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Charter School

Charter schools are primary or secondary schools that receive public money (and like other schools, may also receive private donations) but are not subject to some of the rules, regulations, and statutes that apply to other public schools in exchange for some type of accountability for producing certain results, which are set forth in each school's charter.

Jeb Bush New Orleans

My student at BelovED Charter School in Jersey City selected to goto the Summit-happy I helped him get ther…
An exciting 75,000 SF Charter School we are currently working on. Design-build and engineering services by LEC.
In reference to a Charter School in the township of Old Bridge NJ. There is absolutely no NEED for it here.
Gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy's Charter School opposition at odds with his adviser
RPD Officers visiting the first graders at the EMH Charter School
"I feel good to have this privilege!"-Saniyah, Grade 2 excited to begin using at Icahn 1 Charter School.…
Meet our Charter School of the Year providing a strong academic foundation &encouraging global thinkers h…
Come out and celebrate with us as we cut the Ribbon on our new Charter School and Performing Arts Center at Eden...
.was just what I needed yesterday. Thank you for coming to Chicago and supporting Betty Shabazz Internat'l Charter School.
my b by Miramar Lakes Apartments near the Charter School off Pembroke Rd
Not even our children are safe. High School-lastest scam.
Should anyone be surprised, they're so busy giving money to Charter School operators by the truckload and trying...
and this happened. A million public dollars spent at one school.
I think it means that tax payers can move their dollars out of the public system and put it towards the charter school.
Right charter proponents are political allies of the those causing CPS crisis
PSD board to debate constitution faculty bond funds
Redoubtable Motoko Rich gets it right: Online school enriches affiliated companies, not its students
Achievement Prep Public Charter School Network seeks an experienced and visionary academic leader to be our first Ma…
Charter bus driver employed by school district
Ohio questions learning time at online charter school:
Hope he moves on to T.R.U.T.H. Charter school. Looks to be a great idea.
Ohio state auditor: state education department one of the "worst-run" state agencies in Ohio: via
Ohio auditor's report shows better charter school attendance (from
New study examines a sample of the 2015 charter school coverage from a number of influential media outlets.
Two more Harmony charter school campuses set via
And are you saying, with sincerity, that every charter, private, non-traditional public school is a money-making scheme?
Only a third of students showed up for class at drop-out recovery charter schools via
Dave Yost calls education department one of the 'worst-run' state agencies in Ohio via
But consider unsubscribing from as their CEO Reed Hastings is a charter school pusher.
Charter school parents fear their zoned schools, so what do Pinellas School Board members say? via
I homeschooled son through a charter school. I was responsible for teaching ELA.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Charters reduce $s for schools, depress home value, redirect funds from instruction to facilities, says Columbia U.
Check out this list of open positions at our partner school districts, private and charter schools throughout the...
As a Millennial coach and a former charter school teacher this hits me hard.
Struggling Indy charter school will close at the end of the year. via
INCS says "scope of the cuts they’re talking about...would really be a death blow to a number of charter schools"
was @ the Health Fair @ The Community Charter School of Paterson on 5/21 answering water questions
Charter backers would like to defeat public school defenders in Nashville: https:…
Checker Finn & argue that after 25 years, we still misunderstand charters:
Visiting Emerald Academy today gave us great insight on the hard work it takes to build a charter school! http…
Tax money should not be used for charter school marketing
Thank you for at Uno Charter School last week!
So excited to see today! Looking forward to a great show at Renaissance Charter School 📚
All charters will be placed under the control of the local school board. would've voted otherwise.
Do you agree that Charter schools are "stealing" money from the school district?:
Next up was Renaissance charter school at Goldenrod in Orlando. It was great to have join us!
Two more Harmony charter school campuses set
Placement of the Week: Charter School SLP - Dearborn, MI -
I suggest Seven Hills Charter school make a sign 4 use of & phrase "off the reservation"
What will happen to these charter school children when the rich stop donating...The taxpayer will pay!
