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Charles Woodson

Charles C. Woodson (born October 7, 1976) is an American football cornerback and safety for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL).

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Sports news: Charles Woodson, Peyton Manning, Randy Moss and the epic 1997 Heisman race - The 1997 Heisman race had…
Charles Woodson and Randy Moss are too *** country to be paired together.
Jabrill was on It last year but if you look at It db wise you gotta be versatile tho .. jus lik…
Charles Woodson (1997) was the last non quarterback/running back to win the Heisman Trophy
I didn’t say he’s been lights out... I just think he’s improved s…
1...2...3 I open my eyes and Charles Woodson is part of my backfield.D'oh
Can Charles Woodson resign with the Raiders just for one week just so he can blitz Tom Brady one more time
Did Charles Woodson really crushed the hottest chip? He ate 2. Lol
Charles Woodson: I got you covered, bro. Randy Moss [disgusted]: Nobody can cover me!. CW: Man, why do you always do…
Some people are stuck on the Charles Woodson, Polamalu, Reed etc. nobody talks about nelson
I didn’t know until right this moment how much I needed Charles Woodson repeatedly yelling “it ain’t nothin’ to me” in my lif…
True. I remember when Charles Woodson nosed out Revis for the award, but that’s been almost a decade now.
WATCH: Former great dominates the because of course he does:…
Charles Woodson defeated the as Hasselbeck suffered next to him
Derek Carr has been nominated for the Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award, the same honor given to Charles Woodson in 2015: https:/…
Charles Woodson is that uncle at a cookout smacking down some spicy *** wings 😂
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Matt Hasselbeck and Charles Woodson took the Woodson dominated.not so much ht…
Top 5 NFL defensive back of all time Charles Woodson and Heisman Trophy winner
😂😂😂 you know Anthony Carter, Desmond Howard, Tom Brady and Charles Woodson never would’ve allowed this. smh 💪🏾
Archie Griffin, Reggie Bush, Charles Woodson and Earl Campbell in that order
Randy Moss and Charles Woodson make mischief at ESPN - The Randy & Charles Show:.
I must say, NFL Countdown on ESPN is so enjoyable. Randy Moss, Matt Hasselbeck, Rex Ryan, Charles Woodson and Sam Ponder have good chemistry
Also, Charles Woodson, Jerry Rice, and two different No. 32s - one for Marcus Allen, the other for Jack Tatum.
Carlo Kemp, Oliver Martin, Charles Woodson and Jack Blott days left until takes on Florida.
Ah, I'll pass that along to Michael Bennett, Eric Reid, Shannon Sharpe, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch, etc
my 4 are Russell Wilson, Andy Dalton, Jason Witten, Charles Woodson, and Philip Rivers. Eli and Tom Brady are too easy...
Tommie Frazier, Desmond Howars, Barry Sanders, Ndamakong Suh, Charles Woodson (no order to list)
Reggie White & Charles Woodson. Packers would have two less Super Bowls without them.
The only reason the 1997 Coaches Poll went to Nebraska is because Phil Fulmer was mad Charles Woodson won the Heisman over Peyton Manning
First names to come to mind that I've watched in real time: Charles Woodson, Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Ndamukon…
The world loses Charles Woodson, Kobe Bryant, Heath Miller & Barack Obama in the same year ✊🏾
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Marshawn Lynch's jersey selling well. 24 is a big # in history - see Willie Brown & Charles Woodson.
Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson debut on College Hall of Fame ballot.
Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson and Frank Beamer make their debut on the College Football Hall of Fame ballot.
The first-time candidates for the College Football Hall of Fame also include Charles Woodson and Calvin Johnson.
All my childhood superstars retiring. Kobe Bryant. Allen Iverson. Charles Woodson. Randy Moss. Can't forget about who Sean Taylor was either
Charles Woodson gave Beast Mode special permission to wear number 24 for the Raiders, according to his mom
Charles Woodson, Joe Thomas among those to defend Jabrill Peppers' following today's testing news:
Is that Charles Woodson in profile pic? If so dope edit.
