Charlie Murphy & Rick James

Charles Quinton Charlie Murphy (born July 12, 1959) is an American actor, comedian, and writer notable as being a cast member and writer on the Comedy Central sketch-comedy series Chappelle's Show. Rick James (born James Ambrose Johnson, Jr.; February 1, 1948August 6, 2004) was an American singer, songwriter, musician and record producer, best known for being one of the popularizers of funk music in the late 1970s and early 1980s thanks to million-selling hits such as You and I (1978), Give It to Me Baby (1981) and Super Freak (1981), the latter song crossing him over to pop audiences and selling over three million copies, later contributing to the success of rapper MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This (1990), which James sued to be credited for. 5.0/5

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I really miss The Chapelle Show πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! Dave's reenactment of Charlie Murphy and Rick James was pure gold.
Feel like Charlie Murphy in the Rick James skit rn
I added a video to a playlist Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Stories Rick James
I can't look at Rick James without thinking of him slapping Charlie Murphy
Charlie Murphy x Rick James episode is on too!! My favorite episode!
I just watched Chapelle Show Prince & Charlie Murphy now Rick James πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
Cannon kicked me in my chest like when Charlie Murphy kicked Rick James into that mirror and he coughed up blood.
I feel like Charlie Murphy after he got punched with the unity ring from Rick James " my forehead is bumping " hungover af :b
Rick James squashed the beef with Charlie Murphy just to slap him down in the club the next week and dirty up his couch smh
This epidural is making me feel like Rick James on The Chappelle Show. "What am I gonna do about my legs, Charlie Murphy?…
this reminds me of the security guard in Charlie Murphy vs Rick James
Because you immediately envision someone getting smacked like how Charlie Murphy did Rick James.
This interview sparked the Chappelle skit -> Charlie Murphy Speaks about Rick James
why did I picture Rick James punching Charlie Murphy?
Every time I see this pic of Byron, I think of Rick James telling Charlie Murphy, "I hit you tonight?"
Vince Carter slapped Courtney Lee the way Charlie Murphy did Rick James
he hit the wall like Rick James hit that mirror when Charlie Murphy kicked him in the chest
Charlie Murphy telling the Rick James story easily.
I would've got the "Charlie Murphy and Eddie Murphy stomping out Rick James' legs" treatment from my 'rents for this
Hot takes at HQ: "Do you know why this doesn't happen to say, Aaron Rodgers? Because he's Rick James, and everyone else is Charlie Murphy."
My favorite episode of the Chapelle show has to be when Charlie Murphy tells the story of him and Rick James πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Which Dave Chappelle-Charlie Murphy sketch was funnier, Prince or Rick James?
What if Charlie Murphy made it all up, & Rick James never messed up Eddie Murphy's couch?.
Baron Davis trying to look like Charlie Murphy in the Rick James skit.
Tickets for Dave Chappelle's show at the Fargo Civic Center go on sale tomorrow. I'm as surprised as Charlie Murphy was to see Rick James!
Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories featurin Rick James & Prince r my favorite scenes 4rm Dave Chappelle's Show...but just my opinion
She hang with Rick James and Charlie Murphy? Could see them shenanigans getting out of hand.
when Charlie & Eddie Murphy beat Rick James legs for them muddy *** boots.. thats how I feel right now
This Charlie Murphy and Rick James shii is still funny πŸ˜‚
C'mon now. You worse than "... Yea I remember putting my boots all on his couch" "I'm Rick James he's Charlie Murphy what he gon do?"
that's the slap Rick James did to Charlie Murphy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
domain names
gonna get a good .gif of Dave Chapelle jumping out in Rick James attire to yell "Charlie Murphy!" And caption it "PI DAY" instead.
"I treat the game like Rick James did Charlie Murphy"
Get your Charlie Murphy/Rick James references handy. The Darkness is here
I liked a video Charlie Murphy kicks Rick James
Why did this adversary just make me go all Charlie Murphy on him? But he ain't Rick James, I bet he NEVER disrespects like that again!
the slap is going to be a troll episode featuring Dave Chapelle, Charlie Murphy and Rick James
I had a dream my brother got me a stone Rick James bust and his boot from when he stepped on Charlie Murphy's couch.
Didn't they already have a Rick James unsung why they doing another one,guess they didn't give Charlie Murphy enough story time lol
lmaoo this Charlie Murphy & Rick James skit got to be one of the funniest segments in television history.
