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Charlie Murphy

Charles Quinton Charlie Murphy (born July 12, 1959) is an American actor, comedian, and writer notable as being a cast member and writer on the Comedy Central sketch-comedy series Chappelle's Show.

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should do one of the "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" on SNL to tribute to Charlie Murphy 🙏☝👼
Stars remember Charlie Murphy and his 'True Hollywood Stories' - USA TODAY -
Take a minute today and watch Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories. An amazing storyteller and a very funny man.
Just finished watching Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories. I'm laughing like I watched them for the first time…
RIP Charlie Murphy. True Hollywood Stories arguably the greatest sketch of all time.
Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories were the best. RIP Charlie Murphy.
Sad to hear Charlie Murphy died, his True Hollywood Stories were some of the funniest things I've ever heard, RIP
Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories are some of the best sketches in the history of the known universe. RIP.CM. https:…
I forgot Chappelle's Show was coming on tonight...did I miss Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories???
This year's Seder had us replacing the word "God" with Carrie Fisher, Don Rickles, Charlie Murphy, John Hurt, George Michael, & Bill Paxton.
Jay Pharoah gets emotional talking about Charlie Murphy via
Prince, George Michael & Charlie Murphy were all part of my childhood. I grew up idolizing their talents. *** all gone in just 1 year. 🥀
Somewhere, Dan Rooney, Charlie Murphy, and Paul Walker are all hanging out in heaven because they want me to enjoy my bday weekend
This was some of Charlie Murphy's best voice over work 😂
Charlie Murphy and I, 8 years ago in a diner in NJ. Rest In Peace!
I’m sorry, Charlie Murphy. I was having too much fun - Amy Winehouse
Charles complete *** made SMART REMARK about Charlie Murphy being with GEorge Harrison! s…
I saw Charlie Murphy in Tampa at the Get Down tour with George Lopez and at the time his jokes was all about appreciating life.
Because they always happen in 3s. First, Don Rickles. Second, Charlie Murphy... Here's hoping the third is Amy Schumer's career.
People we are willing to exchange for Charlie Murphy. Danielle Bregolli. Casey Anthony. George Zimmerman. Donald Trump.
"He was a HABITUAL line-stepper...". RIP Charlie Murphy, whose storytelling was hilarious and unforgettable.
Charlie Murphy's first big role came in the Chris Rock & Nelson George penned "CB4" as Gusto opposite Chris Rock.
Charlie Murphy has gone to the Player Haters Ball in the sky. Pour some water outta Buck Nasty's Momma's dish.
I liked a video George Lopez and Charlie Murphy interview on Good Day LA
Dang, Charlie Murphy is gone and Bernie Mac is gone but, Amy Schumer trash *** still alive?!
Prince on his way to Heaven's gates to meet Charlie Murphy
Dave Chappelle gives a moving tribute to his friend Charlie Murphy
When I think of Charlie Murphy, I think of this sketch from Dave Chappelle show re the Prince invite to play basket…
Dave Chappelle gives moving tribute to the late Charlie Murphy:
First off that John show was sick. Second off Dave Chappelle came out last song to honor Charlie Murphy. Crazy!
Emotional moment last night when John Mayer brought Dave Chappelle on stage to pay tribute to Charlie Murphy, who passed…
If Comedy Central is going to do a tribute about Charlie Murphy, they better get Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy involved! R.I…
Charlie Murphy gave us the best Hollywood stories ever.. Dave Chappelle helped make it iconic.. RIP Darkness
For all my conspiracy people off of funny Dave Chappelle comes back Charlie Murphy died f* Luminati
Watching a little Dave Chappelle today in memories of Charlie Murphy
Charlie Murphy recalls the first time Dave Chappelle saw him do stand up w/ .
John Mayer brought out Dave Chappelle to help close his show in Columbus last night with a tribute to Charlie Murphy
Dave Chappelle just showed up to the John Mayer concert for a Charlie Murphy tribute
I haven't seen anything as funny as Charlie Murphy & Dave Chappelle's skits on the Chappelle's Show!
