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Charles Lindbergh

Charles Augustus Lindbergh (February 4, 1902 – August 26, 1974) (nicknamed Slim , Lucky Lindy , and The Lone Eagle ) was an American aviator, author, inventor, explorer, and social activist.

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The Port of Portland completed the airstrip on Swan Island in time for a visit by Charles Lindbergh in Sept. 1927. .
Melrose, MN, was once home to the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh!
Ferdinand Magellan discovered the world, and Charles Lindbergh opened the modern age.
Dir. Briggs, Charles Lindbergh&Orville Wright (4, 5&6th from left) @ 1939 National Advisory Cmte. for Aeronautics
Charles Lindbergh died 41 years ago today in Kipahulu, HI at age 72. Lucky Lindy 1st person to make a solo transatlantic airplane flight.
. Weren't Charles Lindbergh and Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. both Nazi sympathizers in the 1930's?
> 10: The Aviators: Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh, and the Epic Age of Flight
“I don’t believe in taking foolish chances. But nothing can be accomplished without taking any chances at all.” ~Charles Lindbergh
Happy to say that next week, I'll move to DC to start 1-year term as the Charles Lindbergh Chair at the
After Charles Lindbergh’s successful 1927 transatlantic flight, it was suggested that a star be named in his honor.
Bill Bryson, writing about Charles Lindbergh: he discovered 'it was a lot more fun to get famous than to be famous'.
Charles A. Lindbergh: U.S. aviator who made the first solo, nonstop transatlantic flight in 1927
Sadly, this reminds me of Charles Lindbergh imploring America not to go to war against Hitler.
"In wilderness I sense the miracle of life, and behind it our scientific accomplishments fade to trivia." --Charles Lindbergh
Are you broke with no supporters? So was Charles Lindbergh. Here's how he crossed the Atlantic.
I realized that If I had to choose, I would rather have birds than airplanes. -- Charles Lindbergh
Him that I love, I wish to be free -- even from me. - Anne Morrow Lindbergh, pioneering aviator, author, and wife of Char…
The Flight of the Century : Charles Lindbergh and the Rise of American...
Didyouknow that after Charles and Anna lindbergh's son was kidnapped from their home ,Hughfields ,in th so called "crime in the century "
“Living in dreams of yesterday, we find ourselves still dreaming of impossible future conquests.” Charles Lindbergh
Accident, left lane blocked in on Meadowbrook Pkwy NB between Hempstead Tpk and Charles Lindbergh Blvd
Regular airmail service began today in 1920 between Chicago and St. Louis. Airmail pilot Charles Lindbergh flew mail on this route.
"Life is like a landscape. You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance." --Charles Lindbergh
Why was Charles Lindbergh He honored his relationship and they supported him when he needed it.
Charles Lindbergh flown and stamped envelope.
"I owned the world that hour as I rode over it." ~ Charles Lindbergh. -
Sep 19 1934- Bruno Hauptmann is arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr..
It should. Such a mercy the Duke of Windsor abdicated but it was in N. America too...Charles Lindbergh, many, were slow to realize
Charles Lindbergh's plane is getting some much needed attention at the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian...
Did you know Charles Lindbergh, Richard Byrd, Jr. & Clarence Duncan Chamberlin all flew in Valspared
Going out on a limp and say this is the first hotel that Woodrow Wilson, Charles Lindbergh and I have all stayed in.
Charles Lindbergh took off for Paris from Mitchell Field in New York, now Hofstra University.
May 21 1927- Charles Lindbergh touches down at Le Bourget Field in Paris, completing world's first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic
San Diego�s International Airport is named Lindbergh Field after Charles Lindbergh.
"What kind of man would live a life without daring Is life so s...". by Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr.
1929 Charles A. Lindbergh autographed/signed first flight cover JSA Authentic
Mar 1 1932- The son of Charles Lindbergh, Charles Augustus Lindbergh III, is kidnapped
"Isn’t it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most?" - Charles Lindbergh - via...
Fact: James Stewart, who was portraying Charles Lindbergh at the age of 25 in The Spirit of St. Louis (1957), was 47 when the film was made.
Charles lindbergh Original 1927 vintage press photo Mother spirit of St Louis
True or False: Charles Lindbergh used Rand McNally railroad maps to navigate as he flew over land on his flight... http:/…
Charles Lindbergh Real freedom lies in wildness not in civilization. :-D
Man must feel the earth to know himself and recognize his values. God made life simple. It is man who complicates it. ~Charles A. Lindbergh
Real freedom lies in wilderness, not in civilization. ~Charles Lindbergh
Science, freedom, beauty, adventure: what more could you ask of life? -Pioneer aviator Charles Lindbergh
Diner with dad after going to Malaga! (@ Charles Lindbergh - in Oostende, West-Vlaanderen)
We’re glad Charles stepped up to the plate and really showed what he could do at Lindbergh!
Is life so dear that we should blame one for dying in adventure? What kind of man would live where there is no daring? Charles A. Lindbergh
Right, unless you're Chuck Yeager, or Orville Wright, or Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, or Sully Sullenberger
QF389 Photo CHARLES LINDBERGH standing in front on The Spirit of St. Louis
Pine Bush: Where we value The American Way, as conceived of by Charles Lindbergh
The life of Charles Lindbergh in pictures.
“The Life Of Charles Lindbergh In Pictures My hero, on my aviation side of my life.
Charles Lindbergh: One of the most influential aviation pioneers in history by via
The tires currently on Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis are temporary:
History professor, Peter Johnson, is giving a lecture today about Charles Lindbergh in the Carpeted Dining Room at 12:20.
It's definitely based on Angel Falls. Muntz himself is heavily influenced by Charles Lindbergh and Jimmie Angel
Kendall Jenner drew crowds in Paris that rivaled Charles Lindbergh ... well, maybe not exactly, but pretty clo...
He is one of the most famous babies in the world. Charles Lindbergh Jr. His nick name was, ' The Eaglet ', given...
Charles Lindbergh was not the first person to fly across the Atlantic. He was the
Client at Charles Lindbergh Elementary today in Lynwood,CA for
Client taking part for Here is with students at Charles Lindbergh Elm in Lynwood, CA
If I could be any 1930s hero I would be Charles Lindbergh for sure
On March 1, 1932, the infant son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh was kidnapped from the family home near Hopewell, N.J.
Handsome new Weejuns from and did you know Charles Lindbergh wore Bass on his Atlantic crossing?
