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Charlie Pickering

Charlie Pickering (born 29 August 1977), an Australian television presenter and comedian.

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I still think about the my stories u did of u and ur brother following Charlie Pickering
I think we both know that the nothing hole doesn't refer to my *** Kitty Flannagan (The Weekly with Charlie Pic…
In his attack on , Charlie Pickering had once again proven his credentials as a unequaled tosser. Keep up the good work Joe!
the ONLY time I watched was when Rove ran the show Charlie Pickering and Waleed Aly bunch of effeminate tossers
I the Weekly with Charlie Pickering making fun of Q Society dinner
.. Joe , Charlie Pickering can only dream about being half the man you are . So glad you called him out on this .
Charlie Pickering just upset his Project replacement Waleed has stolen all the headlines
It's glorious to see both Waleed Aly & Charlie Pickering lose a bit of shine in the same week.
Joe should go for it I saw this and thought Charlie Pickering was way off the mark. An apology would be the least h…
Can't really expect too much from Charlie Pickering but this was pretty *** low.
. Charlie Pickering has dropped the ball badly on this one. Shame on you Charlie
Charlie Pickering is just another Lefty smart *** with a big mouth.
Charlie Pickering is just an insignificant little prat
We all stand behind you Joe.You don't need to appease that miserable cretin Charlie Pickering he's a littleman
responds to claims made by ABC's 'The Weekly' host, Charlie Pickering, that he is unsympathetic tow…
Pickering Shame on you!! Educate yourself on what Hildebrand does for the homeless/Salvos before you shoot ur mouth off !!
. Pickering . Shame on you for your unresearched slant at . Not the Pickering I remember 😫 just sad
Charlie Pickering is a *** Picking on our he should be ashamed of himself!
who watches Charlie Pickering's show anyway? Joe is smart and logical and believes in what he says. Laugh it off, you're bigger
Well said Charlie Pickering is a smug project reject, I didn't even know he had his own TV show
With Melbourne set for watch on move to ban
Hooley dooley! with Get it while it's hot! Geddit? Cos it's a bit about the weather...…
It's not the assistance the give, it's actually Charlie Pickering's opinions that keep the homeless warm at night.
Sorry, I didn't see what Charlie Pickering said about me but I'm sure it was nice. Widely known he's always been a top…
Has Charlie Pickering ever been clean shaven?
Charlie Pickering nails what should be the obvious. The way to deal with Homelessness is BY BUILDING SOCIAL HOUSING
Dunno what it is about "This week with Charlie Pickering" but I'm not amused by it. . Love every other "comedy news show" but this.
Oh no. Charlie Pickering is doing Nursery Rhyme News. He's doing nursery rhymes AS news.
Absolutely! The Weekly with Charlie Pickering summed him up very nicely tonight
Watching The Yearly starring Missed it so watching it online at You should, too.
If you missed or have just woken up from a 12 month coma, allow team to fill you in on 2016 https:…
This thing with is just so unfunny. is that canned laughter also? OMG Charlie Pickering is NO Charlie Brooker
NY prediction: Charlie Pickering will continue to be as nails down black board un-funny in 2017 as he was in 2016.
Charlie Pickering is pretty good tonight, despite canned laughter.
Awkward to watch Charlie Pickering doing a cringe filled imitation of Charlie Brooker's Yearly Wipe.
How many seasons did Charlie have at Texas before they fired him? I believe this was Brett's 4th?
Charlie Brooker's 2016 Wipe 29/12/2016, it's like the weekly with Charlie Pickering, but funny and insightful
🎀Charlie-Jean Pickering we still need to get this game!!! Never too old to play stupid games, don't care who you...
Listening to the "Wilosophy" podcast episode with Charlie Pickering and my goodness it is gold!!
Carrie Bickmore’s partner spends more time with Charlie Pickering
Carrie Bickmore’s partner Chris Walker spends more time with Charlie Pickering | HeraldSun
Hey Melbourne my show opens this Thursday. Tickets here:
What do Charlie Pickering, Shaun Micallef and every member of The Chasers have in common? They all started in...
