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Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer (born March 13, 1950) is an American Pulitzer Prize–winning syndicated columnist, political commentator, and physician.

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Charles Krauthammer is a very visible cultural commentator. He self-identifies as an agnostic, but had some...
how is Charles doing?Is he recovering ? don't always agree w him but miss his intelligence&insights .
A patient Reince Preibus insists to Ben Carson that squirrels are trading favors. Charles Krauthammer pees on the rug.
Delightful, sophisticated comedy sparked by the famous chemistry between Sean Hannity and Charles Krauthammer.
Does anyone know where Charles Krauthammer is? I have not seen him on Fox w/Bret Baier in a couple of weeks.
Like u and Chris. How is Charles Krauthammer? Will he be back soon?
Charles Krauthammer "one of the worst and most boring political pundits on television"
Dr. Charles Krauthammer does a great job of providing s straightforward and direct path to solving the...
Charles Krauthammer switch from psychology to law because of this.
I am still worried about Charles Krauthammer. He must be having a terrible time recovering from his operation. Brave soul!
Look guys over the last weeks I thought katey had to be with Derek Peth, JT, Anderson, Charles Krauthammer, Paul Rudd and probably more -Glo
Sorta - if you haven't already go to Dennis Prager University and listen to Charles Krauthammer's…
Have you ever watched Fox, aside from on youtube's bits and pieces? Are Charles…
I wonder if Lindsey Graham knows that even Charles Krauthammer thinks that single payer healthcare is inevitable.
Charles Krauthammer's video at Prager University nails it
Please go to Prager u and watch Charles Krauthammer testimony about what to do about illegal immigra…
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I would buy a Charles Krauthammer Rap CD before I listen to Jay-Z rap on a album ever again. Jay-Z is a virus that runied h…
Go to Prager university and watch Charles Krauthammer's testimony about what to do it makes perfect sense
For all of those asking about Charles -he is still recovering from surgery in the hospital- we hope & pray he'l…
Charles Krauthammer last year according to Details:
That's a fact, chuckie and nance wants to appear in power. They've lost so many elections shalacked…
Charles Krauthammer makes the character of Peter Johnson, Jr. his own, while also reminding us of why we love the character.
Get well soon Charles. We miss you on Special Report.
Jeanine Pirro plays baby sitter in this knockabout Charles Krauthammer comedy.
As much about the culture that produces and fears, consumes and condemns, an John Stossel as it is about Charles Krauthammer.
Krauthammer calls for the ARREST of barrack obama. The Iran Money Deal WAS ILLEGAL...!.
Noonan, a Reagan era propagandist, is in the same class as Phyllis Schlafly, Charles Krauthammer, J…
Laura Ingraham says Trump’s remarks today won’t help his agenda. Charles Krauthammer retorts: “What Trump did today was a mor…
Charles Krauthammer chided Trump today on Fox News about Trump's taking sides in the VA riots. Laura Ingraham ripped Ch…
MSM: "HILLARY WINS 1st DEBATE" ?. NOT SO FAST says Charles Krauthammer. a man who is usually correct.
Or the guys at the National Review, or Charles Krauthammer. The problem is too many people on…
I appreciate now more than ever. A brilliant Conservative who tells it like it is.
Bill Kristol is a deep state/wanna be know it all. Very similar to Charles Krauthammer. They have it al…
Wild Geraldo Rivera horror classic anchored by great Charles Krauthammer.
Charles Krauthammer: Even if Flynn's talks are not a crime, the cover-up is baffling
Exactly. e.g. You didn't see John Kasich and Charles Krauthammer there. Anyone not in the alt-right ste…
And on TV I trust Charlie Rose, Jake Tapper, Charles Krauthammer, ummm… um… that's all I can think of.
Charles Krauthammer "the hatred that clown has for me is unbelievable – causes him to lie"(08/07/2015)
He's unfit in Charles' mind because of some very specific actions a…
Because he has respect for Charles and many…
I saw Peter very pathetically try to debate Charles Krauthammer in Charlotte…
Charles Krauthammer would know too, after all he is a card carrying member of the GOP establishment. This. Is.
