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Charlie Strong

Charlie R. Strong (born August 2, 1960) is an American college football coach and former player. Strong is a native of Arkansas and graduated from the University of Central Arkansas, where he played college football.

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Sinton boys mile relay with Charlie Strong.
I love this team man. There's no doubt we had rough times, but all those moments made us strong.
I'm not sure what drugs 7th grade Charlie was on but it must have been something very illegal and very strong
no shame in that mate - it's a very strong album in my opinion. I'm listening now and it's better than the new Kvelertak...
Charlie strong has me shaking in my boots
strong start, goes missing in the second half, just enough points to stay up I.e. Watford
A pretty decent day at the office for Charlie Fisher. A win on his Keirin heat and some strong agressive...
Cyprus best so far but some good strong ballads as competition - hope Sam, Charlie and Leah are enjoying their Euro Party!
At 6 with Charlie - Hull are in strong position in the Championship play-offs.
I feel such strong feelings in my nether regions for
Recruiting writer trademarks, profits off Charlie Strong’s catchphrase -
WATCH: 'Right now the (recruiting) momentum certainly looks like it's with Charlie Strong'
My cat is 60 today in cat years. Happy birthday Charlie. Xx
going hard and strong Charlie Brown 😅💙 your guy beating Louisville and finishing 5th in Sunbelt. But still he beat Charlie Strong.
Charlie Strong headed to Addison in DFW area for satellite camp.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TED!!! We all pitched in and won this Charlie Strong…
omg Charlie just. nobody has ever meant so much to me in my life I would do anything for him I love him so much he is so str…
but I thought Charlie Strong had won Texas state recruiting back?!?
That's my baby daddy next to Charlie Strong. Go Paul love you!!
Longhorns coach Charlie Strong to participate in Houston...
Charlie Strong heading to Dallas and Houston for his first satellite camps: Charlie Strong, who said he is re...
Longhorns coach Charlie Strong to participate in Houston satellite camp
The Petition by is still going strong: Pleases consider if you would like to add your signature:
In addition to the Dallas one, Charlie Strong is confirmed for a satellite camp at Houston Baptist.
Keep strong Charlie we are all behind you
Charlie Strong hitting Houston, DFW for satellite camps in June.
Charlie Strong had the best 'rider's up'
Texas’ Charlie Strong on if Big 12 should expand: “Whatever the decision is has to help everyone in the conference”
Charlie Strong is going out of state with offers today. This time to FL RB AJ Davis.
Scott Drew has the same number of NFL draft picks as Charlie Strong.
Well, it's official. Scott Drew with as many NFL Draft picks this year as Charlie Strong.
I'm going to Austin in September and can if I can bring back Charlie Strong or Shaka Smart, who goes in the trunk?
Malik Jefferson will get nasty in Charlie Strong's Dirty Dime.
Texas coach Charlie Strong said Kai Locksley would have played in the second half
Charlie Strong speaks to the room at the Texas Football Reunion Dinner.
Former player Lorenzo Mauldin on Charlie Strong. What an honor.
Charlie Strong asked for help finding Texas a kicker, so I came up with some suggestions.
Earl Campbell talked about LT coach Charlie Strong and the Longhorns' struggle as well as their terrific recruiting year.
Head coach Charlie Strong is attending speech today at I'm told there's hope he'll meet w/ Obama.
