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Charles Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin FRS (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) was an English naturalist. He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors, and proposed the scientific theory that this branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process that he called natural selection.

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[NFL Draft]. 1: and the LA Rams have taken Jared Goff from Cal. What do you think about that, Charles?. Darwin: it was the…
Insight on evolution of Charles Darwin's thinking [1/2]
Greetings All!. February 12th, 2017 will mark the 208th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. His...
But Charles Darwin is practically the father of "Darwinism" which is natural selection. Eerily similar to "survival of the fit"
Where this mess came from. & why they all have to depend on eachother. The Darwinian Foundation of Communism…
you're being played:. The Darwinian Foundation of Communism
Charles Darwin published "Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication" to further his theory of
The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we ought to control our thoughts. - Charles Darwin.
“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” . ― Charles Darwin.
Bannon's delusions of grandeur...Charles Darwin observed that “ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge"
Do you know E.O. Wilson, "greatest biologist since Charles Darwin"?
Profile of the island of St. Jago, Cape Verde Islands, as seen by Charles Darwin in 1832
I wonder if Charles Darwin had been a friar just like Gregor Mendel, would the theory of evolution be more widely accepted?
1831: Charles Darwin sets sail from Plymouth Sound in HMS Beagle - a voyage that would change the world https:…
The epic HMS Beagle voyage that helped shape the scientific theories of Charles Darwin, set sail 1831
A strategy used by Charles Darwin and Stephen King can make you more productive without becoming a workaholic
'To me he was like Doctor Dolittle'. Ruth Padel on what she thought of her forbear Charles Darwin as a child.
Sir Francis Galton, the proponent of eugenics, is a first cousin of Charles Darwin.
Charles Darwin's 'The origin of Species' was published today 1859, w the phrase 'The survival of the fittest' borrowed from Herbert Spencer!
Charles Darwin's most famous phrase was borrowed from philosopher Herbert Spencer.
It was in 1859, Charles Darwin's book On the Origin of Species was first offered for sale, in London
Down House, the home of Charles Darwin, a lovely way to while away the day (special Origins weekend)
Charles Darwin students supporting the great work of with a cake sale and a very spotty non-uniform day tod…
I liked a video from Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin. Epic Rap Battles of History.
I just confused Karl Marx and thought it was Charles Darwin. It's too early
"They won't let you into university just because your favourite writer is Charles Darwin"
Our First Year Biology students visit the home of Charles Darwin
I live on the other side of Charles Darwin and I can no longer see ...
hello Charles Darwin university I wanna get admission in your please sent me your information about admission fees.
What is Charles Darwin's connection to Cape Town?. Read More here:
This painting was probably inspired by the works of Charles Darwin and Frederic Edwin Church
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The social construct of race is an invention. See the work of Carolus Linnaeus and Sir Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin.
Did you know? Charles Darwin’s grandfather; poet, philosopher & physician Dr Erasmus Darwin inhabited Breadsall in 1800’s
Because it was imperative that I add the Charles Darwin episode of X-men the animated series to my Darwin blogpost why are you up at 12AM?
Q: Charles Darwin studided variation in plants and animals in which century?
Just learned that Charles Darwin worked on his theory of evolution in private for 20 years before publishing. Great ideas take time.
“It’s not the biggest, the brightest, or the best that will survive, but those who adapt the quickest.” Charles Darwin
Did you know, on this day, 176 years ago in 1941, Charles Darwin signed the Magna Carta with the first telephone. History is amazing.
Darwin The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Including an Autobiographical Chapter (Edited by Francis Darwin, 1887)
My teacher told me I was great thinker so I'm somethin like Charles Darwin I guess🤔
I talk to Charles Darwin everyday just to thank him for setting me straight.
I'd rather be Charles Darwin famous than Kanye West famous.
Charles Darwin and the Death of Imagination via
Charles Darwin was the Father of Evolution but he married his cousin... .
math on Charles Darwin I'll tell you now one's more diverse America has one of the most diverse countries
Charles Darwin: An Epiphany for the Muslims, A Catastrophe for the Christians.
the girl I can't stand in the department made a jeff foxworthy joke in a meeting. take me now, charles darwin
Charles Darwin: not the brightest loaf in the box.