Rhonde Barber & Charles Woodson were glorified slot cornerbacks. Shouldn't be considered for the HOF ever
We don't want *** from Michigan unless their name is Charles Woodson
executive presence tips from Charles Woodson
I remember jordan winning in 97' 98'and also remember hoping the raiders picked Charles woodson in the…
Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson, and Ty Law were my favorite corners growing up
Not a football player, but I gotta go with Charles Woodson
Sean Taylor needs to come out already and charles woodson too
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With the NFL Draft less than a week away, a look at 17 greatest NFL Draft picks.…
"I'm gonna try to talk you out of retirement while I'm down here.". - Gruden and Charles Woodson together again https:…
Blessed to have watched Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Randy Moss, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Charles Woodson, and all the legends that retired.
Charles Woodson recently addressed one last time to cap the season. Photos:
"If I do it like one person, I want to do it like [talks making switch from CB to S:…
Charles Woodson's voice or this guy
Idk, this guy named Charles Woodson make a pretty good one in college
Finally finished. 🙌🏾. Customer came and grabbed. Charles Woodson up next...
is the next Charles Woodson , revis, Sherman.. Whoever 🙌
19 years ago, selected CB Charles Woodson with the 4th overall pick of the 1998 draft.
3 football books I'd love to see happen: A Don Hutson one by a Charles Woodson one by & one by
okay, says the 🐑 Tom Brady and Charles Woodson and Desmond Howard
They attacked Howie Long and Charles Woodson. At this point they would burn Carr in effigy.
Reports that eagles are looking at jerry rice, chris carter Micheal Irvin Deion Sanders and Charles Woodson
Charles Woodson retired. No other hall of farmers on the Raiders
Charles Woodson could've been a Cowboy but Bill Parcells didn't want to coach him.
Del Rio compares Carr's absence to losing Charles Woodson. Has leadership qualities that can't be replaced by one person.
You all need a personality with energy on set. Randy Moss, Charles Woodson, Trey Wingo, SVP. This dialogue is set at monotone
Hey Ted Thompson: five reasons for more free agents in GB. Reggie White, Charles Woodson, Ryan Pickett, Julius Peppers, Letroy Guion.
Don't ever use the word Quit along with the name Charles Woodson ever again
Tom Brady, Charles Woodson both SB champions. Brandon Graham,Taylor Lewan, Chad Henne,that just to name a few
Lol he a former 49er don't do it. Get a Rod or Charles Woodson one
The only good ppl to come through Michigan: Zach Werenski, Jack Johnson and Charles Woodson
Guy has one INT in his career and averages about 6 tackles a game and somehow is next Charles Woodson.
Jabrill Peppers is the 4th U-M player to be named B1G DPOY, joining Charles Woodson in 1997, Larry Foote in 2001 and LaMarr Woodley in 2006.
Khalil MacK did everything on Sunday becoming the 1st player since Charles Woodson in 2009 to put up all 5 of these numbe…
Khalil MacK had an INT, a sack, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and a TD. He's the first player since Charles Woodson in 20…
All the great players wear 21 lol. LT, Sean Taylor, Deion, Tim Duncan, Wilkins, Charles Woodson now Zeke and Landon Collins wear
Charles Woodson , Braylon Edwards , chad henne are all rolling in their graves .
Some one get Charles Woodson some dam Stacy Adams please!!!
This cast of Suzy Kolber, Steve Young, Randy Moss and Charles Woodson is great, keep them on more
What happened to the years of having a good secondary, I miss Nick Collins, Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams 😢😢
Randy Moss, Charles Woodson, Trent Dilfer, and Matt hasselback are an electric group of analysis. Only good thing the nfl has going rn
*** be out here makin Morris Claibourne look like Charles Woodson this is absolutely blasphemous
Jabrill Peppers scored his 4th TD of the season vs Michigan State. That's as many as Charles Woodson had in his 1997 Hei…
🏈👀 When you get revenge on your rival. Jabrill Peppers now has as many touchdowns as Charles Woodson had in his Heisma…
I'm not all are gone for me Kobe, Charles Woodson and Ken Griffey Jr. sports isn't the same for me
Charles Woodson's voice sounds like an old blues musician named Catfish turner from Mississippi
& If Pack could sign Peanut Tillman or Charles Woodson, upgrade to what we have available at moment??