Firefighters tackle house blaze in Pickering Road
We are very sad to learn of the passing of one of 'The Few', Squadron Leader Tony Pickering this morning.
Had so much fun seeing Charlie Pickering and Limbo at the Spiegeltent tonight 😁
Charlie Pickering is having a blinder today
Don't miss Charlie Pickering's first solo stand up show at since 2012
Time to have my leanings reinforced by How to Tame a Wild Squirrel
Hanging with my love! Off to see Charlie Pickering tonight. :D
. Charlie Pickering is FANTASTIC. Love the link. Thanks so much as I missed that show.
Charlie Pickering points out the flaws in Malcolm Turnbull's double dissolution on |
You'd better take your vitamins, brother! takes on The Hulk
I missed this. Thanks, deranged crank at the Drum for a lovely link to Charlie Pickering on the anti-equality loons.
Charlie Pickering cuts through on Malcolm Turnbull. DD threat on ABCC Bill divert attention from all Turnbull sold out on.
Just watched with Tomorrow and I will see him live at
AuntyABC is bringing Charlie Pickering's"The Weekly"sorry "WEAKLY"back as"The Yearly". The name must B changed 2 "The Wearily"if it's as bad
Making of the iconic Charlie Brown Xmas special. Hear the music Sunday 2&7pm
Is it just me, or did Charlie Pickering leave Channel 10's 'The Project' essentially to become Waleed Aly on Chanel 10's 'The Project'?
Good luck to the team from I'm sure Charlie Pickering and Waleed Aly are looking on in disgust and fear.
Memories: Charlie Brown Christmas Jerry Granelli lived it & revisits the music on Sunday
Sunday's 2 Charlie Brown shows w Jerry Granelli feat our buds & Fun for the family
A big cheer for all to hear! shares the story of and Jerry Granelli! https:…
Tyson Fury calling on the spirit of Ronnie Pickering ahead of his fight with Wladimir Klitschko this weekend.
charlie Pickering makes me SMH. I must admit Waleed's thing last week was spot on. I only saw that and was impressed.
'The finest in Hull': £140 plan to restore Pickering Park gates could be revived
Helps Charlie Pickering/Paul McDermott are also favourites!. Additionally, Wordplay at its finest~!
I'm lost without you to Charles, don't worry you can see me again tomorrow X
The Project leant so far to the left that Charlie Pickering fell off and ended up at the ABC
Congrats to & for winning award for foreign aid budget cuts show! via
It's when I 'left your phone on the table'
Why have I only just found these on my phone?
That's 2 for 2, Neil. You got slapped around by Pickering, and Charlie Rangle just poleaxed you to pieces.
Now Road Rage Ronnie Pickering 'victim' Steve Middleton puts his scooter up for charity auction
Worth revisiting on the shock jock campaign which has fuelled the mob mentality against Adam Goodes.
Just when you thought Charlie Pickering was the peak of righteous sanctimony, along comes Waleed
it's a pity Charlie Pickering has finished... Gruen only 2nd best tv
What's the deal with One Plus One having interviews with Charlie Pickering and Wil Anderson? Dubious cross promotion I say.
ROFL I love Tom Gleeson's Hard Chat on with Charlie Pickering. He is hilarious! So going to miss that show.
Charlie Pickering looks at coverage of the booing of Adam Goodes via
Charlie Pickering destroys the 'not racist' claims of Adam Goodes booing apologists on 'The Weekly' via
Can everyone who disagrees with Adam Goodes please watch this clip by Charlie Pickering.
In 3 minutes, Charlie Pickering so why don't other indig players get booed & is it racist that white players do?
'It's not racist, he's just a whinge.' Charlie Pickering nails it on the weekly via
Wow! Watch this video of Charlie Pickering summing up in one sentence why manual RTs are morally wrong! Powerful stuff!
Interesting article: Charlie Pickering, the state of satire and the satire of the state
The Weekly With Charlie Pickering Series 1 Ep 9: Comedy meets news as Charlie Pickering, Kitty Flanagan and Tom Gleeson tee off on sp...
