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Charles Stanley

Charles Frazier Stanley (born September 25, 1932) is the senior pastor of megachurch First Baptist in northern Atlanta, Georgia.

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Wow what a powerful message given by Pastor Andy Stanley in honor of his dad and my pastor Dr. Charles Stanley.
Dr? Charles Stanley: If you all claim you have that intimate relationship with The Messiah? Why is he going to say to I never knew you?
Guidance today from Dr. MIchael Yousef, Rev. Dr. Charles Stanley, and Joel Osteen. Reinforced, ready to face the world with God at my side.
Charles Stanley just said we are not sinners saved by grace, we're saints walking in the presence of the Son of God. Sin is a choice.
It's a Charles Stanley & cup of Veranda Blonde kind of morning.
Thankful to be able to watch Dr. Charles Stanley this morning on tv sharing about 'Living in the awareness of God's presence'.
In touch Ministries with Charles Stanley; feeding my spirit; feeding my spirit.
The Foundation of Wisdom - by Pastor Charles Stanley . Proverbs 9:7-12. Proverbs 9:10 tells us, “The fear of the...
I hope, that when I'm 82, I'm still as passionate about sharing Jesus as Charles Stanley.
Good morning folks. Almost time for Joel Osteen and Charles Stanley.
Charles Stanley was good this morning he reminded me bout being aware of Gods presence ...
"We make ourselves totally available to His Will—whenever, wherever, and however He chooses." -Charles Stanley …
A good day to listen to the word from inspirational preachers like Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, Charles Stanley,...
We learn more in our valley experiences than on our mountain tops. - Charles Stanley
"Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we're waiting for" ~Charles Stanley
C. S. Lewis. Kirk Cameron, Francis Chan, Charles Spurgeon, Charles Wesley, J.C Ryle, Rick Warren, Tim Tebow, Joyce Meyer, James Dobson, Charles Stanley, John Mac Arthur, Daystar, TBN, Lukewarm Christians stores, the Salvation Army, are part of the broad road that leads to destruction. Disneyland is part of the broad path that leads to destruction. Pokemon, Ouija Boards, the Psychology Field, the Psychiatry field, Monster Legends, Yugio, Star Wars, Star Trek, Karate, Boxing, the Entertainment industry, Mythology, Wrestling, the National Football League, Yoga, are all part of the Broad Path to destruction.
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I'm just super-pleased that we've forced Joel Osteen and Charles Stanley to stand next to my little stick people.
"Disappointment is inevitable. But to become discouraged, there's a choice I make. God would never discourage me." -Charles Stanley
"If a person will learn to meditate on the Word of God, they will have peace no matter what." (Dr. Charles Stanley)
I'll be singing on the InTouch m telecast this weekend with Charles Stanley. Check your local listings for time.
We can't be perfect and we won't ever be perfect but we can enjoy the perfection of ~ Charles Stanley
Any person who is doing the will of God is going to face opposition from the devil and those whom the devil can influence . -Charles Stanley
Charles Stanley has a wonderful, brief piece on the difference between general gifts, personal ministry gifts, and motivational gifts.
We need to develop such a holy hatred for evil that we shun and refuse it at every turn. . - Charles Stanley
We must learn to view things as the Lord sees them. . - Charles Stanley
"We first experience surrender in our attitude, and then live it out in obedient action." Charles Stanley
Hardships are God's divine tools for sculpting our character. - Dr. Charles Stanley
By Charles Stanley. If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without...
Charles Murray has his own set of problems, he is not a Saint.
Charles Murray's "Coming Apart" covers this sort of thing fairly well
Sep 20, 2014. The Impact of Prayer. by Dr. Charles Stanley. Read | John 17:20-26. God has total authority over all...
Charles Stanley and John Hagee walk the walk of what theyTeach! They Preach it like it is!The Entire Word of God! Genesis Through Revelation
"Disappointment is inevitable, discouragement is a choice." -Dr. Charles Stanley
Listening 2 my favorite teaching prog. on CHRI Ottawa. It's InTouch with Dr. Charles Stanley. Enjoy his teachings & watch all Sunday sermons.
In this kind of pain, there is godly gain. - Dr. Charles Stanley
Dr. Charles Stanley helps us recognize that adversity is a tool the Master uses 2 shape us. 9/18 at 8:30aET In Touch.
"Until a person tastes the Lord’s love, the sense of emptiness cannot be permanently satisfied." (Dr. Charles Stanley)
To live the Christian life is to allow Jesus to live His life in and through us. Dr. Charles Stanley
The guy on the left I'm sure you'd recognize Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries !
It is impossible to be obedient to God and not be blessed. . ~ Dr. Charles Stanley
Trusting God means looking beyond what we can see to what God sees. Dr. Charles Stanley
Dr. Charles Stanley teaches us the basis for an unshakable faith in times of trouble. 9/16 at 8:30aET on In Touch.
VOICES of Mobile...on Dr. Charles Stanley's IN TOUCH worldwide TV program...September 19 for one week! Thankful!!!
I’m not a pastor, but David Jeremiah, Charles Stanley and (tho I don’t side with Calvinism) John Piper all enrich my life.
The Judgment. By: Dr. Charles Stanley . 2 Corinthians 5:9-10. Every Christian is answerable to Jesus for how he...
Start your mornings w/a message from Dr. Charles Stanley of weekdays 7-8a PS...
Without pastor Mark there is no Mars Hill. Without Charles Swindoll, Charles Stanley, Chuck Smith, Joel Osteen same results.
Basically, there are two paths you can walk: faith or fear. It's impossible to simultaneously trust God and not trust God.-Charles Stanley
By: Pastor Charles Stanley Our Helper in Prayer Read | Romans 8:26-27 Most Christians feel they need help in order to pray effectively. Even the apostle Paul admitted that he sometimes did not know how to petition the heavenly Father as he should. In the supernatural exchange between God and believers, the Holy Spirit acts as a vehicle for our communication, laying our needs and desires before the Father. We humans make our requests with a very limited knowledge of the future and an impaired sense of what is actually best for us. Consequently, circumstances arise that cause us to wonder how we should pray. If all we know to ask is, “God, what is Your will?” then the Spirit, who knows the Father’s plans for us, tells Him of our need for understanding. Our Father does not hide His will from us. He desires to equip believers with all the information necessary for making right decisions and for being continually conformed to the likeness of His Son. Just as the Spirit carries our needs to God, He also . ...