Texas AD on Charlie Strong's future, a Big 12 title game and more |
UT AD: No magic number of wins for Charlie Strong to continue as football coach past 2016 https:/…
Texas coach Charlie Strong said today was the first day of pads. Was excited to see the energy from his team
Texas coach Charlie Strong said he isn't worried about playing a freshman on the defensive line
Texas coach Charlie Strong said his biggest concern is depth. Needs it on the defensive line
Texas coach Charlie Strong said Tyrone Swoopes has worked really hard and wants to see good things happen for him
Texas coach Charlie Strong said Tyrone Swoopes' gained confidence because of the 18-wheeler package last season. It has carried over
Texas coach Charlie Strong said freshman center Zach Shackelford is doing a great job as a starter so far
Texas coach Charlie Strong said Tyrone Swoopes has experience and is making the throws. Jerrod is playing well, too
Texas coach Charlie Strong said freshman QB Shane Buechele is still learning, but he's seemingly impressed
Texas coach Charlie Strong said P.J. Locke can play safety or nickle because of his size. Good athlete with speed. A really good blitzer
Texas coach Charlie Strong said freshman WR Colin Johnson is making plays during practice. Loves the height he has wit…
Texas coach Charlie Strong said he likes the new tempo in practice. His defense is forced to talk, which he loves
[Dallas Morning News] ESPN ranked all 129 DI coaches as players; see where locals like Charlie Strong, Klif
A much-scrutinized visit to Tulsa was a good thing for Charlie Strong via
on the topic of Illinois, who wins in a fight: Charlie Strong or Ron Zook? That old, white haired *** was vascular as it gets
"He smells like strong coffee and going to see a man about a horse."
i hope Charlie Strong has reached out! Hook'em! 🐂
Thanks Rachs were still going strong, there's life left in us yet LOL X
ahh good I'm three days in and going strong getting withdrawals though
"The name of the Lord is a strong tower"
Alabama 10, Georgia 4 with 14:39 left in the first half. UA is off to a strong start, shooting 50 percent from the field. UGA is not (11%).
Charlie Strong faces pivotal spring practice at Texas: "We have to take care of business from our standpoint.".
In 2015 if you had named an NCAA bball and football coach least likely to have an affair you'd probably name Charlie Strong and Bo Ryan. 🙄
Inside the store with sales so strong that Warren Buffett says they're unbelievable
Fleck will not leave until he wins a MAC title outright. I see him more of a candidate to replace Charlie Strong in 2017
Ideal QB scenario would be Carson Wentz dropping to 13 and having him grow under Bradford. He's big, mobile and has a strong arm.
21" Charlie Horlock makes a brilliant save with a strong hand pushing the shot out for a corner. 0-0.
Just looking at The Charlie strong Louisville that he rebuilt, none of those players panned out (NFL) except for maybe Teddy Bridgewater.
Lovely weekend folks... and remember, "don't wait for strong men to…
President Obama has a strong record of doing what is best for America and F...
- looks like he's been listening to charlie strong talk. Cant speak proper English.
Can Charlie Strong's moral clause be invoked as a result of Louisville l.. Related Articles:
And when you weak i'll be strong . Charlie Puth - One Call Away [Official Video] via
happy birthday Godbless you always and keep strong kayo ni papa Congrats mwahh from -charlie Santos
my dad has a Charlie that worth $ or should I just throw it away when he isn't looking lol
I'm still holding on,. I'm still going strong,. I'm still fighting the battles I thought never could be won,
As pivotal Texas spring practice arrives, Charlie Strong says he has plenty of support. "Now we have to do our job.".
Yet another Baylor rape arrest generates ~ 1/100th of the press coverage of alleged media-hyped Charlie Strong consensual adultery
On Monday, curtain rises on critical spring drills for Texas, coach Charlie Strong.
Golden: Ten reasons why this is Charlie Strong's most important spring via
Golden: Ten reasons why this is Charlie Strong’s most important spring
2016 Charlie Strong Texas Longhorns Football Camp is open for registration! Register Now:
Longhorns Class of 2016: Charlie Strong wasn't lying; Erick Fowler's mom's pancakes are really good via
Very down..but charlie still strong
While in Austin tonight, Tony Romo and Jason Witten held court with Texas football coach Charlie Strong.
Charlie Strong won't have to testify in Louisville trustee's divorce case after all.
Charlie Strong said it.He didn't say what school but its obvious it was Auburn... Im an Auburn fan btw
Auburn (Jay Jacobs) told Charlie Strong he didn't know how people would respond to him being HC at AU
Why is UT's Charlie Strong a key witness in Kentucky divorce case? My legal analysis: h…
Podcast: & I discussed the tangled web that is the Charlie Strong situation
Awaiting Tim Sullivan's story about seeing Charlie Strong look at a Playboy in Barnes and Noble in 1998.
