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Charles Murray

Charles Alan Murray (born 1943) is an American libertarian political scientist, author, columnist, and pundit working as a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a neo-conservative think tank in Washington, DC.

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UBI isn't necessary, but this is still a good Q&A besides.
McKinnon was third round 😐BUT also so was gore. DJ. Jamal Charles and D Murray. Im curious what FA RBs will catch in market
Charles Murray and his bell curve drivel comes to mind
Agree. Have similar criticism of Charles Murray's data. Ultimately each country needs to be done separately first.
I mean, he has Charles Murray and Ann Coulter on there. I don't Milo is that big a leap.
Don't forget Charles Murray was another cross burner kicking around the fringes of race science till Sully normalized him...
5) Bill Maher's closeness with Milo last night as well as with the intellectually filthy Charles Murray keep me at arms length
Sullivan has a well-known blindspot on race dating from his days writing about Charles Murray's book.
In 1746 Prince Charles’ Army formally entered Inverness and was reunited with Lord Murray’s division two days later
Charles Barkley must have been seen too many Denver Nuggets games to consider Murray for rookie of the year
Brodgon and Murray front runners for ROY -- Charles Barkley. please let this *** stop drinkin on the job
One example: Scientific Racist Charles Murray - funded by the Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation
best friends with the liberal media. None of you know why Trump won & never will. . Coming Apart by Charles Murray
From Charles Murray:. "Jews had "sparse representation in European arts and sciences through the beginning of the 19C", but[1]
Hee Hee... Low IQ *** ..Hmmm.. Wonder what Charles Murray has to say about this bell curve😀
No one who writes for the National Review can throw stones. Also hasn't published Charles Murray lmao
I'd have taken a big old shot at Charles Murray, too, if I'd had the space!
for real though this is good yes I like this dude in my presentation group is citing Charles Murray oh man
Why no outrage over Charles Murray, a regular of Bill's even though SPLC lists him as a White Nationalist?
I'm currently reading _Coming Apart_ by Charles Murray.Very interesting re cultural bubbles
Ladies, are you suffering from Smaller Brain Syndrome? Blame your breasts! It's all right here, just ask Charles Mu…
She needs to read Charles Murray's new book on how to deal with curmudgeons.
I’m a Bill Murray guy in a Charles Murray world.
I was on a panel w/ Charles Murray (and neglected to bow before the conservative form of politica…
Video of Bill Kristol and Charles Murray debating replacing unsatisfactory white workers with immigrants:…
new republic is much improved without Charles Murray, Stephen Glass, and Marty Peretz = my bias
11:00 Fighting Talk: Colin Murray is joined by Gail Emms, Thom Gibbs, Charles Dagnall and Bob Mills.
I liked a video from The Bell Curve: IQ, Race and Gender | Charles Murray and Stefan
…white nationalist, Charles Murray guy so the Nazis & klan love him. The potential for all this to explode is quite good.
Ombudsman Charles Murray now presenting to electoral reform commission.
the work of Charles Murray can be helpful on this. Small taste on this NPR link
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Charles Murray is a eugenicist and white supremecist
Charles Murray's version of UBI "The UBI is to be financed by getting rid of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid..."
Tech innovation will displace jobs exponentially. Time to consider Universal Basic Income (UBI) as proposed by Charles Murray. Beats Welfare
Emperor Charles Murray is unpretentious- it tastes like the drink.
Just read Coming Apart by Charles Murray. I highly recommend it.
You are so lucky. I had to quit Phrenology because Charles Murray kept challenging me to arm wrestling matches.
Charles schumer is a trouble maker.patty Murray needs to practice what she preaches and look at dem. party. They are crooks
Charles schumer and patty Murray are trouble makers need to practice what they preach
dude sounds like Charles Murray in "The Bell Curve." RWNJ ->
jesus, i didn't know Charles Murray was a *literal* cross-burner
Charles Murray, arbiter of racism, burned his first cross in high school
One more night as Miss Mina Murray before you became Mrs. Charles Branson.