I went to Old Navy today and bought a few things. Applied for a Old Navy card and I got approved. As I am walking out of the store, all I have in my head is that Dave Chappelle skit about Rick James and Charlie Murphy. "They never should've got you $^$ MONEY!" was ringing in my head because I love Old Navy. In trouble I will be!
The Charlie Murphy and Rick James episode of Chappell's Show will always be one of my favorite things of all time
Cuhh look like Rick James. In tha exact moment Charlie Murphy front kicked him in tha chest πŸ˜‚
According to this episode of Chappelle's Show, "Hello Darkness, my old friend," is how Rick James would greet Charlie Murphy upon reunion.
This is not even Duke as Rick James and Presbyterian as Charlie Murphy's couch. I can't come up with any imagery rich enough.
I don't know who got beatdown worse the niners or when Charlie Murphy beat down Rick James
Of course, as soon as post that, Lynch with the sack. That means I need to post more Rick James and/or Charlie Murphy.
I wonder will Nidge get Rick James to slap Charlie Murphy?
*** Askham did the Charlie Murphy kick from the Rick James skit.
Charlie Murphy & Rick James skit will go down as one of the best sketch comedies of all time= Rubbing Dirty cowboy boots in his couch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Charlie Murphy was hilarious in that Rick James episode of Chappelle show
Then I was laughing at Charlie Murphy's Real Hollywood Stories for years. I was a big Rick James fan back in the 80's
Why did Rick James always make fun of Charlie Murphy? RTWhy was Michael Brown living with his grandmother?
I recall Charlie Murphy say Eddie looked at Rick James&said,"He really needs help".My 3yr plan is for u to make ur own&STOP burdening others
tough to mentally prep for a 15hr workday, esp. when your legs feel like Rick James' after stomping mud into Eddie & Charlie Murphy's couch.
I feel like Rick James after Charlie Murphy and Eddie Murphy beat his legs for stomping on Eddie's white couch with his muddy *** boots.
Everytime i hear 'Mary Jane' by Rick James, i always think of on Chappelle Show when Dave tells Charlie Murphy "Darkness, everybody!" πŸ˜‚
Just finished a 3 hour hike with my wife n 2 dogs, feeling like Rick James..."what about my legs Charlie Murphy, what about my legs"
Had to open hand slap a dude last night...Must have been in my Charlie Murphy/Rick James state of mind
Josie doesnt know who Rick James, Charlie Murphy or who Dave Chappelle is. someone get her
If anyone has seen the Dave Chapelle, Charlie Murphy skit with Rick James - This is the Eldar version of "F*&k yo' couch!". Enjoy ;)
I wanted to beat that delivery man’s legs like Charlie Murphy did Rick James.
isn't that what Rick James said to Eddie and Charlie Murphy lol
just did what Rick James did to Eddie and Charlie Murphy's couch to my US History final
Besides the Rick James character, is Charlie Murphy funny? πŸ˜•
"Back then we were the blackest n*ggas in the world, according to Rick James (This was before Wesley Snipes...)" - Charlie Murphy
Rick James and Charlie Murphy illustrate the best way to deal with Martin Demichelis
If there's any TV moment better than the Charlie Murphy true Hollywood Story of Rick James, I'd love to see it.
My coworker and I were talking about Dave Chappelle on Friday and how he should come back to TV.. some of my favorites were the Race Draft, Rick James, the World Series of Dice, Prince playing basketball.. that was some funny stuff.. and Charlie Murphy is so much funnier than Eddie.. lol..
Somethings that never get old. Dave Chappelle show Charlie Murphy smacking Rick James lol Omg so funny
Reading Tyson's Undisputed Truth book. He met Eddie & Charlie Murphy back in the day. Turns out the story about Rick James is true!
Like Charlie Murphy said to Rick James.. Yo my head is bumping
Tha 1 when Charlie Murphy was tellin tha story about Rick James. Ctfu
It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since Charlie Murphy told one of the funniest stories of all time on "Chappelle's Show," but the classic Rick James "True...
Sun shining bright thru my window, reminding me to wake up and do squats. I don't really want to but I don't want my legs to look like linguine like Rick James. "What about my legs Charlie Murphy!?"
The snow did a Rick James to my face like I was Charlie Murphy or something...
Little Giant Ladders
How can one start a petition against animal cruelty but say it's ok to eat chicken and hamburgers? To be more specific, how can you STILL hate Mike Vick for fighting dogs but you're still eating chicken and hamburgers? Lol That sounds like a Rick James moment. Either you did or did not kick your feet on Charlie Murphy's couch. Which one is it? lol
Bruh, it's really been ten years since the Dave Chappelle skit of Rick James and Charlie Murphy.
