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Charlotte Riley

Charlotte Riley (born 29 December 1981) is an English actress. She is best known for her role Sarah Hurst in Easy Virtue and as Catherine Earnshaw in ITV's adaptation of Wuthering Heights.

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Image of the Week - Charlotte Riley in Wuthering Heights 2009 -
Charlotte Riley is set to play Kate Middleton in new TV drama
I thought the same thing when I tagged you 😂😂
[Previously on Aidan Gillen joins, Charlotte Riley returns in s4, via
Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley are new to series 2, Riley being a love interest of Thomas Shelby,Hardy and Riley have been married since 2014
Tom Hardy (Alfie Solomons) and Charlotte Riley (May Carleton) are married in real life. Their first child turned 1 in October 2016.
I like Charlotte Riley's character. I just don't like her with Tommy.
"...with Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley returning, we couldn’t have hoped for more.” Erm well actually ...…
The latest stars coming to Peaky Blinders series four
Charlotte Riley as May Carleton, a wealthy widow who owns racehorses. (Series 2)
Breaking news: Aidan Gillen has joined the cast of along with Charlie Murphy. Also, Charlotte Riley wi…
Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley, who played Heathcliff and Catherine in Wuthering Heights, actually got married in real life
First look pics - Tim Pigott-Smith in the title role & Charlotte Riley as Kate Middleton on her last…
Charlotte Riley is the spitting image of Kate Middleton filming King Charles III - Daily
- 'It's a challenge I'm really looking forward to': Peaky Blinders' star Charlotte Riley is cast as the D...
Charlotte Riley cast as The Duchess of Cambridge in new BBC drama about Prince Charles
Just walked past Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley. In the rain. I'm fine.
6' | GOAL!! Riley Orr connects with Megan Greene on a corner which is headed high and over the keeper to give Charlotte an early 1-0 lead!
Happy Birthday . Charlotte . Jamie . Liam . Finn . Charlotte . Riley . We hope you all have FANTASTIC parties Thank...
Put me in a vintage shop, and I am like a child with sweeties. I fin...
"'Parents of pro-Trump son killed in auto accident speak at rally: Vote for Trump in Riley's honor'.
Riley slaying at Star Bingo benefiting RAIN of Charlotte.
I love doing characters that challenge me. I'd love to do something ...
yes i just finished it too 😊i'm loving this book club series so much, Frozen Charlotte is amazing 😈
In case you missed it...Charlotte Riley in yesterday's Standard - a sweary woman after my own heart.👍
Charlotte Riley says she is the 'complete opposite' of the 'posh birds' she plays
was interviewed by in our Hotel Rooms yesterday. Read the interview here…
Charlotte Riley: ‘People like casting me as posh birds for some reason – it’s the opposite of who I am’
Date for the diary - 9th Nov airs on Encore starring Charlotte Riley & Tom Brooke! .
Charlotte Riley stars in Stephen Poliakoff's Coming to in November! .
Close to the Enemy's Charlotte Riley opens up about the challenges of being a working mum
"But you're a celebrity, you don't care" People like Lily & Charlotte Church deserve credit for standing with us. http…
Tom Hardy's Wife Had to Breast Pump in the Bathroom at the Oscars. Charlotte Riley, the wife of the 'Revenant' a
How to care for your skin in the winter
Banish dry skin with these winter skin care solutions -
& this -- Charlotte Riley and Helen McCrory praise creator via
Happy Marriage Anniversary to beautiful, talented and very special Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley 😘😘😘😘
Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley are one of the most badass OTP. Just saying.
Chris Hemsworth and Charlotte Riley in Ralph Laurenat the premiere of The Heart of the Sea…
Oscar nominee Tom Hardy rocks aviators and a three-piece suit with wife Charlotte Riley: Tom Hard...
Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley played heathcliff and Catherine together any now they're married omg
Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley are the ultimate relationship goal.
Who is going to help me get back and forth to Charlotte this month...
I know... Maybe there weren't pics but just this article..
I wonder how Charlotte Riley deals w the fact that every woman in North America wants her husband
Myself Riley and Brian would love to join. Finished only a couple hundred off Charlotte.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Charlotte Riley is in London Has Fallen ? :') :') :')
charlotte riley the take Wallpaper Riley
The Rev. Charlotte Riley grew up in pre-Civil War Charleston; this memoir traces her life.