NEW POST => How to have more great ideas. BONUS => Why I Photoshopped Charles Darwin’s head on Bruce Willis’s body. https:…
Face of Charles Darwin spotted in patient’s eye scan cc:
The charming doodles Darwin's kids left all over the manuscript of'On the Origin of Species' https…
[Serious] how did people pick up evolution so fast? why reason did people have to believe Charles Darwin?
The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” - Charles Darwin
Learning is the mechanism evolution has given us to handle an environment in constant change - Charles Darwin.
Charles Darwin- "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge"
14 actually, do you think he limited his activities to England?
Even Charles Darwin knew no ape were bipedal most often. They crawl first then walk. Like all humans yet are still apes!
It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. – Ch…
I liked a video from Craig Venter - The Genius of Charles Darwin: The Uncut Interviews -
There is one person in charge of every office in America and that person is Charles Darwin.
Today on HD 125595 b: Scopes Trial: John T. Scopes is indicted for teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in Tennessee (1925/5/25)
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>tfw you will never have a beard like Robert Sapolsky or Charles Darwin
9 reserves in WA, including 2 in region: Eurardy & Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin and the Republican Party's Lincoln legacy - San Francisco Chronicle
A Charles Darwin letter returns to the Archives after being stolen twice:
eureka. just thought of a better title for my 2014 article:. The Evolution of "Charles Darwin" for my new followers.
The Charming Doodles Charles Darwin’s Children Left All Over the Manuscript of ‘On the Origin of Species’.
Jeremy England at 33 already being called the next Charles Darwin.
Egypt was troubled by the horrible asp ... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Mister Charles Darwin had the balls to ask ... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
"To kill an error is as good a service as, and sometimes better than, the establishing of a new truth or fact." —Charle…
not for rural broadband. Downe village and home to Charles Darwin still being ignored.
Charles Darwin regularly contributed to the village Sunday School and had his children christened at Downe Anglican church.
"The Stuff of Thought" by Steven Pinker, "Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin, and Lewis Carroll's "Alice" texts
TIL that Edgar Allen Poe, Albert Einstien and Charles Darwin all married thier first cousins.
Charles Darwin was baptised a Christian whilst young and studied Theology at Cambridge University.
teaching . at Charles Darwin university with
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Adam Smith is stuck without Charles Darwin via
Charles Darwin himself could not passed that test
Western Society is basically Adam West and Charles Darwin having a ~300 year long Mexican stand off.
Charles Darwin & Mary Anning ( the greatest female fossil hunter of all time!) learning about the science of 2day
Charles Darwin and Mary Anning get down with the kids are
Charles Darwin: & that gentlemen is my theory. [room erupts w/ applause]. Peter Stringfellow: amazing, well done. CD: wha? Oh no it's ruined.
Did you know: Famous biologists throughout history have studied animals at ZSL London Zoo, including Charles Darwin
Most of the Tree of Life is a Complete Mystery: Robert Couse-BakerIn 1837, Charles Darwin sketched a simple tr...
So many cultural riches in Dali, Charles Darwin & installation by Sophy Cave
Charles Darwin at the Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford. "An American monkey, after getting drunk on brandy, would never...
and How would Charles Darwin react if he had seen this video?
World renowned Naturalist, Adrian Shine has an impressive beard and looks like Charles Darwin - The Missing Evidence
My friend Scott Falconer just got a tattoo of Charles Darwin. What do you guys think?
So when Charles Darwin writes letters to Joseph Hooker, he addresses them to 'My Dear Hooker'! I kid you not 😂
Interesting article about Charles Darwin, an early Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.
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Have you met our crochet Mary Anning & Charles Darwin @
will have us believe that UK science that produced Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Michael Faraday can't manage without the EU
Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln has the most tea annually, an average of almost seven pounds of tea per person.
Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, and Albert Einstein have nothing on Addie! . She won a special achievement prize at...
Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, and lil' Arthur Conan Doyle. They went overboard this time.
Charles Darwin once met Pope Pius IX while traveling through Italy He gave him a copy of Origin of Species as a gift. He was excommunicated
Charles Darwin, born 1809, promoted the first Animal Protection Law regulating animal testing in 1822! h…
2 members of New kids on the block, Charles Darwin, Little Mix, *** Hucknall, and some1 called 'Ronald Dahl'
pronounce Shrewsbury one more time please. Charles Darwin, who attended the school there,,, he managed to pronounce it. But your (2/4)
Charles Darwin || Thought we had a common ancestor with monkeys probably because he looks like one
it's Shrewsbury, rhymes with throw, not shrew. Charles Darwin and other glitteratie attended the school, are you saying (1/2)
He died of heart failure, in the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island.
