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Charlie Sheen

Carlos Irwin Estevez (born September 3, 1965), better known by his stage name Charlie Sheen, is an American film and television actor.

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Charlie Sheen has been named as the person who raped 13 yr old Corey Haim on the set of Lucas. Hollywood is a cesspool…
Charlie Sheen raping Corey Haim likely contributed to one of the many reasons Corey Feldman into drug use, depression, a…
Liz Crokin: "I've known about Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen for sometime" in regards to the allegations about Charlie She…
New allegations have emerged about Corey Haim being raped by Charlie Sheen in 1986, at age 13. That makes the statemen…
[TW] The only thought I really want to share about the report that Charlie Sheen raped Corey Haim when he was 13 is that…
TW. Charlie Sheen did not “have anal sex” with Corey Haim. Corey was 13 years old at the time. Charlie raped him. 13 year o…
Charlie Sheen is being accused of raping then 13-year-old Corey Haim. Corey Feldman has warned of Hollywood pedophilia f…
Charlie Sheen has been accused of raping Corey Haim when he was 13 years old while filming a movie together in 1986. Thi…
Sick if true. Charlie Sheen allegedly sodomized Corey Haim at 13 on set of Lucas - Daily Mail
I think everyone should be aware of Charlie Sheen's divorce papers in light of the Corey Haim rape allegations circulating. h…
Corey Haim's rapist has been identified as Charlie Sheen, in tabloids today.
Saw Jeffrey Tambor, but who knows what with Charlie Sheen, really
So many many Hollywood elite having sex with nude young people, like Charlie Sheen, Mr President is sorry he left T…
Still waiting on the John Travolta's, Charlie Sheen's and Tom Cruise's to fall
Charlie Sheen and Emmanuelle Vaugier in Two and a Half Men (2003)
Just like they still love pedoPolanski, Brock Pierce, PedoWoodyAllen, Charlie Sheen etc 🙄.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Why did Robert Rodriguez cast abusers Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson in Machete Kills?
Charlie Sheen has raped, assaulted, and battered several women, and has even been accused of pedophilia by both his ex…
Imagine watching a badly made SFM/gmod video but they got Charlie Sheen, Eva longoria and Christopher Lloyd to be in it.
I heard a rumor his new DEA nominee will be Charlie Sheen, and the Dept of…
Watched with Charlie Sheen and Sherilyn Fenn on It was okay. A lot like The Crow but with racing and Clint Howard...
Charlie Sheen, Kerri Green, Alan Ruck. . What a cast!! Here's the movie from the sneak peek posted yesterday.
I honestly thought that British actor Michael Sheen was related to Martin and Charlie Sheen.
I'm Emilio Estevez is more famous than Charlie Sheen years old.
with Charlie Sheen & Sherilyn Fenn?? Absolutely. That's a great one. . She wouldn't watch that either.
*** right, we are like the masters of taking out the trash, we're like Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. ❤️
90s Charlie Sheen is hotter than 90s George Clooney.
One of the finest teen movies ever made and yet somehow it stars Charlie Sheen and Jeremy Piven. 😓
Tupac, Chris Brown, Kodak, even actors like Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, and Terrence Howard have been accu…
Spoke with. THR . for opening day .
You should probably just go ahead and schedule in the Charlie Sheen movie "9/11"
Update your maps at Navteq
'9/11' director defends casting in Twin Towers drama
Charlie Sheen apologizes for 9/11 truther comments, but doesn't totally back down from them
How could anyone resist a movie about 9/11 starring Charlie Sheen?.
Charlie Sheen defends his controversial 9/11 movie
Charlie Sheen on 9/11 truther comments: "I was parroting those a lot smarter and a lot more experienced than myself"
Charlie Sheen looking amazing & what a huge heart for great causes move over Michael Douglas 🖤😂
The Arrival has... arrived. Ep 5 of is here! Sorry again for this movie & overly moist Charlie Sheen. htt…
i tell 'em money talks, like Charlie Sheen.