Another appropriate reminder that I named Charlie after Charlie Campbell, not Charlie Strong.
Charlie Strong in the Louisville news again (via Jason Riley WDRB)
Charlie Strong has completed his coaching staff with the hiring of DB coach Clay Jennings. More at HD ...
Report: Clay Jennings to be new DB coach: Charlie Strong has filled the final void on his 2016 staf...
Charlie Strong just grabbed Arkansas' Clay Jennings to be the new DBs coach at
The big question Brick Haley needs to answer is who has the hotter coaching seat in 2016 - Charlie Strong or Kevin Sumlin?
Help Charlene raise money for her son, Charlie, live a normal life. 
UT goes from Rick Barnes and Mack Brown. To Charlie Strong and Shaka Smart. 😂😂😂
Please put Charlie Strong in, along with Happ. It's worth the risk
. Easy Charlie the power of the hate is strong here …
"If a strong predictive cue exists, human observers will find it, given a decent opportunity to do so." Daniel Kahneman
Recruits kept asking Charlie Strong about his future, so he got some help...
Charlie coming back strong, Humphreys up in the second
Don't watch Emmerdale, and Charlie is still going strong!! Wouldn't miss it!!!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Charlie Strong hires former UT running back Anthony Johnson as running backs coach at Texas.
Schools I think may get hired at is Miami(FL). 1) . 2) 3) 4) (If Charlie S…
While I was hanging out w the Blackhawks, Charlie Strong hired a new RB coach. Former player Anthony Johnson leaves Toledo for UT
Charlie Strong hires Anthony Johnson as RB coach - the preferred choice of new OC Sterlin Gilbert.
Charlie Strong's 3rd staff is his best so far! Third times a charm! 🐂
Charlie strong made a mistake hiring that OC
Charlie Strong on the hire: “Our entire staff thought that Anthony was a perfect fit to coach our running backs."
Texas announces that Charlie Strong has hired former Longhorn Anthony Johnson as his new running backs coach.
If only i could be as strong as charlie
Charlie Strong has a new RB coach...
and Rupp leading by 70 yards at mile 21. Both look strong.
Hank home today needing 3 wins in a row, and 2 other teams to lose 3 in a row. . it's senior day also!!. Good teams finish strong!!
And that means Charlie Strong is gonna have to do it every year
Karaoke dreams about Laws Whiskey Charlie's Golden Strong!! Limited edition bottles and only one…
And when you're weak I'll be strong. I'm gonna keep holding on. Now don't you… ♫ One Call Away by Charlie Puth —
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
would like to assume Charlie Strong and his core values have made an impact That he wouldn't allow what has happened at Baylor
67 Charlie Walker left in a heap midway in the Rovers half after a strong challenge from Vaughan. Game getting feisty but still goalless
All that is gold does not glitter,. Not all those who wander are lost;. The old that is strong does not wither,...
Charlie Strong has replaced nearly an entire staff’s worth of assistants in 2 years. A look at the Texas turnover: htt…
Yep, Charlie Strong's earning his $4.25m pa. 69 schools have more NFL Combine players than Texas, Inc. 5 in the FCS
On the Stella and Charlie already. Feeling pumped for this one been hearing Geordies bringing a strong firm. Need to be …
Singer Charlie Daniels has critical advice for Americans after machete attack by likely…
Mack Brown pioneered early recruiting at Texas. Charlie Strong is making his way by doing the opposite
Charlie Strong's former pupil Teddy Bridgewater has seen this before
Is it just me, or does Charlie Strong look like coach McCoy from Beebe...
Charlie Strong on Lil'Jordan Humphrey: "I watched him play basketball and I had to yell at him and shoot the ball."
Great day for Charlie Strong... 2015 season a distant memory.
Very classy remarks by Mack Brown on Charlie Strong and his coaches — Brian Jean-Mary, Sterlin Gilbert, Brick Haley and Jeff Traylor.