On 1932, the 20-month-old son of aviation hero Charles Lindbergh, is kidnapped from the family's home in New…
Group Deals : vintage Charles Lindbergh jewelry box with glass lid with white print…
Mar 21 1928- Charles Lindbergh is presented with the Medal of Honor for the first solo trans-Atlantic flight
EXT. New York CITY - DAY. Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford cannot decide between Katz's Deli and Russ and Daughter (this is fiction).
FDR outsmarts them all: Henry Ford, Joseph Kennedy, Charles Lindbergh and the American entrance into World War II
The private jet eased onto the airstrip at Detroit Metro Airport, just a few miles from where Charles Lindbergh...
Charles Lindbergh was so popular in the 1920s that the Orleans Parish made a Perfect Attendance Award in his name (guess it would be the equivalent of the Kim Kardashian Not So Perfect Attendance Award now). This is my father's award. Ironically, his father was a Circus Flyer- doing acrobatics in planes and walking on wings in the New Orleans area- and also flew mail to places like Pointe de la Hache. He knew a lot of famous pilots of the day, but not Lindbergh.
Very cool - Charles Lindbergh started a trip to China from North Haven, 1931.
Both Glenn Curtiss and Charles Lindbergh made numerous accomplishments as pioneers in aviation.
Is he alone who has courage on his right hand and faith on his left hand?. -Charles Lindbergh. .,0
I like that they finally said Charles Lindbergh was a nazi sympathizer.
«In wilderness I sense the miracle of life.» Charles Lindbergh
James Stewart as Charles Lindbergh N "Spirit Of St. Luis" 1957. A classic film for all the ages!
You know Bert Hinkler? Exactly. He was the second person to cross the Atlantic solo after Charles Lindbergh. Just saying.
Getting ready for our dress rehearsal "Heroes All" -Charles Lindbergh
Are you up on this phenom Hard to take seriously except for two words: Charles Lindbergh
A: Charles Lindbergh was named Time Magazine’s First “Man of the Year.”
Hauptmann, a play about the kidnapping & murder of Charles Lindbergh's son, sounds pretty intense!.
I am the Charles Lindbergh of shipping dates!
Charles Lindbergh and his dog in 1912.
Qualifications time at Charles Lindbergh range happy to make my score sacrifice do pay off I am up from 4 am to midnight
In all fairness and political correctness, we should find "Lucky Lindy" (Press slug: physical resemblance to Charles Lindbergh) before we start looking for a Malaysian plane that just went missing. If she was on this Atoll, is was a "Castaway" life to the end.
It's no surprise that Charles Lindbergh was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1...
350: HISTORIC AVIATION AND COLLECTIBLE: I Have this medal in which Charles Lindbergh made his First Non-Stop F...
. Awed by its regal flight and shocked by its endangered status, Famous American aviator Charles Lindbergh...
TIP | Colorado Springs: Garden of the Gods Charles Lindbergh said he had never seen a “more spectacular and magn...
gibby had his breakout role as baby Lindbergh in the miles/roman documentary "Charles 'Lucky' Lindbergh".
Did you know - The first person selected as the Time Magazine Man of the Year - Charles Lindbergh in 1927.
Life without risks is not worth living - Charles A. Lindbergh.
Check out The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh Vintage 1970 book via
It is the greatest shot of adrenaline to be doing what you've wanted to do so badly. Charles Lindbergh
Charles Lindbergh! Great Republican tried to stop the Federal Reserve
Charles Lindbergh and Hubert Humphrey statues at Minnesota State Capitol Mall had great background color this morning
I always kind of shrug inside when I tell people that I was a mailman. But, it turns out that these people also worked for the postal service: Walt Disney, Charles Bukowski, William Faulkner, Abraham Lincoln, Harry S. Truman, William McKinley, Benjamin Franklin, Will Hays, Sherman Hemsley, Charles Lindbergh . . .
Fact of the Day: Richard Nixon turn down a dinner invite from Charles Lindbergh cuz he hosted a poker game that had to be "taken seriously".
wait I didn't know that the Lindbergh baby was actually Charles Lindbergh's baby I thought this was a giant inside joke..
A heart/lung machine does not make one immortal. Nevertheless, thank you Charles Lindbergh!
Now that you've had your Mel Gibson moment, you can always make propaganda for ARAMCO or make a biopic about Charles Lindbergh.
I found a metal Charles Lindbergh bank in an antique store...
8.  Charles Lindbergh said, ‘I feel I lived on a higher plain than the sceptics on the ground…
Jan 2 1935- Bruno Hauptmann goes on trial for the murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr., infant son of aviator Charles Lindbergh
Wait! Here's more: View a copy of Charles Lindbergh's letter (yes, that Lindbergh) sent to NACA Chairman Joseph Ames http:…
Wednesday, 21 August 1974 was 40 years ago today. What was up? Greek Cypriots, rioting in protest that the U.S. had not done more to defend them against the Turkish invasion, broke into the U.S. embassy in Nicosia on Monday and shot dead a marine guard, a secretary, and U.S. ambassador Rodger Davies. Davies, who was widowed last year, leaves behind two children aged 20 and 15. U.S. District Court Judge John J. Sirica rejected motions to delay the Watergate cover-up trial and said it will proceed on September 9th as scheduled. Richard Nixon has already been subpoenaed to appear to testify in the trial of six of his associates, including aides H. R. “Bob” Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman. President and Mrs. Ford have finally moved into the White House. Aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh, who made the first solo flight across the Atlantic, was released from the hospital after a three-week stay for an undisclosed ailment. In a move supported by most Utahns but vociferously opposed by the John Birch Society ...
That Trita Parsi, an Iranian regime shill, and Glenn Greenwald, a modern shade of Charles Lindbergh, are advancing it...
HUGE ANCIENT INDIAN DRAWINGS ON DESERT FLOOR, NEAR BLYTH CALIFORNIA Geoglyphs of the SW Desert Reprinted from the Mar-Aprl 2003 issue of Southwest Aviator Magazine (page 62). Southwest Aviator Story and Photos By Ron Kilber Wednesday, January 22, 2003 A few years after Charles Lindbergh flew his Spirit of St. Louis from New York to France, another pilot flying along the Colorado River first noticed giant drawings on the desert floor north of Blythe, California. One of the earth figures measured 176 feet in length. Since then, more than two-hundred images have been discovered along the river from Nevada to the Gulf of California. All told, six-hundred-plus geoglyphs have been recorded in the Southwest and nearby areas of Mexico. Known also as intaglio, it's not known if geoglyphs are two-hundred years old or ten thousand. These giant ground paintings depict geometric designs, human form and animal figures. Many have withstood the test of wind, rain and time, others having fallen recent victim to motorcycle ...