I love me some Charles Woodson but the Thurston Howell III look? I've got q…
Charles Woodson on MNF football sporting the ascot. Thurston Howell III is smiling somewhere ,
My top 5 favorite athletes of all times are. 1. Allen Iverson. 2. Charles Woodson. 3. LaDainian Tomlinson. 4. Damian Lillard . 5. Ichiro Suzuki
You're essentially arguing that Bobby Hoying or Troy Smith were better players than Charles Woodson.
Deon Sanders is the most popular defensive back to play the game, but is he the best? Was he really better than Charles Woodson?
Jay Cutler had been shaking out his hand for a few possessions. Tried to play through it. Can't wait for Charles Woodson's po…
I like Randy Moss and Charles Woodson but isn't the same w/o CC, Keyshawn, Ray Lewis, and Tom Jackson.
VIDEO: Charles Woodson has smart things to say about Colin Kaepernick
WATCH THIS. Full 4 minute clip of Charles Woodson making SO MUCH sense about why he supports the protests in the NFL https:/…
Charles Woodson going to a Charlie Wilson video shoot after the game lol
Charles Woodson out here looking like Jerome from Martin. Look at the white shoes! Look at the white shoes!
Charles Woodson expects Tom Brady to come back from his suspension with a vengeance.
Charles Woodson got on an ascot. Bro think he Roland Martin 😑
Salute to Charles Woodson for saying what these other black analyst have been scared to say
Randy Moss and Charles Woodson speak eloquently and intelligently, then Trent Dilfer says football is more important than so…
Dam Peyton Manning , Charles Woodson , Randy Moss for heisman in 1997 that's a lot of great up for the award
Randy Moss and Charles Woodson on Countdown. Might have to watch purely out of respect. Two of my all time favorites.
Y'all telling me Randy Moss/Matt Hasselback/Trent Dilfer/Charles Woodson are better than Chris Carter/Keyshawn/Dikta/Tom Jackson... Please
ESPN's Charles Woodson picks Raiders to beat Packers in Super Bowl LI
Bow Wow put himself on a list with Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant... Peyton and Charles Woodson...
Charles Woodson and Trent Dilfer giving KC love on the MNF post game show!
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If Saturday night is any indication Charles Woodson is going to give Phil Simms a run for his money. Holy *** he was bad.
Kobe, Peyton, Phelps, A-ROD, Tex, Prince, Fielder, C. Johnson, M Lynch, Charles Woodson, all hanging it up. My world of sports is crumbling.
Charles Woodson is still playing all-pro defense.
Crazy to think Charles Woodson, Megatron, BJ Raji, Jared Allen, Eugene Monroe, & others are out on
November 22nd, 1997: Charles Woodson's 77-yard punt return TD vs Ohio State. He would go on to win the Heisman.
I'm waiting for the Charles Woodson double coverage INT GIF.
October 25th, 1997: Charles Woodson makes an insane one-handed interception against MSU.
Who would ever want to play in Jordan football stuff? Hmm. Scrubs like Earl Thomas and Dez Bryant. A legend like Charles Woodson. Idk.
I see people showing love to Sapp, Brooks, and Revis. Just couldn't leave Charles Woodson off of the list. No way, no how.
Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch & Calvin Johnson all retired..sports will never be…
Michigan cornerback Charles Woodson was the first Heisman Trophy winner (1997) to be a primary defensive player.
🤔What color should I get my Charles Woodson jersey black or white ?
Welcome coach, great speech at CTE dinner honoring Charles Woodson. Raider Nation is ready for Raiders 2016! GO RAIDERS!
Earl Thomas, Malcolm Jenkins, Charles Woodson's 2015 performance put him above if he returned. He's top 5 not
Newly signed Oakland Raiders safety Reggie Nelson was brought in to replace the legendary Charles Woodson with...
