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Charles Duke

Charles Moss Duke, Jr. (born October 3, 1935) is a retired US Air Force brigadier general, and a former United States astronaut for NASA.

John Young Alan Bean

Gracious me, they did rattle past!. They talked low and earnest. You do Sir Charles an injustice. The Duke's wine is famous.
15 Aug 1661: Charles II, James Duke of Anne Hyde, Duchess of all attend revival of William Davenant's…
Queen Street between Duke & Charles to be redesigned - more inviting for future LRT users and pedestrians
This Is Very Funny - Watch the Amazing History Of Donald Trump Denouncing David Duke and the KKK:
David Duke's wackadoodle meltdown video is pinned to the top of my Public Figure page, Charles Chan Massey. Watch & share, folks.
The Shaq's and Du so hard , if uwi was a for puss , that would be yall primary school while I would be at Charles F Br…
David Duke at his finest. This guy is borderline Charles Manson.
Charles Hurt: "Does anybody really think the president is racist?". Me: David Duke does.
Jason Garrett said former Texas cornerback Duke Thomas showed up on the tape in the last two preseason games and has lo…
I really don't think you needed to tell someone like Charles Blow that. Now possibly…
NEW EXHIBIT: "South Carolina’s First Astronaut Charles Duke and the Apollo Missions" now open
Trump has ALWAYS condemned David Duke and his views. .
And Charles Hurt is bemoaning how “the media” gives David Duke “millions of dollars in free air time”. Anyone else who got that last year?
Do you enjoy your with a TON OF HEAT? DISCIPLINED BY THE DUKE Allyson Charles...
1468 – 1474 Double Patard / Stuiver (4 groat) of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy
It was 17yrs ago when Trump condemned David Duke & co, but Obama's reverend wright, and god *** America, was ok. Give me…
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David Duke endorsed DNC head Keith Ellison and media never asked him to disavow Duke:
we were debating if Charles dies before Elizabeth.
Trump claimed he didn't know D. Duke, but Duke said white supremacist rally was done to fulfill Trump's promises. Do you…
Can we agree to condemn ALL racist demagogues from David Duke to
Thanks Charles Michael Duke for the follow!... Proper job!
That's some outfit, Charlie! Born today, 1662 - Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset, at Wiltshire.
Hypocrite: One who denounces the racism of David Duke, but says nothing about that of
Pulled same trick to defeat Charles Barron. Duke is a DNC secret weapon!
When David Duke says he and his people are the reason you are in the WH and POTUS doesn't condemn him then the message is c…
"This exchange wasn’t just a failure to denounce Duke and white supremacist groups; it was a refusal to do so."
Interesting to see how comfortably the empty rhetoric of sits in the mouth of US Nazi David Duke.
How can on hard left join with hard right (incl KKK David Duke) & defend
Charles Seymour, 2nd Baron Seymour of was also known as 'The Proud Duke'.
1662: Birth of Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of at to Charles Seymour, 2nd Baron Seymour of…
People with non BBC accents SSB make fun about those with BBC and SSB and the Queen's accent. And not…
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Charles Barkley just walked into the media room and asked if we could put the hockey game on. He said he bet on Ottawa.
I'll nutshell it:. It's basically sixty forty Charles dickens & David duke.
Charles Barkley: "I'm gonna sneak back to the hotel, watch the rest of the hockey game - it's 1-1 y'all - and I'm gonna…
*of the man who I love, and who one day I vow to wed. Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk. My thick wooden doors open~
Charles Gersbach from Duke provides at a compelling overview of clinical applications of gene editing
Gene editing ising CRISPR is already translating to clinical settings says Charles Gersbach/Duke.
Shaq and Charles Barkley need to put some boxing gloves on and duke it out
I think Charles and Eric would be great t…
Charles Cameron, John de Figueiredo, and David Lewis have been working with the microdata for a…
Christ, I wish somebody at Duke would help control him
I've seen that dude and his crew at so many rallies and protests, had no idea he worked at duke.
24th May 1539: On this day in history Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk sold several manors to Edward Seymour,...
I hope that Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be the new King and Queen of England and not Prince Charles and his mistress
Sometime very soon Shaq&Charles Barkley are going to duke it out. The 1st one to throw a chicken wing&it's GAME ON!
