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Chase Field

Chase Field is a stadium located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona and is the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball.

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Wonder who will pitch for us at Chase Field? Looks like Harvey on Wednesday.. can't figure out Mon-…
Next time you are back in Cumbria Max give us a shout, few of us will chase you round a field for a l…
I don't believe in violence, but I'd love to get all these heartless *** in a field. Chase them with fe…
Just 30 days until and the Westerners take the field.
I liked a video The Red Seat at Chase Field
BB : Chase Haywood making the highlight reel with a leaping catch out in center field for out
Let's chase Theresa May across a field then watch her get ripped apart by a pack of dogs. Let's get a photo of the fear in her eyes.
Gunna round up all the *** in a field and chase them around on horseback.
While you were sleeping, Tigers fans invaded Chase Field and the Tigers beat the Diamondbacks.
NHS jobs homes schools all in crisis. What are the Tories focusing on? The right to chase and kill furry animals in a field.
Beautiful little thing. Would love to chase May round a field with a shotgun and a few dogs.
Here's can idea put Teresa may in a field and let voter's chase her across the country side until she cornered and…
must be playing at Chase Field because they're scoring runs.
Pre-game from the Game Seven Grill at Chase Field - Nacho Style Fries.…
No what we should do is chase council candidates round a field with a shot gun and last one…
for $25 an 18" chicken sausage enchilada dog can be yours at Chase Field.
These *** heads should be sent out into a field unnarmed and let a lion chase them down
We've had the "Let's Go chant going multiple times here at Chase Field!
I posted these three photos yesterday of the only creative field like that.
Go Tigers (@ Chase Field - for Detroit Tigers at Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix, AZ)
Fun Family Night and awesome W for the tigers @ Chase Field
Lights out at Chase Field! JUSTIN WILSON shuts the door! TIGERS WIN! Looks like the blue fairy just turned a gas can into a real closer.
The fans at Chase Field are still there . . .
The roof is open at Chase Field tonight, by the way. Not sure I'm going to have many more chances to enjoy open-air baseball in Arizona.
Chase Field might as well be a dome stadium. Such a depressing place to look at.
I will always clap for Upton for every HR he hits at Chase Field.
My steak of seeing Upton hit a monster homer at Chase Field is at about eleventy. He just golfed a line drive to the camera well in CF.
That hurts. Justin Upton just blasted a ball into centerfield for a home run at Chase Field.
"Make that 4 straight hits for UCLA! Chase Strumpf doubles down the left-field line to plate Mic…
Andrew Toles is slumped against the short left field wall. He crashed awkwardly trying to chase down the McCutchen double.
AT&T, Dodger Stadium, PetCo and others are much tougher to hit home runs in then Great American Ballpark, Chase Field and Coors.
mascot Baxter stretches with ace Clayton Kershaw at Chase Field
I'm watching the Giants/D-backs game and Chase Field played the Addams Family theme and I'm having flashbacks to last year's musical
Pride as won the toss and will Field. Stoute. Alleyne. Phillips. Brooks. Chase. Rampersaud. Charles. Greaves. Williams. Warrican. Roach
Kickoff kicked back up field a good chase by RGC. Scrum RGC in Bedwas 22
Kauto star novice chase and then the Cotswolds chase on trials day. Perfect prep and usually attracts a good field
Thistlecrack leads the field over the last in the home straight in the Novices' Chase
Early start for field trip to Down Farm, Cranborne Chase
Ashwin, you are a great bowler, even a surprisingly consistent batsman! But it's painful to watch you field or chase the ball
Senior QB Levi Lewis, a commit, taking in his final night on home field, sending the Hornets to their…
Catholic college athlete finds being *** and religion do mix via
I see getting some screen time on CSN Chicago fighting his gloves as he walks across the field.
200 RTs and Noel runs across the field
aw I like that and I loved your performance at Chase Field! I am from Arizona and maybe next year you will show up again?
Did anyone else just see that sophomore drill a 50 yard field goal...?
That's a wrap on the 2016 Field Camp. Join us in December at 👇…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
NEW: Candlelight vigil Sunday night at Pitcairn Ball Field for 3 victims of N.Versailles fatal police chase crash.
It might be late November, but I still have new videos. Here some Chase Field action for you.
got asked by chase's grandpa if I'd been working in the hay field 🙃😅
In place at Brewery Field for Bridgend v Llandovery. Could be a big game in chase for the top 8.
