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Charlie Daniels

Charles Edward Charlie Daniels (born on October 28, 1936) is an American musician known for his contributions to country and southern rock music.

Charlie Daniels Band Devil Went Down Carrie Underwood Lynyrd Skynyrd Travis Tritt Grand Ole Opry Willie Nelson George Jones Hank Jr Johnny Cash Luke Bryan Marshall Tucker Band Hank Williams Jr American Bandstand Bob Dylan Clint Black

does charlie Daniels play a mean fiddle
um, I think you mean The Charlie Daniels Band
I'm listening to Simple Man by Charlie Daniels on
Charlie Daniels Band the devil went to Georgia!!! Dang lurve this song! Reminds me of North Carolina..
Good morning Charlie Daniels. How are you? Fighting the devil again? Good for you.
Charlie Daniels brings out the redneck in me... Must be getting closer to the SE 🙌
You're a Sweetheart Jake, but there are only 2 things I've ever slept thru.. Sex and a Charlie Daniels concert.
4' Charlie Daniels wins a free kick down the left on the edge of the area.
What the *** was Charlie Daniels thinking when he said "snowflakes as big as goose feathers". Must have been on that good stuff.
The Charlie Daniels Band at The Capitol Theatre on April 23 at 7 p.m. (Up to 39% Off)
Charlie Daniels: when that kid started saying the pledge of allegiance it brought tears to my eyes.
Ya *** right I've heard that! Charlie Daniels is a American Legend.
When someone trash a guy like Charlie Daniels . It's because he thinks like this . Which I agree with
Jams getting puppies too hyped. Slow the roll. Funny Charlie Daniels. Uneasy Rider.
Overheard at the Louvre: "Is that Charlie Daniels gazing thoughtfully at the Monet?" And then heads exploded.
God has blessed us with at least 2 godly men to set examples for us to follow. Allan Jackson and Charlie Daniels.
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. Not much into country music. Unless it's like Charlie Daniels. David Allen Coe. Hank Jr. Type music
Charlie Daniels, Tracy Lawrence, Jamey Johnson, Reba and Hank Williams Jr. All in one festival?!? I wanna go. 😩
'You know for sure': Charlie Daniels has a message for Brian Williams
'You know for sure’: Charlie Daniels has a message for Brian Williams
country music is good jonny cash , Charlie Daniels Band, kidd rock, lunar skynard, shall I go on lol
Mitchell: Charlie Daniels plays the fiddle not the violin. Me: you are literally the dumbest person I know...
Blake Shelton, Craig Morgan, & Charlie Daniels fired back at Seth Rogen and Michael Moore over their remarks on the Clint Eastwood movie 'American Sniper.'
1/19/2008 Connie Smith and Marty Stuart induct Charlie Daniels in the Grand Ole Opry
If you carelessly burn enough bridges you can find yourself on an island friendless and alone. Let's all make the day count. Charlie Daniels
This video is about Long Haired Country Boy - The Charlie Daniels Band - Volunteer Jam II
."'From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli"
"I said pour me another one, I'm finished with the other one. I'm drinkin my baby good bye." Charlie Daniels
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All that glitters is not gold and all that sparkles are not diamonds. Take a long hard look before you leap. Let's all make the day count. - Charlie Daniels
He's the Charlie Daniels of the torque wrench. If you don't know what that is from... We can't be friends. Favorite song ever.
Holding on to spiteful feelings is like holding a bad hand at a poker table, you just can't win. Let's all make the day count. - Charlie Daniels
Sure enjoyed that. Charlie Daniels goes to church where I go. Truly enjoy his cartoons and your news.
My dad broke out his fiddle and starting shreddin Charlie Daniels!👌 he hasn't played in like years! Sooo sick!
I knew and I would be best friends when we bonded over Charlie Daniels - Devil Went Down to Georgia!
David Allan Coe and Charlie Daniels Band playing in the union what a time to be alive
I like skynard but charlie daniels has his own Simple Man and its way better I think, listen to it
It's Throwback Thursday! Remember when the Charlie Daniels Band performed at the 2013 State Fair of...
charlie daniels will give Obama *** every single day, may seem bitter, but hes NEVER wrong
Holly, the jaws, eyes, and then the Charlie Daniels Band and it on my shoe.
fantastic work and I love the one of Charlie Daniels as well. Your very talented!
"Still In Saigon" by Charlie Daniels is a great song about the effects of the Vietnam war, released in 1982.
Charlie Daniels released another great tale and song with 1980's "The Legend Of Wooley Swamp".
I just found out my picture with Charlie Daniels is going to be in magazine 😬 what shut the front door
If u don't know the song Simple Man by Charlie Daniels, I lv it, listen to what it says, it was written in 89, and TODAY?
Just caught myself playing air guitar at the gym to the violin part of Charlie Daniels Band's Devil Went Down to Georgia. I'…
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♫ Just Announced: Doswell, VA - Jun 20 at K95 Country Fest at the Meadow
The first step in a difficult journey is always the hardest one to take. Aim straight and take it boldly. Let's all make the day count. - Charlie Daniels
Remember, nothing is going to come up today that you can't handle with the Lord's help. Let's all make the day count. - Charlie Daniels
Work Ethic and Attitude - Soapbox 1/5/15 A few days ago my wife and myself were on a trip, it was early morning and we stopped at a well-known fast food chain to get breakfast. We pulled up to the drive through only to be greeted by a surly, unhelpful voice that seemed to be irritated and bothered by customers who help pay her salary. Now I'll admit that working the pre-dawn hours at a fast food window is not my idea of the ideal job, but if it happens to be the only one you have at the time, shouldn't you do it to the best of your ability in hopes that the powers that be will notice your attitude and move you on up the ladder when there is an opening available? There is an attitude amongst a significant segment of American society that the reason the “haves” have and the “have nots” have not is an inequitable social system whereby some people get all the perks and some people get none, that the ones who succeed do so on the backs of those floundering around at the bottom of the economic ladder. M ...
Prof just referenced Charlie Daniels' music and Jesus in the same class 👌👌👌
Charlie Daniels: Bournemouth defender signs new deal -marek
watching Charlie Daniels on CMT.. still kinda crazy to me i've see him.
Taught Leo and Remi about 5SOS, 90's boy bands, and now we're on to Charlie Daniels. Probably the best nanny ever.
.to Appear on NRA All Access on the Outdoot Channel - Music News Nashville
Never be afraid to be the first one to say "I'm sorry" it's not a sign of weakness but of strength. Let's all make the day count. - Charlie Daniels
"I, for one, feel very badly about what happened to Charlie Daniels."
"If you don't want trouble then you better just pass me on by." -Charlie Daniels
Shes riding in the middle of his pickup truck . Blaring Charlie Daniels, yelling, Turn it up! . Or Hank Jr...or Lynyrd Skynyrd.. Or Waylon
I wish I could play the fiddle like Charlie Daniels.
A poor girl want to marry and a rich girl wants to flirt. A rich man goes to college and a poor man goes to work. - Charlie Daniels
If you don't know the words to the Devil Went Down to Georgia by the Charlie Daniels Band you need to leave American. Like right now, 😁
Lynyrd Skynyrd and Charlie Daniels Band - Call Me The Breeze - as good as it gets
As Charlie Daniels says "Ain't it great to be alive and be from Tennessee.!