Jeanne Murray Walker's 'Staying Power' (or, Charles Taylor in a poem)
A reminder of of who Charles Murray is:
- our on with Charles Murray, Guy Standing and
Working on article: social class & journalism. Want to use Charles Murray's Bubble test. How do we make it Canadian?
agreed - for example Charles Murray's UBI is affordable because it effectively cuts welfare payments
I had to Google that, don't tell Charles Murray.
Charles Murray on replacing the Welfare State with Guaranteed Income
I still remember when Charles Murray put out his "do you live in a bubble" test that was not at all designed to confirm his own biases
This really throws a wrench into Charles Manson's plan to never die.
Was it Charles Murray who came out w/a *checklist* a few years ago to see if you were a real American? Included MMA, cruses, romance novels?
"The Diamond Age, a sci-fi novel that anticipates recent work by Charles Murray and Robert Putnam by two decades." https…
With Paul Ryan,a fan of Eugenics, quoting Charles Murray. All the time he is getting socialized everything.
Everyone excited about the rb class coming in but here's possible fa rbs in offseason: Bell, Lacy, L. Murray, Charles, D.Martin, R.Mathews
Looking for things that taste like what Charles Wallace Murray tasted when served by IT on Camazotz.
True. But you know who else merits defending? Henry Harpending, Charles Murray, & Linda Gottfredson to name three. All smeared…
Charles Murray: Luddites have been wrong for 200 years, but this time is different forum
We are facing an unprecedented job situation in next year. And this time is different. - Charles Murray WATCH LIVE…
Charles Murray was forced to admit he doesn't pay the costs, but he still won't vote Trump even though he admits we're right
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
NY Times should have hired Charles Murray rather than David Brooks.
Charles Murray is the W. H. Brady Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute
got offered Jamaal Charles for Alshon Jeffrey.. think this is a deal I should do? I have Green, Cooks, Monc, Murray, Gio.
Have had on for years, so not so surprising :/…
I can't believe that anybody takes Charles Murray seriously today.
Always lean toward over-tipping, and over-tip lavishly if the service has been unusually good. Charles Murray
Auditing regulator wants SA listed firms to rotate audit every 10 years. Murray & Roberts has been audited by Deloitte fr…
is he doing Rip Taylor doing Charles Nelson Reilly?
Charles Murray outlined his argument for UBI well. It would be present until a certain income level
My friends recently attended the 100th Anniversary of Somme for an Anzac grandfather. Murray, Longview's only Kiwi.
Belmont and Fishtown are different nations. Read Charles Murray 'Coming Apart' and George Packer 'The Unwinding'.
I currently have Murray Blount Hyde White and Charles should I drop Charles and grab Booker
is Booker worth dropping Ware, Coleman, L Murray, Charles, or T West for?
HI Murray, I bet all my stocks on their opinion myself..
People really want to believe that this photo of Bill Murray is actually Tom Hanks: Let's get something strai...
This is why I refuse to put Melvin Gordon ahead of DeMarco Murray or TJ Yeldon over Jamaal Charles. Will the old guys be out of the NFL 1st?
no-one will name? Umm, Charles Murray, Robert Putnam, Timothy's been named. Repeatedly.
+ Charles Murray's salt-of-the-earth glosses over systemic oppression of minorities benefitting whites
Here's Biden citing Charles Murray and the "bubble" test on MSNBC
Reminder: like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Charles Murray works for Koch brothers funded AEI.
Latavius Murray is available in our league..good idea to drop J Charles and pick him up
Charles Murray on populism, globalization, "The Bell Curve," and America... via
Duke Johnson is on waivers. I have David Johnson, DeMarco Murray, Jamaal Charles, Powell in PPR. Should I use waiver? Drop?
Joe Biden on MSDNC today quoting Charles "Bell Curve" Murray favorably. Made his "boys" take test from Murray's book!
Jada moving on the pitchers mound... @ Charles P Murray Middle
I proposed a trade, gurley for L Murray and jamaal Charles and it won't go thru nov 1? Why?
Offered a trade. AB and Jamal Charles, for his Demarco Murray and TY Hilton. Soo torn on this one!
just had to google Charles shaar Murray ...
