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Charlie Gard

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Mitochondrial disease didn't kill Charlie Gard. The legal system did. I do wish the Echo would get it right. So sad…
What about baby Charlie Gard from the UK? The government deciding the fate of your child. No thanks!
Parents of Alfie Evans turn to doctor who offered to help Charlie Gard.
Raheem blocked me for suggesting he might not know the whole story about Charlie Gard.
Single payer & gov't control cost me a loved one. Cost life of Charlie Gard. Canadians came here for treatment b4
That money would have been greater spent on saving baby Charlie Gard This type of thing likely makes those poor parents feel sick.
Coma baby's parents turn to Charlie Gard doctor in bid to save son
Fresh hope for Charlie Gard as US hospital offers to ship experimental drug to UK
Tell the children that are now receiving the treatment. His son tried the experimental treatment Charlie Gard's parents want
"Parents of Charlie Gard are helping to fight Alder Hey hospital, who are wanting to turn the life support off on …
Baby Charlie Gard is 'a prisoner of the state'.
I think those funds are already earmarked - apparently to set up the 'Charlie Gard Foundation'.
Charlie Gard dies after sparking a global debate on the ethics of life and death -
Rest in peace Charlie Gard. So tragic, my thoughts and prayers are with his parents wishing them strength and love.
why are Americans Worried about Charlie Gard when this is happening in America?.
Jahi McMath and Charlie Gard: Renewing debate over when to halt life support
RIP LITTLE CHARLIE GARD!!! Heaven has gained the most precious little prince xx 😢 thoughts to all his family xxx 👼🏻💙
The other little treasure with a similar situ, (not condition) as baby Charlie Gard that was helping about irl is gone today too.
Would be intrigued to see what support has been provided for the medical staff supporting Charlie Gard, who not only had to deal with such
I pray that baby Charlie Gard will fight back and recover against the odds upon switch off and onwards.…
What's the deal with Charlie Daniels? I mean if it's Du Gard, why do you want a dam? Who ARE these people?
I noticed some repurposed as Charlie Gard supporters too.
Charlie Gard’s Mother Helps Family of Another Baby Doctors Say Should be Left to Die
If the Charlie Gard case was discussed I hope our leader was in favour of the humane good…
Charlie was deaf, blind, unable to move, swallow, cry or breathe. He slipped away after 12 minutes
The Next Charlie Gard? Baby Russell Has a Similar Condition and His Parents are Fighting for His Life http…
I'm still heartbroken too Letter: The passing of Charlie Gard via
Charlie Gard. EU court says can't come to US for treatment. England: terror attacks. How's the UK holding up?
Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionEleven-month-old Charlie Gard was at the centre of a...
No we wouldn't be okay...Charlie Gard.get it??
Charlie Gard's mom advising parents in race to save toddler -
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
More crucial than politics, let's never forget what life is & always remember Charlie Gard b…
Let s always remember Charlie Gard! Time passes and people forget. Let's never forget Charlie Gard s…
Major twist in legal battle over Charlie Gard, critically ill UK baby -
expert reaction to editorial on ethics around disputes over medical treatment of children, refers to Charlie Gard
You love single payer. I bet Charlie Gard's parents wished they had this kind of access. Right? Lol.
You're lovely. Charlie Gard touched hearts & caused strong, diverse feelings. W/me his case also caused…
"Clinician says Charlie Gard's life was turned into soap opera - Clacton and Frinton Gazette"
RIP Charlie Gard - you took up a lot of room in a lot of hearts x
Very powerful response from one of the Charlie Gard medical team
The Tragedy of Playing Politics with Children’s Health: The case of Charlie Gard | HuffPost
Parents plea for help to save baby son Alfie Evans in ‘new case
So another little boy is in a coma and experts dont know what is wrong. They want to turn off life support I say NO
In America I've seen people twist the plight of Charlie Gard into a comment on socialized medicine. Makes me sick. https…
False News: Iain Lee is no comedian!. RT: 'Oh f*** you!' Comedian explodes at Ann Widdecombe
A member of Charlie Gard's medical team has written an anonymous piece on how the legal case impacted the hospital. https:…
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Powerful account from anonymous staff member
"We didn't want to lose Charlie." Powerful piece from one of the medical staff who looked after Charlie Gard.