Charlie Sheen's "9/11" movie wasn't shown to critics, and apparently is not opening in big cities; gotta drive 40 miles to review it today.
Spoke with. . for opening day . via
Another daytime TV observation from the doctor's waiting room: I am not the target audience for Steve Harvey with guest Charlie Sheen.
Charlie Sheen sorry for 9/11 comments, doesn't totally back down
I feel like we're not talking enough about the fact that a 9/11 drama starring Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg comes out tomor…
Hosted By MFrazz: Charlie Sheen faces backlash for new '9/11' film: 'I am more about moving forward'
What an amazing weekend at the Field of Dreams event in Iowa with Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen, Tom Berenger,...
Great to see the cast of "Major League" get back together. Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Corbin Bernsen. Hoping for…
Tom Berenger is 68. Corbin Bernsen is 62. Charlie Sheen, only 52, is a *** shame, of his own doing.
Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen, and Tom Berenger in 1989 and present day.
Charlie Sheen's 'Major League' reunion photo freaked everyone out with how old they look now
Charlie Sheen is now older than Tom Berenger.
Willem Dafoe & Tom Berenger were praised for their performances in Platoon but let's not forget it's Charlie Sheen who anchors that picture
No, Tom Selleck was not in Major League. Tom Berenger starred with Charlie Sheen
It's an obvious 6D chess move wherein he is drawing connections to 'Money Talks' (1997 Chris Tucker/Charlie Sheen movie). Duh!
Amy Schumer used to be hilarious before she had an agenda. She killed it in the Charlie Sheen roast.
If you give Robert Plant a lemon. He will squeeze it until juice runs down his leg. If you give a lemon to Charlie Sheen. he makes lemon aids
Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre: 'Charlie Sheen's still got an axe to grind' -
Chris Brown & Charlie Sheen were convicted in court for abusing their partners and deserve to be shu…
When Charlie Sheen tries telling you hes perfectly normal now and kicked his crack habit
It appears that he has had his 'Charlie Sheen' moment.
Another blow for students as the SU have banned Westerns for fear they will hurt Charlie Sheen.
domain names
Charlie Sheen is stupid..but I'll miss Charlie Harper ♥ bye two and a half men ♥
He would have to follow someone from the Christian Right to hear from them. He doesn'…
Um, just wait. It will get better...then worse. . It's like what would be married to Charlie sheen I imagine.
I miss the days when I only worried about Britney Spears shaving her head & Charlie Sheen winning.
Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen and Jake as a kid>>>
"Two and a half Men" is definitely better with Charlie Sheen! Ashton Kutcher just doesn't fill those shoes.
Something tells me is remaking an old Charlie Sheen Movie and the new title is:. 'Beyond the LOL'. ..
Charlie Sheen said it was excess testosterone cream with the drugs that drove him nuts
"...after bursting from her womb, his parents named him Charlie Sheen. And now you know... the REST of the story".
The world was a better place when crack, hookers, tiger blood, & Charlie sheen was our focus
I swear I'm the only female that can rap the whole Charlie sheen freestyle
Maradona. Snorted cocaine on the pitch,doped,shagged everyone and hang out with cartels. Bigger charlie she…
I want to believe and so do you & your kids & Moneymaker. But my ex let's say did not. I'm willing to give Charlie Sheen a chance.
Reminds me of Charlie Sheen when he was out of control.
Yeah Charlie sheen was the wrong person to choose for this role
As Charlie Sheen said, it's only about "winning."
What do you call Charlie Sheen in a wheelchair?. Rolaids.
Remember that random week in like 2011 where the only news story was Charlie Sheen binging on crack and hookers? Good times
Charlie sheen is a truther this is wild
Two and a half men is only good with Charlie Sheen
... someone let Charlie Sheen make a movie about getting stuck in an elevator on 9-11. Whoopi Goldberg is in it.
Even non-political bad behavior that can be a…
you rate every tape job you see 10/10 Mert it's meaningless now, you have no criteria it's like charlie sheen rating hookers
Elvis made Charlie Sheen look like a choirboy.
why does tommy lee look like Charlie sheen? Has he always looked like him?
