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Chase Daniel

William Chase Daniel (born October 7, 1986) is an American football quarterback for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League.

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Ex-QB Chase Daniel is visiting the report says:
Evans is just as much of a project as Griffin. Rather us low ball Chase Daniel.
Updated story with signing of Nick Foles, release of Chase Daniel, and loss of Bennie Logan:
The release Chase Daniel after bringing back Nick Foles. He was WAY OVERPAID.
Chase Daniel has asked for his release and it is expected to be granted today, source tells
"His veteran leadership was incredibly helpful in (quarterback Carson Wentz's) development as a rookie." - Howie Roseman on Chase Daniel.
Why do Jets fans want Chase Daniel, a QB who has never had more than 38 pass attempts in a season, to start? Bryce Petty has more and he's
I know Chase Daniel was a stud *** in high school and college, but he's a backup QB in the NFL, Todd Collins with a nicer portfolio
The fact that Chase Daniel & Vinny Curry are making more than Brandon Graham is absurd
Chase Daniel for the Browns pick. Let's get it
If your QB depth chart consist of Chase Daniel,Hackenberg and Bryce Petty how do you not take a QB at 6?
Chase Daniel has thrown fewer passes in seven years than Bryce Petty has thrown in two. He'd be just another guy another depth chart.
People worried about the Eagles cap in 2018: Releasing Jason Peters, Vinny Curry, Chase Daniel and Brent Celek frees up $26.25 million
Modest prices like they paid for average players like Chase Daniel, Vinny Curry, and Leodis McCelvin last year.
Howie gave Doug, Chase Daniel so I can see them giving Groh, Kenny Britt.
The Vinny Curry contact is way worse than Chase Daniel's contract. Not sure why this is constantly ignored
the eagles are already over the cap for next year. They don't have any room thanks to deals like Chase Daniel and Vinny Curry
If Jets miss out on Glennon & Tyrod, I get a feeling they will be the team to trade for Chase Daniel. Calvin Pryor for Daniel?
Probably. If he finds a way to move Chase Daniel, I'll fall over backwards.
Chase Daniel gotta give up some cash. Making way to much for being a *** back up!
Saban. Mizzou hasn't had a good offense since we had Chase Daniel or Henry Josey.
Dontari Poe has now thrown for as many TDs as a Chief as Chase Daniel, Kyle Orton, and Todd Collins. He's one behind Brady Q…
It's ok eagles I had Chase Daniel on my team in madden 16 I never used him cause Robert Griffen da turd and Dbaby Carr but…
Chase Daniel looked good when ever he was under center last year in KC for Doug Peterson
Eagles fans be like: Chase Daniel > Dak Prescott, Tony Romo, Joe Montana COMBINED
The man who came to the a& thought he would be the starter at the beginning of the year is in. Chase Daniel under center
I forgot about Falk. I like him as a backup like a Chase Daniel or Graham Harrell
guys I love Harry and shawn so much oh and ed, chase, bob, daniel, troye, matthew, ian, paul, alex, wes, zayn and way more
The xfinity chase grid is Daniel Suarez, Elliott Sadler, Eric Jones and Justin Allgaier. This will be updated if Sadler is out because of
Well that gives us two strong horses going to in Chase. . Thanks and
Shea Patterson is a poor man's Chase Daniel
Well done, Kyle is a moron for bumping a chase car!
Good thing the Chase was there to make that race interesting, eh?
Daniel Suarez, Erik Jones, Elliott Sadler & Justin Allgaier advance into the final round of the Chase
Watching race as hard as he is against in a race that determines a chase spot next week is ironic.
..The only thing Mizzou shakes up anymore is social radicalism. I long for the Chase Daniel days when football was football.
Daniel Suarez has not finished no worser then 5th in last 5 chase races
Is Chase Daniel back in the rap game?!?
Congrats to Chase Congreves '10 and his Daniel Webster College team on a first round NCAA Tourney win!
Still not as good as the Jordan Lynch lunchbox or Chase Daniel viewfinder
Incredible lecture I was fortunate enough to attend by about the current state and future of academia:
Is Bakersfield Mayfield an NFL stater? Who knows but if guys like Chase Daniel can get 7 mil a year so can he
Baker Mayfield is a combination of Chase Daniel and Johnny Manziel... am I wrong??
we are getting Chase Daniel'd again today. I guess Sam Richardson'd would fit better for this game.