Sasha vs Becky vs Charlotte at Mania please!
Panthers' C Ryan Kalil was a man four years ahead of his time with this full-page ad in the Charlotte Observer... https:/…
SkyBet giving Charlotte a better chance of winning the Rumble than professional pissant Alex 'Ragey' Riley 😄
This is what Riley thinks of the snow. Just like me, she isn't amused.
- hey! It's been icy here for weeks! Definitely keeping my Charlotte folks lifted up.
Think I'm in love with Charlotte Church sorry Rachael Riley you've had your chance and you've been replaced
i had no idea Charlotte Riley was in the Edge of Tomorrow 😱
When I don't have much to do I just Google Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley. He was the HEATHCLIFF to her CATHY and now they're having a BABY!
same thing I said lop either Charlotte ( excuse my spelling lol ) or riley ..rolley whatever lol she lookin for houses now
Riley Harrison was one of Tuesday's Top Performers, per the Charlotte Observer-she had 8 saves in the win over Latin.
Charlotte Country Day field hockey star Riley Harrison is Observer Tuesday top performer
It's amazing how much I liked Grace in season 1 and despised her in season 2. I guess Charlotte Riley stole my heart
MATTHEW RILEY DRAKE got their posted to Charlotte Mugshots
Shush Charlotte my mom says it okay
Official trailer for Very excited to see Charlotte Riley starring opposite Chris Hemsworth.
Oh I say Chris Hemsworth, we'd want to get home to if Charlotte Riley was waiting. New trailer
I would have interested to hear from Charlotte Riley and her upcoming role in the series.
How does she do it? Watch as little Riley Curry steals the show from Charlotte's newest Hornet, Jeremy Lin: -Phil
Jeremy Lin does AMA, gets asked if he could beat MJ one-on-one
Why Won't Kate Middleton Let Princess Charlotte Wear Dresses?: Rachel Riley, one of Kate's go-to designers for...
Rachel Riley replaced on Countdown by Charlotte from Geordie Shore.
oh Charlotte Riley is in it! I'm gonna see if I can find the book on mobilism and read that first. thanks tho!
yes! Lol I overslept and missed english class
Love nights with my girls even if I'm tired the next day 😂
Jeremy Lin figures out how to fit in the NBA: Dance with Riley Curry (Ba..
For fans curious about Princess Charlotte’s royal dress code, fashion designer Rachel Riley shared some of her…
Which other stars featured in hilarious new video?. WATCH:
meets Riley Curry? Let them show you how to fit into the WATCH:
Jeremy Lin explains how he fits in with help from Riley Curry
Riley Curry is back and is as adorable as ever!. Jeremy Lin of the Charlotte Hornets put together a hilarious...
"First, we’ll take a look at Queen Charlotte Sophia..."
Catching up with last weeks & omg that girl looks like Charlotte Riley 😱
This is why the Duchess of Cambridge won't let Princess Charlotte wear dresses until she walks
In Which Riley Curry Teaches Jeremy Lin How To Do The Nae Nae: Jeremy Lin is with the Charlotte Hornets now (h...
heyyy Charlotte Riley's in this too :D
Tom Hardy's wife Charlotte Riley debuts baby bump at 'Legend' premiere in London
Tom Hardy hits the town with wife Charlotte Riley after Legend premiere
We love Charlotte Riley's sleek bob worn at her husband's new movie premiere 'Legend'. The long bob, or 'lob' is...
Tom Hardy and wife Charlotte Riley are expecting their first child together!
Tom Hardy & his wife Charlotte Riley are expecting! See her adorable baby bump:
I liked a video from World Premiere: Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Charlotte Riley |
TV Strange & Norrell grows on me. Not just for Marc Warren's croaky John Hurt lower vocal register, or Charlotte Riley's self-possesion…
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I can't stop looking at pics of Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley. They're so beautiful: he has his beard & she her hair
Just find out that Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy are married !! 😍 😍 😍 😍
Charlotte Riley - Stockton born, married to Tom Hardy, great talent. It's not all about
Tomorrow: Charlotte Riley tells us why hubby Tom Hardy is good in the bedroom (he makes the bed, apparently)
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell looks so good cause Charlotte Riley
Next week it'll be Charlotte vs Bayley vs Becky Lynch in a no.1 contender's triple threat!. Also, Alex Riley vs...