Today is the 10 year anniversary of Dave Chapelle having Charlie Murphy tell his true Hollywood Story about Rick James.
Richard Sherman was like Rick James and Crabtree was like Charlie Murphy
Finally saw the Mike Tyson "Undisputed Truth" HBO special. The street fight with Mitch Green, a classic, reminiscent of the epic battles between Rick James and Charlie Murphy!
The number 54 holds absolutely no significance to me, but only when i see that my battery life is at 54 percent i think about Charlie Murphy and his true Hollywood Story about his encounter with Rick James at Studio 54 the most.
Mike Tyson crushed on Lisa Bonet, but was too shy. Plus, Eddie and Charlie Murphy, Rick James, and Prince. Man.
*** yea ctfu. My dad would be like Rick James and I would be Charlie Murphy
I gotta do *** like how Charlie Murphy did Rick James. If you're a habitual line stepper I'm pushin ya *** back.
I feel like I just had that Charlie Murphy and Rick James meet & greet moment with .lol I can laugh at it a lil better later
Richard James aka Rick James and Charlie Murphy is godfather hence the dude on the news
I'm GON tell you now! If you fucc with my paper imma smack you harder than Rick James did to Charlie Murphy!
I'm sorry, Charlie Murphy, it was an accident. ... I offer you a truce. ... You want to smoke with the old boy Rick James?
good because I would have spilled grape soda on it ..u know we have the Charlie Murphy/Rick James friendship πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
Eight years later and the Rick James is still so *** funny! Eddie and Charlie Murphy beating his *** is priceless!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
That Dave Chappelle episode of Charlie Murphy telling the Rick James story!!
"What's he gonna slap me back? I'm Rick James he's Charlie Murphy"
"The Charlie Murphy/Rick James episodes on the Chapelle Show will never get old lol.."EVER
πŸ™ˆ it was an episode of Dave Chappelle with Charlie Murphy and Rick James
β€œOn this day in 1977, the world famous disco Studio 54 opens its doors.” Rick James & Charlie Murphy! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Woke up with a hangover, it felt like Rick James had punched me with that unity ring like he did Charlie Murphy πŸ‘ŠπŸ’’
Aw, show me buy showin Charlie Murphy your titties! *in my Rick James voice* πŸ˜‚
Between Jah doing her crack head "Harlem Shake" and Charlie Murphy talking about Rick James .. I was d.o.a
Rick James: Charlayy, what did the five fingers say to the face? Charlie Murphy: What? Rick James: *SLAP* omg I'm dying
when I got back home, exhaustion and pain washed over me. I feel like Rick James when Charlie Murphy beat his legs.
I will kick u like Charlie murphy kicked Rick James. Then I will beat yo legs!!!
It would be funny if I dressed up as Rick James & dressed up as Charlie Murphy & sat next to each other at an NWA Hollywood show
look like Charlie Murphy (darker) when he was telling about that time he hung out with Rick James and Prince.
"That's how it was... he'd go over the line, I'd hafta check'em (smack), then we was cool!" -Charlie Murphy on Rick James
I was like Rick James on Charlie Murphy's couch...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
and relationship is like Charlie Murphy and Rick James'.
I wanna slap that *** .. Just like Rick James did to Charlie Murphy
Anthony did you a favor in the same vein that Eddie & Charlie Murphy gave Rick James help.
I wanna rein act it like Charlie Murphy did the Rick James stories
this thing happening with my legs is kinda your fault. I feel like Rick James post Charlie Murphy beatdown.
The Chappell show with Charlie Murphy and Rick James is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life
Rick James slapped the life outta Charlie Murphy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
walked by & i had that moment Charlie Murphy had when he met Rick James...he had that glow round him...
I need Info on the kinda slap cons hit Joe Budden with! Did he come down with it like Charlie Murphy did to Rick James!?
Cats are like Rick James; they scratch you, and then come back with love five seconds later, going " but Charlie Murphy that was a week ago"
Season 2... Rick James and Charlie Murphy. I love "Darkness" the funny Murphy brother
Chappells's Show quiz: five (5) Keith Points for best score 1. What did Rick James' ring say when he punched Charlie Murphy in the forehead? 2. What did Prince serve Charlie Murphy after he schooled his team in basketball? 3. How did Wayne Brady get money for himself and Dave when they hung out? 4. What was the name of the black white supremacist? 5. Who did Katie cheat on her boyfriend with in "Mad Real World?" Bonus question: Who are the five greatest rappers in the world?