Great pregame talk from Josh Jostes before Maroa-Forsyth takes the field. His shoe game might be even better
Bertans remains perfect from field at 4-4, & 1-1 from 3pt line. 9 pts.
Bertans... 3-3 from field, 1-1 from 3pt line, 7 pts off the bench.
Another reason to check out the Chase Field Team Shop today!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Blazers Cross Country and Track and Field coaching staffs!
It's always fun when your donkey escapes your field and you have to chase her down the road in the middle of the night
both young. Both talented. I will say I'm nervous for Walker in that he gives up the long ball and Chase Field has a wind
Build up your appetite for Thanksgiving leftovers by getting your shopping on at the Chase Field Team…
Catholic college athlete finds religion and being *** do mix
Casper Wells did Chase Field get the commercials think IE is good
no they were just on the field more. There d isn't the worse in the NFL bc the O has the ball 40 min a game.
the chow hall in Beeville tx was named in his honor. NAS CHASE FIELD.
Arizona Diamondbacks – replacement or repairs for Chase Field unlikely
Wow. A game winning field goal on Thanksgiving. That's like grabbing the last piece of turkey, man. I love it. Pass the po…
Man most teams it's tough to rely on a field goal kicker but with Prater I believe in him!
I think Segura can be an above average regular. Pitchers get blown up in Chase field.
if Taijuan didn't figure it out at Safeco he sure as F isn't going to make it work at Chase field. Segura at leadoff is dreamy.
BHA report poor field for £20,000 novice chase at Newbury tomorrow down to. 'a solar eclipse on Jupiter's 3rd moon'
Animals feel pain&fear just like humans. I'd like to pop YOU in a field&set the hounds to chase you!
nice open field tackle! Chase down and prevent a first down.
Seems like the Dbacks haven't learned anything from the Shelby Miller trade Tijuan Walker is trash 😂😭 he gonna get lit up at Chase Field
A home run prone pitcher moving to Chase Field? With that trash defence behind him? Seems disastrous to me.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Chase family. Bob was a legend in his field, and Fort Wayne will not be the same without him.
Add the Chase Field Team Shop to your shopping spree.
what about Lord Windermere for gold cup after today's performance. Was a good field finished strong. Lexus chase next maybe
Yovani Gallardo at an away game at Chase Field in 2012
Kyle Jensen had a night to remember on Friday at Chase Field. My latest for .
when is the next time you're hitting up Chase Field?
Chase Field. One of my dreams as a kid was to make it to all 30 parks. Wrigley/Dodger Stadium only ones left.
held a baseball clinic today at Chase Field. were kind enough to participate.
The Dbacks redid their vintage intro video of the baseball bouncing around Chase Field, so legit
Chase Field is the most beautiful baseball field ever 💜
High school baseball will be missed ⚾️ @ Chase Field
Kontos will rejoin Giants bullpen in San Diego -- Barry M. Bloom at Chase Field
Kontos back with Giants as Romo leaves -- Barry M. Bloom at Chase Field
Olympic gold medalist Jessica Hardy will be among ASU grads at Chase Field commencement tonight
The street in front of Chase Field between Jefferson and Jackson will be renamed Randy Johnson Way on May 12.
have hit 14 HR's in 4 games at Chase Field, including 4 off Robbie Ray. Can borrow humidor?
Final from Chase Field: D-backs fall 9-0 to the Rockies as LHP Robbie Ray allows four homers in his start.
Chase Field fans need to wake up and get loud, writes
The Wow Items. At Chase Field, the food is different, creative & delicious. . We're over here drooling,
Man, Chase Field really looks like an airport hanger
AJ *** Bobblehead at Bob Brenly Wall of Fame. AJ Bobblehead at Chase Field on Saturday!
TOMORROW: Free health services in Phoenix: Chase Field is normally filled with sports fans galore, but this…
Uniform watch: What D-Backs are wearing: Several Arizona Diamondbacks will make their debuts at Chase Field du...
D'Backs threaten to leave stadium unless county pays $187M for "maintenance" to make Chase Field "state of the art." https:…
Spring training is the best time of my life like better than my birthday better than Christmas time better than games at chase field etc
Over a month until I go to Chase Field and I can't stop thinking about that churro dog!