What is a charter school? Start off National with the simple facts:
Join charter school students, families, & advocates tomorrow at 11 am at the Rally for National at the
Head of Black River named charter school administrator of the year: Shannon Brunink, Black River Public Schoo...
.leader David Welker asked for 2 positive innovations from charter sector: Parent engagement and longer school year
Philanthropists are giving millions to fix education. Teachers unions aren’t happy. via
GUILTY: Aide to former PA Gov. Rendell pleas to wire fraud - wire fraud involving CEO of Chester Charter School.
When i have children I'm strongly considering home schooling or charter school the more i learn about these sick public schools.
Teachers unions attack against philanthropists who gave millions of $ to help urban children charter schools.
We are charter school parents asking to let our children learn in peace.
The Great Give® 2016 starts 2moro at 8a! Go to search for Highville Charter School and click on “Donate Now.”
A riveting case study on charter school accountability: Rainshadow HS Reno, NV
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How do urban charter schools perform? Check out the research
Varón: ... On same list so parents can choose BPS or charter school more easily
Happy National Charter School Week! Thanks to the 125K students in Ohio and 3 million nationwide htt…
Did he claim there is a "special place in *** for people who want to fund charter school students equally?.
The faces of the charter school debate (I've made each of these faces before)
Holding Back to Get Ahead - 15 Month of research in a no excuses charter school via
What do about school choice? More info coming as we start National Charter School Week!
Ziebarth: "Tense battles arnd charter school growth now," due to "hostile opposition" but also cites "self-inflicted wounds."
We're celebrating Charter School Week with National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and the access to quality...
Happy Charter School Week! Don't forget to post your charter school pictures with in...
View the new charter school dataset and analysis that Welker of cited here:
doesn't most of that charter school legislation come out of ALEC?
Ziebarth: see the charter school transparency report, which was released 2 days before Christmas
There is a hot school debate happening in right now.
Carla Velasquez is from Codman Academy charter hs in Dorchester. Into theater, school not so much
Interesting data. A majority of parents support charter school expansion and the highest figures come from the poor. http…
Did you know?. I co-founded the first adult charter school in Ward 8 called the Community College Preparatory... https:…
NEW from A deep dive into Ohio charter school enrollment data:
Congrats Granada Hills Charter High School on your 5th win in the last 6 years of https:/…
Chickenpox outbreak at Chula Vista charter school -
Cofield: we are creating a separate, unequal school system. 1 takes all Other, charter, can push students back to trad sc…
Reminder! Join us or an informational meeting for the STL Charter School community at 6pm-St. Louis College Prep School!
Sean "Diddy" Combs has announced that he will be opening a new charter school in his hometown of Harlem:
Big win for CA LAUSD cannot violate law 2 provide rent-free space
ask him about his charter school scams, how much money is he making? Ask about Lehman Bros failure
Poll in finds black, Latino parents want more
There are now three charter school unions in New Orleans: Lusher joins.
"When he was finally accepted as a third-grader, I felt so grateful. It was worth the wait. He loves the school.”.
DPI legal counsel suggests lobbying 4 SBE to be able to fine sch non profit board *members* on certain things if school folds
No recourse for SBE when a school folds and fails to properly transfer student records, e.g.
WA educators announce challenge to charter school law, citing lack of oversight, diverted funds from public schools
crew ready for join us- support Nap Ford Community Charter School
Westlake school board bills state of Ohio for money 'siphoned' to charter schools
new app on at 'New Hope Academy Charter School - Edlio'
LA Unified Sch District ordered to pay $7.1M to San Fernando Valley charter 4 failing to provide rent-free classroom
Someone call 911, there's a dozen people having strokes at
We had a great time hosting sixth graders from Summit Middle School, Boulder CO - BVSD Charter School on Friday!. Students discussed the cu…
When charters close, taxpayer property can go missing .
The charter school laboratory: shares best practices with Edgecombe County Public Schools.
Los Angeles Unified School District ordered to pay $7.1 million to San Fernando Valley charter for failing to prov…
Mark your calendar. Community meetings scheduled to discuss possible KIPP Charter School expansion in NE OKC.
