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Charles Oakley

Charles Oakley (born December 18, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player.

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Bernard King and Larry Bird from '82-85? Scary. Bird and young Patrick from '86-'91? Add in Mark Jackson & Charles Oakley. Very interesting.
LeBron breaks his nose and he is out for a couple games and will wear a mask for several weeks with concern about contact. Stamkos takes a slap shot to the face in the playoffs and literally breaks his face. He was playing 20 minutes later. Bring back Lambeer, Bird, Karl Malone, Charles Oakley.
Mike Woodson never knew how to play Meta World Peace. He was our Charles Oakley. NY's loss.
Currently listening to "Roundball Rock" by John Tesh. Maybe I can make the NBA on NBC come back. Those were the days! Back when Charles Oakley and Karl Malone were essentially bouncers in the paint, lol.
Bouncer Chronicles spies report that a number of Denver Broncos players made an early visit to the Soho hot spot Greenhouse on Tuesday night. The team members arrived early so they could make it back to the hotel before their 1AM curfew. Sources say the club was a mad house and the guys bolted after only staying thirty minutes. There were a ton of beautiful women surrounding the team. Also at the packed club were rapper Busta Rymes , New York Knick players Jr Smith and Kenyon Martin, NFL Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk and Giants defensive end Jason Pierre Paul . Others hanging around the city included Broncos head coach John Fox, Jay Glazer, Seattle Seahawks GM John Schneide , Deion Sanders , Charles Oakley , ESPN’s Stephen A smith , Dwight Freeney and Brian Urlacher who were all were spotted at Downtown Tao. San Francisco 49ers quarter Colin Kaepernack was seen at PH-D at the Dream Hotel on Wednesday night. Our spies said he wore a baseball cap that said “reckless” and his group drank ...
Food Network will run Chopped: Tournament of Stars this March, a 4 week event where the winner gets $50K to the charity of their choice. Things kick off on 3/9 with Sports Stars (Brandi Chastain,Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Greg Louganis, Charles Oakley), followed by Rachael vs Guy (Penn Jillette, Coolio,Lou Diamond Phillips, Carnie Wilson) on 3/16, Comedians (Tommy Davidson, Sinbad, Gillian Vigman, Robert Wuhl) on 3/23, and Actors (Lucas Grabeel, Michael Imperioli, Peter Scolari, Tasha Smith) on 3/30 before a grand champion is crowned on Sunday, April 6th.
who's the worst passer in NBA history...Reggie Evans or Charles Oakley?
Although he was passed over in the draft, Starks signed with the Golden State Warriors in September 1988 as a free agent. He was cut a year later, but worked his way back into the NBA after stints in the Continental Basketball Association (Cedar Rapids Silver Bullets, 1989–90) and World Basketball League (Memphis Rockers, 1990–91).[3] In 1990, he tried out for the New York Knicks. In one practice, he tried to dunk on Knicks center Patrick Ewing. Ewing threw him down and Starks twisted his knee. The team was not allowed to release him unless it healed by the end of December. When it did not heal by that time, the Knicks could not release him.[8] As a result, Starks has referred to Ewing as his saving grace. He eventually became the starting shooting guard, becoming a key player on the team and playing 8 seasons in New York from 1990–98. Starks was a posterchild for their physical play during that era, along with teammates Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley. He was a participant in the 1992 NBA Slam Dun ...
Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, Christina Aguilera, Keith Richards, Ty Cobb, Ray Liotta and Charles Oakley all have birthdays today!
uncle young fella utube Charles Oakley or Buck Williams
Name past players who wouldn't let Parker get that layup - Charles Oakley, Xavier McDaniel, Dennis Rodman...
Either go tough with Charles Oakley, Artest/Jackson and Zbo/Kmart. Or big with David Robinson, Howard & Shaq
Charles Oakley and Luke Longley bird still wins
Charles Oakley ain't around anymore so.“Gotta be the right somebody to get respect.”
Charles Oakley is rolling over in his grave right now
Reggie Miller says on national tv" Charles Oakley and Buck Williams are rolling in their graves right now" both still alive..duh!
I'll give him Buck Williams because he's old.. But Charles Oakley was still in the league 9-10 years ago
Reggie Miller, referring to soft fouls, just said Charles Oakley & Buck Williams would be "rolling over in their graves." Both are alive.
Tell neither Charles Oakley nor Buck Williams are deceased thus not turning over in their graves at these foul calls
Pretty sure Reggie Miller just said "Charles Oakley is rolling in his grave over the foul call"? Charles Oakley is alive!
