Charles Krauthammer & Bret Baier

Charles Krauthammer (born March 13, 1950) is an American Pulitzer Prize–winning syndicated columnist, political commentator, and physician. Bret Baier (born August 4, 1970 in Rumson, New Jersey) is an American journalist and the host of Special Report with Bret Baier on Fox News Channel. 5.0/5

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Does anyone know where Charles Krauthammer is? I have not seen him on Fox w/Bret Baier in a couple of weeks.
Starring Bret Baier and Charles Krauthammer in top form, Brit Hume's serio comedy is the second and best version of the play.
The two heartfelt central performances from Bret Baier and Charles Krauthammer will inject you with happiness
I would love to hear Dana Perino, Charles Krauthammer, Sharyl Attkisson, Tara Kyle, Bret Baier ...
Bret Baier shines in Charles Krauthammer's deceptively simple romance, a refreshing take on an age-old dilemma.
Yumping Yemeni By: Larry Johnson You think Charles Krauthammer is a smart, knowledgeable pundit? Think again. Tonight on Bret Baier he really showed his *** The topic? Yemen. He is so damned obsessed with Iran that he fails to recognize good news when it kicks him in the stones. The Shia Houthis, who are backed by Iran, ousted the Sunni President. From Krauthammer’s dimwitted perspective this is a disaster. Dr. K conveniently ignores the fact that, despite much lip service from the former Yemeni leader about going after Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula aka AQAP, that the AQAP boys continue to thrive and operate. Enter the Houthis. They are Shia. AQAP views them as apostates. *** they are worse than the “Crusaders” (that’s us folks). So, we have a new group of tribal Shia in charge in the Yemeni capital and that’s bad news. They are more likely to support exterminating AQAP. And that is bad news for us? Meanwhile, on the northern border of Yemen sits Saudi Arabia. Elderly King Abdullah is dea .. ...
In recent days, we have learned the IRS is lying to America when it claims it lost all of Lois Lerner’s emails regarding the targeting of tea party groups over a two year period. The wise Charles Krauthammer was on Fox News with Bret Baier to discuss this development, and he didn’t hold back: These…
Like the best horror/comedies, Bret Baier & Charles Krauthammer vs. John Roberts.
A compelling look into the personal background and career of America's preeminent Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Charles Krauthammer. FNC's Bret Baier *** ..
Q: How does a conservative know that the media and press are dominated by liberals and slant news to the left? A: Well, c'mon - Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Bill O'Really and Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin and Mike Huckabee and Gretchen Carlson and Greta Van Susteren and George Will and Laura Ingraham and Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg and Michael Medved and Ann Coulter and Michael Savage and Pat Robertson and R. Emmett Tyrell and Jeff Jacoby and Monica Crowley and Thomas Sowell and Dennis Prager and Steve Doocy and Ollie North and Tucker Carlson and Neil Cavuto and Brian Kilmeade and Dana Perino and Bret Baier and Liz Cheney and Mark Steyn and David Limbaugh and Bernie Goldberg and Ben Shapiro and G. Gordon Liddy and Rich Lowry and Victor Davis Hanson and John Podhoretz and Lou Dobbs and Cal Thomas and Walter Williams and John Stossel and Debra Saunders and Shelby Steele wouldn't all be saying that in their syndicated columns and on their national TV and radio shows if it was ...
Columnist Charles Krauthammer contended, on Thursday’s Special Report with Bret Baier, that the release of the Ben Rhodes memo has changed the media dynamic in interest toward the Benghazi sca
'Fox News Reporting: Benghazi: White House Cover-Up Revealed?' to Air Friday, May 2 on FNC Categories: Press Releases FOX News Channel (FNC) will present a one-hour special, “Fox News Reporting: Benghazi: White House Cover-Up Revealed?” on Friday, May 2nd at 9PM/ET. Hosted by FNC’s Bret Baier, the special focuses on newly released emails that reveal a presidential adviser advocated a strategy to shield the president and his policies from blame for the attack on September 11 in Benghazi, Libya ahead of the 2012 election. Throughout the special, FNC contributors Charles Krauthammer, Mara Liasson, George Will and Steve Hayes will be featured in panel discussions. //
Obamacare's endgame is the semi-nationalization of American healthcare, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News' "Special Report with Bret Baier."
Charles Krauthammer said Monday on "Special Report with Bret Baier" that he believes the true objective of ObamaCare is to serve as a "semi-nationalization" of the health care industry using insurers as the middle man. Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist and a Fox News contributor, cited the recent CBO report that projects 25 million people have signed up but 12 million will lose their existing coverage after 10 years of ObamaCare. According to the CBO, by 2024 there will be a net gain of 13 million who become insured, but 31 million who will be uninsured.