I think you have made a mistake on this article? I think Charlotte Riley is filming Close to the Enemy
They're in town! Actor Tom Hardy & wife Charlotte Riley indulge in pancakes at
We were thrilled to see Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley in our Dale St store today!
Charlotte Riley & at the Women in Cinema celebratory lunch at
Just imagine that in September will be press tour of "Heart Of The Sea" with Chris Hemsworth and Charlotte Riley ♥
In honor of Riley's win tonight vs UNC Charlotte, a cute picture of us back in the day ! @ rocking…
Congratulations again to our Outstanding Citizenship award recipients Charlotte Johnson and Andy O'Riley.
Hello! We interacted w/ Riley Fields at the Charlotte Workshop. We would love to talk more with u guys. Follow back!
no charlotte riley plays cathy. It's actually good as far as I remember it's from 2009
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Riley Adams with a huge step back to ice the game against Team Charlotte! WCBA Robinson advances!
'So will you consider me?' - Introducing Charlotte Riley as May Carleton
Q&A update. Marc Warren will be in attendance, but Charlotte Riley & will not (unfortunately)
I'd say Charlotte's more cockier but their both delusional. Alex Riley looked 'okay' in his match, NOT great at all
Give Alex Riley one frekin match back into the ring, he thinks he's God's gift to wrestling. I don't know who's cockier, him or Charlotte?
We just sent our Roadrunners out to give out some more FREE cash as part of Who's ready to WIN? http:…
S2 is on Netflix! Well, Netflix US. Oh god S2 I amazing!! w Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley!
The way Charlotte Riley played that whole scene was perfection.
Riley should lowkey try and pry Lance away from Charlotte for the cheap.
Charlotte Riley and Helen McCrory praise Peaky Blinders creator for strong female characte
Shooting a short film this week with Brian Cox, Charlotte Riley, photographed by Phil Méheux, B.S.C. directed by Michael McMahon.
Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy get set up with the new iPhone 6 at The Apple Store, Regent Street on September 19, 2014 in London, England
Natalie Portman, Charlotte Riley, Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart we up for this film's iconic love interest...
Third time filming at tomorrow. Bit of Peaky Blinders with my old pal Charlotte Riley.
Great to see County Durham's own Charlotte Riley hitting the big screen on Friday in with
TBT Here are some pics from the set of Grand Street presently wrapping up post production. I make an appearance alongside Kelly McGillis and the film's stars, Charlotte Riley and Tom Byam Shaw. It's a very charming film directed and written by Lex Sidon. Charlotte and Tom are both from England and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed their beautifully executed American accents, love British actors. We had a blast making this!
Film star Tom Hardy and his fiancee, actress Charlotte Riley met patients and staff and handed over a cheque for £24,000
The League of British Artists: Tom Hardy and fiancee Charlotte Riley visit Butterwick Hospice in...
... that also stars Charlotte Riley and Marc Warren.
Bifas: Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley steal the show at independent film... via Thomas Tolkien
Tired need sleep can't sleep. Going round in circles
She looks like a young Charlotte Riley! 😍
is TH and Charlotte riley still together?
Aw man. It's even more heartbreaking now that I know Tom Hardy is engaged to Charlotte Riley.
Charlotte Riley is to star in a new sci fi movie with Tom Cruise | View photo - Yahoo! Movies UK
Branko can be seen in a leading part opposite Dervla Kirwan and Charlotte Riley in the supernatural ghost thriller ENTITY which has just been released and also won at the London Independent Film Festival. His film credits also include ”The Bourne Ultimatum”, ”Interview with a Hitman”, ”The Wolf Man”...
THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE MAN OF STEEL FILM We’re about a week away from the release of the new Superman movie Man Of Steel. Matthew Goode, Armie Hammer, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Zac Efron and Colin O'Donoghue were on the final shortlist for the lead role. Henry Cavill was finally cast. He was the front runner to play Superman in another Superman movie but the movie failed to be greenlit and Brandon Routh was cast in Superman Returns instead. Cavill was also runner-up to Daniel Craig for the James Bond role in Casino Royale. Natalie Portman, Charlotte Riley, Anne Hathaway, Dianna Agron, Kristen Stewart, Malin Akerman, Rachel McAdams, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kristen Bell, Lake Bell, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis and Jessica Biel were considered to play Lois Lane. This is the first Superman feature film that doesn't incorporate the word "Superman" in its title. Interestingly enough, the first Batman film to not incorporate the word "Batman" was Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight which like, Man ...
and Nina Dobrev broke up & has reportedly called off his engagement to Charlotte Riley. THEY ARE BACK ON MARKET.
Batman star Tom Hardy 'comforted' by Noomi Rapace after marriage to Charlotte Riley is put on hold Tom Hardy, w...
Actors Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley attend European premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" at Odeon Leicester Square on July 18, 2012 in London, England. (Source: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Europe) more pics » Tom Hardy (Ian Gavan/Getty Images Europe) From the dark shadows of Gotham City to the top of the world, Tom Hardy is about to get a taste of the clouds. Deadline reports the actor has signed on to star in Everest, a film that chronicles the life of George Mallory, the British explorer who tried to become the first man to climb Mount Everest. The film will be directed by Doug Liman (Bourne Identity, Mr. and Mrs. Smith). Hardy most recently starred as the villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. In that film, he speaks with one *** of an odd accent. Though it's certainly not British. So we look forward to hearing the Englishman speak naturally in Everest. Mallory tried, and failed, three times to ascend Everest. In his last attempt, he and his climbing partner nearly made it to the top, before disappearing. ...
25-Jan-13 -Starmovies - CH. 42 12:35:00 AM WORLD WITHOUT END (PART 2 OF 4) Drama - Ben Chaplin, Charlotte Riley and Nora von Waldstätten Conspiracies, passion and murder unfold from the heart of a troubled England impacting 14th century Europe 2:15:00 AM BEST OF THE FESTIVALS Concert - Muse, Kasabian, Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire Packed with full-on live performances, exclusive interviews and backstage footage, BOTF takes you to some of the worlds best festivals. Featuring the Muse, Kasabian, Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire 3:15:00 AM AT FIRST SIGHT Romance - Val Kilmer, Mira Sorvino, Kelly McGillis A blind man has an operation to regain his sight at the urging of his girlfriend and must deal with the changes to his life. 5:20:00 AM WHEN HARRY MET SALLY Comedy - Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan and Carrie Fisher Two friends who've known each other for a very long time consider taking a step further in their relationship, but fear sex would ruin their friendship. 6:55:00 AM RAMONA AND BEEZUS Comedy - Joey King, ...
A new show called 'World without end' on ch4 first ep is on now.. Its gd Charlotte Riley is in it..
Enjoying old Uni friend Charlotte Riley in tonight.
nice back-fall hairpiece on charlotte riley. Rouse &co just finished this when I started working for them.
Charlotte riley looks even hotter in medieval clothes. Tom Hardys a lucky man.
It's got Peter Firth in it! and Charlotte Riley, Miranda Richardson, Ben Chaplin, Blake Ritson, Megan Follows and Indira Varma.
Janet Montgomery and Charlotte Riley are the most beautiful actresses
So ... Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley come into work & I *** off home not even knowing ... I definitely need to work on my timing & awareness!
Met Charlotte riley and her fiancee Tom Hardy at work today what a down to earth couple v pleased to have met them her dads in all the time.
World Without End tonight starring Charlotte Riley, the better half of Tom Hardy looks worth a watch.
We're starting to believe Tom Hardy's the most perfect human created - -
what do you think about Charlotte Riley? :)
Treasure hunt time. Go to and find the name of Charlotte's editor. First 10 correct entries get book
o you are welcome to him, I don't think I could compete with Charlotte Riley..
Tom Hardy's fiancee Charlotte Riley has revealed how the showbiz couple send love letters to one another when they're apart. Read the full story on the A-list lovebirds...