After his solo flight across the Atlantic, Charles Lindbergh was granted a lifetime pass to all Major League Baseball games. …
TIL: Charles Lindbergh may have arranged his son's kidnapping, believed in white supremacy, and fathered 7 secret G…
Who remembers the Yakovlev Yak 2 ? A plane from history that stands iconically for warmongering production. We should think about how two planes from the same airline lose all souls with a history highlighted by events like the Titanic, the Hindenburg and figures like the red baron and charles lindbergh, amelia earheart. There is a dark trend in aviation easy to see for the same reason as the proverb 'as the crow flies'. In wartime and unrest the quickest path is generally chosen for pragmatism. The likening of distance to bird flight shortens the explanation of the actual travelling by land, which undulates. We cut corners too often when there is unrest, but who cannot see how transportation has a veneer to hide the psychopathy in the militarisation? We have now 2 commercial planes all souls down after militarisation production peaked. Why do psychopaths have better equipment to drop bombs? Shoddy production from start to finish is an effective weapon against the passive portion of humanity.
Big dreams often start in small towns. Aerial America shows how an airplane first captured Charles Lindbergh's imagination in Little Falls, Minnesota. The rest is history.
In his public life, American aviator Charles Lindbergh had traveled to countries all around the globe. He was honored by kings and celebrated by leaders from France to the Philippines. For his final resting place, however, the famed “Lone Eagle” chose his beloved home, Kipahulu, a remote settlement…
Peek inside Charles Lindbergh's former manse—not the one the baby was kidnapped from. .
"To a person in love, the value of the individual is intuitively known. Love needs no logic for its mission." — Charles Lindbergh
Charles Lindbergh surrounded by over 150,000 onlookers in Croydon Aerodrome, England shortly after his famous...
Prod. By Charles Lindbergh, hosted by dj whoo kid
I want to make a hot or not page for Charles Lindbergh
Of the aircraft that I love, I see that I worship science destroy culture, but I expect they used to culture. (Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr.)
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The Spirit of St. Louis. Charles Lindbergh had great courage to make that solo flight across The…
Why did Charles Lindbergh and The Spirit of St. Louis have to be in the news today...
If you get the chance, be sure to visit the Charles A. Historical Site!
I'm a motivator, in the classic sense of the word. You know, Lombardi, Charles Lindbergh, that nun over in India
Charles Lindbergh wrote to Collins "greater profundity ... you have experienced an aloneness unknown to man before"
Charles Lindbergh as exemplar of 60s anti-progress? Perhaps indifference to space race only thing shared by hippies and Silent Majority.
18 solo hours on I-70 has me feeling like Charles Lindbergh over an Atlantic of corn fields
They should call this Charles Lindbergh film "American Nazi"
Leonardo DiCaprio and Dustin Lance Black team for Charles Lindbergh TV biopic -...
The first person selected as the Man of the Year - Lindbergh in 1927.
20 July 1927 - Charles Lindbergh begins NY flight (Spirit of St Louis).
Charles Lindbergh surrounded by over 150,000 onlookers after his famous transatlantic flight, 1927.
I'm watching a documentary on the kidnapping of Charles lindbergh's baby
"If Esther Williams was great because she went in the water and Charles Lindbergh was great because he went in the sky, an actor has to experience the stage." - Charles Nelson Reilly
Today in History: June 13 1777 The Marquis de Lafayette arrives in the American colonies to help in their rebellion against Britain. 1863 Confederate forces on their way to Gettysburg clash with Union troops at the Second Battle of Winchester, Virginia. 1920 The U.S. Post Office Department rules that children may not be sent by parcel post. 1923 The French set a trade barrier between occupied Ruhr and the rest of Germany. 1927 Charles Lindbergh receives the Distinguished Flying Cross and is treated to a ticker-tape parade to celebrate his successful crossing of the Atlantic. 1940 Paris is evacuated as the Germans advance on the city. 1943 German spies land on Long Island, New York, and are soon captured. 1944 The first Germany V-1 buzz-bomb hits London. 1949 Installed by the French, Bao Dai enters Saigon to rule Vietnam. 1971 The New York Times begins publishing the Pentagon Papers. 1978 Israelis withdraw the last of their invading forces from Lebanon. 1979 Sioux Indians are awarded $105 million in compen ...
Today in History: Aviation hero Charles Lindbergh was honored with a ticker ... - Gaston Gazette
Just went to happy hour at the Fig in the historic Fairmont Miramar hotel. In TX when you have happy hour they feed you fried things to dip in sauces.and they are good. At the Fig when you have happy hour they feed you beet salad with goat cheese, braised lettuce with parmesan, ceviche, really soft mozzarella with little tiny baguettes. and they are AH-mazing! I totally get why all the movie stars from Greta Garbo and Jean Harlow to President Kennedy (and Marilyn Monroe) and Charles Lindbergh would move into the bungalows and stay!
Ten days before he became so famous that crowds would form around any building that contained him and waiters would fight over a corncob left on his dinner plate, no one had heard of Charles Lindbergh. The New York Times had mentioned him once, in the context of the corning Atlantic flights. It had misspelled his name, The news that transfixed the nation as spring gave way to summer in 1927 was a gruesome murder in a modest family home on Long Island, coincidentally quite close to Roosevelt Field, where the Atlantic fliers were now gathering. The newspapers, much excited, called it the Sash Weight Murder Case. The story was this: Late on the night of March 20, 1927, as Mr. and Mrs. Albert Snyder slept side by side in twin beds in their house on 222nd Street in a quiet, middle-class neighborhood of Queens Village, Mrs. Snyder heard noises in the upstairs hallway. Going to investigate, she found a large man - a "giant," she told police - just outside her bedroom door. He was speaking in a foreign accent to ...
I disagree. JFK, Charles Lindbergh- nobody's perfect but they fought the evil nwo.
I don't believe in taking unnecessary risks but a life without risk isn't worth living. ~ Charles Lindbergh
Making Charles Lindberghs plane out of foam sheets duct tape and hot glue, wish me luck I hate last minute projects for school gr
Kidneyleaf buttercup is blooming next door at Charles A. Lindbergh State Park.
FDNY vs. NYPD football game.this Saturday night- (MAY 31st).7:30 pm kickoff at MITCHELL FIELD-50 Charles Lindbergh Blvd. in Garden City, NY 11530.come on out and support the heroes
May 21, 1927-American aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh completed the 1st solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic. htt…
Free to good home. I have several pages from a News and Sentinel news paper dated May 20th 1929. Headline front page has a story about the forthcoming wedding of Charles Lindbergh. Tattered but in decent shape for being 85 years old this month. Interested e mail me first or it goes in the trash.