Exact face when my grandma gave me Charles Krauthammer and Tom Friedman books for consecutive birthdays
Well if the quadriplegic Charles Krauthammer can drive a car, what's just missing one arm? 💪👍
Krauthammer: Denial of collusion is very weak
Charles , your support of the WashPost pretty much tells people everything they need to know about what side you'…
Nuclearize Japan as suggested by Charles Krauthammer. N Korea is China's tool to push USA around to see weakness Of…
Long before anyone was talking about *** marriage, that's what Charles Krauthammer and George Will had
Fox News has their Charles Krauthammer, whom I respect deeply, us folks need a spokesman...or better yet…
Krauthammer: 'It's dangerous' to discuss using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump - T… ➜…
Must remember this technique if I need to thin the herd. I think I'll try Charles Krauthammer though.
McConnell and Charles Krauthammer both look like turtles.
It's hard not to like Cavuto's Charles Krauthammer, which means it's hard not to like Your World with Neil Cavuto.
I remember Bill O'Reilly asking Charles Krauthammer if the Deep state was real. Charles said you'v…
Charles Krauthammer on the grand jury: “This is an investigation in search of a crime.” (via
Great point, Chris Wallace, Shep Smith and Charles Krauthammer have been tough and independent.
Some Trump-supporters might just now think that Shepherd Smith, Charles Krauthammer and Fox News are all "libtards."
How many Americans listen to a voice of wisdom and reason such as Charles Krauthammer.100% should .less...
Please stop force feeding us Charles Krauthammer, we ur viewers are tired o…
Charles Krauthammer looks like he is being kept alive by the power of a gypsy curse.
Leave it to Charles hardly a raging liberal, to say "bungled collusion is still collusion."
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This man Charles Krauthammer has the clearest picture and strategy for abolish…
Please listen to Dr. Charles Krauthammer tort reform, ins. across state lines and let people buy w…
Charles I've been pretty rough on you take nothing back but what you said tonight the President should…
CHARLES &CONGRESSMEN have their head up their *** where there is only room for EGO. Th…
Charles Krauthammer: Trump Jr. emails are evidence of 'collusion'
Perhaps Republicans shouldn't have overpromised to their billionaires? Turns out all voters need healthcare.
Charles Krauthammer just said 25% of all medical procedures are done by doctors to ward off litigation & possible law suits.
I agree with you Charles Krauthammer- we NEED TORT REFORM!
Charles Krauthammer along with evry1 else who has no idea about HC for poor. He thinks poor get all these GOODIES, whn they don't
On Fox News, Charles Krauthammer doubles down on his criticism of Donald Trump Jr. via
Charles Krauthammer is nothing more than a neocon propagandist
I'd rather slit my on throat than watch Chris Stirewalt , Charles Krauthammer & Bernie Goldberg. Smugness overload!
Charles Krauthammer compares President Trump to Hugo Chavez - How ridiculous can Charles get. Crazy stuff from Krauthammer.
When Fox News commentators are forced in our faces daily:. Charles Krauthammer. Ed Rollins. Chris Stirewalt. I turn the channel immediately!
I would like to see Charles Krauthammer and/or Dennis Mil…
Over dinner, Hope Hicks tells President Trump that Ponzi scheme conmen are moving in next door. Charles Krauthammer learns to cook.
“Ron Paul is not going to be president, so we don't have to worry about who's going to be in his cabinet.” Charles Krauthammer
Chuck looked and sounded like a fool Mol…
Fox News:CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER Calls 4 The ARREST Of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, an investigation into this criminal a must ,
Hey what is with the obsession with Charles Krauthammer?
Charles Krauthammer: steps into the morass that is the peace process. too, will fail.
“Washington is the only place in the world where a gaffe is when a politician accidently speaks the truth.” Charles Krauthammer
“Loyalty to the President is great, but loyalty to truth, integrity, and country is even better.” Charles Krauthammer
Thx Bret what a wonderful story you did on Charles krauthammer. I thoroughly enjoyed the great job you did.Would like to C more !