Those guys were badass. Those terrorists were cowards. What a horrible day for free speech.
I liked a video Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down to Georgia 1979
I'm prolly the only person who's phone plays Charlie Daniels Band in between Eminem and DMX.
I added a video to a playlist Drawing Stories With Travis Millard - Travis Meets Charlie Daniels at a
Listening to The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels on 70's via
Charlie Daniels in a press release: "The first thing a guy wanted when he grew up a little bit was a gun." Great timing.
still enjoying Charlie Daniels politics elicited by the crack FOX crew. You were polite but ur dancing dog comment was perfect
thanks for voting Charlie Daniels into our Hall of Fame!
you failed to mention George Strait, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams and Charlie Daniels...
My prayers go out to the late Mr. Billy Wagner, Mr. Billy 'Pluggy' Gilliam, Mr. Z. ' LEE ' Spell, (the most laid back person i have ever known and had no enemies ) Mr. Joe Fiaello (sorry Danny, Frank and Tony if i misspelled last name ) Mr. P.k. Pecora, Mr. Joe Laquatra, Mr. Charlie Daniels, Mr. Carl Jordan, Mr. Spacky (the cut man) Mr.Lee Moore and Billy Brock and Rocky Young of Moundsville, West Virginia and to Bryan ' Squirrel ' Ferris ( my ex sparring[...]
Join Charlie Daniels and his guests, The Grascals, Kathy Mattea, Aaron Tippin, Dan Tyminski, and Evelyn and Suzanne Cox for a down-home pickin' party on A Tw...
If you can enjoy today, not worry about tomorrow and yesterday is a pleasant memory, you're living a successful life. Let's all make the day count. - Charlie Daniels
A little charlie daniels I think yee haw raise up that glass
Charlie Daniels, Chris Wormer & Bruce Brown from the CDB perform "Gotta Serve Somebody" (from the latest CDB album Off the Grid-Doin' It Dylan) along with Wo...
Time cannot be replaced or relived, it can only be regretted or cherished. - Charlie Daniels
Merry Christmas from the one and only Charlie Daniels!
"Charlie you can have the rest of that Jack Daniels"... Actually mom I want BOURBON
Charlie currently heavily struggling with the "Can all who are able please stand" part of the service. He also blames that Jack Daniels guy
I've never needed government or COPS to push me around!. Aaron Lewis with Charlie Daniels & some other guys: .
Dixie Chicks criticized Bush & to this day not played on country radio. Charlie Daniels & Hank Williams Jr. insult Obama & get more airplay.
"Democrats are communists! Listen to this fiddle solo. Mooslims hate Christmastime! 'Merica! "- Charlie Daniels
Charlie Daniels is too right wing to fly around giving stuff away for free all night.
Top two replacements for Santa if he ever breaks his back or gets emphysema: Busta Rhymes, Charlie Daniels.
One day I'll do Christmas at the Opry!
'Blow into my tum Charlie! Make me sing!' This Christmas, Jeff Daniels returns as HarManica
I'm listening to What Child Is This by The Charlie Daniels Band (Holiday) on
"If you don't like the police...the next time you're in danger call Al Sharpton." -Charlie Daniels
"Obama is out on the golf course still looking for his balls." -Charlie Daniels
Charlie Daniels and Hank Williams Jr kind of night
Charlie Daniels jam this Saturday killer night , been to almost every year since 2000 always a good time
I'm all for Tritt,but how did he make the playlist with David Allan Coe, Willie, Charlie Daniels, Merle and Hank Jr.?
the souths gonna do it again by Charlie Daniels, much too young Garth brooks, *** on wheels brantley Gilbert. Just to name a few
Win a signed Charlie Daniels guitar from Click here to enter:
Waylon Jennings, hank Williams, David Allen Coe, Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels and Willie Nelson is the only country I listen to 😂😂
We are excited to gather with Angus Buchan, Charlie Daniels from The Charlie Daniels Band and Pastor Allen...
Happy Birthday Hannah! You share the spotlight with some interesting people: Birthdays: Jazz singer Cleo Laine is 87. Actress Joan Plowright is 85. Musician-songwriter Charlie Daniels is 78. Actress Jane Alexander is 75. Actor Dennis Franz is 70. Pop singer Wayne Fontana is 69. Track gold medalist Bruce Jenner is 65. Actress Annie Potts is 62. Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates is 59. Actress Lauren Holly is 51. Actress Jami Gertz is 49. Actress Julia Roberts is 47. Singer Ben Harper is 45. Singer Brad Paisley is 42. Actor Joaquin Phoenix is 40. Singer Justin Guarini is 36. Singer-rapper Frank Ocean is 27.
is on point this morning with Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels, Blake Sheltons Ol Red, and now chris ledoux is coming up👍
Charlie Daniels 95th District State Representative Candidate is the right choice...
Hi Duane, check out my friends band County Line Road.. they just opened for Charlie Daniels Band at Kravis Center in WPB,FL
I'm sure we'll hear him. We've had Glen Campbell, Charlie Daniels, George Jones, Kenny Rogers, ...
I am very excited to announce that I will be joined with country music star Payton Taylor on November 4 for a live interview! She's been recognized by NBC affiliate, WSM-TV Nashville, as one of the top 3 up-and-coming female acts in country music. She has also opened up for some really big acts such as, Colt Ford, Merle Haggard, Charlie Daniels, and Pam Tillis. Hope y'all will be able to tune in for this exciting event!
Sweet tater and the great Mr. Charlie Daniels @ The Grand Old Opry on her Make a Wish trip.
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Dan Gosling maintained his Capital One Cup goalscoring run with two goals as Bournemouth knocked out managerless Cardiff City. Gosling, who scored in the previous two rounds, gave his side the lead with an effort from the edge of the area. Charlie Daniels added a second with a clinical finish before Gosling compounded Cardiff's misery with a tap-in. Bournemouth are in the fourth round for the first time in 51 years. It was a miserable evening for joint caretaker managers Scott Young and Danny Gabbidon, who was one of eight changes in the Cardiff starting line-up. Marc Pugh had gone close for the visitors before Gosling opened the scoring two minutes later with his third goal in six games. The former Newcastle United player coasted through the Cardiff defence before cutting in from the right and firing a low drive beyond keeper Simon Moore. Bournemouth were firmly in control and they extended their lead when Daniels completed a sweeping move with a clinical finish. Things went from bad to worse for the hom ...
Charlie Daniels of the The Charlie Daniels Band received the 2014 NGAUS Patrick Henry Award for his support of the National Guard. The award was presented by Maj. Gen. Max Haston, the Tennessee adjutant general, on Sept. 11, 2014, during the Congressional Medal of Honor Convention's "Knoxville Welcomes Our Nation's Greatest Heroes" concert at the historic Tennessee Theater in Knoxville. Photos: Tennessee National Guard
Charlie Daniels is a true American patriot.