Wesley Johnson with the chase down block on
find someone else and stay low with simple‼️ Don't chase someone that clearly don't want you 🚮
Luke is a perfect example of why you should never give up and chase your dreams
2016 Phoenix: NASCAR Truck Race Results - Daniel Suarez wins first Truck race as Chase final is set
.Wins First Race as Chase Final is Set -->
Okay, let's cut to the chase: Daniel's Deadly Smolder. (Someone should've warned Esther.). Video here:
Are you brave enough to chase your dreams? Daniel Cabrera's story can if you're feeling hopeless.
Suarez wins first Truck Series race as Chase final is set
wins Truck race at Phoenix as final four is set
Check out the wild night that was in the at
to congratulate race winner . Race results from the
Hate that engine trouble will keep out of chase after such a strong run but love that go…
[FoxSport] Best photos from Lucas Oil 150 Truck Series race at PIR
Umm... have you seen Chase Daniel play? I feel bad for him and his abilities! Sanchez would have started if here.
Good luck winning that one. I'm sure Chase Daniel and Mark Sanchez would love to hop in on a class-action.
What are Chase Daniel, Charlie Whitehurst and Matt Flynn's combined stats an overall earned $?
Carson Wentz starting over Chase Daniel makes me so much more excited for the Eagles to start he season featured in NBC s Science of Love
How about Mark Sanchez? Would you take him as a back up over Chase Daniel?
So now the Giants have to beat two rookies (or Chase Daniel) and Kirk Freakin' Cousins to win the NFC East with a two-time…
conditional 1st?If not, Minnie got taken to wood shed. You'll be surprised by Chase Daniel. Never have to question is heart.
Chase Daniel mad he not starting like his name Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or something lol
Chase Daniel is going to look like Peyton Manning against the Browns Defense.
Would you drop Tony Romo for Chase Daniel? Have Mariota and Flacco
Chase Daniel was The Crystal Ball Play back in April. He's now the Eagles starting QB. My first article with http…
Or is it Chase Daniel out of Southlake Carroll HS in Texas?
And now former Southlake Carroll QB Chase Daniel becomes the starter for the Philadelphia Eagles. Should make for good story vs. Cowboys.
Chase Daniel, Philip Rivers, Sam Bradford? Need to give up a lot, but Vikes need better options w new stadium.
Reminder: Chase Daniel is worse than Josh Freeman in every way.
Sam Bradford, Chase Daniel or Carson Wentz - who's the most likely starter for the 2018 Montreal Alouettes?
Chase Daniel works backside to find WR Cayleb Jones for a TD. TE Chris Pantale drops Daniel pass in end zone for INT.
Cayleb Jones with the jumping one hander from Chase Daniel on a go rte in the corner of the end zone.
Cayleb Jones with an incredible one-handed diving catch on a deep ball in the end zone. Chase Daniel with the throw.
I went. It was good. Mills, Wentz and jmatt had good days. Chase Daniel stinks and should change his name to daniels
I'm Philly for the first time in a couple weeks. I turn on sports radio. First caller calls Chase Daniel "Chase Daniels." Good to be home.
Coach, love your insights, but it's Chase Daniel...not Daniels. There is no "s." Enjoy Eagles' camp!
Sam Bradford, Chase Daniel, leave the field on day 1. Carson Wentz, stays out to pray with a group of rookies
This is for Chase Daniel. No, no, no. This is for Eric Devondorf!!! This is for Craig Forth!!! This is for John Wallace!
Eagles backup QB Chase Daniel looked sharp at practice today. Plus, other observations by
Steven Means bats Chase Daniel pass up in the air, Joe Walker returns for a TD. Means has made some impressive plays this spring.
It will be by far the best the Big 12 has been at QB since the 08-09 era of Sam, McCoy, RG3, Harrell, Zac, Chase Daniel, Reesing
Chase Daniel says 2016 Eagles are “light years ahead” of Chiefs in first year under Andy Reid:
Chase Daniel looking sharp. Finishes his 11 on 11 set with red zone TD pass to Paul Turner in back of end zone.