Charles Krauthammer Calls for the Arrest of Barack Hussein Obama (Video) Noose Is Tightening on Illegal President
Charles, bro, if you can't stop sucking, might as well get paid for it, right? We dont blame you.
Uncomfortable moment between you and Cha…
Charles Krauthammer on POTUS' foreign trip: "America is back. That's the story."
P4 "Charles Krauthammer ... calling their efforts hypocritical and slanderous." . You heard him... he said: "sland…
Dems should be afraid of this Krauthammer rant...
John Stossel's delirious humor sets up Charles Krauthammer's wealthy dope to be taken by Karl Rove's seductive con artistry.
Today was a waste of time. Charles Krauthammer agrees with me. Didn't learn anything today, that we knew yesterday
Yeah, I'm the far-left wing with Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Ross Douhat and Michael Gerson.
Charles Krauthammer. "We'll be a single payer system within 7 years.". "Donald Trump is going to lose.". As w G Will, why list…
Charles Krauthammer is clearly the late Jim Henson's swan song. He looks so realistic.
I find my own views more consistent with those of Charles Krauthammer and Fred Barnes these days.
My gosh Charles Krauthammer is on Fox and he looks as tan as George Hamilton 😂😂😂
Equally important Charles, he told our allies that they will be treated as allies
. Love Charles Krauthammer! Odd turn of phrase for him to use though.
...almost fell off my chair... Charles agreeing w/Trump's Syrian strike... kudos Charles..
What is Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer thinking? Single payer health care is the solution to...
Wow, Charles pulled his head out of his ***
Video: Charles Trump wanted to say not that there’s a new sheriff in town, but a sheriff” after “abse…
From your mouth to God's ears, Charles.
"There's a new sher... a sheriff in town." Charles Krauthammer on the bombing of Syria.
that's the plan Charles-believe it or not there are A LOT of Trump supporters that SC was the issue
Charles Krauthammer: Syria strikes represent “a neck snapping about face” on policy.
Love the evenings Charles and I think alike... but still love him when we don't. he's bril…
Charles have you seen Ginsberg lately she looks like the crypt-keeper in a black robe Trump w…
Charles Krauthammer on strike: There's not a NEW sheriff in town, there's a SHERIFF in town, after 8-yr absence.
Excellent insights on roles of judiciary & congress. Charles Krauthammer: Karma, Precedent and the Nuclear Option
It's not academia's fault that the chief intellectuals of the right these days are Newt Gingrich & Charles Krauthammer,…
Charles, you have to grow up. President Trump's action was calculated not emotional. he will never telegraph his punches.
No that's the doctors name, you're thinking of Charles Krauthammer's *monster*
He wants to please Joe Scarborough, Fareed Zakaria, Charles Krauthammer and Alex Jones simultaneously
Hi what is with the obsession with Charles Krauthammer?
Charles Krauthammer describes you and your arrogant, paternalistic, anti-democratic hypocri…
Karma, precedent and the nuclear option: Charles Krauthammer
Charles Krauthammer says that the president is Clinically Delusional
East Bay Times: Charles Krauthammer: Karma, precedent and the nuclear option
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Your hatred for the Pres. will give you wrinkles Charles, and there's no proff t…
Charles Krauthammer: Karma, precedent and the nuclear option: WASHINGTON -- For euphemism…
Gorsuch nomination's a bitter setback to the liberal project of using courts to ratchet leftward the law & society
Purpose of a constitutional court is to enforce old norms that have preserved our vitality and liberty for 230 years
By what logic are the norms of a variegated people better reflected in 9 appointed lawyers produced by 3 law schools
With its finger on the pulse of the people, the court turns contemporary culture into constitutional law.