Wow. I woke up just now and I heard Charlie Murphy just pass away..and I just did a music video dedicating a...
"Why did God have to take Charlie Murphy, couldn't he have just taken Amy Schumer?". Well because he clearly wanted so…
From MC Gusto, to Buck Nasty, to Vic on Black Jesus… I’ve really been laughing w/Charlie Murphy for my whole *** life. *** …
Michelle Beadle MIGHT think Charlie Murphy is the same person as J.B. Smoove
Charlie Murphy will always be Buck Nasty to me. RIP.
Charlie Murphy the voice actor of ED has past away today, he will be missed by many fans 🙏
Yes, Charlie Murphy really did have a wild night out with Rick James in the '80s
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Charlie Murphy left his mark. No hyperbole I think his Rick James story is the single funniest moment in television his…
At the end of SportsNation Michelle Beadle thought Charlie Murphy was on Curb Your Enthusiasm...that would be JB Smooth.…
RIP Charlie Murphy, I don’t know if there was ever a funnier TV sketch than this, like, in history. .
Few things make me laugh as hard as Charlie Murphy doing the Buck Nasty shakes as soon as someone yells "action"
Ed Wuncler, Buck Nasty, but most importantly, himself. Rest in Peace, Charlie Murphy.
Sad to hear that Charlie Murphy aka Buck Nasty has passed away. But RIP to the nastiest hater
Charlie Murphy, brother of Eddie, dies aged 57
Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy's brother and 'Chappelle's Show' star, dead at 57
TMZ has reported that Charlie Murphy, the oldest brother of Eddie Murphy, has died.
ATTN media: DO NOT use the headline "Eddie Murphy's brother dead." His name is Charlie Murphy and we know it. Respect him.…
Eddie Murphy and family mourn Charlie Murphy: 'Our hearts are heavy'
Eddie Murphy talking about his brother Charlie 😂🙏 . RIP Charlie Murphy.
Charlie Murphy when he sees Rick James in Heaven
Charlie Murphy. Man..this is so sad. He died of leukemia & his wife Tisha died of cervical cancer back in '09 - much ❤️…
RIP Charlie Murphy this was one of the funniest skits ever
Charlie Murphy arrives at the gates of heaven. . Prince: How about a game of Basketball?
Every time I see his name I still can't believe it. All I keep hearing in my head is Dave Chappelle as Rick James saying, "Charlie Murphy!"
And while Charlie Murphy didn't have a big role in Harlem Nights he was featured prominently throughout the film. https…
Charlie Murphy was such a brilliant storyteller. RIP.
A piece of my childhood is gone... Rest in Peace, Charlie Murphy.
Ugh another great one gone too soon. Thanks for making us laugh, you will be missed.😔 RIP Charlie Murphy 🙏🏾
Comedian Charlie Murphy, featured on "Chappelle's Show" and older brother of Eddie Murphy, has died at age 57.
Rick James gon pick Charlie Murphy up at Heaven's gate like...
Real *** know who Charlie Murphy is... no need to add Eddie Murphys "brother" . y'all trippin
Charlie Murphy made my childhood something to remember
R.I.P. Charlie Murphy, the man who taught us to not be a "habitual line-stepper."
5 'Chappelle's Show' sketches starring Charlie Murphy that defined the show
Rest in peace, Charlie Murphy. Your legend will live on forever.
RIP Charlie Murphy!. Rick James waiting at the pearly gates like... "Darkness, come here!"
Eddie Wuncler III was Charlie Murphy's best work on The Boondocks 😭
*** sorry to hear about my friend Charlie Murphy. He took a chance on a young director in The Player's Club. Always made me…
Funny, kind, talented and so much fun to be around. RIP Charlie Murphy. You will be missed.