Now if Charlie Sheen did that they would slap a restraining order on him.
The guy in Two and a Half Men who played alongside Charlie Sheen.
And this is the guy who worked with Charlie Sheen and the half man kid.
The next Fast and the Furious movie should be mash up w/ Charlie Sheen's 80s classic "The Wraith" - if you lose the race you lose your car!
Do you think Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez called their dad after the 1st ep of Grace+Frankie? "Dad...did you really kiss Sam Waterston?"
Nailed it. He thinks he's Harrison Ford in AF1 but he's actually Charlie Sheen in Machete Kills.
I get that Friends was white enough for Charlie Sheen to snort it but other than that, I liked the humor therein... I don't get the slander😞
More white stuff coming. Which wouldn't be bad if it was cocaine and I was El Chapo or Charlie Sheen.
I Remember-. The reason Donna Peels vanished was not divorcing Charlie Sheen. She was sacrificed…
Or just think Magic Johnson or Charlie Sheen or even Usher
Bad performance by a good actor: John Malkovich in JONAH HEX. Good performance by a bad actor: Charlie Sheen in PLATOON
Idk how such an awful film got such an A list cast. Amber Heard, Lady Gaga, Sofia Vergara, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Antonio Banderas...
Mel Gibson as Turdhat. Dolph Ludgren as Esta. Kenan Thompson as Fen. Bonus: Charlie Sheen as Sauce in a cameo part.
2. Like Chris Brown, Mel Gibson, + Charlie Sheen. There are people out there that have allowed R Kelly to thrive. Remember them…
In times like these, we need Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen
but not by position. Jessica Biel, Kevin Costner * 3, Tim Robbins, Robert Wuhl, Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, Tom Berenger,
Charlie Sheen's HIV announcement led more people to get tested than would on World AIDS Day that year. Which sounds…
I'm a strong contender. I just traded 1.06 for Shady McCoy. In the immortal words of Charlie Sheen- Winning.
Does anybody think sounds like Charlie Sheen when he was cracked out? WINNING
Sheen rakes in more than $4M for Babe Ruth's contract and first World Series ring. Party w/ Blow & Hookers Charlie?.
Charlie Sheen gonna grab himself an oscar before 2020. Put $5 on it.
You know who kept saying winning? Charlie Sheen. He now has a death sentence. I can't wait until Trump has his.
Just remember, Charlie Sheen used to be "winning" too. How'd that work out?
He reminds me if Charlie Sheen with all this "Duh, winning!" crap!
Charlie Sheen gets over $4million for Babe Ruth's contract and ring via
Bath Ruth memorabilia owned by actor Charlie Sheen sold for over $4 million
Live look in on Charlie Sheen after selling his Babe Ruth memorabilia for $4.4 million...
trump is winning in the same way Charlie Sheen is.
After saying they signed Tim Tebow because "it's an entertainment business," the Mets are now targeting The Rock and C…
You and Charlie Sheen, "winning!" 2 delusional, self impressed, over the top egomaniacs. Just like…
Charlie Sheen’s Babe Ruth memorabilia sells for over $4 million at auction
Charlie Sheen prolly made enough profit on the two Babe Ruth pieces to pay for his entire lifetime of cocaine use. Solid…
You and that Charlie Sheen guy are just such special winners.
Trump and his supporters are always talking winning this and winning that. I'm pretty sure Charlie Sheen said he was "winning" too.
Charlie Sheen gets millions from auction of Babe Ruth contract, World Series ring
Charlie Sheen's "WINNING!" cocaine hi days when he was fired from Men. Only he & his i…
Charlie Sheen auctioned the Original Contract of Babe Ruth from Red Sox to Yankees & his 1927 World Series ring for abou…
Charlie Sheen is $4 million richer after selling two pieces of Babe Ruth memorabilia during auction…
Two Babe Ruth memorabilia items owned by Charlie Sheen sell for more than $2 million each
I love how say "winning" last time I checked, Charlie Sheen said he was "winning" too.