"What he gon' do, he gon' smack me back? I'm Rick James, he Charlie Murphy"
Charlie Murphy and Rick James share the best love story
Sarah Slegona has never seen an episode of the Chappelle Show. Our evenings for the next two weeks are now planned out. Starting with the Rick James episode in preparation of meeting Charlie Murphy on Friday!!!
just heard a "Charlie Murphy" & a "Rick James" by the commentator of the Wash v OS game
The folks just mentioned Charlie Murphy. I'm so thankful for Rick James and Dave Chapelle.
I'm wearing the same adidas zip up hoodie that Charlie Murphy wore in the Rick James sketch.
My legs feel as sore as when Charlie and eddy Murphy beat on Rick James!!
Charlie Murphy fighting Rick James and playing basketball with prince and prince making him pancakes. Game blouses
My legs feel like Rick James' after Eddie and Charlie Murphy whipped them for rubbing his dirty feet in their couch
*** look like the first bouncer that came in and helped Rick James get Charlie Murphy
I'm sorry Charlie Murphy. I was having too much fun. I offer you a truce. The stickiest of the icky. You wanna smoke with oldboy Rick James?
Charlie murphy's True Hollywood Stories yeah, nothing is funnier than the Rick James and Prince ones
β€œ...Caption? I am going to front kick those Avalanche just like Charlie Murphy did to Rick James!
I see what kinda day this gon be... Feel like I got my legs whooped in how Charlie Murphy did Rick James 😩
Dude slapped him like Rick James did Charlie Murphy !!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"See, this is long before Wesley Snipes. Back then, we were the blackest *** on the planet, according to Rick James." β€” Charlie Murphy
have you seen the Charlie Murphy part yet about Rick James? Fn hilarious!!
lol I heard Charlie Murphy say "niggerish" last night while watching the Rick James episode of Chappelle's Show.
I want to punch Kobe Bryant legs like Charlie Murphy did Rick James on Chappelle Show...
"I would had slapped her like Charlie Murphy did to Rick James" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I rarely whoop Ensley ... But night before last I had to beat her like Charlie Murphy did Rick James .and she still acting like I didn't just beat her ashcan .but this morning we got a real good laugh. I said "Ensley Where my belt I used on you the other night ...she said I really didn't get a good look at the Belt you was using moma. before some of yall take it too far.discipline ya kids at home and we won't have take 30 in the street
reminds me of the Charlie Murphy stories on Chappelle show... I'm Rick James beotch! Mountains of coke I am sure...
Wife just said Conor Murphy's name like Dave Chappelle/Rick James said Charlie Murphy's. Love her.
I REALLY with the East wasn't so bad...The Heat gets to cruise to the finals with the Knicks as the only semi-legitimate contender (terrible rebounding team about to get worse when Amare gets back). Meanwhile the teams in the West are like Eddie and Charlie Murphy stompin' Rick James' legs...just beating each other to *** Playoff series in the West will go 6 or 7 games and be physical and the heat will win each one in 5 games and be fresh for a Finals series. I dislike it, but everything is in Miami's favor right now. (That's 2 references to the Charlie Murphy/Rick James story in 2 days)
Charlie Murphy true Hollywood Story (Rick James) will forever be funny lmao
Ha! Β«RARE PHOTO of Rick James standing with β€œDarkness” himself… Charlie Murphy!!
Charlie Murphy left some key parts of the story out with him and Rick James...
the one where you were Charlie Murphy and jordan was Rick James and you told security you were gonna kick him out window
Dave Chappelle. Charlie Murphy. Rick James...I am laughing so hard the puppies wonder what's wrong with me!
Tim is now friends with Clayton Bigsby, Charlie Murphy, and Rick James.
Chappelle and the Charlie Murphy chronicles. The Prince story is almost as funny as the Rick James parodies.
Was going to go to bed, but I had to watch Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories: Rick James I'm Rick James beothch!
I watched Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories with Prince, and Rick James...PRICELESS!
After spending years in the shadow of his younger brother Eddie, Charlie Murphy broke out as one of the stars of Comedy Central's 'Chappelle's Show'. His hilarious stories of life in Hollywood -- including encounters with Rick James, Prince and more -- helped make the Comedy Central sketch show a hi...
you look like Charlie Murphy on Dave Chappelle in the Rick James skit
Dave Chappelle doing Rick James always cracks me up : " I never trampled all over Eddie Murphys couch, I got more class then that. Yeah I remember trampling on his couch, reason why I did it he can buy a new one" lmao Charlie Murphy lol
Dreamt I was hanging with a dude friend who had a gf, he tried to kiss me so I threw him into a mirror like Charlie Murphy did to Rick James
We'll beat his legs like Eddie an Charlie Murphy did to Rick James!!