Another GREAT Paris day. Three of us went to the Museum of Air and Space at Le Bourget field. Le Bourget is important because it is where Charles Lindbergh landed after his nonstop flight from NY and the location of the Paris Airshow. While it is not the Smithsonian, it was very enjoyable. With a concentration of French aircraft starting in 1912, it was very informative. Got in the Concorde prototype as well as an Air France Concorde and 747. From there we went to the Paris Opera House of Phantom of the Opera fame where Sherrie met us after heading to the Louvre and Notre Dame. I'll repost Sherries pics as her fone takes much better pics. Still working on tomorrow's plans but I see a River Seine cruise and a tram ride. Still recovering from the 4,674 steps at the Arch de Triumphe and walking 7 miles yesterday and 6 miles today.
Before he became a world-famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh spent boyhood years in Little Falls.
How strange is this combination of proximity and separation.That ground seconds away thousands of miles away.-Charles A. Lindbergh
On the Road with Mom Day 7 Today's first stop was in Little Falls, MN at Charles Lindbergh's birthplace. The mosquitoes tried to carry us off before we could snap a picture and get back in the Jeep! Passed Camp Ridley (where my Uncle Bunt had army training back in WW II). Paused at Park Rapids for a stretch and tourist information. And. SUCCESS! Itasca State Park and the Mississippi River headwaters! Took a stroll across the rocks and a split log walkway to check off the bucket list. The water was "refreshing". Finished off the day in Bemidji by visiting with Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox. Heading south tomorrow (I think). When we looked at the road atlas tonight to decide our route...Mom exclaimed "hey! we are only about 50 miles to the Canadian border". Guess I will find out what that means in the morning, LOL
On this date May 21 in 1927 Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris completing first solo nonstop flight across Atlantic ht…
On This Day: Tuesday May 27, 2014 Holidays Feast day of St. Julius the Veteran, St. Eutropius of Orange, St. Restituta of Sora, and St. Melangel. Events 1647 - Achsah Young became the first woman known to be executed as a witch in Massachusetts. 1703 - After winning access to the Baltic Sea through his victories in the Great Northern War, Czar Peter I founded the city of St. Petersburg as the new Russian capital. 1929 - Colonel Charles Lindbergh married Anne Spencer Murrow. 1930 - Richard Gurley Drew received a patent for adhesive tape, later made by 3M as Scotch tape. 1931 - In a balloon launched from Germany, Paul Kipfer and Auguste Piccard became the first to reach the stratosphere, rising almost 10 miles during their flight. 1937 - The Golden Gate Bridge, connecting San Francisco and Marin County, California, was opened. 1941 - The British navy sank the German battleship Bismarck off France, with the German death toll over 2,000. 1994 - Nobel Prize-winning author Alexander Solzhenitsyn returned to Rus ...
When I mean taught how to fly, he was Charles Lindbergh's first flight instructor even though he wasn't credited
Wish I could've met my great grandfather. Dude was a badass. He taught Charles Lindbergh how to fly and was good friends with Eisenhower
Trivia Tuesday: The first person to fly solo across the Atlantic was: . A. Charles Lindbergh. B. Chuck Yeager. C. Amelia Earhart
I am the Charles Lindbergh of soaring.
Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization., by Charles Lindbergh
Science, freedom, beauty, adventure-aviation offers it all. -Charles Lindbergh
The American pilot Charles Lindbergh received the Service Cross of the German Eagle form Hermann Goering in 1938.
Serious question, is that Charles Lindbergh w/ him?
in 1927, Charles Lindbergh takes off in New York to make the 1st solo nonstop transatlantic flight  
I have seen the science I worshiped and the aircraft I loved destroying the civilization I expected them to serve.-Charles Lindbergh
1927: U.S. - Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field, NY, in the Spirit of St. Louis on his historic solo fli…
Lindbergh's grandfather was named Manson. He ran away from Lund, his home city due to some political, moral and possibly criminal issues, taking a pregnant waittress with him. From Canada he crossed into Michigan and adopted the name "Lundbergh", which was written down as Lindbergh. Ergo, if that name change hadn't occurred at the border, Charles Lindbergh would have been the first "Charles Manson". (ref: "Lindbergh", by Scott Berg)
Good Tuesday morning .. gorgeous day yesterday, but back to stormy weather, good chance of severe weather tonight, but warm, and near 75 today. Tigers streak over. It's May 20th, let's look back on a busy day .. 1830, the fountain pen was patented .. 1873, Levi Strauss & Jacob Davis receive their blue jeans patent (cost was 13.50 a dozen) .. 1902, the U.S. occupation of Cuba ended .. 1916, Normal Rockwell did his first cover of Saturday Evening Post .. 1920, Montreal's XWA broadcast the first radio program in North America .. 1927, Charles Lindbergh left New York for Paris .. 1933, Charlie Chan debuts on NBC Radio ..1939, the "Yankee Clipper" became the 1st passenger service across the Atlantic .. 1964, the movie "Viva Las Vegas" premiered .. 1967, Jimi Hendrix signs with Reprise Records .. 1971, the album "What's Going On" was released .. 1982, the last "Barney Miller" aired .. and in 1993, the last "Cheers" aired. Folks born May 20th include Dolly Madison in 1768 .. Jimmy Stewart in '08 .. George Go ...
Top 10 facts about flying: ON May 20, 1927, Charles Lindbergh took off from Long Island, New York on the first...
Chicago Cubs make woeful errors in mural
20th of May 2014 Happy 68th birthday to Cher. Although her breasts, butt and nose are all only 5. Joe Cocker is 70. This is a sad but true story. On May 20 1886 Eliza Donnithorne died in Sydney. Thirty years earlier she had been left waiting at the altar by her husband-to-be and she never recovered from the trauma. She went home stopped all the clocks in the house, and stayed there until she died, still wearing her wedding gown and with the remains of her wedding cake still on the table. Charles Lindbergh commenced his famous solo transatlantic flight on this day in 1927. He left New York at 7.25 am and flew non-stop for 33 hours to Paris in the Spirit of St Louis. He was portrayed by Jimmy Stewart in the 1957 film Spirit of St Louis. Q: The last original network airing of a "Barney Miller" episode aired on this date in 1982. Who played the title role? A: Hal Linden Q: This date in 1990 was a disappointing day for scientists exploring space. Why? A: The Hubble Space Telescope sent back its first pictures, ...
