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Chase Landry

Swamp People is an American reality series that was first broadcast on History on August 22, 2010. The show follows the day-to-day activities of Cajuns living in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin who hunt American alligators for a living.

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T1 | SLU gets 4 hits and a run to chase Megan Landry. comes in to leave the bases full. . SLU 1, Nicholls 0
Landry, Chase, and Ariel won first in the state for community service!!! Yay!
I think Chase Landry is literally goals 😍😍😍
Never chase nobody I'll run into y'all *** later on in life 😘
Watch as Jackie and Chase Landry hunt for in Alabama / / Sun. @ 1:30PM ET /
Live all the shows ESP the Landry's! Chase has got to buck up & work more!!
Jarvis Landry said "Being sad over a female is a young money cash money no no" Wise words! Chase your dream bro!
Tom Landry had priorities right...God, family, then coaching. Romanian proverb...If you chase two rabbits you'll not catch either one.
lol. Chase Reserve is bae but the Delta one isn't worth the fee
"Never chase love, affection, or attention. If it isn’t given freely by another person, then it isn’t worth having."
β€’ β€œBut I wasted time to try and chase you You and me will never be”
Wichita State's Landry Shamet named the MVC's Newcomer of the Week. Averaged 14.0 points on 61.25% shooting in two wins.
... ridin' up the rankings right now w/ Ben/AB stack. Planted Stills and Landry for the chase. 😁
Thankful for Listening with my wife, baby Landry, and diehard Toffee Chase the Dog from freezing Louisville, KY.
Keep up with our team Pups and Suds comprised of Steven Rosser and Chase Comeaux wodmurkin on the CrossFit St. Landry FB page!
I come to your rescue, I chase your blues away
DO NOT chase anybody that barely puts forth the effort into you
Congratulations to the Argyle Eagles on capturing the 2016 Tom Landry Trophy. Take this monentum and build it into a St…
.picked up the trophy tonight for the Tom Landry Classic with their 33-21 win over Lovejoy.
Our Barron Office VP, Rick with Owen, Landry, Chase & Grace in recognition of our donation to Youth Hockey Arena.
Who likes chase why is chase still here
when Chase gets the rose instead of Luke
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ 11 Days to Rio! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Re-Live our Favorite Kick & Chase Try of 2016 by Insanely good skill!
Chase your dreams but always know the road thatll lead you home again. -Tim McGraw
I mean, Chase Budinger, Landry Fields...any stretch 4s that could play as 3s?. I guess Marv can play some 3
if you're gonna push me away, I'll give you what you want. . i'm done chasing. . for once I want someone to chase & fight fo…
How you gettin chase down by a giraffe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
4:50 10th mile and then Christo Landry moved HARD. in chase pack
Thank you to Chase Carter and Gabe Gault from "Right @ Home" for adding this incredible mural to DCS!
I'm shocked at the fact you think Landry is better then Dez/Beckham
BSB: B3: Hinds ties it up at 2 via an RBI double from Chase Cockrell and a bases-loaded walk by Landry Newsom
I swear Chase Landry from Swamp People is cute af for a white boy
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ OH MY GOD! Kick and chase solo try in first minute! 😱😱😱😱
Landry Nnoko on that Chase Jeter pace, picking up his 2nd foul in only 3 minutes.
If you have a dream, chase it until you make it reality! Im a dreamer, are you?πŸ‘½ check out
I've been watching too much Swamp People...I've developed a crush on Chase Landry.
It's time for some boys basketball playoffs tonight, tweeple.
Don’t chase people. Be you, do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, a…
Cards lost to Mike Vick/Landry Jones. Ruling out and the Pack in the playoffs is foolish.
Happy Thanksgiving Chase!! Please wish the whole Landry clan a Happy Thanksgiving from me!!
Good luck to Karr & Landry-Walker football's all Algiers love in these playoffs..bring it back home!
Not even three Redskin defenders can stop Landry. THREE.
Keenan Allen or golden Tate? 8 person nonppr and also Jarvis Landry Jordan Matthews or Ameer. Which 2 of those 3. 12 person nonppr
According to 5 sources, Jarvis Landry and LaMike James had physical confrontation in special teams meeting last week: ht…
You gotta crave it and chase it, til you're close enough to taste it
going against 19pt brown, upside with J Brown vs Landry or D Martin to chase points? Still borderline close
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Jamboree head-bonk - Mike Caparaso of Holy Cross and Alden Landry of Chase -
I didn't join the Marine Corps to live and die for your independence ... I joined to LIVE and DIE with my BROTHERS! -Chase Landry
Kings trade Jason Thompson, Carl Landry, Nik Stauskas, and 2018 first round pick for Marco Belinelli and Rajon Rondo... …
So is it fair to say the Kings traded Stauskas, JT, Landry, a 1st, and the rights to swap 2 future 1sts for Belinelli a…
Just wrapped up with Chase Landry, up next Big Bill Busbice.