Charles Krauthammer: Karma, precedent and the nuclear option
Liberalism doesn't want to admit the court's become its last reliable instrument for achieving political objectives
Classic be careful what you ask for, bcos you just might get it: Justice is fitting approval for
Republicans just stopped a Democratic filibuster of Neil Gorsuch by extending the Reid Rule to the Supreme Court
OPINION IN BRIEF. Charles Krauthammer: "A major reason these fights over Supreme Court nominations have become so...
Charles Krauthammer you are like the nutty professor!
For hypocrisy, there's nothing as entertaining as Senate dust-ups over Supreme Court appointments and the filibuster
Great piece by Krauthammer: Karma, Precedent and the Nuclear Option – Freedom's Back
Oi what is with the obsession with Charles Krauthammer?
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On "Special Report" last night, Charles Krauthammer questioned why the Trump administration said they are not...
You are turning into Charles Krauthammer  in front of my eyes...
Gorsuch approval is fitting punishment for Democrats. Charles Krauthammer's column:
Charles Krauthammer: The Democrats used the nuclear option. Let’s see how they enjoy…
Charles Krauthammer was a speechwriter for Walter Mondale, so he could also talk about speechwriting.
"Syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer clarifies his 'cover-up without a crime' take...
I'm old enough to remember when Charles Krauthammer called a surrounded by sycophants. 😆😆😆
I don't agree with Charles Krauthammer a lot of the time, but when I do, I really agree with him.
So Martin Bashir made a disparaging remark about Charles Krauthammer and his disability Where is the usual outrage? Res…
about ... Charles Krauthammer is a Republican and also has Trump's number. https:…
🇺🇸🇺🇸 . "The UN is an organization that exacerbates tensions. It doesn't assuage them" -Charles Krauthammer.
So, has Krauthammer become a Trump fan? I hope so-Charles has a brilliant mind and our country needs him in the gam…
Charles, now you know how Trump is so effective&can make America great&the world a safer place.
wow, I enjoy articles by Charles as usual, this article is a home run and enjoyed his step by step analysis. Agreed!
Charles Krauthammer: Someday we’ll all thank the Church for holding its own on abortion
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Considering the MSM has ZERO reporters in Syria, how did "Charles" dissect anything?
Charles Krauthammer is a dingus. He represented the "nuanced" defense of apartheid that conservatives crave…
believe Charles Krauthammer was alter ego of ARYANMAN, famous Nazi comic superhero.
Love the editorial thinking here. "Well, if SEN. JOHN MCCAIN can't convince you to bomb Syria, how bout a fellow named CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER?"
you know Charles you were not 100 % Loyal to Trump during election. Why now?
Great column by Charles Krauthammer in today's NY Daily News about how our inaction at start of Syrian crisis left a void for Russian entry.
get used to it Charles he's action not endless talk
Charles Krauthammer: The fall of Aleppo is a fitting end to Obama’s foreign policy decisions -
The Fall of Aleppo and Obama’s Shameful Legacy: By Charles Krauthammer The f
Charles Krauthammer "pretends to be a smart overrated clown" (06/04/2015)
Aleppo And American Decline by Charles Krauthammer. The fall of Aleppo just weeks before Barack Obama leaves...
Charles is absolutely right -- President-elect stood by Israel today, influenced Egypt, a…
If you believe that health care is a public good to be guara...
George F. Will and Charles Krauthammer from Fox Network need to be on MSNBC. They hate Trump without cause. I will not watch them. Hardheads
"In an essay 10 years ago, I pointed out that it is utterly logical for polygamy rights to follow *** rights. After…
It's not so obvious to colleague, who is a genius:
Charles Krauthammer: .distracts. will determine whether his promises get met.
Charles Krauthammer: Trump distracts, Congress will act via
Vulgar, spirited, and neglected anchor Charles Krauthammer meets his match with this 1964 Trace Gallagher vehicle.
Charles Krauthammer complains about fitting his vague ego opinion into 140 characters... Pretty small stuff.
Poor Charles with his overstated intelligence, still just doesn't know what he doesn't know!
Charles Krauthammer: This is the equivalent of Trump PARDONING HILLARY!