Cool to know that Charles Darwin's kids doodled on discarded pages of his famous MS!
Visiting Charles Darwin’s House While In London: After completing my training as a biologist at university one...
If you're not Charles Darwin, do you really care about phylogenetic tress??
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Had a wonderful time exploring Charles Darwin's house and gardens, beautifully restored by
"Charles Darwin is the bae of science" - Madi
Meet the extinct flying reptile named after Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin would be thrilled today to see the science his theory has inspired:
Belated Happy Birthday to Charles Darwin. We are holding our now annual Charles Darwin Day today!
skynews are failing to pronounce Shrewsbury correctly,, Charles Darwin was done apparently. In inscenced, but they won't listen
A man's friendships are one of the best measures of his worth. -Charles Darwin. CHARDGEL LimangBuwanNa
The very essence of instinct is that it's followed independently of reason. -Charles Darwin. CHARDGEL LimangBuwanNa
a scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections, -- a mere heart of stone. -Charles Darwin. CHARDGEL LimangBuwanNa
Man is descended from a hairy, tailed quadruped, probably arboreal in its habits. -Charles Darwin. CHARDGEL LimangBuwanNa
I am not apt to follow blindly the lead of other men. -Charles Darwin. CHARDGEL LimangBuwanNa
Without speculation there is no good and original observation. -Charles Darwin. CHARDGEL LimangBuwanNa
okay Charles Darwin settle down now
Seems like my Charles Darwin ( born Shrewsbury) reference with regard to Man U evolution played to mixed reviews. Some you wi…
One of Britain's largest concrete sculptures, built to celebrate Charles Darwin
I can assure you, Shrewsbury rhymes with throw not shrew, ask Charles Darwin, Michael Palin and many others who went (1/2)
Charles Darwin in letter from 1861: "But I am very poorly today and very stupid and hate everybody and everything." http…
Ask Charles Darwin questions with a new Duquesne University app
Professor Brian Regal had accused Charles Darwin of driving the common lycanthrope to extinction.
Charles Lyell, the foremost geologist of the 19th C, friend of Darwin, & promoter of drift ice, died in 1875 http…
Charles Darwin's insurance documents found by RSA
Let's raise to a glass to Charles Darwin - and to opposable thumbs.
It is not the strongest... Charles Darwin
The lives of those such as Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein are plainly o...
Shrewsbury boss Micky Mellon on Man United, Giggs and that 'f***er' Charles Darwin . via
If naturalist Charles Darwin could visit for a day, where would you take him? has an idea...
one day I will be Charles Darwin... 🤔
Diving Raja Ampat – life on the line - Charles Darwin is revered, Edward Wallace is a biologist’s pin-up,...
TIL Charles Darwin married his first cousin, Emma Darwin, and the ceremony was officiated by their own first cousin, Reverend John Wedgwood…
The Voyage of the Beagle I Have Stated in the Preface to the First Edition of This Work, and in the Zoology of the
A republic cannot succeed, till it contains a certain body of men imbued with the principles of justice and honour. - Charles
Here plays Charles Darwin who has shrugged off his "ordinary" label to follow his
Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge... ~Charles Darwin 🎀
We're recruiting for a new Manager! Join our team here at Charles Darwin House
Charles Darwin? Okay he's been long dead, but he would be good to see amongst the African wildlife!
Cool Facts About Freya: I'm directly related to Charles Darwin but my family was disowned when we refused to marry our cousin
Charles Darwin wasn't talking about me ...knowledge that
may Charles Darwin have mercy on your soul
at least you're related to Charles Darwin 🤔🤔
Dear Charles Darwin, . If you like birds so much why don't you marry them?
From my visit to Down House last Summer - the home of Charles Darwin.
Many people use my work still for reference like Charles Darwin In the 19th century to help him develop his natural selection theories.
hey! whatd u put in ur raft for Charles Darwin cause irdk what to put
Follow up question: did Charles Darwin's squad consist of several *different species* of Finches?
Would like to see Charles Darwin on an episode of ahead of his time!