The heart of charter school "movement": Forcing parents to trade human rights for access they should already have.
Metro police has requested $2.1M in additional funding for 27 new school resource officers that would be assigned to Metro charter schools.
A proposed could provide college credit for students in Easley, SC by 2018
Glad to see great piece on charter school students' rights (or lack there of) getting attention
UT will reconsider charter school stand
Charter School day at the Capitol! Hakipu'u Learning Center going strong 💛
What can happen when a neighborhood school is forced to share its space with a charter:
"The report describes the extent to which suspensions meted out by charter schools for each major racial group...
Stuart Egan, a National Board Certified Teacher in North Carolina, has dogged the false claims of the corporate...
Demanding our kids are safe in is not a pro charter or pro district school issue. It's a SAFETY issue.
Why is it that public school parents have to be the ones to point out the charter school skimming, suspension and money sc…
Charter school uses speakers to motivate students - Yuma Sun
.Who knew charter schools were hoarding tax money meant for the children!
SENSE Charter School in Indy is the highest suspending charter school for white students in the nation.
I been researching other private schools...Dorian going back next year..I tried charter school but I'm over it back to private
"This report, along with the companion spreadsheet, provides the first comprehensive description ever compiled of...
While we're at it I'd love to see David back. His disappearance from charter school work makes no sense. Bring him back
We had a wonderful time at Stone Bridge Charter School, where students performed Das Rheingold!
Good column from on quality authorizing in the
Charter schools are given more money than they need while our schools suffer:
Fledgling Kingsland Charter School sees spike in enrollment
It's a myth that students leave charter schools more than public schools, writes of
ICYMI: Hearings on & expansions, charter renewal still a go, via
Peachtree Charter Middle School being evacuated due to smoke
Charter pushes out great arts program. My WAPO blog
Morgan Local School Board invoices state for $1,138,235 in local funds deducted for charter schools
A student made model of the Charter Oak from Intermediate School.
A charter school in Malden invests in real estate--1 church,2 schools:
Congratulations to Principal Allen and Icahn Charter School 4 your kids are amazing
Charter School student suspended over social media picture with gun, parents want stricter punishment -
Will Ohio ever get around to setting new charter-school regulations? via
Vista: C.V. in dispute with charter school
n a district school. It seems the DOE is reluctant to pursue similar charges b/c of fear of charter lobby back
Bernie's school choice flip-flop: Voted in favor of charter schools in 1998. Now says they undermine democracy.
Quiz-Quiz-Trade-ing in preparation for our Vocab Test Friday! @ Woods Charter School
Making it easier to open charter schools is good for students:
A3350 [NEW] Establishes a charter school review board in DOE to review charter school applications and modifies a...
Yesterday spoke at SOUL Charter school for Black History Month- thanks for having me
.+ more will perform at a benefit for a New Orleans school
Last day to apply for Chicago trip! Visit JPMorgan Chase and Uno Charter School Network. Trip only $50! Apply here:
West Buffalo Charter School on Lafayette Avenue gets state approval to expand from grades K-4, to grades K-8.
If the state funds the that voters asked for, is it "money laundering," as critics claim? Hint: NO. .
C.V. in dispute with charter school. [from The San Diego Union-Tribune]
We’re in a fiscal crisis. We have school enrollment dropping. We shouldn’t be opening any new schools - Biggs of RYH
.Ok, so you think this charter school should lose its funding too?
C.V. in dispute with charter school
We went to Amandla Charter School in Englewood to talk about its impending shutdown:
C.V. in dispute with charter school: The Chula Vista Elementary School District is embroiled in a dispute over a…
It's the first and only baseball charter school in the country and its here in
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ICYMI: Monday I was on talking Charter School Reform, & more Listen here↓.
.says minorities should be "disappointed" in Bernie Sanders' opposition to charter schools:
reran our piece of the slow death of NY charter approvals-NY's unlegislated charter cap-
Gov. Malloy's budget cuts were met with sharp criticism at Wilbur Cross High School last night.