Are Charles and Shaq about to duke it out on live tv lol
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The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall have sent their message of condolence as well.
Prof. Charles discusses ramifications of Supreme Court ruling in redistricting case
The Queen and Prince Charles have already released statements, the Duke of Cambridge…
Thx Duke University Press job alert for letting me know that the school needs a men's tennis coach; do you provide a racket?
Mark Rumsey talks to Duke Law prof Guy Charles about impacts of Supreme Court ruling on NC Congressional Districts…
The Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Elizabeth with their two children, Charles and Anne, in 1951
By the way Hugh, you'll only be a duke-in-waiting until yo…
"The campaign against free speech on American campuses rolls on" |
tell that to Prince Charles and the Duke of Westminster.
Oh and one on the Duke of Alva. Because I apparently know Charles V and Maria Theresa and no Habsburgs in between.
Dear God! Holy Buddha! Charles Darwin! Duke Ellington! . -Lemony Snicket . aka the man who introduced me to literature . aka the GOAT
Prince Charles apparently "wasn't pleased" with the Duke and Duchess as newlyweds WHAT DOES HE KNOW ANYWAY, NOBODY WAS PLEASE W/HIM PERIOD
Such an honor to return to Duke to serve as a judge for the Charles Hammond Research Day! It was wonderful to be ar…
Charles Brandon did knock down the Duke of Buckingham's daughter and he threw a fit.
Yes, New York, named after The Duke of York in 1663, and Charleston after King Charles…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Very well. Motion was made to call the question has been seconded…
It's a ceramonial sword dance HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales has done this several times. So has HRH the D…
The Queen is Dead - the Duke is leaving - Charles is a Retard... . How much further can the Crown fall!
Ad: "Show off your Charles Atlas legs in our new line of David Duke short shorts!!!" (may be Hazzardous to your health)
The Chair recognizes the Honorable Charles, the Duke of Suffolk.…
During the Apollo 16 mission Charles Duke left a family photo on the moon that was enclosed in a plastic bag.
Charles Duke was 34. Gene Kranz was only 36. The guidance officer behind the computer was only 27 years old! The pr…
CAPCOM Charles Duke, with backup pilots James Lovell and Fred Haise listening in during Apollo 11's descent
on 1935 Charles Duke, American general, pilot, and astronaut
“THAT'S where I left it!" - Charles Duke Apollo 16 Charles Duke leaves photo of family on moon, 1972
Buzz Aldrin doesn't think we need to go back to the Moon - that we should go straight on to
It was great having here today to talk to the guys about social media, branding, and The Duke Brotherhood! ht…
should I be worried if I am a Charles owner? My other backs are CJ Anderson, Duke Johnson, Bilal Powell, and Devontae Booker.
This is my mate's 3 month old King Charles Cavalier. His name is Duke.
Charles Ingram Duke Johnson and Forte. You're putting Charles on the bench week 1 till we see his workload?
Help fight cystic fibrosis! Ensure inspirational stories like struggle are heard.
I actually got as far as putting 'duke of Northumberland' into search before the answer dawned on me. I may still be hungover.
Ppr Duke Johnson, Charles Sims, that the correct order? And does it change if Rawls is out?
Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy, died on 30 August 1580 and was succeeded by his son Charles Emmanuel I
i think about how Chuck E. Cheese's full first names are "Charles Entertainment" like twice a day
Bang, Bang, Bang by Tracy Chapman (cover by Charles Duke). Tracy Chapman sings her songs with "magnitude",...
Charles the Bold, Last Duke of Burgundy, 1433-1477 by Ruth Putnam
Charles Michael Duke Thx for the follow! Check out my free business transformation report…
are you celebrating with your supporters David Duke and Charles Manson?
So David Duke endorsed Trump. Got it. But why no media mention of Trump endorsements by Alveda King and Charles Evers???
Georges Chastelain offering his book to Charles, Duke of Burgundy (15th c).
I'm Charles Duke. I gave $250 to I live in Duke Center, PA. I work as an Attorney at Zippo Manufacturing Co.
hey Hun... Superman! Henry Cavill was also on the Tudors as Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk .. Hot on that show!😜
Prince Richard with Prince Charles at the funeral of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester at Windsor in June 1974
Duke Rouf, calling for the head kick now that Charles has felt the body kicks. Fantastic strategy.