Plus in this issue, we speak to the stars of Blandings, chat to Midsomer Murders star Neil Dudgeon, talk Tom Cruise with Charlotte Riley…
Throwback! Tom Hardy's lover Charlotte Riley has revealed an intimate detail about her and her h...
Directed by Doug Liman. With Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Charlotte Riley, Bill Paxton. A soldier fighting in a war with aliens finds himself caught in a time loop of his last day in the battle, though he becomes better skilled along the way.
They do also share the titbit that Charlotte Riley and tHard draw their own Christmas cards for people
Charlotte Riley is THE luckiest woman on the face of the planet.
ahh I know grace I saw that mug olly riley being horrible to one of my sisters mates
Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley at the Jack Reacher premier
British actor Tom Hardy snapped in - dominant or influencer? via
Tom Hardy with financee Charlotte Riley at the Jack Reacher UK premiere
STEPHEN CURRY AND DAUGHTER AT THE BALL GAME - Stephen Curry and daughter Riley,5 months, were captured in a Kodak moment right before Monday's game between the Golden State 'Warriors' and the Charlotte 'Bobcats.' Curry spent a bit of time with his daughter before assisting his fellow teammates in defeating the 'Bobcats' 104-96. Although Riley fell asleep and missed most of the action, the [...]The post STEPHEN CURRY AND DAUGHTER AT THE BALL GAME appeared first on Black C...
charlidos: Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley on their way to the Jack Reacher premiere after party at the Groucho C…
Charlotte Riley accompanied by Tom Hardy as she supports co-star Tom Cruise ... - Daily Mail
taken from cranio care bear Cranio Care Bears 4 sweet children are having surgery tomorrow. 6 mo old Andrew, 10 mo old Cali with metopic, 7.5 mo old Riley with sagittal & 16 mo Charlotte with metopic in Australia. ♥ Please lift them in their families up in your thoughts and prayers. ♥
Im sure Glen Rice is the guy who Pat Riley traded to the Charlotte Hornets for Alonzo Mourning in the mid 90's featured in NBC s Science of Love
Tom Hardy steps out with fiance Charlotte Riley for the world premiere of Tom Cruise's new film, Jack Reacher
Did you give your kids a middle name? If so what are their middle names? --Amanda
Tom Hardy: 'Jack Reacher' Premiere with Charlotte Riley!: Tom Hardy attends the world…
Crowd source!! Anyone with a February baby? Post your birthday wishes here and it might appear in our February issue!
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Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Gemma Arterton, Kate Mara, Charlotte Riley and Keira Knightley all auditioned for the role of Selina Kyle
Name your favorite Twilight characters and the characters you just can't stand.
Show tonight: Double Door Inn. Charlotte, NC 8:30pm. w/ Tara Nevins, Riley Baugus, Todd Phillips, Mike Compton, David Grier, Amber Dawn...rocking night last night. Tonight only promised to be better. Now for some breakfast before the 4 hour drive...come on down!
Congratulations to 21 of the most wonderful little people we have had the joy of knowing...Boston, Esther, Mali, Lara, Riley, Xavier, Levi, Finley, Tiernan, Charlotte, Tyler, Emma, Emily, Joshua, Sam T, Sam M, Gabrielle, Kobi, Joe, Tom and Ruby! Have a wonderful time at big school - big hugs Elder St x .(and I only welled up about 4 times during the graduation!)
JR FREAKING Smith with the game winner against Charlotte. We are ready for the Heat tomorrow. *ShaQ*
We're taking on the New York Knicks tonight at 7pm in Time Warner Cable Arena! Post us your best Bobcats shout out and it could end up on the jumbotron during the game!
The Town: My interviews with Andrew Scott, Martin Clunes, Julia McKenzie, Charlotte Riley and more
I think I know where the saying "The Life of Riley" came from. Merry Christmas Katrina, Riley and of course Mr Fox GRR
have had a few questions from fans They say,I wish there had of been season 9 of Mcleods Daughters if there had of been what would you have liked to see in it ,and would you have liked Alex to be in it.VICKY
my tens are, caz flack, billie piper, Charlotte Riley, Lauren Conrad and Whitney port 👌👌
See if you can watch the tv version with Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley on Netflix or something. It's beautiful. Makes me cry.