Pastor Dr Charles Stanley -Anger does not profit anything- -Submit yourself to the will of god no matter what the situation is- -Refuse to give way to changing emotions- -Obey god and leave the consequences to him- "Determine to view the crisis as an opportunity" -Demonstrate a sense of gratitude- -REMAIN in constant prayer listening to the words of gods instructions-
Crisis. By Charles Stanley 1. I must see that God is working these things for our good. Romans 8 2. Psalm 103 .19th That God is in control 3. Accept the truth. Gods ways are different. Isaiah 55 Ask Not why but what 4. Painful today but profitable tommorow 5. Don't make quick judgements on your crisis 6. Focus on God instead of the crisis. Praise. Read. Pray 7. Avoid focus on pain instead problem 8. Recall past crisis and see how you responded...did it go well or did you learn 9. Respond properly Deal with angry immediately Now and move on. Hurt for just a few moments 10. Don't miss the whole purpose of the pain. 11. Submit yourself to the will of God. He wants to do something through and with you. 12 demonstrate the right attidude. And gratitude 13 see this as a great opportunity to help others. 14. Refuse to listen to unsciptual advice. Wisdom from God. 15 remain in prayer. Stay praying. Be quiet and listen. Obey What is it to take you to God Loves you to much to leave you alone or in the ...
Trials are opportunities- Respond correctly - 1) I must see first of all any crisis in the way God sees- for God is working everything to work for our good-(Romans8:28) 2) Psalm 103:19 God is in control-and in charge- we will not always understand because Gods ways are bigger than ours-what's painful today is profitable tomorrow- 3)God is intimate and involved 4) Don't be haste in decisions or quick judgement- - seek God his ways- 5) Focus on God not the crisis - the crisis is painful but stay focused on God and don't get off track- God will direct you if you stay focused in his word- 6)Don't focus on the pain - allow God to direct you - and stay in His word/ he will ease your spirit- 7) recall the past crisis and all that has followed- how did you respond to those crises - now look where you are in a present crisis- You can through that one - you can get through this one as word as it is yarn last one/ respond properly and make progress- ANGER- when things happen our natural response is to be angry/ don' ...
How to Hold On Psalms 37:5-7 Job was a man who certainly knew trouble and temptation, and yet he boldly claimed, "Though He slay me, I will hope in Him" (Job 13:15). That is commitment. Job had lost his children, his fortune, and his health, but he refused to abandon faith in God. The stricken man was determined to hold on because he trusted the Lord to do right. Unwavering commitment to trust the Lord in all situations is a cornerstone of unshakable faith. From the vantage point of that foundation, we can focus our eyes upon God alone. It is easy to be distracted by circumstances and allow them to dictate our emotions. But if that's the case, then when life is good, we're happy; when times are tough, we're frustrated; and when hardship pours in, we're downright miserable and looking for escape. Unlike Job, we are fortunate to have Scripture, which reveals God's nature and promises. And it is a wise believer who claims those promises when enduring hardship. For His Word tells us that our Father is always ...
Watching Dr. Charles Stanley, great message like always (From Crisis to Opportunity)
God intends for us to be involved with other people and to be generous toward them. Only when we give our best to others do we put ourselves in a position to receive God's best. ((Charles Stanley)
I'm finally home with my grandson Jon. Watching In Touch with Charles Stanley. Thanking God for a wonderful day with my kids & grandkids celebrating Loris birthday.
I've been reading some awesome books by Charles Stanley this week. Amazing how inspired you can feel by reading certain things.
Wherever there is deception, division and destruction, the devil is there. ~ Dr. Charles Stanley.
I also enjoy Charles Stanley's sermons and quotes!
“People observe you when you don’t even know they are watching, and what they learn from you is your legacy to them.” -Charles Stanley
God is always on time. He is never too early or too late! -Charles Stanley
"God's voice is still and quiet and easily buried . under an avalanche of clamour." . (Charles Stanley)
The most important thing in life is your personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.- Dr. Charles Stanley.
I quote Charles Stanley a lot. I love his sermons.
His devotions are awesome and right to the point. He is like close to a million years But still serving...
The Side Effects of Fear - by Pastor Charles Stanley . Matthew 6:25-34. . Fear obviously produces anxiety, but it...
The amount of time we spend with Jesus meditating on His word & His majesty... establishes our fruitfulness in the kingdom. Charles Stanley
FWIW I recently abandoned switching to Charles Stanley due to absurdly opaque fees re transfer and custody of non UK assets
God will help us thru life's circumstances, no matter what. " Charles Stanley"
The Lord often does not reveal everything at once, He will give seeking hearts enough info to trust and follow His way. - Charles Stanley
I added a video to a playlist Dr. Charles Stanley: Living Through Your Circumstances
"The bottom line in the Christian life is obedience and most people don't even like the word.". -Charles Stanley
Hae Soo's bedside book in IOIL is Into His Presence by Charles Stanley
By: Charles Stanley. The Authority of Our Message. 1 Kings 17:1. King Ahab's first thought after encountering the...
"Try and count how many times God has blessed you; you can't stop counting, can you?" D. Zisler, Charles Stanley.
Charles Stanley is one of my favorite preachers. I visited his church in Atlanta before in HS. It's located off 285.
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In Touch Magazine from Dr. Charles Stanley-FREE! * Dr. Charles Stanley. Shares his peace with you. Got peace?
Reminder..."When trouble comes, focus on God's ability to care for you."–Charles Stanley
BW: My writing influences are Charles Schulz and John Stanley. Many others, too.
JS: The work of John Stanley (Little Lulu) is big for me. Charles Schulz and Hank Ketcham, of course.
"Now if the Son of God needed to begin the morning with His Father (Mark 1:35), how much more do we?" -Dr. Charles Stanley
praises Obama's actions in Iraq. In other news, *** freezes over, Maple Leafs win Stanley Cup.
this quote by Charles Stanley has nothing to do with belief in supernaturalism or with the culture of Christianity
Dr. Charles Stanley: Intouch Daily Devotional - What is an opportunity ?.
Charles Stanley said, "Intimacy says God, here is my heart. I am willing to unwrap myself before you--my soul, my...
Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer airs weekday mornings at 8:45 on WTIS AM 1110 - followed by In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley.
