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Charlie Bucket

Charlie Bucket is a title character and the protagonist of the children's books Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl, and the 1971 and 2005 film adaptations.

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No seriously, Charlie Bucket was supposed to be black. .
I wait until my hair reaches its "Charlie Bucket" phase before getting it cut. Today it has officially reached that…
Gonna try somethin' called Charlie Bucket's Thanksgiving. 'S where y' bundle the beans up in plast…
Justin Upton won $1 Million for charity by homering into a giant bucket but it didn't count because the ball bounced. ht…
If Charlie Bucket had social media this is what he'd post... I want to hear more about Willy Wonka's Factory too!
Roald Dahl's widow revealed that the protagonist of CHARLIE AND THE Chocolate Factory was supposed to be black
Hudson Loverro from A Bronx Tale the Musical would be a amazing Charlie Bucket
Lego Charlie Bucket is in the building
I'm worried Stamos may not be an altogether convincing Charlie Bucket
Roald Dahl?s widow says Charlie Bucket was supposed to be black until editor intervened
finn wolfhard as charlie bucket is the casting choice I didn't know I needed until now
He will always be Charlie Bucket first, then Norman Bates! I can't wait for this series!
The National Book Awards has announced its longlist for the 2017 season
's gonna play Charlie Bucket in a new “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” live-in-concert!! who else's…
Main character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was originally black, but Roald Dahl was made to change
For the past 30 years, I've been haunted by the image of Charlie Bucket's grandparents all sharing a bed.
omg can't believe your playing Charlie bucket in the wonka musical! 👍🏻
Roald Dahl's agent pressured him into making Charlie Bucket a white character: .
"Charlie Bucket, the hero of Roald Dahl's famous children's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which also...
I want a tim burton version of Willy Wonka with Michael Cera as Willy Wonka but also Michael Cera as Charlie Bucket
I wonder if Charlie Bucket ran the Chocolate Factory the way Willy Wonka wanted him to
Charming Charlie and me checking stuff off his bucket list.
I think he loves me does Charlie Bucket 🐶🐾😍
Grandpa Joe is mighty selfish for saying he's got a Golden Ticket. Charlie Bucket found that, not you old man. Lay back down in bed.
Hard to imagine how far Freddie Highmoore has come since Charlie Bucket. Might make me rethink all of Char…
UPDATE! Free breaky is VIP only sorry to misinform lol. I'm feeling like Charlie Bucket rn 😝
Inspiring morning SE impact day now off to to shake a bucket & raise more cash
Sick person sext: hey babe, wanna come over and hang out in my bed like Charlie Bucket's grandparents?
Felt like Charlie Bucket this week; then my fairy godfathers gifted with me a golden crate!…
Charlie Bucket's dad would never have voted Tory.
Theresa May was at that toothpaste factory to fire Charlie Bucket's dad :(
All purpose parts banner
Congratulations Michael Stratton who won today's Trivia! He knew that Charlie's last name in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is Bucket.
She's there to sack Charlie Bucket's dad. soup
I'm over here like Charlie Bucket watching everyone complain how Starbucks ran out of frappuccinos 🙃
Charlie Bucket's dad in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' worked in a toothpaste factory screwing tops onto tooth…
This is Charlie Bucket, he's rather dashing.
It's odd that Charlie Bucket won a candy factory but now runs a motel and murders people while dressed as his dead mother.
They got Charlie Bucket on here buggin tho😭😂
norman from Bates Motel is charlie bucket HOW DID I NOT KNOW
Nigel Farage looking at the Houses of Parliament like a racist Charlie Bucket pining to get into Wonka's Chocolate Factory
I was not able to work in the fact that Charlie Bucket from the '70s movie is my uncle's cattle veterinarian.
Yay got mine for Feel like Charlie Bucket getting a Golden Ticket!
you did nt buy a Wonka Bar Charlie Bucket?
Charlie Bucket and Grandpa Joe will return as Peter Pan and Captain Hook!
Getting ahold of one of your lip kits is like Charlie Bucket finding a Golden Ticket in Willy Wonka 😭👄
Chief Brody's wife from looks EXACTLY like a grown up Charlie Bucket from
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As much as I enjoyed watching music video, I felt like Charlie Bucket watching y'all eat candy.
...and that's my Golden Ticket. Little Charlie Bucket wins again. Night night😊😚
Not content with ridiculing refugees, Dutton also tried to buy Charlie Bucket's Golden Ticket for $50.