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VIDEO: Charles Woodson among presenters at Packers Hall of Fame night
Charles Woodson to present Nick Collins for Packers Hall of Fame induction
Charles Woodson will announce the induction of Nick Collins this summer as he enters the GBP Hall of Fame. h…
No more Charles Woodson. In comes Karl Joseph. "This guy can do everything.". 🎥
I can't believe we lost Kobe, Peyton, Charles Woodson, Megatron, Marshawn, Jared Allen, and so many other HOFers this year
For the Top 5 Raiders how did you not list Bo Jackson or Charles Woodson?
ranked top 101 NFL players in 2015. Khalil MacK is at No. 6, Joe Staley at No. 70, Charles Woodson (may he rest in retirement) at 71
ESPN getting rid of Cris Carter, Ray Lewis, and Mike Ditka to bring in Randy Moss, Matt Hasslebeck, & Charles Woodson. Intere…
Charles Woodson instead of Green for me but everyone else the same
Mark Jackson, David Blatt, Charles Woodson that who you need
Guy compared Jalen Ramsey to Charles Woodson. At least let these kids play before we call em hall of famers
The Raiders got Karl Joseph right after Charles Woodson retired that could be a sign 👀
Him and Ramsey gonna be the next Brian Dawkins and Charles Woodson
Comparing Ramsey to Charles Woodson? Please. Sit this one out, fellas.
. Jalen Ramsey. Fast!! He can jam and play off. Great athlete. Can tackle. Needs to get mean. . Comp: Charles Woodson
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Ramsey could be Charles Woodson that's his ceiling
Player comp range for Ramsey, per low end -- Antonio Cromartie, high end -- Charles Woodson. Hard to lose with that pick.
Watch Ramsey be the next Charles Woodson,... another clueless move by
Was hoping the could snag Ramsey to fill the role of Charles Woodson.
Jalen Ramsey is the next Charles Woodson, he's the only DB that versatility compares to.
Jalen Ramsey about to be better than Charles Woodson
Jalen Ramsey feels like the next Charles Woodson to me
Jalen Ramsey is going to end up being better than Ed Reed, Charles Woodson, and Deion Sanders when it's all said and done
Jalen Ramsey is a future Hall of Famer, next Charles Woodson
Ramsey=Charles Woodson. Gonna look good in a Dallas uniform 😉
Ramsey go be the best player out this draft tho. He the next Charles Woodson bible
IF Cowboys select Jalen Ramsey at he would be the first defensive back selected with that pick since Charles Woodson in 1998.
Jalen Ramsey will end up being better than Charles Woodson, Troy Polamalu, Deion Sanders, Champ Bailey, and Ed Reed tbh
Charles Woodson better athlete or even Denard Robinson
Honestly don't know why Dallas fans want zeke Elliot of Ramsey. Zeke is great, but Ramsey could be the next Charles Woodson.
Dallas should go Ramsey. He's the next Charles Woodson and they won't regret it. Shutdown corners all over the NFC East.
Ramsey has some Charles Woodson like qualities I like him
Probably not, but I wouldn't blame them if they did. Ramsey could wind up being Charles Woodson good.
Jalen Ramsey has started 41 career games and has 3 career INTs, people want to say he's Charles Woodson but CW had 16 I…
Derek Jeter,Kobe Bryant,Marshal Lynch, Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson are all retired and David Ortiz is in his final year.
3 best CBs in the game since 2000- Asante Samuel, Charles Woodson, and Darrelle Revis. Id put Asomugha at 4, Sherman at 5, Ty Law at 6.
Charles Woodson and Justin Tuck were exactly what the Oakland Raiders needed - in 2013 and 2014 respectively.
98 Jason Taylor, 97 Charles Woodson, 97 Steve Hutchinson, and I can get you the 99 Brady in a few days all I need is the collectibl
would you rather have Charles Woodson or emmitt smith?
Sports will be weird the next season that they are in because no Charles Woodson, no Peyton Manning, no Marshawn Lynch, no Calvin Johnson.
Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, and Charles Woodson all retired this year... Just let that…
dude that's what I'm saying ?! Charles Woodson , Peyton , Tom Watson , and Calvin Johnson all in one year like ***
you coulda put Charles Woodson or Calvin Johnson but you said "hm Elton Brand retired.."
Payton manning, Calvin Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Charles Woodson all retired this year.
Yo Ima miss the legends retiring this year 😭 Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, and Charles Woodson these guys will be missed😭
Seriously, Charles Woodson, Peyton Manning, Jared Allen, Calvin Johnson and Marshawn Lynch retiring this summer is proper sad.