Dr. Charles Stanley, who is a great man and follower of the Lord, had to get a divorce because his wife said he didn't spend
God is looking for imperfect men and women who have learned to walk in moment-by-moment dependence on the Holy Spirit. Christians who have come to terms with their inadequacies, fears, and failures. Believers who have become discontent with ‘surviving’ and have taken the time to investigate everything God has to offer in this life.- Charles Stanley
Sin—doing what we want instead of what God wants—brings temporary pleasure but is followed by despair and, many times, disaster. No matter how far you have wandered spiritually, turn back to the Lord. In Him, you will find all you need (Eph. 3:18-19). -Charles Stanley
Charles Stanley reveals the secret to overcoming fear.
"Jesus set an example for us to follow: a life of loving, obedient service." --Charles Stanley
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Charles, Stanley, Kenneth, Ronald (Never seen a yoruba dude with any of diz names).
He loves you with an unconditional, unfathomable, immeasurable love. . ~Dr. Charles Stanley
Until your purpose lines up with God's purpose, you will never be happy or fulfilled. ~Charles Stanley
CHARLES STANLEY MONDAY STABLEFORD. Crabby won the latest Monday Stableford, kindly sponsored by Mr Stanley, with...
You have to have courage to be obedient to God. Charles Stanley
"Sometimes friendly advice is not godly advice." - Dr. Charles Stanley
ON now; In Touch w/ Charles Stanley is providing biblically based principles for everyday life; AM 950 &
Market Movers: FTSE falls on global worries and inversion - now on CS; Live
Could Washington really derail AbbVie’s offer to buy UK pharmaceutical group Shire?
Dr. Charles Stanley identifies 3 primary reasons 4 Christ's coming back at end of tribulation period. 8/6 at 8:30aET.
"The best asset you've got in your life is people praying for you!" Pastor Charles Stanley
This is just too good not to share! In Touch Daily Devotional Check out & Dr. Charles Stanley!
The Results of Insecurity - by Pastor Charles Stanley . Psalms 143:8. We've already seen some of the areas where...
Geopolitical tensions and a number of large companies trading without right to dividend payments hit the FTSE 100
2011 Dr Charles Stanley Warns About the Future of the USA! - ... 3 YRS LATER..LOOK.
TA: Trader's Bulletin featuring and now on CS: Live
Market Movers: FTSE falls on global worries - now on CS: Live
Macro round-up: Fears of Russian escalation mount and much more - now on CS: Live
I added a video to a playlist HERETICK Pastor Charles Stanley- Pastor Martin Richling
Life Principle "God does not require us to understand His will, just obey it, even if it seems unreasonable." ~ Charles Stanley
TIL Stanley Kubrick was embarrassed to discover that HAL's initials were one letter up from IBM, which had helped the production of 2001,...
God's plan for enlarging His kingdom is so simple - one person telling another about the Savior. Charles Stanley
so HE is certainly capable of working out problems and meeting needs. (Dr. Charles F. Stanley)
Monroe Mercy residents getting some rock solid from Charles Stanley - "Our Personal Accountability."
Dr. Charles Stanley, A Heart for God A Vision for the World: via
Disappointment will happen. Discouragement is a choice. - Charles Stanley
Listen to Charles stanley today he was great like always 🙏
Clip of my solo jamming with jjla Charles Jones Stanley Randolph Leddie Garcia and many more last…
Dr. Charles Stanley, The key to continuing peace: via
♥ Listening to my favorite teaching program on CHRI Ottawa. It is InTouch with Dr. Charles Stanley
Every test, trial, heartache that's been significant, I can turn it over & see how God turned it into good no matter what. Charles Stanley
Dr. Charles Stanley is one of America's greatest ministers & Bible teachers. His "In Touch" messages online & on...
We are either in the process of resisting God's truth or in the process of being shaped and molded by his truth. Charles S…
"If you tell God no because He won't explain the reason He wants you to do something, you are actually hindering His blessing. But when you say yes to Him, all of heaven opens to pour out His goodness and reward your obedience. What matters more than..." - Charles Stanley quotes from
my two favorite preachers yiye avila and charles stanley. I recommend them with no problem.
I'm searching for some answers to life's journey, sickness, unanswered prayers (for now) and God has led me to the book of Hebrews and has led me to "settle in" here for a while. I have many Bibles but tonight I picked up Dr. Charles Stanley's Life Principle Bible. Hebrews 2:10 says "It was fitting for Him (Jesus), for who are all things, and through whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory to perfect the author of their salvation through sufferings." Dr. Stanley translated this, I find much comfort in it and I hope maybe you will too. "As our Lord Jesus was already perfect, and as our sinless Savior, He was competely without fault. So how could suffering possibly improve Him? Because it was through His pain and sorrow that-although complete in knowledge and wisdom-He was perfected in His understanding of how limited we are, how difficult our lives can be, how desperate we are when we lack something we need, and how hopeless our seperation from God truly is". WOW He had all wisdom and kn ...
Our heavenly Father understands our disappointment, suffering, pain, fear, and doubt. He is always there to encourage our hearts and help us understand that He's sufficient for all of our needs. When I accepted this as an absolute truth in my life, I found that my worrying stopped. ~Charles Stanley
Wonderful message from Dr. Charles Stanley. --- very enlightening! . "We are living in a… (at East Cliff Drive) —
Integrity and maturity are two character traits. vital to the heart of a leader. ~~Charles Stanley
I love Charles Stanley so much. I have his Bible 🙈😂
Humbled & thankful for the ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley, the legacy he has started at FBA, the people around him, and his love for Jesus.
Good morning from a very Cowes. All ready for Charles Stanley Cowes Classics Week.
For those interested ... with Dr. Charles Stanley makes its debut on at 8 p.m., followed by
Dr Charles Stanley...obey God and experience his goodness & find what your soul really craves AMEN.
After months of preparation, Craig has said he would be concerned if material stolen from Accrington Stanley's swimming stadium ...
To walk in the Spirit is 2 depend upon Him totally;2 rely upon Him,2 b sensitive to what He is saying 2 us,& 2 obey Him.-Dr. Charles Stanley
"Most dangerous is that goal which is pursued despite its incompatibility with a righteous lifestyle." -Charles Stanley
Many thanks to the Captain & Crew of Rum Jungle for looking after us so well at Charles Stanley Cowes Classic Week.