HUGE recruiting weekend for Texas Tech. Why Kliff is leaving Charlie Strong & UT in his dust & why it's a BIG class. ht…
Top DB recruit Brandon Jones picks over & Big pick-up for Charlie Strong.
Manor 4-star LB & LSU commit with Charlie Strong during in-home visit. . (h/t http…
HC Charlie Strong & assistant have in-home with 4-star TE Irvin Smith Jr. tonight. OV over the weekend.
you standing strong you don't be slandering this about Charlie's Angels Omaha edition
he's still taller than Charlie Strong
Still going strong on that none sleeping game.
I'm a Charlie Strong fan but that doesn't change the fact he is in a lose lose situation. The guy..
you know so much, yet talk smack about an alumni (charlie strong) who helped bring a NC to Ark
Bielema will get the last laugh when Charlie Strong is fired in about 10 months. What a POS to send your recruit to do that.
This is point: Texas has lost all it's pull in the state
took one from Harbaugh/Charlie strong/ another was at ads and house last week but baffling no talent
Can't tell me Charlie Strong didn't know what Cuffee was up to.
Heaven just gained a superhero. Rest in peace beautiful, strong little Charlie.❤️
HC Charlie Strong currently in New Orleans making in home visits. Defensive tackle remains a priority in the class.
As opposed to say.Charlie Strong for instance!?!
Nightly Notes: Brandon Jones ready to make final cuts plus Charlie Strong in-homes
Charlie Strong going in home with Stephen Taylor. Quick, somebody tell him that Charlie isn't gonna make it through next season.
& S in homes this week: & assistants Monday. HC Charlie Strong Wednesday
and when u're weak, i'll be strong ♫ One Call Away by Charlie Puth (at SMK Bina Utama Depok) —
HC Charlie Strong will be in home with DT Stephon Taylor later tonight.
How many Super Bowls has Charlie Strong coached in.
Charlie Strong has one year to get things going at UT or tom Hermann might be the next head coach
My mom just called the Texas Football Coach "Charlie Brown" Charlie Strong + Mack Brown. :/
see Bob Stoops. If the trend continues, then one day you can say "see Charlie Strong".
The big winner in Texas' upset isn't Charlie Strong. It's the Bourbon Street bar owners, which get Okie State fans ins…
Mack Brown, Vince Young, Charlie Strong and more release statements on death of Joe Jamail
Definitive proof that Charlie Strong was left with way less than other UT coaches
Report: TE coach Jeff Traylor accepts raise: After traveling with Charlie Strong to Fort Worth and Tulsa to in...
Charlie Strong: "I'd like to thank President Fenves and Mike Perrin for all the support they gave us."
Are they going to have any coaches? Charlie Strong to coach all positions? Is Mack Brown busy?
The promise Greg Fenves and Mike Perrin made to new OC Sterlin Gilbert about Charlie Strong's future at Texas
Sterlin Gilbert accepts job after pres, AD, Charlie Strong fly and beg him. won't miss a beat. Philip Montgomery is the brains
Let's say Charlie Strong gets fired (doubtful). I'm on the Chad Morris train! That guy has got GREAT relationships in the state!
Texas President Greg Fenves, AD Mike Perrin and Charlie Strong are ALL flying to Tulsa to get Sterlin Gilbert. First by
Why hiring Art Briles' disciple Sterlin Gilbert (& giving him whatever he wants) would save Charlie Strong.
All Urban Meyer's assistants have been successful. E.g. Charlie Strong, Dan Mullen.
Can confirm that TCU's Sonny Cumbie is on campus with Texas coach Charlie Strong, but source said no deal is final... yet.
Charlie Strong said he needed to get on the recruiting trail. Art Briles probably said he needed to get to reading the police blotter.
Chief Running Bear exchanged text messages with Texas HC Charlie Strong so don't be surprised if Texas beats Baylor Bears
HC Charlie Strong said Thursday that two more starters are out for Baylor game.
Mark Richt has accepted the Miami job. Multiple sources tell me that Charlie Strong has also accepted the Miami job.