I don't think Reggie Miller understands the "rolling over in their grave" phrase. He just killed off Charles Oakley
Hey "Charles Oakley and Buck Wiiliams are rolling over in their grave right now," - Reggie Miller (Both are ALIVE still!)
just said "somewhere Charles Oakley and Buck Williams are turning in their graves"... As if they're dead
Did Reggie Miller just say Charles Oakley is dead?
Did he say Charles Oakley rolling over in his grave? Oak not dead
Reggie Miller just said that Buck Williams and Charles Oakley were rolling over in their graves. They're alive.
Reggie Miller just said that Charles Oakley was rolling over in his grave... To my knowledge, Oak is still with us...
Reggie Miller suggesting that Charles Oakley is dead O_O
Evening everyone :) remember tomorrow is our *** Beauty Day (also open to friends of the LGBT community) Our event starts at 1pm in the Charles Oakley building on the ground floor hope to see you all there :) -Mariella
Happy Birthday to my lil brother from another Mother Naim Nabo Deen mr Charles Oakley Minatee
it looks like Michael found that jacket in Charles Oakley's closet!
Bring your A game for the scouts! Years ago, Charles Oakley was a little-known prospect out of Virginia Union before he attended CMSA Open Gym and, under Michael Richardson's tutelage, worked himself into the first round of that year's NBA draft.
Jut ran into Charles Oakley the old Chicago Bull
If Charles Oakley on the bench ill kno it's NBA Classic
Charles Oakley right now would put forth a better effort than these current Knicks
Charles Oakley is rolling over his grave…..
Amourie Staudimire lookin like the second comin of Charles Oakley with them naps! LMAO
Defense? It's word that left with Charles Oakley.
Flagrant for that? C'mon, it's not like it's the Charles Oakley would do the same a dozen times per game and only get 4 PFs.
Somewhere, Charles Oakley & Anthony Mason are laughing at the absurdity of that "flagrant foul" call on
Vince looked super human when Brendan Malone & Charles Oakley were there in Toronto. He played with such ferocity at the rim.
always overrated but can't say anything about passion & heart he brings, needs to be Charles Oakley in that room
Always good having a late night chat with my home slizzle
Amare Stoudemire looking like vintage Charles Oakley by the head.
Charles Oakley has more offensive rebounds this season than the Knicks
I miss the days of Charles Oakley, Mason, Ewing... Guys that played defense with heart. This version isn't team I grew up rooting for.
Curtis Oakley, nephew of Charles Oakley, in game for Bryant... Amir to Lenzelle to Shannon for two...
From Scott Brooks & Larry Smith in the Rockets to Charles Oakley & Gerald Wilkins in the Knicks to Tyrone Hill in the Cavaliers
you did when I spat walking to the charles Oakley building
no hoops this Sunday. I wanted to see that young kid with the handle and show him some old man Charles Oakley defense.
He didn't have the strong supporting cast yet. Orlando Woolridge. Charles Oakley? Can't remember who else.
picked up Lmaoo said he Charles Oakley
Just bid on a Charles Oakley youth jersey on ebay for xmas. Best dad ever?
David West is an offensively productive version of Charles Oakley
David West is a Charles Oakley-type enforcer, who can also shoot. Love his game!
PG24 jumps over Charles Oakley for the huge slam!!!
“How can another postman afford a R8 and I can't 😕” you need to start taking people's birthday money.
I'm giving away: Charles Oakley Raptors NBA. Check it out -
Stephen Jackson to the Clippers. bruh ol school tough like Charles Oakley n Barkley. solid pick up by Clips
team constructed with all one on one players not enough Charles Oakley. Gritty and grimmie player to do the dirty work
Damon stoudamire, Tracy mcgrady, Vince carter, Doug cristie, Charles Oakley, Marcus Camby, Jose Calderon, mo Pete , Chris bosh, Rudy *** Alvin Williams , Antonio Davis, Andrea bargnani, even that Raphael arujo guy they wasted a pick on. Raptors get good players and get rid of them never can keep a solid team or coach.cant believe we lost Rudy and didn't get a star player crazy! Now they about to trade Lowry! It's like my city is cursed lol can't build a solid team out here period.
always good to know my childhood hero is just as sarcastic. Now if only I could get Charles Oakley to come to my birthday party
if they released him and he signed with Miami, that might turn Chris Bosh into Charles Oakley
Parker is more 'nba ready', but Wiggins would be awesome if the Raptors can get a Charles Oakley type veteran
While you're at it Toronto please bring back Mo Pete and Charles Oakley for the lulz and entertainment!!
