our squad knew that! Ugh
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So looking forward to next season for a minute, who gets to drill Chase Utley?
LMAO Any takers for Chase Utley on the Mets? 😂
That contingent has been steadily growing since last year’s ALDS. Using Hal McRae/Chase Utley analogy as litmus to weed them out.
The season is over, and Chase Utley still hasn't touched second
Ruben Amaro Jr. says Chase Utley likely to remain with Phillies SportsCenter …
What Duda could've/should've done - channel & come off the bag to cut down Hosmer at the plate:
Somewhere right now Chase Utley is smiling
Hey Chase Utley got his, did you get yours?
I hope your daughter dates Chase Utley's kid.
Somewhere in the world Chase Utley is laughing
Chase Utley could teach the Mets a thing or two
What Lucas Duda could've/should've done in the 9th inning - come off the bag early to cut down the run at the plate:. https:/…
My week 6 NFL picks on + one final tribute to the great Chase Utley. .
In a dark alternate universe, Dee Gordon Freddie Freeman and Chase Utley are all Nationals.
Daniel Murphy baserunning plays, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley...the Mets had to defeat all of their demons of the last decade to win that one
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Who do Met fans hate more? Terry Collins or David Wright? They both seem to rank slightly below Chase Utley.
Huh. For some reason Dalton Pompey's blatantly illegal Chase Utley slide in the 7th has been erased from history.
If there is a God, and if he has a purpose, Chase Utley will someway, somehow end the Mets playoff run in Game 5. It s…
Nice comments from Charlie Steiner (voice of the Dodgers) about Utley-Tejada collision: Chase Utley's Slide
MLB Notes: Utley update; Rangers leaning on Hamels: Chase Utley's appeal hearing is scheduled for Monday, whi...
Chase Utley plays the game the way it was meant! If Joe Torre knew him he would know he made a mistake!
Bill de Blasio and Chris Christie are not mincing words on Chase Utley. &
Mets decide winning is best revenge for Chase Utley and bludgeon Los Angeles Dodgers…
You know the don't want Chase Utley to play when Justin Ruggiano faces a righty
Chase Utley's police escort is going to need a police escort on the way out of Queens. Citi Field wants blood!
Gem from last night: Baseball Tonight's Eric Byrnes recreates Chase Utley's take-out slide.
Eric Byrnes with the perfect reenactment of Chase Utley's slide
Philly fans like Brian Thompson and Chris Schache .. what is your take on Chase Utley?
Deadspin suspended while Chase Utley gets to play tonight
Should Matt Harvey retaliate against Chase Utley tonight? Ron Darling weighed in on.
I'm Pete Rose and I approve Chase Utley's slide! (Who was Ray Fosse again?)
If Ben Mason was the Mets shortstop, Chase Utley would still be on the ground.
Kudos to Joe Torre for taking a stand with Chase Utley suspension
THIS JUST IN: Chase Utley suspended for Games 3 and 4 of NLDS for his slide on Tejada on Saturday, can appeal.
Dodgers INF Chase Utley has been suspended for Games 3 & 4, per
Gary Rothfeld MLB to review Chase Utley's slide in NLDS for possible discipline - The Boston Glob... Baltimore MD
LISTEN: Mets fan calls up Mike Francesa, cries over Chase Utley slide.
Chase Utley wouldn't have gotten flagged if he did what Von Miller just did to Derek Carr
I still love you Claire...but Chase Utley better never find himself in front if my car 😉
Terry Collins has handled this Chase Utley slide surprisingly well. That doesn't excuse leaving Reed in there to face AGonz last night.
Chase Utley arrived home safely after last night's game. h/t John Thompson
Dodgers Dugout: Answering all your Chase Utley slide questions: Hi, and welcome to another e...
Gary Rothfeld Why MLB needs to suspend Dodgers' Chase Utley for over-the-top takeout - CBSSports. Baltimore MD
Chase Utley is the man. A little contact and people crying a river!