Chase Daniels is 5'11, keep this midget *** *** off the field, Idc if he can memorize Pederson's offense in his sleep. Bum *** ***
Commissioner Rob Manfred can’t think of a better place than Chase Field to host MLB’s Diversity Business Summit:
I can't wait till the the Chase Daniel, Sam Bradford thing finally happens on the field. People will change their minds
I really want to quit my server job and just stay with my chase field job😐
The Lions replacing Calvin Johnson with Marvin Jones is sadder than if they just left one player off the field on every down a…
Chase gone play in the league 10 years and make over $50MM and never see the field. Gawd, I love this country
So we can watch pretty blondes chase them round the field rather...
Great chase down and open field tackling 😂
I'd like to chase her across a field and put an arrow through her head..
Back at Chase Field for Day 2! Such an honor to get to spend time with all these baseball fans and execs!
Chase Daniel is awful. Better hope he never has to see the field.
What if any changes / upgrades will we see at Chase Field this season?
Head down to Chase Field. They have the new gear. Just picked up the new gray jersey. Can't find anywhere else.
If Chase couldn't field I'd hate him
I like Chase Daniels as a backup, little on field experience but like his upside with him having sat behind Brees a few years back.
The dream: an all 50 team homer schmatta. @ Chase Field
History says Chase will see the field if he's backing up Bradford.
Congrats to Chase Major on signing with Washington & Lee for track and field.
in Arizona? How about Chase Field with its retractable roof and pool in right field, along with its box-shaped ballpark? Easily can be done.
Fair, if the guarantees were lower maybe. But I bet Chase gets on the field at some point if only because Bradford is made of glass
Chase Daniel keeps making an excellent living in the without ever doing much on the field
Feeling so sick that I could only play one minute on the field today because my chest started hurting so bad😩
Chase Field has been a beautiful host.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Congrats to Chase Major on deciding to attend & compete in track & field at Washington and Lee…
. Chase Major signs with Washington and Lee for track and field
We have to say it's really hard to pick a wrong seat at Chase Field too, and we'll have to check with Chip Hale first... 😜
so then I want the best seats at Chase Field! Well that's only if I can't get the dugout seats. Can we negotiate?😊
is Salt River Fields where the spring training is? Chase Field in Phoenix is where regular games are played right?
Harold Reynolds, LaTroy Hawkins, Curtis Pride and Kim Ng speak at the 2016 Diversity Business summit at Chase Field.
NATIONAL HUNT CHASE FIELD. 33 remain in the Novices 4 mile racing - one big withdrawal. Read the field here ▶
FINAL ARKLE FIELD. 14 declarations for the Arkle Chase at . Read them here ▶
That's good, dog on long line in sheep field so they think to chase the sharp jerk & command repeatedly usually does Trick
Heard a noise outside. Had to chase recycling bins around the side of the house as they headed for the field.
I wil feel tired to run across field but i will not tired to chase you
Meanwhile Virat Kohli. Might have stopped chasing someone off the field!!. But. His On field chase continues successfull…
Arizona Office of Tourism giving away tix at Chase Field as part of their Tuesday Ticket Giveaway.
Take me somewhere we can chase each other with an open field
The 32-man pro-am field for 2016 tees off today. Looking forward to an out of the ordinary final event
Update your maps at Navteq
I just want the regular season to start so i can go watch the games at chase field instead of the *** spring training facilities
😂😂😂😂. Trump vs Bernie. SNL would have a field day
Looking forward to hitting up the at chase field this season.
Thanks to for foregoing sleep & a sick child to call w HMS to talk THIS Saturday at Chase Field!
I hope you're ready for the NASCAR season to start because this Sunday Chase Elliott will lead the field to the...
.rail gets you to Chase Field for on Sat. 3rd St/Wash (WB) or 3rd St/Jeff (EB) stations. https…
Home opener today so if any of y'all find yourselves in Whiteville at 2 o'clock just head to the field
Today has 1% in Nev, 4th place SC. Time to face fact he's has been a drag on Rubio, Kasich and the entire Estab…
A very good performance in the field from Peshawar to restrict Karachi to 152. Won't be an easy chase.
bad decisions I think should have field first they could chase easily
The presence of Pipe and Nicholls sees a field of four for the £22,000 Ivan Straker Memorial Chase.
The will host a free 12th annual Fan Fest from Noon-4 p.m, Saturday, Feb. 20, at Chase Field. Find out more
Need someone who’s down to lay in a field and look at the stars and talk about everything
I got D-Backs tickets for sale, $20. If our baseball team sells enough we get to play Chase Field. HMU if you're interested!