Charles Stanley Cowes Classics Week Day 1 : Eight one-design classes vie for the week's first trophy
So, Charles Stanley is splashing out and sponsoring Cowes Week, despite making 44% of its dealers redundant.
Hudson Wight is all present & correct for Charles Stanley Cowes Classics Week.
"Everyday, a Christian wakes up with three enemies: the world, the flesh, & the devil." Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries
On from Dr. Charles Stanley. Just remember who Jesus called 5:1-12
Motherhood is a great honor and privilege, yet it is also synonymous with servanthood. ~ Charles Stanley
"When you fight your battles on your knees, you win everytime" -Dr. Charles Stanley
By: Dr. Charles Stanley. Defeating Discouragement. When disappointed, look to God in antic...
"We live in a time of great opportunity and great responsibility." Charles Stanley
I had a blast yesterday preaching TY to Dr. Charles Stanley, one of God's generals, for the invitation.
Hi Garry. I take it I can quote you from this piece? Many thanks, Michiel
From Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries-"Scripture tells us to love one another, bear our brothers'...
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“If we walk in the Spirit daily, surrendered to His power, we have the right to expect anything we need to hear from God.” Charles Stanley
The need for friendship. In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley via
Market Movers: FTSE falls despite Tesco rally - now on CS: Live
Join us this Monday morning for a message from Dr. Charles Stanley of 7-8a PST
The Epistle of James Faith without works cannot be called faith. "Faith without works is dead" James 2:26, James insists; and a dead faith is no faith at all. Faith must work; it must produce; it must make itself visible. Verbal faith is not enough and mental faith is insufficient. Genuine faith inspires and empires godly action. James integrates true faith and everyday practical experiences by stressing that true faith must manifest itself in works of faith -- otherwise, it is not faith at all. Genuine faith endures trials. A strong faith will face them head on and develop endurance. Genuine faith understands temptations. It will never consent to our lusts and thereby slide into sin. Genuine faith harbors no prejudice. For James, faith and favoritism cannot coexist. Genuine faith has the power to control the tongue. The tongue must be held in check -- and only grace working through faith can manage it. Genuine faith acts wisely. It gives us the ability to choose heavenly wisdom that brings life and ...
As believers, we're assured that no adversity comes our way, unless God can use it to achieve His good purposes. Charles Stanley
Obey God and leave the consequences to him... Charles Stanleytruth
Just pulled into Rev. Charles Stanley parking lot. Might have to go there in the am.
Saying no to sin comes easily when we realize that saying yes hurts Someone whose love we can't live without. -Charles Stanley
Like Nehemiah, turn disappointment into a petition for God's help.In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley via
Genuine thankfulness flows from a grateful heart & a grateful heart comes from Christ's life expressed through us. ~ Char…
Cowes Classics Week entries up 25% on 2013 - Entries for this month’s Charles Stanley Cowes Classics Week lo...
Peace, Joy, and Contentment - by Pastor Charles Stanley . Nehemiah 2:1-8. Discouragement can rob peace, joy, and...
By refusing to forgive, we allow the old flesh nature to dominate and produce its poisonous fruit. ~ Charles Stanley
Gonna spend tonight listening to charles's been awhile and I need it
The dark moments of our life will last only as long as is necessary for God to accomplish His purpose in us. . Charles Stanley
"Hargreaves and Charles Stanley defend pre-filled fund choices" > so THAT's how HL makes a 65% profit...
How Will Believers Be Judged?. Charles Stanley. Scripture reveals that Jesus Christ will judge every person who...
God assumes full responsibility for our needs when we obey Him. -Charles F. Stanley
HE'll show us what HE wants us to do and then energize us to get it done. Phil2:13. (Dr. Charles F. Stanley)
Many investors are exploring new territory in the search for income. One such frontier is emerging market debt funds
transforms our lives from ordinary to revolutionary, Charles Stanley.
"As long as you and I are obeying God, we are still winning." - Dr. Charles Stanley
Anglo American, Land Securities, SSE, unemployment data... My look at what's coming up next week here.
"...the gift of wrapped in the love of God and tied with the red ribbon of Christ's sacrifice." -Charles Stanley
with the red ribbon of Christ's sacrifice. It is freely given by the Saviour and our job is to pass it on. Charles Stanley (2/2)
Charles Stanley has 100 step program on how to be saved the Apostle Peter has one step! Repent and be baptized in the name Jesus Christ
"Living in uncertainty is living in captivity." Charles Stanley
July 3 Formula for Personal Growth by Charles Stanley James 1:22 Growing in Christ involves far more than just attending church, tithing, and listening to a sermon. In fact, many believers do these yet remain stagnant in their walk. There are two elements necessary for us to become more like Jesus: instruction and involvement. The first of these, learning truth, is vital to a healthy walk with God. Our Savior proved the importance of instruction by devoting much of His time on earth to it. The apostle Paul is another example, as he wrote letters to educate Christians about godliness. So how can we gain knowledge and understanding? One of the most important and effective ways is to read the Word of God. Scripture instructs us that just as newborns crave milk, we are to desire His Word so that we might grow. I pray your spiritual thirst will become insatiable. Yet simply listening to the truth does not mean that we've acquired it. I know many people who love attending Bible studies and expanding their knowl ...
Bible Passages to go along with the above Daily Devotional from Dr. Charles Stanley from Thursday, July 3, 2014. James 1:22 (New American Standard) 22) But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.
Joy in Living: A Memoir of an Mk, an Mw and an MM
God’s Word is an immovable anchor in times of storm. -Charles F. Stanley
If we don't win the battle in our minds, then we won't win the battle in our behavior. - Dr. Charles Stanley
I'm truly blessed to live in Atlanta with some of the most amazing leaders. Charl…
Ad: A Gift of Love | Reflections for the tender heart, by Charles Stanley
"Adversity is easier to bear when we realize it is necessary for spiritual growth." Charles Stanley
New song my brother, is working on. Do you like it so far?
"If you have a friend who won't tell you the truth, they are not your true friend.". Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries
My brother's song in progress. Do you like it so far?
Every major spiritual battle is in the mind. -Charles Stanley
European stocks move higher on positive US data via
London follows as US surges - European equity markets are pushing higher . read more at
As I listened to a sermon this morning by Charles Stanley I was reminded that when the apostles went about...