Chase Daniel was solid during his turn, finishing w/TD to Paul Turner. Wentz up now
More likely to win NFL MVP in 2016: Fletcher Cox or Chase Daniel?
Chase Daniel>Aaron Murray>Kevin Hogan>Tyler Bray . I don't even think he makes the active roster
Nice shot by Chase Daniel to Chris Givens on a dagger route in 7 on 7. Daniel made a nice throw to one of the TEs on a…
I mean what's the plan here? Was the plan for Carson made after the Chase Daniel deal? Are you concerned about our ability to keep Cox now?
Chase Daniel is the "the playbook walking." He'll also be huge in Carson Wentz's development.
New NFL Movers cards! Includes Trevathan, Fleener, Andre Smith, Derrick Shelby, and Chase Daniel! Check it out:.
Chase Daniel gets a card but not Rashad Jennings. Okay I better see a Keenan Robinson movers card too.
“With Sam Bradford, Chase Daniel and Carson Wentz, I don’t know what [the Eagles] are thinking.” -- Gruden
Chase Daniel has 50 NFL completions. He's at/will be at $34 million NFL earnings. Can he pass $1 million per completion be…
Chase Daniel is now NFL's first $7 mill/yr 3rd-string QB. No wonder Chip Kelly stripped Howie Roseman of power last year.
have Sam Bradford & Chase Daniel on their roster on 2- & 3-year contracts. Neither will prevent Philly from taking a…
Nobody is more excited about Chase Daniel playing football in Philadelphia than Chase Daniel.
that's how many people showed up to watch Todd Reesing play Chase Daniel at Arrowhead. People be crazy
I went to watch the sets almost daily there is 100% one as Bruce but I thikn the chase scene is the same as other Batsuit scene
the man is a QB not a wordsmith. What week does chase Daniel start this year btw? I'm saying 6. Also same week as Romo injury😩
For to lose Chris Gayle so early and chase nearly 200 against the home nation was exceptional. What a final is in store!
Brilliant win for earlier, the perfect chase. So pleased for - my favourite player watching as a kid
Taking QB at 8 might be the move. Bradford is washed up and I'm taller than Chase Daniel. Taking an O tackle wouldn't hurt tho
Daniel, Kyle and Chase are and whoever they get to join them
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I'm pretty sure I want Sasha Banks to win the title nearly as much as I wanted Daniel Bryan to win the title & he had months of chase build
So Chase Daniel out here getting 12M guaranteed 😴
This may be my favorite Puppy Avenue submission so far: Chase Muttley and the Dodgers practice sliding into 2nd
No.TF they give Bradford and Chase Daniel money for!?!?
Bradford basically a 1 year deal and chase Daniel will always be backup
They also gave Chase Daniel $7.5 million a year. Drafting a QB would be kind of dumb in my opinion.
Kap at $7m and Chase Daniel making about that to ride the pine?
Now that Chase Daniel(s) and Knile(s) Davis are gone...who's name will 75% of Chiefs fans butcher?
Just put $25m/yr into Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel. Tho, also same team that fired Andy Reid then hired Reid's asst
Lmao the Eagles are paying Chase Daniel 12 Mill guaranteed and Bradford 22 guaranteed 😂
the most upside. It wouldn't be a waste of pick to start solidifying your future. Also chase Daniel is exactly that, a back up
That's what some other Eagles fans are saying too. We do need a QB, we got rid of Sanchez got Chase Daniel but not sold on him
Hi Daniel, I have emailed our after travel team to chase this for you. ^Jodie
Don't understand people question Kaepernick getting $11.9M when Osweiler got 4yr $72M and Chase Daniel 3yr $21M
don't tell that sells DAESH buttons. They might block Amazon
-Mia Khalifa and Vicki Chase have the best ***
Not good to hear Adam, I have your order number . Happy to chase this up. Could you please DM me with account details. Daniel
After keeping Sam Bradford & adding Chase Daniel, are serious about Paxton Lynch?:.
Chase Daniel wins the job before the season starts
Only Mike and Dog can get Fitzpatrick to accept Chase Daniel money...
Wanna know Suppliers? No need to chase the rumors and web scavengers, just published @
The sickness makes you chase 80, then 70. In between are 3 drivers, 1600 golf balls, 4 pairs of shoes, and a new transmission.
