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Charlie Strong

Charlie R. Strong (born August 2, 1960) is an American college football coach and former player. Strong is a native of Arkansas and graduated from the University of Central Arkansas, where he played college football.

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Charlie Strong takes longhorn logos off players' helmets. "They've got to earn it."
Charlie Strong is a Leo. Where's my surprise face?
Charlie Strong has made it clear to David Ash what he expects from his senior QB. Details:...
New in How and Coach Charlie Strong got it right on sexual assault
Strong watched 10-25 plays with each individual on the Texas defense. More details .
Listened to the interview and thought you have a strong point of view. A lot is misunderstood in life
Endurance beats on strong top and bottom line growth
I feel like Charlie Strong looked at the wikiHow of "how to be a tough coach" and is just checking down the list. No helmet decals? Check!
Charlie Strong dismisses 5 players "treating women with respect is one of our core values" - Hello,…
Charlie Strong discusses player dismissals at press conference on Monday.
Texas Coach Charlie Strong removed the Longhorn logo off the helmets telling the team that they have to "earn" the logo.
Looks like Charlie strong is really cleaning house 😳
Reading articles about how Charlie Strong is disciplining the Longhorns makes me that much more excited for this season! …
Plot twist: Charlie Strong isn't a good coach.
Why did the culture need changing by Charlie Strong? Here's why ...(FREE .
I wanted Mack Brown to do this in 2010. It didn’t happen. Let’s see if it works.
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Charlie Strong removed the Longhorns logo from Texas' helmets (Photos) via
Charlie Strong took the logo off team helmets. Guys will have to earn them:
Lmfaooo Charlie Strong like: "don't throw up hook 'em gotta earn it" 😂
Texas Coach Charlie Strong took the longhorn logos off his players’ helmets:
Charlie Strong, gives the players a blank white helmet. . Players have to earn the Longhorn in their helmet. I love it!
PHOTOS: Charlie Strong removes Longhorn logos from practice helmets, asks players to earn them
Charlie Strong turns up recruiting power with ‘Under the Lights’ camp
Charlie Strong is about to work miracles at Texas.
Just in: Charlie Strong kicked four players off the Texas State team before anyone could tell him it's not the same school.…
Love it MT "a college coach has removed logos from helmets & told players that they have to earn them back
Charlie Strong took the longhorn logos off his players' helmets: They have to earn it back.       
I like the things that Charlie Strong is doing down in Texas
Took 'em Horns: Charlie Strong removes logo from helmets for Texas practices
Texas safety Josh Turner is reportedly still on the team after meeting with Charlie Strong. htt…
Texas Longhorns head football Coach Charlie Strong has removed the logo from players' helmets. DE Cedric Reed said the players have "to earn things."
Just saw the story that Charlie Strong removed the Longhorns logos from his team's helmets. I dig it.
Ready to see what head football Coach Charlie Strong has done for the Longhorns football team.
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What do David Saxe, Charlie Strong, Adrian Hembree and John Paul Watson have in common? They all share the greatest of birthdays!! Congrats
“Is Texas back with Charlie Strong??” They will be. He's tryin to make those boys angry and appreciative o…
I guess Charlie Strong is taking a twist of The Junction Boy Bear Bryant saga...sans the grueling workouts...looking for 22 to lineup with
Update: Charlie Strong dismisses son from pop warner team.
A preview of my interview with new Coach Charlie Strong special Thursday 7 ET http…
Texas HC Charlie Strong on reviving the A&M-Texas rivalry: “At some point it needs to happen.” (via
Good a time as any to point out how happy I am that Mack Brown is no longer the coach at Texas and that Charlie Strong replaced him.
Charlie Strong said Mack Brown told him he didn't want to be in the way but that Brown's door was open to him if he ever need…
A little insider note that points out another big reason Charlie Strong is a complete 180 from Mack Brown:
Four-star WR recruit John Burt says Charlie Strong can win titles at Texas:
Doc Holliday adopting Charlie Strong blueprint at Marshall: Current UM roster lists 27 players from Fla + 6 more on the way, most from Miami
Cofounder of San Angelo coaches clinic now calling Travis Haney's article on Charlie Strong "criminal".
Hamilton Collection
Thoughts on Travis Haney's Charlie Strong article? Were you at the Angelo Football Clinic?
Charlie Strong got zero momentum and now coaching w/same losers that cost Mack Brown a job
Charlie Strong will "recover" from a 20 minute coaching clinic speech that wasn't as good as Mack Brown's. He can coach.
Texas booster proves Charlie Strong's new gig is not the best coaching job in America - Never really should have...