I can't wait go to back to Chase Field this Saturday for the annual Arizona Diamondbacks Fan Fest. I'm excited for baseball season.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Cordova and Oakman should have played on Parrish's field🏈🏈
ICYMI here's some predictions and thoughts on 2016 including the Chase field via
Ready with the Lucky Mentos sign, color, when you take the mound again in Chase Field Evan!
Always strive to be the best in your field. Don’t chase money. If you are the best in your field, money will find you
pitchers & catchers report tomorrow. Saturday Noon to 4 pm at Chase Field!
.will lead the field to the green in Sunday's
Diamondbacks Fan Fest update. More info on this Saturday's event at Chase Field now out!
I Will be at chase field May 16th and it will be glorious!
What about Chase Field, Marlins Park, Miller Park, Minute Maid Park or Safeco? They all have roofs.
Per Synergy Sports, Lee's allowed opponents to shoot just under 40 percent from the field over the last four seasons..…
In 142 at-bats away from Chase Field against lefties, Ender's career line is .218/.243/.275
Nothing could ever beat getting the field ready on opening day
that ERA stat is misleading. One bad game at chase field years ago.
Am I the only VO user that can't use the Chase app, because double tapping the username or password field doesn't start edit mode?
In traffic. With my jersey on. Headed to Chase Field. . featured in NBC s Science of Love
Chase is a hitter's field? It's not a park I'm terribly familiar with -- probably b/c don't watch the Diamondbacks enough.
GOOD EVENING FROM KP. just stands tall and flicks it uppishly over the field for four. Enthralling chase here.
The will host the 12th annual SUBWAY® D-backs Fan Fest from Noon-4:00 p.m. this Saturday, Feb. 20, at Chase Field. Check it out
Beloved,. Early morning at Chase-Field as a vendor at the Arizona justice summit Save The Orphans.. Direct Care...
Beloved,. DCCG has. A seat at the table of this foster care symposium at chase-field. Educating people on Arizona's...
Play games and get psyched for the season at Chase Field on 2/20...
got the coolest job in America. He's snagging fly balls at Chase Field on his snapchat story.
Hey huskies! On February 12th we are watching sandlot on the field.It costs $2 @ the bookstore and $3 @ the gate! There …
I had a dream that Chase Field added shooting ranges on two levels of the stadium. It was a vivid dream...
T&A's Mobile Welding, even weld for Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and Chase Field We do it all! Www.azwelders com
Citi field tickets are cheap as *** who's tryna go for a Chase Utley squad
In the absence of agreement, the ball remains live. Chase him off the field and award the boundary.
Not gonna lie, this angle doesn't make Chase Field look that great...
Just saw a guy playing with his husky puppy in a field, he was tossing leaves in the air so the puppy could chase them & i'm almost in tears
Second Book study with members of the track & field team today! After school in the library. your potential!
Hamilton Collection
When will tickets be available for the two Kansas City games at Chase Field ? (4/1 & 4/2) Will handicapped seating be avail too ?
My baby girl is doing so well! For the first time I didn't have to chase her in the field! ❤️🐴
Cracking top 50 in late Masters chase is proving harder than getting a PGA Tour-mandated photoshop haircut.
Just feel his jumping has got iffier. Also Champ Chase field prob stronger than Arkle, got softish lead there, form not great?
I had to go into the field too and chase him for a good 10 minutes...
My smooth dairy product attracts all the gentlemen to the recreational field and they annouce "It's superior to thine"
Players leaving the field in light rain after 20 overs. posting 163/5. Interesting chase for Taka. ^BM
Interesting tour to take, with guests too! Chase Field Stadium Tours via
Tavon Young just got DUSTED on a fade from Gave him a shoulder dip and exploded up field.
ICYMI: Michael Oher celebrated his team advancing to Super Bowl 50 on the field with his "Blind Side" family.
good hire. That way the SF offense can get back on the field faster to do more damage
Dude! So great to FINALLY meet you! Let’s try to meet in the field this Spring! Have a great semester and wonderful chase year!
Looking for happy hour that's close to Chase Field and Talking Stick Resort Arena? We've got one for you:
Caldwell police: Duo lead police in chase, get stuck in field:.
I still wish Chase Field was called Bank One Ballpark. I miss going to the BOB.
We let ourselves down on the field, says Aaron Finch: The Australian skipper said that the chase got a bit dif...
Duo lead Caldwell police in chase, get stuck in field, officers say:
Join the Movement! MLB Summit 2016 in Arizona at Chase Field. Start your future now!.
A generation has grown up believing that the maximum field for a novices chase is five.
