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Charles Martel

Charles Martel (23 August 686 – 22 October 741), also known as Charles the Hammer, was a Frankish military and political leader, who served as Mayor of the Palace under the Merovingian kings and ruled de facto during an interregnum (737–43) at the end of his life, using the title Duke and Prince of the Franks.

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. Yes, they must be turned back or fed to the fishes in the Med. Eventually the Charles Martel solution will be required.
Islam is a Civilization must be Crushed Charles Martel did in the Battle of Tours by Nuking Mecca
Where is Charles Martel when France needs him?
Better not be too soft! Read Charles Martel. Islam is not a religion, it is a military movement disguised as a one.
History can turn on basis of very specific personalities or events. What if Charles Martel had not defeated the Moors in France?
This will make a great campaign ad for Le Pen. Abdurahman al-Ghafiqi invaded France, was defeated by Charles Marte…
how far are we from our 21st century Charles Martel moment?
Charles Martel stood up and defeated the . Islamic invasion. Mr. Hollande ran and hid. and invited them in.
Charles Martel is widely credited with saving Europe for Christendom from invading Muslims; his grandson C…
Muslim invaders are wrecking Paris & France. Charles "The Hammer" Martel who stopped the Muslim invasion at Tours i…
Leonidas. Scipio Africanus. Charles Martel. . When in crisis, we overcome, its who we are, its what we are made of.
I doubt Charles Martel was a gentleman, but we're thankful for him anyhow! CNN would've had a field day w/ him.
Merkel will be defeated if they can stop the CHEAT! LePen will take France...Je Suis Charles Martel! Viva Liberte!…
Charles Martel would be so ashamed of the politicians who let this happen.
More History - didn't Charles Martel pushback the ancestors of those who now riot in Paris?
Has become a bumhole. Better wake up. Charles Martel, call your office.
everyone should look up Charles Martel or polish hussars to know how to deal with Islamic hordes in Europe
real hero, up there with Charles "the hammer" Martel who saved France from Islamic invasion; trained 700 farmers wh…
Clovis, Charles Martel...Carloman I are buried in the Basilica of Saint-Denis. Pathetic...
We're proving we have forgotten the great feat of and his brave men at We have lost our re…
Any relatives of Charles Martel out there???
Charles Martel saved The West from the ravages of Islam -
Is this a reference to Charles Martel- "Charles the Hammer"?
The dramatic story of Charles Martel, who saved Europe from Arab conquest at the Battle of Tours.
Without people like him and Charles Martel? Christianity might not exist. God was obviously, with them.
France had a hero in Charles Martel! I hope they can find another one. Mlle. Le Pen, perhaps?
Christianity is on a serious decline in western Europe. Charles Martel would weep at the demise of France. 🔨😢
Le Pen could be the next Charles Martel and save Europe from the moslem hordes.
No, you mean-spirited pile of Charles Martel-fearing radical FILTH, you won't spit on our babies, and we're gonna b…
Pepin the Short, son of Charles Martel, father of Charlemagne & the first Carolingian king of the Franks, dies…
"I'm with her" Not too late for France to save themselves. Remember, . Charles "The Hammer" Martel defeated an Arab…
No offense but Charles "The Hammer" Martel had the best Idea for dealing with Muslim/Arab Illegals and Invaders.
I guess Charles Martel should have abdicated then.
By stopping from overtaking Charles Martel single handedly allowed Western Culture to evolve. If you disagree you are a fool.
tired: cucked Christianity. wired: redpilled Christianity. woke: warrior cult of the St. Charles Martel
Is Marine LePen the 21st century answer to Charles Martel, the 8th century Frank's answer to Muslim invasion of Europe? #
We are at the precipice like the days of Charles Martel, The Hammer, who stopped France from Muslim takeover
"Charles Martel perhaps orchestrated the most successful Frankish naval campaign of the era."
"That all ended in 734 at the hands of Charles Martel, who famously stopped the Umayyad Caliphate of al-Andalus at…
. If not she will be succeeded by Charles Martel who drove the Hordes back from France.
