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Charles Wang

Charles B. Wang (born August 19, 1944) is the co-founder of Computer Associates International, Inc.

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Thank you for the Charles B. Wang International Children's Building and making Alexandria your home!
Carry on golfing - throwback to the time Maclain Huge and Charles Wang both shot the same score.
Family first. 🤗. Charles Wang's sister was the first to greet him as he stepped of the green after finishing Round…
Young, Wild and free. alum Charles Wang Monday-qualified for and hopes to make an impact.…
Anyone know if this is our Charles Wang?
Joining at bottom of hour to talk with
Basically the owners are Charles Wang II. Arena question marks, teams only star not signed. Team not…
Thanks to Charles Wang for giving him that absurd extension.
Charles Wang's parting gift to Islanders fans was the Snow pact that assures the team will not be relevant…
Capacity crowd inside the Charles B. Wang Center at for Engineering Driven Medicine with…
The real issue with the Sabres is Terry Pegula. The man is going to give Charles Wang a run for his money when it comes to ineptitude.
Ah the reliable Charles Wang. I've discovered over the years that Charles babbles quite a bit
Newsday also reported Barclays iron clad. Came from Charles Wang himself, evidently. lol
Just an interesting read for fans: The Cartier Love Bracelet-ultimate symbolism of love.
Must read i/w by & Charles clover. Wanda finally speaks out about the deal that wasn't. Oh and Wang h…
I used to work designing Wang computers in the 80s. I worked in an electronics team with others... they called us t…
Islander fans: We've been thru cheats, thieves, and liars, but Charles Wang was the worst owner ever!. Jon Ledecky:…
Flawed report. They only asked Charles Wang and his family
It only took six months or so for me to really miss Charles Wang and his crazy, but well-meaning ***
Day 1 of loading in 10 tons of moss rock and 3 yds of gravel at the Charles B. Wang Center, SBU, to build a...
3% done with The Wangs vs. the World, by Jade Chang: Lord. Charles Wang *** Hope the ...
Sophia Wang and Charles Kraus crosscheck China's official histories with contemporary internal records
I'm sure Charles Wang had peanuts and potato chips for u guys
Mike, the endless defender of Charles Wang because he is clueless. "He kept dem in New Yawk."
Charles Wang should be in jail for what he did to this franchise!
would argue it's not snow who created this environment it was his boss charles wang. L&M now hamstrung with snow du…
Is Charles Wang not the gift that keeps on giving? L&M better deliver a new arena over the summer. What an insult to fans org is
Love this article for the lack of accountability. However, this goes back to Charles Wang and his absurd practices.
I still can't believe dragged Charles Wang off the plane like that. Must have been Kate Murray supporters
all the more reason why Charles Wang was the worst thing to ever happen to this franchise
Charles Wang "thanking" Garth Snow is like a guy thanking his urologist for a botched vasectomy.
it literally says, parting gift of sorts from loyal former owner Charles Wang when he turned…
hindsight edition: NYI... Garth Snow has an iron clad ultra long contract courtesy of Charles Wang. Wh…
Charles Wang was the most DESTRUCTIVE owner i have ever witnessed in my 30+ years of hockey watching. .
To be a friend of Charles Wang: Great!. To be a fan of a team he owns: Not so much.
What exactly was Charles Wang thanking Garth Snow for? Teaching him what offsides is? I thought Milbury had done that! What. A. Joke.
If Charles Wang really did Garth an extra five years on his contract, new Isles owners should go to court to have pact voided.
three off the top of my head:. Jack, Charles Wang, and the slaying of JT's first hamstring.
This would be nice but the isles will find a way to make Charles wang…
Lombardi walked out on Charles Wang at the interview
It's almost as if Charles Wang thought of this a few years ago
In the end, Charles Wang will get what he wanted all along and move the team to Kansas City. :-(
so, 4 Charles or Porter House? Vera Wang next to you notwithstanding.