Charles Krauthammer said Friday on "Special Report with Bret Baier" that the latest delay of the Keystone XL is not about the oil or the environment, saying there is an "open and shut case" to build the pipeline. The Obama administration Friday EXTENDED the review period for the pipeline, effectively PUSHING BACK the final decision until after this fall’s midterm elections. The State Department said they need more time to review public comments and *** any impact a pending lawsuit might have on the project. Yet another example of these dopes "extending" and "delaying" another good thing for the country, until AFTER the mid-term elections. How convenient - they just love using that 'carrot on a stick' trick in front of the voter's noses, while they HOPE something will be done right (fat chance). If there's ONE thing this 'administration' doesn't fear, it's a law suit - not with "we don't recognize black-on-white-crime, get rid of that pesky 2d Amendment" Holder at the helm...and there's also one othe ...
AND NOW, A WORD FROM CHARLES… “[Russian ruler Vladimir Putin] has on the border of Ukraine 20,000 troops, artillery, and attack helicopters and we are now going to give the Ukrainians, what, tuna sandwiches?” – Charles Krauthammer, on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”
Happy to all of the fans out there! Bret Baier is in today giving a speech for Fox News Shannon Bream is in the anchor chair for him this evening and on the panel we have Steve Hayes, AB Stoddard and Charles Krauthammer!
As a political pundit, Charles Krauthammer is one of the best. His syndicated column is published in 400 newspapers worldwide, and he is a nightly fixture as one of the talking heads on Fox NewsSpecial Report with Bret Baier. In short, he is very well known, well spoken, and consequently very succ...
I will be on Special Report with Bret Baier along with Charles Krauthammer and George Will. 6PM ET on Fox News.
On Special Report Friday, Juan Williams took on Charles Krauthammer, Bret Baier, and Howard Kurtz over the Obamacare website glitches, arguing that technolog...
I will be on the Special Report panel tonight on Fox News along with Nina Easton and Charles Krauthammer. Shannon Bream filling in for Bret Baier tonight. Be sure to tune in - 6PM ET.
After watching some clips from Bret Baier's interview with Charles Krauthammer, I respect the man even more!
Watched the special by Bret Baier on Charles Krauthammer last night - outstanding! Just increased my respect level for a brilliant man...
Pulitzer Prize-winner columnist Charles Krauthammer presented (last night on Bret Baier's Special) a profound analysis of America and its current Policy/Political stance..."the treatment is killing the patient"...
Bret Baier's report/interview on the Charles Krauthammer metamorphosis is intensely fascinating. Although there are time that I disagree with him, I can't help but admire his intellect in not only the political field, but also fields of philosophy, science, and sports. His persona is not unlike the genius of Neil Peart; incredibly intelligent, poignant, cynical, and dark. I like the guy.
I like Neil Cavuto, Jonathan Hoenig, Bret Baier, Charles Krauthammer, Brit Hume, Steve Doocy, and Shepard Smith to name some respectively!
Own it, O !! On Special Report with Bret Baier, Charles Krauthammer minimizes the competency of Pres... -
The Bret Baier panel including Charles Krauthammer are marginalizing Edward Snowden. Am certain O'Reilly will too. Uncertain about what Hannity will say!!
“Loyalty to the president is good, but loyalty, truth and integrity to the country is better.” -- Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier.” Read more:
Happy Friday! Tonight on the Special Report panel we have Tucker Carlson, Charles Lane and Charles Krauthammer! Chris Wallace is in for Bret tonight--
“I think Issa should not be making personal attacks or hurling epithets. Leave that to me.” -- Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Listening to Bret Baier and Charles Krauthammer on Fox whine about Eric Holder makes me think he won't be stepping down.
Charles how well is ObamaCare taking care of the Boston injured? See ya on SR Grapevine with Bret Baier.
“I think it could redound against the administration if people imagine, as in this case, that they could be acting in bad faith and deliberately making things really bad.” -- Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier”
Tonight on the Special Report panel we have Judge Andrew Napolitano, Juan Williams and Charles Krauthammer!
Fox News: Today on Bret Baier, they called the ICE release of illegals "felons" which of course was not the case. Then they had a graphic of a real pie showing the difference in "pie charts" in spending. Last year's was 2.7 trillion, and good old Bret during the panel discussion said now it's 38 trillion instead of 3.8 and old Charles Krauthammer couldn't open his mouth to correct him. It is impossible for anyone on Fox to admit they screwed up on anything. What's a 35 trillion dollar mistake, they're Republicans. It would be nice for someone to have a TV show one week later playing everything said on either Hannity or O'Reilly showing what was said was real and what turned out to be real. It would be very enlightening.