Charles Oakley looked like Old Dirty *** Also he punched several people on the court. Unfortunately not in this child's film.
He'd get checked in the arena bathroom by Charles Oakley.
good and a right call bro...knicks suck. Bring Charles Oakley back
I like the Clippers team they need to get tougher get a Charles Oakley type guy on there in the Frontcourt
Well before we getting started here at home walking and doing all that has to be done for hubby Michael H. Sargent just wanted to let my family and friends know how much it meant to me that you all were there. While surgery was going on and the ones that visited and called afterwards. We love you all! But my Daddy Charles Oakley michaels mom Betty Sargent his sister Ann Hawkins my daughter Stephanie Sargent Smith my niece Rianna for being there sitting w me through this long surgery. It made it lil easier! I love you all. And Cindy Kay and bro Sammy Kay jr and Chris Gibson for visits afterwards. Thank you all keep in prayer still in severe pain. And also the choir director from Victory Chapel baptist church where his sister attends thanks so much! May God bless you all!!!
Shot out to my *** Charles Oakley for showing love on my birthday weekend
Larry Johnson, Charlie Ward & Charles Oakley will be the assistant coaches.
TO ALL YOU KNICK FANS PSA: So if you know me then you know I'm from the N.Y. and my BBall game and smack tlk is straight N.Y., I feel for you Knicks fans because back in the day i rep N.Y. long looong time ago...when they had players who blood pumped Blue/orange...who carried the city on their back who fought every game as if it where a play-off game...they didn't hold couldn't play the Knick's and have a back to back because your superstars definitely would sit out...teams would cancel practice the next day just so their players could rest.A team who would use every foul there is ..a team you "ain't" finna just push around.THAT'S WHAT THE CITY IS MISSING...NOW YA'LL ADDED A BROOKLYN TEAM WHO FANCY'S A RING SO THEY TRYING TO BUY THEM ONE...SHAME...a Championships are BUILT not Bought...Dwade and Pat Riley started something long ago before Lebron James...he just added to the puzzle...SO when yall Knicks get back to the Anthony Mason, John Starks, Charles Oakley, Patrick Ewing Days.even Allen Hous ...
Scarier villain: Charles Oakley, the merry widow killer from Shadow of a Doubt, or Charles Oakley, New York Knick?
kurt rambis, Kevin mchale and Chris childs, Charles Oakley off the bench... Dream team
somewhere Dale Davis and Charles Oakley are just shaking their heads and eating a bowl of glass and shaving with sandpaper.
I'd like to see these refs call that flagrant on Charles Oakley, Xavier McDaniel, Anthony Mason, Bill Lambier, or Vernon Maxwell.
With apologies to Charles Oakley, I feel pretty comfortable stating that Iman Shumpert is the coolest New York Knick since Clyde Frazier. Between his
dmx in the ruff ryders anthem video RT. Serena Williams built like Charles Oakley
Dear Freshers: your drink budget should be higher than your food budget!
Can't understand why I'm losing weight!
She's on the lookout for the killer fly!
Jack reacher with a coffee then gym!!
I'm watchn this old bulls knicks game...the knicks had a football team..charles oakley, Anthony Mason, charles smith look like linebackers
Had the opportunity yesterday to meet former NBA great Charles Oakley- cool dude!!
“Full English & A Sugary Tea 😫🙏” you need in your life! Just cooked us a beast of a breaky
how is it? I'm in Charles Oakley, not sure if that's near u or not? X
Dear Freshers, Being a student is just like being a kid again, all you want to do is nap and watch movies while wearing …
Gcse's and A levels mean didly squat! I didn't get anything good and I'm still in uni lol
yeah it's behind Charles Oakley and townhead campuses! X
1st met Charles Oakley when I was like 12. Still the coolest dude out there
a can of Murray's is tougher than prime Charles Oakley.
Charles Oakley wasn't out there as a cultural mascot. //Don't show this to Oak.
My boss hair looks like Charles Oakley when he played for the Raptors...
I've just ate but I'll grab a coffee x
I didn't know Charles Oakley lived in Atlanta. Or maybe he just visits sometimes. I see him often and I become a man fan
Brian Shaw (Indiana), Charles Oakley (Philadelphia), and Tom Gugliotta (Sacramento) have been added to their teams after tech problems
Doug Collins with the curly fro and nobody messed with Charles Oakley
of interest to the bulls might be Ivan Johnson -- looks like another Charles Oakley
Dirtiest NBA player of all time Charles Oakley, Bruce Bowen, Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn or Dennis Rodman?