I've heard from a few critics of impending raise for Bobby Stoops. Really? So Charlie Strong deserves more? And Sumlin too?
Looks good for Charlie . strong, not enough.
Idk if the big 12 is ready for Charlie Strong's defense!
I thought our team looked strong and then I saw Charlie...
that's what I said at 1st, BUT Tay came strong with that 1st round. Couldn't call it. And then Charlie stumbled in the 2nd
do you have any strong opinions on camels Charlie?
Charlie Strong is a recruiter, and this guy is Dominique Wilkins.
Enough of That, about to watch this Tay Roc VS Charlie Clips Battle, I Hope Roc Come Strong .
Sometimes staying strong means not putting yourself in uncomfortable or triggering situations. 💪👍
Charlie Longsdons last two have won and the quirky SUKIYAKI is interesting with blinkers applied. Strong jock on board and 16-1 is tempting!
”Chi is a test. Not everyone makes itI’ve struggled, fallen, & lost some people I love along the way,but my city made me strong…
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Charlie Strong tells Louisville he'll leave, become coach - Strong met this week with Texas athletic...
The Top 15 highest-paid coaches in college football. You need $4 million to play with this group.
Charlie Strong is salty as *** that they don't have the recruiting class👍via
Love you so much leo💗 I'm breaking but you and charlie make me strong✖️
I will neverforgetthis Imactuallycrying u dont know how much leo and charlie mean to me..YhIgot bullied they sed stay strong
Former Cardinal on Sports. Pryor talking Charlie Strong and "knocking heads off" in NFL for NY Jets.
Charlie Strong is a defense guy that inherits a lot of talent. If they get consistent QB play could have double digit wins.
prediction for Charlie Strong's first year at Texas?
I know Roc gon take the 3rd cause charlie's 3rd never strong
"he'll be more in line with Texas' Charlie Strong ($5 million)" smh
Been in an amazing relationship with food for the past 17 years, I guess you can say we're going strong with many years to come 😉
Charlie Strong hasn't been recruiting the state of Texas as well as Texas A&M, and the natives are already growing restless.
Charlie Strong is getting owned in recruiting. I think in time he will get exposed as a coach. Bridgewater built him up.
Michelle Wie twerks, Robbie Rhodes out at Baylor, Charlie Strong's Texas problem...talking about it all w this AM on The Horn.
You never realize how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
Charlie Strong proved only that he can win in Podunk. You should delay venerating him until he earns it in valid conference.
large side of Charlie Murphy too right?
Monster Ball helped us to be strong, BTW Ball helped us to love ourselves , ArtRAVE is the celebration of our LOVE 💕
I know I like Charlie strong, he cool and he's got them whipped. but we both know F boys WILL be F boys no matter what
expectations for Charlie Strong his first year in Austin?
can Charlie Strong bring back tough to Texas?
I'm gonna miss you guys tonight, but im staying strong!. LOVE YOU and I know you're doing great things, so it isn't so bad
The Grass is not always Greener on the Otha Side.. HeHeHe!
If Steve is strong enough to leave Blue's Clues for college then I guess I am too.
"So proud and jealous of my mom getting to meet Charlie Strong at the Women's camp yesterday!… much fun!
Charlie Strong has his work cut out for him. He has to work really hard to get the kids in Texas back at UT.
"the fact that you think you're going to be relevant in Texas with Charlie Strong is laughable. And we laughing hard"
Lets go Charlie Lets go You'll pass them! Good luck KEEP STRONG:)
Three years or bust for Coach Charlie Strong? History says probably so ...
Wow...there's a "Three years or bust for Texas Coach Charlie Strong?" article on OB. He hasn't coached a game
Can UofL bloggers forget about Charlie Strong? I don't care about every little thing he does at Texas. He's gone. Move on.
Charlie Strong can't get no recruits bruh lol
So far in 2015, Kevin Sumlin is 11-2 in head-to-heads with Charlie Strong. didn't win 11 in a decade vs. Mack Brown at 1 point.
I have a v strong dislike for hipsters
Been blessed to get to come to the Charlie String football camp, and got to meet some in...
I have such a strong urge to watch Charlie's Angels.
Dowdstown Charlie too strong for them, Oxford Poet looking to be losing gear left right and centre after saddle slipped on Taylor Marshall.
Love having Charlie (as strong female character to look up to :)
Charlie Jacobs & Flaming Star have one rail down early, but finish strong and earn a 4 for Stripes.
Charlie strong is gonna change things at Texas. Home you come for the movement.
Such a good strong hard movie.We know the skills of Charlie but Maxwell did also an outstanding job his best role ever i think
Whaley becomes the first southeast texas recruit Charlie Strong's staff has offered a scholarship to.