"Rock chick" ?. You are Charles Shaar Murray, it is 1973 and I claim my 10 shilling postal order prize.
if britex is closing UK and the banks are moving out why do we need ?
What link is there between the club that David Murray/Craig Whyte owned and Charles Greens club? Any?
I'm sympathetic to Charles Murray's call to collapse welfare into a basic income grant, but this is very concerning:
Would you trade Latavius Murray to get Jamaal Charles in a PPR? I Have Demarco M, Ware, Riddick, and Jordan Howard. Thanks!
There is absolutely no link between the club David Murray owned and the club that…
I heard the Charles River is great for swimming this time of year
Charles Murray gives lectures at Harvard and sits in on Bill Mahr- u can no longer call him unscientific.
Ha! Yeah, I'm in market research. I know exactly how you can back into the stats you want. It's how Charles Murray has a career
Charles Murray is my go-to guy for understanding what's funny
Listening to SYT guest speaker Charles Murray explain the role of an Ombud in the best way possible…
New Brunswickers will recognize a familiar face at this morning - Charles Murray.
Delighted to welcome New Brunswick Ombudsman Charles Murray as morning keynote at today! Watch this space…
Charles Murray wrote about these men in the early 90s just before it came to fruition:
St Mary Charles-Murray giving a fascinating talk to students on the relaunched Art, Beauty & Inspiration course at
he's one of your own now isn't he? 👀😂Also, Charles Martin, I rest my case!
The Charles Murray recommendation came from . Mark Bauerlein, professor of English at Emory University, not from me!.
Response to a Charles Murray Jeopardy clue: "What is a Baby From a Women's Point of View?".
Those type of roles usually aren't given to POC so I'm really excited to see who they pick for him bc I love Charles Wallace Murray
Andrew Sullivan, who had the chutzpah to blame BLM for Donald Trump, helped legitimize Charles Murray's theories on race and…
If only current incarnation of TNR would publish some Charles Murray and Stephen Glass essays and gain back its "serious" cred!
You are bold to do battle with Charles Murray, who does not listen to reasons or evidence. Commendably earnest!
Jason Richwine paper that convinced even Charles Murray we need a moratorium on low-skilled immigration: VIDEO
Currently reading up on scientific racism b/c biz school invited Charles Murray, author of the Bell Curve…
Sen Mike Lee and Charles Murray part of panel discussion during Koch donor lunch
Charles Murray wants a guaranteed income, but at a level that no one person can live on. Seems interesting.
fun postscript to your Charles Murray talk, guess who just got $250k from the Bradley Foundation:
I have to do everything around here, don't I? Great episode.
Spurs free agency thus far, Manu coming back, Expect to bring in Davis Bertans and Livio Jean-Charles, drafts Dejounte Murray.
W/ Manu back, it'll be pretty much the same crew from last season. got younger w/ Bertans, Jean Charles, Murray but won't be big impacts
Although Ryan often refers to Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve which argues that blacks are inferior
How upper class "openly disdains ordinary Americans is really really new”
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spurs added murray, bertans and Charles could that be there moves?
yes, but how long before Murray, Hanga, Bertans, and Jean Charles are ready?
exactly. Bertans, Murray, and Jean Charles are a start, but there needs to be more.
Experts have been recommending policies but "do not bear the consequences"
is REALLY onto something when he talks about "the unseemliness of the upper class":
this on Hendrix from Charles Shaar Murray's Crosstown Traffic. True in UK & US
The UK is David Murray. The EU is Dave King. The SNP are Craig White. Scotland is Rfc*2012. They are all Charles Green
- yes, brave, like Charles Murray writing the Bell Curve (criticized by almost ZERO conservatives), which cla…
1.According to the political scientist and author Charles Murray, Donald Trump's popularity
12.4 w/ Simmons. Waive him, 14. The 17 number is how much they can go over to sign guys like Manu/Boban/Jean-Charles/Murray
I just beat ANDY MURRAY in a tough . Exhibition match!