.Charles Darwin speculated that a "warm, little pond" may have given rise to life, was way ahead of his time
Charles Darwin’s evolutionary revelation in Australia via
Charles Darwin asked for the skulls of Tasmanians when only a few remained alive provided it wouldn't "upset" them. http…
How differences within shape attitudes on and Charles Darwin. Watch
Geri Halliwell, Charles Darwin, Star Wars names all on the discredited list
Charles Darwin's evolutionary revelation in Australia via
📷 mizgnomer: David Tennant with his Charles Darwin puppet (the character he voiced) from Aardman’s The...
Patrick Matthew, Charles Darwin and Joseph Hooker on Natural Selection and the Aristocracy:
"It's not the strongest of the species that survives. It's the one that is most adaptable to change" -Charles Darwin
Today in Ladybird 27 Dec 1831 - Charles Darwin in HMS Beagle departs for South America
I always mix up Charles Darwin and Charles S. Dutton. One was the star of Roc and the other thought we evolved from rocks!.
Did you know that Hugh Jackman, Janet Jackson, Elvis Presley and Charles Darwin have all suffered from migraine?...
"I am supremely educated on Charles Darwin, the AMERICAN scientist who invented slavery."
Miss entertains at the Natural History Museum while Charles Darwin looks on.
would be glad to divert any future Martin Luther King Jr. onto a path to make them a future Charles Darwin.
Hitler was mostly influenced by atheistic and Occult tales from Charles Darwin, Arthur Gobineu and the Th…
wow Charles Darwin who came with the law of natural selection
30-Nov: On this day in 1853, Charles Darwin was awarded the Royal Society Medal for his geological and barnacle research.
Charles Darwin wanted me to murder like 25 people with gas. But some I killed with knives. Anyway, I got a new belt. htt…
*** hold up more people born on February 12th: Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Bill Russell, even *** DeMarco Murray
Charles Darwin is thought to have written the most influencial book in the history of mankind. Adrian Ghenie's...
. Do you mean Charles Darwin or social Darwinism?
Charles Darwin has been dead for more than 150 years, it's too bad no one ever studied biology after that. :'(
The Galapagos Islands are where Charles Darwin wrote his Theory of Dragon Ball: Evolution.
TIL In 2012, Charles Darwin received 4,000 write-in votes from voters in Athens-Clarke Co... is
David Attenbrough programme about Charles Darwin on BBC4 at 10. sounds sad but I reckon it'll be good to watch
Charles Darwin's Kids Drew on Many Surviving Manuscript Pages of "On the Origin of Species"
Ha! Charles Darwin's Kids Drew on his Manuscripts for Origin of Species. via
Charles Darwin terraformed the dead, volcanic wasteland of Ascension island into a fully balanced ecosystem.
Heh, so apparently Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx and Charles Dickens are all Assassins.
I'm going to Shrewsbury. In search of the two famous CD's. (Carol Decker and Charles Darwin)
I would love a poster of Issac Newton, Charles Darwin, Galileo, Carl Sagan, Bill Nye, and Neil Degrasse Tyson all just hanging out
I told my team I'm going to a nation whos national animal is the unicorn notes have Charles Darwin on them. They laughed.
What do Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, and Gustav Klimt all have in common? BCLS keynote speaker Dr. Eric Kandel...
Try on the Charles Darwin main street in Santa Cruz Island
Charles Darwin, Geological Observations of the Volcanic Islands, 1st/1st Scarce!
Charles Darwin, The Fertilisation of Orchids, 1st/1st, rebound
Charles Darwin, A Monograph of the Cirripedia, Two Volumes, 1st/1st. Very Rare!
September 19th 1835, the and meet Charles Darwin on the Galapogos Islands.
The Other Charles Darwin - Edinburgh was chosen because it was a family tradition to go there to study medicine…
Darwin's reply to this fundamental question was kept private for 100 years via
Otherbots: Being extremely happy with Charles (robot)
5⭐️ reviews! Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection - Millgate House Education
What you can learn from Charles Darwin
The English ed of Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species" is allowed but Malay ed. is banned in Msia = threat to national security.