British hospital worker defends staff in Charlie Gard case
A frank & heartfelt letter from one of the team at GOSH who cared for Charlie Gard. . A must-read for all. . https…
"Charlie Gard case has set the cool rational compassion of judicial judgment and clinical expertise a…
Baby Charlie Gard died even with health insurance. Why? Because government was in charge and said his life wasn't worth s…
'Our last hours with our son': Charlie Gard's parent reveal how they finally brought their baby home
Tragic tot Charlie Gard fought for 12 minutes before he died, it has been revealed
EARLIER And Press Misbehaviour: selfish press makes professionals targets of vicious abuse
Charlie Gard and legal aid in family proceedings
Hospital worker defends staff in Charlie Gard case - ABC News - via
An upsetting, essential read. I am eternally grateful for what the staff at GOSH did for my family. They're amazing. https:…
Hospital worker defends staff in Charlie Gard case
A member of the nursing team looking after Charlie Gard speak out
This brilliant anon piece by staff is for u and all social media bandwagon jumpers htt…
It was our agonising job as Charlie Gard's care team to say: enough | Anonymous | UK news | The Guardian
Charlie Gard’s parents give $1.5M in his memory to help other sick kids | News | LifeSite
When is Charlie Gard's funeral, when would he have turned one and what have his parents said so far… UK News Health
Charlie Gard. I agree with GOSH staff. It was nobody's business but the media turned the matter into a circus. Wrong
This Charlie Gard medic is devastating on how Trump and others, inc certain newspapers, so cruelly exploited him
National: A doctor who treated Charlie Gard says Donald Trump should not have got involved in his last days:
In light of we need to openly debate what we mean by best interests & how they are best served https:…
Brain-damaged baby dies in case similar to Charlie Gard's | Daily Mail Online ➜…
The arrogance of the US doctor expert was a big part of the problem; raising false hopes re
What were Charlie Gard's best interests? Julian Savulescu and I come to a conclusion that will surprise some:
Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to Charlie’s parents. . Please see full GOSH statement:
The Royal Family? But what about your taking Charlie Gard's life? Stain on the useles…
An open letter to mother, Connie Yates
Rip Charlie gard be at peace with the angels little angel!thoughts a prayers 2 family a friend's x
PM Theresa May "deeply saddened" by death of Charlie Gard, says her "thoughts & prayers are with Charlie's parents" https:…
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R.I.P Charlie Gard. We know a baptized child who's too young to have sinned goes straight to heaven.
5-month-old Boy From Fighting Same Disease that Claimed Life of Gard -
A relentless disgrace from start to finish. Imagine how many more cases like this that don't get media attention. https…
Who is Charlie Gard, what is the disease he suffered from and what happened in the court case?…
I wanted to write something for Charlie, but read Connie Yates' statement. Says it all:
Michigan baby facing life-threatening disease similar to Charlie Gard's diagnosis
Charlie Gard: move to hospice approved (
Charlie Gard dies after life support withdrawn (
shares his views on why is Not a fit for the via
Children grow up, not out of conditions.
It's crucial that anyone talking to your stakeholders does so ethically. Great advice here
Prayers for Alfie Evan's and his family. Another heartbreaking story coming out of England. ~Kevin
Do you still have questions about Charlie Gard's death. Here are some answers:
Unpicking what we mean by best interests in light of Charlie Gard - via
Dr. Fleck addresses with insight from his London students -
Len Fleck of reflects on teaching about the "political and moral tragedy" of the Charlie Gard case
You must've missed the story of Charlie Gard last week, that's not unique to the USA.
Charlie Gard to be buried with toy monkeys.
This is the system wants. How scary is that?.
Charlie Gard Exposed a Flaw in Our Perception of Medicine: We’re Too Quick to Think It Works
Michigan baby confronting life-threatening illness identical to Charlie Gard’s diagnosis
Charlie Gard Is gone, but it's not the end.: via
Charlie Gard judges were wrong to deny parents the hope of saving their remarkable boy
Can the news include the Charlie Gard story sometime next week? I really want to hear your opinions!
Different variation of the same disease still no treatment or cure.