You already know about the Charles Lindbergh photo error on a mural on the Waveland side, that the Cubs have said they'll fix.-Al
MONETARY HISTORY CALENDAR May 19 - 25 - MAY 20 1851- BIRTH OF CHARLES MACUNE, HEAD OF SOUTHERN FARMERS’ ALLIANCE AND ORIGINATOR OF THE POPULIST “SUB-TREASURY PLAN” The “Sub-Treasury Plan,” developed by the southern Populist Macune, was an ingenious proposal to circumvent banking corporations, merchants and landlords by farmers to avoid debt at high interest, which often resulted in the loss of their farms. The proposal called for farmers to store their harvest in federal warehouses when prices for their commodities were low. Farmers would leverage those commodities for loans (up to 80% of the market value in federal notes) to support themselves until prices rose. The proposal was especially useful to southern farmers with non-perishable crops (i.e. cotton). The farmer had one year to sell the crop and then pay back the note and 1% interest. MAY 23 1933 – ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT PRESENTED IN THE US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AGAINST THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF GOVERNORS , THE OFFICERS AND DIRECT ...
May 19 1918 Judge Wilson Taylor of St. Louis was in the midst of a campaign against the “flivver.” The judge said the automobile was responsible for an increase in the divorce rate. He said husbands were too busy tinkering with their cars to pay attention to their wives. Taylor’s lectures were so effective that the Auto Club of St. Louis found it necessary to launch a counter-campaign. 1923 St. Louisans gathered on the streets to witness the first skywriter ever seen here. A British aviator spelled out "Lucky Strikes" in the sky. Skywriting was declared to be the advertising medium of the future. 1926 Ground was broken for the new $4.5 million courthouse downtown. The courthouse was to occupy the block bounded by Market, Chestnut, Eleventh and Twelfth Streets. 1927 Charles Lindbergh had been frustrated by fog and rain for several days since arriving in New York with the “Spirit of St. Louis.” While on the way to a Broadway show, he received word that the weather might clear enough for ...
Bonnie and Clyde, some little known facts about Charles Lindbergh's famous trip in the Spirit of St. Louis, and the dynamic wife of my favorite Founding Father James Madison - it all could come up during my interview on The Cindy Graves Show tomorrow at 1:30pmET on Florida's WBOB 600AM The Answer. Join us with a live stream at
1927 - Charles Lindbergh becomes the first person to fly solo and non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean.
Talk about air flight in class this week! Charles Lindbergh began his transatlantic flight on May 20, 1927:
More "Weird Fact Monday:" Charles Lindbergh took only four sandwiches with him on his famous transatlantic flight.
Other hotel guests have included Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh as well as John Wayne.
✧Charles Lindbergh aviator pilot in cockpit of airplane . RT.
Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart's transatlantic flights!!! 1927 and 1932
Mall--the Charles Lindbergh South Africa chapter and verse shopping center at the Twin Cities International airport.
Lindbergh and Henry Ford were avowed NAZI sympatherizers.
in crisis? Come to 60 Charles Lindbergh blvd, Uniondale, NY Monday 9a-12p
My late father was an aviator in the early days of flight... he knew Charles Lindbergh...this reminded me of him.
May 19 In Aviation History 2011 – (Overnight) NATO aircraft raid Libyan Navy bases at Tripoli, Khoms, and Sirte in the largest attack against Libyan government naval forces thus far in the Libyan civil war. During the Khoms raids, British aircraft hit two corvettes at Khoms with laser-guided bombs and damage an inflatable-boat manufacturing facility, and NATO aircraft set a warship at Tripoli afire. NATO aircraft also hit a police academy in Tripoli's Tajoura neighborhood.[1] 2009 – A Lockheed C-130 Hercules of the Indonesian Air Force crashes at Magetan killing 97 people on board the aircraft and a further two on the ground. 2009 – An United States Navy Sikorsky HH-60H Seahawk crashes into the Pacific Ocean 16 miles (26 km) SW of San Diego, California. The aircraft was on a routine training flight and returning to the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz when the accident occurred off of Point Loma, California, killing all 5 members of its crew. Only 3 bodies were recovered. 2008 – First flight of the Suk ...
A mural at Chicago Cubs stadium shows Charles Lindbergh at the a game, turns out he was at a Chicago White Sox game, Go Cubs!
If you want to own a piece of American history and have a healthy chunk of change to spend, you might consider the former home of famed aviator Charles Lindbergh that just hit the market in Darien,...
People called me "Lady Lindy" because of my physical resemblance to Charles Lindbergh
FIVE WAYS FOR A MOM TO GET SOME REST By Kendra Fletcher Guess what? It’s May, and for many of us that means it’s time to kick back. I also realize that quite a lot of our readers are just about to start their school years, and even more are working year-round. Guess what? It’s still time to kick back! If you are a passionate, driven, serious homeschooler, you may very well recognize your inability to take some time off and put your feet up for a day or longer. We feel so much pressure doing this job, don’t we? As a homeschooling mom who has perhaps gone before you, may I gently implore you to take some time off? It may be just a few minutes, an hour with a good book, or a weekend alone to take a breath and think, but time off from the 24/7 demands of homeschooling is essential to your physical health, the health of your marriage, and the health of your family as a whole. I am not the only one who is encouraging you to do so; God commanded a day of rest and indeed, took one himself during that matc ...
QUOTE OF THE WEEK & AVIATION HISTORY: “This is earth again, the earth where I've lived and now will live once more . . . I've been to eternity and back. I know how the dead would feel to live again.” — Charles Lindbergh, on sighting Ireland after first solo Atlantic crossing, 1927. Taking off from Roosevelt Field, Long Island, New York, on 20 May 1927, Charles Lindbergh will span the Atlantic in a 33.5 hour flight, landing in Paris the next day.
"If I had to choose between planes and birds, I'd choose birds." -Charles Lindbergh
This is no when referring to 4 the past 100 years. Excluding Charles A. Lindbergh
Charles Lindbergh nickname is Lucky Lindy cause he made the first solo transatlantic flight!