Is this the 'Coming Apart' election? A Q&A with Charles Murray - AEI | Pethokoukis Blog » AEIdeas
.to The upper class has gotten way too big for its britches.
I beg to differ. The team was deep, but older depth. Murray, Jean Charles, Bertans, mixed with Kyle & J-Simms fixes that.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Oh yeah sure. Participate in a sample for Charles Murray. What could go wrong?
bashing bell curve, conservatives and Charles Murray is not discrediting his claims.its just Jew name calling
The poll is by Charles Murray of "Bell Curve" infamy. It rests on very questionable stereotypes.
not even Jared Taylor or Charles Murray want to stand up to us.
look at the bell curve, *** h0nkie. Even Charles Murray and Jared Taylor
because it's Charles Murray. The agenda is about as subtle as a brick
Gently reminding everyone that Charles Murray is not necessarily someone whose work to approach uncritically
Not to get all Charles Murray, but I wonder how much military service and church attendance served as cultural/political glue…
The reason why Jason Richwine was fired from Heritage and Charles Murray is not fired from ASI is that the latter is a useful ***
Charles Murray, Thomas Sowell & Rand Paul have betrayed us all in this pivotal turning point in history. Must be deported
Author shows how much the people in charge don’t understand regular America: Charles Murray ...
also I wonder whether Charles Murray has ever had a job that caused any body part to hurt. His own, I mean
Charlie Baker's secret trip to GA confab featured edu-appearance w/ Charles Murray. was no 1 more extreme available?
Charles Murray's Open letter to the Virginia Tech community - VT President "engaged in intellectual McCarthyism"
The American dream in crisis? A discussion with Robert Putnam and Charles Murray via /r/Libertarian
Breast Cancer Awareness
Makes sense to me: Charles Murray on Donald Trump’s appeal to the white | working class
There’s nothing irrational about Trump’s appeal to the working class, writes Charles Murray
True in rural, PA: Charles Murray on Donald appeal to the white working class - via
Great reads in WSJ: Charles Murray on Trumps' America and Juan Williams on pandering in the Carolinas.. Great reminders of our problems.
"Capitalism is the best thing that has ever happened to the material condition of the human race" - Charles Murray
Window by Charles Murray - one of many paintings from the Highland Council Collection we have currently on display.
BAEO funded by bradley foundation. funded book Bell Curve written by Charles Murray white supremacist
That LePage comment is not garden variety, slip of the tongue racism ... that's some crude, old school, Charles Murray, ha…
Nothing new unfortunately. Charles Murray and Richard Herrenstein wrote about this in "The Bell Curve."
If it’s a player like Charles or Murray this past summer, I agree. Someone like Fitz, maybe not.
You know how we know this is true? B/c Charles Murray is now writing about poor whites' moral failings, too.
Intriguing that for Charles Murray the solution is simplifying orgs/society but for Prof Robert Kegan it's complexifying minds!
Yes. Charles Murray does great work but is confused about religion
First George Will, then Charles Murray now you? Jesus Christ you cucks are pathetic!
Also worth noting Charles Murray essentially advocated something like basic income from a more conservative perspective
domain names
Plans to deliver more doctors to the bush supported by Senator Nash
The first ever photo-voltaic solar array, set up by Charles Fritts on the roof of 42 Nassau Street New York, in 1883 https:/…
Not enough intern places for medical graduates but backs ANOTHER new medical school?
Charles Murray a true director. One of the finest ever on SOA. Respect.
Charles Murray gonna be the next host to explain why SNL can't hire any more black actors
Senator Nash said, "All credit to CSU...they've got the Murray Darling Medical School proposal up, which I support"
His IQ was 73 as noted by Dr. Charles Murray. But those evil whites kept him from achieving his dreams.
Nine Major League Baseball Players Who Are Engineers. Charles Murray, of Design News, has come up with yet another…
other QB is Bortles and other RBs are Gurley/Freeman/Murray. Good deal for Charles as a last rounder or not enough return?
NME this week has Beefheart cover for first part of Nick Kent's article & Charles Shaar Murray meets Roxy Music to talk about the 2nd album.