I have nothing against Jesus, but I'd rather have Charles Martel when Jihad comes to my border.
We need Charles "The Hammar" Martel again. He stopped the Muslims once from invading Europe back in the 700"s. They're back.
LePen is a Real Nationalists and defender of Identity and Civilization. A Real Charles Martel
There was a time when Charles Martel crushed Islam so badly that they didn't show up back in France for many centuries...
his grandfather put an end to the previous Islamic invasion .. Charles Martel
Most badass thing the French have done since Charles Martel.
Yes, and King Richard took back Jerusalem from Saladin in the 3rd crusade. Spain ousted them. Char…
If you need more convincing, go ask them about their opinions on the Eastern Roman Empire, Charles Martel or arab philosophy.
Like Ron Robinson signing off on $5k to Charles Martel society run by William Regnery while cousin Alfred publishes his books.
. I am sure that Charles Martel would be proud of them
lol, Benedict of Nursia and Charles Martel move over...Kellyanne is coming through
Charles Martel? You mean The descendant of Frankish Germanic barbarian invaders of Gaul! Hey fascist *** try sticking to
The nation that gave the World Charles Martel is slowly being conquered and the people r 2 weak 2 fight back. Le Pen is needed.
Maybe they need to consult with Charles Martel, and recollect the Battle of Tours. Islam is the same now.
Remember when Charles Martel reversed climate change? LOL
I can't wait for Reconquista part 2. Or should we call it Re-Reconquista. Is our next Charles Martel a little boy in rural France? Exciting!
This at we have the version of Charles Martel's victory at Tours.
Who will step up as the next Charles "The Hammer" Martel?
tired- Charles Martel, Deus vult... wired - vlad the impaler
Truly. Frenchmen will have earned their fate if they refuse to follow their modern Charles Martel to Tours.
Charles Martel is rolling in his grave.
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France needs Charles Martel now more than ever.
Charles Martel must be rolling over in his grave.
Charles Martel is spinning in his grave...delayed it for 1200 yrs...
I liked a video from Charles Martel’s Final Moorish War and the Great Berber
I liked a video from Charles Martel: Victory at Tours, 732
got a hefty dose of my Grgr...grandpappy's warring genes.Charles Martel prevented whole world spe…
yes and they attacked Europe on 2 fronts Spain and from Turkey it was only Charles Martel who stopped them.
and Charles Martel ancestors on another side help them back once as well
Charles Martel, the culprit... After turning back Islamic advances at the Battle of Tours, he left a note in a bott…
If only we could bring back Charles Martel. He is sorely needed now.
Thanks to Hollande, France is all but lost. Is there not another Charles Martel?
He? That profile picture is of my G+Grandfather, Charles Martel. I am a old lady young man.
Forget Martel. The other Charles is being pushed around by Evelyn de Rot…
And make no mistake, it is an invasion. My goodness where is Europe's Charles Martel?…
Donald Trump is our modern day Charles The Hammer Martel!
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now we know the dirty *** used Bernie as a prop Donald Trump is the closest thing 2 Charles Martel the hammer
Remembering the Crusaders: Charles “the Hammer” Martel – The hero of the age
New Year, New Episode! In this one we continue our detour into Frankish history with the Rise of Charles Martel!
Where is today's Charles Martel when we need him?
Marine Le Pen is France's new Charles Martel. This is a battle she must win. Not only to save France but all of Eur…
population (the one that wasn't defeated by Charles Martel at Poitiers) is
France was able to top the incursion of Islam into Europe before. Have you ever heard of French national hero Charles Martel?
from their forefathers the Gauls through pepin, Charles Martel and on through napoleons mad men.
Witness the decline of the Christian faith in Europe, Charles Martel is rolling over in his grave.
My Gr gr...Grandfather, Charles Martel is rolling in his grave! Shame on Merkel! If they procreate kids4adop…
French need to remember how Charles Martel handled the scum at tours time for las…
After you defeated the Byzantines and Spain, you ventured into France where Charles Martel defeated you.