I just received a request to use my "Sequestration Pie Chart" cartoon on Special Report with Bret Baier on Fox News Today at 3 pm PST. Please tune in. If you have never seen it, check it out. Bret Baier is outstanding and the All-Star panel featuring Charles Krauthammer, my Weekly Standard colleagues, Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes and Stephen Hayes, and Juan Williams, A.B. Stoddard and company give great insight into today's news and issues, and in-depth analysis from different perspectives. It is one of the most informative and balanced news programs on television today and one my favorite Television shows. -m
On the panel this evening we have Byron York, AB Stoddard and Charles Krauthammer!!
The LOSERS of the week: The 4 yr olds who are currently playing, laughing and jumping around having a great time, and 0 wants them to go to school to prepare for the high tech economy of the future - cant wait till the age of 5. We can't let the Chinese 4 yr olds beat us on creating solar and algae power, along with other high tech inventions. - a rough recap of Charles Krauthammer's opinion on tonight's "Special Edition" with Bret Baier.
On Universal Pre-K “This isn't just any new entitlement. It's an entitlement that we know the $7 billion a year that we spend on Head Start doesn't make any difference after the third grade. There is a study that HHS has done that shows that. It's a failure, and yet he wants to double down to make it universal. That is probably a definition of a liberal.” -- Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”
We have a Special Edition of Special Report tonight at 6pmET!! On the panel we have Bill Kristol, AB Stoddard, Juan Williams and Charles Krauthammer!! Panel will discuss the Presidential Inauguration and Algeria--
“If we didn't do hypocrisy here every night we would probably have a three-minute panel every night. It is quite staggering. It's not just that [President Obama] changed his position [on the debt limit], but the way he heaps opprobrium on the people who are saying today exactly what he said seven years ago.” -- Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”
“If we keep spending like this we will have a president in a few years that will stand up and say we are unable to pay Social Security or the military or benefits, and not because of self-imposed crisis on a debt ceiling but because we will be out of money.” -- Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”
Charles Krauthammer at 3min 3sec: Obama should offer Romney Treasury job in ultimate bipartisan gesture
Yikes... I'm not sure what I'll do with my free time starting Nov. 7th. I've been engaged with watching/listening to Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Michael Savage, Bret Baier, Karl Rove, Joe Trippi, Charles Krauthammer, Shep Sheppard, Greta Van Sustren, Andrea Tarantaros, Dana Perino, Jonathan Hunt, Eric Bolling, Greg Gutfeld, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Brian Kilmeade, Andrew Napolitano, Bill O'Reilly, Dennis Miller, Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, Fred Barnes, Stephen F. Hayes, A.B.Stoddard, Megyn Kelly among others for the past few years on what would seem to be a religious basis. I think I see withdrawls occuring in my not too distant future.
just followed Dennis Miller, Charles Krauthammer, Marco Rubio, Bret Baier, Peter Tebow, and Paul Ryan.. I think I got a thrill up my leg.
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“So what can they offer? He's not going to -- he could have done a Clinton and gone back to the center as he did in '96 and sort of triangulated and proposed a lot of centrist stuff, and that's not Obama. It's not who he is. And he doesn't have an agenda. Everybody knows it. And he's run on kill Romney. And that worked because he had all the money and there were no answers to all those ads until the first debate. And he's run out of ideas. That's his problem right now.” -- Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”
Read this man's story on Wikipedia..see and listen to him on Fox News...consider what a Doctor such as he thinks about the coming Presidential election...Charles Krauthammer (/ˈkraʊt.hæmər/; born March 13, 1950) is an American Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, political commentator, and physician. His column is syndicated to more than 275 newspapers and media outlets.[1] He is a contributing editor to the Weekly Standard and The New Republic. He is also a weekly panelist on the PBS news program Inside Washington[2] and a nightly panelist on Fox News's Special Report with Bret Baier.if you do these things and still vote Obama for re-election...well you fill in the blanks!!!.I'm for just plain STOPPING THE ELECTION.AND REALLY THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATING THE DEATHS OF THE LIBYAN AMBASSADOR AND HIS DEFENDERS ...WITH CONSIDERATION OF POSSIBLE IMPEACHMENT OR LEGAL RECOURSE FOR THE CITIZENS OF AMERICA???...
So since Liv had symptoms not allowed in children's area, I'm home (rather than "relaxing" at choir) and catching up on housework to the sounds of Fox News. I just heard Maddy say, "There's Charles [Krauthammer]. Where's Bret Baier?" Along those lines, I just found out Krauthammer has been in wheelchair for what a role model for Maddy. I'm sure Daddy wouldn't mind if Madeline turns out to be that politically astute! Maddy also identifies President Obama and Mitt Romney. Usually Mitt Romney is her favorite, but last night when I asked her who her favorite is and she said. "President Obama. He's so happy." There's that pesky likeability thing again! We'll have to show her all the pros and cons again before the election. ;)
A word to Obama on the Libya fiasco. "Tell the truth. It's easier to memorize." -- Charles Krauthammer on "Special Report with Bret Baier."