LOL total steal? Picking up Landry and JT's contracts with Nik the brick? Please you're just being biased
I crave the chase, makes it so much more worth it
Sources: 76ers sending the rights of oveseas players to Kings. Philly wanted Stauskas and will take on Thompson/Landry sal…
Can confirm the deal that sends Stauskas, Thompson and Landry to Philly. Not sure who the Kings get back yet. Now have money to chase FAs
Pistons please get rid of Reggie go sign Tobias make a chase for Carl Landry or Brooke Lopez if we can't get Aldridge
Troy and chase Landry from Swamp People are in kittery and I was not informed of this 😠
Landry going to be good for a long time
If you have a voice like Chase Landry from Swamp People, you'll have me fallin' for you in seconds😍
what pisses me off is the fact that we did then all of the sudden Williams/Sessions gets minutes over Landry/Casspi/McCallum
So why doesn't Landry come in first off the bench?
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I'd much rather see Landry and Quincy miller off our bench
lmao you should've known that already, I dated chase.πŸ’€
but Chase can explain all that if he chooses to.πŸ˜‚
lmao chase knows what I mean by that and them quotes I just put.πŸ‘
bc she keeps messing with chase, and chase is not hers. It's pissing me off
I could watch this video a million times and never get tired of it. Troy and Chase Landry are my favorite Swamp People.
Breaking news: Jalen Landry Branson get 4-0 by Chase Miller
Omg baby's will be 3 in two days!! Then my birthday is for days later n chase Landry would be an amazing presentπŸ˜‰πŸ˜
it happens, that's sweet. Storm follows me so does Jose Bautista & chase Landry from Swamp People! Our new DE maybe πŸ˜ƒ
Chase Landry is so fine lord Jesus please help me
Carl Landry looked at me at the beginning of the game and said β€œMan Kayte we’ve GOT to get this win tonight”. I agree. He chec…
Got to go to gander this weekend with the kiddos and meet troy and chase Landry
Big win against Trask Friday night. Landry Gainey with big 26 pts and Chase Rhew with 9 pts 9 assist.Both these boys part of Flight 22
Meet Troy & Chase Landry today from Swamp People. Best day ever ❀️😍🐊
β€œParty at chase Hinton house tmr night tell everybody come it's for his birthday πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
brooo your boy Landry used performance enhancing drugs and is suspended πŸ˜ͺ
It's a little late, but to the time we met Chase Landry!
Told one of my good friends I wanted to go on a gator hunt. He said okay I just text Chase, I'll text Jacob in the AM. As in the Landry's 😍
his name is chase landry. He's from Louisiana lol give him a try and I noticed you trying with Ansel. Don't give up!!
Chase Landry on Swamp People is just too cute though. 😍
β€œAlso I'm watching Swamp People and I think I may have just found my soulmate” Chase Landry?
Chase landry from Swamp People is actually kinda cute! Lol
Let's be honest Chase Landry is the only reason I watch Swamp People 😍
If Chase Landry comes back to Houston; I will make it my duty to chaseNAP him.
Don't know why people try to make me chase them cuzz I'll never talk to you again n still sleep like a baby tonight ..That …
.leads the Golden Boot chase with 6 goals. Can he add another to save dreams?
Chase Landry has no idea how close he came to being kidnapped from the Gander Mountain a minute ago by Ashley Janel Garrett. He wishes he could be so lucky..
I don't believe this means Landry won't be a useful player -- but I think teams make more mistakes in trying to chase the outliers.
Btw Chase Landry and Brandon Hotard are on the awesome tv show Swamp People.
Took Jase to Gander Mountain to meet Chase Landry and Brandon Hotard from Swamp People on History.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
From left Chase Landry,Deven,me,my mom,and Brandon Hotard
Chase Landry Well since y'all are in GA you can head on over to BAMA for my bday tomorrow! Ha! Y'all going to DEGA while down here?
Meet Swamp People stars Troy, Jacob & Chase Landry at our Avon, IN store today from 2p-6p!!
I have the biggest crush on Chase Landry
Proud parent of a teenager still my baby chase!!
"Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” -…
Just dawned on me that everyone else on the list is 50 years younger than me. Just proof that its never to late to sack u…
Tupelo Gun and Knife Show is this weekend! With special guests Jacob and Chase Landry!
Landry just almost made a dope interception
This Bowe vs. Landry matchup is serious. Bowe is up big on the scorecards so far!