Duke Roufus better have told Pettis he would kill his family if he follows Charles to the ground again.
Charles Krauthammer talking race equals about as much as David Duke discussing race! LOL
For Charles owners, you're better off holding onto him than someone like Duke Johnson/Yeldon right?
Paul Perkins STRONGLY resembles Duke Johnson. One GM made a Jamaal Charles comp. Stash him in Fantasy re-draft
"My God is in the groove" - heard from London songwriter last night 😍
I can just imagine his cabinet. Bachman, Palin, Duke, Manson, and Charles in Charge. Frightening. 😨
Guy accused of assaulting female reporter to Putin's spy to anti-semitic wife-beater, what's next? David Duke? Charles Manson?
Duke, try drinking water, jake says you're pretty salty.
Duke is now available for adoption! This male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is 5yrs old. Learn more at
Charles III, Duke of Savoy- was the husband of Beatrice of Portugal.(Available)
We’re proud to partner with & Leave the turbulence on the ground, guys.
And chers daughter Chad,he would take up for him. The judge was DNC,duke he desinvoyed .7times Charles u lied.hater
Hey Charles Michael Duke thanks for the follow!
what u think is a better combo in a ppr league. Aj green and duke Johnson or jamaal Charles and Maclin.
David Duke, Donald Trump and the dog whistle: Kirby Goidel, Texas A&M University ; Charles S. Bullock III, University of Georgia, and...
Trump is endorsed by David Duke, Charles Manson, Vladimir Putin & alt-right racists. If you like that, it's on YOU.
The Braemar stone in the Garden is from the River Dee near home in Balmoral
. David Duke speaking on anybody hating America is as relevant as a Charles Manson condemning the Son Of Sam.
The only time I had what you would call life-threatening fear was when I was on the Moon. Towa
Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles in Gordonstoun School, in April 1962
A History of England Under the Duke of Buckingham and Charles I. 1624-1628. V...
Towering Duke skinnybones recruit J DeLaurier carbo-loading at it won't matter
From Charles Bullock, and me. "David Duke, Donald Trump and the dog whistle" via
Charles Sims, Duke Johnson, Sproles. Not enthralled by Johnson or Sproles, I'd rather take a guy who will score TDs
Progress on Frederick, between Charles and Duke. Coming along...
Charles Blow: Donald Trump is engaging in "the most insidious kind of bigotry"
dont know why but suddenly realised that Philip and Queen knew about Charles and Camilla affair before Diana did !
Duke, a dog, wins third term as mayor When animals serve, I doubt the effectiveness of political systems.
William, Kate, George & Charlotte all have personalised swings given by Prince Charles
there's Jimi Agbaje, Donald Duke, Charles Nweke JnR! But no, is ever comfortable with criminals !
CHARLES. O, no; for the Duke's daughter, her cousin, so loves her,
Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond, illegitimate son of Charles II and Louise de Kerouaille, was born on 29 July 1672
OLIVER. not Charles, the Duke's wrestler, here to speak with me?
in 1347 Margaret of Durazzo was born as the daughter of Charles, Duke of Durazzo and Maria of...
You are right. We should support them just like Putin, Kim Jung Un, Charles Manson and David Duke.
Trump endorsers: David Duke, Putin, Charles Manson.and Church People. Houston, we have a problem.
TIL Charles Duke left a picture of his family on the surface of the moon. via /r/
ICYMI: Frederick in Kitchener is CLOSED between Duke and Charles until Oct. for LRT work. Detour: Courtland to Queen to Web…
On Steph Curry "Even if he isn't going to play we should lie for ratings" Charles Barkley. Love that man
I like Prince Charles best. At least he has opinions.
Nash taught Guile how to Sonic Boom/Flash kick. But not teleport, air flash kick, scythes, and absorb fbs. I see you Char…
Duke on the front page of the Port Charles newspaper. Miss him!
April 17 2016 Charles 'Duke' Fleming, President of CAFEtech Los Angeles, was elected as a Council Member and...
Ode to the Duke of Wellington : And Other Poems (1819) by Robert Charles...