Due to scheduling conflicts, Our second annual Transaltnatic Flight Day Event has been cancelled for May 20th until future notice. I am hopefull of a future event in early June commemorating the 87th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's 1927 Transaltnatic Flight from Roosevelt Field to Paris. Please contact me about any ideas or suggestions -Adam
Here is another TRIVIA QUESTION Who was the first person to break the sound barrier? Here are your choices John Glenn Buzz Aldrin Chuck Yeager Charles Lindbergh
Oops! That IS old behind Charles Lindbergh in the mural. The say they spotted it last week. …
boys all good.Not surprised this aircraft broke it must be the one Charles Lindbergh used to cross the channel.See u later x
The kidnapping of Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr., the son of famous aviator Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, was one of the most highly publicized crimes of the 20th century. The 20-month-old toddler was abducted from his family home in East Amwell, New Jersey, on the evening of March 1…
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Compilation of Today in Aerospace History: 18 May 2006 – The world’s biggest passenger jet, the Airbus A380, lands at Heathrow Airport for the first time, making its UK debut. 18 May 1985 - First flight Mirage Celerity American two-seat cabin monoplane designed by Larry Burton and with plans for home building 18 May 1979 - First flight Piper PA-42 Cheyenne turboprop aircraft built by Piper Aircraft; aimed directly at Beech's successful King Air 18 May 1972 - The Red Arrows arrived 'across the pond' for the first time,landing at RAF Goose Bay in Canada en route to displays in the USA 18 May 1971 - First flight of the CERVA CE-43 'Guépard', French 4/5 seat cabin monoplane 18 May 1969 - Launch of Apollo 10, for testing all of the procedures and components of a Moon landing without actually landing on the Moon. 18 May 1966 - British pilot Sheila Scott takes off from LHR for first round-the-world solo flight in stages in her Piper Comanche 'Myth Too' 18 May 1965 - First flight General Dynamics/Grumman F-1 ...
I love the Mural at Wrigley celebrating Charles Lindbergh visit to COMISKEY! Nice!
May 18 1642 The city of Montreal in Canada was founded. 1652 Rhode Island prohibits holding blacks or whites in slavery for more than 10 years — the first American law regulating slavery. 1798 The first Secretary Of The Navy, Benjamin Stoddert, was appointed. 1804 The French Senate proclaimed Napoleon Bonaparte emperor. 1896 The U.S. Supreme Court endorsed racial segregation in Plessy v. Ferguson, which okayed “separate but equal” public facilities for whites and blacks. The ruling was overturned 58 years later in Brown v. Board Of Education. 1910 Halley’s Comet, as seen from Earth, moved across the sun. 1911 Gustav Mahler died like Beethoven, in Vienna and in the middle of a thunderstorm. Mahler was 50 and had suffered from heart disease. His last word was “Mozart.” 1914 The Mariner became the first steamboat with cargo to pass through the Panama Canal. 1920 Pope John Paul II is born. He died in April 2004 at age 83. 1934 Congress approved the “Lindbergh Act,” after the kidnapping and mur ...
A 1927 photograph of the late aviator Charles Lindbergh was included on a mural at Wrigley Field, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the home of the Cubs. But the Cubs said this week that the picture was actually taken when Lindbergh visited Comiskey Park, the now-demolished home of the Chicago White Sox.
Good Morning! All set up & ready to go - Hoot Hoot! . Come on down to 120 Charles Lindbergh Blvd Garden City...
Who was the first man to break the sound barrier?. Hussein Obama . Charles Lindbergh . Jesse Jackson . Chuck Yeager...
Body of Lindbergh baby found - The body of aviation hero Charles...
Cubs error: Mural oops shows Lindbergh at Wrigley - Fans walk past a photograph of the aviator Charles Lindbergh...
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May 18, 1927 : Disgruntled Farmer Bombs Bath School Still the worst case of school violence ever recorded. We live in an age where we think that schools shootings, bombings, and the like are only a modern phenomenon. It’s not the type of thing that we would have expected to happen in the 1920s. And in Bath, Michigan. On May 18, 1927, 45 people, mostly children, were killed and 58 were injured when disgruntled and demented school board member Andrew Kehoe dynamited the new school building in Bath, Michigan out of revenge over his foreclosed farm due in part to the taxes required to pay for the new school. Across the world, newspaper headlines announced the shocking tragedy in the village with the unlikely name of Bath. The story competed for page one space with the Charles Lindbergh flight and massive floods on the Mississippi River. The New York Times story of May 19 read "MANIAC BLOWS UP SCHOOL, KILLS 42, MOSTLY CHILDREN." Bath School Disaster Sources: Tube Video of Bath Bombing Victims Bath massacre : ...
WOW !!! Astonishing and proud to know Arvind Kejriwal is only second person after Mahatma Gandhi to win the Times Person of the year award. Other noted personalities won this award so far all over the world are Charles Lindbergh, Franklin D Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, Harry S Truman, Elizabeth II, Charles de Gaulle, Eisenhower, John F Kennedy, Pope John XXIII, Martin Luther King Jr, The Apollo 8 Astronauts, Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Deng Xiaoping, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ronald Reagan, Yuri Andropov, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush, Pope John Paul, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and some others….Winston Churchill is the only one from the so called Great Britain, and Proud to see a couple of Indians there.
Bob Hoover telling stories of meeting Charles Lindbergh, one of the Wright Bros, Jimmy Doolittle, Yeager, Armstrong.
.Got to take the good with the bad, it's why we still celebrate Charles Lindbergh even though he was a Nazi sympatizing bigamist
I liked a video USA " This is not our fight " Speech on Neutrality by Charles Lindbergh 1st September
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You will be surprised to learn how little Charles Lindbergh ate on his famous flight across the Atlantic. And...
"Not long ago, when I was a student in college, just flying an airplane seemed a dream; that dream turned into reality." - Charles Lindbergh
Im not an X's and O's guy I'm a motivator ya know? Lombardi! Charles Lindbergh! That little nun in India
"Charles Lindbergh after his pioneering solo transatlantic flight, 1927 Looks a bit like Ewa Woowa I fink
I love it! The PBY Catalina as the "A" is genius. I don't miss Charles Lindbergh at all.
"A radical is one who speaks the truth." -Charles Lindbergh
Dominion by CJ Sansom – review A gripping thriller about Britain under Nazi rule impresses Mark Lawson The second world war is such a pivotal event in human history that affected generations have inevitably speculated about what might have happened had the momentum swung slightly another way. Variations on Hitler's defeat by the allies have become a recurrent strain in the genre of counter-factual or alternative-history fiction. The premise of a German and Japanese triumph has inspired writers from Philip K *** to Robert Harris, whose Fatherland (1992) consciously offers a German-American parallel to the Nazi-invaded Britain of Len Deighton's SS-GB (1978); in Philip Roth's The Plot Against America (2004), President Roosevelt loses the 1940 US election to the isolationist, pro-fascist Charles Lindbergh. Now comes CJ Sansom's provocative thriller Dominion, depicting a Britain that surrendered to Germany on 9 May 1940 – the day before Churchill, in the real world, became PM – and now serves as a satel ...