It hasn't even started yet, but I hate that Charlie Pickering show on principle because there's less Mad As *** this year because of it.
Charlie Pickering trying to be a dumbed down Shaun Micallef on the That's sad, he's better than that.
The ABC dumped The Roast for Charlie Pickering? Christ we really are going to *** in a hand basket.
The ABC just had to give Charlie Pickering a show.
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old people run this country and are doing it poorly! Charlie Pickering for
Good to see Charlie Pickering moving on from news-based 'comedy' to news-based comedy.
So Charlie Pickering's show is totally trying to be the aussie John Oliver I assume!?
Can Charlie Pickering get Australia's frightened politicians into comedy?
So Charlie Pickering seems to be taking a crack at a daily show style news show. Might be interesting…
Do you feel like Charlie Pickering stole your job?
Just added to the Jazz Views website - Charlie "Yardbird" Parker - 1920 to 1955. Read it at
Can Charlie Pickering be our John Oliver, but less British, with the new show Hoping so!
Charlie Pickering is the emcee and I love that.
Charlie Pickering (ex-The Project) explaining why he left the program @ Jupiters Gold Coast
Easy for Charlie Pickering to bag Abbott, taxpayers pay for his(CP) John Stewart TV rippoff
I liked a video The Weekly with Charlie Pickering: coming soon
Charlie Pickering does Jon Stewart/Oliver rippoff, talk about lame, left & unoriginal
So was axed so that Charlie Pickering can project the news on Not happy auntie Jan.
A news comedy show coming soon. Ahh, probably should have explained.. Charlie Pickering I meant.
Is The Weekly with Charlie Pickering going to be a John Oliver rip off?
Charlie Pickering's 'The Weekly' is yet another Australian entry into jester liberalism. Give it a rest, ABC.
Not sure how I feel about ABC giving Charlie Pickering a satirical news show over bringing back I mean, I like him, but...
So ABC killed off the roast but is now about to start some Charlie Pickering newstainment thing instead
what a perfectly bookended day out n about in melbourne - saw Charlie Pickering in the morning, then Josh Thomas at night
Charlie Pickering should become a satirical cartoonist… Oh wait.. Didn't Larry start that trend?
One of the funniest things ever when my old man thought Charlie Pickering was son of Larry. GEE DAD so much resemblance.
Good friend Wil Anderson is taking over from good friend Charlie Pickering this week. It's a smooth transition hairdo-wise.…
Charlie Pickering you are an egotistical, smug pretentious wanker to your last moment. Walter Cronkite you are not. Unfunniness has now left our airwaves. Please take Adam Hills with you as you exit.
Loving with - and the brand spanking new website. Nice one Osher. The intro music is always very zen.
Why are some on here supporting Charlie in his little tantrum? He missed the point of the argument. He was arguing with himself.. about something we all actually agree in. Human rights. Steve was not starting a political debate, simply stating the facts, which are quite simple, then Charlie starts ranting for the sake of making a point about something other than the facts, ego much.
Omg check out his bias discussion with Steve, Monday 17th. Completely changing the argument to for some reason not agree with the obvious logic in the facts, then getting heated and rude with a guy that actually gets the facts.
Did you see get all up in Steve Price's face on last night?
Charlie Pickering looked like he want to clonk Steve Price on the head at the end of The Project tonight. They were arguing about asylum seekers - Pickering saying passionately how wrong what we're doing to them is, and Price's parting shot that "well it wouldn't happen to them if they weren't doing something illegal." Guess what, Mr Price - in Australia it's not legal to torture someone and abuse their human rights even if they DO do something illegal. We have a right to a fair trial and defend ourselves against the charges. And if you were as knowledgeable as The Project website profile says you are, then how come you don't also know that under international law which we accepted as nation in the 1950s, if a person seeking asylum comes here without a valid visa we are supposed to treat their arrival as legal?