That ONE background music cue is going to be to me the Chase rapes Ciara/Nicole grieving over Daniel/Chad comforting crazy Abby cue.
Bercovici compared to Chase Daniel as a draft prospect here
I haven't been a big fan of Chase Rice since he came on to the country scene, but Jack Daniel's and Jesus is perfect.
If the Eagles are in pursuit of a franchise QB in this draft, why didn't they just sign Chase Daniel and let Bradford walk? Makes 0 sense.
u guys should b lambasting Howie & Eagles 4 giving the BUM chase Daniel, 2 STARTS in 96 games, such a ridiculous contract. Suspicious
Daniel or rookie are the best options. Chase Daniel is a very underrated QB, can start for any team
look what the Eagles did w/Chase Daniel. A BUM who has started 2 games out of 96. but 3 yr/21 mill? stupid/sick/dumb.
So *** did we pay Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel for
Reid said he thinks Chase Daniel is a starter in the NFL. Noted how prepared Daniel was for the news conference -- from green ti…
I was at GB when we drafted Rodgers & we had the most durable QB all time. We also had a Chase Daniel, it was Doug Pederson
More on drafting Rodgers in Green Bay: "We didn't have a Chase Daniel. Actually we had Doug Pederson!" -
I like it. Anyone who'll hype Chase Daniel is a good friend of mine. But Matthews is another I'm interested in.
No favors for Chase Daniel man, Chris Matthews having a forgettable year in San Fran
I'm tired of seeing people comparing Ryan Fitzpatrick to Sam Bradford, Chase Daniel, and Kirk Cousins
I'd prefer Mark Sanchez over Chase Daniel, but hopefully the backup only gets in during garbage time.
Ron Brooks, Chase Daniel and Rodney McLeod will hold press conferences today at 3:30 PM. Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman will s…
I hope Jeff Allen, Tyvon Branch, and Chase Daniel do extremely well this year. Donald Stephenson and Sean Smith? Not so much.
Sunshine Johnny popping up at the airport and getting Chase Daniel first!
Yo press release just listed Chase Daniel appearing in 48 games with the Saints as a holder for field goals an…
Sam Bradford, Chad Henne and Matt Moore could be options as well. Chase Daniel will start in Philly for his boy Peterson!
New QB Chase Daniel "We were so excited to get up there that we asked the team to move our flight to tonight!! See you soon, Philly"
The greatne$$ of Chase Daniel, the NFL's version of Cosmo Kramer. COL
The Eagles will be giving new QB Chase Daniel every chance to wrest the starting job from Sam Bradford, per source. Not si…
I can't wait till the the Chase Daniel, Sam Bradford thing finally happens on the field. People will change their minds
The last time Chase Daniel and Sam Bradford were competing for the same reward, it was for the Heisman Trophy.
Chase Daniel signed w/ to reunite with Doug Peterson giving or Tyler Bray to backup Alex Smith, my money is on Murray
Ex-Chiefs QB Chase Daniel agrees to deal to sign with the Eagles with the new League year begins at 4PM
Chase Daniel is awful. Better hope he never has to see the field.
Legitimately surprised that Chase Daniel is still in the league
Chase Daniel joining He was at top of my Sunday list for FA to watch with Birds. Jeff Allen 2nd
Eagles and QB Chase Daniel agreed in principle on multi-year deal. (via &
Sam Bradford is an expensive Chase Daniel insurance policy.
Chase Daniel is going to be the Russel Wilson to Sam Bradford's Matt Flynn.
Chase Daniel keeps making an excellent living in the without ever doing much on the field
Could pursue QB Chase Daniel, even after re-signing Sam Bradford?.
Maybe he was playing coy but I didn't see any great love for Chase Daniel from Pederson at his PC yesterday. Called him a backup
Doug Peterson says that Chase Daniel is a solid backup & feels that he can be a starter, given the right opportunity ht…
Chase Daniel and Stanton are on my list. Never liked Moore.
I would much rather have RG3 then Chase Daniel or Nick Foles. Plain to see.
I will take Chase Daniel over Nick Foles every single day of the week. Mostly because it means that a QB's definitely getting drafted.