Here Chase Landry ya'll make one for my Dexter. I think he would love it. ; ) *** I want one. LOL
Chase was falling on everybody last night lol couldn't even walk
Chase Landry will be home for Christmas in 10 minutes!!! We can't wait!! σΎ†ΆσΎ†ΆσΎ†ΆσΎ†Ά
Signed autographs of: Phil Robertson, Ron and Amy of Lizzard Lick, Bruce Mitchell, Jacob and Chase Landry, Troy Landry, R.J. and Jay Paul all of Swamp People, Nick Marshall Auburn QB, and Tre Mason Auburn RB. Message me for details and pictures!!!
Fueling up, headed to NOLA!! Brennan Landry Chase Landry Rebekah Guidry Holli Abbadie and Blake
Where oh where are you Chase Landry? Been awful quiet, just making sure you are alright. Be safe!
he also said Chase Landry was my bf and then decided we were going to Tk this weekend. Lol
Swamp People music video photo with Troy Landry, Chase Landry, Jacob Landry, Steel Bill, Scott Billington and...
I like seeing the different people on Swamp People. Everyone doesn't catch alligators the same way. Gator Queen Liz, Troy Landry, Junior and Willie Edwards, Brandon Hotard "Swamp People", Jacob Landry (Swamp People), Chase Landry, R.J. and Jay Paul Molinere from Swamp People and Swamp legends all use many different techniques in their work. I have been catching gators for 29 years and I have learned something new every year. Just wanted to say, "Great job guys and ladies"
Met the King of the Swamp Troy Landry and Chase Landry
Just met the King Of The Swamp Troy Landry and his son Chase Landry
At the in Nashville, TN? Stop by the booth today to meet Troy and Chase Landry from Swamp People!
By far the coolest thing thats happened to me in my life. Got to meet Troy and Chase Landry
Oh my god... chase Landry is so sexy. :)
...or for Chase Landry all I needs some *** to set the mood πŸ˜†
This boy at CHS looks like Chase Landry! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹
Raptors should really chase Carl landry this offseason. Sick backup
please tell me why you're so lame. It's quite sad. Poor fella... Nothing to do but chase after a goddess like meπŸ’.. So sadπŸ˜‚
Hi speed chase in a stolen car...shots fired at a police and it did not even make the news.
My life is now complete! Chase Landry from Swamp People is following me!
Excited for July to meet the Landry boys' but I'm alittle sad that Mr. Chase isn't gonna be joining them :(
Swamp People's Chase and Jacob Landry, pictured here with Nagoya staff.
Had a great day!! Got to meet Jacob and chase Landry and saw Django !!
Chicago get your tickets now for Diggy, Issa, Chris Landry, Chase Lett, Ace Primo, & more ->
yeah when gators see a Landry's boat or you chase they are high tailin' it outta there baby πŸ˜‰!!
I met and his brother today and they were so nice! Chase even mentioned my mustache phone cover. Love the Landry's!
Wow awesome to see join Landry in Pittsburgh! Justin is a class act and great receiver!!!
OU WR Justin Brown joins Landry Jones as a Pittsburgh Steeler. Selected as the 18th pick in the 6th round (186 overall)
just met chase and Jacob Landry from Swamp People.. nicest guys ever ☺
Not a but Jacob and Chase Landry from Swamp People will be at Gander Mountain in Holland today if anyone cares πŸŠπŸ”«
Husband and wife drafted in same month. Landry Jones to Steelers in and Whitney Hand to WNBA's San Antonio Silver Stars
Steelers draft QB Landry Jones to compete with 73 year old Charlie Batch for spot on depth chart.
I'd rather have Landry Jones than Matt Barkley to be real with you.
3hr drive to meet Chase Landry.yes please!
. Def. Chase n Jacob and the rest of the Landry crew, and Liz!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Maybe if I go to grad school in Louisiana I can get a Masters degree in Chase Landry
no, here are some guys: Nassib, Ellington, Ball, Alonso, Jenkins, Landry, Glennon, McDonald, Evans, Chase Thomas
I have a deep love for Chase Landry.
OMG Chase Landry and Jay Paul are so hot! Erhfhsmmlx
I'm a bigger fan then ever. Troy,Jacob & Chase Landry made a video for a leukemia patient and now he's recovering. ❀me some
Oh you know just in Pierre part and walked into gas station and meet Chase Landry and Troy's parents.
Now we need the other two brothers &
CHASE LANDRY FC: Luke Brooks Age: 17 (Junior) Chase is only one of the three Landry brothers who isn't (cont)
Some of 's sponsered artists are Chris Landry, Chase Lett, etc. Check em' out! &
Never ever chase girls. Chase dreams.