She bout to *** outside too. Think I wanna smack her like Charlie Murphy did Rick James
That Charlie Murphy to Rick James smack. Smack so hard, make you think it happened weeks ago.
POST A COMMENT!!! part 1: Charlie Murphy on ball collapse, hanging at Rick James' house, and ball refill.
Charlie Murphy, Charlie Murphy I got my feet on your couch cause I am Rick James
i wanna hop out like Rick James and yell Charlie Murphy! and punch a bih in the forehead.
Eddie Murphy tribute on Spike TV...Charlie Murphy's on right now...DavidandTheresa Napier Jessica Kilistina Mumui... Dave Chappel, Rick James...'member?
I love the Charlie Murphy/Rick James episode of Chappelle's Show
Charlie Murphy and Rick James still crack me up.! When Rick James jumped on Eddie Murphy's Couch, Charlie and Eddie were beating his legs. At the same time, Rick James was calling them all kinds of names while he was taking a beating...! Rick James got tired and felt the pain of the beating! He literally crawled his way off the couch and out of the door...! It sounds silly but, a true Hollywood Story...! Smh lol..!
YouTube "Charlie Murphy true Hollywood Story Rick James". That's what I'm about to do to you
Go outside right now and look up at th sky. Now imagine th sky with zero stars. Nikki Walker is still 8 shades darker than what you just imagined. Charlie Murphy..."according to Rick James we was th darkest *** on th planet till nikki came along!"
Also, Charlie Murphy (texted me this yesterday. He and Rick James in the 80's.
Its Charlie Murphy, It's Rick James, NOooo IT'S BARACK OBAMA Beeeaaaccchhh! Im one of the baddest muthafof all time!!! Im one of the best singing muthas that ever lived! Hold my drink beeeaaaccchhh!! Its a celebration!! LMAO!!!
I think we will blame Charlie murphy for the next 4 years. *** you Rick James
Romney crawled away from this election like Rick James at Charlie Murphy`s house...
Lmao Dave Chapelle as Rick James * Classic when he slaps Charlie Murphy *
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Recently there was something posted on my timeline and commented on by my roommates that was borderline.Many of you who KNOW me KNOW that that was a joke and THANK YOU Warren Brooks for being intuitive and letting the whole universe know that I left my account open. All i have to say is that we are all different people and even thought some days I am not very mature there is a line that is well.I realize that like Charlie Murphy said ," Rick James was a habitual line-stepper, you draw a line and he jumps over it." I could seek revenge but GOD says, "VENGEANCE IS MINE SAYETH THE LORD." I am cool with this but I must remember that I am not home nor will I ever be anywhere on this planet or in this universe. JESUS said it best when HE uttered the words,"FATHER, FORGIVE them they know not what they do." However, I will not turn the other cheek and I will plot and wait for the chance to show you just how much GOD LOVES US.
I'mma punch this *** like Rick James punched Charlie Murphy!!!
I'mο»Ώ Rick James, he's Charlie Murphy, what's he gonna do?
Spent dinner laughing about how good a junkie Eddie Cane made on the Five heart beats and Sugar Hill. Charlie Murphy cracking on Prince and Rick James.
couldve sworn i saw the same aura Charlie Murphy was talmbout when he 1st met Rick sick 😰
Rick James and Charlie Murphy think the guys on Alabama defense are dark.
.One of the funniest skits in history, Marc. Dave Chappelle's "I'm Rick James, b1Β±h!". Miss him so much, and Charlie Murphy.
Lil Reese stomped her out like Charlie & Eddie Murphy stomped out Rick James
'Cocaine is a *** of-a drug'... Rick James lol. Charlie Murphy! Dave Chapelle never gets old
*** that IM3 trailer grabbed me and whipped my legs like it was Charlie Murphy and I was Rick James. "You as cold as ice."
Rick James: i don't grind my feet on people's couches like it is a hobby, like it is something I do. Yeah I remember grinding my feet on Charlie Murphy's couch. Mitt Romney: "We can't just kill our way out of this. My plan for anti-terrorism is to kill those who oppose us...? Screw it, I am watching MNF and the NLCS.