“This is a president who clearly intends to get things done.”. - Charles Krauthammer
I see it as the beginning of the end of the American Empire or America as a Super Power!
"Until now the triumph of the West was merely a fact. . Fukuyama has given it a deep and highly original meaning" . —Charles Krauthammer . :/
The Internet is a cauldron of anger every day, every year, e...
Canadian media has better way of writing realities: Charles Krauthammer: Congress will decide Trump
Charles is my favorite conservative columnist.
Psychiatrist Charles asserts obama is delusionaly residing in own make believe world.
Love this observation from Charles Krauthammer mentioned in this week, re alt-right media.
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Thought provoking column from Charles Krauthammer...I think he got it right.
Gee, Charles finally got something right!!!
PETRUMP's NOT putting all his cards on the table Charles! Doesn't believe in it, he will be a gr8!👍
Charles Krauthammer 'We’re Seeing the Utter Decimation of the Democratic Party' - YouTube
The international community lies at the center of the Obama f...
20161209: Charles Krauthammer: Autocracy on the rise, democracy on defence
20161209: Charles Krauthammer: Trump has mesmerized and outflanked the media. But Congress will decide his fate as…
Chess: It's like alcohol. It's a drug. I have to control it,...
Dear WaPo: Please dump Charles Krauthammer's wheelchair into the Potomac
I just want the room in my psyche to make fun of Charles Krauthammer, his name sounds like a Kraftwerk cover band
Sean Hannity Charles Krauthammer Congressman Jason Chaffetz. Lets go over her behavior. . 1.) Election Night...
I liked a video Charles Krauthammer: Liberals' Excuses for Hillary's Loss Are 'Ridiculous'
Charles STILL doesn't understand Trump, whose cabinet picks are DOERS, not know-nothing/do-nothing air-heads.
Charles I would agree with you, but you wanted hillary who would of done same thing.
People on the left “should be worried bc they have overreached now for 8 yrs & that’s about to be stopped in its tracks…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Charles Krauthammer proves he is a smart man. offering a new social contract -- and industrial policy
Kudos to Charles Krauthammer for his exceedingly kind remarks commending the Catholic Church for steadfastly opposing a…
Chief will have Bernie Sanders / Herschel Walker / Charles Krauthammer joining me on Stephen Colbert Show tonight and maybe Lady Gaga 👍
Jenna Lee, Jon Scott, and Charles Krauthammer all turn in very solid performances.
Wow, side by side with Charles Krauthammer. The old Barbra Streisand trick of hiring someone less attractive as co-star.
Charles Krauthammer: The only immigration solution - Winston-Salem Journal
Charles Krauthammer talking race equals about as much as David Duke discussing race! LOL
Greg Gutfeld does the near impossible: he steals a William Kristol show from Charles Krauthammer.
Charles Krauthammer: Trump and the fitness threshold (Daily Mail) - Charleston Gazette-Mail
She's the best My favorite Special Report Panel, AB, Stephen Hayes and Charles Krauthammer
Happy to see Charles Krauthammer call you out on your "Spin." Bill you may want to remove that from your opening titles!
Charles Krauthammer made the case for Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn) to be the most likely choice of Donald Trump to be his running mate.
I'm secretly hoping that the independent candidate who emerges will be . . . George F. Will. Failing that . . . Charles Krauthammer!
Excellent thriller. Megyn Kelly and Charles Krauthammer are outstanding.
Megyn Kelly, Charles Krauthammer astound in touching, well-told tale of rebirth and redemption.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"We are now in the eighth year of the most liberal administration since Lyndon Johnson’s," Charles Krauthammer...
Charles Krauthammer appeals to the Avignon Papacy to explain Rep Ryan v Trump. Church History for the win!
Starring Bret Baier and Charles Krauthammer in top form, Brit Hume's serio comedy is the second and best version of the play.
The two heartfelt central performances from Bret Baier and Charles Krauthammer will inject you with happiness
Great time with Charles Krauthammer and Brett Baier this past Saturday
This TV show clearly means a whole lot to Charles Krauthammer, and he does a darn good job of showing why.