Our exhibit moves to the Charles B. Wang Center at See it on view beginning March 8:
.profs carry on the legacy of CK Wang & Charles Salmon with new Reinforced Concrete Design textbook…
Cher Wang will be presented with the Sir Charles Wheatstone Award for the VIVE - partner in
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
6 is a tie between charles oakley and charles barkley. Then you can put ed wang and steve blake wherever u want
I even liked Charles Wang and now like John Ledecky
Bruh Charles just lucky is a decent guy, a professional, and cares about his image/contract fr fr Charles Bar…
And even though he's not the majority owner, Charles Wang just gave himself a pat on the back.
Beware, says he's going to block me from your phone. FYI the way to his heart is whiskey and hating on Charles Wang
Issue always been, no politicians could ever “negotiate” with Charles Wang who does not waiver off demands.
That time Charles Wang made and I take a family photo.
Charles Wang, owner of the New York Islanders, serves as something of a c...
no one told the islanders to sign Ladd. Desperation, not well thought out move like most charles wang moves including BK.
It’s time to suit up. Watch the official trailer now and see the movie in theaters July 7!
Francisco Aquiloonie will probably pull a Charles Wang and hire Ryan Miller as the GM.
Rick, stop letting Charles Wang dress you
Charles Wang just lost everything, his entire cosmetics empire. Now he and his family must make…
Charles Wang: 'People do care about their health,' but motivation is a challenge. Read more:
Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin warns of 'biggest bubble in history' -
I always like the wang better anyway
I nearly had the type of seizure one gets from the video for Wang Chung's Everybody Have Fun Tonight.
Congratulations to the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center as the first place recipient of $4,500 from the...
Charles James can't handle the stage two bone head plays in first quarter
Daniel Charles Wang is my arch nemesis.
The Charles B. Wang Community Health Center is a nonprofit and federally qualified health center. Our mission is...
Many alumni around league talked about benefits of living on LI. The issue was playing for Charles Wang circus.
It gets a bad rap around the league because Charles Wang and Mike Milbury who both cant run a hockey team gave it a bad rap!
Claudia, Charles Wang even stated I did everything I could to keep them there. Also, I wasn’t County executive in 2000
whole item smacks of Charles Wang (now minority owner) playing bad guy to leverage Brooklyn more ameniable
T-Minus, 56 minutes till the end of the Charles Wang era.
you probably wouldn't hit it past the forward tees, and have to show your Charles Wang!
Good Morning - . Charles Wang with Kimberly Yu - We hope you are enjoying your visit. Great picture.
A little too much tongue on your part but nice job. Can't wait to do it again.
Charles Wang is the ONLY person who would have employed milbury after buying a team. he did it for 6 years!
Congrats to Charles B. Wang Community Health Center for your work on Hepatitis B testing.
Art: Charcoal/carbon by C. Charles Wang of VA -  N*de St*dy Sorry you cannot see the details...[more]  ...
Charles Wang, whoever you are, you just gave me a nice laugh 😂
Howie did play-by-play for teams owned by Charles Wang and the Wilpons. It is a *** MIRACLE he somehow isn't in jail after 21 years.
Also did pbp for a Charles Wang owner team - this is true.
Building Microservices with Docker and the Rails API gem: Charles Wang sets up a basic Rails API app as a mic...
Favorite guys on senior day:)❤️ @ Charles Wang Athletic Complex, Long Island, Ny
Charles Jeffrey, Feng Chen Wang & Per Gotesson have all been announced as the designers th…
yup - Toigo has become the Bill Wirtz Charles Wang of the Dub
if you wouldn't let Charles Wang build a light house why should I pay for a beacon and mini golf course
someone's been hanging out with Charles Wang and Garth Snow too much *rolls eyes*
X- factor will be what type of owners Ledecky and Malkin will be. One thing you can't take away from Charles Wang is he was always 1/2
Two years ago, Charles Wang was in high school. Today, the 19-year-old contends at the
Charles Wang, 19, won't be shooting his age anytime soon. But he won't find any complaints with a 64 today. ⛳️ 👍🏻
Solid playing for on so far this week. & Charles Wang
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
From T86 to inside the top 10. What a round going for Charles Wang.