One of my FAVORITE Charlie Murphy moments:. "That boy got stretch pants..." 😂
Rest well Charlie Murphy. Thanks for one of the greatest comedy sketches in the history of time and space.
Thanks to 1 of the Funniest, Nicest. Charlie Murphy, Comedian and 'Chappelle's Show' Star, Dead at 57 -Rolling Stone https…
I have to watch the Rick James and Charlie Murphy skit out of respect tonight
"Charlie Murphy lost his battle with leukemia" . Me:
Here is a video of Eddie Murphy imitating Charlie Murphy. It's spot on.
That episode of chappelle show where Charlie Murphy told the prince story is still one of the funniest things I've seen.
Charlie Murphy was a great man. God bless, we already miss you.
Comedy legend Charlie Murphy has died at 57 years old after a battle with Leukemia.
Prayers going out to Charlie Murphy... it's a sad day for the world, may you rest in paradise 🙏🏽💙
Allen Iverson talking about the 1st time he played against MJ, he references Charlie Murphy's Rick James story 😂 http…
Oh man, Michelle Beadle confused Charlie Murphy for JB Smoove. Said she loved Charlie when he joined Curb Your Enthusi…
Michelle Beadle said she loved Charlie Murphy on Curb Your Enthusiasm. He was never on that show. That was J.B. Smo…
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Let's not forget one of the funniest characters voiced by Charlie Murphy. Ed Wuncler III
I can see the starting 5..Prince, Charlie Murphy, Rick James, Richard Pryor and Wilt Chamberlain
*** RIP Charlie Murphy hopefully they got new suede couches up there
RIP Charlie Murphy, his legacy will last a lifetime. Thank you for your laughter & light.
Charlie Murphy will forever be iconic for getting slapped by Rick James and turning it into a Chappelle Show skit.
Charlie Murphy and Prince gotta have a rematch in heaven for the culture 🙏🏾🏀. Game. Blouses
When you realize Charlie Murphy, Prince and Rick James are all gone.
Charlie Murphy just got his basketball rematch with Prince. Blouses won by 95 points, & then it started raining pancake…
Charlie Murphy dying hurt like when Bernie MacK passed smh
I am absolutely heartbroken to learn of the death of Charlie Murphy. What a funny and talented man.
Truly saddened to hear about the loss of Charlie Murphy... He will seriously be missed...
Charlie Murphy. Rest in Power. Condolences to the family.
Its so crazy to think that from Harlem Nights Robin Harris, Della Reese, Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor and now Charlie Murphy are all dead smh
Okay god can we get back Charlie Murphy and replace him with Donald Trump? Like just this one solid, please.
For some reason I immediately thought of "Harlem Nights." Charlie Murphy & Robin Harris gon' fire everybody up at the dinner ta…
Harlem Nights had all the black comedy legends, Eddie & Charlie Murphy, Pryor, Redd Foxx, Robin Harris, Della, Arsenio,…
Charlie Murphy has died at 57 after a battle with Leukemia:
Charlie Murphy and Prince about to have a mean *** celebrity basketball game
I hope Charlie Murphy and Prince are playing hoops and eating pancakes
you really should make a statement about the tragic loss of American hero Charlie Murphy
Charlie Murphy was unforgettable & this clip (found via of Eddie imitating his brother is proof!
Every time you hear thunder, it's actually Charlie Murphy up in heaven kicking Rick James in the chest Murphy ht…
Gone way too soon. RIP, Charlie Murphy. Thank you for the laughs.
RIP to the story telling comedic GOAT, Charlie Murphy (Eddie Murphy's older brother if you're wondering) hope you & Rick…
Sad to hear about Charlie Murphy man a funny dude and a well respected brother for the people and the streets
Bernie MacK, Robin Williams, and now Charlie Murphy! My world is a lil sadder today. Charlie
Thank you for the laughter and memories. Rest Well, Mr. Charlie Murphy.
Charlie Murphy dies & Heidi Montag is pregnant with Spencer Pratt's demon seed.
