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Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson (November 3, 1921 – August 30, 2003), born Charles Dennis Buchinsky was an American actor, best known for such films as Once Upon a Time in the West, The Magnificent Seven, The Dirty Dozen, The Great Escape, Rider on the Rain, The Mechanic, and the popular Death Wish series.

Richard Madeley Death Wish James Coburn Steve McQueen Jill Ireland Henry Fonda Hard Times Clint Eastwood John Sturges Lee Marvin Yul Brynner Once Upon Elizabeth Montgomery Coronation Street Claudia Cardinale Tom Hardy Chuck Norris

Charles Bronson and his wife, Jill Ireland with Sophia Loren and her husband, Carlo Ponti. 1970's
Charles Bronson was married to Jill Ireland for 22 years, from 1968 until her death in 1990 (1 child)
Death Wish but instead of Charles Bronson it's fat Steven Segal with the ponytail
Henry Fonda, Claudia Cardinale, Sergio Leone, Charles Bronson & Jason Robards on the set of Once Upon A TIME…
Charles Bronson is suing Richard Madeley for GMB ‘libel’
News: Essex Chronicle published Charles Bronson is suing Richard Madeley over a comment made on...
Charles Bronson is suing Richard Madeley for ‘upsetting his mum’
Richard of 'Richard & Judy' is being sued by notorious criminal Charles Bronson for 'upsetting his mum'…
The GMB presenter being sued for defamation by notorious prisoner Charles Bronson
Whatever the serious harm threshold now is, Charles Bronson is not going to surmount it with this:
Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson suing Richard Madeley for defamation:
Charles Bronson sues Richard Madeley. this is what happens when is off. Sent via
Charles Bronson is suing Richard Madeley for defamation because 2017 is a wild ride
Charles Bronson (the murderous maniac, NOT the "Death Wish" actor) is suing Richard Madeley for defamation as Madeley "upset his mum". WHAT?😂
Charles Bronson is suing Richard Madeley after he wrongly said he attacked a prison governor in 2016
Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson 'suing Richard Madeley for defamation' after Good Morning Britain mishap…
Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson to sue Richard Madeley for defamation
Charles Bronson threatens Richard Madely after his comments on Good Morning Britain...
Presenter Richard Madeley is being sued by notorious prisoner Charles Bronson for a comment he…
James Coburn, John Sturges, Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson on the set of The Great Escape (1963).
Hard Times 1975 Charles Bronson Fight 2 of your money..these are better actors..😉
Charles Bronson: Lag demands prison sex with Paula Williamson to have BABY behind bars
Notorious criminal Charles Bronson demands sex visits to hav
Verna did Ma in??!! For Big Ed? Now that's LOVE. And a Death Wish Charles Bronson couldn't get her out of.
I think Charles Bronson had more lines in this Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode than any three of his movies.
And perhaps Charles Bronson the prisoner could be the special guest trainer.
'I want a baby and I'll be best dad in the world': Violent criminal Charles Bronson demands child from behind bars…
My Charles Bronson shirt is starting to tear more 😥
Charles Bronson fought a Rottweiler years ago on one of the few days he wasn't locked up
Did you know that Charles Bronson's father was a Tatar? His mother was Lithuanian.
"The role was offered to Charles Bronson. Leone thought of of him because of his "granite face of destiny"..
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I don't think even Charles Bronson at his peak matched that!
If only it was some Swedish Charles Bronson reenacting Deathwish on the islamic rapists. What happened to my viking ancestors?
Hey maw how about some cookkiiieess. The Simpsons: Charles Bronson on The Simpsons via
On page 276 of 463 of Diaries from *** by Charles Bronson
Long may it continue, Windies are the Charles Bronson of cricket but have been more like Charles Hawtrey lately
My cat's trying to horn in on **In Charles Bronson voice: No, dice.
And the kid had Charles Bronson in his corner.
Scott Glenn should have been the new Charles Bronson of the 80s and 90s.
Sorry Bruce Willis,but 30% of the success of the original Death Wish was Charles Bronson's hair.The other 70% was t…
I liked a video The Simpsons: Charles Bronson on The Simpsons
as in Charles Bronson's Death Wish? Are they going to do 20 sequels to this series too?
Mehn, Tom Hardy really went all out in playing Charles Bronson. His *** is clearly shown several times.
If Charles Bronson shows up in any film I'm watching, this is the first thought that goes through my head. No dice!
Did Scurge ever Clean up on the Masters of evil ..? I swear that guy was taking out B lis…
Wasn't Charles Bronson great? I mean I totally homely guy, but an intense actor.
Here's what Charles Bronson thinks of all those Chuck Norris jokes.
Lil Uzi Vert, A$AP Mob, xxxtentacion, Action Bronson and Daniel Caesar all dropped albums tonight if y'all don't go so…
Based on "Death Wish", Charles Bronson has only one emotional status: Badass
And then, just as I thought my Friday pre-buffday couldn't get any better show Charles Effing 😄😄
It was while making this that Charles Bronson met Jill Ireland (she was married then to one of his co-stars)-…
Charles Bronson strolls with his wife Jill Ireland in Santa Monica 1971
A shame Charles Bronson didn't nab Kim Jong in Death Wish 3, might not have to worry about having to pla…
BREAKING: Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson were Alt-Left. They had no permit to storm that French Chateau in the Dirty Dozen.