Charlie Sheen reveals himself as seller of expensive Babe Ruth memorabilia…
Do you have a couple hundred thousand $$ lying around? .
Charlie Sheen is putting both of the items up for sale after owning them for more than 20 years.
So Charlie sheen is about to cash out on a humongous payout is what you're saying 😳
Mlb:Charlie Sheen owner of Ruth memorabilia up for auction - Cha-
Is Charlie Sheen still winning or has the opposing team taken the lead yet?
Thank you Mr. President! We are winning more than Charlie Sheen!
We will take that guy out on your side and Ted Nugent out by my side even slate. Kathy Griffi…
never forget how they treated bill Cosby I always knew he ain't rape nobody TF..Meanwhile Charlie sheen out hearing spreading HIV *** shame
Charlie Sheen has put up Babe Ruth memorabilia for auction
Charlie Sheen Devoured by Banshee!! . - U.S. Dept. of the Interior Confirms!
How did Charlie Sheen get that in the first place?
Sheen Red Sox document up for auction - ESPN
It turns out Charlie Sheen really is the owner of the Babe Ruth sale document and his 1927 ring ... until Friday.
Charlie Sheen puts Babe Ruth ring, Red Sox sale document up for auction (ESPN)
Babe Ruths 1927 World Series Championship ring is for Charlie Sheen. Thoughts?
True but the droopy mouth and constant swatting at the sky is a dead give away the boys is as high as Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen auctioning off a Babe Ruth championship ring and sale document
Charlie Sheen owns prized Babe Ruth memorabilia up for auction
I'm not sure who's drinks more alcohol Charlie sheen or comsewogue
Charlie Sheen is selling his Babe Ruth 1927 championship ring. Doesn't know what he'll profit since he doesn't remember buying it.
Babe Ruth memorabilia owned by Charlie Sheen is up for auction.
Charlie Sheen and Jake 👌👌👌, Allen is funny as well but these two did it ! Who ! 😂😂😂😂
Buy stock in Orville Redenbacher friends, this thread is full of "winning"... Charlie Sheen should be so proud.…
Why not Charlie Sheen or Sean Penn or Nicolas Cage or John Lennon? But y'all can hop on the slander Chris Brown bandwagon like it's nothing
So what about Charlie Sheen, or Johnny Depp or Sean Penn, or J…
Virgo male expectations: Bernie Sanders. Virgo male reality: Charlie Sheen. I'm sorry but that's just tea
He's like a young Charlie Sheen in training.:)
You must be young was Charlie Sheen (actor) hashtag not What did the USA win again?
Podesta, The Clintons, A Weiner, Charlie Sheen, Alec Baldwin and Kathy Griffin locked in a room with coke and a machete. Who dies first&how?
Calling it now... Scott Disick is the next Charlie Sheen
We saw what 'winning' looked like with Charlie Sheen. Sad, desperate, and frankly, scary.
WORLD NEWS: Charlie Sheen boasts about worshipping satan during the national anthem. Israeli Prime Minister: "I'm done."
Rumor is Charlie Sheen had anal sex with Corey Haim during filming of "Luca…
Beautiful new batch of Charlie Sheen now in!
Anyway have an old article I wrote about Charlie Sheen and HIV stigma, because illness is STILL not a punishment.
Charlie Sheen is opening up about his life with HIV:
Wizard World Philadelphia just added Charlie Sheen to the guest list. With Gene Simmons, this is officially Douchecon.…
Charlie Sheen reveals he struggled with ‘borderline dementia’: Charlie Sheen is further advocating in the fight……
Charlie Sheen reveals he struggld wiv ‘borderline dementia’
Even though the advert featured Charlie Sheen driving one... . (it's amazing how some people can survive on one brai…
Charlie Sheen has said in an interview that left him with ‘borderline
Charlie Sheen reveals he struggled with ‘borderline dementia’
Our government is running like a well-oiled Charlie Sheen.