Saying goodbye to Kobe, Derek Jeter, Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson and Peyton Manning so fast is really depressing. That's my childhood.
GIVEAWAY: Must RT, follow us and for a chance to win this Charles Woodson jersey. Ends Sunday night. http…
*** that Charles Woodson retired I would have love to seen him and Reggie back there together
Oakland Raiders will replace Charles Woodson with the 33-year-old Nelson, according to ESPN and the NFL Network.
My conversation with Fremont Ross grad Charles Woodson at the Michigan Spring Game:
Charles Woodson: "I'm excited about the jump start that I heard this was." VIDEO:
Jalen Ramsey may be the next Charles Woodson, but man...when you still need QB, DE, OLB, WR, RT, Future LT, Nickel CB, RB...
97 Charles Woodson,96 Stephon Gilmore,or 97 Carlos Rodgers (prob not too expensive)
and Charles Woodson's nephew and Allen Gant's cousin in there
3 first round dbs w ramsey. is comin back at all pro level. Byron will go to probowl... ramsey=new Charles Woodson
They better rewrite history and give Michigan and Charles Woodson the 97 coaches national championship before I die.
realistically, final edition demaryius Thomas or playoffs Charles Woodson.
yeah it won't really be the return of the LA Rams w/o the colors. Charles Woodson told Gurley he reminds him of Eric Dickerson
Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, Charles Woodson, and David Ortiz all retiring in the same year... sports may never be the same
Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson, Heath Miller, Jared Allen, Jerod Mayo and now BJ Raji are all retiring
Mine prolly gone have to be Quentin Jammer, Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson, Ty Law, and Ronde Barber
when CBs get old/injured they tend to move to safety like Charles Woodson, Deangelo Hall... Webb was very solid at safety
Jack Tatum, Willie Brown, Michael Haynes, Lester Hayes, Charles Woodson...follow the path of the great Raiders CBs!
Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Heath Miller, Charles Woodson, and Jared Allen all retire in one offseaso…
In 2016 we are losing Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch now Steve Ellis... things will never be the same 😭
Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch, Jerod Mayo, Justin Tuck, Jared Allen, Calvin Johnson are all retiring. I don't deserve this
Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Jared Allen, Jerod Mayo, and Heath Miller are just some of the names that have retired
The end of an era with Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, Jared Allen, & Heath Miller all retiring 😔
Charles Woodson ain't goin out like that
Lost a lot of good players to retirement this year Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Charles Woodson, and Heath Miller.🏈😔
I'm booking travel now to see Charles Woodson,Peyton Manning & Calvin Johnson be inducted in 5 years. 3 of the…
Kobe has less than 20 games left,Peyton Manning is retiring,Charles Woodson is done. Besides Duncan, KG, & V.Carter our childhood is gone.
Charles Woodson. Peyton Manning. Randy Moss. There were some pretty decent players at the 1997 Heisman ceremony.
Peyton Manning officially saves date for reunion with draft classmate Charles Woodson in Canton
Potentially eligible for Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2021: Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch, Jared Allen,…
The NFL is losing some pretty great players to retirement. . -Peyton Manning. -Charles Woodson . -Marshawn Lynch . -Calvin Joh…
plus Aaron Williams and Charles Woodson my hubby officially hates me.
Charles Woodson, Marshall Lynch, Calvin Johnson, Heath Miller and, now, Peyton Manning. This is a sad year to NFL 😭
Charles Woodson. Sean Taylor. Reggie Bush. Desmond no particular order.
Comparing Jalen Ramsey to Charles Woodson? 😒 he hasn't even started his NFL career yet
2016 NFL Draft: Jalen Ramsey stands out in diverse group of DBs: Charles Woodson has retired from th... Via-
Charles Woodson to "You remind me of . Pro Bowl Mic'd Up |
glad ur there in INDY the Titans need to pick Jalen Ramsey number one overall he has Charles Woodson potential!!
Jaylen Ramsey will be a superstar! Can play all DB positions. Write it down. Best DB in draft will be a Ed Reed / Charles Woodson type
Charles Woodson has been hired by ESPN. Woodson will take over Keyshawn Johnson's role after his contract expired.
