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Charles Ingalls

Charles Phillip Ingalls (January 10, 1836June 8, 1902) was the father of Laura Ingalls Wilder, known for her Little House on the Prairie series of books.

Michael Landon Laura Ingalls Wilder Bill Cosby Jonathan Smith Karen Grassle Mike Brady Fred Sanford John Walton James Evans Uncle Jesse Michael Landon Jr Cliff Huxtable Andy Taylor Howard Cunningham Good Times Walnut Grove Melissa Gilbert

Spotlight students building log cabins like Charles Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie!
Michael Landon & Johnny Cash at Little House on the Prairie
We're reading Laura Ingalls Wilder's "The Long Winter" right now, and last night Charles complained to Caroline...
Watchin little house on the prairie cuz its dope and i strive for hair like charles ingalls
I remember it like yesterday, Charles Ingalls pulled me out.
Charles Ingalls in the streets, Little Joe in the sheets
Near Telluride, CO sits a vacation home that makes you feel like you could be with Charles Ingalls on Little...
I'm calling Charles ingalls from the little house of the prairie !
I'm like Charles ingalls from little house on the prairie, but with Tourette's
Who was the best TV "Pa"? Lucas McCain, Andy Taylor, Jed Clampett, John Walton, or Charles Ingalls? Who was the ultimate Pa?
I've wanted to sex Ricky Ricardo since before I knew was sex was. Also, Charles Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie.
For Father's Day... Somebody asked me who my favorite television father is? I don't think much of Ward Cleaver, Charles Ingalls, or Mike Brady. The very best TV dad was Fred Sanford. No contest!
After work today on my way back to Sioux Falls I visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead. I went for a covered wagon ride to a school built in 1890 and used as a school until the 1960's. I also the house that Charles Ingalls built. 😃 Very pretty town!
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the TV series Little House On The Prairie. To celebrate the anniversary, special editions DVDs of Season 1 and Season 2 have been released. The late Michael Landon not only starred in the series, but also helped create it. Landon, who played Charles Ingalls, was also the show's executive producer and wrote several episodes. Michael Landon Jr. has a theory as to why his dad's show was universally loved. "I think the popularity came from the goodness of the show. It portrayed a family that was happy to be with each other and to love each other." Little House On The Prairie aired on NBC from 1974 to 1983. The hour-long series was based on the popular Little House book series by Laura Ingalls-Wilder. In addition to Landon, the series starred Melissa Gilbert, Karen Grassle and Melissa Sue Anderson.
I wonder what Charles Ingalls would think of the ? . I have the weirdest thoughts. . "Hey Pa"
I was just watching an old Good Times episode. I forgot how much I respected the James Evans character as a father character on the show. Then I started thinking about all the TV dad's that I thought were good representation of what a dad should be (not knocking my own dad, he had some of these qualities too). Charles Ingalls - Frontier Dad - worked hard but was always kind to his kids. Remarkably well read and educated for an 1800s farmer. Popular in town with the rest of the folks and wouldn't hurt anyone... Unless you came after his family or his friends. Ben Cartwright - Ranch Dad - Taught his boys to ride, shoot and treat women with respect. Even the saloon girls were treated like ladies. Firm when he needed to be but always quick to share some old West wisdom. Bill Cosby - Dr. Dad - The quintessential 80's dad. Smart, funny and fashionably dressed. His strategy, did what you want till you do something stupid. Then sit down because I am going to make fun of you for the next 20 minutes so you don't ma ...
Michael Landon was born Eugene Maurice Orowitz on October 31st 1936 he died July 1st 1991 was an american actor/director/producer he is best known as Little Joe Cartwright (Bonanza) Charles Ingalls (Little House On The Prairie) and Jonathan Smith (Highway To Heaven) he also has a son Michael Landon Jr. who is a director.
I just can't get enough of Little House on the Prairie! Wish there were more men around today like Charles Ingalls. He's the definition of what a man should be, in my book!