"From the death of Muhammad in 632 CE in Medina to the time when Charles Martel stopped the callous Muslim-Arab... https:/…
Should be set beside a bust of Charles "The Hammer" Martel.
interesting how there's an illuminated manuscript of Charles Martel saying "HOMMO JVNIOR" to a leper
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
imagine hearing a fat old guy babble about furniture shopping and thinking "hmmm. this guy is basically Charles Martel"
NeoNazis in philosophy watch: the case of "Charles Martel"
She's done one *** of a job defending the West so far...Jan III Sobieski and Charles Martel pale in comparison
Today we remember Charles Martel's victory n 732 AD that stopped the invaders.
Happy birthday to me and and Charles Manson
Ironically enough, they were pushed out of France by Charles Martel... Charlemagne's grandfather...
Em just aced her 30Q history exam in about 7min. Any of you know the dates for Justinian the Great or Charles Martel? SHE DOES
Why are you even talking about Russia. >Akio doesn't know Charles Martel smh
Cameron Charles Martel I just read up on that shark watch article you posted, I'm kind of disappointed that you...
may the spirit of Charles Martel be her force against Islamic advance in Western Europe
We need 2 try on unreasonableness for a change. U wouldn't invite Charles Martel to a house party, but when fighting Saracens…
Charles Martel, John Sobieski, Donald Trump. If you have to ask what I mean, you very likely voted for Hilary.
NO! Sharia Law will NOT dominate in US. We have our own Charles 'The Hammer' Martel now. May I introduce you to Pre…
"If he were a wrestler he'd have a great name, Charles the Hammer Martel" -Coach Pauling from AP World
study tip: review the achievements of Clovis, Charlemagne, and Charles Martel. . TEST TUESDAY 11/15
YIL: there is an Italian comic song about Charles Martel (
losing because she won't admit we face is same that Charles Martel defeated in the Battle of Tours (France) in 732
This sounds relatively simple, under Charles Martel, if a man have faith he must needs have hope; and blessed art thou because of thy gift.
Real history regarding Charles Martel & Battle of Tours should be taught at ALL schools in West and Otherwise? Repeat!
Puzzled why Putin or Trump wd 'invade' Europe except to evict Muslim invaders/rapists ala Charles Martel?
Trump makes you retch? You let your people be invaded & hurt by fake refugees. U make Charles 'The Hammer' Martel, retch. Coward
well, I just had a relative seriously compare Trump to Charles Martel so...
.Add The Battle of Tours & Charles "The Hammer" Martel to list of battles which saved civilization.
As I said Trump is a barbarian I admire in the mould of Charles Martel. A very good man.
Charles Martel was said to be a crude barbarian too.
Ask the Europeans about Muslim refugee vetting. They need another Charles Martel to arise and stop the Moorish hordes.
Whereas Charles Martel defeated Muslims at Tours and did not cave to the Catholics, this Charles appeases regularly…
Is Gladstone himself now to be condemned? Charles Martel too?
Charles Martel defeating the Moors at the Battle of Poitiers, 732. French educational card, late 19t
Charles Martel surely exploited serfs, objectified women. Better than the Moors taking Europe:
Was given inspiration from Charles Martel via. heavenly intervention, spurring his candidacy in…
If Ragnar's gone, make up4 it by Bjorn & Rollo slaying sum of Spain's Moorish invaders, like Charles 'The Hammer' Martel did
Such IGNORANCE!!! Has Gomez heard of Constantinople? the Hagia Sophia? Without Charles Martel, doubtful there would be any Church!!
In 732 Charles Martel stopped the Arabs in Poitiers🇫🇷,today we'll file a complaint against Charles Martel😂
A true European hero: Charles Martel. He drove the evil Islam from our lands.
Only if they find a good General the likes of Charles Martel who will order the slaughter every moslem his troops comes across.
We need a modern Vlad tepes or Charles Martel that will defend the west fom the muslim hordes
For the love of God and the heritage of Charles Martel... UNCUCK YOUR BLOODY COUNTRY. May La Belle France survive.