I stumbled across an unopened pack of '94-'95 Fleer NBA basketball cards. It would have made for an interesting lineup back in the day: Doug West, Isiah Rider, Doug Christie, Hubert Davis, Latrell Sprewell, Harold Minor, Armon Gilliam, Derrick Coleman, Greg Anderson, Charles Oakley, Steve Smith, Dee Brown, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Shawn Bradley, and Bobby Phills(RIP).
How would LBJ fare against going in the paint against, Pat Ewing, Dikembe Mutombo, Alzono Mourning, Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason, Rick Mahorn, Bill Lambier.etc, etc, players that would put you on your back.. Would he dominate like this... back then there was no hand checking... the game of basketball is more flash these days... they should call it the National Ballerina Association...and every team back then had an enforcer whose primary job was not to let you score in the lane... This is the reason why I say that MJ is the GREATEST. he played against ALL -STAR, SUPERSTAR, HALL OF FAME players... and he played against great players at the 2 guard whom he had to guard and score against in games... I believe that if you think basketball is not soft today... Please watch NBA classic games and watch the true Blood sport of basketball...
Bargniani's gonna make Eddy Curry look like Charles Oakley
For those who feel that it's "hating on LeBron" when you boo the Miami Heat and cheer for the San Antonio Spurs, let me clear the air -- from a personal perspective, that is.   Perhaps I haven't gotten over LeBron's quest for glory by conspiring to manufacture a team of "X-Men" and his plotting with a duad of NBA free agent elites to effect his plan. Until that time, championships came by way of development -- by trade or natural selection. The Big O (Oscar Robinson) was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks to join Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Ferdinand Lew Alcindor) and a championship team resulted.   And when teams beatup on Michael Jordan, he didn't cry the blues and ask out of Chicago. He stayed, and they built a team around him. He voiced his demands for improving the team and off-setting the effect of the "Jordan Rules" that teams inserted to diminish his skillset and defeat his Bulls. "Get me a Center." Charles Oakley, his best friend and on-court bodyguard, was traded to the Knicks for Bill Cartwright. "I need ...
I am not a Lebron hater, he has alot of talent, but like David A. Smith said on ESPN a couple of months ago he is man playing against boys ( young rookies and teams like the bobcats). He would not of been able to survive against Dennis Rodman, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Shaq, Mutumbo, Hakeem Okalajua, Shawn Kemp, Charles Barkley, Charles Oakley, Alonzo Morning, Anthony Mason, David Robinson in their prime back in the day those were grown *** men, its a whole new era of the game
I only wish LeBron, Wade + Bosh woulda played in the 90's.. I guaren *** tee u they wouldn't be "flopping" cuz they would actually be getting beat the *** out of.. pretty sad the face of the NBA is 6"8 250 lb *** !! I would of loved to see him try to dunk on Charles Oakley!! "King James"my ***
Posted by Fantasy Sports Guru Nairann Merceir: "Tim Duncan is by far the best power forward of all time. Here is how I would rank the best power forwards: 1. Tim Duncan 2. Charles Barkley (homer pick) 3. Karl Malone 4. Kevin Garnett 5. Kevin McHale 6. Elvin Hayes 7. John Havlicek 8. Dave Cowens 9. Dennis Rodman 10. Tom Chambers. Honorable mention: Buck Williams and Charles Oakley. Thoughts?"
LeBron blocked Tiago Splitter, really! Impress me by blocking on Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley, or Bill Laimbeer. I have yet to find these caliber players in the NBA. Impress me
Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason would have beat the living *** out of LeBron.
AI, Ron Artest, Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason, and Steven Jackson on the ALL TIME RN squad.
Gregg Popovich once deemed Tony Parker too soft to draft When naming the NBA’s toughest players, Tony Parker probably doesn’t crack the list. But when naming players with question marks about their toughness, Parker certainly doesn’t make that list, either. For player as skilled as Parker, that’s a big deal. He doesn’t have to be Charles Oakley to succeed. He just must be tough enough to allow his talent to shine, and he’s obviously done that. But it wasn’t always clear he could. Billy Witz of The New York Times: When Gregg Popovich, the coach of the San Antonio Spurs, first set eyes on Tony Parker, at a predraft camp in Chicago in 2001, he did not need long to reach an assessment. Parker, then a 19-year-old from France, had generated some buzz with a strong performance against a team of American high school all-stars. He intrigued the Spurs, who had the last pick of the first round. But Popovich’s appraisal after the workout was typically blunt: Parker was too soft. When R.C. Buford, then ...