This Jalen Ramsey kid will be the next Charles Woodson love his versatility can play either corner/safety very physical Top 5 pick.
Oakland Raiders free safety Charles Woodson celebrates a Raiders' fumble recovery during the first half of an NFL...
Charles Woodson hired by ESPN as NFL analyst | Comcast via
Calvin Johnson , Beast mode , Jared Allen , Charles Woodson and now Heath Miller are all retiring is Peyton next?
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Welcome to the team! Charles Woodson hired by as NFL analyst
1st year eligibles for the in 2021: Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch, Jared Allen, Peyton Manning (?) & …
Charles Woodson, Jared Allen, Calvin Johnson, and possibly Peyton Manning? The 2020 Hall Of Fame Class is going to be ridiculously good.
Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Jared Allen, Justin Tuck and possibly Peyton Manning have said good-by…
We are excited to announce that Charles Woodson is joining ESPN as an NFL analyst.
Kobe Bryant , Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson Jr. , Marshawn Lynch , & Charles Woodson are the real 🐐's . Thank you guys for paving the way .
Ben,people forgot how Team Peyton and Tennessee fans reacted when Charles Woodson won the Heisman Trophy,it was borderline racist
Calvin Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson. All players I grew up watching. It is making me feel old watching em retire.
Charles Woodson replacing Keyshawn Johnson on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown: Woodson is venturing...
Charles Woodson gone, Nate Allen gone... Eric Berry is the best out thier, do the Raiders have a real chance at him?
Nate Allen (No. 20, right) and Charles Woodson, Oakland's starting safeties at the start of 2015, are both gone...
Along with Allen, the Raiders also lost fellow safety Charles Woodson to retirement, leaving a big hole in the...
Charles Woodson retired, and now Nate Allen has been cut. Think we might need a new safety or two? 😜
wow the NFL is losing Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch, and Peyton Manning😢
Still can't believe Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Kobe Bryant, and David Ortiz are retirin…
Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kobe Bryant, Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch and now Daneil Bryan as well, unreal all these stars
The hall of fave class of 2021: Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson, and Marshawn Lynch?
Lots of greats retiring after this season: Peyton, Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch. ***
so he better than Terrell suggs, Charles Woodson, clay Mathews, Ken chancellor and Patrick Willis?
Charles Woodson looked at Kevin Frazier like "what you mean 'potential' Hall of Fame career?"
I think a squirrel in a Charles Woodson jersey catching a acorn would be a dope tattoo.
true i was either gonna get a mack, carr or cooper jersey but in all honesty i kind of want a Charles Woodson cuz he retired
Charles Woodson: "Marvin Harrison was the best receiver I played against.".
Charles Woodson sent vidoe message from Pro Bowl in Hawaii. "We are Chad Tough, through and through."
Me in that OG Charles Woodson jersey. Happy retirement
Not a raiders fan , just want a Charles Woodson jersey
A lot of athletes I really like are retiring & it's sad for me. Jeff Gordon, Kobe Bryant, Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson, & Justin Tuck.
I need a Charles Woodson jersey I can't find one anywhere
Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson, Justin Tuck and Peyton Manning. Those are 4 incredible players.
Thanks for everything, Charles Woodson! We'll miss you!! Come back to Ann Arbor, Michigan soon!!
have to retire my Charles Woodson jersey and later this year retiring my Kobe Bryant jersey
Gonna have to cop the Charles Woodson Pro Bowl jersey
With the Pro Bowl over, legend Charles Woodson has walked off an NFL field for the last time.
Charles Woodson waves goodbye for the final time. (via
I still need to get me a Charles Woodson jersey.
I need to get a Charles Woodson jersey
Charles Woodson was one of my favorite football players when I was younger. I had a Woodson jersey that I would never take off.
Might have to get a Charles Woodson Pro Bowl jersey because you'll never catch me wearing a raiders jersey!!
Charles Woodson jersey going up on the wall in the man cave ..
Charles Woodson enjoying one last NFL game with his kids. Such a cool moment.
Everybody wanted a Charles Woodson jersey back in middle school... Either Deion Sanders or Charles Woodson
This is an awesome moment for Marcus Peters, who grew up in Oakland watching Charles Woodson.
i want a packers Charles Woodson jersey
Charles Woodson brings his children to the bench in what will be his final minutes.