Mark Richt to Miami means no Charlie Strong to Miami. Time to trust the process and watch greatness come of it.
Charlie Strong gone lead Texas to a playoff and we gone be stuck with Mark Richt
Mark Richt. Also Jimbo Fisher, David Shaw, Charlie Strong, Dabo, Helfrich. They are out there, just not a sure thing.
I heard that, and I didn't like that. I like Charlie Strong too Miami , and Chip Kelly too USC, I think they fit both well.
HC Charlie Strong says QB Jerrod Heard is day-to-day after suffering concussion.
Texas coach Charlie Strong says Tyrone Swoopes will start at quarterback against No. 12 Baylor as Jerrod Heard...
Charlie Strong said QB Tyrone Swoopes and RB Chris Warren will start vs QB Jerrod Heard (concussion) will continue to be evaluated.
Charlie Strong: "Swoopes will start against Baylor." Jerrod Heard cleared to practice this week.
Charlie Strong says Jerrod Heard is day to day with concussion problems. Tyrone Swoopes will start vs Baylor.
Charlie Strong: Jerrod Heard has been cleared to practice.
7:45 on - The Adams' Theory by - A time for patience for Charlie Strong? Sean says NO WAY. Listen:
those three off the board.. In order Charlie Strong, Matt Campbell, Will Muschamp
CBS Sports' Brian Jones says if Charlie Strong leaves, Texas will make another run at Nick Saban.
Give Will Muschamp Teddy Bridgewater and he looks like Charlie Strong.
And the guy who did real damage when we were under is a serious candidate . Charlie Strong? . Teddy Bridgewater ring a bell?
Report: Charlie Strong not interested in Miami job: Charlie Strong’s name has been mentioned in connection wit...
Charlie Strong and the Longhorns look to end their road woes at
Texas coach Charlie Strong said Duke Thomas has been great with the young players. No ego at all
strong swims from Andrew, Fraser and Charlie in the 400 IM. Andrew comes away with a 4th Place (15yrs)
Strong message from Indigenous 'old' men when they say NO MORE..Charlie king: I want to carry their voices & share their messa…
I agree. Evidence is strong that women improve business bottom line. You win with women, it's a no brainier.
I really think there's a good chance Miami could end up with Butch Davis, Mark Richt or Charlie Strong
Charlie Strong will be pushing for this method soon
Charlie Strong: Players are 'just as frustrated as I am' heading into Kansas game
All three Dems were great. They are strong, smart and wonderful people. No doubt about it!
November 07, 2015 at 12:30AM Charlie (Strong turn out for Sydney 2…
I refuse to update my Instagram profile pic of Charlie Strong and I
My barbri lecturer has strong feelings about Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen. How is this related to legal ethics?
if Charlie Strong either leaves or gets fired from Texas how would that affect the Texas recruiting classes?
If Mack Brown coached like he broadcasts then Charlie Strong has his work cut out for him.
Malcolm Roach (says playing for Texas' Charlie Strong is 'all I can really ask for' .
well they did hire Charlie strong so you might have a point
Texas President Gregory L. Fenves today on Charlie Strong: "He’s got young players who are developing and I think he’s doing…
Be strong. You never know who you are inspiring.
Ummm..Charlie Strong is a big no no
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Boy that would cut deep with Texas Billionaire Boys if Charlie Strong left Texas for Miami! Watch out
Interim AD Mike Perrin rehires John Bianco as football SID as show of support for Charlie Strong.
"I've always supported Coach Rick Pitino. He's concerned about his basketball team." - Charlie Strong on Louisville scandal
If i'm Blake James, i'm going after Butch Davis, Rob Chudzinski, Rich Rodriguez, or Charlie Strong. They need an impact coach and recruiter
I believe they should call Charlie Strong. He's looking 4 a way out of the lone star state.
HD VIDEO: Charlie Strong, Brian Jean-Mary checked in on a power today -
What an incredible feeling as a coach! Big win in the Red River Rivalry for Charlie Strong!