If only Billy Davis was headcoach to lead Chase Daniel.smh Eagles dropped the ball on that one
Adam Schefter: “If a deal IS NOT met, Chase Daniel is an option.. They are going to inquire about Nick Foles.”
Philadelphia Eagles could look to for option at QB
Philadelphia Eagles: Chase Daniel could be the answer for quarterback
I think chase Daniel will be at Washington next year. one
Just an FYI for my fellow fans. When talking about possible QB options... It is Chase Daniel not Chase Daniels. Thanks !
eagles win the owl with chase Daniel
Sam Bradford or Chase Daniel? Not even close for Philadelphia Eagles - Phil Sheridan
The fans who want Chase Daniel I think want to see the Eagles go 2-14 next year and get their QB in '17.
Daniel might be the new 6'4 dude named chase
Chase Daniel. The issue in signing Sam will be his Cap number going forward. Bring in Chase on a McCown type 2 yr $5 mill per
Even if it's just a dream, chase it. For my boy I will do what's necessary, even if I lose people in the process 🎼🏃🏻
if Chase Daniel were accused of sexual harassment I would consider not being a fan anymore
del Ima be wait for a while lol cause you still working on chase
Huge 3 from Chase Thomas to cut a 5 point gap to 2. Bruins up 51-49 with 49 seconds left.
I'm liking the Chase Daniel more and more
keep Thurmond, Carroll, Thornton get chase Daniel to start and wait for Paxton lynch to develop like bortles
Sometimes it pays off to follow your wife around the mall. Just saw Chase Daniel in Forever 21!
I'll take Chase Daniel as a backup only.
Peggy looked at Daniel then back at Chase. "I believe Daniel here has a spare room."
these *** will most likely go sign Chase Daniel for around $6M
Chase Daniel as his backup after letting Mark Sanchez go AND DRAFT A ROOKIE to start next year if things don't work out with !
because Chase Daniel, Mark Sanchez, or an unknown QB is not as good as SB imo.
Don’t chase people. Be you, do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you…
Kirk Cousins to the Eagles and other rumors (Sam Bradford, Brock Osweiler and Chase Daniel).
I know that you don't mean permanently but to throw away a season with Chase Daniel at the helm should be a crime
If I said Chase Daniel is our franchise QB then yes I'm a *** he'd be the stop gap to rookie in system he knows
Kirk Cousins to and the latest Birds rumors (Bradford, Osweiler, Daniels and more)
Chase Daniel > Sam Bradford ... just say no to tag & LT deal!
me neither...I just absolutely DO NOT want to see Chase Daniel in midnight green. That's the worst possible scenario
One day ill sit back and tell my grandchildren of the time when people thought chase daniel should be a sought after qb for birds
you can only pick one . 1. Bradford. 2. RG3. 3. Chase Daniel. 4. Draft a QB this year
Quick Slants at 6 w/ & Will Eagles tag Bradford in next 2 weeks? Chase Daniel an option? Jenkins on secondary.
Eagles could trade for Chase Daniel, and Texans may wait for Hackenberg in the 2nd round. QB with 1st pick a real possibility - Vijay
no chase Daniel! Keep that money,start Thad Lewis if you wanna tank, and go get Jeffries from Chicago.
Agreed, that's why I now want Chase Daniel & draft Dak Prescott in 3rd
Tom, when you have the time take a look. I hope Chase Daniel is bad enough to give us 2/3 wins next year!!
And I don't wanna see RGIII, Brandon Weeden, Chase Daniel or Kaepernick in a Broncos uniform. Signing Brock is key!!
Had a great workout today as I continue to chase my goals and dream that anything is possible if I try my best and believe…
"Sign Chase Daniel" may as well be "tank in 2016 and pray for a QB in the 2017 draft." Fly Eagles fly right? Sigh.=>
Got funny feeling we sign Chase Daniel & we move up in the 2nd & draft Hackenberg or Cook
final say: I'd rather sign the QB of the Soul than Chase Daniel!
and stop saying Chase Daniel! He blows! And what happens when the WRs drop balls for the new QB? Then it will be their fault
just got done reading it. I agree except plz no Chase Daniels
chase Daniel instead of Sam Bradford? Sam's not worth $20 mil, but way better than Daniels.