RIP Charlie Murphy dont forget he was the funniest white guy in the boondocks
NO! Charlie Murphy is one of the greatest storytellers I've ever heard in my life! My heart goes out to his family and…
R.I.P. Charlie Murphy. Your True Hollywood Stories about Prince & Rick James alone get you into my personal Comedy Hall of Fame.
How Prince greeted Charlie Murphy when he arrived in heaven
😢 Charlie Murphy was apart of the last of a dying breed Eddie Murphy Martin Lawrence Bernie MacK that type of comedy don't exsist no more
.pays tribute to Charlie Murphy: "We just lost one of the funniest most real brothers of all time"
RIP Charlie Murphy. We'll never forgot how hard you kicked Rick James into that mirror.
Charlie Murphy & Prince rematch pickup game in heaven . Rest in paradise.
You know how many hacks I'd sacrifice to get George Carlin, Chris Farley, Bernie MacK, Patrice O'Neal, and Charlie Murphy back?
lmao I'm more of a Charlie Murphy person myself. Have you see his "Get Your Cookin' On…
Breaking news: Aidan Gillen has joined the cast of along with Charlie Murphy. Also, Charlotte Riley wi…
The name Charlie Murphy just showed up the cast listing of a Brontë sisters bio, and for a brief glorious moment I let myself imagine …
I hope she flew back Like Rick James after Charlie Murphy hit em with a Bruce lee cross kick
it's been 2 months Charlie. I miss you more everyday. I see it's of you in Murphy, which makes it harder. I miss yo…
When your X gene kicks in and you see Charlie Murphy...
It’s official. is joining the fam. Check out more on his role from
A chance to win an audio copy of Provoked! This is Neil and his girl Charlie's story!
His comedy reminds me of Bernie Mac + Charlie Murphy Love his videos 😂
Ernest mama lookin' good. I still need to ask her bout Eddie and Charlie Murphy nem though
Ernest need to get a DNA test, cuz he GOT to be related to Charlie Murphy nem
Only watched these again yesterday with my son. Charlie Murphy is the man - shirts vs blouses 😂
on the plus side maybe Charlie Murphy can give you hater of the year at the playa haters ball
Charlie Murphy is the most underrated comedian EVER
You fit right in w Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Stories. I'm dead
Prince beating charlie murphy at bball and the Rick James story are the two greatest stories ever told
Voice, for sure. Charlie Murphy, Jon H Benjamin, Shy Glizzy... all physically unattractive men (to me) with attract…
Murphy too often cares more about appearing to look smart than actually delivering sound analysis.
David Murphy, the day Charlie Manuel got fired, had zero idea what was going on, even though he covered the Phillies.
Lmaoo charlie murphy's voice is hilarious
Domhnall featured in Charlie Murphy's latest short film inspired by love for her nephew who has Down syndrome…
lol throwback to last year when I was showing that to someone and I scrolled too far and a teacher was walking past me
I keep having nightmares that I'm in high school again and it's the deadline for the senior paper which I haven't started. Scary af
Lavelle Crawford, George Lopez, Charlie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Michael Che are my fave stand up comedians of right now
I really miss The Chapelle Show 😂😂😂! Dave's reenactment of Charlie Murphy and Rick James was pure gold.
The best weird stories about from Questlove, Charlie Murphy, and Kevin
02-05 The best weird stories about Prince, from Questlove, Charlie Murphy, and Kevin
Frank Stallone should make an Expendables-type movie with Joel Murray, Kevin Dillon, Clint Howard, Beau Bridges and Charlie Murphy.
It's true. Dave Chapelle and Charlie Murphy on Prince, which is one of many reasons why Rebecca is one of the best…
A reference is when you say like Charlie Murphy would say "Miz is a habitual line stepper". David Otunga didn't say that.