Check out this great Podcast: Another great show with Charlie Pickering. Interesting guy.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Not a huge fan of Charlie Pickering in general but just watched him put Steve Price in his place regarding refugees ... Started a bit of a slow clap on my own in the lounge room here ... First time I've clapped the TV outside of State Of Origin ... It was so silent on the show I thought they didn't have a live studio audience ... Before you judge this Please look at what I'm talking about ... I think he presents a fair point
Respect Charlie Pickering! They are treating babies, children & desperate people worse than we treat f&$king peadophiles, rapists and murders in this country! It is shameful! Stop letting the fear mongering media and government brainwash you, scratch the surface, listen to your soul. You can not fix everything, but be aware, be conscious, the more we are awake and the more we unplug the higher our chance at removing corporate power & meeting the basic needs, rights and freedom of ALL LIVING BEINGS! Money is not worth life!!
Have to say it.. Charlie Pickering on the project, LOVE him!
Loved Charlie Pickering's stance on asylum seekers tonight on the project. Thank you for pointing out people fleeing their country in fear and treated worse then murders in Australia.
Woohoo, Charlie Pickering - love the dressing down he just gave Steve Price on the Project regarding off shore processing!! So true, we treat murderers in this country better than we do people in OPF - whether they came here illegally or not, they are still human and deserve to be treated as such.
Go Charlie Pickering on the asylum seekers heated debated on The Project tonight!
The Project's Charlie Pickering has just impressed me a helluvalot. "We never played politics with the lives of desperate people". (Malcolm Fraser)
Projects Charlie Pickering hit this asylum crap on the head, Daniel Morcombes muderer is treated more humanly than those housed at Manus Island, who have done nothing wrong except hope for freedom, you're a *** Steve Price, got nothing to do with which political party made it happen. always first to blame the Rudd Gillard government.well it's still happening and the Libs are in control now, who cares about the politics, just fix it!
That youngster Charlie Pickering on doesn’t know about cunning like wise old &
Charlie Pickering on asylum seekers. Haven't heard so much sense come from a tv presenters in years.
Charlie Pickering is a dead set wanker
Fully agree Pricey & Charlie Pickering your a wanker an hurry up an *** of you do goosing tree hugging *** head.
Charlie Pickering on The Project just now re offshore detention "Not on my watch and not in my country"
That Steve Price on "The Project" is a shocker. A cruel and heartless b.d!! Charlie Pickering, you're a gem!!!
The Project ! Thank God that *** Charlie Pickering is leaving ! Prolly due to his stupidity and my criticism of him ! He LOVES illegal immigrants !oh poor buggers !
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I just applauded my TV. Well said Charlie Pickering...
loved your work tonight Charlie Pickering. Thanks for being brave and speaking out about treating people like cattle.
I don't blame Charlie Pickering for leaving the Project. I couldn't pretend oxygen thieves like Steve Price have a valid opinion either.
Charlie Pickering.what a complete waste of space
Charlie Pickering. If you're so passionate go over and help out. Get your precious hands dirty
Did anyone see The Project tonight - exposé on the abhorrent conditions of Manus and Charlie Pickering standing up for human rights of asylum seekers! Worth a watch :)
Lefties revolt and again as Steve Price takes over from Charlie Pickering on
- sick of Steve always being so defensive of the Coalition Gov and talking over people. Respect for Charlie Pickering
Charlie Pickering get off your high horse we the people voted for the government to stop the boats and they did, you are in the minority of this subject so get over it you big tosser and live in the real world, not your fantasy one
If you missed the project today, check it out on tenplay tonight. Charlie Pickering, you are a bloody legend.
SENSATIONAL comments from Charlie Pickering about asylum seekers on tonight. We need to treat these people with decency.
Well said on tonight re asylum seekers. For once someone standing up to Charlie Pickering.
Charlie Pickering so eloquent tonight on The Project as he ripped Steve Price a new one. Sad that he is leaving.
Thank you Charlie Pickering for your passionate support of asylum seekers.
Charlie Pickering has delusions of grandeur...
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Great rebuttal by Charlie Pickering on 'Process them, tell them when they will get out, because they are hu…
Did anyone else see The Projects story on asylum seekers to night? I cried, I wanted to hug Charlie Pickering and slap Steve Price.