Any subeditors left Charles is not the current Duke of Cambridge.
Come one, come all! Join me inside for a special birthday show .
recent tour of Lancaster Castle, own by the Duchy of Lancashire. guide asked who was the Duke, surprising number chimed up Prince Charles!
Charles V, Duke of Lorraine, died on 18 April 1690 and was succeeded by his son Leopold
Get 2, fold queens head up to nose, do the same to the duke . Put the 2 together and u get prince Charles apparently
Taj Mahal pictures of duke and duchess create 'new royal narrative' On contrary, Di dumped by Charles's indifference
UK Govt wins right to keep secret talks between ministers and Duke of Cornwall confidential | The Independent
defeated the led by at 16-Apr-1746 Charlie fled dressed as a woman to
To celebrate my new book "Charles Brandon: The King's Man" I will be doing a "Fact a Day" about Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk...
Look out for Sarah Bryson's new book on Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, due out 30th April
Charles II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, gives a sneak preview of his tell-all memoir: "Boobs I have touched"
Lonely Avenue by Ray Charles is in Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness.
Princess Caroline of Naples and Sicily, wife of Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry, died on 17 April 1870
I LOVE Louise. Mary is adorable. Alex is a cupcake. Charles and Louis can jump in a lake. And the Duke of Sandringham can DIAF.
Elizabeth II, duke of Edinburgh, princess Anne and prince Charles of England on a racetrack.
Thomas K. Mattingly never had the measles. Charles Duke was the 4th rookie 2 take a Moon walk...
NUMBER 1 FALLS!. Duke plated 9 runs in the first two innings on the way to a 12-5 W over Miami.
On this day 1746: The Jacobite's under Charles Edward Stuart are defeated by Duke of Cumberland on Culloden Moor
Here some more of First Duke of Sexy Charles Brandon (Henry Cavill) :D
Today in 1972, Astronauts John W. Young, Charles M. Duke and Thomas K. Mattingly launch in Apollo 16. Walking on the moon was routine then.
On this day in 1972, Apollo 16 was launched - 5th manned landing. John Young, Ken Mattingly, Charles Duke.
16th April 1746 Charles Edward Stuart with 5000 men versus his cousin Duke of Cumberland with 9000 men at...
The Duke & Duchess pic reminds us of Princess Di with Prince charles in Scotland.
Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke leaves a photo of his family on the moon in 1972.
Charles Duke has volunteered to remain on earth after the Rapture; he will spend his time fighting the Anti-Christ.
An image of Charles Duke's family on the moon's surface placed during Apollo 16; 40 years later, it still sits there. ht…
"There's nothing worse than being alone and it often takes decades to realize this and when you do it's too late." --Charle…
This family photo of Charles Duke (Apollo 16 astronaut) in 1972. It’s even sealed up to keep it protected.
Charles Duke, Apollo 16 pilot, left his family photo on the moon. Rad move there duke.
great meeting you last night at NYCLU Broadway Stands Up For Freedom
HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay, raises a toast to the 200th anniversary of his ...
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Charles William, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen, died on 21 July 1782, aged only 27 and was succeeded by his brother George I
Family Photo Left on the Moon by Apollo 16 Lunar Module Pilot Charles Duke . js
Read about Charles Edward Duke of Saxe-Coburg Gothe. Youngest of Queen Victoria (Grandmother of Europe) grandchildren
Jeremy Cash said in terms of player he loved to watch was Charles Woodson.
WBCaroline published ​Prince Charles shows his pint pulling power at Falmouth Arms,...: The Duke of ...
Richmond Co. was formed 1789 & named for Charles Lennox 3rd Duke of Richmond, supporter of the colonies
"It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.". - Charles Spurgeon
Today, there are 8 people alive who have walked on the moon (same as last year). The youngest one (Charles Duke), will be 80 in October.
Charles & Camilla begin their 3-day visit to Cornwall today, focusing on community & tourism. The couple are The Duke & Duchess of Cornwall
In 1972, Apollo 16 mission to the moon, astronaut Charles Duke left a photo. That photo remains on the moon’s surfa…
William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland by Charles Jervas oil on canvas, circa 1728 CC-BY
I don't know why the palace is getting so worked up when Duke of Edinburgh & prince Charles are both Bilderbergers!