Thanks to a fundraiser at City Garden Montessori Charter School, the Searcy Family bid on and won a lifestyle...
Colo. district will get 1st in 20 years — if it clears some hurdles via
School district will get first charter in 20 years — if it clears some hurdles first: The Cherry Creek School…
We did a double take when we heard "charter school" on this week. Thanks for the charter school shoutout!
See Mimio 2/25-2/26 at Colorado Charter School Conf.! Learn about new laser projectors and 4K displays at Booth ht…
Great morning with our neighbors at Frederick Douglass Mastery Charter School celebrating 100 days of school!
UPDATE: Vista Pop Warner treasurer was arrested at charter school where she taught math:
Mass charter school demand is debated after new, lower waitlist counts via >
A new teaching position in East Michigan just opened up! Before/After School Paraprofessional at Walton Charter Academy …
Amend 7 from Stoops would require authorizer to show it can operate charter school effectively/efficiently before opening. Fa…
Another charter school amend from Stoops would do market study on whether cs is needed in a community. Again, no 2nd. Amend f…
Sen. Jean Leising offering resolution to have summer cmte study funding for charter school transportation, esp in rural schoo…
CSBA's Charter School guide offers boards blueprint for working with charter schools
MV Charter School ranks in the Tp 10 in the Commonwealth!
Koch Brothers➡. John Birch Society➡. Charter School Growth Fund is made up of Foundations for Charter School. ➡HRC
Worker/Mental Health Counselor needed in at DREAM Charter School. Apply now!
Neil Walter notes his 50-page Charter School white paper including financing and bond issues and other stuff.
N.C. charter school suspends all clubs after parents question LGBT club
I support most of the budget cuts, save for public financing and cuts to higher ed. Love the charter school cuts.
LISA Academy charter school system temporarily withdraws application to open new elementary school in WLR.
DFER's new leader Shavar Jeffries speaks out about Hillary's lame new charter school stance
California's largest online charter school network gets the green light to unionize.
School enrollment counts show more student diversity, charter growth
Texarkana School District, 1 of 11 in AR exempting from seeks to expand 9-12 Washington Academy Conversion Charter to 7-12.
idk bro I went to a charter school and I turned out ok 😉
"Students with disabilities or learning English more likely to remain in school if it's a charter"
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Training session for JAGS & Charter team tomorrow at 4pm in JAGS Lecture Theatre
Low pay, heavy load of paperwork led 750 online K12 Inc CA teachers in to unionize by
Shabazz-Sizemore charter school accuses of changing rules for closings:
Charter School in Rutherford Cty Votes to Suspend All Extra-Curricular Activities Due to Complaints re: LGBT Clubs
.Cadarris Rucker is 1 of the many public charter school teachers driving academic performance in
Congrats Charter School of San Diego for Baldrige Award, highest Presidential honor for excellence!
Carthage Tiger Fans heads up. The Carthage High School Booster Club was able to secure one charter bus for the...
A look at two four-day school outliers: Boise's Sage charter and Wilder's COSSA Academy alternative school.
is Atlantis Elementary school in lockdown. Ive heard that space coast as well as campus charter were on lockdown
CSAB member Joe Maimone talking of proposing an alternative charter school teaching certificate to avoid licensure requirements
whoa, finally looked at all four schools slated 2b closed. Bronzeville isn't failing by our index.
I want to clarify the article in the JJC regarding tonight's action on the Charter School. The Board will not be...
As New York charter school approvals dwindle, state education officials begin to ask why
Charter Authorizing Panel approves application from Arkansas Connections Academy to begin school in 16-17. 2 votes opposed.
And true integration is hard, but so is opening a high quality charter school or overhauling the teaching profession!
Surprise twist: unions to target charter school teachers?
North Carolina charter school suspends all student club activities after some in the commun...