Steve Price may be older than Charlie Pickering but knows less about history & humanity. Hey Steve, open your mind & heart.
Charlie Pickering needs to get off his high horse...thank god for Steve Price!
Brought to tears by a story on The Project about my countries inhumane treatment of asylum seekers. I feel Charlie Pickering's rage. I feel ashamed to be an Australian where supposedly 60% of people think that we should treat asylum seekers more harshly. If any of you reading this agree with this 60%, defriend me now.
Charlie Pickering needs to get in touch with reality...Steve are in touch with reality!! Thankyou!1
thank you Charlie Pickering for getting angry about the situation with asylum seekers. Human rights shou…
Charlie Pickering leaving the project...that ***
Charlie Pickering. Just uttered "Not on my watch" Re asylum seekers. Seriously misguided about his sphere of influence.
Charlie Pickering absolutely giving it to some chump on the 7pm Project was fantastic, good for you Charlie.
Tonight 'the project' (its an aussie tv programme) shows its true colours and left wing media based politically motivated credentials on the 'asylum debate' the fact the liberals have stopped the boats break their hearts. Charlie Pickering you are a left wing attention seeking do-gooder! If you are so passionate about it stand for parliament and become an elected representative instead of a mouth piece with no substance. Also let's have a peek at your tax return to see how much of that extremely large unearned salary you squirrelled away and avoided tax on! Shove it you halfwit
Charlie Pickering is my new hero after sticking it up Steve price on the project. A gutsy performance on a commercial network is great to see.
Charlie Pickering is either in a foul mood or begging to be booted from
Charlie Pickering for PM...or in charge of asylum policy at least
Excellent story on refugees. Good on you Charlie Pickering for your passion.
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Charlie Pickering blessing your leaving the project.
Charlie Pickering should be prime minister... every person deserves to be treated like a human being & processed...
Charlie Pickering is right on about asylum seekers
Go Charlie Pickering I love how you are so passionate about human issues and brave enough to speak up for compassion. I'll bet and hope more that Charlie runs to get into politics. We need you Charlie.
Charlie Pickering- agree entirely. Thankyou for speaking.
Well said Charlie Pickering! Couldn't agree more. The Manus Island situation is appalling. Shame on our government!!!
please take that liberal extension cord of the air. I am with you Charlie Pickering. The need to know what their future is.
The project is back on in our house after months...Charlie Pickering you self righteous, labor loving, know it all tosspot, you will never be allowed back on in our home again!
Yeah Charlie! You tell him! Charlie Pickering for prime minister!
Watching The Project right now and sending cheerleaders galore to Charlie Pickering for speaking the truth and speaking it with heart. I stand with him on this issue in every way.
I back Charlie Pickering hard. So smart and well spoken
Go Charlie pickering. Totally agree. We are a big country process the boat people and lstop torturing them
Go Charlie Pickering putting that filthy Steve Price in his place re asylum seekers and Manus Island Prison. 'Not on my watch, not in my country'
Go Charlie Pickering! Standing up for asylum seekers on The Project. I fear the day my kids ask me how I let these atrocities go on in our country.
Just fell in love with Charlie Pickering.
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Charlie Pickering is the voice of compassionate humanity! He will be genuinely missed!!!
Respect to Charlie Pickering from The Project for his stance on asylum seekers. First time I've had no complaints about T.V for awhile.
I used to like Charlie Pickering more when he was humble - still funny
Bravo Charlie Pickering for a strong passionate and moral approach to humane treatment of
Charlie Pickering I LOVE YOU! Totally agree with your views on how asylum seekers are being treated. Shame on Australia!
Australian current affairs TV will be poorer without Charlie Pickering. Now who's going to tell Steve Price he's an ***
Charlie Pickering of The Project. I salute you sir.
Charlie Pickering was milliseconds away from throttling Steve Price. The fact he didn't, shows he has Gandhi-like patience.
Charlie Pickering won't miss your leftard rants on the project.
God *** Charlie Pickering is sexy. Especially when angry like that.
Charlie Pickering you're an amazing person ✊
Woah Charlie Pickering is fuming, and rightly so!