Teddy Bridgewater gives us a cool story when Charlie Strong started recruiting him. (FREE)
Have to disagree with you Charlie Spain will be too strong for Holland their attacking talent they have top notch xx
Thanks Charlie!! 22hrs left on my Kickstarter drive and the pledging is still going strong! Thanks to…
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Brazil could be in trouble if their back line plays the way it did yesterday against Mexico. Dos Santos and Chicharito look strong.
Craig Sager has a pivotal partner in his battle with leukemia: His son.
looking forward to Charlie Strong with my Horns this year. YEA orange, yea white, yea Longhorns, fight, fight, fight.
Big 12 football: What does Texas' hire of Charlie Strong mean for OU, OSU? - But this was underlined in red pen:...
.First column is free and VERY good. Bridgewater talks w/ OB about Charlie Strong's recruiting -
How will Charlie Strong fair in his first season with Texas? shares his thoughts in the DCTF Mailbag
The espresso machiato from the Charlie Brown Cafe was really not nice. It had a supersuper strong taste
All eyes will be on Texas and Coach Charlie Strong of all the hires his seat is the hottest 🏈
Great read by who had a chance to talk to Teddy Bridgewater about Charlie Strong.
"I don't want to talk about things. I'd rather do things." -- Charlie Strong
QB Teddy Bridgewater explains how Coach Charlie Strong recruited him & how it impacts Texas
Do you miss this strong-willed undercover FBI agent? :). Gracelanders! Catch Charlie on the season 2 premiere of...
The new Longlive x Strong Island podcast episode from Charlie drops at 12.
LFC will benefit from having a strong contingent, according to -
Strong work from - 161mph, 100% throttle, 6th gear, wiping rain and muck off the visor. Hardcore.
- So sorry Mark. Be strong for Charlie.
I love you charlie and leo. Stay strong we love you.✌️💁💙
big love and hugs from me, strong brave Charlie - we adore you and Lola and also your mum xxx
Watching Pakistanis strong arm Charlie Wilson in "CW's War" for Ray bans and other weapons to fight USSR-Maliki asking same to fight ISIS
charlie strong turned Marcus Smith from a QB into the AAC defensive player of the year
Sebastian Vettel: We're working very hard, completely motivated and we have a strong belief in ourselves.. We won’t give…
“Kidnapping“ is such a strong word. I like to think of it as “Surprise Adoption“.
War Room - views of Charlie Strong as a recruiter from H.S. coaches and notes on some top national targets: ($)
yeah he shined in the rose bowl that year before as well, I hope Charlie Strong can get it right
extends lead over Charlie Baker in the polls! .
Martha Coakley holds strong lead over Steve Grossman in new poll, broadens edge in potential Charlie Baker matchup
The Louisville Cardinals turned into an excellent recruiting team under former head Coach Charlie Strong. Now that Strong has moved on to the Texas ...
Charlie Strong bus tour at the Beaumont Country Club
This might be why Mack Brown is out and Charlie Strong is in:
Great draft for the University of LOUISVILLE!!! Multiple first round picks for the first time in school history. Thank you Coach Charlie Strong for the masterful coaching and player development job you've done while coaching UofL.
Another first-rounder for Charlie Strong tonight in DE Marcus Smith to Eagles. Came to Louisville as a QB out of HS.
It's been a pretty solid day for coach (former Charlie Strong, who's got a couple first round guys in the rotation...
Charlie Casserly just mocked Lewan to Oakland at 5th. JC/KM/SW where gone. I wont be happy with a OT at 5. Not at all. Just…
Charlie Strong, Texas will have chance to make needed impression on 5* CB Kendall Sheffield this weekend.
this *** Charlie talkin bout the sperm goes up and eats the egg to become a big strong baby lol
Nice to see Charlie Strong stand up for Teddy. And he backed his boy strong.
Charlie can't even carry both amps...I can carry both because I have strong arms (good for girlfriend-having!!!)
Strong family love from Dolly continues
...and that is why Tony Pulis is such a strong candidate for Manager of the Season.
Ta my lovelie & u carry on & be a strong old boy :-) Luv ya I'll send u a Cornish pasty through the Tablet for u 2 nibble XX
Charlie Strong said some bs about Johnny
The 2014 Comin' on Strong Tour has traveled across our great state and has united UT football, specifically new Coach Charlie Strong, with Longhorn fans.
well this doesn't fit the popular louisville fan narrative that Charlie Strong is the biggest jerk on the face of the planet.
caught up w Charlie Strong, who says teams who pass on Teddy Bridgewater are making a “terrible mistake”
Charlie Strong says it would be a "terrible mistake," if Teddy Bridgewater isn't taken in first round of NFL Draft.