I have no respect for the girls who are actually posting 'cheeky' nudes to Olly Riley ect , disgusting
I see girls are being *** amp;sending Olly Riley photos again. I respect those who haven't.
Worst night ever, but at least I got a good picture out of it. 👌💙🌃
Had a great time today with riley, stefan and corey out at charlotte country club, great place and a great course!!
Watching Wuthering Heights, *** Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley are a fit couple
“charlotte is the capitol of north carolina, right?” no , Riley is . *spellcheck!
jealous, looks warm out but is Oct. Just cut Riley hair :( giving them a bath and over my mums later to help decorate bro 18thX
Once Butler loses its good players, Charlotte football is gonna be dull.
Wuthering Heights is a two-part ITV television serial adaptation of the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. The episodes were adapted for the screen by Peter Bowker and directed by Coky Giedroyc. The programme stars Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley in the roles of the famous lovers Heathcliff and...
Jurco just misses on a wraparound try five minutes in. GR power play thanks to a hooking penalty on Charlotte's Riley Nash.
Lol I'll start calling you Riley... Or do you prefer Charlotte? Just wanna make you happy
Charlotte Riley is so beautiful. I hate life.
Riley just set fire to a tea towel great!!
A new day for new starts and new adventures.
Today's Media Briefing is out. In the news - Charlotte Church, Zara Phillips, Alesha Dixon, Lisa Riley...
Their vocal progression is amazing as well, especially Riley's. I find new quirks in his voice with ever cover they do. He's grown so much
Definitely. Have only seen the one w/ Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley. Which is your favorite?
You and Riley have more Work than Me. If y'all come to Charlotte in the Future, just let me Know
Come out and meet me personally on November 10th at BELK (Southpark Mall) in Charlotte, NC from 2-4pm!
Watch out for the Charlotte Bobcats this year
Please god, SOMEONE make me a cup of tea!!!
What an awesome job did the car this weekend and last weekend at Charlotte before the engine.
World Without End: TV Review: Cynthia Nixon, Miranda Richardson, Ben Chaplin and Charlotte Riley get medieval in...
flossieheat: “ I was just walking out of work and Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy walked past me. I screamed. They laughed. They were both so lovely, and Tom is such a nice person, totally not what I...
With Ben Chaplin, Charlotte Riley, Nora von Waldstätten, Oliver Jackson-Cohen. The English town of Kingsbridge works to survive as the King leads the nation into the Hundred Years' War with France while Europe deals with the outbreak of the Black Death.
Charlotte Riley has signed up to star alongside Tom Cruise in his latest venture All You Need Is Kill. The 30-year-old will join fellow British actress Emily Blunt i
Wuthering Heights (2009) starring Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley is a REALLY good interpretation. And I am completely transfixed on Charlotte Riley. *** you, Tom Hardy for being engaged to her. *** YOU!
I won't lie, I watched the premiere stream online (the black carpet). Oh. My excitement can not be held. Perfect cast. From Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Michael Cain, Annie aka Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy. Rumors about Liam Neeson. And all helmed by the perfect director: Christopher Nolan. Jonathan Nolan and Hans Zimmer shoutout. Gary giving Tom tickles. Annie watching cat videos on youtube to prepare for CATWOMAN. (How beautiful was Charlotte Riley in that dress! Perfection she is).
Charlotte Tom Hardy is one lucky dude
My second tribute to the Wuthering Heights (2009) itv movie. This video is dedicated to Cathy (Charlotte Riley) & Heathcliff's (Tom Hardy) true love. Music b...
I've been watching Wuthering Heights starring Tom Hardy, Andrew Lincoln, and Charlotte Riley. I very much loved every minute of it.
It has Dougray Scott, Lars Mikkelsen, Charlotte Riley, Leo Bill, Max Irons and Alistair McGowan in it.
A scene from the pilot episode of Candy Chops, a comedy show which never aired, by and with Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley. For more Tom Hardy visit charlidos.t...
And I haven't seen any of them. I'd like to see 1992 version w/ Juliette Binoche & Ralph Fiennes, and 2009's w/ Charlotte Riley & Tom Hardy.
Words of Captain Scott has dignity, economy and awful momentum. Charlotte Riley a moving Kathleen Scott; Lars Mikkelsen natural as Amundsen.
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