By me for > Charlie Gard case shows working for free doesn’t mitigate conflict of interest issues in PR
The Businesslike Death of Charlie Gard Organizations can never care the way families do. And that's a bad thing.
Strident views of Bernie Smyth on Charlie Gard lack understanding and compassion. Pro-life is poorly served by calling…
My friend wrote this lovely piece about having a child with a serious genetic disorder.
Comprehensive and final word on the Charlie Gard case, courtesy of and
Pro-Life Leader Under Fire for Comparing Charlie Gard's Death to Nazi Campaign to Kill Disabled People htt…
Charlie Gard's story awakened the world -- this little boy's passing will not be in vain.
EXCELLENT piece!! Spot on & I encourage everyone to read it. THIS is reality of long term caring. https…
My deepest condolences ❤️🙏🏼 He's now with the lord Charlie Gard’s Parents END Legal Fight to Treat Terminally
is reporting another family fighting for their son, à la Charlie Gard
Charlie Gard was dead the moment his brain tissue was destroyed.
A note on Charlie Gard and euthanasia
When you read this it makes what happened to little Charlie Gard make sense. Apparently the Brits no long…
US RW on alleged "death sentence" imposed on Charlie gard is profound. NO concern 4death sentence they'd impose on MILs uninsured
Charlie Gard 2. The full story contains a list of criminals and how much legal aid "they received" compared to t
Charlie Gard is dead thanks to socialized medical care, known popularly here in the U.S. as Obamacare
My blogpost on Charlie Gard case has been republished by Sunday Times (£) Read original here htt…
Yup great idea, why don't both you *** tell this to poor Charlie Gard's parents, Government control…
It's not about what a parent would do. Do NOT have a go at Mary. Read…
The latest, and presumably final, statement from Great Ormond Street re.
Gov. run healthcare at it's finest: Gard family announces that Charlie has died :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)
"We have to be careful of government overreach in health care" writes Fr. Michael P. Orsi
Charlie Gard item is reprehensible. Melanie Phillips's comments are as ignorant as those she condemns. Try being balanced. - MD
"Our beautiful little boy has gone. We are so proud of you Charlie" - parents pay tribute to son Charlie Gard.
Ask Charlie Gard, RIP, how gvt ins worked for him.
Binary media coverage, black & white thinking. Insightful paediatric view in the Independent:
Wrong. Please read and inform yourself of our system before believi…
Charlie Gard, who became the subject of an international lightning rod legal case for the rights of parents to...
Not anymore evil or mean than Obamacare or single payer. "Charlie Gard". You don't thinking evi…
Um.. someone should explain to you that Charlie Gard had an incurable disease... what pa…
There's been some political interest in the Charlie Gard, this article helps clarify some of the key points…
Hugely important myth buster in the Charlie Gard tragedy. My respect for Great Ormond Street grows. As does my contempt…
Those nations ration HC.Incredible waiting lists.Death panels that determine when u die and not paren…
Charlie Gard's heartbroken parents 'wanted more time to say goodbye'.
Charlie Gard's parents 'distraught' at son's untimely death after hoping for a few more days to spend with their son https…
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🍋 into Lemonade: Praying awareness of failed socialized healthcare, kidnapping of Charl…
Striking that Charlie Gard dies on the same day the GOPe makes its final (and I do mean final) heroic stand on behalf of…
Heartbroken for the parents of little Charlie Gard. Love and thoughts are with them. Sleep tight little man. X
In an absolutely breathtaking instance of irony, Britain is the Charlie Gard (RIP) of nations. Cure was…
Yes, then we can all feel like Charlie Gard's parents!!!
Thanks for your reply. UK NHS is v different and you may find…
Charlie's parents need our prayers.
Charlie Gard’s parents planning to launch charity to help other families ^MetroUK
As if Charlie Gard's case wasn't distressing enough, the behaviour of the media/Gard family PR... (Via and
Socialized medicine killed baby Charlie Gard. Hope the Senate traitors are happy with this outcome--good enough for us ple…
Charlie Gard, the British baby at the center of a complex ethics battle over his treatment, has died days before his 1st birth…
"Sleep tight our beautiful little boy". Charlie Gard has passed away in a hospice after it was ruled that he could not b…
Govt ought to perform its basic tasks well (which it often doesn't), not assume awesome new powers over families.