Who was one of the greatest TV Dads of all time in America? To start off with: Redd Foxx as Fred Sanford on Sanford & Son, John Amos as James Evans on Good Times, Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls on Little House On The Prairie, Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson on The Jeffersons, Tony Danza as Tony Micelli on Who's The Boss?, Ed O' Neill as Al Bundy on Married... With Children, Bob Saget as Danny Tanner on Full House, Reginald VelJohnson as Carl Winslow on Family Matters or James Avery as Philip Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?
Watching Little House On The Prairie. Michael Landon was a very good looking man. He died so young. The character Charles Ingalls he played perfectly. It really suited him.
My mom and I are both in love with Charles Ingalls.
If Greg ever leaves me, I'm going after Charles Ingalls.
My neighbor is called Charles Ingalls ... I'll kill HIM ! ARGH -_-
Sometimes I find Charles Ingalls on to be a bit of a Gary Stu
Watched Little House on Prairie with Mom Sunday. She seemed to enjoy it - and I did too. That Charles Ingalls was a righteous dude.
Buy a gen.? Why not just drill for water, get come cattle too. You can become Patrick"Charles Ingalls" Reusse.
I spoiled my Charles Ingalls lifestyle by driving into work to get some A/C and check my email.
Power is OUT! Time to do my best Charles Ingalls.
Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls get my vote as best TV Dad.
My Daddy doesnt recognize/celebrate Fathers Day but that doesnt mean that with everybody talkn bout fathers I dont think bout love mine and appreciate everything he did for me growing up even if I didnt see it back then...he has always loved me the best way he knew how and Im sorry I didnt recognize that just because he wasnt "Charles Ingalls" he was/is a great dad to me and I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART! ALWAYS HAVE ALWAYS WILL! :)
DAD's DAY VOTING. Here will have Bill Cosby, Cliff Huxtable. Michael Landon, Charles Ingalls. And Tom Bosley, Howard Cunningham. Yeah, I have left out plenty of TV dads, but these three come to mind quickly. All good TV dads with great qualities. So, who is your favorite TV Dad? One of these three? Or is there a write in Dad you would rather vote for? Go ahead. Let the votes begin.
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Happy Fathers day! GrantFM on your radio this morning. In honour of Fathers day, lets get the debate going. Who is the greatest TV dad of all time? Tim Allen, Bill Cosby, Homer Simpson, Charles Ingalls??
In honor of Father's Day, who's your favorite TV dad? I'm going with Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon) from Little House on the Prairie...
And we have a winner!!! Each person who named a correct person first was entered into the drawing by and the winner is Kristi Banken. Kristi wins a $25 gift certificate (which was how many TV dads were correctly named). Here is the list we used (I don't agree with all of them, but this was the top 50 TV dads of all times list that we used.) Thanks to everyone for playing and making this a fun Monday! 01. Cliff Huxtable (The Cosby Show) 02. Ben Cartwright (Bonanza) 03. John Walton, Sr. (The Waltons) 04. Charles Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie) 05. Danny Williams (Make Room for Daddy) 06. Jim Anderson (Father Knows Best) 07. Steve Douglas (My Three Sons) 08. Andy Taylor (The Andy Griffith Show) 09. Howard Cunningham (Happy Days) 10. Ray Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond) 11. Reverend Eric Camden (7th Heaven) 12. Steven Keaton (Family Ties) 13. Dan Conner (Roseanne) 14. Mike Brady (The Brady Bunch) 15. Tom Corbett (Courtship of Eddie's Father) 16. Alex Stone (The Donna Reed Show) 17. Forres ...
Good moring thar Charles. Good ta see ya so busy fer a change.
(As he finishes up his work at the mill he looks to Looks like we're almost finished here!
(Stands & places the book back on the shelf, Charles extinguishes his pipe in a small dish. He lowers the oil lamp light to barely glowing.)
(Reaching for the book on a high shelf. The family asleep, Charles begins to read silently to himself at the table. He puffs his pipe.)