One man saved Europe from Islam; One man lost India to Islam;. Charles Martel and pritavi raj chohan
charles martel commented on Palestinian anti-corruption chief claws back $70m - Al Jazeera English
It's not much of an insult to be compared to Charlemagne. What's next, Charles Martel? Skanderbeg? Richard the Lionheart?
(to the tune of All in The Family) Mr. we could use a man like Charles Martel again.
Charles "The Hammer" Martel being singled out because he successfully fought off Muslims. Yeah, embrace it!
Allen West does not Why Charles Martel hated blacks because of Saint Benedict monks refusal to support him in war .
or even Charles Martel. Horrifying to think that a conservative would stoop so low.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"The American People don't want a Charles Martel type that will do nothing but divide us."
My Grandmere is from France: hence Charles "The Hammer" Martel is my Avatar.
Again, there's a big difference between fighting & bullying. No one ever called Charles Martel a bully, & he hit hard.
I'm going to smash you harder than Charles Martel smashed the Moors in 732.
Rise up euro brothers, like Charles Martel, El Cid, and St Augustine! Defend the homeland!!!
People are finally waking up and asking for a Charles Martel. We are watching Islamic invasion in real time.
Can't argue with that.. we just need an American Charles Martel
From what I see, the only (major) thing that Palpatine is different from Charles Martel and Charlemagne is: Palpatine is evil.
Looks like Charles Martel may have just gotten his Hammer out of hock!
So are you telling that France needs less Hammer and more hugs? Je Suis Charles Martel!
Podling 2 is writing a paper a/b Charles Martel & the Battle of Tours, but he just asked me how to spell "pastries," so now I'm intrigued.
When Pope Francis finds himself in Pope Gregory's shoes he will call for Donald "Charles Martel" Trump to come to his resuce
I'm glad we've reached the part of the election cycle where we relitigate medieval military tactics. Charles Martel, anyone?
Pope Francis added 10 pts to Donald "Charles Martel" Trump & will likely need him more than Pope Gregory Go DT!
Pope Francis just added 10pts to Donald "Charles Martel" Trump lead 4 President
Breast Cancer Awareness
Pope Francis just added 10 more points to Donald "Charles Martel" Trump's lead for President.
Donald "Charles Martel" Trump is the Defender of Christendom. Pope Francis ehh - VOTE TRUMP
Pope Francis likely will find himself in Pope Gregory's shoes in need of another Charles Martel named Donald J. Trump.
Pope Francis just bumped Trump up 10 pts at the expense of Cruz who talks good Christian game as Trump plays Charles Martel
Trump sounds like Charles Martel & is likely right that Pope Francis will be in Pope Gregory's shoes in need of Trump
This Pope would have condemned Charles Martel for fighting Islam's advance into France.
Looking forward to commentary on Christianity of John III Sobieski, Charles Martel, and Ferdinand and Isabella. And Ayn Rand-loving Ted Cruz
The Angel of God coming to inspire the next St. Joan or Charles "the Hammer" Martel to wage battle against the Muslim invaders?
Who will be the next Charles Martel...who led at the Battle of Tours, 732, and saved Europe from Muslim invaders.
I wonder if they know that Charles Martel rented himself and his troops out to the Caliph at Zaragosa. He lost.
I don't like Muslims because they tried to take over Europe in the 1200 era but were stopped by Charles Martel
"She had to be told its not rape when a moelem does it" — Charles Martel
And Charlemagne wasn't an emperor because he was good at statecraft, its because Charles Martel was his grandad. Obviously.
Since "Kingdom of Heaven" was such a hit with Jihadists, maybe try "Charles Martel: the Movie" next time.
Understand: We lost. They have to stop the advance and turn the tide. From them must arise a Charles Martel.
Here we mean Charles Martel and Charlemagne type of Kings and Queens.