Today Hawaiil Gov must indict Charles Murray for his FB scam&steal my money&for instruct Filipino terrorists execute terror!
Oh god they take Charles Murray seriously. Thought he was just an egg-head mascot they cynically wheel out as needed
Charles Murray had no evidence for his view on benefits and single mums, plus its racist but ok
" Jonathan has left giant footprints in eternity's sands of time! No eraser is strong enough to make them indelible"- Ben Murray -Bruce.
Stop Norris! So Charles Murray instructed you to send me rubbish messages? Who are you? A Filipino terrorist!
A little bit of Charles Murray and a little bit of Tyler Cowen.
Are you Charles Murray? Stop! You are the leader of HI homegrown Filipino terrorists &deserves a capital punishment!
I think it's also about values. AEI's race theorist Charles Murray was stumped on this. In fact, he was beside himself.
12 team 2qb 2rb 3wr 1 flex...have Charles and Allen Robinson as possible keepers. Trade latavius Murray for Mike Evans?
They still bang on about Craig Whyte & Charles Green. Sorry. How does that compare to David Murray? How does that compare to this?
Here, takes on Marco Rubio, Charles Murray, 90s Clintonites & others for blaming & punishing the poor.
maybe. But you only have 1 consistent back. Murray. Who besides barnidge would it take?? Duke Johnson?? Charles sims?? ...
Dave King is a crook. Craig Whyte is a crook. Charles Green is a crook. David Murray is the biggest crook. . He rigged football in Scotland.
In 1994 Charles Murray wrote The Bell Curve using statistics to demonstrate black people were inherently less intelligen…
O'Reilly: Poor people are lazy. Charles Murray: They're genetically stupid. Dawkins: It's their genes and also islam. Boomers: Greatest Genera
goddam trolling Charles Murray is good sport!
trade Lat Murray for A Robinson? Ppr. - have J Hill, Charles, Lacy, C2k, Starks
Charles and Murray are great, I would go with Jimmy Graham he's gonna have a breakout year just watch.
I'm thinking would get more yards then Murray has right now!!
he wrote the article that Murray was Ray Charles and said the cowboys wouldnt miss him, Randle is averaging 3 ypc
right. that worked out great for Charles Murray. Good luck with that.
read Charles Murray's book, "By the People, Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission"-explaining how/why we became corrupt.
Dr. James Flynn and Dr. Charles Murray(developer of the Bell curve) have done many studied in this topic and are at
Traded DeMarco Murray and Randall Cobb for Odell Beckham Jr. Still have Charles, Forsett, Hyde, Crowell for RB and BMarsh and JLandry for WR
I get ODB and give up Cobb and D Murray. I still have BMarsh, J Landry, J Charles, Hyde, Crowell, Forsett.
am I sitting d. Murray this week for sankey, Dunbar, blue, or k. Davis?And I can start 2 in Charles Johnson, r white, j jones?
Breaking News: Hawaii Government has indicted former CFO Charles Murray of UHA & CEO Howard Lee of UHA!
"There's nothing worse than being alone and it often takes decades to realize this and when you do it's too late." --Cha…
hey adam, do you like Jamal Charles and Julian edelmen combo or latavius Murray and Antonio brown combo better for FD cash?
If you dislike too much gov't regulation, Charles Murray is your man..his book "By the People" has THE plan for selective civil disobedience
OBJ, megatron, rodgers, and newton are my needs...murray and charles are my dupes ft
should i trade jamaal charles for amari cooper and demarco murray? full pt PPR. I have yeldon, gurley RB evans, alshon WR
They say Murray, Charles, Peterson, Forte can do what he does, but he doesn't fumble the ball unlike them.