Walker Crips has brought Charles Stanley's John Fletcher on board, good hire!
Rob Morgan looks at the major sector trends in June, a good month for Japanese and gold equities but muted elsewhere
In Touch - July 3, 2014 by – In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley via
HT experience true freedom and how Jesus can overcome those hindrances. THU 7/3 at 8:30aET w/ Dr. Charles Stanley.
Enslaved to There’s for you. Dr. Charles Stanley and next Listen:
All eyes on US data with non-farms out later this afternoon: via
“Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.” –Charles F. Stanley
Do I want to live by truth or by what will satisfy me in the moment? Big question from Charles Stanley this Sunday morning.
How –and what– should you pray for your church? Dr. Stanley and Andy Stanley discuss this and much more during a special conversation in this week's TV broadcast, "A Strong Life." Hear the extended conversation at To find a channel broadcasting "In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley" in your area, go to
"God's best gets better when U walk in obedience to him." Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries
Watchin Hal Lindsey on Daystar. Followed by Irvin Baxter on Daystar. If you want a few clues as to what is going on down here. ~ ''I'm Cassey Caanoone. Here's my weekly Top 4'D TV Preacher/Teacher Countdown! is Fulton Sheen (Who? Google him.) is Hal Lindsey. is Irvin Baxter. is Charles Stanley who's held on to the spot on my chart for 20 years. Sorry folks, can't come up with anything like a Top 20, even, but keep tunning in, you never know what may happen next week. I might start spinnin Charlie Sheen n Katy Perry.''
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! First of all to my Daddy, I miss you very much. Second to my Step-Dad, Charles Stanley for treating me just like his own. Third to Larry Waller for helping to make Sam the man he is today. Fourth, my Father in law, Gary Burton, for being there for us and Korrina Walker-Burton. Fifth, to my son Richard Michael, hopefully one day you will actually get to see your kids again. Sixth, to James Michael, we may not be together anymore, but thank you for helping me make two wonderful children. Seventh, to Kody Paul, for being a great "daddy" to Nicolas, and first father's day for Alyssah. Last but not least, to my wonderful husband, Sam. Thank you for loving my children as you would your own. Thank you for being by my side through the last four year when a lot of men would have run at hearing that their wife has cancer. I love you. Happy Father's day to all you fathers out there. Have a wonderful day. :)
Some seem to be either totally confused or are just accepting deceptions about the Rapture. It is not my calling to do research and Bible Study for you. I suggest you listen to and watch such devoted men of God like Jack Van Impe, John Hagee, David Jeremiah, Perry Stone, and Charles Stanley. Do so after you pray for the Truth as revealed by the Holy Spirit. No matter how many scriptures I give you showing you the Truth, many still just argue and restate their erroneous interpretation. If you truly desire the Truth, then do these things and God will reveal it to you.
This is from Charles Stanley and his In Touch Ministries. Felt it is worth sharing. June 2014 Dear Friend, If you asked the average person what truth is, you might receive a blank stare or perhaps an opinion that reflects that person’s view of reality. I’m sure you’ve noticed that our society’s definition of truth is often based upon personal experiences and feelings. The inevitable result is a wide variety of ideas about truth, along with many questions. Actually, this is not a new trend. Pilate asked his own question to Jesus: “What is truth?” (John 18:38). Although the world is reluctant to accept the answer, Christ claims that He is the truth (John 14:6). Furthermore, He gave us His Spirit of truth (John 16:13) so we can understand His Word, which is truth (John 17:17). Now I don’t think you can get any more precise than that. That’s why you and I should be people of truth—in what we believe, how we speak, and how we behave. One common misconception is that honesty only pertains to . ... example of God's perfect timing in my life today... God’s Compass for the Heart and Mind Read Proverbs 3:7-12 Yesterday we discussed the importance of depending on the Word of God as our compass throughout life. Following the Lord’s directions will change behavior and challenge our thinking, attitudes, and desires. He leads us to think differently about ourselves, our values, and and even the difficulties facing us. We naturally want to determine our own course in life.It seems like the only logical way to get where we want to go. But being wise in our own eyes is pride. To combat this tendency, the Lord instructs us to fear Him and turn away from evil (v. 7). This “fear” is not a horrified dread of the Father, but an attitude of respect that motivates us to obey Him for both our good and His glory. We naturally want to keep our money for ourselves. A desire for a better lifestyle or fear of not having enough leads us to hang onto everything we get. But our compass directs us to honor God by ...
Good stuff! Picture it in your Minds Eye. By Dr Charles Stanley ~When the Trumpet Blows~.Read | 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 When it comes to learning about the end times and the return of Christ, many believers feel confused by the elaborate symbolism the Bible uses to describe these events. Clearly there are certain mysteries regarding the end of life as we know it, and God has chosen to present some of these topics in unique and interesting terms. One revelation, however, is quite clear: We can be certain of the sights, sounds, and feelings surrounding the moment when Jesus returns, as today’s passage makes clear. We will hear the magnificent voice of the Lord as He descends from heaven. The voice of the archangel and the sound of a trumpet of God will also be audible (v. 16). We will see Jesus Christ with the archangel, and the deceased saints who had trusted in the Lord will be raised to meet them in the air (vv. 16-17). We will feel our bodies instantly transformed as we are “caught up together with ...
“To renew your mind is to involve yourself in the process of allowing God to bring to the surface the lies you have mistakenly accepted and replace them with truth. To the degree that you do this, your behavior will be transformed.” Charles Stanley
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God would never ask you to do something without empowering you to accomplish it. This doesn't necessarily mean you will do it perfectly, but each step of obedience is a victory. The alternative is to play it safe, but then you'll miss out on God's best for your life. - Dr. Charles Stanley
By Dr. Charles Stanley Introduction: In almost every aspect of life, others evaluate us by our performance. Are we successful in our careers, fit, and attractive? How much wealth do we possess? It's easy to believe God judges us in a similar way–based on our behavior. Although Christians recognize that salvation is by grace, many nonetheless strive for God's acceptance, never sure they have His love. Personal assessment: For the next two questions, honestly describe your first reaction rather than what you know is the correct answer. Do you ever think God must be displeased, impatient, or disappointed with you? Explain. What would you have to do to be sure of His acceptance? A. The Bible teaches that as believers in Jesus, we are completely accepted. If we belong to Christ, we share in His holiness. How can that be? Scripture teaches that through Adam's rebellion against God, all of humanity was corrupted, inheriting the disease of sin. But when the Savior died on the cross, He made a way for everyone w ...
Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the downward spiral begins. Charles Stanley
"Any attack on your belief is Satan's attempt to divide your allegiance" - Dr. Charles Stanley .
You won't discover God's purpose for your life by chance. It can be found only by moving in one direction ... Straight up! Love Charles Stanley words
"God's purpose for our lives is discovered and fulfilled only as we climb higher with him." By Charles Stanley
Hope all the shipton boys enjoy the night out tonight in brighton well deserved after a winning the double after a long hard season great way to bow out Stephen Louise Wall Lee Wain rob bess Russell Charles Stanley bubba George Daniells ledger Jack Blake-Sullivan Paul Stanley Lee Baldacchino teddy and george av fun lads gutted n wish i was ther UP THE SHIPTON
"Truth.. The foundation upon which we ought to build our lives" - Charles Stanley
"Life's responsibilities are demanding, but TIME SPENT WITH YOUR FAMILY is priceless, and the memories will last a lifetime." ~ Dr. Charles Stanley.
How can I develop and maintain an attitude of active listening before the Lord? (1 Kings 19:11-13) Dr. Charles Stanley, Life Principles Daily Bible Many people seem uncomfortable with silence, especially if they are alone. In silence, however, we are able to hear the "...
That is so true he answers mine and Charles Stanley last night i love u Charles.
"Our position in The Lord affects everything about us - attitudes, emotions, conversation, and conduct. The ungodliness of our culture no longer fits who we are. As believers, we are to grow in Christlikeness, embracing ideas, thought patterns, and activities that please God, while rejecting all others." ( wise words from Dr. Charles Stanley)
God walks with us through our need all the way to His full provision and blessing. ~ Charles Stanley
A Godly Response to Criticism Proverbs 15:31-33 No one likes criticism, but encountering some is inevitable, so we need to learn how to respond in a godly way. Although you might be tempted to become defensive or angry, remain calm and listen. The words may hurt, but great benefits come to those who carefully consider what is said. If we refuse to accept reproof, we'll limit our potential for Christlike character development and spiritual growth. Some of life's best lessons come through difficult experiences. If God allowed the situation, you can be sure that He wants to use it in transforming you into His Son's image. Whether the criticism is valid or not, whether it's delivered with kindness or harshness, your goal should always be to respond in a way that glorifies the Lord. Remember that you are responsible only for how you handle yourself, not for how the other person is acting. When a criticism comes your way, be quiet and listen until the other person has finished. Make direct eye contact to show a ...
I follow Dr Charles Stanley, says 'God will move Heaven & Earth to show us His will' I hope your power in DC increases.God Bless.
"Many people attempt to clean up their lives by a change in their behavior. They start going to church, attending a Bible study, giving some of their money to God, reading their Bibles, saying their prayers. None of these actions drives out sin from their lives. Only as they yield to the Holy Spirit can they truly be cleansed completely." Charles Stanley
Of all the things Christ wants for us, loving Him and focusing our attention on Him are the most important. Charles Stan…
Yet another great devotion from Charles Stanley. (
Charles Manson: Family Matters: Can the living haunt the living? When Izzy Stanley, an ambitious TV broadcaster, h
Success and Money Riches are not to be worshipped; only God is. Read | Luke 12:13-21 There is a prevailing deception today, one so powerful it makes people risk their families, their health, and their integrity. The deception is that success is defined by our material wealth. Many of us decide we are a failure without it. And with it, we somehow believe we are automatically successful. To uncover the truth, we need only ask ourselves, What is the Lord's view of us? God sees that some of us have an idolatrous attitude toward riches. Life revolves around the topic of money—getting it, keeping it, having enough of it, and bemoaning our lack of it. A godly view of wealth sees money as a medium of exchange given by God so we may provide for others and meet our basic needs. Riches are not to be worshiped; only God is. The Lord warns us about our attitude toward treasure (Matt. 6:24). The pursuit of wealth can set us adrift from Him or choke off the power of Scripture in our lives. It can even enslave us as we ...
"The deceit, the lie of the Devil consists of this, that he wishes to make man believe that he can live without God's Word." Dietrich Bonhoeffer "The Enemy will not see you vanish into God's company without an effort to reclaim you." C. S. Lewis "The more God uses us, the more Satan will attempt to harass us." Charles Stanley "The Devil is a better theologian than any of us and is a devil still." A.W. Tozer "The Devil does not tempt unbelievers and sinners who are already his own." Thomas a Kempis "Last of all I want to remind you that your strength must come from the Lord's mighty power within you. Put on all of God's armor so that you will be able to stand safe against all strategies and tricks of Satan." Ephesians 6:10-11
Overcoming the Barrier of Inadequacy - by Charles Stanley . 2 Corinthians 2:14-17. No one likes feelings of...
7 JUN 1868: A Charles Stanley, auxiliary bishop of ordained Church of England priest (Worcester) at Coventry.
Words of wisdom concerning SEX: "Culture proclaims that sex is something you do. It is spoken of as an event. But in reality, it is an expression of all that you are. It is relational. God has designed sex to take place inside a relationship called marriage. Sex is an expression of total abandonment of body, soul, spirit, life, and purpose. It's the ultimate way of saying, 'I'm 1,000 percent yours and for you.And you are 1,000 percent mine and for me."'- Charles Stanley
This is Dr. Charles Stanley's all day long free radio station. Sermons all day long. How awesome. Praise God!
I just had church in my living room - listening to the guys at Dr Charles Stanley's birthday celebration on DVD- didn't get to be there for the live version but it really spoke to me tonight
How to Handle Praise The crucible is for silver and the furnace for gold, And each is tested by the praise accorded him. --Proverbs 27:21 How do you respond when someone compliments you? Some people absolutely love receiving praise because it lifts their spirits and makes them feel valuable. Others are uncomfortable with it. They look down at their feet or offer reasons why they really don't deserve such praise. For Christians, there's another dilemma. We're called to be humble, so what are we to do when others say good things about us? Because pride is always waiting to raise its ugly head, we need to be careful not to let praise puff us up. Some believers think that accepting a compliment is a sign of pride, so they make a big show of giving all the glory to God. That's fine, if it's really what's in their hearts, but too often it becomes a rote "Christian" response that's geared to impressing others. My advice is simply to say, "Thank you very much." Then whisper a prayer in your heart to the Lord, tha ...