Philip duke of Edinburgh was very harsh on Prince Charles.
HM Queen Elizabeth II and TRH Prince Philip duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles of Wales, Camilla…
Paul Foot reviews ‘Wallis’ by Charles Higham and ‘The Secret File of the Duke of Windsor’ (cont)
Over 400 Lincs young people have completed the Duke of Cornwall's (Prince Charles') Comm Safety Award this year!
Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, son of Queen Victoria's youngest son Leopold Duke of Albany, was born on 19 July 1884
"Praise the God of all people. Drink the wine. And let the world be the world." - Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk (1484-1545)
15July/1685: Duke of Monmouth - Charles II's illegitimate son - is beheaded for treason. Then his portrait is painted …
It should. Such a mercy the Duke of Windsor abdicated but it was in N. America too...Charles Lindbergh, many, were slow to realize
Everything I know about sarcasm was learned from Charles Schulz.
Bought by Charles I from the Duke of Mantova... more info in the link .
The city of Brussels was officially founded in 979 by Charles, Duke of Low Lotharingia.
As the only child of Duke Charles the Bold of Burgundy,Mary was the wealthiest heiress in Europe and had many suitors h…
After WWII ended, Charles Edward the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, was placed under house arrest for his Nazi sympathies and fined heavily.
true, but the only Eagle Scouts were Neil Armstrong (Apollo 11) and Charles Duke (Apollo 16)
Ah yes, that is clearly Charles Beauclerk, 2nd Duke of St Albans! A jolly good one if I do say so myself!
Shout out to my pops Charles Duke..he been around through the husslin, da bangin, da streets but he neva gave up on me. Trying my hardest to make sure I'm on this earth longer than you. I love pops happy father's day!
Happy Father's Day to my husband Charles duke I love you hope you have a great day
day 15 - favourite fictional dad - Duke in Charles Bukowski's 'A .45 to Pay the Rent' in Tales of Ordinary Madness
Hi, its a scene from the Showtime tv series, The Tudors. Henry played Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk.
Jacques of Savoy, 2nd Duke of Nemours, died on 15 June 1585 and was succeeded by his son Charles Emmanuel
Philip III (the Good), Duke of Burgundy, died on 15 June 1467 and was succeeded by his son Charles the Bold
Charles I dissolved Parliament on 15 June 1626 over a dispute about the Duke of Buckingham's role in the Cadiz Expedition
ok awesome. I'll call early in the week to confirm. Looking forward to catching up.
hey Nicole! can we plan on meeting this wednesday?
on 923 Battle of Soissons: King Robert I of France is killed and King Charles the Simple is arrested by the supporters of Duke Ru..
Prince Charles, Prince Harry and the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge after the fly over at today.
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Princess Anne, the Princess Royal arrive...
Charles Wright named new U.S. poet laureate via
Prince Charles, Prince William, the Duke of Kent and Princess Anne will all be riding on horseback in The Queen’s procession to Horse Guards
the duke is following you, please help and send my msg across I'm hurt and want yo return home, I belong to prince Charles
"This is another international crisis where [Obama] has no good alternatives" says prof Charles Dunlap on Iraq
UK's fastest triathletes heading to Windsor Triathlon to duke it out for national title:
Some people i'd like to meet in my life: and astronaut Charles Duke,
Infante Philip, Duke of Calabria, mentally incapacitated eldest son of Charles II of Spain, was born on 13 June 1747
Charles Rolls at the wheel of his Panhard with the Duke of York (later King George V), Llangattock, c.1900
😍"Henry as the handsome Duke Charles Brandon on The Tudors ht…
indeed HRH ,, maybe he could be reminded The Duke of Buckingham exhibited the invention football socks ,oo, )
On June 12, 1673, Charles II's brother James, the Duke of York, who had converted to Catholicism, resigned as Lord High Admiral
TDT on this day in 1673 Charles II's brother duke James of York resigns as Lord High Admiral.
I bet Charles and duke would get along.
Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy, died on this day 12 June 1675.
Congratulations to our new Poet Laureate, Charles Wright. Read one of the poems he's published in The New Republic:
ON THIS DAY IN - 1683 The Rye House Plot, to assassinate English king Charles II and his brother James, Duke of York, was discovered.