Dave Chappelle as Rick James: "Charlie Murphy! What's up partna? is where one of my two favorite catchphrases comes from. "That's how it's done son" the other, is from Aziz Ansari.
Yes, it is SATURDAY with MOViN Decades and Louie Vega! Spinnin' some Rick James and during the 80's @ 8 and HAD...
Y'all check out my new Mixtape Hosted by Charlie Murphy (Rick James Voice)? Its up on "Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol 215"
Ima treat the game the same way Rick James did Charlie Murphy
This weekend the world is Charlie Murphy's couch and I am Rick James
There was many drinks. Charlie Murphy,Rick James,and Hairy Buffaloes. Oh and the robot
I am, just like Rick James did to Charlie Murphy
I hate leg days. I feel like Rick James after messing up the Charlie Murphy's couch lol
What did the 5 fingers say to the face? Slap! -"Rick James" via Charlie Murphy and Dave Chapelle lol
in the Honorable words of Rick James... What am I gonna do about my LEGS Charlie Murphy!
This morning I got woken up by Trevor telling me stories about Rick James and Charlie Murphy.
do ha like Charlie Murphy did Rick James
Dave Chappelle never gets old, Especially the episode with Rick James and Charlie Murphy
Lmao she looked like rick james when Charlie Murphy kicked his *** into the mirror..
he hit her with that Charlie Murphy uppercut. made Rick James ask her what did the 4 knuckles say to the chin...UPPERCUT!!"
That is equal to the Charlie Murphy kick of Rick James
was stronger that when Rick James punched Charlie Murphy
that uppercut has replaced "Charlie Murphy slapped by Rick James" and "debo uppercut against red" and also every Bruce lee fighting scene"
What's he gonna do? Slap me? I'm Rick James, he's Charlie Murphy.
Lmaoo she look like Charlie Murphy when he played in that Rick James skit
I fell like Rick James felt after he realized he smacked Charlie Murphy...dang,i really forgot..cush is a *** of a drug
Charlie Murphy tells us about his encounters with Rick James
Everytime to mention him, I see Dave Chapelle dressed like Rick James and hear Charlie Murphy in my head.
is saying, "Jim Lehrer is going to make me go Rick James with the five fingers to Charlie Murphy's face on him, if he doesn't start actually moderating this debate. This is the 300th time Mushmouth Mitt has pushed past his time."
I might not be able to chunk hands like Roy jones but I could slap you like Rick James did Charlie Murphy real quick!
So Kalinda and her husband are like Charlie Murphy and Rick James.
That and Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories about Rick James
I'm dressing up as Rick James for Halloween.. All I need is a Charlie Murphy to butch slap... COLD BLOODED!!
Hey you just saw Charlie Murphy, did he do any Rick James stories in his set last night?
"Weisman just showed that Minnesota safety as much respect as Rick James showed Charlie Murphy's couch."
I like my chicken the way Rick James likes his Charlie Murphy: DARKNESS!
"Charlie Murphy Why'd you hit me?" I'm Rick James your Charlie Murphy. How you gonna hit me?"
Officially to the age where we need comfortable mattresses and pillows from a hotel. I feel like Rick James when Charlie Murphy went to town on his legs;)
If you got hot,angry tears welling up in your eyes like when Charlie Murphy slapped Rick James at the China Club
Rick James dwells in the abyss, and he wants company . . . Sometimes. -Charlie Murphy.
Charlie Murphy! You know you just read that in Rick James voice
"I must be losin' my mind, reminiscin' about Charlie Murphy kickin' MY *** " -- Rick James
The morning after your first day back in the gym always feels like Eddie and Charlie Murphy did a Rick James all over your upper body. Crap.
Charlie Murphy told his True Hollywood Story but even Rick James wouldnt try this.
Charlie Murphy and Rick James' skits on the Chapelle Show πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­, wild!
When people say "you is" I just want to kick them like Charlie Murphy kicked Rick James
Like I said we will see. The Nole's are Rick James, and those lizards or gators or whatever y'all are is Charlie Murphy πŸ‘ŠUNITY
The Hollywood true stories that Charlie Murphy did on The Chappelle Show with Rick James is probably the funniest thing I've seen him do..
Ok. What's the one thing that makes you laugh no matter how many times you see it or hear it? For me its the Dave Chappell skit about Rick James." come here Charlie Murphy so I fan slap you" rotfl lmbo
Watching Chappelle show.Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Story of Rick James is still just as funny as it ever was...holy balls am I laughing!!!