Y'all act like Jordan didn't have Pippen scoring 20 a night, Rodman getting 15+Rebs 10+points...not to mention 6th man Toni Kukoc, 3 point champions John Paxson and BJ Armstrong. Charles Oakley and Horace Grant protecting the paint. Ron Harper playing solid defense. Luc Longley, Bill Cartwright, and Bill Wethington around the rim with big bodies... Ohh and let's not forget PHIL JACKSON! Wade scores 20 and now he is God..Ray hits a few 3's now he is lights out... Man LEBRON JAMES averaged 35 points a game in the Eastern Conference Finals... More than any other player.. More than Wade, Bosh, and Ray COMBINED!! JUST SHUT UP HONESTLY!
I grew up a Sir Charles Barkley fan. He was the reason I watched the nba. From the sixers, to the Rockets to the Suns. I then became a Miami fan as Barkley retired because some of the Suns players transferred over. Then Lebron came and I followed Amare Stodumire to the Knicks snd been routing for my hometown since.(although I always liked Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason and Grand Ma ma) As much as it hurts me to say it...lets go Pacers... I was never a Jordan fan but I respect the man,I just feel Lebron doesn't deserve it. Wade, yes!
What's the sense of having so much scoring options and minimal defensive; I think it is time for Miami to part ways with Bosh since he still have lots of value. Miami brought in their Dennis Rodman AKA Birdman; but they need a Horace Grant or Charles Oakley-pick your poison with this one! DWade is not healthy; the squad just need that final tweaking. I'm pretty sure there is an emerging star or just decent player, out there that can play both the C/PF position, that wants to be on a winning is not that hard.if there's any insentive in this.think about the salary room you'll have if you get rid of Bosh!
Only if the Kicks get Clyde Frazier and Charles Oakley to suit up.
Ion phukk w anybody that played w or against Charles Oakley that ninja was the ultimate hit man in the league for a minute
Nate Robinson is the best energy player since Charles Oakley
If we had an octagon, where we threw in all the biggest, meanest, toughest, hardest players in NBA history, who would come out alive? My pick is Charles Oakley, who would even scare Chuck Norris.
Some where Bill Laimbeer, Charles Oakley and Kurt Rambis is loving this Heat and Bulls game
But could you imagine a Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason Knicks team against a Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn Bad Boys team...somebody would die...
Celebrity sightings at Miami south Beach this weekend: Braylon Edwards, Charles Oakley, Common.
I met Charles Oakley & Anthony Mason both of em some real *** ***
Someone needs to get Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley to give these Knicks the Larry speech.
This team is hood like when John Starks, Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason, & Patrick Ewing use to be.
Game 6 idea. Sign Anthony Mason and/or Charles Oakley to a 10 day contact and have him ensure Garnett is unable to walk
Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley couldn't play in today's nba lol
my insiders tell me Mark Jackson signed Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason to be his hitmen on Lawson.
John Starks and Charles Oakley would laugh in the face of Mark Jackson for his comments on Those guys played real playoff hoops
GOONS? Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley and Ewing were the Ultimate GOONS, u were not going inside w/o physical damage
oh yeah Dale and Antonio! Don't forget about Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley and Patrick Ewing with the Knicks too
Mark Jackson played on teams with Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley, Dale and Anthony Davis and he's crying about physical play
Gym and revision starting from today.
Dwight need a summer with charles Oakley
Someone needs to put one on Lawson Charles Oakley style. Calm his little *** down.
This Dwight Howard post game interview is sad yo... dude need a mentor.. like an ol head like Charles Oakley
Marc Jackson would rather fight Charles Oakley than have to answer questions of can his wife sing during the presser tonight
Howard would have left basketball if he had to play Sir Charles,Oakley ect"back in the day you new if you belong real playoff's.
But Shaq was reaching because the REAL person who hit him that game? Charles Oakley.
Dwight Howard is soft. He's not even attempting to dominate the paint. Shaq is right, he needs to take notes from vets like Charles Oakley
*** naw it wasnt.I bet people like Charles Oakley back then would always be suspended for stuff like that
Charlie Ward, Charles Oakley and Latrell Spreewell all got signed to a 1 game contract...this series ain't seeing a game 6 b..
Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley could never play in this NBA. This is not basketball. This is garbage.
A lot stuff being whistled that would have Horace Grant, Charles Oakley, Bill Laimbeer, etc. punching someone in the face outta frustration.
Fat bro in a Charles Oakley uni, you're my boy.
Ridiculous. Anthony Mason & Charles Oakley fouled harder in their sleep. That 'bow was nothing. Terry should be fined for flopping.
Ivan Johnson might be the scariest NBA player this side of Charles Oakley
Anthony Mason was an all star. Maybe Charles Oakley
My hair is OD long right now. I look like late 90s Charles Oakley.
Its a shame that there will never be another Charles Oakley type player in the NBA again because the game is now about as physical as chess.
Me and Charles Oakley @ The Staple Center in L.A for Allstar weekend!! I got the *** dumb mad!…
just realized you could ask Charles Oakley to put forth the question. The look in Garnett's eyes would be priceless
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
This is when the Thunder need a Charles Oakley, and the will to use him n
Summer Ball day, early morning shot and pint
I said it earlier and I'll say it again...when Jack runs down the lane, foul him hard...Charles Oakley on the Knicks hard
Incorrect. My heyday of enjoying basketball was when it was played like hockey. Charles Oakley: Marty McSorely
I hope we re-sign JR. He got that Charles Oakley toughness.
Charles Oakley threw that same elbow about 100 times. Terry is a ***
JR Smith brings that Charles Oakley feeling back, he'll break your face
Yo that was some real Charles Oakley back in the days move! ish! Lol
Word! Lol son is a straight goon like Charles Oakley back in the day.
I remember when I was a Knicks fan. I still have my Charles Oakley jersey. Aight, I'm turning this game off.
Sources indicate Jackson in consideration to replace Obama; expected to tab Charles Oakley as Secretary of Getting S*&# Done.
Lakers need to sign Charles Oakley to a ten day contract right quick.
CEO of blaqpearlent along with NBA greats Patrick Ewing and Charles Oakley supporting…
Every team needs a Charles Oakley type player yo
needs Charles Oakley on the bench he wouldn't be so weak
Blake Griffin is a good ball player but damned if he needs some time around Charles Oakley
Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason think this Nets-Bulls game didn’t have enough scoring.
man, I'm like Charles Oakley with a handle young Legler
after my poor shooting display yesterday, I have no problem being the Charles Oakley of the team!
Yo, havin Charles Oakley AND Anthony Mason on the same squad.MEAN
Hi sorry I missed this, it is a one oclock in Charles Oakley building.
I swear in the old NBA Tony Parker would've been hit with one of those Charles Oakley/Anthony Mason fouls by now. NBA is too soft nowadays
will Charles Oakley please come out of retirement and smack these new niggaz for dressing like this.
Westbrook come in the lane in the 90s. Charles Oakley WRECK ol boi lmaooo
Lmaooo my *** said garbage points like we talking about Dale Davis vs Charles Oakley. Yo I'm dying.
Ain't a big man in the league right now tougher than Malone, Olajuwon, Mutumbo, rodman, David Robinson , Charles Oakley , dale Davis man
Lets be real if Dwight Howard played in the 90s he would be Otis Thorpe or a poor man's Charles Oakley. Basically a defender.
joe Louis was like Jackies version of Charles Oakley
Charles Oakley, Mutombo and Patrick Ewing on the red carpet
Today's Charles Oakley's 49th birthday, as good a reason as any to recall the time he destroyed Paul Mokeski's face:
Yup his no ring having *** is wrong as usual! He is still made Charles oakley smacked him! Lmao
Wish the Knicks had JR during the Ewing years, miss Charles Oakley
need to sign Charles Oakley to a one quarter contract
I have very few rules in life, but one of them is do not argue with Charles Oakley. Unless you want to die.
“that hat in your profile pic is sick, what is it and where can I get one?!” >> Charles Oakley cap. New Era
Yes Sir. or we will put feet to the fire I assure can you. Im like Charles Oakley I do what I say. unlike
Charles Oakley would get thrown out of every game this year
Nazr Mohammed with the Charles Oakley type of hard foul on the Birdman there. No chance of an and one there.
Jordan used to have Charles Oakley collect his gambling debts with players, and if they wouldn't pay mj would have Oakley press them lmaooo
Fiyuck Charles Barkley he is still salty over getting punked by Oakley and swept by the Knicks!