A Chicago Tribune Noteworthy Book A GoodReads Reader's Choice In One Summer Bill Bryson, one of our greatest and most beloved nonfiction writers, transports readers on a journey back to one amazing season in American life. The summer of 1927 began with one of the signature events of the twentieth century: on May 21, 1927, Charles Lindbergh became the first man to cross the Atlantic by plane nonstop, and when he...
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY! "Under the Federal Reserve Act, panics are scientifically created; the present panic is the first scientifically created one, worked out just as we figure a mathematical problem." -- Hon. Charles Lindbergh, Sr. writing on the panic of 1920
Hitler had Henry Ford & Charles Lindbergh for admirers. Putin has Steven Seagal and Gerard Depardieu. He's a straight to DV…
"Under the Federal Reserve Act, panics are scientifically created". -Charles Lindbergh, 1923.
Wisconsin's team is formidable: Charles Lindbergh, Saul Bellow, *** Cheney, Frank Lloyd Wright and John Muir
"Success is not measured by what a man accomplishes, but by the opposition he has encountered and the courage with which he has maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds." - Charles Lindbergh (Aviation pioneer)
On his historic trip across the Atlantic, Charles Lindbergh didn’t have the cargo space to pack a change of clothes. Instead, he relied on the kindness of the American ambassador to France, who, naturally, loaned him a Brooks Brothers suit upon his landing.
Charles Lindbergh, Aurora, 3 A.M., Swinging in the Moonlight, much more, such teaser, just wait until 2020, ayyy lmao
.Charles Lindbergh was probably the most pleasant Nazi in the history of the world.
I think Charles Lindbergh is the most famous. Mussolini had fans in the US government, like Hugh Johnson of the (other) NRA
"Fame separates you from life." Anne Morrow Lindbergh "At first you can stand the spotlight in your eyes. Then it blinds you. Others can see you, but you cannot see them." Charles Lindbergh
“To cause high prices all the Federal Reserve Board will do will be to lower the rediscount rate producing an expansion of credit and rising stock market, then when business men are adjusted to these conditions, it can check prosperity in mid career by raising the rate of interest. It can cause the pendulum of a rising and falling market to swing gently back and forth by slight changes in the discount rate, or cause violent fluctuations by greater rate variation and in either case, it will possess inside information as to financial conditions and advanced knowledge of the coming change, either up or down. This is the strangest and most dangerous advantage ever placed in the hands of a special privilege class by any government that ever existed. The system is private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the use of other peoples’ money. They know in advance when to create panics to their advantage, and they also know when to stop panic. Inflation and deflation ...
JCI: A Key Player in Encouraging Positive Change Junior Chamber International (JCI) was created in 1946 and has since become a worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs, with more than 200.000 members and one million alumni all around the world. It is a non-profit organization with representation in over 45 countries in Europe and 120 worldwide. The Junior Chamber International is one of the first non-governmental associations to have obtained special consultative status with the United Nations, with which it has strong cooperation relations, as shown by the historic visit of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to the JCI headquarters in June 2009. In addition to the active members of the organization, JCI numbers millions of former members, among whom numerous personalities such as Charles Lindbergh, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Kofi Annan, Bill Clinton, Taro Aso and H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Honorary President of JCI Monaco. JCI is a network where young people from 18 to 40 all over ...
1927 Charles Lindbergh adjusting himself in a bathing suit.
It's like Charles Lindbergh's baby was raised by Bernie Madoff
This afternoon at Lindbergh plage, Contentin, Normandy. Named after the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh aka Lucky Lindy aka Slim aka The Lone Eagle, who traversed this beautiful spot on his non-stop flight from Roosevelt Field in Garden City/Long Island to Le Bourget Field/Paris in May, 1927.
Fun Fact - Henry Ford was Charles Lindbergh's first passenger in the Spirit of St. Louis.
Remembering Father Coughlin - a man who exposed the NWO in the 1930's with a radio program that reached a third of the nation ...because of Father Coughlin, the government made it harder for people to speak freely over talk-radio and introduced strict regulations to obtain a radio 'permit'. Heroes of the Resistance: Charles Coughlin WHEN TRAITORS RULE, PATRIOTS ARE PARIAHS By Reb Culhane Reb Culhane is the pseudonym of a 21 year old college student in Denver, Colorado. Throughout the 20th century, voices that cut a little too close to the core of the New World Order, were silenced, slandered, and discredited. One such voice, was Father Charles Coughlin (1891-1979.) A Roman Catholic priest of Canadian birth, Coughlin pioneered use of the radio to reach vast numbers of people during the 1930s era of Roosevelt's New Deal. While his message was not without flaws, Father Coughlin spoke the truth in key areas which led to his consignment to the "wrong" side of history in official accounts. Originally a strong s ...
Minnesota State Park Charles Lindbergh. A beautiful hike through woods and field. The best part was visiting the museum and his boyhood home, learning so much more about this fascinating man way beyond the transatlantic flight including his politics and contributions to aviation. In reading more, surprised to learn he fathered 7 illegitimate children in Europe, confirmed by DNA after his death. I highly recommend this one...beautiful and along the Mississippi. Photos are a field where he landed a Jenny plane and the family piano which I played a few hymns with Jared and the tour guide and others sang along.
“We are disturbed about the effect of the Jewish influence in our press, radio and motion pictures." Charles Lindbergh
More than 3.5 million letters were sent to Charles Lindbergh -- primarily from females. B Bryson One Summer
TIL-On the 27th hour of the first non-stop flight from New York to Paris in 1927, Charles Lindbergh glided cl...
Charles Lindbergh standing beside the "Spirit of St. Louis", 1927.
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James Davidson who owns an historic house adjacent to the former Charles Lindbergh property blogs on the 1932...
"All the achievements of mankind have value only to the extent that they preserve and improve the quality of life.". -Charles Lindbergh
"Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after." — Anne Morrow Lindberg: American author, aviator, and the wife of fellow aviator Charles Lindbergh
Charles Lindbergh was a hero of my father and I and still is. Nancy and I got to know the Lindbergh Family in the 1980's and even spent time with his widow, Ann Morrow Lindbergh and adult children. I also received the Charles Lindbergh Award for my work with the Navajo People with our Navajo Sheep Project. Been to the Lindbergh home in Minnesota too. My father told me he learned to "Barn Storm" with "Lucky Lindy" too. The plane in this picture is a Stearman biplane that I even learned to fly many years ago as it was a PT=Primary Trainer for beginning pilots. Being a "Tail Dragger", it made you a better pilot when taxiing before takeoff and after landing. Had a friend who owned 9 restored Stearman's and we occasionally took them out in order to drop candy on local birthday parties. Do 360's over homesite at 500 AGL (Above Ground Level; FAA rule then). Lots of fun and I've always liked flying prop jobs,; and multi-engine jets. Sorry for rambling but this image brought back many good memories.
