Chase Manhattan & David Rockefeller

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., doing business as Chase, is a national bank that constitutes the consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of the multinational banking corporation JPMorgan Chase. David Rockefeller, Sr. (born June 12, 1915) is the current patriarch of the Rockefeller family. He is the youngest and only surviving child of John D. 3.7/5

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Billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller, a former head of Chase Manhattan Bank and a luminary in political circles, died on Monday at
David Rockefeller, who spread the gospel of American capitalism as the head of Chase Manhattan Bank, has died at 101
Rest In Peace David Rockefeller an American banker who was chairman and chief executive of Chase Manhattan...
".including the worldwide promotion of abortion, for example through the personal efforts of Chase Manhattan Bank's David Rockefeller..
The Trilateral Commission. Who are they and what do they do? Formed in 1973 by Chase Manhattan Banker David Rockefeller, the TC is an elite group designed to promote a "one World system" in the true sense of the word. This group exerts inordinate pressure over a wide range of banks, academia, and governments. Often described as the "men behind the curtain", "the shadow government", or "the puppet masters". Recently in Alberta, Canada, the ruling party (The Alberta Progressive Conservative Party) had a resignation of their leader and Premier. A new leader and Premier must now be chosen. The leading contender for that job is Jim Prentice, a banker and former Federal politician. Mr. Prentice is the Deputy Chair of the North American Trilateral Commission. He is obviously the pick of the "Men behind the Curtain."? Will Albertans vote for this Globalist proxy?
YOU CAN'T HAVE TOO MANY CHAIRS WHEN YOU ARE SUPER RICH In 1970, David Rockefeller became Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, while also being Chairman and CEO of Chase Manhattan. In 1970, an academic who joined the Council on Foreign Relations in 1965 wrote a book called Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. The author, Zbigniew Brzezinski, called for the formation of “A Community of the Developed Nations,” consisting of Western Europe, the United States and Japan. Brzezinski wrote about how “the traditional sovereignty of nation states is becoming increasingly unglued as transnational forces such as multinational corporations, banks, and international organizations play a larger and larger role in shaping global politics.” David Rockefeller had taken note of Brzezinski’s writings, and was “getting worried about the deteriorating relations between the U.S., Europe, and Japan,” as a result of Nixon’s economic shocks. In 1972, David Rockefeller and Brzezinski ...
Hashim approached the chairman of Chase Manhattan, David Rockefeller, to second Kirdar for a period of one year.
ROCKEFELLER-MORGAN p376 Senator Lee Metcalf (D-MT) conducted a mid-1970's investigation into concentration of economic power in the US. He found that Chase Manhattan Bank was among the top ten stockholders in forty-two utility companies. Citibank was a top ten owner of forty-one utilities. Manufacturers Hanover was among the top ten shareholders of thirty-one utilities. These three plus Chemical Bank controlled 38% of all foreign deposits in the US. A 1973 Federal Reserve report stated that nine New York mega-banks held 90% of all oil industry debt, 75% of rubber and chemical industry debt and 66% of all machinery and metals industry debt. Most all Federal Reserve Chairmen have come from the Rockefeller/Morgan combine. Paul Voicker came from Chase Manhattan. When he stepped down from the Fed he became chairman of the Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller. Alan Greenspan succeeded Voicker as Fed Chairman. He came from Morgan Guaranty Trust and served on the board of Rockefeller's Mobil. The f ...
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