Who does David Otunga think he is Charlie Murphy? Calling Miz a habitual line stepper
Did David Otunga just quote Charlie Murphy? Yes, yes he did
Dammit. Why is Big Boi in this movie? Can get 1/2 of Outkast,Ja Rule, Wendy Williams & Charlie Murphy for this gig but no Maas?
Eddie Murphy's brother Charlie Murphy is joining the fourth season of on Starz.
Can someone please paste as Charlie Murphy???
Paul Harvey: "And now you know the REST of the story...". Chapelle show, Charlie Murphy, Prince, Basketball
To think I'm gonna sit here and tell you a story about Charlie Murphy whippin' *my* *** ...
love the Dave Chappell story.. and the Charlie Murphy after story
Who been in more black movies? Charlie Murphy or Clifton Powell . CC:
Cedric the Entertainer, George Lopez, Eddie Griffin, Charlie Murphy, and D.L. Hughley are all at the Philips Arena this Friday??? 😳😳
. so far this morning, Jasmine Guy and Charlie Murphy
Charlie Murphy's wife had a terminal disease, Tracey Morgan lost his best friend in the crash.
Prince vs Charlie Murphy in basketball, Making The Band, and The Racial Draft
according to Charlie Murphy, Prince kicked his butt at basketball, and then he made…
There is an interview where Charlie Murphy said Prince was like Stephen Curry on the court. When he said that I was like ***
Feel like Charlie Murphy in the Rick James skit rn
I added a video to a playlist Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Stories Rick James
Just skip to the part where the Time Haters led by Dave Chappelle and Charlie Murphy show up.
Charlie Murphy's laugh always gets me
Charlie Murphy's legendary basketball story about Prince? Yeah, it's true
George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, Charlie Murphy, and Eddie Griffin. Saw it in Oakland and Sacramento.
wronge wronge (Charlie Murphy voice) .not till theyre down in this round
I can't look at Rick James without thinking of him slapping Charlie Murphy
Spent a night filled with laughter for Mother's Day with my family at the Improv, headliner Charlie Murphy.
doesn't get the attention of the Charlie Murphy skits, but it's just as funny. Cambodian breast milk line kills me every time
speaking of podcasts...what happened to the Charlie Murphy podcast? the account RTs the network podcasts still. weird.
Looks like Prince really did used to drag Charlie Murphy on the court.
"Actin blacker than a Bernie Mac, 2 Charlie Murphy's and Akon"
The Chapelle’s Show is on and it’s the episode when Charlie Murphy play basketball with Prince 😂
Prince vs charlie Murphy is hilarious
I've spent the last 4 hours listening to mixtapes on spinrilla
Too funny, just stumbled on this gem, funnier now then when it cam out. via
Is anybody else excited for chance the rapper to drop his new mixtape?
Tried listening to lil yachty's mixtape and I couldn't get past the first song
It doesn't matter how many times I see the Dave Chapelle/Charlie Murphy "Rick James" skit, I still cry with laughter https…
have you ever seen Charlie Murphy's Hollywood stories? Hilarious
That goes up there with Charlie Murphy and Kevin Smith's anecdotes: Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute to Prince via
I'll Come in like Charlie Murphy and use my pimp hand
The Prince & Charlie Murphy skit of Chappelle's Show is on 😂😭
lol after the games he makes his teammates muffins like prince did to Charlie Murphy
Watching Chappelle reruns and just realized both of the celebrities featured in Charlie Murphy's Hollywood stories are gone:(
Charlie Murphy x Rick James episode is on too!! My favorite episode!
Just saw Alice Cooper and long story short I ended up with his cane after fighting a mob of ppl for it
Charlie Murphy played his game against Prince in the 80s though.
That *** wanna pick on that girl while he looking like Eddie Levert and Charlie Murphy love child FOH
Woke up to Charlie Murphy's Rick James True Hollywood Story, so thank you. Also, was fantastic last night.
Charlie Murphy should have his own show based off of his true Hollywood story sketches from Chappelle's Show.