Charles Wang is no saint. But he kept team local, and team now is competitive. He deserves some respect at least.
My name throughout the decades is either William, Richard, or Charles (with a few other outliers). So two nicknames for your wang & a Chuck
Yeah, it was Charles Wang who actually signed the monster deal for DiPietro, but Milbury's gonna Milbury and he's fun to call out.
what a shock Charles Wang is clueless
so honored to receive this academic award by Dr. Peter Glass himself @ Charles B. Wang Center
Say to Charles Wang's bid for the ice rink in Eisenhower Park
Sources: Isles owner among bidders for bankrupt ice rink
:: Sources: Wang among bidders for bankrupt ice rink
Sources: Wang among bidders for bankrupt ice rink
Sources: Wang among bidders for bankrupt ice rink: The new operator of a bankrupt ice skating facility inside…
Sources: Wang among bidders for bankrupt ice rink - Newsday
I have a hard time with charities, especially those with ties to Mr. Charles B. Wang, like Smile Train.
- Remember when Ted Nolan and Charles Wang invited him back to coach game 1500?
Had the fortune to attend the 1500 win game where Charles Wang gave Al an unbelievable tribute. It's an moment I'll never forget.
Disagree with you on this. They have done it before. Charles Wang is not a man who waivers on his principles.
The grounding of A series of tubes, it is not. @ Charles B. Wang…
You're never too old to begin something new, or to start again. Vera Wang, Sam Walton, Martha Stewart and Charles...
Council recently presented Student Councillors Charles Wang and Jane Ford with certificates of appreciation upon...
We are pleased to announce that Vera Wang for can now be purchased at
they were still building the Charles Wang Center when I was there. I was laughed at 4 putting my..
...the person was Charles Wang and the college was Stony Brook University. The entire CS course was a derailment.
Wang Jianlin, the richest person in Asia, lost $3.6 billion in China’s massive stock market plunge
Charles B. Wang Community Health Center is looking for a Receptionist in apply now!
New opening at Charles B. Wang Community Health Center in - Receptionist
Check out this Receptionist at Charles B. Wang Community Health Center in
Charles B. Wang Community Health Center is hiring! Receptionist in apply now!
ABS-CBN Foundation International and Bantay Bata thanks Noriel Adricula, Charles Wang and the Voices of Bantay...
charles wang tries to get out of paying bills more often than a 15 year old tries to dodge homework. No wonder the team loses
It took 15 years for Charles Wang to finally sue Smg, but to be fair this is the Dec 2009 sublease.
Happy Belated Birthday to a businessman and naturalized US citizen, Charles Wang!
When you guys come to PEI you bring the big guns. Charles Wang is in town
I think may be early favorite. Charles, Megatron, Rodgers and good yuong rookies/2nd year guys
Citizenship clinic happening right now at the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center!
So, what celebrities are rumoured to be here this week (Besides David Letterman, Sean Connery, maybe Charles Wang)??
To the Wilpons: You're making Charles Wang look like a good owner here. Sell the team already.
Art: 3 Charcoal/carbon by C. Charles Wang of VA -  Look Afar Conte on Stonehedge paper...[more]  Ready Set...
For some reason, owner Charles Wang's Yacht is here on
I hate the the Wilpons make Charles Wang seem like a model owner for a sports franchise.
TheWangCenter's today's Sociota Score is 60. Checkout more on
Taylor Swift released a clothing line but you're already dressing just like her: Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Ricc...
May be owned by Charles Wang of Computer Assoc. (I've met him!) or by Russian St. Petersburg Governor.
Ngiyavuma “Bra Charles and Sis Ouma would make a great couple
I wonder what's Charles is going to say about "motlogolo" wa gage
Outside of saving Charles Wang a pile of cash I dont understand the desire to trade Grabner have no forward depth in AHL
Thanks to Charles Wang for blocking my waterfront vista
Regular checkup to see how my baby is! (@ Charles B. Wang Community Health Center in Flushing, NY)
His Chinese heritage is an obvious connection with the Islander's owner Charles Wang but we will have to wait and…
Yacht here in TO. Looked up name, owned by Charles Wang. Maybe in trade talks with Leafs?