Charles Krauthammer on Obama: "You don’t dance while your friends bury their dead."
Charles Krauthammer: Obama on a 'Ideological Holiday Trip' to Cuba as 'The World Burns'
I think the editorial page of the Washington Post is the best in the countr...
Charles, Trump gave a 17 minute speech, how much policy did U expect??? Sometimes your anti-Trump vitriol is amusing!!!
Someone needs to inform Charles Krauthammer who stated on Fox News that it can't be done. And mocked Trump over it.
Meanwhile, on Fox: Charles Krauthammer says Trump would be "a terrible president"
Bill said HATES !! Trump. But Charles said he doesn't HATE. - I think it's just latent jealousy.
Even conservative columnists are taking it to Donald Trump. This one's from
There is a mystique about psychiatry that people think that you have some k...
Neocon, Charles Krauthammer, former liberal democrat and an avowed atheist somehow became a hero of conservatives, but Trump is no good?
Charles Krauthammer: An air of menace in this campaign
I've always admired Charles Krauthammer's intellect, but yesterday when he spewed hate about Trump, Charles appeared weak & shallow.
Charles is a dud!!! Get over yourself. Here comes all the Negative …
On The Trump Dept of Terrificness bit was great. Charles should try comedy more often.
"It's the first speech he's given that was thought out; he acted like he could be President." - Charles Krauthammer on T…
Charles Krauthammer: There's an air of menace about this campaign
Charles Krauthammer: There’s an air of menace about this campaign - Kansas City Star
Charles Krauthammer said, "Tonight Trump showed he can be Presidential..." Coming from Krauthammer, that's high praise.
: Could someone tell Charles Krauthammer that he should not go on TV in a black coat and a black turtleneck without his scarlet-lined cape?
"I think he's delusional" . -Charles Krauthammer on John Kasich staying in the race . 😂😂😂
I can't figure why, Chris Wallis, Megyn Kelly, Charles Krauthammer, and a few more at fox are so against Trump? no sense?
Watching Fox News's assessment of the Democratic debate and it looks like Charles Krauthammer is leaking.
Fox News, Charles Krauthammer appearing nightly in a little box, is this generation's Charles Nelson Reilly from Hollywood Squares
I see Charles Krauthammer said much the same.
Allow me to make one thing clear, Willy Robertson. You make duck calls. You're no Charles Krauthammer. Why take his politics SO SERIOUSLY?
This is Neil Cavuto's show, and thankfully his Charles Krauthammer is absorbing enough to carry the day.
Dark, dazzling turns by Shep Smith and Charles Krauthammer, and Karl Rove makes it achingly romantic.
Harold Meyerson gets fired, but Ross Douthat, Tom Friedman, George Will and Charles Krauthammer still have jobs. Good job, Journalism.
Charles Krauthammer: How quickly will the gluten-free fad fade away? - Kansas City Star (blog)
Pictured: Charles Krauthammer the morning after Trump wins the election.
Bernie Goldberg and Charles Krauthammer are great guys, to be taken seriously have to get young conservatives on!
Actually I think he. Charles Krauthammer was a speech writer for Walter Mondale. How smart is that?
This AMs Commentary... Charles Krauthammer gets it; France gets it; Obama still doesn't.
Charles Krauthammer: Obama should follow example of Hollande
Delusional OVOMIT thinks his enemy is GOP,Not ISIS!
A nod to Dr Charles Krauthammer, for the most devastating use of the word ‘titular’
I was Charles Krauthammer would weigh more on this:
Obama's Phony War: From Charles Krauthammer, at the Fresno Bee, "Obama’s phony war on terror":W... MOB
You're delusional.I love pics of Berniecrybabies. She already has the superdelegates.Look even Fox:
domain names
"...coalition leading has been the role of USA. Where is America today? Awaiting a president. The next president.
Hannelore Morton. 1 hr ·. Tell me: What's a suicide bomber doing with a passport? He's not going anywhere. And,...