( waves at Charles as the saw burst out with a loud buzzing sound )
Ya got it thar Charles. I'll do that. Iffin ya be needen any help i'll be willin ta help ya. ( smiles)
Thank much thar Charles ( as he pays Lars Hanson fer tha wood) Me and tha misses better be gettin back ta the farm
( smiles ) Well I do thank ya Charles. I'll pay yer for it now iffin ya like.
( Loading up tha wagon with Charles ) Yes sir it is a mighty fine day. Might have ta try sum of that thar corn muself.
Well I will have ta thank both o them fellers. Ya cut it nice and smooth to thar Charles. Mighty fine
( Looks over at tha wood) Sure does look like sum mighty fine cedar there Charles.
( Climbs down from tha wagon and sticks out his hand to shake his) Good ta see ya Charles.
( Pulls up in front of tha mill and looks around) I wonder if Charles has gotten back yet, ( speaks out) Charles
Daniel I'm so sorry I did not hear Charles come to the door. I do hope he will forgive me. ( looks up worried)
Sorry darlin I was just speeking ta Charles. Ya want ta go inta town with me. Charles has that cedar wood ready
(Leaves note on Gunter residence door.) The cedar you need for the closet is all cut and ready for pick up at the mill. Charles
Mornin thar Charles. Good ta see ya this mornin thar. Hope all tha family is well.
*She sits in the rocking chair knitting while lights his pipe*
-that I haven't had much time to bond with any of you!
Well that's just wonderful! Laura and I got some bonding time in too, I feel like I've been so busy-
(Eating his food he looks back at you and smiles) We had some great bonding time, that's for sure!
Well I couldn't be any happier to hear that! *smiles looking at Charles*
I think it is *he starts digging into his food* It gave me time to think about things. I feel a lot better!
-two plates of food* Maybe a camping trip is just what you both needed!
Well I'm happy to hear it! How about I fix you both a plate? *she walks into the kitchen and out with-
(Holds you tight in his arms) It was great fun and I've been cravin one if your home cooked meals! (Chuckles)
I sure am! It was great, we went huntin' and fishin' and all kids of stuff! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Watching and it makes me wonder why can't I find a man like Charles Ingalls?
Charles Ingalls, the original all-American badass, he stacks feed bags with broken ribs so you might as well give up now. We're not worthy.
True or False: Charles "Pa" Ingalls is one of the greatest TV dads ever. 14 hours of start now!
Watching Little House on the Prarie and noticed Charles Ingalls "Pa" rides bareback
- Martins barn! Isn't that just wonderful? Could you please ask Charles if he would be willing to help in on the new barns
I couldn't stand all the people! Beggin' wasn't fun..and it sure was noisy...seems just like yesterday we were--
Yeah, so am I.. I couldn't stand workin' at that hotel!
I sure do, through thick an thin! *they arrive at the pond and he cats his pole out* Im glad we moved from Winoka..
(Puts an arm around you) Well you don't gotta worry about your past anymore son, you've got your real family now!
--all of you! I remember the orphanage, I never felt that and I guess no one felt to to me either *shrugs*
*Nods understanding* I guess you're right, and I suppose it works like that on a lot of ways...I sure do feel loved with--
That's how I knew! It's just a feeling you get, and you know they're the one!
And that's when you knew she was the one? Sounds kinda complicated..but I guess it won't be when it's my turn..
(Chuckles) Well, your ma says we're kindred spirits. We just know each others thoughts! I fell in love with you ma --
(He smiles at you) I'm your pa, that's what I'm here for! (He grabs his own pole and heads toward the creek with you)
I sure am..*looks at you* Thanks Pa, you always know how to make me feel better! *he runs and grabs his pole*
(Smiles) I'm glad you're starting to see it that way!
You're right...he ain't like that at all! She's real nice..
Well that's a good start! I don't think she'll end up anything bad, Albert.. Don't let this situation break your trust
Im just afraid she's gonna turn out bein' know she even let me carry her books for her!
(Chuckles) well Amanda seems like a very nice girl, I wouldn't give up on her because of all of this.