So the Oregon State Fair started today! I usually go at least 3 times every year. Who wants to go with me? I am definitely going to go see Charlie Daniels play on Thursday night the 28th at 7pm.
Seeds of Anarchy - Soapbox 8/22/14 Anarchy as defined in the Webster’s dictionary - A situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws. I don't know all the circumstances surrounding the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. I don't know what was justified and what wasn’t, whether the young man was acting in a life threatening fashion or whether the officer panicked and pulled the trigger, or if the situation escalated rapidly out of control with fault on both sides of the equation. I can't even imagine what the family of this young man must be going through and certainly understand the community wanting the truth about what happened and taking to the streets in peaceful demonstrations to motivate a quick solution. However, the yellow journalism, sensationalized media coverage, political opportunism and incendiary rhetoric coming out of this situation is tearing a whole city apart. Of course Al Sharpton ...
Daniels was awesome tonight. Great concert
and the South will do it again and sayeth Mr Charlie Daniels :)
Just got home from working a Taste of Blue Ash. Our stand was close to the stage so we could hear the bands. The first was a Bob Seager tribute band. They were pretty good. Then Charlie Daniels took the stage. He ended with a Devil Went Down to Georgia. We sold a lot of beer and pop, heard good music and tasted some great food. It was a blast.
Everybody has a talent. Find it, nurture it, use it. Let's all make the day count. - Charlie Daniels
Seeking wisdom is a noble quest and leads the follower into high places. Let's all make the day count. - Charlie Daniels
Charlie Daniels - Uneasy Rider One of them there storytelling songs Ha!
Country music legend Charlie Daniels, perhaps most famous for his still popular megahit, The Devil Went Down to Georgia,  powerfully spoke out about the "Satanic evil personified" by radical Muslim terrorist groups like ISIS and ISIL.In his popular CNS News  column, Daniels pointed out on Tuesday th…
Charlie Daniels was a great concert!! can not wait for Toto and Michael McDonald tomorrow night!
My wife was nice to me I got two new shirts for work today and a Charlie Daniels Band gospel cd and the other day she got me two chico shirts since I work there now enjoy it alot more than decatur
Even though it isn't a good picture, the Charlie Daniels Band was awesome to see in person!
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that's as bad as Charlie Daniels not singing the Devil Went Down... Cause he don't believe in the devil no more.
The Charlie Daniels Band wud do a far better job fighting our enemies than Obama. But Charlie Daniels Band are men. Real men.
Got some moonshine and Charlie Daniels greatest hits riding shotgun with me on the way to good ole rockingham county tomorrow JMU BOUND💜💛
funny thing is, my stepmom loves country, but she doesn't really like to Charlie Daniels. lol
I love me some Charlie Daniels now. I honestly heard his Christian stuff before I heard lol
Listening to Charlie Daniels sing Johnny Cash is a white mans wet dream I guess, watevs
I saw Charlie Daniels Band in 1980...great concert!!!
This my friends is what I call greatness. The wonderful Charlie Daniels doing Rocky Top! …
Charlie Daniels always reminds me of you!
It's great to see all the supporters here at the can't wait to hear the Charlie Daniels Band.
I just entered for a chance to win a Charlie Daniels limited edition signed fiddle
The Charlie Daniels Band did a sequel to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" called "The Devil Comes Back to Georgia" featuring Johnny Cash
I checked in on CrowdStream to The Charlie Daniels Band, 2014 Taste of Blue Ash Festival, Blue Ash, OH
Taste of Blue Ash is this weekend. The Charlie Daniels Band takes the stage beginning at 9 PM tonight. Stop by...
At The Taste of Blue Ashe in Cincinnati and get to meet Charlie Daniels!
Tonight's been pretty good for a Friday :P dominos, jack daniels & a guitar sesh with charlie 👌🍕🍷🎸
Listen to Charlie Daniels speak the truth & then enlist in the U.S. FREEDOM ARMY at
he sounds like Charlie Daniels rapping
Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson and Charlie Daniels each secure 4 nominations as finalists for the
Down to a couple more hours to enter our Evergreen State Fair ticket drawing for Charlie Daniels:
Blue Ash, OH - Taste of Blue Ash welcomes tonight -
I'm going to at 2014 Taste of Blue Ash Festival in Blue Ash, OH - Aug 22
🔴I wonder how. Nancy Pelosi would sound singing Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye with Harry Reid on fiddle. ~ Charlie Daniels
Be sure to stop in tonight for some live music! Tonight's musical guest is Denny Dwyer! Denny Dwyer puts together an eclectic keyboard, guitar and vocal show of contemporary and 50s-90s classic country and pop hits, with thirty years experience as a professional musician. He has been part of the opening act for national headliners like Tommy James, Charlie Daniels, Loretta Lynn, The Four Tops and over 25 others. Music starts @ 7:30pm!
Charlie Daniels first choice, twice the player of Malone. Do your research.
Throwback Thursday “Hippie Era” Walnut Street, Pittsburgh’s Haight Asbury First a short history of Hippie culture. The Hippie culture may not had started in one location but San Francisco’s Haight-Asbury district was the capital of the Hippie Culture. During 1967 as many as 100,000 people from around the world gathered in Haight-Asbury during what was known as the “Summer of Love.” During the end of the summer of 1967 there was a mock parade entitled “Death to the Hippie.” Many of the hippies then moved on elsewhere. Actually I do not remember hardly ever seeing a hippie at this time, though I was young. I remember reading about them in the newspapers. The word “Hippie” took on a different meaning as time moved on. For example, many people associated Hippies with the student left and anti-war movement, such as the SDS and Billy Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and their Weatherman group. A common phrase was “long-haired hippie commie” as in the Charlie Daniels song. But the original hipp ...
Joe Biden says he told Vladimir Putin, "I don't think you have a soul." And then Charlie Daniels appeared and handed 'e…
The fact that I'm gonna get to see David Allan Coe and Charlie Daniels play live>>>
go on somewhere Charlie Daniels, im trynna listen to depressing country music rn
Coming up at 6:40 we have our final interviews from It includes George Canyon, Charlie Daniels, Tim Hicks and Gord Bamford!
Charlie Daniels brought down the house with "Devil Went Down to Georgia." At 77, his voice sounds the…
Wel I just saw Charlie Daniels play Devil Went Down To Georgia at the Grand Ole my Tuesday was pretty decent
I wish Hank Jr. and Charlie Daniels would go on tour together 👍
When the Harley Owners Group's members roar into town in September, Charlie Daniels will be here to entertain them.
If you trt to change the sing when it's hank , Waylon, merle , David Allen Coe, George Jones or Charlie Daniels...You're outta here
TONIGHT it's Bear Mountain Band! The band traveled throughout New England during their career and opened for many big named acts including: The Charlie Daniels Band, Harry Chapin, Country Joe and the Fish, Papa John Creach, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, NRBQ, The New Riders of the Purple Sage / NRPS and SEVERAL more. They were joined on stage by Charlie Daniels playing guitar at Stage West, Ct. At the Center of Town in Chicopee, Massachusetts, Junior Wells took the stage with them to play the harp. The current line-up is Paul Carriveau, Andy Wesolowski, Bob Cayo, Rick Orr and Frank Cmara.