Lol cool my roommate's grandparents, mom & brother are all staying w her in our 4 person suite. Feel like I'm living in Charlie Bucket house
More candidates for the inverse bucket list. Bagging all 282 Munros. Becoming a DJ. Attending a furry convention (in character).
Idea: a reverse bucket list. 100 things you’re fairly sure you’ll never do. For instance: visiting Bicester Village.
Willy Wonka's on, and it led me to find out that Charlie Bucket has turned into the image of my ex father-in-law 😱
Charlie keeps telling me not to skinny dip in the chocolate river and I'm like ??? Whose Chocolate Factory r we in??? Charlie bucket's?? No.
so here's footage of my little Charlie bucket! I could not be more proud to be your big sis! you…
I liked a video Charlie Sheen -- Ice Bucket Challenge with a BIG Twist
Charlie Bucket found $10 on the ground, and spent it on chocolate. Meanwhile his grandparents at home starving.
Being so broke that when u get a piece of chocolate u feel like Charlie Bucket & think u should only take abite of it on special occasions
When charlie bucket tries to get his Grandpa Joe out of his bed.That will be me trying to get my *** up for work on Monday.
I feel like Charlie Bucket trying to find a Golden Ticket! Getting sick of the sight of crisps! 😭
The delicious adventures experienced by Charlie Bucket on his visit to Willy Wonka’s mysterious Chocolate Factory...
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I feel like Charlie Bucket. Bought album. Listened once. Loved it.
got a pic with the one and only, Charlie Bucket. 🙂
Mrs. Bucket: Good for you, Charlie. We'll have a real banquet.
Mrs. Bucket: Charlie, where'd you get that?
that is quite clearly Willy Wonka & Charlie Bucket. I suggest you check your sources a little better next time.
The guy at pep boys who just fixed my moms windshield wiper looked like Charlie bucket
he's like Charlie Bucket running home with his Golden Ticket!!
RILEY! I am SO, SO proud of you and your performance as Charlie Bucket! From the beginning of…
If you think about it, Charlie Bucket really did deserve that last Golden Ticket
Also Freddie Highmore is so cute but I can't unsee the Charlie Bucket in him
I'm sure the keys to change are jangling in my brain, Charlie Bucket with his Golden Ticket dancing in the rain
Nathan! Congrats on an absolutely fabulous opening night! You are a sensational Charlie Bucket.…
My role model is Charlie Bucket. Kid lives in poverty, yet displays what it truly looks like to be humble..amazing.
like i'm young Charlie bucket, with nothing but a dream and a bed full of four grandparents
I am already getting Twitch messages of all kinds. I feel like frickin Charlie Bucket
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Bc you don't know Charlie Bucket while trolling trans kids and you want to shame me for not knowing about some store
thank you! I feel like the Quinnipiac version of Charlie Bucket
I'd like 2 see Charlie Daniels in live version of "Fiddler On The Roof" on in hopes they'd show the bucket truck 2 get his *** on roof
Matilda, Charlie Bucket, The BFG ... if your kids enjoy Roald Dahl books at bedtime, the stories are coming to...
I ❤ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but it pisses me off sometimes. Agustus Gloop should of won! Not Charlie Bucket!
Boston area news is a lot more entertaining when you hear Charlie Baker as "Charlie Bucket"
Just got out of the shower and when I looked in the mirror I kinda resembled Charlie Bucket from Willy Wonka
Charlie bucket is helping with the dishes.
If you wonder, back when I had regular issues with nausea I drew a smiley on a bucket and named him Charlie.
Daily giveaway day 14! Win This Hawaiian Bucket Hat!! Just RT, Fav this, and be following me to enter!!
An original copy of this has been on my (Charlie) Bucket List for a long time, but I'll happily…
Felt a bit like Charlie Bucket today when opening my very first sadly no Golden Ticket included.
Kobe's legs are gonna be like Charlie Bucket's grandparents
A bucket-list night for Charlie, and an incredible experience for me, too. Always grateful for these opportunities.
This is a story of an ordinary little boy named Charlie Bucket. He was the luckiest boy in the entire world. He just didn't know it yet.
Did you know that the boy who played Charlie Bucket in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” Peter Ostrum,...
I was too busy givin the defenders a bucket today to talk
Chelsea in the transfer market reminds me of Roald Dahl's Veruca Salt. Obviously in this analogy Vardy is Charlie Bucket.