When China-born Andong Song is drafted by the whose owner, Charles Wang, is also China-born
Garth Snow must've been held back by Charles Wang when he owned the team. My only explanation.
*** s act so homophobic, but only wear clothing designed by *** MEN. . Givenchy, Tom Ford, Versace, A. Wang, just to na…
Charles Wang is now up and Nassau County already waiting to get finance and executive committee session before making decision.
Charles Wang didn’t feel he fit in to the style of management he wanted:
First Chinese player (Song Andong) selected in draft for NY Islanders (owned by Shanghai-born Charles Wang):
The islanders drafted the first Chinese born player the same team that's owned by Charles wang and whose mascot is sparky the dragon hmmm
Charles Wang has been found 6/28/15 Lighthouse LLC vs Nassau County 237-15 to get back 4.5m for Cantiague Park.
sorry but I believe more symbolic over actual belief in development. Perhaps Charles Wang attempt on legacy
so if anyone is to blame it's Charles Wang who made it extremely difficult for Garth to field immediate winning team
With the 172nd pick, the New York Islanders and Charles Wang select, his son
This is one of Charles Wang’s dreams come true. Very good for the game of hockey.
Song played against Charles Wang's Project Hope teams in China when he was 10.
Cross that off Charles Wang's ownership bucket list.
Charles Wang furiously trying to find a kid named Lighthouse to draft in Round 7
Amazing, this is something Garth Snow/Charles Wang didn't even do.
Charles Wang: "We will not stop until this happens and Lord Stanley returns." |
Charles Wang & Ben Shneiderman to get honorary degrees from via
Billy Joel, Charles Wang, Ben Shneiderman, to get honorary degrees from Stony Brook University: Stony Brook Un...
Charles Wang is my favorite pokemon
If you hear me yell “Do a barrel roll!” from the bathroom, it means I just twisted my wang 180 degrees upside down while…
Charles Wang is still the majority owner of the team.
when katz took over and thinking how he exactly the type of owner a team could want. Reminds me of charles wang now
it was a new all-time low for the blogging world. Replacing the low from the "Charles Wang will never sell" days
Its February 1st and Jack Capuano, Garth Snow and Charles Wang still have jobs.
they hate Charles Wang. They hate him. Unprofessional
Looking forward to The Everyday Joys of Japan by Jiro Osuga at this Spring!
Exhibition of Jiro Osuga paintings opening at the Charles B. Wang Center at Stoney Brook University
Funny how Charles Wang got insurance for Rick DiPietro, but circus act Blue Jackets could not?
Navin Zachariah has been assassinated by Charles Wang
should put a bronze statue of that crook Charles Wang behind bars instead of scapegoat Sanjay Kumar?
New filings by Charles Wang show Andrew Barroway asking forgiveness in what became a contentious and ultimately failed bid to buy the New York Islanders.
just hit me that this is the last opening day at Nassau Coliseum, *** you charles wang and *** you kate murray. on a brighter note, hockey is less than a month away
Careful Charles. You don't want to be putting any wang pictures on there...
While I'm at work all day my parents will be spending the day having lunch at Charles Wang's house
Sat with Charles wang in my free and his observations about physics compared to science in Hong Kong are so funny
Charles Wang had banked on Blanc the Islanders being in a new or
Charles Wang is the only New York owner spending his own money around here not getting coverage in cheap Daily News for his team
The Genius Awards are out. I'm putting my money on 12-year-old Charles Wang to win one:
12-year-old Charles Wang is taking quantum mechanics, DNA science, and Chinese I. Which is he least sure about?:
Exclusive: Charles Wang's secret third deal to sell the NY Islanders via
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Easy for him to say now with Charles Wang on his way out LOL
12-year-old Charles Wang is going to rule the world. talked to him about makes him so smart:
You know there are fans who would love to blame Charles Wang for the Mangano-Murray tax increase by Nassau County/TOH.
Charles Wang is one of the best owners in the NHL not supported by taxpayers and spent far more than Coliseum revenue allows.