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Been a very long day, Millie spent 8 hours in theatre, be strong lets hope the surgeons did a great job!!
Evans concedes a penalty. And Charlie colkett converts. 1-1 Evans started strong this evening but was beaten 2x before diving in there
/o\"Been fapping with Blue Band just to make my D grow Healthy n Strong."
Charlie Strong and UT should ban social media from their players and coaches until they win something again. So... At least 5-6 years
Who ever wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory must have been on some strong acid at the time. What a head blag.
I do like Charlie Strong though, for the record. I bet they get their act together going forward. Too much talent in TX to be mediocre.
- Charlie Strong breaks the news, Texas will not play for a national title in 2014 (Dr. Saturday)
AAC/Big East/UCF no stranger to dumb comments w Charlie Strong staff. Still can't admit losing to UCF & Blake Bortles in '13
Also, Charlie Strong needs to take the field with a million dollar belt this fall.
Blimey charlie the espresso ristretto pods are abit strong!
Charlie Strong seems to be old school. Not to sure if that's the right direction in today's game.
Three recruits Charlie Strong talked to last night and a few names that coaches will see today:
Charlie still going strong after a 4 mile walk this afternoon
This photo will forever crack me up on how lame Charlie Strong is. Sorry coach, VIP only
Charlie Munger & Warren Buffet. Ingredients for a strong partnership:- mutual respect and a willingness to hear each other out.
Little Giant Ladders
Shooting front cover for with Strong team 💪
Does anyone else think Vance Bedford might also be Charlie F'n Strong?
Oga Charlie, please, be strong. I bear with you cuz I knw it's hard to lose sm1 so precious. He was also a father to us Nigerians.
hate is such a strong word, Charlie
. Blimey Charlie. That's a bit strong mate. . Are you not having a lovely day?
So good to be back for Strong message on grace this evening from Charlie Mackesy.
Im so glad we got Charlie strong as our coach now. He's just what our football program needs. A coach u respect and is a leader by action, he holds players accountable and instills discipline and demands toughness and greatness from each player and as well as the will to win with the never quit and and never give up attitude. Charlie is going to turn it around and have Texas back in the title hunt real soon. Texas will back on top soon, back to the feared and respected team we were and should be. Texas is back on track so look out big 12 and everyone else cause were fixing stamp our name and reclaim our spot on top of the food chain.
The Statesman rode the Comin' On Strong tour bus down to San Antonio on Monday to see what goes into Charlie Strong's state-wide tour.
Charlie Strong: 'We will not be in the national championship game' via
Charlie Strong said he's hoping to have RB Johnathan Gray, LB Jordan Hicks back by mid-June, QB David Ash by mid-July
Charlie Strong is realistic. We can't let the new coach hype get our hopes up. He's working with the same team Mack Brown was criticized for
Big Time hire for Charlie Strong today as he hires Reed Case away from Oklahoma. Reed will serve as on campus director of recruiting
Charlie Strong: Changing the culture hasn't been hard because Mack Brown left us with high character kids.
Texas linebacker Steve Edmond is still bitter over losing the Big 12 title to Baylor last season. The senior admitted after Texas' spring game Saturday he's still frustrated, five months later, by the 30-10 loss to the Bears last December. "We could have won the conference," Edmond told reporters. "Even though I didn't get a chance to play in the Baylor game, I really feel like we should have beat Baylor. I really don't like Baylor. I still think they're trash." Edmond did not play in the Baylor game after suffering a lacerated spleen the previous week against Texas Tech, an injury that ended his season. His comments came after a reporter asked if new Texas Coach Charlie Strong can turn the program around following two disappointing seasons. "I'm mad as I can be. I knew we were a better team than they were," Edmond said. "And then ... Baylor gets the win and acts like they had never won before. Even in high school, you know how to react when you win a game. It's not like you never won a game. I'm like, 'T ...
Attention ALL Lanierittes : UT's new Head Coach, Charlie Strong, is having a 'Coming On Strong Tour' covering several cities in Texas, to include San Antonio and Longhorn Alumni Band members have been asked to participate! The tour stops here at Sunset Station on Monday, April 28th from 6-8 pm ! I play Snare Drum with The Longhorn Alumni Band and. . . representing LANIER ! ! ! Hope to see you all there ! : - ) GO VOKS ! ! ! !