“I think if you look at the polls and a 16-point flip among independents towards Romney, you've got to say, as opposed to what Mara said, he has a foot in the door, a full leg, two arms, half a torso and a head. That is my medical opinion, anyway. He made incredible advances here. It's up to Obama to reverse them. I don't know if he can.” -- Charles Krauthammer on Special Report with Bret Baier”
A very salient comment - “Obama is trying to throw money at negating the effect of the debate by calling Romney a liar, which is interesting after a string of other excuses, weak moderator, the stresses of office, and the demands, like appearing on "The View" and raising a lot of money in Hollywood, and, of course, altitude. So now it's that Romney is a liar and Obama was so shocked by the lies he couldn't speak on his own.” -- Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”
Juan Williams and Charles Krauthammer are discussing Israel on Bret Baier. Oo, this be good. Ha!
I didn't watch Obama last night, I watched a two hour special on Ronald Reagan. The difference is awesome - I still cannot imagine anyone being so mislead as to believe a thing our president says. What he did NOT say spoke more than what he DID.. And then today we have new employment figures today and they prove that we are still losing ground. Krauthammer explained that if you used the true figures, our unemployment rate is standing at 9.1% - Obama's shapeshifters continue to skew data so that those who aren't paying close attention will (they hope) believe that things are improving. Did Obama deal with the debt or the deficit? Did they have a debt clock running? Did he offer any PLAN for the future. To all of these questions, NO, NO and NO. If you can get a copy of Charles Krauthammer on Bret Baier tonight, I highly recommend it. The man is brilliant.
Charles Krauthammer spoke with Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly after Bill Clinton’s DNC speech and did not hold back in his critique of the former commander in chief’s remarks.
“So summarize the campaign, it's Obama's campaign saying, ‘Mitt Romney will lay off your dad, kill your mother with cancer, deny your sister contraceptives, throw your son out of college, and if you're African-American, put y'all in chains.’ They say, ‘Are we going negative? No, no, we are talking about issues. You know, he was talking about Dodd-Frank and implementation of regulations on Wall Street in talking about chains.’ This is preposterous.” -- Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”
Charles Krauthammer on Fox News with Bret Baier is briliiiant. I love how the bone head Peanut Gallery that accompanies him can do nothing but look at him like they have no idea what he is talking about. Brett is the only one that seems to be able to keep up. A little bit. lmao
In the upcoming Presidential & VP debates , here are the people who should be asking the questions . Charles Krauthammer , Stewart Varney , Brit Hume & Bret Baier , all formidable with NO softball questions ! What say ye ?
With Mitt Romney's upcoming visit to Israel, (Something Obama has failed to do during his term as President) Syndicated Columnist - Charles Krauthammer, weig...
Charles Krauthammer, Dana Perino, Allen West Bret Baier Neil Cavuto there's more but it's that time of day
I note that Charles Krauthammer on Bret Baier, Fox News, describes Mitt Romney as "Squeaky Clean." You can take that to the bank.
Happy Friday!! John Roberts finishes out the week for us and on the panel we have David Drucker, Steve Hayes and Charles Krauthammer! Friday Lightning Round tonight!!
While listening to Charles Krauthammer on Special Report w/Bret Baier, John Monroe Quality Upholstery blurted out that he wanted to vote for Charles for Secretary of...of...INTELLIGENCE!
I'll start watching the O'Reilly Factor when: 1. They have Bret Baier and Charles Krauthammer on every day 2. They drop O'Reilly.
“Obama is jeopardizing something by going after Romney, through surrogates, but often himself. He's squandering a tactical advantage, which is something that is incomparable -- the presidential aura, the guy who is above it all. He is never going to have the transcendence of the Obama of ‘08, but it's he's going to get down there and act like any other politicians and sling stuff so early on, it will hurt him in a way he won't be able to repair.” -- Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”
6:40 - 7:00 pm ET, I join Special Report with Bret Baier with Kirsten Powers & Charles Krauthammer. I hope you tune in.
Feds Clearing The Way For Drones Over Your House federal government is moving quickly to open the skies over America to drones – both for commercial and government purposes – and respected Washington Post and Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer is forecasting “rifles aimed at the sky all across America.” The comments from Krauthammer, who won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1987 after serving as a speechwriter for Vice President Walter Mondale and then beginning his journalism career at The New Republic, were on “Special Report” with Bret Baier. “I would predict, I’m not encouraging, but I predict the first guy who uses a Second Amendment weapon to bring a drone down that’s been hovering over his house is going to be a folk hero in this country,” Krauthammer said. The conversation arose as the federal government announced it is beginning to allow public safety agencies to fly unmanned aircraft – drones – with fewer and fewer restrictions. According to yesterday’s report ...
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