And before Charles Wang's Neulion there were no NHL, AHL. ECHL internet broadcast rights on teams websites for NHL fans.
When owners need NHL help Charles Wang's money is also paying to help league run Coyotes and Devils.
Charles Wang spent while circus owner Mario with same Smg lease as Wang sold Jagr and Kovalev w new teams paying all players.
Minnesota Wild co-owner would rather own the Islanders - Islanders owner Charles Wang has had a lot of people ...
Andrew Barroway has filed court papers opposing Charles Wang's request to move Barroway's lawsuit to Nassau County.
Irene T.'s Review of Charles B Wang Community Health Center - New York (2/5) on Yelp: Majority of the...
- 'Charles Manson: Nobody. I'm nobody. I'm a tramp, a bum, a hobo, and a jugger wang, and straight razor if you get to close to me'.
Islanders News: Charles Wang had multiple bidders...for shame!
Getting initial Trackman data on all of our players. Freshmen Charles Wang looking good
Please make the your business priority, unlike Charles Wang, who made them an NHL farm team.
Islanders owner Charles Wang asks for change of venue in sale lawsuit -
Andrew Barroway, who is suing Charles Wang over failed $420M purchase of NY Islanders, filed papers today asking court to keep case in NYC
So that's what it takes to get a preseason game televised? Charles Wang, you're up next.
Islanders Point Blank Podcast :The truth about the Charles Wang sale -
.Check out FactSet at the career fair today in the Charles B. Wang Center! We will be there from 10am - 3pm!
you sure that isn't a Charles Wang work ethic?
Charles Wang sells stake in Islanders to Jonathan Ledecky, Scott Malkin -
A Will for the Woods: A Documentary About Honoring Death and the Earth: Charles Wang was a psychiatrist, ...
Owner Wang agrees to sell New York Islanders. via
New York Islanders owner Charles Wang agreed to sell the National Hockey League team to former Washington Capitals co-owner Jon Ledecky and London investor Scott Malkin.
New York Islanders owner Charles Wang addressing the media during a press conference at Brooklyn's Barclays Center.
Charles Wang agrees to transfer Islanders' ownership to Jon Ledecky
are set to be sold "in the ballpark" of $548m, which was "the other offer" mentioned in lawsuit against Wang. ht…
Howie Rose puts the Charles Wang era in perspective and talks about the potential impact of new ownership.
Charles Wang reaches agreement to sell minority stake of to ex-owner Jon Ledecky.
Charles Wang has agreed to transfer ownership of the to a group led by Jon Ledecky
Report: Charles Wang agrees to sell Islanders to former Capitals co-owner, investor.
announce new ownership structure. Wang sells interest to Ledecky & Malkin, who take con…
.already covered this. Waiting for his take on the issue.
I nominate Charles Wang for the sulfuric acid challenge.
Fans mixed on Wang's sale of Islanders: Marc Anzalo doesn't know Islanders owner Charles Wang, but ...
I can't believe the Greatest Owner in pro sports Charles Wang sold his majority stake in…
Howie Rose: "I think he (Charles Wang) was so emotionally attached to the franchise that it wasn't going to be easy for him to let go."
Charles Wang has agreed to sell a minority stake in the New York Jonathan Ledecky, a former co-owner of...
Owner Charles Wang has agreed to sell Brooklyn-bound NY Islanders to a group of investors (
Charles Wang selling New York Islanders; new owners to take over in 2016 via
Congrats to the New York Islanders for acquiring new owners. The Charles Wang era is over!
Check out take on the owner Charles Wang deal to sell the team today...
Charles Wang sells stake in NY Islanders hockey club
ICYMI: Charles Wang has sold the to former co-owner of John Ledecky, and investor Scott Malkin
What does the future hold for the New York Islanders?
Islanders reach deal to transfer ownership
Fans can criticize Charles Wang all they want, but this team is probably gone from Long Island without him.