Lol at for writing up the MOA of a phase 3 HIV drug (grain of kosher salt needed with that title):
The sci-fi convention by the dance competition features Charlie Sheen. Send help.
"Don't do drugs" and "abstinence" is kind of a hard sell for parents while Charlie sheen is still running around
A new show with a clean and sober Charlie sheen and could be brilliant. Just an idea.
Thinking Charlie Sheen would have been a better choice for POTUS than DJT; Charlie is more honest and more ***SANE*…
It's more like uniform of Charlie Sheen in Two & Half men... BTW even he remains single, cud be RSS pracharak..
Charlie Sheen struggled with 'borderline dementia'
It's 11 AM and my mom is watching her third Charlie sheen documentary of the day...
"He will do whatever it takes to win, win, win" Trump’s TV-star twin? Charlie Sheen. - The Washington Post
Charlie Sheen struggled with 'borderline dementia' - Fox News
Charlie Sheen struggled with 'borderline dementia' via the App
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Charlie Sheen struggled with 'borderline dementia' via
you're welcome for and yeah my bad for putting immortal at no.1 but.Charlie sheen was in the wraith...
Are you waiting for Charlie Sheen to show up still?
He's hugging a Charlie sheen cut out. I don't think we need to be concerned with him. Great work!
New post (Charlie Sheen claims HIV treatment gave him 'borderline dementia' | ...) has been published on Urban -…
Charlie Sheen struggled with 'borderline dementia' | Now it is "Over" the border !
"Is it that there is something in the nature of capitalism which generates deprivation and inequality, as Charlie Sheen generates gossip?"
Charlie Sheen struggled with 'borderline dementia': Charlie Sheen has credited an experimental anti-HIV drug for…
Charlie Sheen says HIV drugs left him with ‘borderline dementia’
"When I was first diagnosed, I knew it wasn’t a death sentence but it was just a giant frickin’ bummer." -- Charlie Sheen, still
Charlie Sheen 'had borderline dementia and was cured by anti-HIV drug'
.admits struggles with HIV diagnosis, accepts "gift of being alive."
Charlie Sheen struggled with 'borderline dementia' -
FOX NEWS: Charlie Sheen struggled with ‘borderline dementia’
"Charlie Sheen struggled with 'borderline dementia'" FB
"Charlie Sheen struggled with 'borderline dementia'"
Sheen had borderline dementia brandnaware
Charlie Sheen claims he suffered 'borderline dementia' following 'cocktail of HIV drugs'
Charlie Sheen suffered ‘borderline dementia’ from drugs he used to help him with his HIV…
Charlie Sheen struggled with 'borderline dementia'.
"We have to have a win on this" this our House of Representatives or Charlie Sheen? Except Charlie isn't this…
When you do everything to win at any cost, be prepared to pay the price.
Sheen struggled dementia' | years of drug, sex,party life, left him aged diseased riddled old looney, sad end
"Charlie Sheen struggled with 'borderline dementia'" via FOX NEWS
Win tickets to Wizard World Comic Con at the Minneapolis Convention Center this weekend!!!. Charlie Sheen, two of...
Sean Penn. Marilyn Manson. Sean Connery. Mike Tyson (Okay, he served time but bounced back). Bill Murray. Chris Brown. Charlie Sheen
Hijinks as Charlie Sheen and Emilio Esteves uncover a conspiracy involving illegal toxic waste dumping in space lanes.
The Riddler in Batman: Arkham Knight looks uncannily like Charlie Sheen:
Chuck Norris is so powerful that at one time we all tried saying Charlie Sheen jokes but it didn't last so we all went back to Chuck Norris
Uhm.outside of Charlie Sheen and Pete Vuckovich, and maybe Dennis Haysbert, the rest had no game.
Lady Gaga wanted Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears in a music video in 2012.
John Milius' RED DAWN, starring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen, now on BluRay from
Does anyone know where I can see Major League with Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger online somewhere?
Gordon Gekko with Charlie Sheen in his prime well BEFORE TIGGER BLOOD...WALL ST! U DON'T LOVE TRADING.