Study on online charter schools: ‘It is literally as if the kid did not go to school for an entire year’ -
Shabazz-Sizemore charter school accuses CPS of changing rules for closings:
Franklin Towne Charter High School tonight! Find out where we'll be next
Heading to Greenville, SC later today for the matchup between Legacy Charter and Christ School.
Open house time - maybe Colin will go here next year. Maybe. (@ Audubon Charter School in New Orleans, LA)
uh well , I work for a non profit that works with public charter schools in DC and school
Replace the PTO. - Angry parents blast charter school board after meeting via
Pontiac charter school director suspended after allegations of missing money via
Thank you to the staff, parents & students of Magellan Charter school for always pitching in to help at our Crisis Center.
Rather than allow a student LGBT group on campus, the Rutherford County, NC K-12 public charter school (Lake...
Pastor Pam: we shouldn't have to give our school over to a charter to get the things we need!
Lake Lure charter school suspends school clubs following uproar over LGBT group via
Meanwhile CPS is pouring money into crony contractors and charter school operators...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
The Power of an Impassioned Principal - Previous members of the Sophie B. Wright Charter School marching band C...
When you shop Amazon will make a donation to The Highlander Charter School.
It's easy to help Highlander Charter School while you shop on Amazon!
The charter school advisory board meets monthly just like SBE, sits at the same table too. Wields increasing power. No press here.
Banner provided by Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School. Schools, it's time to sign-up and help us "Stuff The...
Teachers unions want to organize the biggest charter school system in L.A., as charters grow nationwide.
Teacher needed in at VOICE Charter School. Apply now!
Apply now to work for West OakLane Charter School as ELEMENTARY TEACHERS in
New opening at West OakLane Charter School in - ELEMENTARY TEACHERS
Check out this ELEMENTARY TEACHERS at West OakLane Charter School in
A Charter Teacher, Fired for Trying to Organize a Union to better school
I'll be teaching English to high schoolers at a charter school 😁😁😁. Tomorrow starts teaching training.
Don't believe these myths about charter schools
Diane Ravitch’s Blog: Report: More than $200 Million in Charter School Waste, Fraud, and Mismanagement via
Check out this Nurse at Evergreen Charter School in
Charter schools should get empty city school buildings - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
What's the name of that charter school in the really wealthy neighborhood? Ohh... that's right, there isn't one.
I've seen this kind of marketing hype before...hmm..let me think..oh wait...charter school lotteries and the whirlwind media frenzy!!!
“Charter school delayed after complaint about religious ties -
MPS approves 'no excuses' charter school with vow to draw students back
I am a middle school teacher at an all male charter school with the clear vision that expectations are to be met- we want
Ever wondered about the faces behind the World Games? Get an inside look at the volunteers here:
Study: More freedom leads to better results for charter school students
.Most defaults in charter school sector are related to poor management and governance.
Starting to see school supplies. Our charter charges a flat $50 fee for supplies for the YEAR. Does anyone else's school do this?
ELEMENTARY TEACHERS needed in at West OakLane Charter School. Apply now!
To be, or not to be... a charter school authorizer in Alabama.
NOPD seeks men for stealing school bus from Mildred Osborne Charter School: New Orleans police are searching for…
TheAtlantic: How did this Chicago charter school achieve the best college-enrollm...
Check out the new book by our good friends Paul & Liz at Wildlands Charter School. "We need to stop asking how...
Evergreen Charter School is hiring a Nurse, apply now!
Remember when Hekia said state schools failed the charter school kids? Read this then think again. …
So, are the charter school ads running on TV being paid for with my tax dollars?
Where a white boy fights a black guy and gets knocked out in one punch. - Charter Oak High School
New gadgets, rules await students headed back to school: New leadership, new charter schools also add to the m...
How much money do you currently have invested in the "school reform/charter schools" movement?
Awesome news out of Milwaukee. Global Shaper, Maurice Thomas got his charter school approved!
.NZ not even begun political questioning about what concession for charter school competition vs state may be in
Midtown KC charter school wins approval from panel -
PJO Jazz Week at Princeton Charter School starts on TOMORROW at 9am. There's still time to register!