The real architect of the Chase Utley slide is Abner Doubleday. Blame him.
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BCA Gamer News: LOS ANGELES -- So what now for the New York Mets after Chase Utley's questionable takeout slid...
Would Mac have appreciated that play by Chase Utley?
Chase Utley to stand trial on the Klingon homeworld of Kronos.
Was the Chase Utley slide into Tejada part of the baseball race war that was mentioning?
Chase Utley forgets to put +C at the end of an indefinite integral
Chase Utley heard this before the slide
Chase Utley is a savage for that slide
Chase Utley just made Brett Lawrie look like Mister Rogers.
Chase Utley is the first player to score after never having touched a base, Per Elias probably.
Alain Vigneault may use his first coaching challenge of the year to call for goaltender interference on Chase Utley
Chase Utley putting together some game tape in case the returns to LA.
Bottom 5th. Scott Schebler strikes out swinging on a 2-2 count. 1 out. . Chase Utley lines out to left field. 2...
Start at third base for Dodgers veteran Chase Utley is a career first: Alex Guerrero, who started at third bas...
they also have a ton of good players at the high school level. Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins!!!
Bobbleheads I would like next year: Aaron Nola, Chase Utley, and Pedro Martinez commemorating his 2009 rehab start.
Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley are both on the Dodgers now maybe they could also add Ryan Howard maybe Shane Victorino, the whole 08 Phillies
lead 2-1 going into 7th after Chase Utley hit solo HR in 6th to break 1-1 tie. His first as a Dodger
And by Chase I mean Chase Utley, not the bank.
Chase Utley's solo shot to right center gives the a 2-1 lead!!
Jose Peraza does his best Chase Utley impression and does glove flip to Rollins who throws to AGon and Avilan gets Belt on inning-ending DP
Chase Utley's impact goes beyond the stat sheet for
Ellis also called Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley "Los Angeles Phillies." He told Utley tonight was the biggest game of his career.
In tonight’s win, Chase Utley notched his 1st RBI with this triple into the gap:
Vin Scully needs to learn to say Harry Kalas' patented "Chase Utley. you are the. man"
Mattingly confirmed the plan when Howie returns & Chase Utley talked about other positions.
I'm as excited about Chase Utley being a Dodger as I was when Shane Victorino & Michael Young joined. In other words, not very much.
Bumgarner gets to 5 in 56 at-bats, has as many HR as Jonny Gomes, Jose Reyes, Chase Utley, Matt Wieters, Wil Myers- all having far more ABs
Howie Kendrick or Chase Utley? Doesn't make a difference, Jimmy Rollins says.
Phillies' GM Ruben Amaro Jr on Chase Utley trade: 'Difficult,' but 'necessary' via
Chase Utley's favorite memory was traveling down Broad Street after the…
The trading for Chase Utley isn't reflective of Howie Kendrick's status.
Chase Utley is HOF worthy, but might even get 5%'d on the first ballot. He's our generation's Lou Whitaker.
ICYMI: Ruben Amaro Jr. all but says the reason Chase Utley is likely to remain a Phillie is that he won't OK a move
Preview of the public viewing at Citizens Bank Park when Chase Utley actually dies:
Oh man. To have been in the crowd at Citizens Bank Park when Chase Utley and his cat said goodbye, via
A look at Chase Utley's underrated career with the
Chase Utley. Jimmy Rollins. Carl Crawford. I'm actually so confused. They making this team out of a baseball card deck or something
See discuss his return to the mound & Ruben Amaro Jr talk about the Chase Utley trade on 1pE
Chase Utley last game as a Philadelphia Phillies Citizens Bank Park Program, Stamped Roster Card and Official...