They are! Edith's real nice and all but her and Andy cause trouble..I don't even like Amanda anymore..after this--
(Shakes his head) Andy and that girl seem to be causin a whole lot of drama these days!
--and Mrs. Oleson hit Edith over the head with a broom, Nellie was yellin' and Mr. Oleson was panickin' too..
*nods* At the mercantile..Andy and Edith walked in and a big fight broke out, Andy punched Willie and knocked him out--
(Shakes head) No, I don't believe he did either. Did you see the fight? Where was it?
You're right Pa, I bet things are back to normal! You shoulda seen Willies nose though...he may be ornery sometimes but--
Oh, I'm sure things have been worked out. It can't be that bad! Reverend is there after all to sort it out (Chuckles)
*smiles* Sounds great to me! *He frowns slightly* I wonder how everything is back home..I sure hope things are ok..
Well, I thought we could put in a good day of fishin'! Seems like the perfect day to just sit by the creek.
*laughs and warms his hands on the fire* So what are we gonna do today Pa? Any more campin' things?
(Chuckles) Well good thing neither of us snore, gives us all a break from it!
I wouldn't doubt it! Once there was a thunder storm, the thing is that Laura's snorin' was louder!
(Chuckles) You're right son, I noticed that too. You know we can hear her from our bedroom?
*He rubs his eyes and walks out of the tent* Mornin' Pa, ya know I sleep good out here! It's quiet without Laura's snorin'!
(He comes back to the camp site after his morning walk to see still sleeping) Guess that huntin tired him out!
*She smiles softly and takes you in her arms* We understand that you've been busy Charles, springtime is busy at the mill
It's been awfully busy at the mill these days.. Don't mean to keep myself so distant from my family!
wait. Parise's wife is that meth head Charles Ingalls adopted: Albert.
Good mornin thar Charles. How are ya on this beautiful day
for most people, where are all the Charles Ingalls morals and values?
Watching Little House on the Prairie. I want a relationship like Caroline & Charles Ingalls.
I just want a man like Jean Valjean or Charles Ingalls. Is that too much to ask?
Charles, was wondering if I might stop by your home on Saturday to discuss something with you.
*Sighs* Yeah we will...there's a lot to be prayin' for right now with all these injuries..
Little Giant Ladders
That's for sure.. we'll have a lot of prayin' to do the next few days!
*nods looking down the road* I kinda feel bad for Nellie, she must have fell hard!
I'll probably stop in tomorrow before work and check on Nels.. he can't be handling it
Yeah we sure will...I just hope this ain't some prank of Willies *sighs*
Boy is that ever a shame.. we'll have to stop in sometime for a visit once we get settled..
--lost her memory and everything! He seems real sorry about it though!
That's what Willie says, he says she fell because he was callin' her a horse, guess she--
(As they ride along, he remembers hearing Willie talk about Nellie) Is what Willie was
*He makes sure she's bundled and holds on* Ok Pa I think she's warm!
Make sure you keep her warm back there, it'll be a cold and bumpy ride back
*Sits by Carrie looking down at her and feeling sorry*
(He places Carrie in the back of the wagon and then sits up at the reigns)
Yes, we'd better do that. She'll like bein' in the comfort of her own bed again. (He goes back inside to get her)
*smiles laughing through her worry* That's right, she will be just fine..I suppose we should go get her and brig her home..
You're right.. remember when she fell down that old well? If she was strong then, she'll be mighty strong now.
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He is our daughter, we will love her the same even if she's blind, she is strong willed I know she will be alright!
You're right darlin'... we've just gotta.. at least try, to be strong.
Charles if this is god will...we can't change it...if Carrie is meant to be blind then we can't change that!
First our son, then Mary.. And now Carrie.. Its overwhelming, Caroline..
*I don't move. I just stay where I am not making a sound*
Be strong for your parents Albert, Laura *walks out with Mary*
He's a strong man...he will be ok *cracks up an walks outside with Charles*
*Nods* And poor Pa...he's takin' it real hard...
I guess all we can do is hope for the best.