So I went skating and had one heck of a night! I didn't know how much I missed my skate fam. But let me tell you, I ain't 20 no more. My legs feel like Rick James after he got stomped on by Charlie Murphy.
Dave introduces The Love Contract and the first of Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories featuring Rick James
Got *** !! the foul mouths of these females on buses are disgusting. I wish I would bring one of Yall tricks home to my raise. She would slap me like Rick James did Charlie Murphy. Smh.
He hibitually crossed the line, he was a hibitual line crosser - Charlie murphy referring to Rick James
β€œHe habitually stepped over the line. He was a habitual line-stepper” -Charlie Murphy on Rick James. Sounds like me all over.
I'm so high on OTC's right now that I'm beginning to think the "Twilight" saga was a good idea. Alka-Seltzer cold and flu is a powerful drug. I wonder if Rick James had the flu when he grinded his feet into Charlie Murphy's couch?
I saw that and immediately thought about Rick James and Charlie Murphy.
I think the "Charlie Murphy, Rick James" story on The Chappelle Show was one of the best skits
Lmao at this Rick James and Charlie Murphy extended interview on the Dave Chapelle show dvd,lol Rick James keeping it 2 real:-D r.i.p mane
Part 1 of Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories series about hanging out with Rick James in the 80s.
Gonna try and keep my mind off the obvious, but its hard when u lose a brother. I could never "get over" losing my brother. Like Forest Gump said, me & JoBree Platt were "together like peas & carrots". Everyone knew...we look, thought, dress, and act so much alike. Many were surprised that we were cousins and not brothers...we even took the name that Rick James called Eddie & Charlie Murphy.DARKNESS BROTHERS! We even joked about who's darker. I remember when I first got to Tampa and he moved in with me how we use to go to the bowling alley with CJ & the crew and just have a good time. Drinking 'trone at the club til we stumbled out..Bro kept a Henny on ice in his hand. Going jetsking at Clearwater Beach. Or how he would act after I got a tat...i can hear him now, "bruh how many u got now??? 15?!?! N---a you dont get tats no more.U ARE A TATTOO!!! Words cant express how much I miss you! Still hard to believe that you won't answer when I call(trust me I tried) faith in God is strong and I ...
I wasn't going to do this any more butt I heard a little thing from Chuck Norris' (wife, girlfriend, *** you make the choice). According to aging has-beens wife.IF YOU VOTE FOR Barrack Obama, YOU WILL BE PLUNGING AMERICA INTO 1000 (that's one thousand mind you.not four but 1000) YEARS OF DARKNESS! unquote. I find it funny that we have been in four years of darkness (that's what Rick James used to call Eddie and Charlie Murphy) and the only answer the reps can come up with is two of the WHITEST guys in America. Maybe the new republican slogan (they can't seem to stick with just one) should be."REPUBLICANS! DISPELLING THE DARKNESS! YOU know what we mean?" .Holy s$My question is.How low can they go? Just keep'll see.
Just entered the Insanity workout craze! I feel like Charlie Murphy's couch after Rick James's dirty boots were stomped all over it.
And when I say chest kick I mean like the one Charlie Murphy gives Rick James in chappelles show
The Dave Chappelle/Rick James/Charlie Murphy skit on Chappelle's Show is one of the greatest moments of sketch television.
Charlie Murphys True Hollywood Story Rick James hits Charlie Murphy on the forehead with the famous UNITY ring! I do not own this video. No copyright intended.
(In my Rick James voice) What am I susposed to do about my legs Charlie Murphy!?!
I would go to a party with Rick James and Charlie Murphy. yeaaa
Watching Charlie murphy's true Hollywood Story "Rick James" and thought of
I feel like Rick James when Charlie Murphy whipped his legs!!!
I have asked the lord to help me with my anger issue, because I know it can only lead me down a road I don't want to take, but why someone I truly dislike ring my bell. So of course my anger got the best of me. And I started to think about Charlie Murphy kicking Rick James into the mirror. Lord please continue to work with me.
Talking w/Charlie Murphy (about Rick James, Prince, and the pussification of the world:
I don't think I've met anyone that loves Dave Chappelle as much as my husband. When he watches Dave Chappelle Show, he laughs so hard he is in tears. Can't even talk about him without him re-living out the skits for his show, especially the ones about Charlie Murphy & Rick James. Watched it early, he is still recovering from his laughing fits.