Jamaal Charles gives equal value on fan duel and I love Latavius Murray... Will sleep on Adrian Peterson and decide tomorrow
Jeb Bush touts Charles Murray’s work. Murray is on record saying blacks & latinos have lower IQs than whites.
have Murray in right now. Really torn on wilson/ brady and lynch/Charles. Obviously think Seattle will have a big win
could've done Charles.. Murray hasn't fumbled this year and barley did last
Why is anyone surprised by these comments if Jeb! has stated that he likes a racist like Charles Murray?
nope, the other guy does, though. I got gore, forsett, Martin, woodhead, and Charles sims, and Murray for RBs
This man wants to be president. He thinks Darwin was influenced by Satan
Jeb!'s favorite author is notorious racist Charles Murray.
He's like a man who, after only learning about much of the world through books written by Charles Murray, now wants to be king!
Demarco Murray, Brandon Marshall, and Martellus for Charles. I'm dealing Charles, good or no
Can u help me? I have J. Charles, AP, L. Murray and M. Lynch, which 2 should I start for week 3? T. Lockett or T Ginn?
"The BA (college degree) is the work of the devil" - Charles Murray via debate on 'Do Too Many Kids Go To College?'
4 of 5 stars to Real Education by Charles Murray
Any preference between Bell and Charles on FD? Leaning Charles but a pure coin flip? High on L Murray for RB2
starting rbs: L. Murray, J. Randle, J. Charles, should I replace anyone with Gurley or wait for the end result?
here's two RB for you. Charles and L. Murray
Come on when Jeb and Paul Ryan can talk about how great Charles Murray is, what would impel them stand up agains…
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And, like most everything else proposed by Charles Murray, this prescription for rebuilding American liberty...
.are you referring to the many times that I have instructed you to suck my *** charles murray?
I'd take Charles and Murray over Bell. I'd have a rough time taking anyone over Calvin, but might take OBJ and/or AB.
I received Jamaal Charles and traded Calvin Johnson and L.Murray thoughts?
Jamaal Charles and DeMarco Murray are both rated 94 overall in Madden 16.
CHARLES MURRAY ON THE that is social science: "Corruption is one thing that ails the soc'l sciences. Cowardice is another"
Curing American sclerosis by Charles Murray - The New Criterion Not sure how to get around govt.?
Charles Murray is a white supremacist. I am not joking about that. Look it up.
Charles Murray, revolutionary who does not want to bowl alone -
If you have strong opinions about The Bell Curve without having read it, you might want to read this.
Rick Santorum namedrops Robert Putnam and Charles Murray books on erosion of families. Jeb Bush talks about those same books on the trail.
Santorum now back to Robert Putnam, Charles Murray and breakdown of the family
Jeb Bush asked about books that influenced his life. He mentions "Coming Apart" by Charles Murray and "Our Kids" by Robert Putnam
Charles Murray: origins of political correctness; the notion of "equality" as necessary belief; cognitive dissonance
These Jason Richwine, Charles Murray "Bell Curve" wannabes, or too scared to admit they're racist.
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Charles Murray with John Stossel about his new book "By the People" and more about civil disobedience.
Read Ross Douthat, Charles Murray, Yuval Levin etc., then we’ll talk. Until then you have a cartoon impression.
Ya Pat Buchanan, Charles Murray, Thomas sowell all made that arguments many times. And it's more visible everyday
Charles Murray, the Super Rich should seize power from the govt: A frequent guest. FAV author!
3 great reviews up now at on Charles Murray. on Jeff Nunokawa. on Joseph Ellis
Bush says being a fan of white supremacist Charles Murray "means I'm a total nerd." Um, no Jeb, actually it means you are a…
Jeb Bush endorses Charles Murray, who says Blacks are poor cause' they are `inferior'
Jeb Bush on family breakdown: "My views on this were shaped a lot by Charles Murray's book." He means the more recent one,…
THE SUMMONING. Directed by Charles Murray . Friday, April 17, 4:00 p.m. at the Langston Hugh…
Fascinating Cowboys story from Charles Robinson: Someone see if *** is freezing over.
I just played as Serena Williams against Andy Murray in the Daily Challenge.
His ideas about stuff like delinquency then already had an aroma of Charles Murray.
are you fighting with Charles Murray now?
Since 1970, only 4 RBs have a better YPC average than DeMarco Murray (min. 900 att.): J. Charles, Sanders, Peterson, Napoleon Kaufman (!!).