Plus this QB class not great enough for me to say one would be better than Eagles sticking w/ Bradford. Don't want Chase Daniel.
On the chase for again...weary with much toil! The only way is up tho 😀
not happening.. Bank on either Chase Daniel or Nick Foles.
Don't worry Julie, Daniel will quit as soon as he finds a butterfly to chase.
Do something and chase Daniel Kipchumba from position of Director of Communication before more damages happen to the JP.
I've chosen my favorites for the Series this year. and Since Chase isn't there …
Connor Cook, but I think we should use the draft for positions we need. Maybe go after Chase Daniel in FA
I wouldn't mind a Chase Daniel or Drew Stanton. RG would be last resort.
Chase Daniel is a free agent so who will be Chiefs backup to Alex Smith?
-- This is a great move by the Eagles; now, let's lock up Cox and Logan. Don't sign Bradford; Chase Daniel from K.C and draft QB
oh yes? And who do you suggest we bring in, pal? Chase Daniel, Matt Moore?
Matt Moore, Chase Daniel, Luke McCown, I don't think it really matters much.
Also got a chance to check out Arkansas commitment & El Dorado's Daniel Gafford. Skilled big fella.
tbh chase Daniel probably better than Alex Smith, he throws downfield
Fun Fact: OJ Simpson still holds the all-time NFL record for miles led in a televised police chase.
[highspeed chase]. ANCIENT GREEK COP: *** they're getting away *turns on Siren*. [several nearby ships are lured to their do…
Congratulations to our top Holiday Hustlers!. Lori Ledford 3190 minutes. Brandee Chase 2700. Gwenda Mayo 2445. Daniel...
-- probably do if he was in place. "It's not hard nor long. Come on." Trusting that would follow him, Daniel began --
Daniel heard a low scoff coming from as soon as they entered the woods, but he decided to ignore it for now. would --
Tipping point and the chase is my day!! Looking forward to getting back to America
Dude, Chase is so much older than Daniel. He keeps calling him young.
Hey, Viper... Go reply on Daniel. . Chase is about to get on your hog. [Snicker fits]
Hi Daniel, we're sorry to hear your bag has been delayed. DM us with your tracing reference and email, so we can chase this! ^Kelly
Hi Daniel, could you let me know your order number so I can chase this up? Thanks
you're Avi kinda makes me mad don't you think ??
The Chase Is Better Than the Catch - Live in Rio by Motörhead ♫
am I the only one who's upset that Eric, Chase, and Daniel are no longer in the band?
I like this change but I miss chase Daniel and Eric
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
But what about chase and Eric and Daniel.
Someone care to explain where Daniel, Eric and chase are gone? 😔
Doug Pederson would bring in Chase Daniel to be the new Doug Pederson so you get the bonus on knowing who the coach wi…
Let's head to Mania with Heel Champ Kevin Owens and returning Babyface Daniel Bryan on the chase.
Thought of this comp in the middle of the night- Dak Prescott is Chase Daniel. And for where he'll go (day 3), I'd happily take him.
As Reid, quarterbacks Alex Smith and Chase Daniel and receivers coach David Culley were calling Maclin that day
We're in a hIgh speed chase in a bright pink mini van-
on playoff teams . Jason Avant 6 of 10. Frank Zombo 5 of 6. Chase Daniel 5 of 7. Alex Smith 4 of 11. Dustin Colquitt 4 of 11
RUMOURS: Hazard wants Chelsea exit: Paris Saint-Germain believe they are leading the chase for the Belgian but...
Hey Dave!. From Chris Chase . Today I had coffee with Daniel Smith, a great young man studying for ministry out...
Chase Mortgage names new mortgage banking executive
I liked a video from Daniel by Frosty
When the Chase and the Daniel are sexy
*** was really hoping Chase Daniel would get paired up with Sean Payton with a new team. Hope he lands in a decent spot.
joker went from safety to linebacker for a day to harass Chase Daniel.
So does Chase Daniel or Connor Cook (PS - glad you guys are 10-12!)
Juventus admit defeat in Gundogan chase: The Germany international was identified as a priority target by the ...
Worth a try with chase Daniel more than likely gone.
save up that I can chase you comfortably on the highway
If Doug Pederson is the coach then Chase Daniel will be the QB.