Opinion: Charles Krauthammer: Obama continues phony war in face of Paris attacks
Krauthammer: "129 innocents lie dead but it takes the to kindle Obama's ire.".
Jeanine Pirro, Peter Doocy and, especially, Charles Krauthammer have enough charisma for this show and a sequel or two.
Chris Wallace and Charles Krauthammer deliver terrific performances in this charmingly quirky love story.
Audacious Epigone: George Will, Mara Liasson, and Charles Krauthammer -- augurs all!
I can't believe he's fooling even Charles Krauthammer. Somebody shake him, Bill, Bret, Brit, Megyn, *** sombody. Don't make me COT
thank u Charles for being honest. Trump is a great leader and effective businessman. Look forward to his sledgehammer!
On tonight's all-star panel, author Ann Coulter, Jose the Roofer and Charles Krauthammer, Fox contributors all.
Wow a compliment to from Charles Krauthammer !.
Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer told viewers Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Republican...
Krauthammer: Trump "Running A Campaign On Belief": CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: That's the theme of his campaign: beli...
301114 - CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: That's the theme of his campaign: believe me. How you going to build a wall Believe ...
Anderson Cooper 360 Bill O'Reilly Bret Baier Charles Krauthammer John Kasich Greg Abbott . What is it, now that...
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Krauthammer column from May about meat, of all things. First time I've ever agreed with him about anything.
Good for you for not swooning. Geez has a pod taken over Charles for swooning.
Charles reminds me of a great friend of out family! I respect
Charles, Gov Haley's performance is comparable to Jeb during his tenure as Gov of FL!
- Without eminent domain, America's infrastructure would look like a cow pasture. Get a grip, Charles. It's not new.
Charles Krauthammer will be right behind you. I believe he's a HUGE Yankees fan.
well said Cheryl.Charles is annoying but a statement like that is just plain ignorant; and has no place here
Charles, we have had numerous politicians lay out exactly what they would do,we believed them, elected them,they didn't do it!
Which conservatives is he talking bout that's concerned. Charles don't like Trump and he has a platform to talk from
Charles.I used to think he had a chance.But with interviews like that one.This guy is a He comes accross stupid
Trump told me Charles is a Horrible correspondent, completely overrated
Charles Krauthammer looks like he's been exiled from Whoville for being even more of a miserable git than the Grinch
Laughed question to Deportation is enforcing laws on books now! Long run less costly- and Charles knows that
JVLV: Charles, U can really help U.S. by advising Trump. He seeks accord w U. He is best candidate -- vision & instincts.
Charles Krauthammer betting money on TRUMP is only because Krauthammer has BEEN A GAMBLING "LOSER" ALL SUMMER LONG! All Summer!!
TRUMP is FAR more interesting than YOUR TRICKING HIM UP! U R NOT smarter than everybody Else! And CHARLES Krauthammer is a MORON!
On after Clinton SNL looked pretty somber. I mean, no smile or chuckle? Y so SERIOUS Charles? lol
I nominate Charles Krauthammer for the position. Let's get some wisdom in the House!
I hope Charles Krauthammer or Karl Rove can find work on radio instead of TV. I have my TiVo ready. Thanks Tom Rogers
After refusing to do "Center Seat" because you're scared to death of George Will & Charles Krauthammer
"Imploding?" Uh, no. "Hillary will be the Democrat nominee." Charles Krauthammer. Oct.5.
Will Charles Krauthammer, John McCain and the commercial war-lobby agree to resign and shutup if Russia substantially succeeds against ISIS?
Agree in part...Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s Syria debacle
I just found more evidence you're no conservative, besides working vs. Reagan in 1984:
Got to give Trump a lot of credit tonight he faces real danger fox with George Will Charles Krauthammer professional destroyers
Every new James Bond movie where Charles Krauthammer doesn't play the villain is a missed opportunity.
my first question would be how does it feel walking into a den of lions George Will Charles Krauthammer third one Karl Rove?
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