How many 'special' backs are there in the league, though? 6? Bell, Charles, Murray, McCoy, Forte, Lynch. That's it for me.
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. No order: Charles, Peterson, Bell, McCoy, Murray, Foster, Lynch, Murray and Forte. So I guess 9. Lacy will get there soon
Saw LeBron James in person, watched the Cavs beat the Spurs in OT, got Charles Barkley's autograph, AND we got DeMarco day ever
Top pairing defenseman Deryk Engelland and tryout defenseman Douglas Murray. That is the Calgary Flames right now.
New post: "Five best remaining NFL free agents on the market"
My mancrush list is starting to take shape. Alshon, charles Johnson, now add latavius murray to that list!
I didn't, mccoy is still the best back in the league with Murray, Peterson, bell, and Charles,
Murray, Mathews & Sproles vs Charles, Davis & Thomas really is a judgement call. Both trios are fierce! I like our Chiefs.
Letting DeMarco Murray walk signals that someone other than Jerry
CB Developers putting up 20-story Murray Hill building: Charles Blaichman’s CB Developers has plans to erect a…
Although there’s a certain delightful fittingness in Charles Murray’s book about White America being shelved with the Hitler biographies
top 5 RBs, right now, no order, Murray, shady, AP, lynch, and I hesitate to say it but Charles even though I think bell could be
can people stfu about who's better between Murray and McCoy ?
I'll take Jamaal Charles over DeMarco Murray any day of the week
Just brought up Murray to a Cowboys fan. He was not to happy. Sore subject.
The best remaining NFL free agents on the market:
Website Builder 728x90
To preempt any questions, yes that's Charles Murray and yes, those are actual ICP lyrics.
can I get a bye Felicia for Demarco Murray
Read Jerry Jones' official statement on DeMarco Murray signing with the Eagles
Jerry explains why the Cowboys didn't give DeMarco Murray his money.
It's official: Eagles and RB DeMarco Murray agree to terms on a five-year contract.
DeMarco Murray stock is gonna lower since he's splitting a few carries with Matthews and Sproles. Like Lynch …
I luv our RB's but would it hurt 2 have Doug Martin Bobby Rainey Charles Sims and a Demarco Murray or Adrian Peterson. NO!…
He's an avowed Charles Murray fan, and thinks John Derbyshire is "a great writer."
Great day yesterday and last. Night but be warned psni pulled me Rita Connellyand Charles Murray called me and Rita by name said had us on film fae Edinburgh and our bus came up to us in Glasgow told us to get home and followed us to taxi rank im shocked them steeping so low or are they panicking as AWARENESS building up more every day this is no fckn joke
Latavius Murray is OUT b/c of a concussion and is this the week Andre Ellington finally breaks out?
Murray,Charles,Peterson when he comes back, Lynch, and Lacy are all better than Bell. Not the most dynamic back are you kidding?
they do quote Charles Murray ... That makes it super credible
"The Bell Curve is the white supremacists' secret handshake." SPLC profile on its co-author:
Not a hedge on a Charles or Murray injury?
ALERT: Racist 'Bell Curve' author Charles Murray to speak at National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.
For still believing a throughly discredited Theory 'The Underclass' by Charles Murray In short If your poor blame yourself
who has greater keeper value next year? Charles, McCoy, or Murray for RBs? Jeffrey or Hilton for WRs?
what with him and Charles Shaar Murray, it wasn't the best advert for British dentistry, was it? :)
Sounds just like one of those awful Charles Murray articles I was forced to read in class. Sprinkle some scripture on it.
Charles Hinzman with his 2012 GMC SIERRA. This is his first purchase from Garry Murray and Warner KIA! Charles,...
Your updated Week 13 rankings with Latavius Murray/Jerick McKinnon out, Jordan Reed/Charles Clay in.
I liked a video Charles Murray: Why America is Coming Apart Along Class Lines
"Scrooged" with Bill Murray might be the best--and most creative--modernization of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."
20 years later does race predict IQ score? See what the numbers say here:
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