Biden's prostitutes, drugs and behavior is a real stain on the family - is he Charlie Sheen's best bud?
Having a threesome with Charlie Sheen is a better Decision than Ward over Kovalev.
what do you call Magic Johnson and Charlie Sheen o…
Didn't South Park reveal the cure for HIV with that Magic Johnson episode? Charlie Sheen has that kind of money.
Charlie Sheen, outside a hotel on Columbus Circle in NYC. OR Richard Branson, at the Verizon offices for an
Being Eskimo Brothers with Charlie Sheen is a better Decision than Anderson Silva over Derek Brunson.
HAL can't believe that Charlie Sheen is the best fake president in Machete Kills! . Carlos, que pasa! moi!
Machete Kills is on Charlie Sheen is the president in it. . Remember when that was a a ridiculous notion rather than an ideal?
Is boring? Charlie Sheen seemed to think so and look where it got him...
and it looks kind of like Charlie Sheen 😂
Meanwhile, here are the Navy SEALs I want to meet: Michael Biehn and Charlie Sheen
(and was better than the film, and THAT had Charlie Sheen, Bill Paxton AND Michael Biehn!)
Hey Dems, pls just keep using those Charlie Sheen brand "bath salts" just before marching. Ensures a second term!
Tell El Presidente Trump to have Charlie Sheen esplain WINNING to him.
Definition of a typical "progressive "Charlie Sheen slams Chuck Losaying he'd like to work with him again - Fox News
Who's next? OJ Simpson? Charlie Sheen? Travis Henry to speak about practicing safe sex? Johnny Manziel on the be…
Someday a cuckoo *** (like Mark David Chapman) will track down Madonna, Charlie Sheen, Dinero and catch their a…
Robert Kraft letting Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, & Gary Busey off the hook for a minute.
Him, a chair, Charlie Sheen, Kourtney kardashian. And it was still the wrong choice!
Charlie Sheen slams old foe Rihanna, reveals he had sex in the ... - New Zealand Herald International Business Ti…
They have... and Charlie Sheen. And Leonard Rossiter! Know which one I prefer
Remember when Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen ran into the mountains with C Thomas Howell and saved Lea Thompson...
Patrick Swayze -- dead. Charlie Sheen -- AIDS. Great, so C. Thomas Howell is our only hope against the Russians when they invade?
After you get done at your job Fluffing for Charlie sheen we should talk daily now so I can slander you some more.…
FSU signage tonight..."Grayson Allen trips more than Charlie Sheen in the 90s."
I say this with greatest respect and love Seth , but Charlie Sheen is more likely to become President than you
😂😂. Winner winner Sheen Dinner. Classic. I love me some Charlie Sheen!!!
Charlie Sheen and more Trump bashing. Maybe I'll skip tomorrow.
There's more white outside than Charlie Sheen has even seen😳
I think took the drug CHARLIE SHEEN but instead of exploding he turned orange and evil.
says he "wanted to eat a bullet" after learning he was HIV positive.
.gives us the scoop on his new movie Watch:
Hey, fans! You can stream Charlie Sheen in TODAY on your console.
Charlie Sheen on being diagnosed with HIV: 'I immediately wanted to eat a bullet' - UPI
Charlie Sheen had suicidal thoughts when he was first diagnosed as HIV-positive:
Who in their right mind, would take anything Charlie Sheen has to say seriously?! LOL! Especially presidential stuff. 👎
Trump's press conference reminded me of Charlie Sheen's "tiger blood" days. deluded, incoherent and just sad.
AIDS : Charlie Sheen admits he considered suicide after HIV diagnosis but his mum saved him: CHARLIE Sheen has…
says he considered suicide after HIV diagnosis but ...
A remake of "Hot Shots", but Charlie Sheen plays all the roles.
Obama & Kerry advising Israel on the Middle East is like Charlie Sheen giving TPope Francis morality lessons. — feeling…
Little Giant Ladders
Let's pray that they meet a similar fate. Charlie Sheen, I like your work.