Chase Utley & Jimmy Rollins started 1,189 games together in Philadelphia. No DP combo in history played that many in one town…
Lou Whitaker has a higher WAR than Chase Utley and hes not in the Hall
GM Ruben Amaro Jr tells us how the Chase Utley deal went down
VIDEO - Ruben Amaro Jr. and Chase Utley speak about the trade sending Utley to the Dodgers:
VIDEO: Chase Utley & Ruben Amaro Jr. discuss the trade that sent the veteran second baseman to
who remembers this letter from Mac to Chase Utley from
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Once the Dodgers get Chase Utley and pair him with Jimmy Rollins, they plan to convince Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Bra…
Now you have to cheer for a Kimmo Timonen-like championship run for the Dodgers. Chase Utley, you are the man.
"The Hardest thing is Leaving the City of Philadelphia" Chase Utley
The Dodgers have acquired infielder Chase Utley and cash considerations from for minor leaguers Darnell Sweeney and …
Dodgers BBTN's Jonah Keri calls the acquisition of 2B Chase Utley an "expensive insurance policy"
In LA, Chase Utley will reunite with Jimmy Rollins. In 2008, the duo helped Philly win its 1st pro title in 25 years.
Chase Utley will not be their Cody Ross.
Chase Utley traded. Girls from Philadelphia can finally stop pretending that they like baseball. Finally.
Phillies reportedly agree to send Chase Utley to LAD. Only position player in PHI history w/ more WAR than Utley (61.7)-…
NYY Star Ledger: Ruben Amaro Jr. insists Chase Utley is 'very likely' to stay with Phillies
If Cubs can get Chase it..he's healthy, a pro, and been there..remembet Gary Gaetti..had sum great AB,s for Cubs late..
Baseball History: Witness it on August 20! What do Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Carlos Ruiz and most of the current...
Not V important. Y'all give us Tyler Beede for Chase Utley yet?
Could the use Chase Utley? We ask our MLB insider Kevin Youkilis that and more NEXT at 830!
June 20 was last time that Chase Utley played at Citizens Bank Park
The have made an offer for Chase Utley, according to SF GM Bobby Evans: ht…
Chase Utley would be the Raul Ibanez in 2015, for the Yankees.
San Fransisco and Philadelphia in on going talks regarding Chase Utley, according to Jon Morosi.
11-3 Diamondbacks after 6. Andres Blanco, Chase Utley, Cesar Hernandez due up for the in the 7th.
LongDrive: Phillies’ Chase Utley returns to the lineup: SAN DIEGO - When Pete MacKanin drew out his ...
Pete MacKanin with positive reviews on Chase Utley after the second baseman's first game back.
Chase Utley singles. Before the game Pete MacKanin discussed his plan for Utley and why he wants to play him.
Poor Pete MacKanin. He's got to find at-bats for Chase Utley while still playing guys who are making real contributions to the Phillies
JP Crawford and Chase Utley just turned a double play and for some reason I find that incredibly cool.
What do Chase Utley, K-Rod & Marlon Byrd have in common? They're all on the list of Aug. trade candidates
I don't know this Chase Utley guy, who made a spot start at 2B for the Iron Pigs today, but I think he has a future in The Show.
Chase Utley on a rehab assignment with the Iron Pigs tomorrow. Wonder how he will fit in when he comes up. Weird to type that
wow Chase Utley's tan sure is coming along great
Breaking down HOF chances for David Ortiz and five other players with borderline cases:
"I...I'm gonna have a catch with chase utley.". "chase utley is not gonna have a catch with you! you're probably on a list somewhere!"
but it’s impossible to build a winning roster without some boring white guy with a vague Chase Utley resemblance
Who classified that offer as strong? Do they also feel Chase Utley is having a strong season?
Congrats to The Man, Chase Utley, on winning his sixth career Award!
Sources: monitoring Chase Utley as bench option at second.
Injured Phillie Chase Utley steps up workouts to get back on field. (via
David Ortiz, Hall of Famer? weighs his case and those of other borderline veterans.
Every Mets fan hates Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley they can have the craziest years and still hit bombs off the Mets
Chase Utley feels 'a little bit better'
Is David Ortiz a Hall of Famer? debates his candidacy and a few others'
Considering Hall of Fame chances for Ortiz, Beltran, Molina, more
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