Charles Martel is basically 's great uncle. I love you Tracy ;)
And the West begins to uncuck in the lands of Charles Martel.
in 721, Chilperic II dies; his attempts to reestablish royal power were thwarted by Charles Martel
Who is our modern day Charles Martel who'll save us from the invading Muslim horde?
thanks for sharing Charles Martel, have a great Friday :)
The CRUSADES were good, look up battle of TOURS - Charles Martel - and
AP be like "Charles Martel "Charlemagne" ok i passed the exam kasi yung name
How completely out of touch, and dismissive of history. Ask Charles Martel if we are or are not at war.
I have seen how they have taken over London and parts of other cities. We need a 21st century Charles Martel
Battle of Tours - Wikipedia, . Muslim invasion of Gaul…. If not for Charles Martel—we'd all be speaking Arabic.
you've missed the point. Complicit = not innocent. What would Charles Martel say if he were still alive?
Charles Martel is rolling over in his grave. Battle of Tours, impetus of Western civilization, all for .
I vote Charles Martel for President, and support Crusade I against Washington to take possession of the Constitution.
...he can be Muslim. id rather be Charles Martel.
In many ways, Charles Martel victory at Tours may be compared to Leonidas' defeat at Thermopylae
Obama's Comments on the Crusades via Where is Charles Martel when u need him?
seriously what has my life come to why the *** do I need to know who Charles Martel is
& 732 AD at by Charles Martel kept out of via
It came close in 700s till Charles Martel turned back the tide. Maybe this time the Muslims will be lucky?
Charles Martel defeats Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi at the Battle of Poitiers, 732 by Charles de Steuben (1837)
Charles Martel's Islamophobic rejection of Muslims at the Battle of Tours is the first example of French racism leading up to Charlie Hebdo.
Pepin of Herstal. Charles Martel. Pepin the Short. Charlemagne. Louis the Pious. Charles the Bald,Louis the German,Lothair
.. You are wrong, is the one of Charles Martel who push back muslims from France at Poitiers in 732. 🌜🔨
in 714, Pepin of Herstal dies; disinheriting his sons leads to Frankish civil war, won by Charles Martel
Charles Martel did you people a solid didn't he? But during the Krusades you lot tried to return the favor
Pepin of Herstal, grandson of Pepin I (the Elder) and father of Charles Martel, died on 16 December 714
Was he talking about himself? Did he know what the Nuclear Triad was before Rubio explained it?
"I still can't figure out why anyone wants to be President" Fly in a large private plane to great golf courses! [end sarcasm]
Update your maps at Navteq
I thought Trump was starting to melt down with Bush.
I thought the tunnel was the low road and the bridge was the high road. LOL
I read this comment several seconds before I heard it on the CNN web site "tape delay".
So far it looks to me like Cruz and Paul wll show gains from this debate...
I thought you were running against Hillary Clinton?
Ted Cruz quoted you in tonight's debate!
This would have been news to Charles Martel.
DumpTrump Constitution prevents punishing wives and children of people who commit treason, unless you have specific charges against them.
Charles Martel walks into a bar, throws a sou into the jukebox and plays this
Charles Martel saved Europe from the Moslems in October, 723 CE.
Is there some reason why you style yourself ;Charles Martel? A reference to Charlemagne perhaps?
History :. Clovis-Charles Martel-Pepin the short-Charlemagne-Louis the Pious-Lothair,Louis the German, Charles the Bald 😷😷😷
To the millions of Muslims that aren't radicals: "Silence is Consent", Charles Martel, 726 AD.
We need another Charles Martel. If you went to a common core school, you will have to look him up.
Well of course, I mean even the Arab conquests under Mohammed had Charles Martel w…
I wonder what Charles Martel would think. Ba-Dum-Tish.
Actually, he's just saying what should have been said a long time ago. Trump is America's Charles Martel.
He mounted a grass roots effort to defeat the caliphate..who will be our Charles Martel?
It was a Frenchman, Charles Martel who turned back the last Muslim invasion of Europe in the 8th century.
If only Charles Martel hadn't chased off the Moors, Europe could've had algebra so much sooner.
Their best king by a mile unless you go back to Charles Martel, Charlemagne etc
Vetting your presidential vote: will he keep a bust of Winston Churchill? Vetting Muslims. Will they keep a photo of Charles Martel?