Just got some very disappointing news.The Volunteer Jam @ Jomekee Park has been cancelled with Charlie Daniels...Travis Tritt. and Billy Creason with the Dam-fi-no Band. SO DISAPPOINTED. :(
TY3 will be bringing its unplugged country acoustic sound to the outdoor patio of Miller's Ale House on the Parkway Friday, June 20. The group, made up of singer-songwriter Tony Young, lead and slide guitarist Neal Goree and rhythm acoustic guitarist and backing vocalist Aaron Sorin, will be performing 7:30 - 10:30 p.m. The event is free and open to all ages of the public, and will also be the location for the unofficial high school reunion of Lincoln's class of 1984, which Young is a part of. TY3 plays several of Young's originals that he recorded in Nashville, as well as covers by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Eagles, Delbert McClinton, Hank Williams, Pink Floyd, Brad Paisley, Travis Tritt, John Anderson, Allan Jackson, ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Daniels, CCR, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Blake Shelton, Waylon Jennings, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Led Zeppelin, BB King, Marshall Tucker Band and John Cougar Melancamp.
Travis Tritt sings Long Haired Country Boy at the 2005 BMI Awards Ceremony in honor of Charlie Daniels, who was sitting in the audience.
(c) Dierks, Bentley, Chris Young, Thomas Rhett, Gord Bamford, Charlie Daniels, and way more that I seem to be forgetting.
Thank you God it's a "Free For All Friday"! That means we need your pumped up, rockin' requests all morning long. Today T&P talk Father's Day, World Cup, Bike Week and get a visit from comedian / actor, Steve Sweeney. Be sure to be tuned in during the 9AM hours as T&P will get someone qualified for The Wolf's Sizzling Summer. The prize on the line for The Frankly Impossible Question could be sending you to the Xfinity Center to see Rascal Flatts and since the Red Sox Played we'll be hooking up someone with five $5 Red Sox scratch tickets from the NH Lottery. We'll also be talking to Becky from Meadowbrook about this Sunday's Lynyrd Skynyrd / Charlie Daniels Band concert and we'll have a pair of tickets to the show.
This Saturday Bovine Hobo will be at Willies Bar in Xenia from 6-10. No cover and some real good country music will be heard. We play some of the other stuff for the fans but you WILL hear Hank, Charlie Daniels, Jamey Johnson, Eric Church, and Hobo originals. The good stuff.
This is why I've stopped listening to country music for the past few years. It's turned into mainstream garbage. What happened to the country music of yesteryear? The music that told a unique story, passed on a lesson, and touched our hearts? Music from Alabama, George Jones, Garth Brooks, Charlie Daniels, The Judds, Pam Tillis, Willie Nelson, Trisha Yearwood, Clay Walker, Lorrie Morgan, Hank Williams, Charlie Pride, etc??? Today's country music, for the most part, is a stereotypical punchline.
Just an update everyone... We're trailing the lead by about 35 votes!! We sure need Voting Warriors out there campaigning for us... Here's some suggestions: WAY’S TO RECRUIT VOTES: 1. Post this in your time line: WE NEED HELP! Help us get The Johnny Collier Band on the Main Stage at Rock The South opening for Sara Evens, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Little Big Town, Charlie Daniels, Easton Corbin, Colt Ford, Billy Currington, Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty (just to name a few). Click the Link to Vote! Mobile users go here: Desktop users can go here: Click the Green Post to Your Wall Button and include an update and an invitation to Vote for Johnny Collier! 3. Text Your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, extended family, neighbors, friends, acquaintances and enemies and ask them to go to and click the link to Vote! 4. Ask your co-workers to Vote and to help you campaign for more votes! 5. Catch your friends On-Line (on FB) and Message them and ask them Vote. Cut and paste a copy of ...
Country music has changed so much I miss the days of Randy Travis, Travis Tritt, George Strait, Willie Nelson , Confederate railroad, Diamond Rio , Hank Williams Jr, Merle Haggard ,Charlie Daniels and so many more. *** you just can't name all the great ones. Like this favorite duet of Clint Black and Wynonna Judd a bad goodbye.
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Give this girl a lil Charlie Daniels, Alabama, Bob Seger and a 6 hour haul, I'm the new Ricky Bobby, "I wanna go fast"... Ok I'll settle for Danica Patrick...
Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker, Brett Michaels - 100% of the ticket price goes to the fundraiser. Stand-up musicians.
Tickets to the GE box suite at the Times Union arena for a concert to raise money for veterans. Charlie Daniels, Brett Michaels, and the Marshall Tucker Band. Should be fun!
I will be singing the National Anthem tomorrow night at a Military concert at the Times Union Center. The Marshall Tucker Band and Charlie Daniels and Bret Michaels will be performing! Part of the proceeds will benefit the Center for the Homeless Veterans of Albany County! This should be a good and fun event. :)
Bret Michaels will not perform tonight in Wilkes-Barre Township. The singer had been scheduled to perform with Charlie Daniels and the Marshall Tucker Band at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza.
Heard on this morning - "I learned at a very early age that two things and two things alone protect America from those who seek to destroy it - the grace of Almighty God and the United States Military." -Charlie Daniels of The Charlie Daniels Band
Wife is sharing Charlie Daniels quotes on FB (sorry) and watching Walker Texas Ranger. Get well soon, Gail.
The Long Hot SummerAirs: May 25 at 12:00 PT/12:00 ETBilly Joel, Charlie Daniels and Paul Newman top our list ... -
Dan Rather goes to Nashville where the Grand 'Ol Opry is hosting legendary country music star Charlie Daniels. He's best known for his hit song "The Devil We...
From left to right we have Dickey Betts, Charlie Daniels, Gary Rossington and Rickey Medlocke from…
If so, happy birthday to me! Did I meet Charlie Daniels on my birthday! Why didn't you say something??
What's the best concert you've ever been to? — Charlie Daniels or Hank Williams Jr. can't choose
Awesome show!! Three of my favorite performances. The Whites reminded me that my sweet Mama rode that chariot to her home on the other side by performing one of her favorite songs! I needed that! Charlie Daniels,at 77 years old, can absolutely rock the house! Loved seeing him play that fiddle! Carrie Underwood reminded me that my Mama gave me everything I needed to make it through this life, I passed that on to my sweet daughter and we both have men that are awese and love us more than life itself!! Though I am missing my Mama so bad right now, she would be proud and I know she is happy!!
Scotti Harris is hanging out with Carrie Underwood and Charlie Daniels tonight, so any gift tomorrow would just be a waste. Right?
Heading to the Grand Ole Opry to see Charlie Daniels Band and Carrie Underwood!!
Great show at the Opry with Charlie Daniels and Carrie Underwood tonight. Very cool to see Daniel Bell and Andrea Thomas on stage. Great job tonight guys!
Can't believe we are about to see Charlie Daniels and.Carrie Underwood!!!
Just got into Nashville. This Hotel is awesome too. Just got 3rd row tickets for Grand Ole Opry to see Carrie Underwood and Charlie Daniels. I like Nashville.