Charlie Gard: Judge says final decision to be made tomorrow, but "looks as if hospice is only option"
Pope posts touching tribute to Charlie Gard
Charlie Gard dies in hospice after legal battle
It is loathsome to see the Charlie Gard case used to attack our health service | Ian Birrell
I've found most about Charlie Gard case hard to read. Thank goodness for who explains it so clearly https:…
Charlie Gard: martyr of the culture of death? God says life is good and so did his parents.
Of all the tragic, awful, heartbreaking things about Charlie Gard, the most distressing has been the vultures swooping to pr…
Charlie Gard's parents distraught over being denied their last wishes They have a legit beef.
Charlie Gard's parents confirm death of terminally ill child. Fate of 11-month old was subject of legal battle. BG:
"The world-renowned reputation of GOSH lies in tatters": in Charlie Gard's name, fight for other sick kids
Now little Charlie Gard is finally at peace it's time to expose the outrageous attempts to smear https…
“Charlie Gard: facts, medicine, and right-wing fictions” A superb piece by
Ethics professor: If Charlie Gard was my child I would let him die peacefully :
Heartbreaking? a little dramatic? I would say disappointing, but not heartbreaking. Heartbreaking is wh…
Saddened to hear of the passing of Charlie Gard. Karen & I offer our prayers & condolences to his loving parents during this diffic…
👍 Charlie Gard, beautiful little boy at heart of dispute, dies...
Today, 11-month old Charlie Gard died after months of legal debate surrounding his case. Pope Francis offered…
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Pope Francis leads tributes to Charlie Gard - Sky News
I am actually so sad about the passing of Charlie Gard. So young, so helpless and deserved so much more. We love you C…
RIP Charlie Gard. So utterly sad. Thoughts are with his amazing parents who fought so hard for him. 💔
Parents of baby Charlie Gard, who fought a legal battle over his treatment, say their 'beautiful boy' has died.
All medical treatments we use routinely today were experimental at one time. Charlie Gard deserved better than to be left…
Charlie Gard, British baby at heart of dispute, has died: Daily Mail via
Charlie Gard parents announce death of 'beautiful boy'
A spokeswoman for Charlie Gard's parents has announced their 11-month-old son has died after his life support was withdra…
Just like Charlie Gard got in Great Britian. If you don't like your healthcare just…
Senator Tim Kane had no compassion for little Charlie Gard but does for America's poor?
I've not posted anything about Charlie Gard, because I realise it's an emotive subject but this articulates the...
Prayers for family as Charlie Gard's parents give up legal fight | Independent Catholic News via
Earlier April 2017 Family Division judgment relating to Charlie Gard still available on judicial website here:
Charlie Gard to be moved to hospice to die after parents fail to settle dispute with hospital
Charlie Gard will be moved to a hospice and have his life support withdrawn soon after, the High Court rules
I very rarely agree with Melanie Phillips, but have to say this is a very good piece on the Charlie Gard events. Ve…
Noon deadline for deciding where Charlie dies
They exist in the minds of Charlie Gard's parents. And the Schiavos. .
Charlie Gard case is the failure of single-payer healthcare the Left would love to implement, here.
The NHSS is worse than the Charlie Gard fiasco made you think they are.
Charlie Gard parents have given up hope after one of America's best doctors told them that his condition worsened...
Why should there be an agreement where he will spend his final days?
How many times do we need to say Charlie Gard before you understand that t…
This is excellent and very moving indeed by
Very moving comment from a mother who faced similar terrible situation to Charlie Gard's parents
Charlie Gard’s parents plead for doctor to help him home
Mother of Charlie Gard Shouts 'What if it Was Your Child!' At Judge After Ruling Charlie Will Die in Hospice Care https:…
The story of Charlie Gard has shown the world the disastrous effects of socialized healthcare.
“It is our hope that Charlie’s family know the global outpouring of love and support for them & Charlie”
I'm not going to lie. The Charlie Gard case has made me mental and I'm about to go around the bend. This is evil beyond…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Charlie Gard Taught Us what America will be without Obamacare repeal. THIS is where we are headed thnx to GOP fail
Charlie Gard will be moved to hospice unless care plan agreed
Judge gives Charlie Gard parents until noon tomorrow to reach agreement with hospital on arrangements for final days https…
The state continues to encroach on parents’ control of their children.