An eager anticipation of the Lord's return keeps us living productively. - Charles Stanley
Dr. Charles Stanley is senior pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta, founder of In Touch Ministries. Know that God Loves you deeply . For more Messages a...
What happens when the mirror of stark reality is held up before your face and you are forced to admit," I'm the one who is lashing out with evil intent or a wrong attitude"? Charles Stanley
Behind every evil person and every evil act lurks the real enemy of your life! Charles Stanley
Chris is doing okay. We are playing the waiting game...cultures are still growing to determine the exact bacteria and, in turn, the correct course if treatment. His pain seems to improve a little each day, those nerves just take time to recover from being compressed in his spine. He has not been able to get up for therapy yet, maybe tomorrow. IV site was starting to look infected so they moved that today. He still has on/off fever and crazy chills...he is about to suffocate me with the room temp! He is back on the narcotic pain meds which we both hate but no choice right now. He is definitely struggling on the psychological side of things so please be sure to pray specifically for that as well. As a good friend told him a while back "You have to keep satan out of your heart and out of your mind." I pulled this from a writing by Dr Charles Stanley: But rest assured that if God isn’t removing your particular “thorn,” His grace is sufficient. By an act of our will, we can decide to trust that God k ...
It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. ~Charles Spurgeon.
Dr. Charles Stanley- what a great servant and man. I so enjoyed meeting him today and am honored to speak at his church this Sunday, doing all services. Friends, please pray for Sunday!
What's this about Stanley Kubrick writing to Charles Manson?
Telling actually increases because we live in of being found out. - Charles Stanley
Charles Wang has reportedly sold the New York Islanders. Official announcement coming after the Stanley Cup Finals.
Charles F. Stanley said you said well my parents didn't want me well God gave you life on a (spiritual level) you owe God
What Changed at Pentecost?. Dr. Charles Stanley. The Holy Spirit did not make His first appearance at Pentecost.
Lord ,it is Friday !Thank You for another blessed week! Have been busy this morning. I went to lunch and found an awesome book I will be sharing. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge " Proverbs 1:7 I don't claim to know everything in Your word but this I know ,Your Holy Spirit gives me the wisdom I need. " Wisdom is knowing and doing what is right .Not simply knowing, but making the right use of that knowledge . One may possess a vast storehouse of knowledge but still be unwise .True wisdom begins with a knowledge of and reverence for God revealed through his Son Jesus Christ. This is the foundation on which to build a life that can courageously withstand the inevitable storms of criticism ,pain ,loss temptation and success. The Scriptures are God's wisdom." Charles Stanley When you fear God ,you honor Him by staying away from evil and seeking that which He wants. Life can be such an adventure of freedom in God's love. You have peace ,joy and trust in knowing You are nothing without Him. Th ...
From my friend and Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley-"If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what...
Listening to Charles F.Stanley he is a
“Discipline, not desire, determines the outcome of our lives.” – Dr. Charles Stanley
I can't wait until after the Stanley Cup Finals to hear that Charles Wang has sold the New York Islanders.
They granted Charles Manson parole, but they executed Stanley" tookie" Williams ***
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VIDEO: Next Week in the Market 9th - 13th June 2014 with now on CS: Live
Just booked my tickets for the Charles Stanley British Showjumping Masters. Very excited, role on 6th July.
Market Movers: US jobs data boosts FTSE 100 - now on CS: Live
Prayer is Life's greatest time saver. Charles Stanley
So we got Costa Rica in the Charles Stanley departmental World Cup draw.
T.D. Jakes ... Pat Roberson ... James Roberson ... W. A. Criswell ... Ernest Angley ... Kenneth Copeland ... Charles Stanley ... Joel Osteen ...   I've been in the same room with each of these ... "Professional Christians" who make ungodly amounts of money promoting God.   They all looked nice with perfect hair, really white teeth and their socks never ... EVER ... slipped below their calve when they sat in the pulpit.   Aside from W. A. Criswell, who I was forced to listen butcher the Bible at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, a once great institution which now regularly butchers the Bible, I saw or met the rest at President George W. Bush's "Faith Based Summit" which I was inexpiably invited.   Held in the Library of Congress, the food was really good though no alcohol was served, all of the famous preachers shook one another's hands exclaiming, "I think we finally have our boy in the White House," and Phil Driscoll played both "Amazing Grace" and "God Bless America" on the trumpet.   I ...
I love listening to Joyce Meyer, creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, T . D. Jakes, and Charles Stanley.🙏🙏🙏
When a Fellow Christian Stumbles , by Dr. Charles Stanley. Galatians 6:1-5. The Lord doesn't want the members of...
Between Passover and Pentecost (John 2:20-22) Dr. Charles Stanley, Life Principles Daily Bible When Jesus spoke to the disciples about being raised from the dead in three days, it didn't make sense to them initially. Yet John 2:22 tells us, "When He had risen from the dead, His disciples remembered that He had said this to them; and they believed the Scripture and the word which Jesus had said." Still the may not have understood the full significance of what had occurred and what it really meant that the temple of the Holy Spirit had been raised. However, the feasts of the Lord helps us to understand what happened. During the Passover Feast, Jesus became our sacrificial Lamb (see 1 Cor. 5:7). It's easy for us to see the spiritual significance of what occurred because we know that His death and resurrection marked the beginning of the new covenant. Yet, we often think that the next feat the disciples celebrated was Pentecost - when the Holy Spirit empowered the church. Unfortunately, there's a feast we oft ...
Highlights from A Night to Honor Israel in Atlanta, Georgia with Pastor John Hagee and Dr. Charles Stanley - April 25, 2013.
The Important Message (John 1:1-18) Dr. Charles Stanley, Life Principles Daily Bible 400 years of silence. It had been so long since God had spoken through one of the prophets, the people of Israel wondered if He would ever speak again - or if He had forgotten the covenants He'd established with their forefathers Abraham and David (see Gen. 12:1-3; 1 Samuel 7:8-16). As happens with any pregnant pause or prolonged time of quiet, their ears strained in anticipation. They were hungry for a word. So God sent the Word. But this time, the Word came as it had never come before. "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth" (John 1:14). The Word that had been with God in the creation of the world and all the life in it (see Gen. 1; John 1:2, 3) now came to the world to offer a new covenant and a new life (see Jer. 31:33; John 1:4). During the 400 years of silence, God had readied the world for the Word to travel throug ...