Charlie Pickering smashing the asylum seeker debate, time to shut up Steve price
Charlie Pickering just absolutely OWNED Steve Price! That was the best thing to ever come out of his mouth. Ever!
I would like to plant a big one on Charlie Pickering right now. That was awesome!
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Love watching that left wing peanut Charlie Pickering get flashed up on the project !!!
Charlie Pickering has become such a self righteous *** lately.
Steve Price getting told by Charlie Pickering on
You are a fair dinkum tosser Charlie, getting all teary and emotional about people trying to enter Australia illegally. Tough measures have been implemented by the Abbott government and they are working. No boats being scuttled, no drownings , numbers attempting this crazy dangerous crossing have plummeted. When challenged by Steve Price you could not provide an alternative , you just demonstrated what a difficult problem this is. The majority of Aussies want this to work, we cannot simply open the borders to the world.
Another one bites the dust ,Charlie Pickering quits as co-host of The Project on Ten Network. The host of Ten's...
The v classy announces he's leaving The Project. And he's pregnant! Congrats Charlie. U'll be missed. x ht…
We last night at the Fringe and what a show Charlie Pickering did an extremely funny man and The Magnets such a good group to see and looking forward to Next year and their return
Online: Charlie Pickering quits Network Ten's The Project to run as Labor candidate in next Federal election.
Your phenomenal acknowledges the women in danger within their homes. I wish we could clone you so each guy had a Charlie Pickering mate.
Charlie Pickering on why the term ‘domestic violence’ has normalised the reality. He believes a more accurate term is ‘men’s violence against women’.
The bloody excellent nails it again
has written a powerful article on Australia, violence and priorities. Please read and RT
Yes ... Charlie Pickering wants to talk about our priorities.
Charlie Pickering's piece is excellent. But also an unintentional reminder that people take women's issues more seriously when they are espoused by men. Sad world.
Let's stop getting worked up about sharks in WA and do something about a real issue.
An articulate and imp. piece by - a situation which is serious and preventable
"If this were a bus route killing pedestrians, there would be an inquiry" http:…
Charlie Pickering, you are fantastic and we need more media personalities like you.
Interesting article about and where our lies. via
Charlie Pickering wants to talk about our priorities - great article. via
Charlie Pickering wants to speak to you about your priorities. via
Good morning.I've written a piece for mamamia. It's about Australia, violence and priorities. Feel free to pass it on http…
Charlie Pickering wants to talk about our priorities. via
I've had a lot of great feedback from women about this article I wrote about violence. I'd love more men to see it. http:/…
This year on Channel 10: Neighbours: Australia's longest running television series struggles to convince viewers that this week's exciting plotline is an original concept. The Project: Two intelligent and insightful individuals (Carrie Bickmore and Charlie Pickering) attempt to engage a detached younger generation in news and current affairs while an *** (Peter Helliar) attempts to be funny. So You Think You Can Dance - Australia: Three to four redundant celebrities try to save their fast-dwindling careers and legitimacy by informing amateurs that they suck and will never be successful. The Biggest Loser: Three personal trainers act smug while an entire town of people with very real health concerns is embarrassed on national television.
Great article. it's amazing how 'news' is reported, but where are the solutions... vague finger-pointing doesn't deal with the specifics of our current cultural issues... it doesn't matter what we call it, it doesn't matter how we package it... sitting in the shadows 'tsk tsk' doesn't wash...let's not be victims; let's be the leaders... all it takes is each and every individual to identify, speak out, ACT, support, harass, defend... make a noise and make a difference!!! And yes, one person can make a difference... thanks Charlie Pickering!!!
if you got my post about CHARLIE PICKERING make sure you read it. PLEASE it is so true an not just about women but children as well. I am so against any violence but the secret violence against women an children is not on. NOT NOW NOT EVER. read and share share share. PLEASE!
Excellent article by Charlie Pickering about Domestic Violence. Worth a read.