For those who want candy but are on a diet: if you eat as much candy as Charlie Bucket does onscreen in Willy Wonka, you'll be okay.
Tickets arrived today! Holding one in my hand like Charlie Bucket.
The Charlie Bucket of getting swole biker quads.
Especially Charlie's delivery of the "that's just a bucket of chestnuts!" line.
Ima *** bucket use me an treat me like one
How does somebody go from playing Charlie Bucket to playing Norman Bates. The transition just doesn't make sense.
How can this creepy creep be the same person that played Charlie Bucket... He's a great actor.
I wouldn't give up my family for anything, not for all the chocolate in the world. - Charlie Bucket
how many females would be screwed if I took a bucket of water & splashed em wit it?
Bored by the fetishisation of the proletariat. They're not all Charlie Bucket. How do they keep the country running?
So not the Charlie Daniels type where u could probably find a pizza, a bucket of chicken, & small rodents in his beard? 😂😂😂
Number 1 thing on my bucket list is to actually meet
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Charlie V ever made a bucket when it mattered?
At this rate my daughter will be like Charlie Bucket; getting one bar per year, on her birthday!
Charlie Bucket made me feel like the hood wasn't that bad. When we heard gunshots, we just watched Willy Wonka til they stopped shooting haa
OMG, you have to watch Bridgit Mendler and the cast of Good Luck Charlie do the ice bucket challenge!
The fact that Alyssa's dad brought a bucket is hilarious..: I love Charlie
I DID see a band where Charlie Bucket's math teacher was the drummer that was pretty sweet.
Charlie Bucket has won Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and is on his way to take possession of it - in none other...
Charlie Thomas making a difference in a couple of minutes. Gets a bucket, followed by a good box out and an O-Reb.
How long do you think Willy Wonka waited before showing Charlie Bucket where he kept the bodies?
The Charlie Bucket story from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory alone is worth the price of admission.
Join me next week when I'll be following in the footsteps of Charlie Bucket, Pete's Dragon and Gobbolino the Witch's Cat.
Heads-up: Guy who played Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka to appear in home of women's suffrage.
I respect the fact that the boy who played Charlie Bucket didn't go into the movie business. It sure did destroy a lot of people.
Watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I am beyond a Charlie Bucket of life😂
Sub Fest Sneak Peek!! . The Charlie Bucket Band will be performing at Sub Fest 2016! Check them out on the Main...
One day I will find money on the street like Charlie Bucket and buy a lottery ticket with it and there will be a happy ever after ending.
tbf Carys, it does not get more smooth than 'want a fire bucket?'
Because he refused to break the news embargo, despite Slugworth's offer, Charlie Bucket was named to the Supreme Court by President Wonka.
Charlie Bucket, Mike TV and.oh, what was the other one?
(2/2) That is, in the novel, Charlie Bucket doesn't win because he is good and honest; he wins b/c he's the last kid standing.
Charlie you spunk bucket kindly kill yourself
this should have been Charlie Bucket
Life is short, visit these Florida restaurants before you die htt…
Charlie bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Marlene the elephant from elephant in the garden.
How many believe there should be a part 2 to wonka movie with charlie bucket as the new wonka as it ended in the old
Every time I watch Bates Motel I wonder what the *** happened to Charlie Bucket
I just can't get over the fact that the actor who plays Norman played Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlie has finally kicked the bucket.. 😂 had some good eventful years though
Charlie Sheen was making bucket loads of cash and then he went crazy. I guess always making Magic ain't Eazy.
*sigh* I'll just press my nose up against the windows like Charlie Bucket 😩
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Charlie Bucket when Grandpa Joe is on it..
History buff and collector of things brought Charlie Bucket's Golden Ticket to the Cruz rally. A metaphor for the Constitution.
lovely afternoon with great company as always! Did Charlie get a bargain bucket? 😂
Van Gaal getting out of his seat today was like Charlie Bucket's Grandpa leaving the bed.
From left to right: Charlie Bucket, Grandpa Bucket, Steven (too angry?) and Jared (idk how tall you are).
That may be, but you're no 'Bucket, of the Hyacinth or.Charlie variety.
Biggest issue is that we had people over yesterday and our water reserves have been depleted except for one bucket.
At a rally in Arkansas, Glenn Beck holds up what he claims is "Charlie Bucket's Golden Ticket," from the Willy Wonka film.