It's all about Mom this morning on 101.5 WORD-FM, Pittsburgh! 6:30am - Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef honors Moms. 7:00am - Grace to You w/ John MacArthur encourages Moms. 7:30am - Focus on the Family on the ups & downs of motherhood. 8:30am - In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley teaches Moms how to bless their children. 9:00am - FamilyLife Today looks at the new movie, Moms' Night Out.
God has a course mapped out for your life, and all the inadequacies in the world will not change His mind ~ Charles Stanley
I''ve read several people's criticism on the subject of religious movies and their producers and directors..! Now the criticism can appear healthy, maybe even necessary..! But what remains profound to me, is why didn't Bishop Jakes, Paula White, Joseph Prince, Charles Stanley and the entire Body of Christ pool together and make the dam movies themselves..!! Mel Gibson did The Passion of The Christ, and he got flacked from the renowned nobel leaders of the Christian faith, and yet they didn't do one thing to make a better depiction, my nerves..!! Now Noah is being assassinated, again by the Body of Christ, when the opportunity was there for it to be done by the Christian society,,!! My Nerves..!!! The ten commandments was done by the secular and he did a great great job..!!! Why don't the Christians just put they shut to the up or do the movies themselves..??? IJS..!!
An early morning walk in the neighborhood under a clear blue sky, a quick breakfast followed by Charles Stanley, David Jeremiah and Jentezen Franklin Sunday morning TV messages was church this morning.. Church and the Lord is wherever you let them to be for you.. Happy Sunday everyone...
From The Times newspaper: Marseilles fire service earns survey high marks Posted: Thursday, April 24, 2014 10:54 pm Charles Stanley, charless815-431-4063 Marseilles residents are highly pleased with their fire services, according to the results of a community survey conducted by the North Central Illinois Council of Governments as part of new comprehensive plan for the city. The results were presented at a public meeting Thursday evening at City Hall. Like a previous public meeting in January, attendance was sparse. There were six public officials and three citizens as well as two staff members and a landscape architect from NCICG. Kendall Cramer, an NCICG community development coordinator, presented the results from the 114 people who completed the survey. Rating categories were excellent, good, fair, poor and "no answer." Cramer presented highlights of the results. For fire services, the score was "just way off the board," he said, with 93 percent of the responses as either excellent or good. By compari ...
God Loves You God is love, and who abides in love abides in God, and God in him. I John 4:16 God does not accept us, love us, or forgive us on the basis of performance. He does not love the beautiful more than the plain. He does not not love the high achiever more than the low achiever. He does not love the rich, famous, and others of high social status more than the poor, unknown, and those of low social status. Nothing you can do regarding status, performance, or appearance will elevate you one inch in God's eyes. He accepts you because you come to Him believing in Jesus Christ as the One who has take the full consequences of your sin. He loves you because He created you and has chosen to love you from the moment He first thought of you. ~Charles Stanley~
Happy Easter to all my friends and family, take time to reflect the true meaning of Easter, if anyone gets the chance to hear Charles Stanley Easter message he puts it in such a beautiful way of why Jesus died for us, that why would you not want a personal relationship with him here and in Heaven, sure beats the other outcome.
My sweet family decided to stay home with me and celebrate the risen one from the couch with Dr. Charles Stanley message on the power of the resurrection and living out our purpose. This was followed by the Pirate Fairies movie they got for Easter and cuddles. If HealthFirst were open I'd be going in for another round of antibiotics, so until tomorrow I'm laying low. Very thankful for rest, loved ones, purpose, and life without fear. He is Risen!
Charles Stanley sounds like my childhood
In Touch Ministries Daily Devotional By Dr. Charles Stanley April 19 Different Than It Appeared Matthew 16:21 In the Story of Easter, Saturday normally gets lost. The days (and even the few years) preceding it, however, were filled with amazing events and words. If it were a symphony, it would have all risen to a resounding yet horrific crescendo: the arrest and trial, the scourging and crucifixion, the agony on the cross, the death, the day turning to utter darkness, the ground shaking as if to split the earth, the veil tearing in two . . . And then, just like the famous pause in Handel's Messiah, it all comes to a screeching halt. Jesus is buried—and it is all over. With Jesus gone, the disciples were left with nothing but the memories and His words, neither of which seemed to be affecting them, for they huddled in fear on Saturday, having little faith in what He had promised. The disciples had painted their own picture of who Messiah was supposed to be—a narrative they wanted Him to fulfill. How ma ...
Happy happy happy Easter Faceplanters, The Girls are up and already presented us with morning eggs without the use of a rabbit. Charles Stanley will stop by the DVR and deliver his latest talk about God and family. The Sunrise Service was Awesome, The Usual crowd got up at 4 AM, Hiked to the top of the mountain and awaited Sunrise in anticipation. There is something Special about a bunch of crazy people when they get together like that. Some Year I should join them. Most of all the Christians are celebrating with Ham while some others in protest are even running around hiding the traditional multi-colored Orb and Marshmellow Peeps and chocolate from hungry diabetic children and make them out run each other to get as many as they can, The fat slow ones don't stand a chance. Will there be Peeps for me this year. doesn't look like it. not cases of em anyway. yet!
Happy Easter everyone! Since I haven't found my church yet, am celebrating in my pink pajamas. Thank God for my tv preachers: Joel Osteen , Dr Charles Stanley, and David Jeremiah! Have a beautiful day!
Praise God! Christ has Risen! We are celebrating Easter Sunday with Charles Stanley at First Baptist Church Atlanta
Charles Stanley just said that we won't be fat in Heaven. What a preacher! He just made me feel good about being tubby.
Did not make church. Did Charles Stanley devotional.
CHARLES STANLEY DEANE MEDAL DIV 3. Sean Murphy beat Dieter Ritz on a countback with a net 70, but the medal goes...
CHARLES STANLEY DEANE MEDAL DIV 2. Won by the departing Carl Sheehan with a net 66 beating Eric McMath on a...
CHARLES STANLEY DEANE MEDAL DIVISION 1. Private Walker's one under par round of 65 was enough to win. His net 62...
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