. it's ok. Charles Oakley was my favorite Knick as a kid. Still is today. I turned out ok. Wait what?! Lol
All I see is signs, all I see is dollar signs
out there playing like Charles Oakley stay in ya lane playa lmaoo
Charles Oakley hilarious man then wanna say he might whoop someone *** on here
Of Course we ran into some of Freds friends.. The great Patrick Ewing (l) & Charles Oakley (r) we are…
“Watching Get Him to the Greek on telly with adverts as if I don't have the DVD” Same!!
My buddy Josh just said Charles Oakley is the Charlie Murphy of sports. I love that analogy! Works vice versa for comedy, too.
Simon Cowells cheeky wink is the one lol
You didn't tell me you went on the voice
Lip bust and we lose by two. Ok . if physical is the name of the game then its time to revert to my old Charles Oakley ways.
was good yea.but only thing I remember from his rockets career is injuries the fight with Charles Oakley
young *** act like Westbrook wouldn't be suplexed by Anthony Mason x Charles Oakley lol.
Charles Oakley wore 34 not Charles Smith. School Spero on that.
I liked a video from Charles Oakley Slapped Charles Barkley | Grantland Live
Love them long casual runs on a treadmill to daydream n get a big sweat on.
Stauskas insists he'll be a 'different player' next season… "I will be Charles Oakley."
Pat Ewing-leader with alot of important accolades/Charles Oakley-hard workin fan fav/Melo-will be the best by the end of his career
Charles Oakley slapped Jeff McGinnis? Lmfaooo Oakley was that dude
My chase target today would be around the Colby/Oakley, KS areas.
I think 2 days later Charles Oakley punched out somebody. Didn't even get a tech. Different era.
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S/O To Charles Oakley. This is a must watch:
Paul Pierce has passed Charles Oakley for sole possession of 25th all time in history in minutes with 40,281.
In 2001 Charles Oakley told reporters that over half the NBA smokes marijuana
Dennis Rodman is here...thats pretty cool...Im a Charles Oakley guy myself but still cool
2001- NBA player Charles Oakley tells reporters that over half of the NBA smokes marijuana.
I'd pay big $ to see Mike Rice throw basketballs at heads of Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason and the 1989 Detroit Pistons.
Bandwagon fans kill me... I been a knick fan since John. starks and Charles Oakley
Lebron crying about hard fouls lol bring back Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason to show him what a hard foul is
Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason are rolling in their graves.
I felt like I was watching the Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason Knicks from the 90's vs Jordan's Bulls..physical and no love lost
This is like a playoff game from the 90s! Just need Charles Oakley, John Starks, or Anthony Mason!
they had Kendall Gill at like age 37 and Charles Oakley at like 50 lol
would anyone ever dare write something negative about Charles Oakley?
of course I know it's a joke!! They obviously have the oldest players in the league. They shld woo Charles Oakley as well.
Why is Jalen STILL holding the bat? Is Charles Oakley going to stop by before you guys finish up?
why is Jalen holding the bat all day? is he expecting Charles Oakley?
Make some GrantlandLive dark alley pwr rankings. Bill Remby House Jalen Sal Jacoby, who's taking on Charles Oakley with you?
I love that refers to Charles Oakley as Debo. I chuckled.
Dove for a loose ball today and some dude said OK CHARLES OAKLEY
Is Charles Oakley the most underrated Knick player of all time?
You gotta have Charles Oakley with you in a zombie apocalypse.
I liked a video 1996 Charles Barkley vs Charles Oakley fight in preseason game
Bruce, don't ever give me a I'll come at you like Charles Oakley.
She on Instagram talkin bout team natural looking like Charles Oakley
Jalen Rose talks about the time Charles Oakley slapped Charles Barkley.
I don't want to call New Mexico's big white dudes soft, but they make Raef Lafrentz look like Charles Oakley.
tony turner is like my all time favorite. But Seth Hendrix, Tyler Oakley, Olga Kay, thefinebros, Charles and alli trippy
I liked a video from Charles Oakley Slapped Chalres Barkley | Grantland Live
Sometimes too much is made of being an All Star. Charles Oakley, Tyrone Hill, Jamaal Magloire and Antonio Davis were All Stars.
But if my GF cheats on me with an Ex NBA player like Charles Oakley I’m gonna be mad AF!!👺👺👺
I don't care if Charles Oakley is retired. Him.
Dude on Memphis looks like a young Charles Oakley.