*frowns sadly* Mary and I had better let you take her home now..
Exactly.. Our poor little girl (He leaves the office and walks outside)
Your ma is right, no one could've known she'd hit her head...
Dont blame yourself...either of you! This was an accident nothing more...!
I shoulda waited outside with ya, I didnt have to go in the mercantile...
I wish she would've waited to let me help her down. None of~
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*Nods* Thats understandable, just know shes welcome anytime
choice.. *puts her arms around Charles frowning*
If she doesnt get her vision back then..we may have no--
Right? Call me when Charles Ingalls would be concerned, and not for anything less.
going to be permanent. She's going to be our
Now let's not jump to those conclusions.. --
Carrie slip on the ice and hit her head--
*Looks to Laura* It ain't your fault could've--
She fell of the wagon and hit her head. She was fine except~
*Lying there, can hear the family, but drifting to sleep*
(He wraps his arm around her waste, while he
*She stands in doc bakers office clearly--
Best fish in all o' Walnut Grove, eh Albert? (Chuckles)
Ma made the best apple pie for desert today and Pa brought home some fresh fish for dinner!
To my fellow LHOTP Roleplayers.. sorry for being MIA for so long! I am back!
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I want a husband like Charles Ingalls.
I bought some Charles Ingalls' Tears on EBay. Great lubricant!
Who played Charles Ingalls on the tv show Little House on the Prairie? Come in and tell us the right answer and get a discount on dinner.
Does Anyone Remember Little House On The Crap, I Mean Prairie? Little House on the Prairie is an American Western drama television series, starring Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert, and Karen Grassle, about a family living on a farm in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, in the 1870's and 1880's. The show is an adaptation of Laura Ingalls Wilder's best-selling series of Little House books. Television producer and NBC executive Ed Friendly became aware of the story in the early 1970's. He asked Michael Landon to direct the pilot movie, who agreed on the condition that he could also play Charles Ingalls. The regular series was preceded by the two-hour pilot movie, which first aired on March 30, 1974. The series began on the NBC network on September 11, 1974, and ended on May 10, 1982. During the 1982-83 television season, with the departure of Michael Landon and Karen Grassle, the series was broadcast with the new title Little House: A New Beginning. In 1997, TV Guide ranked the two-part episode "I'll Be Waving As You ...
watched "Little House on the Prairie" with my Wiley. Charles Ingalls has always been my dream man! I now have my own real life Charles Ingalls(a little less hair,lol) and my house in the big woods. We have our little town like Walnut Grove and even a well! I need me a dog named "Jack"! I'm living my childhood dream! :)
Watching Les Miserables ... but why is Hugh Jackman looking like Charles Ingalls as Gaston on the prairie?
Whatever it is, its sure smellin good already!
That would be wonderful Carrie! -she walks with Carrie into the kitchen-
I hope you're just looking, Charles. The purchase of something like a new icebox will set your family back even further.
(The mercantile quiet, free of activity for now. Charles wonders how he'll pay for such a wonderful anniversary present for .)
(Charles eyes glance over at the pricing section of each model he has in mind. His brow slowly turns upward at their expensive prices.)
(Charles sees the more simple models of ice boxes and smiles knowing how having such a luxury would make Caroline's life allot easier.)
(Charles gets to the section where the ice boxes and other kitchen gadgets are listed with artist ink drawings. Many models of ice boxes.)
Thanks Nels. (Watches Nels walk in back. The floor boards a bit creaky, Charles stands at the catalogs and looks through them.)
You're very welcome Charles. Please take your time with the catalogs. I'll be in the back room if you have any questions.
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That's what I understand about it. I'm not much the mechanic Charles. That's more your line of work. But it's a good machine.
(Charles looks over the fancy red painted brass hinged 6 compartment ice box, marvels at how it operates.) (Stoops to examine.)
That's a fine gift Charles. We've had ours for several years now. It keeps food nice and cold.
Well what did you have in mind Charles?