We're pleased to announce that we have added even MORE shows to our already massive line-up. Shows added to the line-up for the festival 4-9 March are: - As seen on “The Project”, award winning comedian Charlie Pickering - Barry Award Nominee Hannah Gadsby (“Adam Hills Live”) - As seen on Channel 10’s “This Week Live”, Tom Gleeson and Tommy Little - Also appearing Australian comedy legend Rob Quantock, Sammy J (“Wednesday Night Live”) and the Radio Variety Hour - Emerging local and national comedians Dayne Rathbone (RAW Comedy Winner 2011), Alice Fraser, Aggressively Helpful, Greg Kimball and Hamish Hudson - A late night Festival Club on the Thursday to Saturday nights For more details - including the Opening Night Gala acts, head over to Tickets are on sale now.
a fan of Charlie Pickering but this is well worth a read!
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Thought I would share this article from Charlie Pickering about the importance of drawing attention to the impact of men's violence against women. Moreland is a strong supporter of White Ribbon Day and domestic violence is an ongoing topic of conversation within our new Community Safety Reference Group.
So thankful for balanced young people like Carrie and Charlie Pickering, they run rings around the likes of Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, and Steve Price. Silly old misogynists they are.
BRISBANE POWERHOUSE is one of the best Arts Centres in Australia - Charlie Pickering
My dogs played with Charlie Pickering's dogs at Edinburgh Gardens this morning. Well actually Snoopy beat one up. What a very laid back dude! Very calm and quiet and pleasant. Looks about ten years younger than he actually is. He just sat back from the group and watched his dogs interact. Thank god I resisted the urge to walk over and ask him "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Charlie Pickering"? Confirmed the sighting by googling his dogs.
Here you go guys the firdt episode of My Soundtrack with Lucy Durack featuring Charlie Pickering:
In the process of uploading the first my soundtrack interview of Lucy and Charlie Pickering...
I didn't need any more reasons to think Charlie Pickering was a flog but the fact he drinks short blacks purely to look down his nose at those who choose delicious milk with their coffee is too much! He's your mate Lauren Rolan
love how Charlie Pickering never hides his dislike for a guest 󾮗󾍇
Charlie Pickering writes, "I know nothing about racism in Australia."
If you are near a 'wireless' switch on ABC local radio for Lucy Durack's new show. Today's featured guest is Charlie Pickering. It's on 11am (that's NOW in NSW and Victoria so hurry!). Sounding great already Lucy. Chookas for the series xxx
EARTHQUAKES IN ADELAIDE TODAY ! THOUGHT Dave Hughes Official Page and the fact Charlie Pickering Official Page are heading here would cause a commotion YYYEEEA
Charlie Pickering inbox me back when u see this
Lol thought the dude being fined for his windows were down was bs but his car was parked half on half off the foot path on the wrong side of the word Thanks charlie pickering
Hey! Have you gotten bored enough on the holidays to listen to the new poddo with Charlie Pickering Official Page and Celia Pacquola? It's fun! What did you think?
I'm thinking Charlie Pickering might be the funniest presenter on TV, so much wit
Is it just me or is Charlie Pickering just not funny?
Claire Hooper, Charlie Pickering, Tony Abbott and SHY are all similar to ABCNews23
If Charlie Pickering has discovered Sagan, I assume he's going to be hosting a science documentary soon
Charlie Pickering on the Project is a tosser, he ALWAYS bags j, guess someone is a bitter j's half his age and doubles his income in a day!
AND I also can't stand the know nothing Charlie Pickering.
hi peter, we are looking froward to seeing you at Adelaide fringe 2014. Also, can you make sure Charlie Pickering is here too?
What do you think, doppelganger - my cousin Jordan and Charlie Pickering. I had to look twice!
Christ Charlie Pickering thinks he's in touch and incredibly hilarious. Couldn't be further away from either.
Charlie Pickering is a complete moron. A fact-free mouthpiece for the left - utterly embarrasses himself night after night
Oh no! So that explains why you weren't at Charlie Hunter tonight.
Surely without hughesy, the project will go under! No one is gonna tune In to see annoying Charlie Pickering and Carrie!!