When Chase Landry is wrestlin them gators😍😍
That was a good "Swamp People" tonight. Troy Landry and Jacob, Chase, and Brandon are great guys. Love watching them.
I just want to marry Chase Landry. Please??
Can I get an order of Chase Landry with a side of Reed Robertson to go, please?
I just told my nephew that he was going to have a new uncle someday named Chase Landry!!
"Ohh, what's that? Somebody just rang the dinner bell for me?" Chase Landry -
If you don't think Chase Landry is attractive, you need your vision checked.
Okay I have life figured out, I'm gonna marry Chase Landry, move to Louisiana and hunt gators for a living. Flawless plan.
Look who decided to come back "home" lol model chase landry photog dowat Munroe
10 Cutest sophomore boys? No orderr β€” Isaiah, Landry, Jason, Chase and I don't know any other sophomores...
I love watching with the hubby! I love the accents, and Chase Landry sure is nice to look at! :]
ahh!! Handle this chase take one for the team 😚😳
hey Chase I am hoping to see you and the Landry gang at FestForAll Baton Rouge April 6&7
that moment when chase Landry follows you. Mm ;)
Wow. Found my new man crush. Oh heeeyy Chase Landry!
Chase Landry from Swamp People is following me...
Swamp People date success with :) other than her checking out Chase Landry!
Can I just marry Chase Landry already and be Troy's daughter-in-law?!
Morning all! Its Thursday that means me and Chase Landry and Troy Landry and some of them other boys gonna get us a gator tonight CHOOTEM!
SBEC fans, make sure you get down to the Mid South Tackle & Hunting show today to see Troy & Chase Landry from...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Strangers in a strange land: Troy and Chase Landry of "Swamp People" visit the Plains
In line at Gander Mountain to see Troy Landry and Chase Landry, The Swamp People. ;-)
Troy and Chase Landry are in Opelika today! πŸ’šπŸ’—
Come see me today at Gander Mountain. Also Troy and Chase Landry from Swamp People.
Wanna meet Troy & Chase Landry from They'll be at our Opelika, AL this Saturday and Sunday!
is this THE Chase Landry son of Troy Landry?
Autographed swamp peopl shirt and pictures. Most memorable day was meetin Troy and Chase Landry. (:
Nicholas Podell is the winner of the four tickets for the Arkansas Hunting and Tackle Show! Congrats Nicholas! Come out and see us today is the final day! Swamp People's Troy Landry and Chase Landry will be here until 3:00!
Met Troy and Chase Landry from Swamp People. πŸ˜‹πŸŠ
Get your VIP tickets for the Meet and Greet with Troy and Chase Landry from the Swamp People, for the Mesquite...
Want to meet Troy and Chase Landry from RT!
Got to meet Troy Landry and Chase Landry today!! Amazing people truely love those guys((: LML
just talked to, got a handshake from, and took a picture with Troy and Chase Landry.. life is complete
Just got through seeing Troy and Chase Landry from at the grand opening of Gander Mountain.
What?!? Troy and Chase Landry are at Gander Mountain in Florence?!?!?
Y'all and I just met Troy and Chase Landry.
My day has been made Troy and Chase Landry from are coming to Gander Mountain's Grand Opening!!
I honestly cant wait until Swamp People comes back! :( Im being deprived of the gorgeousness of Chase Landry!
... I'd be Chase Landry's girl and call Troy papa too ;o)
Talking ish about Troy in front of Chase Landry in Cabellas. Lol
Gotta say having Chase Landry from Swamp People following me is pretty cool and man is he hot!
I just wanna marry Chase Landry and be an alligator hunter on Swamp People.
I don't need a boyfriend. watching Chase Landry and Jay Paul Molinere on history channel is enough for me.
Jacob and Chase Landry on Swamp People, reminds me of Peyton & Eli Manning. It's a New Orleans Louisiana thang!
So I'm watching episodes of Swamp People on the history channel and I can't get over how frickin hot the one kid, Chase Landry, is! He's sooo flippig adorable! I'm thinkin maybe Louisianna would be an ok place to live...
Chase Landry from Swamp People is cute! β€πŸ˜„
I got to meet Chase Landry from Swamp People at my work yesterday. He is one funny dude let me tell you. Spoke to him for a little while and still am laughing from the way he talks. I told him my daughter kisses the tv when is on and he turned so red and laughed and signed an autographed picture for her. Thanks Cabela's for bringing him in and making my daughters day so much better!!
my favorite part was when Chase Landry screamed when the gator scared him while he was trying to shoot it on land!!
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