Congratulations Charles. I wished Harriet had that problem. She tells me everything. Too much! (smiles)
Oh fine Charles. Just me and my clumsy feet. Harriet complains about that often. How can I help you?
Thats right Carrie! Ill go make you a nice meal Charles, you must be starving!
(Gives his head a pat) Hope you've been good to your ma and sisters! Now what's for supper, I'm starved!
Oh thank thank the lord Charles I was so worried! Albert yes he's home!
According to At your exact age (today I'm 54 years and 242 days), Michael Landon died of pancreatic cancer. He was an actor who played Little Joe on "Bonanza" and Charles Ingalls on "Little House on the Prairie". Appreciate every day this side of the sod!
(Chuckles) He ain't coming home, he IS home right now!
Partly, but mostly why I was gone so long was because it took longer than I thought to persuade Jonathan to come home (grins)
Were you caught in the blizzard! Oh I was so worried and the children have been worried!
I'm just fine darlin', and I'm sorry you were so concerned. I would've sent a telegram if I had the chance!
Charles! -she puts her arms around you in excitement- Thank god your ok! I was so worried I thought you were hurt!!
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(He bursts through the door letting in some of the snow from the blizzard, then runs and hugs
I half expect Charles Ingalls to be calling these SD games.
Littlr house on the prairie!!! Love it so much!! Everyone woman needs a Charles Ingalls!!!
No way, Charles Ingalls was called the Richest Man In Walnut Grove by Nels!
39°F in the house BRRR! Feeling very Charles Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie Home Companion-escque.
hasn't returned home..I hope he's ok in Sleepy Eye..
(Hears squeal as she sits at the table waiting for her hot cocoa as a reward for a job well done. Charles and Caroline hug.)
Oh Charles! (giggles) Between the 2 of you, I don't know who's worse. You and cookies, or Carrie and chocolate!
(It's just 1 of the many reasons why she loves Charles so much. Over the years they've endured many difficult times and wonderful ones too.)
Ok now sweety keep your hands still. Go slow. (Charles wraps his big hands around little hands as they milk Elise slowly.)
(Sees Charles teaching little how to milk Elsie the cow. Charles patient, seated on a small stool.)
(Ma bundles Carrie warmly with scarf, mittens and wool hat. Charles takes Carrie's hand at the door.)
Oh Charles... would you mind letting Carrie help? She so wants to be a part of things and feel like a big girl.
Hears exclaim: "I wanna help Pa!" (Carrie's hands up from height chair gleefully. Charles grins and looks up at Caroline.)
Fern wants to make improvements to the house more than I do. I start counting the bills. I wish that I was a little more handy with carpentry. Our ancestor Noah was handy with carpentry. Charles Ingalls was a guy that I can respect from History. He had a lot of common sense and was a skilled carpenter. Great Grandpa H.C. Gust could build things. His son, Karl Gust and Ron Ihler built a barn for my dad in 1970. Dad has done some carpentry with Harold Adolph and John France. In 1976, Dad and Harold were remodeling our house. About the same time I was watching the silent Laurel and Hardy movie ,Finishing Touch where Ollie and Stan tried building a house and ended up with a truck rolling into the house and destroying it.
I'm in that family! My grandpa Larry Ingalls is a descendant of Charles Ingalls.
16. If you know who Charles Ingalls is
Saw Charles Ingalls' homestead claim doc and almost started crying. I proclaimed it cooler than the constitution
My definitely would have been Charles Ingalls (Ha!) in another life. Hardworking, faithful, and an amazing man and father.
-sighs sadly- I know, I just want everything to be ok...your pa is going to try to bring him home
Well, Jonathan Garvey and Alice got into a fight, Jonathan won't leave sleepy eye and Andy is acting out...
They should be home soon. *Notices the look on her face and becomes worried* Is everything ok, Ma?
Oh I see -doesn't appear to be to happy- Well I hope she feels better soon, where Albert and Carrie?
Miss Wilder wasn't feeling well, she sent everyone home early.
-smiles softly- he's lucky he has a friend like you, if there is anyone who can bring him back you can! I hope..