What the FASCIST government of the UK is doing to Charlie Gard is an OUTRAGE and a CRIME! THIS is “Socialized Medicine” you *** Libturds!
You r way out of ur league if u think u want to get into Charlie Gard with a neonatal ICU nurse.
Contrary to what some are saying it is not just Americans who disagree with the Charlie Gard case
This is just trsgic. Can't imagine this mommy's pain.
Meanwhile the socialized medicine they clamor for creates death panels of bureaucrats that kill infants like Charli…
This is US in 5 years if we don't get rid of now. We'll have bad just like UK & Canada.
Judge gives Charlie Gard's parents and hospital deadline to agree where he'll die. (they treat people in the third world better)
This is an outrageous outcome. Life needs to be cherished – an international throng agrees. Pray for this family. https…
Anyone interested in should read this by my friend
Baby Charlie Gard will end life in hospice, not home
Charlie Gard will likely be forced into hospice tomorrow to die, not allowed to go home
Charlie Gard's parents plead for any doctor to help them realise their last wish for son to die at their house
Pope Offers Prayers for Charlie Gard and His Parents as Legal Challenge Ends -
UK judge: Terminally ill child Charlie Gard will go to hospice unless alternative deal is reached by noon Thursday
Charlie Gard case: Judge to order child moved to hospice if agreement over final days cannot be reached…
Via story tests a key element of our Do we really believe in ht…
Charlie Gard set to die in hospice, parents tell court
This seems to be extortion by National Health Service threatening Charlie Gard parents. Also, now UK…
Charlie Gard to Die in Hospice if Family and Hospital Can't Reach Agreement
Charlie Gard has apparently been granted US Citizenship to receive medical treatment outside the U.K.
Judge rules Charlie Gard will spend last days in hospice, not at home
British Judge Sets Deadline for to Agree on Charlie Gard’s Fate
The Charlie Gard Story Exemplifies the Left’s War on Parents via
Shame on you all, I used to really loveyour family. No more. You haven`t done a thing for Charlie Gard&family.
Charlie Gard: Noon deadline deciding where baby dies What is wrong with
ABC, CBS & NBC spent more time covering the death of a baby whale than on .
Charlie Gard's Parents Not Allowed to Spend Last Days With Baby at Home. Upset mother left in tears.
Judge sets new deadline in Charlie Gard dispute
All one should have to do is watch the tragedy of Charlie Gard. The gov took charge o…
I talked to her about the Charlie Gard story where she was glad he…
Charlie Gard to spend final days in hospice, High Court judge says
Charlie Gard's mother returned to the High Court today. Legal expert explains what's been happening in court…
Charlie Gard's parents give up fight to save their boy | Daily Mail Online
Perspective | Charlie Gard's case is tragic. But it's not a warning about public health care.
"We are now going to spend our last precious moments with our son" - father of terminally-ill Charlie Gard
Our hearts go out to the parents of Charlie Gard. . Please see full statement below and GOSH position statement here: htt…
How new brain scans showed Charlie Gard could not be helped
Also, the problem with the NHS isn't cases like Charlie Gard. It's far more routin…
This is the perfect time for Dems to push "single-payer." Maybe they can get Charlie Gard's parents to help.
BBC News - Charlie Gard parents end legal fight as time runs out for baby
Will the state allow Charlie Gard a decent funeral or prescribe a landfill for his final resting place? (Asking for a friend)
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BREAKING: Parents of Charlie Gard end legal fight over the treatment of their terminally ill baby.
Ugh, completely heartbroken over the Charlie Gard case. I have real faith in our medical services but it's heartbreaking nonetheless. 🙏🏾
London hospital where baby Charlie Gard is being treated for rare genetic disorder has been receiving death threats
Breaking: A judge is prohibiting Charlie Gard's parents from transporting their son to the U.S. without a court order.