The Insider previews Saturday's Chase at Doncaster & takes two against the field |
Come along and watch our A Team footballers take on All Saints this afternoon, on the Chase Lane field. C'mon the Lane!
While sitting in traffic on the m25 and looking at the field next to me and seeing cows chase a deer has made my morning
Look at that: Star Wars night at Chase Field is when the Giants come in town!
India win! A drive from Anuja Patil splits the packed off-side field and rolls for four. What a chase, India's biggest in a WT20.
Seahawks fan creates petition to ban Cam Newton from CenturyLink Field
The Warriors are up by 17 pts with 2:16 left in 1st half. Pts in the paint: Warriors 30, Spurs 14. Field Goal %: Warrior…
Who's legs are still at the field.MINE🙋😔😂
from what I've been told it was a high speed chase and he bailed out in the field behind my house. There is a ton of
12 D-Backs' deals, promotions this season: If you’re planning on heading out to Chase Field to watch the Arizo...
Workouts are ON for tomorrow! 2:30-4:15 on the game field. Wear sneakers to start!
I went to that museum when they had that exact display on my 8th grade DC field trip x3
Nope. No link. Unrelated field. Rene got your to chase ghosts, and made you look like a fool.
Goose Chase Bonus Complete the Homework mission by 1:20p and I will add an additional 50 points to your score!
Between 1-3pm students participating in Goose Chase can earn bonus points towards their score. I will update how every 20 minutes. Get ready
Is this really a declarable occupation? Isn't every man pretty much a historian in this field?
Started with a very attacking field. To chase down 382, Eng will need to go at almost 4 rpo! Nip a few out tonight!
Holywell tops the weights in 22-strong field for Doncaster's Sky Bet Chase on Saturday.
Would be a lot closer to Chase Field...but they are at the Hyatt at Gainey Ranch. FWIW; ASU is at Wild Horse Pass.
That feeling when you knew you were going to be able to do better than $120 mill & pitching in Chase Field...
Sun Devil Football is headed to the Cactus Bowl! faces West Virginia at Chase Field on 1/2/16.
Ultimate Sun Devil weekend.. Cactus Bowl at Chase Field on Saturday, at Wells Fargo on Sunday.
ASU. Tempe Marketplace. Arrowhead Mall. Christown Mall. Metrocenter Mall. Chase Field. Where you wanna do this? 😈
Just getting in some swings at Chase field. 💪🏻⚾️ @ Chase Field
All my respect goes out to people that chase down stories in our field, eg. expose on EB renewed my faith in Kotaku as an outlet.
I drove my car into a field last night it's stupid
Watkins was carted off the field due to hamstring issues after this play
Trump vs. Hillary makes me believe elite conspires to field a 1. crazed fascist to chase ppl into the arms of 2. a neoliberal stooge. Genius
to Monday. Chase's class field trip. It was a fun hike. @ Upper…
£1 million bonus has failed to lure big field to Betfair Chase at Haydock on Saturday
Salute the support system of who champion his dreams on and off the field.
Only five runners in the Betfair Chase - who wins the race & what can the BHA do to increase field sizes. Email - studio
A-LIGN’s Chase & Cortney met up in while in the field for a client. When in
I would stick them in a field and I'll get 20 buff blokes to chase him/her till there knacked and beat the fk out of them.
Good morning Battle Field Earth. Get up, get out, and make some progress. It's never too late to chase your dreams.
cover your postcode.I have emailed the Field Manager to chase this up and contact the relevant courier and arrange for
CHASE WORLD NEWS Carson drops in New Hampshire - Ben Carson may lead the GOP presidential field in some nationa...
Can remember Mullins moaning about money, but doesn’t enter anything.
1 million bonus fails to lure big field to Betfair Chase VIA Racing Post
Dual winner Silviniaco Conti heads a field of five for the Betfair Chase at with O'Faolains Boy and Menorah withdrawing.
would the betfair chase have a stronger field if it was run at Aintree or Ascot instead of Haydock?
Chase for Sprint Cup finale field set
Baseball training Camp for kids. Samuel had a Great time at Chase Field.
If I'm Arizona, I sit Anu Solomon this week 100%...need to win 3 of next 5 or bowl becomes a serious ? Cactus Bowl at Chase Field in play...
Addison Reed's numbers look gnarly, but he has a 1.35 ERA in August and a 1.08 for the year away from bandbox Chase Field.
Mark Ellis, who retired after playing with the last season, is visiting with former teammates during BP at Chase Field.