I would have to think that the ghost of Charles Martel would like to have a word with her
The ONLY reason you MORONS are speaking English and NOT Arabic is because MEN like Charles Martel took the sword to Isla…
We need Alexander the Great to come back to life. ...and Charles Martel. They would make a great team
So, it's really: fight, flight or hope for the best. Charles Martel, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand; we hardly know you-to our detriment
Charles Martel defeating the muslims at the Battle of Tours ~ we need another Charles Martel
This day in 732 Charles Martel defended Europe from invasion by the jihadi Umayyad caliphate. http…
Europe only became weak when it abandoned Christianity, the religion of Charles Martel, Vlad the Impaler, and King Richard the Lionheart.
Who died in the Battle of Trafalgar?. a) Napoleon Bonaparte. b) Horatio Nelson. c) Francis Drake. d) Charles Martel
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And how exactly does that mean your continent is NOT being invaded? Was Charles Martel "racist?"
Ship named for Charles Martel who stopped dead a Muslim invasion of Europe near Poitiers 732 AD.
wonder who the modern Charles Martel will be ...
Europe needs 500,000 men like Charles Martel & not 500,000 third world, non-assimilating muslim 'refugees'
google Charles Martel for a lesson to understand this problem. We live in a thousands year old world mind construct
Where in the world is Charles Martel?
my fave guys on here are ones who call themselves "Gamer Charles Martel" and blame the devious Mohammedan for preventing them from showering
every blogger guy that references charles martel or the siege of vienna first became politically active after seeing Ta…
Muslims seeking refuge in Christian Europe? It is a not so secret invasion. There is no Charles Martel to stop them
What cowards who don't fight say, no wonder you call yourself Latin Charles Martel.who allowed the jew to into Europe
It is time to roll back this invading horde. Charles Martel anyone?
Where is Charles Martel when you need him
In a way,this is worse,then just before the Crusades.We desperately need a Charles Martel,to start the push back.
Charles Martel beat the green, Jan Sobieski beat the red, but who among us today will beat the
The Victor of Tours: Charles Martel Hey Europe, I don't think you have a Charles Martel in your backpocket this time
Europe is gonna need a new Charles Martel !!
Charles Martel, do you have any descendants that retain your spirit?
Charles Martel of Anjou, eldest son of Charles II of Naples, was born on 8 September 1271
The ghost of Charles Martel cries for Europe.
But for Charles Martel's victory at the Battle of Poitiers in 732, what is now France also would have fell to Muslim rule.
Where is Charles Martel when you need him!
The war is not lost. Just hope that there are still some heroes in Europe. Need a new Charles Martel to save them.
Charles Martel would be turning in his grave over - the man who heroically turned back the Muslim conquest of Europe.
Somewhere the ghost of Charles Martel is saying *** "
I'm going to make myself some spaghetti and meatballs tonight and brood about how I wish the spirit of Charles Martel would return to Europe
I felt like battling muslims at poulitiers with charles martel.
Some of my Charles Martel, Giovanni Battista Belzoni, Vlad Tepes Dracula and Wade Davis. Who are yours?
Meanwhile, the EU is looking for a Charles Martel.
Catholicism got its start in Europe by Charles Martel, Holy Roman Emperor, decapitating anyone who refused to convert.
Read & beware. Charles Martel saw & fought violent Islam. Will today's French president do the same?
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if Hitler is Christian, why he regretted the victory of the French king Charles Martel against the Arabs?
Charles Martel at The Battle of Tours was impressive. Later, The Hammer!
LHF says he died of some illness. But keep in mind these were Charles Martel's early days, so who knows?
Okay, who is the next Charles Martel? Please take a stand. Some folks in Europe & USA need some spine!
reminiscent of 19th century French warship design. The Charles Martel comes to mind.
Charles Martel's performance at the Battle of Tours was a "Tours" de force.
Charles Martel seemed like he could be a bit handsy.