The Rick James story and the Prince story told by Charlie Murphy are top 5 greatest Dave Chappelle show skits.
Listen to Prince discussing Chappelle Show / Charlie Murphy skit (2004.04.19) on SoundCloud.
The Dave Chappelle/Charlie Murphy sketch about Prince hoops is great. But Prince talking about it? Legendary.
Follow in the Footsteps of Charlie Murphy at
I just watched Chapelle Show Prince & Charlie Murphy now Rick James 😭😂
When Rick James got slapped by Charlie Murphy and asks why, then says he slapped Charlie a week ago when he just did it I lost it bruh 😂
Cannon kicked me in my chest like when Charlie Murphy kicked Rick James into that mirror and he coughed up blood.
can't beat Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories! The best
Rare photo of Prince standing over Charlie Murphy after a game of bball. Chapelle show fans will understand..
Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Stories still undefeated
Well it was called Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories
This is really Charlie Murphy on the floor after a game of basketball with Prince. The internet remains undefeated.
😂😂😂 the picture that started "True Hollywood Stories with Charlie Murphy"
June 3rd George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, Eddie Griffin, and Charlie Murphy in Denver. Buying my ticket soon!
Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories Prince via RIP Prince You will be missed!
Great pic!! Even if it is not Charlie Murphy.. love this story about 🏀
Never a bad time to watch this again. Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories - Prince - Uncensored
LMAO Charlie Murphy really seen that *** aura man. I believe everything he said in them True Hollywood Stories 😂 😂 😂
Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories bit about Prince on Chappelle's Show stands the test of time:
Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories: you are so missed
A really funny Prince story from Charlie Murphy
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Charlie Murphy gotta do a spin off and bring back "True Hollywood Stories"
Laughter is cure all I just had a gr8 laugh watching Dave Chappelle & Charlie Murphy do that Prince sketch about basketball & pancakes😂
I'm sure Prince got a kick out of Charlie Murphy's take on him
ok Dave Chappelle 'playing Prince' - I have laughed time and time - and Charlie Murphy. I LOVE Dave Chappelle's comedy.
In honor of prince's death ,I gotta watch the Dave Chappell episode of Charlie Murphy playing basket at his house 😂😂
Or else me, Dave Chappell, Charlie Murphy & Eddie Murphy gon come thru and wreck the set to drag…
and Dave Chappell. Where's Charlie Murphy (please don't call him)
This was well documented by Charlie Murphy and Dave Chapelle, FYI
Here is an uncensored version of that brilliant Dave Chappelle skit about Prince vs Charlie Murphy in basketball:.
She turned around with that Prince expression like Dave Chappelle made when Charlie Murphy insulted him on the court.
i've watched the skit of Charlie Murphy & Dave Chappelle's reenactment of meeting Prince at least three times since yesterday.
Prince's reaction to the Dave Chappelle/Charlie Murphy skit:
“Micki Free is not a girl,” kills me every time. Charlie Murphy is a raconteur. .
The Comedy Get Down was funny. Cedric the Entertainer, Charlie Murphy, George Lopez, D.L. Hughley and Eddie Griffin.
Charlie Murphy talking about meeting Prince after the Chappelle Show Skit: too funny
My favorite memory of Prince was on Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories
Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories is one of the best bits ever.
That Prince versus Charlie Murphy basketball skit is one of Dave Chappelle's best skits ever hands down
The only memory I have of is when Dave Chappelle played him during a skit on Chappelle show. He balled tf out on Charlie Murphy
Revisit epic Prince stories from Questlove, Charlie Murphy and more:
Never forget that Charlie Murphy was telling the truth. (via
When you though your boy was Charlie Murphy. But in reality it was Colin Moriarty.
When Prince challenged Charlie Murphy to a game of hoops that's who Russ turns into when he steps on court
Two goals apiece for today for myett10 and Charlie Murphy. smcmlax @ Saint…
I wish Charlie Murphy could tell us all about it.