Former Arizona Diamondback Craig Counsell returns to Chase Field as Milwaukee Brewers manager: How fitting that on…
Former infielder Craig Counsell has fond memories in his return to Chase Field as manager.
Craig Counsell is managing at Chase Field for the first time. He won NLCS MVP honors for the 2001 World Series champion D-Backs.
It feels nostalgic having Craig Counsell here for at Chase Field
Brady Brogan of throws a wild 1st pitch at Chase Field. Gets busted on by Brenly and Steve
Wait was it Star Wars night at Chase Field tonight? I heard the cantina music in the background. Pls confirm
Me with one of the classiest men I've ever known, Eric Young Senior @ Chase Field
we should make Vidal Nuno mayor of Chase Field in Foursquare
When multiple strangers ask you if you play soccer...while you're wearing a track and field shirt
Three Hares in the field this morning. Treacle had a half hearted Chase before giving up and retiring to bed exhausted   10% Off
After day 1 of the men's decathlon at the USA Track and Field Championships, Chase Dalton is in 13th place with 3532 points
Thanks for letting our experience Chase Field today! Maybe your 2016 lineup?? :-)
I'm planning on making my very trip to Chase Field this summer, coming from CA. Any suggestions as to where on the (1/2)
Guy literally got out of his truck and ran through a field to try and chase a deer 😂😂😂🙈
Coburn by 30m at halfway. Squigs, Higz, and have separated from the chase field.
get ready, I'll be able to chase you guys all over the field! Giving out high fives no doubt! can go all day!
I am pretty connected with the Dbacks of you want to go to a game of theirs at Chase Field :)
I want to go lay in a field and listen to chase atlantic and halsey
Second chase group dissolved as $100 field prime tossed with 26 laps remaining
Staycation day 1: being tourists in Phoenix, having lunch at the Diamondbacks Chase Field
Had a great time on our VIP Tour of Field!
My pre-season guess was 14 unique winners in field and I'm sticking with it. Think Sonoma / Daytona will deliver 2 new ones.
How did we not pick out The Druids Nephew to win the Grade 3 handicap chase on the Tuesday!. - smashed the field...
Toured Chase Field with the staff. Bunch of great people there. Best of luck this season guys!
Thanks to for a great few days at We're taking the fun now to Chase Field for a tour with the ⚾️🌵
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Saw a small flock of house martins chase & pester a kestrel up the field. ☺
have concluded. Thanks for a great time Now a day to explore. First stop, tour of Chase Field! Home of the
The Field to bottle line up at great meeting the team this morning
Looks like Joc Pederson is on coffee duty yet again at Wrigley Field.
Ideal 4th of July: diamondbacks game and fireworks display at chase field 😊
thoughts on Chase Field? My opinion is that it is extremely underrated
oh no! just replaced that last week. Bummer. It'll be a year before they're at Chase Field again... Lol
are 36-18 at Dodger Stadium, Petco Park, Coors Field & Chase Field. They have just 4 wins EVERYWHERE ELSE let that sink in.
Superman was spotted at Chase Field on Father's Day
Why are they going to these levels when he's going to be on field captain if De Gea signs?
Don't chase money. Always try to be the best in your field and serve others. If you do this, money will find you.
Yeah, I've seen people thrown out at Chase Field, Dodger Stadium, and Petco Park for much less.
US Airways if you get flight perks but if not then Chase Field
Come see us at section 115 at Chase Field for a chance to win tix to & more cool prizes!
Mark Trumbo was worth -1.2 WAR last year in 88 games while hitting in Chase Field.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
The roof is open at Chase Field for Saturday baseball! ht…
I-Ridge baseball team wins game at Chase Field on Saturday
cannot wait to buy cheap tickets and have $4 brews at Chase Field
Sum up all of Arizona in a few words: at Chase Field baseball stadium, they have a stand called America's Taco Shop.
Heading to Chase Field for Opening Day? Here's what you need to know:
Live from Chase Field on FOX Sports Arizona Plus now - vs starts at 6:30.
corcioneangelo: Chase Field, Home of the Diamondbacks --
I think Pee Wee would be a fan of this (Chase Field, AZ)
Flashback Friday to the stunning battle between Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen at Chase Field.
Geoff Ogilvy returns to chase third title at Kapalua: ... making it the second-smallest field of the seas...
In Instagram pic, A-Rod has a field day: The Yankees re-signed Chase Headley to play third, but A-Rod posted p...
bruh 💀 if you do a backflip after you score next year, I'll run on the field to celebrate with you
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