He said that while visiting Charles Darwin
Being extremely happy with Charles (robot) …
origin of species by Charles Darwin, the holographic universe by Michael talbot, the virtue of selfishness by ayn rand
Q: Who is Charles Darwin? . A: inventor of the easy bake oven
no Lord S... and Charles Darwin, and the GOM, and Lord John Russell
I have read a number of books on Charles Darwin, born February 12 (same birthday as Lincoln) & nowhere is he a mason
Training this evening for all players, 8pm START at Charles Darwin, Biggin Hill. First league game 2 days away. htt…
Apart from being gorgeous, Skandar Keynes is directly descended from Charles Darwin and Josiah Wedgwood.
Charles Darwin d. 19th April, 1882 - Exactly a year to a day has separated the deaths of two of the most powerful men
James Cameron, Charles Darwin, and Marguerite Duras, together at last!
You're wrong. And Herbert Spencer was the proponent of social Darwinism, not Charles Darwin, get your facts straight h…
Another interesting fact: On the 20 August 1858, Charles Darwin first publishes his theory of evolution through...
It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change - Charles Darwin
Holy Roman Empire accepted Jesus as spiritual leader cause nobody could find a wart on his *** ..Not that Charles Darwin didn't try...
"The planet has grown a nervous system, the system is us. Daniel Dennett - The Genius of Charles Darwin
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Charles Darwin was among the Edinburgh University Students taught by a freed slave
oupacademic: Did you know that the word ‘evolution’ does not appear in Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species?
Charles Darwin was an Agnostic,Benjamin Franklin,Albert me one Atheist who has contributed to science or history
and socio-political expropriations of Charles Darwin's biological science were made by Herbert Spencer, Thomas Malthus, Francis Galton, and
God created us? I highly recommend this book, Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species:
Charles Darwin was a Eugenics with is cousin Francis Galton& Klan parent hood Black Genocide of Africans
Charles Darwin admitted to a fellow scientist, Asa Gray, about his book, “I am quite conscious that my...
"There is no fundamental difference between man & animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery." C…
Circumnatations in plants, the asymmetric movements of leaves and tendrils, was described by Charles Darwin. .
Omar and AJS are talking about Charles Darwin. 💀✌🏽️
Charles Darwin insisted that primeval man was instinctively polygamist. As far as modern man is concerned, divorce is easy to come by
"To be effective philanthropists, we must become wise managers of evolutionary processes." [Subscription]
The Galápagos Islands, the place that led Charles Darwin into making his famous theory.
What Charles Darwin taught us about by via
TIL that Charles Darwin, Kew Gardens, and The Royal Navy terraformed an island in the 1800's.
Little Giant Ladders
The Power of Movement in Plants by Charles Darwin (1897 Appleton Authorized ed)
"We must look at weeping as an incidental result, as purposeless as the secretion of tears of a blow outside the eye" -Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin has evidence to the contrary
So. I stood on Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Charles Dickens graves.
Charles Darwin and the tree of life documentary
Guess that's why people question Charles Darwin they climb where
Another great place to take the kids in the holidays, Charles Darwin house in Downe kent.
Reminder: Social Darwinism was not of Darwin. He would have been ashamed of it.
Conan: This week, Spain is holding its annual Running of the Bulls. The winner, as is the case every year, is Charles Darwin.
Should Charles Darwin & his racist theories also be removed from our schools & history?
Charles Darwin. You haven't heard of Chuck Darwin? *** is wrong with you.
There's nothing Republicans hate more than science and love. // Glenn Beck to boycott Charles Darwin movie, Disney
Glenn Beck planning boycott of Charles Darwin movie ...Aw man, NOW who am I going to throw raisinets at?
Glenn Beck suggests boycott of Charles Darwin film Does he think if we don't watch evolution wil…
The greatest achievement for Charles Darwin is the creation (wink) of the Darwin Awards
My son and his mate found this on our Charles Darwin walk at Wentworth Falls
Explain the contribution Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel have made to the study of geneti…
National history museum of London, saw this brilliant quote by Charles Darwin: "freedom of thought is…
My sister's friend graduated from U of M and is now going to grad school in Scotland at the same place that Charles Darwin studied. 😳
Tony Wright of Bradford, West Yorkshire., England just became a Friend of Charles Darwin.
Maria Montessori and Charles Darwin thought the same: science is a discovery, an emotional experience.
Charles Darwin only came to it after reading a letter Alfred Wallace sent him from Malaya. Kinda like Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.
i look like Charles Darwin i could be commander water sex and that flower.