Ppl want Charlie Strong gone from Texas and he just got there but Mark Richt has been at UGA for, I think 15 championship...smh
Breaking: Charlie Strong is quitting being Football HC at Tx to Focus on Running for President.
Charlie Strong has lost as many games at Texas (11) as Kevin Sumlin has at Texas A&M.It took Sumlin 3.5 years.It only took …
Charlie Strong is probably happy his haters are off his back for the rest of the day.
.Texas' upset of Oklahoma alters narrative for Longhorns coach Charlie Strong http:…
Charlie Strong walked into the press conference and went to every Austin media member and high-fived them for picking …
Shame on y'all who wanted to fire Charlie Strong. The man inherited the college football equivalent of Chernobyl.
"Charlie Strong died that day, but it was the happiest day of his life.". THE END. Executive Producer: Bill Simmons
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I, uh, think Charlie Strong may have whipped his boys into shape this week.
"Social media is the downfall of society" -Charlie Strong. "- Kevin Sumlin.
Jeb Bush: A&M-Texas should play, Longhorns got 'greedy' starting LHN, not sure why Charlie Strong is struggling . http:…
Dan Campbell is the coach that looks like his name should be Charlie Strong.
Dan Campbell is a new contender for "looks like his name is Charlie Strong"
One TD catch for Hou rookie WR Strong and the state of Texas ranks him higher than Charlie Strong
Does anyone remember when Charlie Strong came to Texas He got rid of 20+ Players Disciplinary Problems Mac Browns' boys
Hogs can't afford the buyout but who will TN go hire? Charlie Strong
what's wrong with Texas, is not Mack Browns ghost, players , the AD, the Asst Coaches, it's Charlie Strong
What if Chip Kelly replaced, say, Charlie Strong at Texas? Just a what-if.
do you think Jim Tressel would be interested in Texas if Charlie Strong gets fired?
Some people doubting Charlie Strong, CB Duke Thomas is not one of those people: "He's the best coach I have ever been around."
Im with Charlie Strong, Dylan Haines, Duke Thomas, etc. Dont want to work? Go waste someone else's scholarship.
I can't wait until we see Charlie Strong rip off his mask and reveal Texas actually hired Mel Brooks.
Despite a 1-4 start to the season, there still seems to be a lot of support for Texas HC Charlie Strong.
Charlie Strong is the Billy Gillispie of college football, not the right personality
Charlie Strong situation reminds me of the Rich Rod/Michigan fiasco. Can't win without the support of university/boosters
Charlie Strong.. Butch Davis or Kliff Kingsbury.. LolRT I wonder who our next coach go be in Mia ???
Did Bill O'Brien call in Charlie Strong for the pre game pep talk?
I think Charlie Strong will be fired--possibly as early as today! Rich Texas alums/boosters are forcing this to happen.
We will gladly take Charlie Strong in Miami. This is a rich rod Michigan situation all over again. Let him go please Texas
I haven't seen any evidence that Charlie Strong knows what he is doing. Mack would have won more than Charlie has. Thanks, Steve Patterson.
Charlie Strong deserves the axe. He isn't cut out for Texas. Scoring 7 points against a bad TCU defense is disgraceful. Texas is AWFUL.
Charlie Strong at Texas feels like Rich Rodriguez at Michigan Good coach but terrible fit
Going to enjoy watching Charlie Strong and Arizona State battle Rich Rodriguez at Arizona
As bad as Charlie Strong's weekend has been, he's probably still had a better last 24hrs than his old boss Tom Jurich.
Welp.Charlie Strong is about to get that 'let me holla at you for a second' text from the AD after the game
What in the name of Earl Campbell is going on? Unbelievable how bad is. How does Charlie Strong survive this?
Hey can we have Charlie Strong back? We'll gladly give you Petrino and throw in AD Tom Jurich to sweeten the pot!
If you do not think that Tom Jurich and Clint Hurtt are responsible for Charlie Strong's success at Louisville, you do not understand CFB
Might b time to start rethinking the Charlie Strong hire. On their way to 1 & 4.
Tom Jurich has an idea how Texas and Charlie Strong can improve their recruiting.