Woohoo I got 2 free tickets to see Charlie Daniels Band Friday nite
See, in the 70s, music had a message. It didn't matter whether it was Neil Young, Charlie Daniels, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company, they all had a message in the lyric. Freedom, Liberty, Love and the ability to pursue the different road than any other. It was real music then, it carried a message of hope. Its missing in today's music God help us if today's music is a mirror of things to come. I have nothing else to say.
Second guessing is a lack of confidence, measure twice and cut once. Let's all make the day count. - Charlie Daniels
Taking my smoking hot wife Brenda Fleek here tonight to see Charlie Daniels for here birthday.
Happy Birthday to the one who has brought me more love and laughter than anyone else in the world. I can't believe that my giant, pound puppy is 1 year old today! I love you my sweet Charlie Daniels and can't thank God enough for you! :)
Going to see Charlie Daniels, Brett Michales,and Marshall Tucker Band at the end of May with my wife and three good friends. Gonna be a great night can't wait.
Cover of the Charlie Daniels classic "Devil Went Down To Georgia" performed by country and fiddle sensation Natalie Stovall on her EP "Standing My Ground." N...
Here are a couple of quick highlights of the music acts you'll see over the next couple of days at Guin's Mayfest. Friday: Shelbie Z has been a local favorite for some time, but has recently made her mark nationally as she had an extended stay on the national singing competition "The Voice". Broken Bridge is a local band recently formed who specialize in country, blues, and southern rock. The Springs are a young country duo quickly rising the charts in country music. They have shared the stage with the likes of Florida Georgia Line, Thompson Square, Jake Owen, Josh Turner, Gary Allan, Hunter Hayes, Love and Theft, Mark Wills, Little Big Town, Eric Church, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Charlie Daniels and Easton Corbin. The Saturday lineup includes our own Shannon J Knight, who's spreading the gospel nationally as a successful musician, Ken Randolph and the *** Brown Band, Joseph Baldwin, Jimmy Miles and The Southern Pride Band, and Kyle Wilson who's shared the stage with the Wayne Mills Band and country s ...
Martina McBride surprises Charlie Daniels with an invitation to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry during his Christmas for Kids benefit in Nashv...
Has the Pre-K Roundup at Charlie Daniels been postponed due to the rain or are they still having it today?
Never be too proud to admit you're wrong, you'll find it will take a load off your shoulders. Let's all make the day count. - Charlie Daniels
They’ve played on battleships, in bullfighting rings and even on ice, and on Oct. 19, the Harlem Globetrotters added one more unique venue to their list: Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. The "world’s most famous team" shared the stage with country legends George Jones, Charlie Daniels and Little Jimmy Dickens to help country music’s most famous concert hall celebrate its 85th birthday—a birthday it shares with the Globetrotters, who began touring the world in 1926. Since that time, the team has played before more than 132 million fans in 120 countries on six continents, breaking down cultural barriers and bringing together people from all walks of life with their ball handling skills…but not necessarily with their musical skills.
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Going to the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night to see Carrie Underwood and Charlie Daniels :) excited!
...if only Charlie Daniels would've giving him a second chance
Journalist Dan Rather sits down backstage with Charlie Daniels to explore the story behind "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," and then the Charlie Daniels Ban...
ountry legend Charlie Daniels is throwing a Memorial Day weekend party, and thousands of Pikes Peak region troops are invited. The Gazette-sponsored Volunteer Jam concert on May 24 at the newly renovated Fiddler's Green Amphitheater will feature Daniels along with the Outlaws, Black Hawk and rising…
French fried potatoes Friday 5/2/14, "Music on TV" listings: ~ DJ Skribble sits in with Robin DiMaggio and The Posse 2.0 during an all-new episode of The Arsenio Hall Show (The CW) ~ Cut Copy copy and paste themselves onto tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC Television Network) ~ The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, featuring Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl, rattle their sabres and bite down *** a new Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) ~ Jason Derulo rules on Late Night with Seth Meyers (NBC) ~ The Blank Tapes were taped and will now be rebroadcast playing a tune on Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC) ~ Cheech and Chong speak, in a BLUNT manner, to Tavis Smiley (NJTV, 1-1:30am) ~ The Charlie Daniels Band leader, Charlie Daniels, talks about Georgia, Satan, Bob Dylan and much more on Profiles (nyctv, 10:30-11pm) =8^ ]
Grest advice from Mom, I'm thrilled musicians always stay young at heart or Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Leon Russell, Dr John, Greg Allman, Ginger Baker, Eagles, Boz Scaggs, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Winters just to name a few, would have stopped playing years ago
A great bass player. You may not have listened to a lot of ARS but this man could play. He had that rolling classic rock style like a Jack Bruce but while playing a Rick and getting that snap. (He rocked a Precision too) I met these guys in the 80's and was backstage at several shows. And through them got to meet Ronnie Van Zant and Charlie Daniels! (Right! Robin Dempsey Cook and Janice Eitel McCay?) Their drummer, Robert Nix showed me some chops and told stories all night about touring with the Stones and him growing up in Jacksonville wit the Van Zants and Skynyrd. Nix played drums on 'Tuesdays Gone'. They were good guys, extremely gracious and professional writers, recording artists and live performers. Peace Paul
Harry Reid has angered many Americans over his handling of the Bundy ranch. Country music star Charlie Daniels responded after Reid called Bundy supporters "domestic terrorists". On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called supporters of the Bundy...
At the park studying for my lab practical! @ Mt. Juliet Parks and Recreation- Charlie Daniels
"As far as I'm concerned there ain't no excuse For the raping and the killing and the child abuse And I've got a way to put an end to all that mess Just take them rascals out in the swamp Put 'em on their knees and tie 'em to a stump Let the rattlers and the bugs and the alligators do the rest" -- Charlie Daniels "Simple Man"
man if I lived that close to Charlie Daniels park, I'd probably live there.
Charlie Daniels ~ Harry Reid you should be put in jail.
Come on out to Charlie Daniels' park today for the biggest egg hunt you ever seen!
If you ordered a bountiful basket this week, you need to read! (The Bountiful Baskets website still says Charlie Daniels Park) From Karen Taylor Bambas; I am the assistant coordinator for the Mt. Juliet location and this is what is actually happening with our Bountiful Baskets location. We have doubled the number of baskets available instead of going to weekly because there is no truck available to deliver on the other weeks. We are trying hard to let more people participate. We are having growing pains and appreciate everyone's patience as we work through them for everyone's good. The pickup at Charlie Daniels is not working out because of activities in the park, so they have asked us to move to Mundy Park -- off Belinda Parkway not too far from our original location at the Bark Park, but with huge amounts of parking available. This could last until football season begins in the fall, but we hope to find a suitable site that will be permanent asap. If anyone has suggestions or connections, please let me ...
Ducks Unlimited Banquet Tonight! Come out and have yourself a great time while supporting a great cause! Everything raised goes straight to wetlands conservation! Costa Rica villa, Argentina dove hunt, custom built trailer smoker, over 30 guns, custom built fire pit, Labrador puppy, Charlie Daniels signed fiddle are only a few of the great items you will see tonight!