Alan Douglas with Duke Ellington & Charles Mingus during the recording of the album “Money Jungle” Photograph by Michael Ochs Archives..
Francis I, Duke of Lorraine, died on 12 June 1545 leaving his wife Christina of Denmark as regent for their son Charles III
The Rye House Plot, a conspiracy to assassinate Charles II and James Duke of York, was discovered on 12 June 1683
spaceexp:. Charles Duke, the youngest astronaut to walk on the...
RIP Alan Douglas, producer of Money Jungle with Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, Max Roach and Jimi Hendrix.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Photo: Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke left this family photo behind on the moon in 1972
men that I had to "take baths" with when I was very little included Prince Charles, I think Duke Philip, possibly Andrew, George Bechtold,
16-18 as Charles would say that's terrible defense by the heat
Picture Charles Duke left of his family on the moon in 1972
Burgonet given by Duke Charles Emmanuel I of Savoy to King Philip III, c. 1585
Charles Frederick, Grand Duke of Baden, died on 10 June 1811 and was succeeded by his grandson Charles
5 May 1714 died Charles Duke of Berry,a grandson of XIV and patron of the famous artist and engraver Silvestre.
Our future Kings, HRH Prince Charles and the Duke of Cambridge record a video as part of their mission to save...
Someone changed the name of La cava in my phone to Agave Fields LOL Who did it?! And WHEN?! I suspect Wally Or Charles Duke But how would Charles do it? Maybe he is a ninja!
Charles and Wills in wildlife plea: The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge have joined…
Britain's Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (L), and his son Prince William, Duke o...
he must be channeling his grace Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk. ;)
There is profound power in listening.
Get the data: see all Crown Estate, Prince Charles' Duchy of Cornwall, church, Duke of Westminster schemes.
Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke’s family photo left behind on the moon in 1972
Tune into to watch former L&A grads Doran Graham and Brady Charles take on to open the season.
Also 'cause other Duke is that awful Buckingham! RTCharles Brandon, the best Duke this Court could have"
Charles Brandon, the best Duke this Court could have
Which of these persons has not walked on the Moon ? a) Charles Duke b) James A Lovell c) Alan Bean d) Pete Conrad
Charles Duke there is so many things to love about Willie Nelson great entertainer I grew up listening to Willie Nelson but one thing is he has been there for those in need love yah Willie Nelson
Duke of Westminster matched Prince Charles donation. Remind me, how much are they both worth??
You move me with your spirit. I love you. I am here right now. All we ever truly have is the now.
what up Duke, loved your new frames. How about it less then 60 days and you're there, Salute
We have Mr. Alston to thank for much of Duke's great album art.
Takin' it back. Wrote this a few ago. Inspiration for your Friday station!!! Don't Quit!
Doric Arch, Bree Louise(NW1) Charles Lamb, Duke of Cambridge, New Rose(N1) Maynard Arms(N8) & Railway(NW6) - all are great!
VALENTINE DAY Traced by roman empair(by shakespeare),bk hamlet 1st valentne day note was writen by Charles Duke of Orlean in Egland in 1415 when was imprisoned in the tower of londan to her wive
CHARLES DUKE concert at Caffe Vivaldi on Feb. 19th at...
Lmao shaq and Charles Barkley them some *** fools
As a result of his brother Charles's death on this day in 1685, James, Duke of York, became King James II.
Like when we're 30, you'll all be getting married & having babies & I'll be perfectly content in my car with Duke Ellington and Ray Charles😄
This day in 1685 Charles II died. He left at least 12 illegitimate children, but his successor was his brother James, duke of York.
Charles Dukes no callbacks or voids today get at me
To HRH Prince Charles: A extremly big THANK you for the visit and for my meeting with the Duke and Duches of Glouchester
Even Charles, Duke of Orléans wrote to his wife a Valentine letter when he was held in the Tower of London.
Govt. Prince Charles & Duke of Westminster giving but won't be enough :-( It's terrible here!
PRISM follow on from their show last weekend with Josh Butler & Sidney Charles, however this time bring Duke...
The oldest known valentine that is still in existence today was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife.