When your friend confuses Phil Mitchell and Charles Darwin 😑😂
U need the worlds greatest zoologist to understand Young Thug lyrics U need to bring back that *** Charles Darwin to help …
A day like today in 1820 was the launch of HMS Beagle, the ship that took young Charles Darwin on his scientific voyage.
Steve Irwin cared for the same turtle that Charles Darwin did
Meet the next Charles Darwin, a scientist trying to prove the glass you're drinking from is alive
This Galapagos tortoise that died in 2006 at Steve Irwin's zoo was originally owned by Charles Darwin in 1835. .
In 1879, a 23-year-old Hoosier, Charles Ferguson, wrote Charles Darwin, asking him for a list of books that would...   10% Off
Charles Darwin was responsible for the Holocaust. Karl Marx was responsible for the Holocaust. Mussolini was responsible for the Holocaust.
Who (other than young Charles Darwin) says the countryside isn't exciting?
WATCH: I discuss how Adam Smith & Charles Darwin got hijacked with Hazel Henderson,
Photo: animal-factbook: Back in the 14th century, Charles Darwin and genetic biologist Gregor Mendel wanted...
I wanna paint you a picture.Isaac Newton meets Charles Darwin & Gregor Mendel , sees Mozart in concert. That would be great. Lol
I'd take Hobbs' notes and lectures any day, any time over Charles Darwin and bookwork.
Evidence suggests that Charles Darwin that the theory of human evolution should be reconsidered. via
Just watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer. Still want to draw Charles Darwin: Alien Investigator.
Modern Evolutionary Biology is based on work of Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel, a priest. Ask if aliens deny history.
The great exhibition in year 4/5... Yr3 visit Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Dr Bernardo and Millicent Fawcett
Thanks for sharing the blog "What Steve Wozniak, Charles Darwin and Dr Seuss have in common ()"! ^AG
Good morning! This is my favourite mug, Charles Darwin by Quentin Blake.
Steve Irwin and 'Harriet' the tortoise who died in 2006 at the age of 176.Harriet was a pet of Charles Darwin in 1835 …
Apparently, the ancestors of Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins have no purpose of existence. .
“when someones reading in class and your name is in the story Gregor Mendel, Charles Darwin, etc. e.e
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Charles Darwin was 26 when he began his research in the Galápagos Islands. That should make your day better.
Visiting Cape Horn, awed by the route that Charles Darwin took.
17-Feb: On this day in 1809, Charles Darwin was baptised at St Chad's Anglican Church, Shrewsbury.
Highlights of this day in history: President Abraham Lincoln and naturalist Charles Darwin born The U
Columnar basalt in Cerro St. Lucia in Stgo., Chile. Charles Darwin was here about 180 years ago.
Happy birthday Charles Darwin. The man who delivered the final blow to the intelligent design nonsense
Today is Darwin Day! celebrates the anniversary of the birth of the famous evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin! http:…
Happy birthday, Charles Darwin!. In honor of Darwin Day, don’t forget that you can read ALL of his work online
Not only does he know hardcore HTML, but I think he might be the offspring of Farrah Fawcett and Charles Darwin.
Irony for Matt Walsh: Anti-vaccine movement started with Charles Darwin type.
Issue of Eugenics in this case, the quotes and references are taken from Wikipedia. "However, the term "eugenics" coined to describe the modern concept of improving the quality of human beings born into the world was originally developed by Francis Galton. Galton had read his half-cousin Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, which sought to explain the development of plant and animal species, and desired to apply it to humans. Galton believed that desirable traits were hereditary based on biographical studies.[11] In 1883, one year after Darwin's death, Galton gave his research a name: eugenics.[12] Throughout its recent history, eugenics has remained a controversial concept.[13]... (Note:Charles Darwinian was also an avid supporter of Eugenics.)... At its peak of popularity, eugenics was supported by a wide variety of prominent people, including Winston Churchill,[110] Margaret Sanger,[111][112] Marie Stopes, H. G. Wells,[113] Norman Haire, Havelock Ellis, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, George Bern ...
If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin...Charles Darwin
Please join us for our 2nd Annual Darwin themed scavenger hunt at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Our event will begin with an Impromptu meet and greet, then together we will make our very own Charles Darwin beard (simple fun craft) to wear throughout the museum…And then following instruc…
"The father of evolution, Charles Darwin, married his first cousin and had 10 children." WAT A SMART MAN LOL
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