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2014 Texas Football Season Tickets just bought & paid for. Season ticket holder since 2001. My expectations aren't really high for this upcoming season. No one knows how much of a mess Charlie Strong & his staff has to clean up after 4 year's of apathy from the previous staff. But what I do know is in Nick Saban's first year in Alabama ( 2007 ) he started off at 6 - 2 before losing 4 out of the next 5 to end the season including a homecoming game to LOUISIANA MONROE. Since then he's gone 68 - 9 with 3 National Titles / 2 SEC Titles / 3 Division titles / 1 Heisman & 19 All Americans. Im prepared to be patient with just half of those results
Texas stop saying you named your head coach "Charlie Strong" he has been named that for years
Fixing the attitude: Texas head football Coach Charlie Strong leaves no stone unturned
The Longhorns and Coach Charlie Strong are building real momentum on the recruiting trail. (FREE ARTICLE)
After two weeks of spring practices, Longhorn players have begun to shine under new Coach Charlie Strong. .
What are your early impressions of Charlie Strong? — Very good coach
For those wondering if Earl Campbell is on board, he was at practice today with Texas Coach Charlie Strong.
The Longhorns are beginning to impress Charlie Strong in their spring practices.
Charlie Strong is impressed thus far.
Coach Charlie Strong will skip spring football media update this week. Campus tight with Civil Rights Summit going on at LBJ Library.
Coach Cal isn't like Charlie Strong. He is staying the the BLUEgrass state!!
The only reason Charlie Strong is the new Texas coach is Eric Taylor decided to stay at Dillon.
At UT new FB Coach Charlie Strong removed the Flat screens & Smoothie machine out of the FB weight room: "its working out not hanging out"
Charlie Strong pretty much agreed to coach Texas before the bowl game. Looks like Cal is taking that road
Look who Jinx hooked up with! Univ. of Texas Head football Coach Charlie Strong. to Texas!
Johnny Manziel calls out Texas Coach Charlie Strong on Instagram via
"Here's the keys to my Ferrari Coach Petrino. We never drove it above 50mph." -Charlie Strong
S&C coach Pat Moorer says the most improved person in the weight room this Spring has been Charlie Strong.
Video: Texas Football head Coach Charlie Strong speaks with the media on Tuesday after practice.
Charlie Strong said Shawn Watson and Joe Wickline called plays on Saturday during the scrimmage.
One of Sporty's "Dawgs" has done himself proud and he gives credit to the man! Nathan Gills, a great one from the 70's great teams has accomplished many things in a career rich with the rewards of hard work and application of the tenants layed on him by our friend and head coach, R.L. "Sporty" Carpenter. Nathan was featured in the Hot Springs Section of the Democrat-Gazette today. Back in this days Nathan was known to his team mates as "Nasty Nate", not because of dirty play but because of his habit of putting tackler's in the dirt flat on their backs! At 6'3 and 270 lbs Nathan was a "big man" then. Coach Carpenter recognized in Nate what he recognized in Charlie Strong, Gus Malzahn, Preston O'neal, Ricky Minter Paul Calley and a host of other men who for the most part, went on to greater things. I think coach is somewhere saying, "That *** Nate, ain't he something! :) That was about as good of a compliment as as he ever gave but he always had a glint of a tear of emotion when discussing his belo ...
Why is Johnny Manziel calling out Charlie Strong when Johnny has a TEXAS LONGHORN TATTOO on his body
Johnny Manziel takes jab at Charlie Strong on Instagram
Heisman-winner Johnny Manziel responded to a photo post by Texas head Coach Charlie Strong on his Instagram account Saturday.
I like how Johnny Manziel is friends with Charlie Strong on Instagram.
Johnny Manziel takes a shot at Charlie Strong!
[SB Nation: Barking Carnival] - Charlie Strong and the Texas Longhorns pick up commitment from Toby Weath..
Charlie Strong said Tuesday "the final voice" on play calling on offense will belong to assistant head coach and QB coach …
Boardman Joins Korn Ferry Sports Practice After Placing Ackerman Liz Boardman has joined executive search firm Korn Ferry International after two years at Russell Reynolds, where she ran the search that placed Val Ackerman as commissioner of the Big East Conference. Boardman was hired as a senior client partner in the sports practice at Korn Ferry, which in the past two months placed Houston Texans coach Bill O’Brien, University of Texas athletic director Steve Patterson and football Coach Charlie Strong, and University of Southern California football coach Steve Sarkisian. “Liz Boardman is a rising star and brings an impressive skill set and track record of accomplishment that she has developed through building outstanding relationships with key leaders in the industry,” Jed Hughes, vice chairman of Korn Ferry’s Global Sports Practice, said in a statement. “I am thrilled in her being a core part of our continued effort to expand our global sports practice.” Other recent Korn Ferry placements ...