I have tickets available on May 30th for the Rock Legends Unite Concert - Charlie Daniels, Bret Michael s and The Marshal Tucker Band partial proceeds go to The 1st. Lt. Michael J. Cleary Memorial Fund which has helped HFH get it's start and also is helping Back Mt. Police by our Track Chair. This is being held at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza and called "Salute To Service " Pre-show Party from 5-7 PM tickets for group are $ 5.00 off of 59.50-49.50-39.50. I have a block of seats in the upper section Club 117 May 30th so please contact me and send check for 54.50 to Mindy Piccotti if you want to participate, I have 40 seats left, please plan to pick up your pre-paid ticket at the HFH booth at the 5-7 pre show in parking lot. Concert is at 7:30 my tickets will not be held for you if not paid for unless have been ok'd by Mindy before hand. There are also a ride planned with Notos in WB check it out and a special offer of 60.00 for wings-lower seating and donation or you can purchase a group of ...
List of news headlines on Drudge about Nevada ranch standoff. Bundy should have paid his fees. But. This is over a breed of tortoise. It has lived with Bundy cows since 1870. 200 ARMED Obama Administration bureacrats with guns to stare down a family of three. They have taken 350 cattle - the Bundy's livlihood. For anyone, Republican or Democrat, who can't see that we live under in a rights-free, Soviet style regime ... well ... there's no hope for you. Hope all that sand doesn't go up your nose. HEAVILY-ARMED FEDS SURROUND NEVADA RANCH... FAA Orders No Fly Zone... Cell Towers Shut Down? County Commissioner Says Bundy Supporters 'Better Have Funeral Plans'... Lawmaker: Cattle Roundup 'Reminded Me Of Tiananmen Square'... Militia Members Arrive: We're not 'afraid to shoot'... Supporters gather outside LVPD headquarters... Rangers Brought in From Out of State... Charlie Daniels: First test of military against citizens? Feds Refuse to Say If They've Euthanized Cattle... BREAK: Sen. Reid/Chinese gov't t ...
The Devil Went Down To Georgia by Charlie Daniels is probably one of my favorite country songs!
I interviewed Charlie Daniels a couple of times while at NBC24. I asked him about Mike Huckabee. Charlie's response, "Fine man. Fine Christian Man. Helluva a bass player. Sat in with us a time or two." :)
Okay, so 13-year-old Maggie Baugh doesn't exactly sing 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' with country star Charlie Daniels and the Charlie Daniels Band.
Im not much on fightn the crowd at the Big O fest but u can bet ill be there this yr bc Hank Jr and Charlie Daniels Band will be there this yr!
Hank Jr and Charlie Daniels Band at big O! That will be one big party!
Hank Jr and Charlie Daniels Band going to be at the Big O music festival. Pretty sure this guy will be there.
Things I'd prefer not to see: backing Charlie Daniels on "Tangled Up in Blue." Nice fiddle, tho:
Charlie Daniels Band live unplugged on xm + a few 16 oz Pabst.. Hey sounds like a good night off to me.
The definition of cognitive dissonance Charlie Daniels singing Tangled Up in blue
Beatle Fans are in for a treat over the next month. Engineer Michael Hipskind and I are finishing "From Me to You" the Ernie Winfrey show for this Sunday on Hippie Radio(94.5) at 9:00 am and we will play all seven songs that Paul McCartney recorded in Nashville in 1974 along with one of the most touching stories in all of Beatlanity about that session. Today we had an insightful and amazing interview with a man managed by Brian Epstein, signed to Parlophone records, produced by George Martin whose first three were Lennon-McCartney songs. OK, I'll tell you. Billy J. Kramer. Man did he have some stories to tell! And tomorrow, thanks to Bebe Evans, we will speak with Charlie Daniels about his new Dylan LP and his work on Ringo Starr's Nashville sessions.
Country Boy (feat. George Jones & Charlie Daniels) by Aaron Lewis, from with LiveLyrics®
What more can one musician want than to play Schostakovich, Glen Miller, ZZ Top, Jonny Cash, The Stones, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Queen, Benny Goodman, Charlie Daniels and Steve Earle all in the space of a week.
What a super fun and DIVERSE week so far! Some of our guests have included Allison Janney, Zosia Mamet, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Robin Roberts, The Women of "Duck Dynasty", Charlie Daniels, Victor Garber, Billy Porter, E!'s "Total Divas" Summer Rae/Natalya, Steven Pasquale and more! Who will be joining us next???
Now I know that Charlie Daniels played on Bob Dylan's ground breaking Nashville Skyline, but 50 years later he and his band are releasing a cd of Dylan music. Great version of Tangled Up In Blue.
I know I'm late to the party but Zac Brown Band ROCKS. I had checked them out a couple of years ago after a friend had seen them in concert, so I was familiar and liked them. Another musician friend mentioned them a few days ago, so I have really gotten into them the past few days ! Any musicians that want to check them out, a good reference point is " It's Not Ok." It's definitely influenced by Charlie Daniels ' Uneasy Rider " and an instrumental interplay that was obviously influenced by The Dixie Dregs " Cruise Control " and lastly Led Zeppelin "Hot Dog " but the latter is probably more to do with the common chord progression, still is reminiscent They definitely have their own thing, great interplay between the musicians and they wear their influences well. HOOKED
Wow, Charlie Daniels really hit the nail on the head tonight on Huckabee, when he said that he "believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is just running over Obama and playing him like a little school boy" and the best one he mentioned was on the topic of Benghazi, saying "justice for the 4 Americans killed, you can hide it all you want but Ms. Clinton, America knows your true colors!" And I as an American stand up and applaud that man!!
Legendary musician Charlie Daniels hosted a special free concert in a packed Allen Arena on the Lipscomb...
Words have the power to hurt and cause feelings that can come back to haunt you years later. Guard your tongue. Let's all make the day count. - Charlie Daniels
Holding on to the past is like carrying around an ever increasing burden. Let it go it's way and you go yours. Let's all make the day count. - Charlie Daniels
While the devil was down in Georgia, Charlie Daniels took the stage of the Ford Theater in Nashville for this rollicking country concert with Mac Wiseman, Ea...
Mrs Fazio believed in me enough to help me be first chair viola and straight blue ribbons for UIL solo and ensemble in 3rd grade. Mr Davenport brought me back in the fold after a year off in 7th grade and let me learn cello and bass while putting up with a teenaged me. There was Mr Holbrook my band instructor in 8th grade (the second time :/) who allowed me to start out in intermediate with the advanced drum corps so I could learn and compete with the best. he helped make sure when I broke my back over the summer that I would have a seat in concert band until I was able to march again. I owe aloe to them and to my father who so very frequently would call me away from my toys to hear Buddy Rich okay drums, Charlie Daniels saw his fiddle, or Benny Goodman do his thing on the television. And My sister Vicki Milner Who was able to actually drive me to a few practices and concerts when my parents couldn't. Music belongs everywhere.
Stream Long Haired Country Boy by The Charlie Daniels Band on Fire on the Mountain for free on Grooveshark.
Hey there, I was just wondering if the Charlie Daniels Band offers any kind of meet and greets for their shows? I see that they will be playing in Vernal, UT this summer.