Feb 3: Pack the Court for Jay Chase of the RSVP:
Write Jay & let him know he is not alone:. Jared Chase M44710. P.O. Box 99. Pontiac, IL 61764.
Hi Daniel, we are sorry to hear this! Can you DM us your account details & we can chase this up?
Chase your dreams, don't follow them.
Awesome nugget from Lorenzo about how Chase Daniel used Playstation to prep for the next week's opponent.
if you think Alex Smith is better than Chase Daniel, you haven't been paying attention
Alex Smith is 17-34 against winning teams, Chase Daniel is 1-1. What did Alex do his first 2 starts? He lost …
I would take Drew Stanton or Chase Daniel as a backup QB before RG3 or Manziel.
we really need to get him on the celebrity special eh. "Bargain Hunt legend Daniel Strachan takes on the Chase"
And especially 9. Going through the QB2 market, it's hard to find any names that make you feel good. Glennon? Chase Daniel?
I said this before with Daniel Bryan's storyline repetition does not equal good booking. If you're going to have a Wrestler chase
How would Chase Daniel fit in Chan Gailey's offense? Back-up who has played competently when called.
Chase Daniel was/is just a slower version of Russell Wilson. Therefore, Chase Coffman will dominate with the Seahawks.
Don't hate when people are having fun or are at a certain event like snow globe, just be chase you're not there doesn't mean they can't live
Chase Daniel is an interesting name.
Bring in Chase Daniel. Most ready and able backup in the NFL and not even 29 yet. Draft Myles Jack.
Chase Daniel will get his chance to start in the NFL - Arrowhead Pride
Charting Tyl. Lee nxt yr will be fun. I think QB Chance Amie could be special; now hes working w/ a HC that taught Chase Daniel, Kenny Hill.
Doubt he gets activated. Chase Daniel and Aaron Murray are behind Smith. Expect Bray to compete w/Murray in 2016
Jamie Benn is my favorite athlete of all time. Over Mike Modano. Over Chase Daniel. Over Wade Davis or Mike Sweeney. Over Tony Gonzalez.
1 of my favorite Pinkel memories was when he shouted at a fan at halftime of the Alamo Bowl for booing Chase Daniel. Always backed his guys.
now we need a quarterback change and let Chase Daniel take us the rest of the way
Funny to me how fans mock Chase Daniel, when he plays at Alex Smith's level or better every time he steps on the field and actually cares
I would rather see Aaron Murray in the game than Chase Daniel.
why is Andy Reed sticking with Smith when he has Chase Daniel a Missouri Tiger alumni on the sidelines
Meet Black Singles 300x250
2. Are labeled backups too soon. Mike Glennon can't be decent? Chase Daniel? Case Keenum? Look at Tyrod Taylor.
gave $9M g'teed to 26-yr-old Matt Flynn while McC was there. 2016 FA QBs are so bad. Chase Daniel (29)? Matt McGloin (25)?
How long does Alex Smith have to keep sucking 🍆 before Chase Daniel gets a chance?
Pinkel has been rotating in young QBs for years. Previous examples are Chase Daniel and Maty Mauk, who needed the experience
Maty Mauk has thrown an INT on 3.6% of his attempts in 2015. Chase Daniel's 2.2 INT % was highest through 4 games prior to this yr
I hope Andy Reid knows when to pull Alex Smith and put Chase Daniel in...Alex Smith be risking it all at the wrong times.
Chase Daniel finished 59th last year in INTs with 0 INTs. 0 INTs behind Matt Moore
Who won the '09 competition for 3rd string QB? No one. Chase Daniel was waived, Colt Brennan put on injured reserve.
Seeing these rumors of Chase Daniel to has me flashing back to great QB competition of 2009: Daniel vs. Colt Brennan. It happened.
the keep QB Richard Bartel over Chase Daniel and Colt Brennan
Chase Daniel will be the next Rich Gannon for the Chiefs?
Yea I could see it. I could see them sending Chase Daniel to a QB needy team and sign RG3 to sit behind smith for 2 years.
Around Week 5 we'll talk about how there's a dearth of QB in the league, but for now, Kirk Cousins, Chase Daniel, and Mett are studs.
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