Yeah, he needs a friend right now, and I think I can get through to him. He just needs time, with whatever's been
-frowns- are you sure? I just want everything to be ok...
I dunno if it'd do any good Caroline, and I don't know if I'd like you goin' there alone. I may make a trip back in a
-nods slowly and looks down- He's breaking Alice and Andy's heart...maybe if I went to sleepy eye and talked to him...
Said he'd be home soon, that he has a lot on his mind. He wouldn't tell me about it though.. (Sighs) I feel like I could've
This isn't like him at all...I know he wouldn't be this upset over a fight...did he say anything?
(sighs) I couldn't convince him to come home. He's been workin, making deliveries. Seems like he spends all the money
in quite a bad state mentally... I found him just drinkin' and gamblin' away in the saloon in Sleepy Eye...
(He lowers his voice, and makes sure the children aren't any where around) Caroline, he's alright... physically. But he's
Glenn beck makes fun of Alex Jones crying WHAT!! Glenn Beck cries more than Charles Ingalls
Born today in 1836 Charles & in 1865 Mary Ingalls, father & sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Learn re: prairie life:
Jan 10 1836- Charles Ingalls, father of Laura Ingalls Wilder is born
Laura Ingalls Wilder's sister Mary was born today in 1865, & their father Charles Ingalls was born today in 1836. How will YOU celebrate?
(He finally gets back from Sleepy Eye. is doing his homework and is reading in her rocking chair)
My dream guy is Charles Ingalls from Little House on The Prairie.
Charles should be home soon from sleepy eye..I hope he found him, wherever he is I know he misses you -puts a hand on your arm-
(He says goodbye to then sets out for Sleepy Eye in search of Jonathan)
Secret pleasure- My flannel nightgown from Makes me wish I was Ma Ingalls lying next to a soon to be smirking Charles.
No. He hasn't been talking much. Very quiet. -hopeful look- I'm sorry Caroline! Never meant to drag you and Charles into this
I know if anyone can find him it's you, you know each other so well that it would be hard not to..
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Is he doing ok? I talked to Charles he's going to go to Sleepy Eye and search tomorrow
Well I know Jonathan wouldn't go too far off, I'll take a trip into Sleepy Eye and ask around there.
-smiles trying to feel better- I'm sure he's fine...tomorrow ill go asking around town...I just hope Ed not hurt
find him. He's my friend, I've gotta go out lookin' for him... I think I'll set out tomorrow morning.
(He keeps a solid face, and lifts up her chin) I can't say it's a good situation, but we'll work it out, and we'll help
We have to find him...Alice and Andy are so worried and so am I.. -she looks upset-
(Shakes his head) I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, though he was a bit stressed. I didn't think too much of it
Maybe...Charles this isn't like him something must have been you know anything?
Toots loves Bonanza. Plus , its how Charles Ingalls met Caroline. Don't hate on Little House.
(Sighs) Think he would've gone to Sleepy Eye?
They were arguing over money and Jonathan going away for work...he just walked out and said he would be back... -frowns-
(Frowns and hangs his head) You can't be serious... I was wonderin' why he wasn't at work. Do ya know what happened exactly?
Charles Ingalls is so handsome and kind. Wish I had a
--alice is a reck..he hasn't been seen by anyone, Charles I'm worried...
It's Jonathan Garvey, he and alice got into a fight days ago and he left not telling them where..Andy is very upset and--
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Charles I need to talk to you about's very important...
when your half asleep and not paying attention to the TV Charles Ingalls can sound exactly like Uncle Jesse.
Sometimes if I'm not looking at the TV Charles Ingalls can sound like Uncle Jesse
-later that night she looks nervous- I need to talk to's important
(Smiles and looks from Caroline to Doc baker) Mhmm... A real shame alright!
We got a telegram from Nels today, they'll be home tomorrow mornin!
Well that's certainly good news! Say, speaking of good news, guess what Caroline?