Jomeokee Music Park and The New Q 104.1 are proud to present The Volunteer Jam at Jomeokee on June 21, 2104, featuring Travis Tritt and The Charlie Daniels Band, plus other artists TBA.
Peace Through Strength - Soapbox 03/21/14 - Charlie Daniels - From the first grade until I started high school my dad's work necessitated our family moving a lot. Sometimes as many as three times in a single year, which meant that during my formative years I was constantly changing schools, sometimes three different locations in the course of one school year. Moving around that much, although highly educational in a practical sense, is tough on a family and especially on the children, or child in our case, as I had no siblings. It seemed that as soon as I got acquainted with the kids in the neighborhoods we moved in to, developed a nucleus of friends and learned the ropes, we would move to a new location where I had to repeat the process all over again. It seemed that I was destined to be the new kid, the outsider, forever walking into a new classroom to be sized up by a room full of giggling grade schoolers or smirking adolescents. For the most part I went to small schools in small communities where the ...
April 4th @ The Ritz Theater in CCTX- we will be helping raise funds in restoring the Ritz Theater- it's a $10 donation to get in- ouch I know- Ave Rockers will be supplying the drinks though!!! Lets have a big party- more details coming soon--- I've always wanted to play the Ritz, here are some bands that have played there in the past and now its our turn!!! - Past Performers during The Ritz Music Hall Days ('70's and 80's) 38 Special AC/DC (opened for Moxy, 1977 and headlined 1978) Accept (1985) Alvin Lee & Company (1978) Amboy Dukes Angel (1977) Anthrax (1986) Armored Saint (1985? and opened for Saxon, 1986) Axe (opened for Motley Crue, 1983) Babys (1977) BB King Be Bop Deluxe (1977) Black Oak Arkansas Blackfoot Blue Oyster Cult Bo Diddley Bob Dylan Bruce Springsteen (Nov. 8, 1974) Brushy Creek Budgie (1979) Captain Beyond (1977) Charlie Daniels Charlie Sexton (1986) Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen Crippled Duck David Allan Coe (1974) Def Leppard Denim Devastation (1986) Doak Snead (with Will ...
Hey everybody. How is everyone doing? I hope your enjoying the new year. Wow, it's been a long time since I posted anything. I wish I could say I was on vacation, but the paperwork must get done. Tax season...YUK! I'm about to kick it into high gear! Next month, April 25th and 26th we will be at the Las Cruces Country Music Festival. There is going to be a great show. The great CHARLIE DANIELS will be there as well as Cassadee Pope, Casey James, Chase Bryant, James Wesley, Bri Bagwell and my local favorites...The Yarbrough Band! I hope everyone gets to come out and hear all of the great music. Come by and say Hi. We can't wait to see you. Have a wonderful day.
I wonder if I went to Canada if Charlie Daniels would write a song about it. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Charlie Daniels Band Launching Off the Grid Tour This Week: The Charlie Daniels Band will be kicking off their...
I love my family I love my country and I love my guns! Anyone that tries to take them away has to come through me!! Good luck! . Charlie Daniels! Big boy words!
Since February I've seen Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, Chris Young, Cole Swindell, Charlie Daniels, and many more and only paid for 1 concert
Another day down it's nice to be able to look back at the end of the day and see my production I'm like the Charlie Daniels of the Ratchet wrench lol;)
Charlie Daniels is hitting the road this summer
Great night at our 5th Annual Charlie Daniels Scholarship for Heroes concert. A special thanks to Charlie and crew for another outstanding show.
a guy tried landing his chopper in Charlie Daniels yard, took three weeks to find all the pieces
Luke Bryan Crashes Charlie Daniels' Party: If Luke Bryan invites us to crash his party, I guess it's only fair...
Country kind of afternoon. Tim, Faith, Garth, the Chicks and Charlie Daniels. "Fire on the mountain, run, boys, run."
Charlie Daniels, the outlaw country legend talking about Taylor
Here's our video coverage of last night's Charlie Daniels' Scholarship for Heroes concert!
Playlist today: Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels Band, Loretta Lynn, and Willie Nelson. It's like the in my bedroom. 🎼🎶
.story about last night's Scholarship for Heroes show: To Donate:
What a wonderful surprise to get to see last night with Charlie Daniels!! Fantastic show!!
Charlie Daniels talks about his admiration for Taylor
Pretty cool week for Country in the Valley...Billy Currington at the Sands, Charlie Daniels at the State, Gary...
Yes, that's me with Charlie Daniels (way back in the day).
Fans got a big surprise from at last night's concert for heroes!
Lipscomb brings us Charlie Daniels, Kellie Pickler, Luke Bryan, and 2 members from 3doors down in 1 night. What does your c…
Luke Bryan a surprise at Charlie Daniels' Scholarship for Heroes concert at Lipscomb. Pics:
starts with a CrossTalk quiz - what year did we have the Charlie Daniels Band?
CW News: Charlie Daniels Goes Off the Grid for New Album and Upcoming Tour -
.+ surprised a country legend onstage last night! Get the details:
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Our group at the Charlie Daniels Scholarship Concert last night
isnt amazing how everyone who meets her say the exact same thing ❤️ - Charlie Daniels talks about Taylor Swift
My best friend in Nashville, and Luke Bryan, Kellie Pickler, and Charlie Daniels at Lipscomb...…
Country Fans! is working on a tribute album to the legendary Songwriter Read about it here htt…
Excited to see Charlie Daniels and friends at Lipscomb for in memory of US Army Sergeant Joseph "Tyler" Hackett.
Tons of stuff being covered in the news this morning, from David Cassidy to Charlie Daniels and Judge Joe Brown, plus servin' up Today's Hottest time on Smokin' FM!~Candy
Hamilton Collection
Charlie Daniels giving a shout out to the Florida Gators and saying the Pledge of Allegiance in his set. Go Gators. Go America.
Can't believe I got to see Charlie Daniels at the Grand Ole Opry @ Grand Ole Opry
"President Obama has made the statement that the U.S. Constitution is a flawed document. It's not a president's job to decide the merits of the Constitution but rather to enforce it as it is. It's not within his power to decide himself which laws to defend or ignore, when he in any way refuses to abide by every sentence in the document, he violates his oath"~~ Charlie Daniels ...the Devil Went Down to D.C..
Spent the weekend in Windsor with my brother and his wife Jim and Kathy Miller. Went to Charlie Daniels and Travis Tritt concert Friday night and played Tarzan slots until 2 this AM. Great fun and loads of laughter. Still unpacking from a month long vacation through the south and Caribbean. Time to get back to reality as soon as I warm up.
Last night was great with my buddy Charlie Daniels at Caesars Windsor Casino and now back in USA for a show tonight at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan ... again with Charlie Daniels ! I love it when I'm playing with my friends and my great band - Come on out tonight ! ~T
in the Charlie Daniels song Uneasy Rider he mentions stopping at some red neck joint called the Dew Drop Inn.