If yo missed it last night, make sure you watch this video of at Dave Hughes farewell from The Project, with Carrie Bickmore and Charlie Pickering. There are tears!
your dad just asked me and jack seriously If you were ***
OMG remember when Charlie Pickering had fluffy baby hair. Now he's all handsome and cool. Sweet prince
If there's ever a movie made about Roger Federer, Charlie Pickering could totally play him
One of my all-time faves too! Comedy is too full of Charlie Pickering's and not enough Bill Hicks'
don't be fooled, is on par w/& Charlie Pickering is basically Tracy Grimshaw with a neck beard
How did Dave Hughes survive so long on without getting a pretentious haircut like Charlie Pickering?
well done to Harry Moore and Charlie Pickering from our youth clubs who picked up driver of the day awards
Maybe a bit of a sidenote, but I highly recommend listening to the episode of the little dum dum club with Charlie Pickering and Justin Hamilton. Pickering swears like a sailor and after watching him on the project for so long that's hilarious
Off to record for The Project tonight! Will I get to meet Charlie Pickering?
Last week on the job, Charlie Pickering's advice for today? "just tell them that your dying and you need to take the day off like an hour from now" "burn the place down pyro style BOM!" With friends like these, who needs lawyers--oh, wait.
Chris Hadfield looking at Charlie Pickering like he's an *** That made my day.
Just switched to the project and they have arguably two of the funniest guys in the business on the show and they came off not being funny - Charlie Pickering is who I blame .. He's does it to Hughesy now will Ferrell - for shame
Other people who are as “dead centre” as Charlie Pickering; Catherine Deveny, Sarah Hanson Young, Karl Marx.
I couldn't even watch the telecast... even with Carrie Bickmore & Charlie Pickering for comic relief. Too depressing
still behind charlie pickering for PM
How chuffed must Paul Bongiorno feel, years of hard slog in the media, and he gets called 'Bonj' by Charlie Pickering
Hey Australian media, why are you so happy about Abbott? Charlie Pickering be more annoyed at this please! Todd is doing good.
I wanna go to the bar with Charlie Pickering.
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I would vote for Charlie Pickering as PM
Charlie Pickering you have a political future. Get Natasha to join forces with you.
scratch that .. I'm enjoying the squirm factor on channel 7. Charlie Pickering is clearly uncomfortable.
please don't tell me Charlie Pickering is on too
Can someone please give us a heads up when Charlie Pickering cries on Channel 10. That will be worth watching.
LOL Yeah OMG that charlie pickering guy is so anti-coalition, its beautiful
yikes! Take heart that you're not alone in a snag-less Election Day. I hear one Charlie Pickering also suffered the same fate
How can Larry Pickering be such a *** socket and Charlie Pickering make this much sense?
I challenge Charlie Pickering to a public debate. The subject? How much of a cocky self important *** he is. I'll win I assure you
Dunno why people take Charlie Pickering so seriously. Who cares what he thinks. He's a freaking comedian people!
Seriously Charlie Pickering is much less amusing than he believes.
I laugh every time Charlie Pickering pretends to be a journalist. Stick to comedy pal - you're only slightly better at it.
Charlie Pickering just can't like the guy
been trying to post a comment on your website but failing - here is my celeb PM vote - P!nk, Ellen and Charlie Pickering
Labor wants a Cyprus style bank raid on our bank accounts! They should steal Charlie Pickering's instead
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
What's up your *** Charlie Pickering? Just coz Pete Helliar is heaps funnier!!
typical Charlie Pickering going *** Joe Hockey ...never see him asking Labor Ministers the tough questions. Balance please
Charlie Pickering needs to stop showing the labor bias he's been displaying for months.
didn't he actually have a asylum seeker policy that made sense? I seem to remember even Charlie Pickering agreed.
Charlie Pickering is on The Project. That is why.
that's a first for Charlie Pickering.
Charlie Pickering made a good point, put whichever party you mean to vote for 2nd. This way they lose money.
is Charlie Pickering the biggest sell out in the history of comedy?
is she related to Charlie Pickering?
Watching Charlie Pickering is more my own misfortune rather than someone else's. And not that amusing.
Charlie Pickering mourns the passing of television show.
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