from 1914 to 1919 - money supply doubled then in 1920 panic initiated by calling in loans...and just like 1907 bankrons bankruptcy and collapse occurred , over 5400 competitive banks outside the federal reserve system collapsed further consolidating the monopoly of the small group of international bankers."UNDER THE Federal Reserve Act, PANICS ARE SCIENTIFICALLY CREATED, THE PRESENT PANIC IS THE FIRST SCIENTIFICALLY CREATED ONE, WORKED OUT AS WE FIGURE A MATHEMATICAL EQUATION" -Charles Lindbergh
second floor of the hotel has witnessed the presence of political leaders and a lot of figures of culture: Lawrence of Arabia slept in room 202 (there is a copy of his unpaid bar bill displayed in the hotel); King Faisal declared Syria's independence from the balcony in room 215; Agatha Christie wrote the first part of "Murder on the Orient Express" in room 203. The Presidential Suite was occupied in turn by Charles de Gaulle, King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden, Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser, Syria's former President Hafez Al Assad, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (the founder of the United Arab Emirates), and the American billionaire David Rockefeller. Other notable guests include Dame Freya Stark, Julie Christie, Mr and Mrs Theodore Roosevelt, Kemal Ataturk, Lady Louise Mountbatten (, Charles Lindbergh and Yuri Gagarin
A great read "The Aviators" by Winston Groom about three American Heros of uncommon valor.. Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle and Charles Lindbergh.
On 18 February 1930, ELM FARM OLLIE became the first cow to fly in an airplane, when she was loaded into a Ford Trimotor and flown the 72 miles (116 km) from Bismarck, Missouri to St. Louis, MIssouri, as part of the 1930 International Air Exposition. During the flight, the Guernsey also became the first cow to be milked in flight. ELM FARM OLLIE was reported to be unusually productive, requiring three milkings a day, and producing 24 quarts of milk during the flight itself. Wisconsin native Elsworth W. Bunce milked her, becoming the first man to milk a cow mid-flight. ELM FARM OLLIE's milk was sealed into paper cartons which were parachuted to spectators below; dignitaries Charles Lindbergh and Jimmy Doolittle reportedly each received a glass of her milk. Today, the world-famous National Mustard Museum, located in the heart of downtown Middleton, Wisconsin, has the largest exhibit commemorating the historic flight of ELM FARM OLLIE - a bovine they describe as "a cow who cuts the mustard."
When Kirk and Spock speak to Admiral Marcus after learning that John Harrison has escaped to Qo'noS, an assortment of models is visible on the Admiral's desk: *The Wright Flyer. *Charles Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis". *A V2 (Aggregat-4) German ballistic missile from World War II. *An X-15. *A Vostok capsule. *A Gemini capsule. *A US Space Shuttle (presumably Enterprise). *A launch rocket, possibly a Titan variant. *"XCV 330 USS Enterprise" (the ship with the rings around its hull). *Zefram Cochrane's warp ship, the Phoenix. *The NX-Alpha, a NX class prototype. *The NX-01 Enterprise. *The USS Kelvin, or a ship of the same class and layout. *The USS Vengeance, a ship which has not been seen on screen by the point in the film, and which the Admiral will later use in an attempt to destroy the Enterprise.
Addresses of some more people who lived in Detroit: Walter P. Reuther (3240 West Philadelphia); Jimmy Hoffa (4742 Toledo); Mike and Marion Iitch (7321 Chalfonte); Peter Karmanos (16161 Asbury Park); Charles Lindbergh (1120 West Forest); and Sonny Eliot (3242 Calvert). Celebrate Detroit!
February 13, Thursday- On this day in history: In 1689, William and Mary were proclaimed co-rulers of England: In 1914, In New York City the American Society of Composers, Authors, and publishers was established to protect the copyrighted musical compositions of its members: In 1919, Tennessee Ernie Ford, singer/actor, was born in Bristol, Tennessee: In 1935, A jury in Flemington, New Jersey found Bruno Hauptmann guilty of the 1932 kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby ( the son of Charles Lindbergh): 1945, World War II- The siege of Budapest concluded with the unconditional surrender of German and Hungarian forces to the Red Army: In 1954, Frank Selvy (Furman University) became the only NCAA Division 1 basketball player ever to score 100 points in a single game: In 1979, An intense windstorm struck Western Washington State and destroyed a 1/2 mile long section of the Hood Canal Bridge: In 1981, A series of sewer explosions destroyed more than two miles of streets in Louisville, Kentucky: and In 200 ...
A good historical comparison for Imran Khan is probably the aviator hero, Charles Lindbergh. Both essentially famed for good looks hold similar philosophical moorings - a belief in martial race and manifest destiny of the pure (uncorrupt) to rule. They share the trait of almost arrogant and stubborn insistence on a given position even when overwhelming evidence to the contrary is clear for all to see. Lindbergh's political ambitions came to nought due to his unstinting support of Nazism. It remains to be seen if Khan's unwavering faith in the essential goodness of the Taliban will also leave him marooned. Or could it be the American public in the 1940s had a greater capacity than Pakistanis today to discern the difference between a fanciful hero and that that makes a great national statesman? 'To millions of one-time admirers, Charles Lindbergh's luster had been fatally tainted by his words and associations during the 1930's and early 1940's. Historian William O'Neill spoke for many Americans when he offe ...
Written by gifted storyteller Winston Groom (author of Forrest Gump), The Aviators tells the saga of three extraordinary aviators--Charles Lindbergh, Eddie Rickenbacker, and Jimmy Doolittle--and how they redefine heroism through their genius, daring, and uncommon courage.  This is the fascin...
When Glendale had it's airport. Before there was an LAX, there was GCA. In its heyday, it was host to the likes of so many aviators . . . Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, Wiley Post, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (if you've ever flown into Sydney, AUS, it's named for him) . . . all traversed this airport . . . thank goodness the main building still stands.
Watching History Channel; The mystery of Bermuda Triangle. Whatever happened to Flight 19—five Navy bombers that vanished on a routine training mission—and the untold numbers of others who have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? What can we learn from intrepid adventurers like Christopher Columbus, Charles Lindbergh, and Bruce Gernon—the co-author of this book—who survived frightening encounters in the Triangle and lived to tell the tale?
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“We found a water pipe, tied the flag to it and put it up. Then all *** broke loose below. Troops cheered, ships blew whistles, some men openly wept.” — Cpl. Charles Lindbergh | Flag raising on Iwo Jima
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