Sunfest will announce their line-up was one a great jazz fest...saw Joe Sample...Herbie Hancock...Spyro Gyra.lots of blues...BB king.James Brown.George Thorougood(?).Buddy GUY.legends...Charlie Daniels...ZZ top...Chuck Berry!...LITTLE RICHARD...and lots o great local bands..David Shelley...Albert Castiglia...Joel Da Silva...Bobby Nathan...J P Soars...lots of other...Earth Wind and Fire.with a ticket price of 60 for all 5 days this was a that Sunfest has become a 5 day fest for the 14-30 crowd..lets see who they bring this year for us older folks...and no we are not talkin about trick...we are talkin bout today offense...
Lip sync Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels
Scratch that. Volleyball at Cedar Creek lake. Charlie Daniels removed the nets from the courts.
My assignment from Nancy Boutilier was list 10 albums that have stayed with me over the years. I wrote down right off the top of my head in no particular order and I think I went over the 10 limit...but I used my Northgate mind to stay at the 10 limit - they all mean something: What are some of yours: 1. Eagles - self tiltled - of course it could be all of their albums 2 Marvin Gaye -Live at the London Palladium 3. Bob Seger - Night Moves 4. Lynyrd Skynyrd - One from the Road -Live 5. Elton John -Caribou and Good by yellow Brick road 6. Billy Joel - Stranger 7. Charlie Daniels - Fire on the Mountain -See you Sept 14th at Indian Ranch 8. James Taylor - Live 9. Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers- songs you know by heart 10. Jim Croce - Photographs and memories 10. Aerosmith - Toys in the attic 10. Beatles Let it Be 10 Bread - Best of 10. Steely Dan - Aja 10. Boz Scaggs
Mark Hatfield, BGR Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, reports, "We sent 200 Baptist Global Response The Bucket Project 'Hospice Kits' up to Maralal, Kenya this week. Thanks to Sandra and Charlie Daniels for their ministry to those who are suffering and to the Baptist Mission in Kenya for assisting with the transport.
Charlie Daniels Band in front of Tower Bridge in London, 1978. Charlie Daniels...
February 19th 1997: A judge in New York dismissed a $7 million lawsuit against Motley Crue for hearing loss that a fan suffered at one of their concerts. The judge ruled that the fan knew the concert would be loud when he purchased the ticket. 1995: Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee married Pamela Anderson on a beach in Cancun, Mexico. 1995: Jon Bon Jovi’s wife Dorthea gave birth to their second child, a son named Jesse James Louis. 1993: Lynyrd Skynyrd celebrated their twentieth anniversary with a Lynyrd Skynyrd & Friends LYVE performance from Atlanta’s Fox Theatre that aired live on pay-per-view. Special guests included Peter Frampton, Charlie Daniels, Zakk Wylde, Poison singer Bret Michaels & Cinderella singer Tom Kiefer. 1983: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers made their second appearance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live where they performed “Change of Heart” and “The Waiting”. 1982: Ozzy Osbourne was arrested in San Antonio for urinating on The Alamo. At the time of his arrest, Osbou ...
Tour operator friends... who would your groups like more... Charlie Daniels Band or Clint Black?
My mom just texted me she got tickets for Clint Black, Charlie Daniels, and Kellie Pickler! ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJ. Clint Black.
with all the problems in the world, I take a few minutes each day to play some Haydn, Bach, Mickey Gilley, Jerry lee Lewis, Little Richard, Brian Wilson, Beatles, George Strait, Bill Monroe, Johnny bush, gary stewart, Charlie Pride, Charlie Daniels, Charlie Rich, George Jones, Texas Playboys, Bill Monroe, Roger Miller, Tom T Hall, hank sr. & Jr., and Ray Charles to lighten things up.
Here are most of the songs we will be playing for you on Saturday night with our 7 piece band.. They are In no particular order..i know I'm forgetting 8 or 9.. Devil Went Down to GA (Charlie Daniels Band) The warmth (Incubus) Down (311) Labamba (Ritchie V) Go with the flow (Queens of the stone age) Stir it up (Bob Marley) Creep (Radiohead) Everlong (Foo fighters) Killing in the name (Rage against the machine) Cocaine blues (Johnny Cash) House of the rising sun (The animals) Come together ( the Beatles) Seven nation army (The white stripes) Lose yourself (Eminem) Good lovin' (The rascals) King without a crown (Matisyahu) Love song (311) We belong together (Ritchie valens) Summertime blues (Eddie cochran) In the company of wolves (Incubus) Another brick in the wall (Pink Floyd) Time (Pink Floyd) Beverly Hills (Weezer) Play that funky music (Wild cherry) Folsom prison (Johnny Cash) Sons gonna rise (Citizen cope) Mary Janes last dance (Tom Petty) Badfish (Sublime) Pretty woman (Roy orbison) Life in the fast l ...
The legendary Charlie Daniels. Blows me away. Go vote at ACM - Academy of Country Music
Feb 4,1977 : American Bandstand gets a primetime special in honor of the show's 25th anniversary. The show features one of the first "all-star jams," as Chuck Berry is joined by Greg Allman, Junior Walker, The Pointer Sisters, Charlie Daniels and several others on a performance of "Roll Over Beethoven."
ABC's 'American Bandstand' rock show celebrated its 25th anniversary on the air with a primetime special on February 4, 1977. On it, *** Clark introduced for the first time his concept of an "All-Star Band," in which Chuck Berry, Seals and Crofts, Gregg Allman, Junior Walker, Johnny Rivers, the Pointer Sisters, Charlie Daniels, Doc Severinsen, Les McCann, Donald Byrd, Chuck Mangione and most of Booker T and the MGs jammed on "Roll Over Beethoven."
Tommy Elphick believes Ian Harte’s recent performances will ease the blow of losing Charlie Daniels to injury.
THIS DAY IN ROCK February 4th: Queen, Electric Light Orchestra, SRV, John Densmore and more ... On This Day in Rock … 1968: Billed as 'Tour 60 cities in 66 Days', The Jimi Hendrix Experience appeared at the Winterland in San Francisco. 1968: Working at Abbey Road studios, London, The Beatles recorded 'Across the Universe'. John and Paul decided the song needed some falsetto harmonies so they invited two girl fans into the studio to sing on the song. The two were Lizzie Bravo, a 16-year-old Brazilian living near Abbey Road and 17-year-old Londoner Gayleen Pease. 1970: John Lennon and Yoko Ono donated their hair for an auction in aid of the Black Power movement. 1977: American Bandstand celebrates its 25th anniversary with a TV special. Among the acts that play the event are Gregg Allman, Chuck Berry, Charlie Daniels and Booker T. & the MG's. 1978: 'We Are The Champions' by Queen peaks at Number Four on the pop chart, where it stays for four weeks. 1978: Talking Heads plus special guests Dire Straits appe ...
Can anyone guess what two significant things these gentlemen have in common? Mark Farner, Charlie Daniels, Kerry Livgren, Bono, Bob Dylan and I believe, but am not sure-Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper.
Eddie Howe has confirmed that Charlie Daniels is set to have a scan on a thigh injury, while Ryan Fraser, Tokelo Rantie and Eunan O'Kane are doubts for this ...
ok folks..Charlie Daniels is on Justin Moore's latest album entitled "Off the Beaten Path" for Justin Moore
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