Not a Charlie Hall bucket but Nate Taphorn did just get UP for a dunk.
AGAIN, SAVE ALL COSTUMES. (Go for characters like Charlie Bucket and Polly from Mr Gum)
I love this list Charlie. I want to work with all of these women. Thanks for the new bucket list. x
We do love a good Charlie Bucket GIF:
Charlie Conner and his wife Sue spent the winter at their Florida home for 17 years. He loved the warm weather, ...
TODAY'S BUCKET-LIST STORY. Charlie Conner and his wife Sue had been wintering over at their Florida home for the ...
TY Toledo Edison for erecting Charlie. Man in bucket truck likened Lagoon Saloon to Upper Peninsula.
Charlie Bucket, Joe Bucket, Augustus Goop, Violet Beauregarde, Mike Teavee, Willy Wonka! you have last names in it!!
"kick the bucket"/"cup of joe" - Joe Bucket was Charlie's grandad, "navigating gloop" - Augustus Gloop was one of the children
I feel like Charlie Bucket when the teacher asks how many Wonka Bars he’s gotten, but with viewings of The Force Awakens.
Charlie Bucket is a real person though. You can't tell me Willy Wonka's not real.
6 days till We now have Roald Dahl Charlie Bucket and the BFG on sale! More than 40% off!
This fluff bucket is now part of the family.
Charlie Joiner belongs to that bucket.
Who are your top five Alex Ryder? Charlie Bucket? Philip from Enid Blyton's Adventure Series? Mr Happy?
My tampax pearl applicator just pennywhistled it sounded like when Charlie Bucket revealed the corner of the Golden Ticket
Charlie filled my bucket by asking me to eat lunch with him!
Today's MEET THE ACTORS features the Bucket Family in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!. Click on an actor's...
Charlie Sheen as Charlie Bucket, Matthew McConaughy as the apostle Matthew
But instead of the actual characters and scene, it's always Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka saying it to Charlie Bucket.
We even talked about what would happen with Duds and Charlie if I kicked the bucket. Silly looking back but seemed important then
The weeknd looks like he's got a bargain bucket on his head
Will the Elevator have a button that can only be pressed by Charlie Bucket?
fun fact: I sang cheer up Charlie in Willy Wonka in 6th grade because I was ms bucket
So proud my son Keir played Charlie Bucket at TRDL & in opening number of Olivier Awards at the Royal Opera House
My resolution to live my life like Charlie Bucket's grandparents who didn't go to the Chocolate Factory is going off withou…
Anybody else think the kid on the right looks like charlie bucket?
totally feel like Charlie Bucket with my 1 measly entry.
Well done ..Charlie Bucket would love one of those !! 👍😄
Bit of tractor & bucket 'fettling' this afternoon in the sun. Got it sorted. Thanks Charlie!
Slight resemblance between Klelia and Charlie Bucket lmaooo
So were all of Charlie Bucket's grandparents clinically depressed or were they like swingers?
not even. Big Fish doesn't make me puke to look at. Not even Charlie Chocolate Bucket
Hey listen now playing Charlie Winston - Kick The Bucket on.
Anything else to add to the Manchester bucket list?
Tom is my absolute favorite. He's the family's Charlie Bucket - just happy to be here - and it shows in his interactions.
he was like "wow Charlie Bucket grew up" and you was like "who?"And we had to completely ignore you bc wow...
▶ ONE LIFE Feat BLITZ THE AMBASSADOR & RAASHAN AHMAD by charlie bucket peep the new single here!
Robot Chicken used my joke about Charlie Bucket being slammed with legal liabilities after being given the factory.
The challenge has been set - How many of the CSU Bucket list will you cross off this year?
Charlie Bucket outside Soho Supreme. 🍫 Even the teeth are the same. @ New York, New York
Charlie Bucket's story is so much less impressive if Willy Wonka is finding an heir to run an injection moulding plastics factory.
I'm not a beggar, I'm Charlie bucket!
the coins had hairs and crusts on them,we felt like charlie bucket from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory lolZ
I'm Charlie bucket with the Golden Ticket.
Tickets are selling fast for CONCERT 🔥Get urs today👉
Charlie Bucket's grandparents who stayed in bed for 20 years knew how to live.
why does the Dan Patrick show of a wheel of punishment, it's not bucket of death
this is ~*~my~*~ Charlie Bucket Golden Ticket moment
yet again. Easy bucket against Charlie V...
your fav is problematic: Charlie Bucket. -stole fizzy lifting drinks
1200. More Charlie Bucket. than Augustus Gloop, is the. momentum for me.
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You guys have those Papa Charlie's Italian Beef buckets in grocery stores? They're actually super good. Plus it's a bucket
So did Charlie Bucket ever have to go to college?