Charlie Strong wants to play Texas A&M, per All right, all right. Make it happen, ADs.
Texas Longhorns Junior Day: OL Ronnie Major flips from Briles' Baylor Bears to Charlie Strong and Joe Wickline
Texas legend Earl Campbell likes the hire of Charlie Strong to lead the UT football team. Meanwhile, the Longhorn hoopsters fall on the road, and the baseball team wins their home opener.
Sports Night: Earl Campbell weighs in on Charlie Strong; UT hoops loses, while baseball wins home opener
I think Charlie Strong is going to turn UT football around.
ESPN Video: Kaylee Hartung sits down with first year head Coach Charlie Strong to discuss spring practice.
The paint effect wont hide the strong features of Richard Armitage even if it makes him look like Charlie Chaplin
junior reporter. hired to cover Charlie Strong spring practices
“U have to coach toughness. Recruit it. I have a slogan: Put the T back in Texas. Toughness, trust, togetherness, teamwork.” Charlie Strong
Max Wittek blown away by visit to Texas Longhorns
- Looking Beyond Texas: Charlie Strong wants to lock down the borders to t... -
I really like this video on Charlie Strong's rise through the ranks to Texas put together by
Congrats to USA's Meryl and Charlie for the gold, and a strong skate by Canada's Tessa and Scott for silver
And there we have it. History made. Well done to Meryl & Charlie. Such a strong competition and so exciting for the future.
Well first half of summit was great listens to Chad Henning, Marsha Sharp, ladanian Tomlinson, J.C Watts. Now getting ready to listen to Kevin Sumlin from a&m, and then Charlie strong from UT it only looks like it going to get better.
Charlie Strong's new team motto "Put the ‘T’ back into Texas.’ No. 1 is toughness. No. 2 is trust, togetherness, teamwork."
Ready for UT Saturday🐂🏈 --> One of many 2015 recruits coming to Texas this weekend for Charlie Strong's first Junior Day.
Mack Brown didn't get the last two Heisman winners in UT, they both wanted to play there & they're really worried about Charlie Strong...
Strong closes on the miners today, highest close on BLT since November, ditto AAL, GLEN. RIO even stronger, back to early 2013 levels.
A strong women is one who can be hurt and still keep a smile on her face.
Just because someone is strong enough to handle pain, doesn't mean they deserve it.
“Charlie Strong going to make me proud” I have a story on him tonight. 6pm news. Met with him Friday.
Charlie Strong going to make me proud
AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas said Wednesday it has agreed to pay former coach Mack Brown $2.75 million that would have been owed him if he had been fired, and place him in a one-year, $500,000 job as a special assistant to the president for athletics. Both options had been part of Brown's original contract in separate clauses in case of termination or resignation. Brown announced on Dec. 14 that he would step down after Texas' bowl game and called it a "mutual" decision between himself, school President Bill Powers and athletic director Steve Patterson. He has been replaced by Charlie Strong. Brown had reportedly been negotiating for more money. Texas agreeing to pay Brown his severance buyout and give him the job raised the question whether he was fired or resigned and why he would get both options. Brown was under contract through 2020 and was one of the highest-paid coaches in the country at more than $5.4 million per year. But the coach who won the 2005 national championship and played for another in 2009 l ...
On my worst day, I'm still about 69% better than Charlie Strong with the wind behind his back. Strong Horn this!.
Happy Monday y'all!!! Super excited to get the privilege to see and listen to Charlie Strong, Kevin Sumlin, Chad Hennings, JC Watts, LaDainian Tomlison, Spenser Tillman, Marsha Sharp and other today at the Leadership Summit!!!
Smokin on that Charlie Strong, no Texas Press doe
What does Charlie Strong mean by 'Put the 'T' back in Texas'
It takes a strong heart to love but it takes a stronger heart to continue to love after being hurt.
needs to come to the Texas jr day and talk to Strong. He would love the intensity and passion Charlie brings to players.
Strong sense everyone enamored w/ Charlie's change..OK, this approach as fun as it sounds has SERIOUS DOWNSIDE...
Charlie Murphy's facial features are so strong he just looks funny lmao
I'm about to watch this recorded "Goodbye Charlie" ... I think I'm strong enough to watch it now after my good laughs..
ice dancer Charlie White bears strong resemblance to similar energies and enthusiasm:) Hope your having a great bday
I'm not strong enough to watch the last episode of good luck charlie
In minutes on Sports Sunday - 1 on 1 with Charlie Strong, Texans coach Bill O'Brien and hoops is the first to 20. 10:30!
with Coach White. Selfie game too strong. Selfie game stronger than Charlie Strong.