Islanders reach deal to transfer ownership via
CHARLES WANG SELLS ISLANDERS! Here is my take on today's news of the summer:
MEMO2 - Charles Wang - The moment you hired Garth Snow you became the King of Wangville
BREAKING NEWS: Charles Wang has agreed to sell the to John Ledecky, former co-owner of the Capitals, and investor …
Charles Wang has reportedly sold the New York Islanders. Official announcement coming after the Stanley Cup Finals.
The local media should think twice before rolling out the electronic red carpet for Howard Milstein. He may not be such a great ownership candidate for the Bills and the community as evidenced by this excerpt from ESPN this morning... Milstein, his brother and Edward Milstein and Steven Gluckstern co-owned the Islanders from 1998-2000 before selling the team to Charles Wang. The Milstein/Gluckstern ownership tenure was filled with controversy over the conditions of the Islanders home, Nassau Coliseum. And the owners alienated the fan base by threatening to move the Islanders and openly discussing having the team play some home games in other arenas. In 1999, Milstein withdrew a bid to purchase the Redskins after failing to get support from a majority of NFL owners. Some owners said he was using too much borrowed money to finance the deal, while others worried that he would be a maverick owner because of his contentious stewardship of the Islanders.
.& sorted out the convoluted history b/w Charles Wang and potential buyer Barroway
Charles Wang, Andrew Barroway and their "strange" history
Charles Wang in talks to sell team to Andrew Barroway. And the two men have a history ...
James Dolan, Charles Wang, Fred Wilpon and Woody Johnson are my team's owners. It's no wonder why my teams stink.
This organization made Mike Milbury and Charles Wang look competent. I don't...I can't...[states into space]
OK, now I know what's going on in Buffalo. Pegula told LaFontaine he's trading him to Charles Wang for Garth Snow.
Garth Snow is the worst GM & Charles Wang is the dumbest owner in If they werent part of a team no one cares about theyd answer for it
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
New Year's Resolutions for Every NHL Team with Kym : New York Islanders - Resolution: Improve their goaltending depth. Why It's Necessary: GM Garth Snow gambled on a fading Evgeni Nabokov and lost when the veteran was sidelined by a groin injury. Backups Kevin Poulin and Anders Nilsson aren't ready for prime time and may never be. They must spend at least $12 million to be cap compliant for 2014-15. Investing in goaltending is the best place to start. Will They Stick to It? Your guess is as good as Snow's and tight-fisted owner Charles Wang, who controls the purse strings. Building from the net out is supposed to be hockey gospel, but the Isles front office must have skipped that lesson.
Can he discipline Charles Wang while he is at it ?
Learn about the cardiovascular disease research that Honors junior Rick Wang is doing with Professor Charles...
Got back from that nice senior cruise I took. Met plenty of nice ladies :)
These are individual photos from the lunch at Earls. People I know who are there with me in spirit include: Charles Wang, Justin Cho, Mory Mosadegh, Daya Wimalaysuriya, Marko Wolf-Pany, Suzanne Fontaine, Jason Jantzi, Cameron Chiorando, Allan De La Plante!
like ohh my god if that person coincidentally had a crush on someone named charles wang then OK OK BUT I DONT NEED TO KNOW I JUST. CELLO
Ah, Florida... you truly are America's wang.
I a wish Charles Wang had a toe tag attached to him
I wish Charles Wang was a product of hockey catfishing.
I just saw Charles Wang in the JetBlue Terminal...I yelled " Isles need a goalie"...He smiled and kept on walking.
To Garth Snow, Charles Wang, and the New York (Brooklyn) Islanders management. I have found your new franchise goaltender. His name is Robert Kristan, and he's been standing on his head in the Olympics for the Slovenians. Unlike current backup Kevin Poulin, he isn't awful. Unlike current starter, Evgeni Nabokov - he wouldn't be the oldest, most injury prone player on the team...
A first light for the globe? . Our friend Charles Wang of Hawaii ECO Project has shared with us a working...
Wonderful.Hello,I am Charles Wang and I am bookseller of chinese books.Can we add each other?:)
James Dolan is an *** worse than Fred Wilpon and Charles Wang
Bring me back to real life. Charles Wang Aj Ilentamhen
I know the Browns have had ownership issues, but no joke, I would take ANY owner in any sport over Charles Wang.