I did a thing! I feel like Charlie Bucket on his way to see Wonka.
Charlie Bucket's got his ticket to a magical Chocolate Factory, get yours! See
Make the most of your university experience at CSU with the ultimate CSU Bucket List.
I still can't believe Charlie bucket is Norman Bates
So, does that make the Charlie Bucket of this election season?
Vols can't keep focus on defense. Exhale after a bucket but mental lapses on DEF keeping MSU in it
Plastic , metal, Charlie ... 3 items on my bucket list
My Beautiful America - The Charlie Daniels Band (Official Video) You better dig it people. Good bucket list!
Just like how Charlie Bucket felt, when he stepped into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory
Four million for Charlie Austin is an absolute steal. Keep him fit and he'll score a bucket load. Big miss by
£4 MILLION for Charlie Bucket. How is possible. Missed out on that one blues.
either way it kinda makes sense considering Freddie highmore looks exactly the same as charlie bucket and Norman Bates
come and play for Saints Charlie. We create loads and you will score bucket loads. Back to south coast !
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As a side note~ I was thinkin about that meringue place called Charlie Bucket how qt would it be to call
Just realizing how weird it was that all four of Charlie Bucket’s grandparents slept in the same bed
Tell and not to cut student support maintenance grants!
Bernie Sanders as Charlie Bucket, Hillary as Veruca Salt, Trump as Mike Teavee. I can see this
Stand out and be unique for the one you love, Charlie Chaplin style. Top hat, long coat, and a bucket of love.
I feel like Charlie Bucket after getting my invite. Now I'm just waiting outside smelling the chocolate until they let me in.
that time when I was channeling Charlie Bucket
Losing the Powerball makes me feel like Charlie Bucket, after all the Golden Tickets were gone.
My first bucket list item in action
I will never forget how much the king looks like charlie bucket's grandpa from Willy Wonka.
Mrs. Bucket is a saint for not getting mad when Grandpa Joe can magically walk (and dance!) after 20 years when Charlie gets a Golden Ticket
Heard about the PowerBall this morning and immediately felt like Charlie Bucket after Wonka's last Golden Ticket was discovered.
Pres Obama's been trying like Charlie Brown and the football. Now he can just work on his 'Sounds like bucket' list
Buying a Powerball ticket makes me feel like Charlie Bucket, spending his last few dollars on a Wonka Bar in search of th…
"I bet those Golden Tickets make the chocolate taste terrible.". ~Charlie Bucket
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I hope this lottery thing ends up the same way Charlie Bucket wins the last Golden Ticket and some poor soul gets a new house for his family
Winning Powerball is like finding a Golden Ticket. No matter how much money you spend it's going to happen for some Charlie …
wait a 7/11 sold the winning ticket supposedly... This dude on his Charlie Bucket grind
Feeling like Charlie Bucket when he opened that Wonka Bar on his birthday
Tonight reminds me of the time Charlie Bucket found the last Golden Ticket. What a time to be alive.
Chino Hills guy is the real life Charlie Bucket
Charlie Bucket and Grandpa Joe dancing in Chino Hills after they won the
Remember when Charlie Bucket won the Golden Ticket? Yeah...
I feel like Charlie bucket when he opened up the Wanka bar and didn't get the Golden Ticket
I felt like Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka about this lottery😞
I should've bought a powerball ticket I'm so Charlie bucket all day everyday is hella win the Golden Ticket
Wish I had Charlie Bucket's luck and found a mf golden lottery ticket in my Hershey bar🍫
After this powerball stuff, I bet Charlie Bucket feels like a real *** 4 getting that excitd about winning tickets 2 a Chocolate Factory
Someone out in Cali hitting the Charlie Bucket
I'm picturing Charlie Bucket running through Chino Hills with the Golden out for Slugworth!
Little Giant Ladders
I wonder how many GIFs there are out there of Charlie Bucket tearing open the candy wrapper and manically shouting, "I got it!"
I can't stop thinking about Charlie Bucket
I'm imagining it's some kid like Charlie Bucket and the ticket is stuck in his chocolate and his grandparents all share a bed...