He exhaled. "He's a strong boy, getting much better. It'll only be matter of days til he's-
-she smiles and pours you a cup- so how did the larabees boy turn out? Everything ok?
Doc Baker sat down in one of the seats. "Yes Coffee would be wonderful."
The stew just got done, have a seat make yourself at home! Would you like some coffee?
Thank you. He Said as he took his hat off, he could smell the wonderful aroma. Mr.Ingalls He greeted.
Maybe I can talk to Charles, perhaps he can find him?
(Gives him a pat on the back) I'm sure everything's fine. Hey, why don't you go break the news to Nellie and Willie?
Glenn is Bobby Ewing, Charles Ingalls and Prince Charming all rolled into one (with a little bit of Crocodile Dundee). That's what's on my mind.
In the 'cello watching Little House on the Prairie and just realized Charles Ingalls was sexy!! :)
*hurries to the mill trough the snow* Hey Pa, they let school out because of the snow *shivers*
some things to think about Christmas!!!: “Christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.” ― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” ― Charles Dickens “Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.” ― Laura Ingalls Wilder “My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?” ― Bob Hope “One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. "Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Merry Christmas everyone!
-After hiding the gift she walks back into the house and puts on her nightdress says her prayers and crawls in bed next to
-she calls to him from the barn- Ill be in in a few minutes I need to...check something!
I couldn't ask for a better life than this! Well I'm going to go in to bed.Night, darlin (Kisses her then walks to the house)
God has truly blessed us, we have wonderful kids, we live in a wonderful house, we have each other, everything is perfect!
(Chuckles) it was the smartest decision we both ever made, my dear!
-blushes and smiles- oh Charles you do really know how to make me smile! I suppose I'm smart for saying yes -winks back-
(Smiles and gives her a kiss) Well I'd say! I did ask ya to marry me, didn't I? (Winks)
That's a wonderful idea! Mr. Ingalls I do believe you are one smart man
Yeah, I suppose you're right. He sure could use a new fishin rod, I think!
I thought of something for Laura! Some new wool and knitting needles, and for Albert, I think you should choose his gift--
(Grins) Maybe they were really studying at school after all. Thought of anything to get those two for Christmas yet?
(Sitting out in the barn smoking his pipe, and walks in) Hello, darlin'. Kids still studying away?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Good! Well, I've gotta go out to the barn for a bit. Good luck studyin! (Grabs his jacket and hat, goes out)
Ah.. well they're just about the worst. But do you think you'll be ready for the test?
What are you's workin' on, fractions? Division? Adding? (Smiles)
Good to hear, Albert! You studyin' real hard for that test in two days?
It's that winter chill comin' in, dear. I was able to mail the braille writer and card to Mary yesterday (Smiles)
(Sits down and eats his lunch on a bench just outside of the mill, talking with
(After eating breakfast and saying goodbye, he sets off on his on his journey to work for the day.)
Ya better get started if you want to finish in time! *is writing in his notebook*
Alright, it will be a surprise. Have you started writing yours yet?
Don't tell me, I want to wait to hear it for the first time on Friday at school.
I am too, Christmas is a great time...I think I just got an idea for my paper!
And I thought we were excited for Christmas... *chuckles*
*shrugs* Or have Ma and Pa figure it out before Christmas.
Great, now I actually gotta do my homework *sits back down at the table*
Good idea, Ill choose something out of the math book to do. I can't let him find out!
Maybe tomorrow we should look through our math books inside the house to make it look like -
Another delicious supper, Caronline (Kisses her and goes out to the barn for a bit)
Yes, sir. *stands up taking dinner plates in my hands*
Well, you kids better be all studied up come Friday!
*smiles back* With Miss. Wilder everything is new and fancy *smirks*
So you ain't learnin any new fancy stuff they're pushin these days? I see. (Smiles)
Ah, I see. What sorts of math is it?
Friday to be exact. Right before we get out for Christmas!
Isn't that right Laura, we've had a lot of math and have a test comin up soon
Oh we've been studyin math Pa, lots if math!
Christmas means to us, I'm still thinkin about the things I want to add
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