Ive lived in LA for like 6 weeks now when do I meet Charlie Sheen
Close your eyes... Pretend it wasn't Charlie Sheen. Imagine it was James Woods asking God to kill Obama. imagine CNN t…
Friend: Charlie Sheen said something wild about the president. Me: The guy who said he got his powers from Tiger Blood? No…
Who Is Corey Haim's Abuser? The Superstar Hollywood Actors Who Rape( I tell you who it was: it was Charlie Sheen!)
All I can say is that Charlie's Sheen is a very sick person to wish anyone dead.
We all know Charlie Sheen has a couple screws loose. When moderate Dems (if there's any left) see this stuff, they want…
Charlie Sheen is a total *** Maybe he should go back to rehab and his safe space.
Millions have wished for trump to die but Charlie sheen does it and people freak out. He's probably higher than trump on 2016's hit list
I think it's abhorrent to wish death on anyone. But Trump's fans who threaten ppl online, wished HRC dead, etc are mad…
I got news for Charlie Sheen God loves Donald Trump but hates Charlie Sheen
Disgraced Actor Charlie Sheen is a strange pinhead.
Wait I'm actually on Charlie Sheen's side for once?
Steve Martin says that Carrie Fisher was beautiful and we're outraged, yet Charlie Sheen asks God to kill the President and…
How did we reach a point where it's ok to wish death on someone over political differences? Charlie Sheen has led such an…
Charlie Sheen you are so bad. This is not accepted. Please come and join You need a...
Charlie Sheen blasts nasty wish for Trump, promptly receives the scathing response he deserves
Charlie Sheen receives backlash for asking God to take Donald Trump next.
Charlie Sheen YOU are one sick puppy. Pathetic, someone who needs intervention
When Charlie sheen is a role model of the left, you know you are on the wrong side.
Martin Sheen asked electors not to vote for Trump, then Charlie Sheen asked God to kill Trump. As they say, like mother, like daughter.
Umm, it's Charlie Sheen. Who takes anything he says seriously?
This dude has the judgement of a pineapple. Irrelevant!!
Charlie Sheen is the last person to be talking about someone dying. ht…
Charlie Sheen is now exploiting tragedy as an excuse to attack President-elect Trump. Very sad.
Charlie Sheen has been a moron since, well just since.
liberals say nothing about Charlie Sheen's death wish to our president elect. Liberals are dangerous if left unchecked.
Yes. Being lectured to by Martin Sheen, he who brought us Charlie Sheen. I think I'll pass taking morality lessons from him.…
Charlie Sheen needs to borrow his father's duct tape!! SHUT UP HOLLYWOOD!
I thought Charlie Sheen had finally OD'd on cocaine, but it turns out he was just wishing death on the President Elect.
A Charlie Sheen prayer won't get passed the ceiling.
Charlie sheen, you already have 1 foot in the grave and one on a banana peel so you might be next.
Charlie Sheen should remember Janet Reno's famous last words: "Donald Trump will never be President in my lifetime." She…
Charlie Sheen a product of suprstar parents tht never lived in reality.Mr Sheen go back inside your little Hollywood bub…
Do the opposite of What Charlie Sheen does
The left cheers Charlie Sheen's death wish for Trump and is infuriated over Steve Martin calling Carrie Fisher beautiful…
How much of a scumbag are you when even Charlie Sheen can't stand you? Below low
If Charlie Sheen wants Donald Trump dead, he should just have sex with him.
How many of the same "dicking bimbos" do you reckon Charlie Sheen and Bill Clinton have shared over the years? Asking for the…
Charlie Sheen does fit the description... I'm thinking along the lines of Henry Wrinkle, Ray Romano or Martin Short perhaps.
you can't beat the Keifer southerland, Charlie Sheen, Chris O'Donnell, Oliver Platt version though
Martin Sheen (Pres. Bartlett in West Wing) is the father of both Charlie Sheen and Emilio Esteves. I didn't know any of that until just now.
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