Ever wonder what Charles Mingus, Max Roach, and Duke Ellington would sound like playing trio? - Check out Money Jungle!
On 6 Feb 1685 James duke of York became James II of England & Wales and Ireland, and VII of Scotland, on the death of his brother Charles II
Coal Ash Spill Still Not Contained (AP) - Workers at a Duke Energy power plant in North Carolina are scrambling to http:…
Charles was succeeded by his brother James, Duke of York, as James II who was deemed by Parliament to have abdicated on 11 December 1688.
Kevin Smith responds to Charles Oppenheim's post on who owns the rights to scholarly articles.
Did you know? Mey Selections was established in 2005 as part of an initiative by HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay?
Charles V, Duke of Lorraine, married Eleanor of Austria, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III, on 6 February 1678
Duke University scientists find women need more sleep than men via
Call me a headless chicken? Youre going to have to duke it out with my homie
Add 33733 12 . Description: A miniature of a scene from the Triumphs of Emperor Charles V: the duke...
.Cornish National Liberation Army; led by Charles, Duke of Cornwall & Prince of Wales to rival his eternal mother's English realm.
Prince Charles - Duke of Rothesay in - is great advocate for British ag: yesterday
When a 9 year old tells you that you have a beautiful voice, well... That pretty much makes your day.
Charles gives £50k (of our money) to floods victims And billionaire Duke of Westminster to match sum. Tight ***
And in non-car related news... Prince Charles and the Duke of Westminster will be paying out to folk on the...
David William Wilkin~1st Roman Catholic to serve in the House of Commons. Henry Charles Howard 13th Duke of Norfolk.
Prince Charles gives £50,000 to flood victims and the Duke of Westminster 'match funds' it. I make that £100,000 of our money then
I confess I have a hopeless crush on Henry Cavill,and e nor start today!D mata haf tey!Since he showed up as the duke, Sir Charles Brandon.
John Young and Charles Duke training for the Apollo 16 mission in the New Mexico desert.
In total twelve people have walked on the Moon. Besides Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin – who were the first two astronauts to leave their bootprints on the Moon — there were also Pete Conrad, Alan Bean, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, David Scott, James Irwin, John Young, Charles Duke, Eugene Cernan, and Harrison Schmitt.
Fly us back to the moon says an object about the size of a small boulder hit the Moon in Mare Imbrium on March 17, creating an explosion bright enough to be seen on Earth. "It exploded in a flash nearly 10 times as bright as anything we've ever seen before," says Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. Astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission on July 20, 1969. Surveyor 3 spacecraft landed on April 20, 1967, to support the coming crew of Apollo 12. The objective of the Surveyor 3 was to provide data for research on "soft landings." This image is part of 27 separate frames taken by Charles Duke that shows the Apollo 16 landing site in the lunar highlands on April 23, 1972. Apollo 17 mission commander Eugene A. Cernan makes a short checkout of the Lunar Roving Vehicle during the early part of the first Apollo 17 extravehicular activity at the Taurus-Littrow landing site. The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, found t ...
Things that the human race has left on the moon: • more than 70 spacecraft, including rovers, modules, and crashed orbiters • 5 American flags • 2 golf balls • 12 pairs of boots • TV cameras • film magazines • 96 bags of urine, feces, and vomit • numerous Hasselbad cameras and accessories • several improvised javelins • various hammers, tongs, rakes, and shovels • backpacks • insulating blankets • utility towels • used wet wipes • personal hygiene kits • empty packages of space food • a photograph of Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke's family • a feather from Baggin, the Air Force Academy's mascot falcon, used to conduct Apollo 15's famous "hammer-feather drop" experiment • a small aluminum sculpture, a tribute to the American and Soviet "fallen astronauts" who died in the space race -- left by the crew of Apollo 15 • a patch from the never-launched Apollo 1 mission, which ended prematurely when flames engulfed the command module during a 1967 training exercise, kill ...
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24/5/1787: Letter from Thomas Orde, Chief Secretary for Ireland, to Charles Manners, Duke of Rutland and Viceroy of Ireland.
I met then-Fuqua student Liz Charles at an Indian wedding while she was on exchange at ISB in 2013. Remarkable person
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