Charles Martel DID NOT develop first heavy cavalry in Europe. May've been first to employ stirrups on large scale, but not heavy cavalry. Oy
what would Charles Martel do? What would Charles Martel do? There wouldn't be 1 Muslim left in France or UK. Deport them all!
u need to look like Charles Martel in Isère for destroy some arab w/ big nose becaus u dont like this and polygamie
Where is Charles Martel when he is needed?
Charles Martel's efforts are being completely wasted
yep! Need to do a little charles martel on these muslims!
Today is Monday Charlemagne 8, in the year 227. Remember Charles Martel:
The Charles Martel was one of five French battleships ordered in response to the British Royal Sovereign ships
The Charles Martel was a French battleship struck by a training torpedo in 1902 and decommissioned in 1922
The savages must be killed that is the only way to stop them it goes all the way back to Charles "the Hammer" Martel
Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee are two of the greatest Generals in Western Civilization. Up there with Charles Martel in my opinion
Ok, I lied. Two more miniseries ideas: 1. Charlemagne and forging the Holy Roman Empire and 2. Charles Martel
"People don't like giving up their traditions." to some Dutch / European accounts, Santa was able to enslave the devil for one day out of the year, who is Black Pete = Zwarte Piet(an). Initially, Black Pete was allegedly used to scare white children. Then Black Pete also became the mocking symbol of the conquered Moors / Black people. One has to trace the European HATRED of Black people = the Moors to fully comprehend the underlying symbolism of Zwate Piet. Study Charles Martel = the Hammer of France (732). Reflect on Norse god, Thor and his hammer, Mjölnir. And then study the expulsion of the Muslims / Moors from Spain in 1492 followed by the slave trade of Blacks from Africa, as you research the mythology of Zwarte Piet and gifts (Black slaves) coming from Spain to the Dutch (Jews). If we want to go deeper into the psyche of Europeans, and their HATRED of Black people, then research / study the coded history of the Ptah = Twa people symbolized by Leprechauns hidden in St. Patrick's Day folklore. Histor ...
JE SUIS CHARLES. See which horse the triumphant Charles Martel rides? Our Spanish war horses the Florida *** horse. My "machetes" are honed and ready. NMJ (No more jihadists).
France did it once Charles Martel’s victory at the Battle of Tours in the year 732 A.D.
Charles Martel. Savior of & from Savages in 732. He is rolling in his grave now.
As Badiou would say, Poitiers was kid's stuff, Charles Martel, only a hired gun
The Frankish sons and daughters of Charles Martel must rise as one to defeat France's great enemy: Islamism.
We will either get a Charles Martel soon or a Vlad Tepest later.
They tried to conquer France but Charles Martel kicked them out. 700s AD
Go Charles Martel on their *** They don't have the stomach anymore.
RE: Islamic terrorism (France)--Where is Charles Martel-2015? His victory (Battle of Tours, AD 732) stopped the Muslim onslaught in Europe!
Charles Martel sickened. "Before attack, French began ceding control of neighborhoods to Islamists...
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Charles Martel spinning in grave!. MT "French ceding control to segregated Islamic mini-states:
Those who'd impose sharia on the rest of the world, tends to be resisted by Charlies. Now it is Charlie Hebdo. Then, it was Charles Martel.
France needs a modern Charles Martel, the way things are going now.
from Charles Martel who helped turn the world right side up again, to Montesquieu, Lafayette, de Toqueville, Bastiat...
Hearts & prayers go out to the French. May the Lord be with you & the spirit of Charles Martel encourage you.
Charles Martel must be rolling in his grave.
Another Charlie from long ago, Charles "The Hammer" Martel knew how to handle this.
Who will be our 21st Century Charles Martel? Almost 13 centuries after the Battle of Tours, Europe needs a new defender.
Charles "The Hammer" Martel is rolling in his grave right now
Islamists! Be afraid! The spirit of Charles Martel is in the air!
Where's Charles Martel when you need him? (we are still allowed to joke, right?). History jokes suck.
In 732 Islam's invasion of western Europe was halted by French armies under Charles (Charlie!?) Martel.
After the where is Europe's new Charles Martel?
right Charles Martel The Knights Templar knew what to do
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