Teachers are drowning in era of high stakes testing & charter school encroachment. ht…
Minnesota: Opening of charter school derailed after questions raised its possible ties to Muslim...
Shame on the Ohio House 4 pushing off till Sept action on critical charter school reform
--around the Charter School that will provide the children who live within the boundaries of the community - and also as many as possible--
West OakLane Charter School is looking for a ELEMENTARY TEACHERS in apply now! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Florida constitution wouldn't allow that, plus Villages a Charter School and Wildwood is a public middle/high school.
Mass DOT paving Main St Tue June 30th starting in front of the Charter School & will be going to just past High St. & paving High St.
"Paula Bennett: Kindergarten Teacher Must be a Charter School: they'll employ anyone there
The Red Stars Academy has awarded 2 UNO Charter School girls scholarships to attend our Benedictine University residential camp this summer.
New school: Classical Christian Academy of the Palm Beaches. And NO, it's not a Charter School using taxpayer's money.
Proud to have been an original sponsor of Charter School legislation in NV. Prouder yet of Coral Academy STEAM @ UNR! …
Steve perry now testifying before ed committee. next Charter School operatior in
According to House Minority Leader Craig Ford, Alabama's Charter School bill has passed.
Charter School in Miami Fails, but Proves Useful on Jeb Bush’s Resumé
Charter School in Miami Fails, but Not before giving Jeb Bush a resume boost.
Ohio online charter school spent more than $2.27M on ads: The charter school's advertising spending included r...
What happens when a school is used as a political cash-cow. Stay tuned for other examples.
The highly charged charter school debate could soon become a constitutional court fight
Top MA lawyers file case to end cap on charter schools arguing it’s social justice issue
What happens to a charter school in the sun? Does funding dry up when Bush no longer needs to run? Results lag, dress code-Implode
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
The system is broken & a Charter label can't fix that. We lump students who are so academically behind in the same school & expect...
Jeb Bush began a charter school that was important to his gubernatorial run. He won, paid less attention, + it closed. http:…
A charter school that was supposed to show teachers' unions don't hold schools back is shutting down.
Excuses. Excuses. LA Dept of Education guilty of lax oversight of this charter school for students.
"Cinderella" opens this week at Collegium Charter School! Tickets are going fast! March 12-14.…
J Bush' charter sch hypocrisy exposed, next will be his e-mail server hypocrisy.
Here's my story about Jeb Bush's charter school, which is now a ruin in the Miami sun.
Here's the NY Times writing about a charter school that failed miserably and closed
I wouldn't have transferred to Madison and made top 10 percent to get accepted here if I didn't get kicked out of my charter school.
High school was awesome for me. I regret nothing. Not even getting kicked out of my charter school. I wouldn't be were I am today.
Union faults Baker for tapping charter school advocate
Learning Coach needed in # at Bedford Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School. Apply now!
Apply for a at Equality Charter School in Bronx, NY.
Get a new from Equality Charter School in Bronx, NY.
Searching for in Bronx, NY? Send your to Equality Charter School.
High profile Boston lawyers team up on behalf of school choice.
Groundbreaking lawsuit aims to tackle charter school caps.
Civil rights fight looms on charter schools cap via
BrentNYT: Jeb Bush's charter school lies in ruins - but, running for president, he praises it as a "success." nyt…
I typically defend the NYT and not a fan of Jeb, but this story leaves a bad taste in my mouth
My Vision: to open up an elementary charter school 4 all our brilliant little brown babies.
Need an activist to make a documentary called "A Charter School Fails in Miami" to illustrate this public Ed privatization scam.
"But Petrilli conceded that Florida’s charter school industry could also be a liability for Bush in the general election. 1/2
Birth of a charter school and Jeb Bush’s vision for education
New charter school could be coming to our area pending approval: A new charter school could be coming to our…
Visit Amanpuri in Thailand and help Palisades Elementary Charter School via
Jeb Bush’s charter school is a ruin baking in the Miami sun
Md. governor's charter school bill to get hearing
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