Charlie Strong's slogan for the Longhorns: 'Put the 'T' back in Texas'; What it means:
The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe. (Proverbs 18:10 KJV)
I have a feeling that has strong feelings over good luck Charlie
Not a UT fan never have never will be ! Charlie Strong @ matts el ranch tonight class act !!!
So "Good Luck Charlie" is ending but "Jessie" is still going strong? There is no justice in this world.
Moose, I'm sorry to learn that you have had to go back to the hospital. I hope they can ease your pain and get you home quickly. National Signing Day is a big deal in the SEC and following the signings has huge interest. So I kept an eye out for the Texas signings. It sounded like UT tried to address specific needs with this signing class. But I do remember 2 players that got some coverage around here. It sounds like the QB from Denton may be a diamond in the rough. I guess he should be the QB of the future. It's impossible to know if Ash is going to hold up. And I don't know where that leaves Swoopes. And the DE from San Antonio, Roberson, may help right away. He's a monster! I'm sure that Charlie Strong will reassert UT in the recruiting wars, especially in Texas. So better times ahead for UT...and I hope for you. I just want your better days to come, right away! Hang tough!
An inside look at Coach Charlie Strong's long journey to the 40 Acres.
Longhorns new head Coach Charlie Strong sits down with our Ricky Doyle in his first one-on-one interview since taking the job. All that and more in Thursday's Sports Night.
Went to Texas game with Nate and Crislyn. All the big wigs there: Charlie Strong, Bill Powers, Steve Patterson, Jody Conradt. Even DeLoss Dodds. Missing from the party, Mack.
Ricky Doyle sits down with Longhorns head Coach Charlie Strong for a one-on-one conversation.
New Longhorns Head Football Coach Charlie Strong spent his first month on the job filling a coaching staff and salvaging a recruiting class.
There's a lot Charlie Strong wants to get done in his first spring at Texas. However, there are five things he needs to make sure things get done starting in a weeks.
Big day in ATX today for Charlie Strong. Let's see what he has!!! Oh and Happy ❤️ Day!!!
Louisville had an athletic, hardnosed defense under Charlie Strong and one of the biggest names on the team was Calvin Pryor, one of their safeties. Pryor was athletic and had impressive burst and speed who worked as an enforcer in … Continue… [ 1329 more words. ]
This is from my 1 on 1 with UT head football Coach Charlie Strong today - I feel like he was bored. Rapid Fire Questions: Full interview:
Southern California quarterback Max Wittek plans to visit Texas this weekend and has been in contact with several other schools as he considers where to transfer. Wittek is on target to graduate with a degree in psychology in May. He will be eligible to play next season, and have two years left. He says he has also heard from coaches at Louisville, Virginia Tech, Hawaii and TCU. He says he is in no rush to make a decision and Texas should not be perceived as a front-runner. The Longhorns with new Coach Charlie Strong were the first to contact him. Wittek says he is not close to narrowing down his choices and plans to make more trips. He threw for 600 yards and three touchdowns in two seasons for USC.
Liked what I saw of the interview with the new UT Head Football Coach Charlie Strong
Texas head football Coach Charlie Strong debunks the myth that he hates the media and all the extra curricular activities associated with it. My entire 1 on ...
Teddy Bridgewater's toughest critic? Teddy Bridgewater as he trains for NFL Draft. Charlie Strong talks trash.
Andre Ware and the College Football Live panel rip Charlie Strong for his harsh words about their in state rival who have surpassed his Texas Longhorns
[video] "Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause." - ESPN's on Charlie Strong's "gadget" comment.
Charlie Strong (UT), Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M) & David Shaw (Stanford) are just a few of my coaching Idols!
also said Charlie Strong would be the "absolute worst" fit for Texas & that Mack Brown was treated unfairly.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. To me, this one shows the ridiculousness of Will Muschump and why I haven't liked him as a coach or a person from Day One. I don't like his antics with the refs or believe you get the most out of people by knocking them down in order to buld them back up. Muschamp MustGo and Fire Will or lose in 2014 and I'm pretty *** sure we sure lose, I hope UF will get rid of him and Fooley too. I'm just disappointed that we didn't do it this year and get Charlie Strong back where he belongs!
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Marcus Smart outrage is nice and all, but can we get back to enjoying this Charlie Strong and Kevin Sumlin GIF?
My favorite two College football coaches are Kevin Sumlin and Charlie Strong...
Charlie Strong beat Sumlin to A&M. Coach Strong was a graduate assistant at A&M in 1985.