Just cuz He's the God of love, don't think He won't smash ya/ try'na raise kids, not a bunch of little bastadas/ a child without correction is a child with no love/ hope, future, no dreams to dream of/ that's why the Lord check ya like, Charlie-Murphy/ habitual line stepper, Rick James, so He check' em-early/ or would you prefer the feel the full extent of your sin?/ you need to praise the Lord cuz you should be dead within/ also without, what you didn't know the price/ it's death, so don't obey your thirst, it's not Sprite/ you may be mad at your present state or injury/ but trust the Lord, without Him, you'd be in misery/ did you forget, you have demons, after your soul?/ only One stopping them, from taking hold/they battleships, but they still at bay/ cuz Jesus said, hold your peace and stay away/ so instead of cursing, your current state of being/ praise Jesus, cuz through Him, you're still winning!
So I just found out that I will be playing in the Arbella Golf Outing at Salem Country Club in Peabody (pronounced Pea-biddy if you don't live in MA)..I get out of work to go golfing the whole day! Stoked? a little.but more nervous and concerned than anything. Haven't touched my clubs since last year and I couldn't tell you the last course I played. I hear that Salem CC is a really really nice private you can imagine that it will be highly frowned upon if I start digging up their greens..Like Rick James on Charlie Murphy's couch..What should I do?! Do you think I maybe should think about getting in some practice or do you think I can get away with just buying a shiny new putter?
I could watch the Rick James and Charlie Murphy sketch on The Chappelle Show a billion times and think it's equally hilarious each time.
True story: seems like 20 hours behind the wheel and what comes on the iPod as we reach our final exit - Rick James - Bustin Out. True story - as Charlie Murphy would say.
I must be losing my mind...sitting here reminiscing about Charlie Murphy kicking my *** ..ain't that a B!!! - Rick James
My aura is so bright today! Like the 1st time Charlie Murphy saw Rick James lol an orange glow
Just wanting to who other besides me finds the episodes of Dave Chappelle Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories, Hilarious! Especially the episode basket ball with Pince. Shirts against the Blouses! My favorite is Rick James!!
if you haven't already go watch Charlie murphy Rick James clips, they are brilliant bruv!!
I love the Charlie Murphy stories so much. Especially the Rick James ones.
Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Story of Rick James , has me cry laughing everytime I watch it ..
Laughed all day at Dave Chapelle as Rick James slapping Charlie Murphy, did the same at Rickey Smiley as Lil Darryl and to top it off singing "baabaay, and you know I really love yooou" with Mike Epps. A day of laughs...I wouldn't have it any other way.
El Chapo and El Hefe, like Rick James and Charlie Murphy lmfao " come have sex with charlie murphy bxtch" lmao
now that you mention it Charlie Murphy, I'm bleeding inside my chest.. Come smoke the weed with your boy Rick James
you honestly didn't laugh at the Rick James or Prince skits wit Charlie Murphy?? Or the skit wit John Mayer? 😭
Highlight of my vacay- my mom had a dream about Charlie Murphy kicking Rick James in the chest after I made her watch Chappelle's Show.
Lin and Fields now have enough money to treat Landry's couch like Rick James did Charlie Murphy's. Nobody's sleeping on that thing again.
"What is he gonna slap me back im Rick James He's Charlie Murphy" Rick James
Lol the Rick James and charlie murphy episode of Chapell show is one of my favorites. Next to real mad world.
smokin wit Rick James would be wild! We should ask Charlie Murphy lol
Just like Dave Chappelle & Rick James (RIP) did to Charlie Murphy, the WWE's own AJ asked both CM Punk & Daniel Bryant that same ole question on Raw: What did the 5 fingers said to the face and the response didn't come with an ordinary SLAP but a double slap
Hollywood true story's with Charlie Murphy and Rick James 1-3
lmao remember when Charlie Murphy told his story how he met Rick James? lmaooo
the Rick James n prince thing with Charlie Murphy are my fab episodes. I shoulda neva gave u n*s money.
lmfao looking at the Dave Chappelle files with my co-workers when Charlie Murphy told his Rick James stories
My legs are sore.. I feel like Rick James gets f**ked up on the Sofa by Eddie and Charlie Murphy
Those.dirty cowboy boots on "Rick James" in the Charlie Murphy sketches on Dave Chappele always have me dying.
I had no idea Rick James was in Jedi. He led Han off when Jaba caught them. We need Charlie Murphy.
something tells me Rick James really slapped TF outta Charlie Murphy.
Charlie Murphy its a celebration, in my rick James voice.
If there's anyone out there I just want it to be known Charlie Murphy's true Hollywood Story : Rick James is on Comedy Central
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