Was there anyone that Charles Oakley didn't smack?
I love Charles Oakley stories. Oak was awesome
Charles Oakley is the Captain of the Dark Alley team.
Jason terry, rip -- where is Charles Oakley when you need him?
Charles Oakley said about 60% of the NBA players be high while they hoopin lol
Lonnie once stopped a robbery in town. Maybe Charles Oakley is available.
It's even better when you read Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason's comments on them!
Sir Charles is better then me? Signed Charles Oakley. PS come to my car wash.
Add Charles Oakley to the top 50 list
Steve Atwater, Darren Woodson, Rick Mahorn and Charles Oakley prolly laughing at these soft *** NFL rules now
jose canseco, charles oakley, and mike Tyson.
the Knicks had already grabbed him. What's Charles Oakley up to? Seems like we had this conversation last year about guards.
Lucky Jones doing his best Charles Oakley impersonsation
Just a random guess. Age range might be right, small school East coast. Charles Oakley at Virginia Union?
hello and good morning! today i will inform you that CHARLES WYE OAKLEY will be performing! i hope that's okay!
“Eating mouldy bread for breakfast standard”
Charles Oakley rolling over in his grave. Knicks defense is about as tough as deer meat these days.
only if Charles Oakley , an Ewing could find the fountain of youth an replace 2 of those bums
Charles Oakley would not have survived this NBA
Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason, and Xavier McDaniel are laughing out loud right now
Come on. Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason hit opponents harder than that every game. The NBA is WAY too soft now. That was a BS ejection
mentioned Charles Oakley earlier. I've gotta say that. Bill Lambier (sp?) would be in there for sure, too.
Charles Oakley or Vernon Maxwell. Ya'll can have whoever.
I feel like Charles Oakley deserves the same internet rep as Chuck Norris
Go look at MJ spin and go baseline on Charles Oakley, then dunk over Patrick Ewing, and tell me it doesn't pale in comparison
they are not similar, now Oakley and K-Mart that's a possibility, K-Mart & Charles Smith. Mason was sixth man not defensive player
Where's Charles Oakley when you need him? I'd love to see him coaching Cuz. His behavior/attitude would surely change.
Why the Bulls didn't celebrate more when when MJ dunked on Ewing? Two words: Charles Oakley.
somebody sign Charles Oakley to a 10-day contract
shut kyrie down for the year &, try to coax Charles Oakley out of retirement for next season
MJ spins around Charles Oakley, dunks over Patrick Ewing.
love all the looks on other players faces. Look at Charles Oakley. He like holys*
All time has gotta be Charles Oakley right?
and one more: MJ ball-fakes Livingston to the ground, jams on Tree Rollins, stares, Charles Oakley finger in Tree's face!
having wifi problems over here in Charles Oakley, is it going to be fixed? Connectivity is essential
Charles Oakley Building, i've logged on in the past but for the past few weeks its not working at all.
Hey everyone! HNC Hairdressing students are holding a pamper event tomorrow from 16:00-21:00 in Charles Oakley.
Getting up when it's dark is not the one!!!
pacers need Vernon Maxwell or Charles Oakley, I'd be fighting with one of the heat players right now.
The needs another Charles Oakley. Too much sportsmanship in the league these days.
Damnit! Was worth a shot. Need to get me one of those though!
So this is the top I've decided to go bed in to wake up at 5am...
Anthony Mason an Charles oakley r the only 2 men in life I want on my side in a bar fight
All purpose parts banner
Also I shoot free throws like Charles Oakley -- dribble like 6 times, deep breath, shoot. Let's make the FGBL happen.
it only gets better. Wait until the Jordan chapters start. One name: Charles Oakley.
“Your girl looks like Charles Oakley.” a pair of Oakley's
Anthony Mason an Charles Oakley wud body slam them *** an then sock em if u pop fly
With Amare gone, perhaps the Knicks should Bring Back...Charles Oakley?
“My all time favorite is Patrick Ewing! Anthony Mason, John Starks or Charles Oakley!!! 🙌
they need Anthony Mason & Charles Oakley back.ijs. They're to soft now
is it true you compared Kenyon Martin's defense to Charles Oakley's? If so, your my guy but no way! Not even close.
he woulda never been able to guard Zo Mourning, Shawn Kemp, Shaq, Charles Oakley, Ewing...of course he can guard Amir Johnson
he plays NO defense, he will hack you like old school Charles Oakley from the Knicks tho 😭😭😭
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