Great Ormond Street Hospital staff face death threats over Charlie Gard case
Charlie Gard's parents want Great Ormond Street Hospital to produce evidence - after it claimed staff had received…
Doctors and nurses at Great Ormond Street Hospital receive death threats over Charlie Gard case: Staff at Great……
Statement from Great Ormond Street on the abuse of NHS staff involved in Charlie Gard case. . Police are involved. . ht…
You may or may not agree with whats been going on with Charlie Gard - but there is no need for death threats or abus…
Charlie Gard updates made even more dramatic, in a British way, by involvement of Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Great Ormond Street staff 'get death threats' over Charlie Gard
But for the amazing staff at Great Ormond Street, poor little Charlie Gard would not be alive now. He cannot breathe una…
Watching this development with particular interest: Charlie Gard death threats statement 'a cynical ploy'?
Great Ormond Street call police after death threats over Charlie Gard.
Today the Chairman of GOSH has made the following statement regarding GOSH patient Charlie Gard:
The Charlie Gard story reveals what we won't accept about medicine -
Charlie Gard is given legal permanent residence in the US
Liberals want power of life and death over us all. They think they have killed God. Now they want to play God. https…
[Author: alexia-fernandez] The parents of terminally ill baby Charlie Gard stormed out ...
One can be alive and have no brain activity, like someone i…
Charlie Gard's Father in court outburst apter scan revealed
It’s Down to the Wire for Baby Charlie Gard – Today is His Final Court Hearing » The Hagmann Report
Charlie Gard's father in court outburst after scan results revealed
Charlie Gard's erthfa in court outburst after scan results revealed
We can Medicare For All without having Charlie Gard's problem. Totally possible. GOP will say anything to leave more uninsured.
Baby Charlie Gard's parents stormed out of a pre-court hearing after a brain scan was called "sad reading"
US citizenship given to as parents share new picture which proves he isn't blind
But that doesn't necessarily mean 11-month-old will be allowed to travel to the U.S.https:/…
Experts meet hospital medics and Charlie Gard...
Dozens of Members of Congress Want Quick Vote to Grant Charlie Gard U.S. Residence for Treatment ht…
Here's you're answer. you continue to shine in your ability to miss the point. Congrats.
UK Parliament: Prime Minister to allow Charlie Gard to go to the USA via
this and support our little Blue Alfie in any way you can! .
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: What to do for little Charlie Gard
Baby Gard's brain scan shows irreversible damage-Why are GOP congressmen offering free care, & no care for USA kids? htt…
‘Sad Reading’ of Charlie Gard’s Brain Scan Causes Parents to Storm Out of Pre-Court Hearing
Charlie Gard's mom storms out of court, dad mouths 'evil' as new MRI scans revealed. Hospital holds child hostage?
Charlie Gard: a cautionary tale in the inhuman nightmare of gov't having authority over care. via
Court to decide Charlie Gard's fate next week A British court is expected to decide next week whether terminally …
Charlie Gard's parents break down as they are told latest scan is 'very sad' .
READ: United States Congress gives Charlie Gard and his family permanent resident status so he can receive care. http…
Lord, all odds are in favor of satan's agenda against Charlie Gard! We ask, SAVE THIS BABE, in Jesus name, amen
Charlie Gard’s Fate -- Parents Must Decide by (one of the very best to listen to on these matters)
Charlie Gard 'granted permanent residence in the US'
What Jimmy Kimmel just said about little Charlie Gard speaks VOLUMES via
Great summary of difficulty on Charlie Gard case
Excellent article~ As a paediatrician, I can tell you that the case of Charlie Gard isn’t black and white
Tony Nicklinson wasn't allowed by the government to DIE with dignity. Charlie Gard isn't being given a chance to LIVE by the same government
An open letter about Charlie Gard to House Speaker Paul Ryan
thank You so much for dr. hirano!. victory for charlie gard, through Jesus Christ!. amen. 👶❤️
In court testimony, U.S. doctor offers sliver of hope for terminally ill British baby Charlie Gard
WINNING! Charlie Gard: US doctor will travel to UK to *** ill infant | Fox News
This relevation brings a whole new dimension to Charlie Guad. Conflict of interest and belief?.
What comes next in the case of critically ill baby Charlie Gard?
.The UK Government is not insisting that dies.
Thanks you supporters! UK Judge learning to avoid the murder of Interview https:…
Every life is a gift and worth fighting for!
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