Just gonna go to bed and assume the "winner" is a Willy Wonka situation where the ticket is fake. Call me Charlie bucket for Saturday!
I suspect Steve McLaren was Charlie Bucket when he was a lad
Hi I'm We shall now talk about .. GULG! As I throw a bucket of custard over Charlie! Then get pies!
📷 captainenvy: Charlie Cox’s Ice Bucket Challenge - aka the video where charlie Cox gets all wet and all...
He's the guy who played Charlie Bucket in the old Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. (he's a veterinarian now)
imagine how good Charlie bucket felt when he found that money in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Mop and bucket for the ladies drool 😁💪
Cinnamon challenge, Ice bucket challenge,Charlie charlie challenge, and now the I'm scared for the future.
it's you mixed with Charlie bucket and Willy Wonka what great art 😏
I buy lottery tickets like Charlie Bucket buys candy bars. And I watch them draw the winning numbers in my grandparents' bed too.
That was a real Charlie Bucket moment there.
Deh want to sound like Charlie Bucket or that but a hate being poor x
"You ran like Charlie Bucket when he found the Golden Ticket". -Ed to me when I realized I have no hw due tonight
OVHC residents were able to meet some coaches and even hold the Bucket http…
Charlie Bucket the DVM: from childhood movie star to dairy veterinarian.
I'm hoping Charles kicks the bucket before Liz so William gets the job. I don't want Charlie's old donkey as Queen
Charlie bucket opened a chocolate bar and he found a Golden Ticket! Have you found your Golden Ticket yet?
Robert Irwin (Bindi's brother) looks like the original Charlie Bucket. LOL.
Roald Dahl planned to write a third Charlie Bucket book, Charlie in the White House; he died before he could complete it.
Charlie bucket is a sweet boy that needs to be protected
Still coming to terms with Essendon drafting Hayley Mills/Charlie Bucket
I feel like Charlie Bucket on his first payday when he gets a loaf of bread for a banquet
Charlie from Australia : Top 5 things on your bucket list? :) Hwaiting!
I love how Charlie Bucket thinks he's so rich on his first payday. "From now on, I'm going to buy your tobacco."
Should have my ice bucket challenge video up a little later today
My God, it's like Charlie Bucket meeting Willy Wonka for the first time.
my girl April LIFE bucket list is to party w Charlie!NO NEED TO pay us $$ like those *** took from u,we'll sign all the
*** is showing on TV? Charlie doing the Deangelo? Why does the audience have to pay for his poor selection from the bucket?
Meghan Trainor went after Charlie Puth like he was a bucket of the Colonel's secret recipe.
Mark Hamill from looking a bit like the love child of Willy Wonka and...well... Charlie Bucket, I guess.
Going to the Guinness Storehouse made me realise exactly how Charlie Bucket felt in the Chocolate Factory
Billy's bucket, Charlie and Lola stories and all the Percy the Park keeper classics.
It's been a long day, whithout you my friend. And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. ©Charlie Puth
*** don't kno bout dem days in da bucket n how me n Charlie usta cut up,
Yesterday's London date with Charlie Bucket is my hero.
I guess I'm takin Charlie Sheen off my bucket list.
Sky Amber Charlie Brandon we all need to do most of this!!!
in this scenario are you Augustus Gloop, Mike Teavee or Charlie Bucket?
Fall is making an appearance today. I'm drinking my Dunkin Donuts coffee and my Charlie Bucket cords are in full effect.
My poor Charlie is just a bucket of emotions with a spill proof lid on top.
Shortly after the sweet shop owner sang "The Candy Man Can" to Charlie Bucket…he was found stabbed to death in the basement
Perfect for little chocoholics! Order your Charlie Bucket costume now to get 15% off >>
We got your Sunday covered. All games + a 6-ft Sal, Kris & Charlie's hero... oh & bucket specials, too
exactly. I take solace in the fact he was wearing a bucket hat, and looked like the guy from the New Radicals
Starting to gather a theatre bucket list! Dying to see Wicked, phantom of the opera and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory! Now to get booking😁
We all know someone with a bucket fanny called Abbie
this picture seems to suggest you're Charlie Bucket. Awaiting a Golden Ticket.
I think Tina played Charlie Bucket's mom in the original Willy Wonka
Spent a lovely afternoon with Dermot at McIlroy Guitars today. I felt like Charlie Bucket in the Chocolate Factory!
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