Tyrod Taylor looks like a young Greg Anthony and Charles Woodson looks like an old Trey Songz. Lol
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Definitely need to grab a Charles Woodson or Mack Pro Bowl jersey
Will never forget when it was the cool thing to have a Charles Woodson or Mike Vick jersey in elementary/middle school
Just cashed out for the Charles Woodson team rice Pro Bowl jersey saucy af🔥🔥🔥
Great podcast! Keep it going! what Ryan Grant said about Charles Woodson was amazing! I should finally give it a review, heh
Favre, Mo Rivera, Jeter, Megatron, Charles Woodson, & possibly Peyton Manning have all retired in the past 5 years. *** ..time flies.
The legend of all legends.Charles Woodson final jersey. @ Super Bowl 50
kinda want that Charles Woodson Pro Bowl jersey...
Charles Woodson to wear gold Air Jordan VII cleats for final Pro Bowl game
"All-Gold" AJ7 PE cleats Charles Woodson will be wearing during his final Pro Bowl game
NFL Total Access vid Charles Woodson on Pro Bowl: 'It's just great to be over here': Oakland Raiders safe...
Charles Woodson becomes 'Mr. Irrelevant' in Pro Bowl draft: . welcome to our village ►...
Charles Woodson is the final player off the board. The man who led Pro Bowl voting at safety wire to wire deserves better. …
The with the epic photobomb on Charles Woodson's interview with Lisa Salters.
"Yeah, I thought it was excellent" - Scot McCloughan on DeAngelo Hall's transition to safety (similar to Charles Woodson)
Julius Peppers is 3rd defensive player in history to make the at 35 yrs or older, joining Reggie White & Charles Woodson.
Charles Woodson, Deion Sanders, and Ray Lewis. Best Defensive players all time.
Tom Brady, Devin Funchess, Frank Clark, Charles Woodson, Toussaint , Brandon Graham I only got 30 letters left too many to name.〽️🏈
Cooper joins Ray Guy, Charles Woodson, Tim Brown, Marcus Allen and Raymond Chester as only rookies to make Pro Bowl.
Charles Woodson, Deion, and Sean Taylor, and Ed Reed r my favorite DBs of all time, Matheiu right behind them.
Definitely either Charles Woodson or Cam Newton. Then Ricky Williams and Reggie after those
I've bee saying Ladarius green from SD we need a "Charles Woodson" signing this year it's been a while
If Jalen Ramsey is comparable to Charles Woodson and Rod Woodson then the cowboys need to draft him, players like that don't grow on trees
From one great to the next, Howie Long talks Charles Woodson
Michigan because of Charles Woodson. Texas because of Ricky Williams & environment. Nebraska because of the culture & environment.
Farewell, Charles Woodson. A true champion. You will be missed!
Charles Woodson's legendary career comes to an end.
75 percent of the earth is covered in water. The rest is covered by Charles Woodson. What a career,
Salute to Charles Woodson, the great! They should have a trophy or award named after him one day
a big thank you to Charles Woodson, it's been my pleasure to watch you play football.
Raiders’ Charles Woodson takes the field before the final NFL game of his historic career.
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Charles Woodson retiring as only player in history with 65 INT, 20 sacks. He told me only coul…
Raiders honor Charles Woodson with 12-picture Instagram post prior to his final game
But it is Charles Woodson's final game...lets go Oakland
Fun fact: Charles Woodson is 1 of only 3 defensive players to win the Hiesman trophy. He won in 1997. Before him was Leon Hart, in 1949...
Raiders honor Charles Woodson with 12-post montage on Instagram ahead of his final game. (via
Charles Woodson will play his final game today. Legend.
Charles Woodson had an amazing career. Think about it. National Championship, Heisman Trophy, NFL DPOY, and Super Bowl winner.
Charles Woodson's NFL career finishes today in the same place and the same city it began in 1998: Kansas City's Arrowhead…
The Raider Nation bid farewell to the great Charles Woodson last Thursday evening on Christmas…
VY, Charles Woodson, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Bush, Larry Johnson/AD/Ron dayne for me
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