He had a letter of recommendation from the New York Islanders owner Charles Wang
Charles David was honored to have Stephen Wang visit us for a weekend of education. Here Stephen showcases the...
Did owner Charles Wang buy the ? They are version of the Oh, Wait, they (Browns) fire people...
Pretty sad that Garth Snow will never get the heave *** because of his buddy buddy relationship with Charles Wang
Shunan will be presenting Chinese Tea in a series of tea lectures offered at Charles B. Wang Center on 2/22.
do we blame Charles Wang for Japan having an olympic hockey team?
I want to start a kickstarter fund to hire a Jeff Gillooly to take out Jack Capuano and Charles Wang!
Charles Wang "hey guys lets make the backup goalie general manager!" . Result bad idea! The islanders actually took two steps back this year , trading moulson n but going after a goalie was a big mistake, if this owner knew hockey he'd let snow go and bring in Darcy Regier , signed frustrated islander fan
Here are the 4 worst owners in sports James Dolan, Charles Wang, Woody Johnson. and The Wilpons do you feel me?
Trade Proposal: Taylor Pyatt for PM Bouchard. We take a flyer on a guy with some skill. Charles Wang gets to save money. What's not to like?
Hopefully Andy Reid will give ball to Jamaal Charles at least once. MT Not feeling Redskins doing well this week vs Chiefs.
So does Garth tuck Jack in at night? Keep your lackeys close, Wang's style. Snow learned from Charles.
I think Charles Wang was onto something when he said he wanted to put a sumo wrestler in net.
Charles Wang: Promoting hockey in China, while destroying it in Uniondale.
If I wake up tomorrow and Capuano is still head coach I'm setting fire to Charles Wang and everything he stands for
.Charles Wang created the 35 day month. You'd think he'd create a wayfor to win!
He's the Sumo Wrestler Charles Wang always wanted in net!
I know Charles Wang has a tight budget but a coach that could teach a penalty kill would be nice.
"Charles Wang and his organization have done a tremendous job making sure anyone can smile."-Butch Goring. Out of context, that is fantastic
Lol what is charles wang doing at newbridge.
PHOTO: A spiral staircase meets its reflection to resemble DNA in the Charles B. Wang Center at
as long as Charles wang owns the team and Jack Capuano is coach, then this is normal.
When Charles Wang replaces Snow with his grandson, his wife, or his brother Tony, will that be allowed? Just curious.
If it's got *** and is attached to Charles Wang, that's not a phone.
Since Charles Wang's owned ONLY 2 Isles draft picks have been selected to NHL All-Star team. Pathetic drafting/player development.
Again just for the record is Japanese. I don't know how one Asian guy ripping another(Charles Wang) is racist?Maybe I'm wrong???
People it's one thing to make fun of or be mad at Charles Wang. Bringing his race into it, is just sad
Wait, so you're saying Charles should not have touched the ball on the most important drive of the game?
Let me guess Geno, Charles is on your roto team?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
My first question for Andy Reid in postgame presser: Why did Jamaal Charles have zero touches on the final drive?
Charles wang won't spend $ for coaches not coaching. Remember Gordon stayed on as consultant
Which will never happen as long as Woody Johnson remains Charles Wang-level clueless.
Someone should ask if he thinks Pat Lafontaine is gonna help the after the way he was treated by Charles Wang
acquire Ryan Miller. Here is the last known photo of him. He should be out of prison in at least 15 years.
BREAKING: We have acquired Ryan Miller. More to come.
Biggest fraud of them all is right at the top! CHARLES B. WANG! GET IT THROUGH YOUR SKULLS
Charles Wang loses so much money because of this team. Why hasn't he sold it yet?
Somewhere on Long Island, Charles Wang is sitting on his couch oblivious of the crap product he puts on the ice.
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Charles Barkley was right and Lee Corso was wrong?
This is your hockey club Charles Wang goodnight everybody
sure they can when Charles Wang is your owner and Garf Snow is your GM
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