I need to hear some of Charlie Murphy's stories in person.
Charlie Murphy mite be the funniest *** on earth
not really. Charlie Wilson's War maybe. I think Eddie Murphy's distinguished gentleman was a republican!
It may only be a couple' Johnsonvilles, but the queue is up and running for the season. I feel just like Charlie Murphy!
I feel like Charlie Murphy after he got punched with the unity ring from Rick James " my forehead is bumping " hungover af :b
I miss Chappelle's Show. And my god do I miss Charlie Murphy.
Meet The Black's movie wise was trash, but Mike Epps, Michael Blackson, and Charlie Murphy had me dead
Prince got endless hits,he's smart,and he cooked pancakes for Charlie Murphy when he beat him in the game of basketball. Game.
I liked a video Eddie Murphy does a Charlie Murphy 1
look up Charlie Murphy on Instagram, he'll be doing mine
🎧 on for this Vine by charlie murphy
Have you jammed the Champs? (. Charlie Murphy and Qest Love on the last episode was good.
Charlie Murphy's narration shows true storytelling skill. "Make sure your people is there to see the game!"
lmao he do low key and Charlie Murphy
character in the kids' movie is named Charlie Murphy, and all I can think of is
Charlie Murphy Band is in Manchaca, Texas at the The Stardust Club at 9pm. Bandspan Austin, Texas
Charlie Murphy's face is hilarious here
Got digimon for the ps4 today. I'm so nerdy
burn in *** Charlie and may God grant john peace
you talk about Charlie Murphy on the show, when are you gonna have him on, Joe?! We need his stories
Philippe Philoppe and Charlie Murphy like your link.: "Any friends in CORNWALL or INDONESIA..."
I don't see "Silky Johnson", "Buck Nasty" or "Charlie Murphy" on there? -Oops, thought this was player haters bad.
George Lopez, Cedric the entertainer, D.L Hughley*, Charlie Murphy all together on a comedy tour? I needs.
Heavy debate about this comedy show George Lopez is my guy him and Charlie Murphy funny asf
The comedy get down was hilarious! George Lopez, Eddie Griffin, Charlie Murphy, D. L. Hughley and Cedric the entertainer all nailed it!
Ben affleck is bae so it can't be too bad lol
I watch this Charlie Murphy clip at least once every couple of months:
Great comedy show tonight with Murphy funny bones.
My guy Charlie Murphy had me hollerin *** funny as ***
Great memory. Backstage at Improv with Charlie Murphy 4 years ago today. You already know. Look…
any specific incidents you're referring or were those Angels Vinny Murphy, Charlie Redmond, Ciaran Whelan just not good enough?
I definately wanna see Charlie Murphy Bruce Bruce and John Witherspoon
"I'm rich B***h " 󾌴󾌴󾌴 Look who stopped by the station to wish me luck for the show tonight! 󾌧 Charlie Murphy...
Clearly the giant bed was meant for Charlie the cat and 'not' our 50 pound dogs. ;)
Back to back HOME RUNS by Jackson Murphy and Charlie Tisdale! Bringing the score against Headland 3-0 B4
Kunzer-Murphy is an Incompetent Buffoon. What an embarrassing coaching search! Shades of Charlie Cavagnaro.
nobody was going tell me Cedric the Entertainer Eddie Griffin DL Hughley George Lopez & Charlie Murphy coming to the first Niagara center 😧
Fredd E. Redd with Charlie Murphy! His show is tonight--listen to Freddie now for your chance to win tickets!
Charlie Murphy and Fredd E. Redd--the show is tonight--listen to Freddie for your last chance to win tickets!
thinking she Charlie Murphy, and mid Tenn went Prince on her
"Before you even get to your gun I'll go bowling with your *** - Charlie Murphy is a clown 😂😂😂
26.2miles. 4 hours. I can't feel my legs Charlie Murphy!
Charlie Murphy tonight at the funny bone.. About to be to funny
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