Here at Hook’em Headlines, we compile the best Texas news from around the internet every weekday morning. Here are your daily links for Saturday, February 8th. Kevin Sumlin responds to Charlie Strong – FanSided I rather liked Kevin Sumlin’s response. While it’s not surprising that Charlie Strong wou...
Not to be outdone by rival A&M, Texas Coach Charlie Strong also kept it classy by honoring Mack Brown's promise 2 injured recruit.
How long will it take Charlie Strong to turn things around at Texas and Will Mack Brown coach again?
Charlie Strong needs his own personal helicopter to recruit like Kevin Sumlin.
When asked about Kevin Sumlin being "Coach Cool" with a "Swagcopter" etc., Charlie Strong said: "We're not going to be a g…
Charlie Strong and Kevin Sumlin got some beef going on lol. This is the first time I have seen Texas NOT pull in a five star recruit in years. That's crazy.
Kevin Sumlin easily top five recruiters in the nation and Charlie Strong has the nerve to say something?!?
A budding rivalry between Texas Coach Charlie Strong and Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin is picking up some steam. At Strong’s National Signing Day press conference on Wednesday, he said that Texas will not be a “gadget program” when asked … Continue reading →
Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin responds to Texas' Charlie Strong: 'I guess we better get some more gadgets'
With the back-and-forth happening between Kevin Sumlin and Charlie Strong, how badly do you wish Texas and Texas A&M football would resume playing each other?
National Signing Day is over, and Texas fans across the nation can breathe a sigh of relief. New head Coach Charlie Strong and his staff managed to keep the Longhorns' 2014 recruiting class intact, minus a couple of decommitments ...
Charlie Strong and Kevin Sumlin will likely never face off as the head coaches at Texas and Texas A&M, respectively. Still, both were asked about the other on signing day.
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I just want to take a second and thank the administration and everyone involved at tu in the hiring of Charlie Strong... When asked today about recruiting problems and how they were going to respond to things like the swaggercopter (the maroon clad helicopter Kevin Sumlin uses for recruiting) Charlie responds with "We aren't going to be a gadget program..." When asked what he thought about the comments from Strong, Sumlin just smiled and said "judging by today, I guess we need more gadgets." Lol go go gadget 5* Strongs record since accepting the tu job 1 4* recruit gained 1 5* decommitted 4 4*'s decommitted 4 3*'s decommitted ...Speaks for itself
The question was asked if Charlie Strong would be a good fit for the University of Texas football team. far 17 of his 23 recruits are from Texas, and 6 of those are from Houston. Like I said before, outside of him being a good coach, the recruiting angle had to be the 2nd biggest reason they hired him. Kevin Sumlin is about to lose Manziel, so recruiting within the state of Texas is about to get really interesting.
Charlie Strong talks about the first group of Longhorns that he will sign as the head coach of Texas.
Charlie Strong taking a shot at Kevin Sumlin and Texas A&M. I like it. Now lets get on the field and settle it. Oh yeah, adults still acting like children.
Texas head Coach Charlie Strong addressing the media at his NSD presser.
National Signing Day! First time it's not Mack Brown for me! Very excited to see where Charlie Strong will take my Longhorns!!!
Less than an hour until South Carolina DT Poona Ford announces his decision on whether it will be Texas or Purdue. The 6'0 , 275lb DT is ranked nationally among defensive tackles. Previously committed to Louisville, Poona decommitted after Charlie Strong was named the successor to Mack Brown at Texas. He since leaned heavily towards Austin but has stated that he is considering Purdue after a recent visit.
Kevin Sumlin or Charlie Strong. Who would you rather play for?
The Texas Coaches Leadership Summit is less than two weeks away... Charlie Strong, LaDainian Tomlinson, Spencer Tillman, Chad Hennings, Kevin Sumlin, Marsha Sharp, Neal Jeffrey, Dr. Curtis Cullwell and JC Watts all have an excellent message prepared and we can't wait to see you all there, Feb. 17th at the Katy Merrell Center!
Great speakers include Kevin Sumlin, Charlie Strong, Spencer Tilman, Marsha Sharp, JC Watts, Chad Hennings, Neal Jeffrey, LaDainian Tomlinson, and my favorite former superintendent Dr. Curtis Culwell. Don't miss this opportunity to listen to the best!
Where else can you here Kevin Sumlin and Charlie Strong speak for 3 dollars with free breakfast... Region IV Coaches Mtg... If you are a coach, you need to be involved. Great networking and learning this morning/afternoon. A little effort can go a long way. 10 dollar clinic for 10 dollars from 1-4.. Coach Levine from UofH and Spring Westfield Staff speaking (state semi finalist). Just a good deal for 13$.
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