I know Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams, & Vince Young are hurt right now. I hate this for Charlie Strong
Re: my Rich Rod/Charlie Strong “bad fit” comparison: RR at least had a record breaking offense at UoM. Texas has sucked in all 3 phases.
Tom Jurich knows a way that Charlie Strong can recruit some better players.
Ricky Williams, Jamaal Charles, & Vince Young arent walkin thru that tunnel to help u Charlie Strong!. Univ of Texas down 30-0 in the 1st QT!
Charlie Strong doesn't have to beg students to come to the gamr
Kind of crazy to see coaches who looked like better hires than Butch Jones at the time (Charlie Strong, Al Golden) struggle as much or more.
Can't wait for us to hire Charlie Strong. Top 3 recruiting classes every year.
Charlie Strong calls social media, the "downfall of society.". this video is direct proof.
southern miss. Teddy was QB. Charlie Strong was HC Shawn Watson was OC Vance Bedford was DC Paul Rogers did radio play by play
Big 12 officiating supervisor Walt Anderson and Texas coach Charlie Strong "have communicated," league spokesman said. All is private.
At the end of this clip you can see one ref come pull the angry ref away from Charlie Strong. Really? Nice job, refs. …
Asked if he thought the line judge baited or crowded Charlie Strong, Walt Anderson said, "I think that'd be an unfair statement…
Walt Anderson didn't want to go into specifics but did say that Charlie Strong's unsportsmanlike penalty was not for b…
Wouldn't it be funny if Tony Kornheiser ran into Charlie Strong after his latest comment? TK is a knucklehead.
Charlie Strong didn't think the TCU spread would be big? Does he think they're good? Lmao
Charlie Strong says he goes way back w/ TCU'S Gary Patterson (ever since both were finalists for Broyles Award). Lot of respect for him.
Houston Nutt beat Urban Meyer, Dan Mullen and Charlie Strong on the road.
I'm a Charlie Strong fan & love watching new QB Jerrod Heard, but Charlie just cost his team w/ penalty then kicking e…
If it's any consolation for Charlie Strong, Merrill Hoge will blame this on Vince Young.
Despite the penalties, Charlie Strong being the pain! Texas takes the Lead... — watching Texas Longhorn football
Charlie Strong should stick with Jerrod Heard instead of Tyrone Swoopes as the QB.
The targeting rule is killing college football, good luck Charlie Strong and Texas prove to these doubters that you are a good coach
Charlie Strong and every other Texas coach today, learning he still has a job. Willie Mays Hayes
as comedian Paul Mooney would say Charlie Strong this morning doesn't have the Complexion for Protection as coach at Texas lol
Looks like Texas will have a new AD. New AD mean a new football coach? Many Texans are unhappy with Charlie Strong. http:/…
Charlie Strong states the extremely obvious: Jerrod Heard is QB1 going forward. No more battle.
Guess this was what Charlie Strong meant when he said WR Armanti Foreman got stronger.
coach Charlie Strong and RB Johnathan Gray waking into the stadium
Hey Longhorns, you want Will Muschamp back? Even trade for Charlie Strong?
Rick Neuheisel tells he thinks Charlie Strong made a big mistake publicly demoting his offensive coaches.
Frank Beamer retire so Charlie Strong can go to blackburg
Most overrated coaches in CFB? James Franklin and Charlie Strong.
Jermichael Finley thinks Charlie Strong is on the hot seat - Yardbarker
I'm a Charlie Strong fan - like him personally. But getting embarrassed like this to start his 2nd season won't sit we…
People really thought I was serious when I said Charlie Strong out Gary Kubiak in... 💀💀💀 as if I've never watched a Texans game
Charlie Strong is definitely putting himself on the hot seat
Charlie Strong on the hot seat already
The good news? We didn't hire James Franklin. The bad news? Charlie Strong isn't the second coming of Darrell Royal or even Mack Brown. Yet.
Charlie Strong is officially on the hot seat.
Charlie Strong should be on the hot seat after tonight.
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