Johnson Jones.I'am OFFICIALLY naming my Future son that... either that, Charles Bronson, Emilio, Stellio or Ernie.
Still regret not getting a CCW license when Charles Bronson was Ag Commissioner 😂
On this side of the pond it'd be rude not to mention this guy. Charles Bronson this rare footage is courtesy of Mirage.
Henry Fonda, Jason Robards and Charles Bronson take to our screens this Sunday in Once Upon A TIME IN THE WEST!…
Tom Hardy got to play Charles Bronson, Bane, and Venom... That's a *** of a life.
Join us at 8pm for THE DIRTY DOZEN (1967) starring Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine & Charles Bronson.
British actress Jill Ireland. She married both David McCallum and Charles Bronson (both who she worked with).…
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Fascinating under-the-radar Depression-era boxing movie with Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Strother Martin: "Hard Times."
Charles Bronson, seen here with James Coburn in "Hard Times" (1975)
"Once Upon a Time in the West". 1968. . Charles Bronson, Claudia Cardinale and Sergio Leone. . Cinematograph …
He has less range than Kristen Stewart or Charles Bronson. Amazing.
Once Upon a time in the West en con Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda y Claudia Cardi…
Sure, will learn a Charles Bronson impression like learned the New Edition dance 🙄
I like the one with Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery..she was Totally Lovely
Middlesbrough-born author's book revisits life of hard man respected by Charles Bronson and Lee Duffy: Sykes:…
Charles Bronson, Eddie Richardson,John L Gardner, Johnny Nelson, Glenn McCrory,Neil Malpass andPaul Sykes Jnr just some of the names in book
Notorious inmate Charles Bronson spotted in Norwich City onesie ahead of tonight's match.
This will cheer up all you single guys.
Are you sad and lonely this Well, this isn't gonna make you feel any better, I'm afraid. .
Charles Bronson proposes to ex-Coronation Street actress from behind bars
Charles Bronson, 64, proposes to actress girlfriend
Remember Charles Bronson's lover Paula Williamson in her Coronation Street role? Refresh your memory in this
It seems that there is somebody out there for everyone!
Charles Bronson proposes to soap actress girlfriend on Valentine’s prison visit
Because she isn't in it for the publicity or money. No Sir. via
Charles Bronson, 64, proposes to actress girlfriend.
Charles Bronson is out proposing to birds and you can't even get a text back
In these Hard Times, one of Charles Bronson's best finally getting a proper release here courtesy of
Notorious inmate Charles Bronson to wed Stoke-on-Trent woman, 36, after she visited him in prison – Stoke Sentinel
Walter Hill and Charles Bronson in the collection. This is a very, very good thing!
Charles Bronson plays the part of a drifter, a loner, and a man who speaks soft and hits hard, in Hard Times
Random Jenny fact: my friend once went to an art auction and refused to bid £20 on a Charles Bronson sketch for me because...(continued...)
One of today's most unusual Valentine's Day stories:
LOVE IS BLIND. Charles Bronson reported to have proposed to former Corrie actress
Charles Bronson, 64, proposes to actress girlfriend via her up with him is that a quicky dress.
Now the lovebirds are hoping to set a date for the wedding...
“I’ve had relationships with both men and women in the past, but none of them come close to my love for Charlie.". Who is Paula Williamson? Charles Bronson's new fiancée appeared on Corrie and was a stripper on ...
Prisoner Charles Bronson proposes to ex-Coronation Street actress girlfriend for Valentine's Day…
Coronation Street actress gets engaged in prison
Charles Bronson is suffereing from institutional abuse. He's being made to wear the Manchester United third kit fro…
Probably the most bizarre story you'll read today
Charles Bronson is getting married, from prison,for the 3rd time... and i'm still awaiting a valentines day moment.
Charles Bronson is engaged and I'm still single... How does that happen 😂😂😂
Who is Paula Williamson? Coronation Street and Hollyoaks actress and Charles Bronson’s girlfriend – all you need t…
sounds legendary. My folks got us each chocolate and I'm watching the Death Wish Charles Bronson series later
Really worried that Charles Bronson can get a girl and I can't.🤔
Seen a picture of Charles Bronson going about today and i cant help but think he looks like eggman off sonic the hedgehog 😂😂
Notorious inmate Charles Bronson 'pops the question' to ex-Corrie actress
He's locked up her heart in solitary confinement
Looking forward to Tom Hardy in Bronson 2: Prison Bride. I guess she could play herself.
Shout out to Charles Bronson getting engaged In prison whilst theres sp many single people out here struggling for a t… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Good luck finding bridesmaid's dresses that don't clash with that suit.
Going to rebrand myself as 'Britain's most violent press executive' to see if I can get a girlfriend.
Charles Bronson's there getting engaged meanwhile I struggle to get a text back 🙃🙃🙃🙃
So Charles Bronson is engaged & you're still single but it's probably nothing to worry about. Happy Valentines Day! ht…
Not many people remember that Charles Bronson tried to kill Michael Landon. (And succeeded. That's how he died.)
had to shave mine yesterday order of wor lass. A thought a was combining the Gary OSullivan with a bit of Charles Bronson.
Death Wish marathon on El Rey Network! Man I love Charles Bronson he had such an awesome onscreen presence.
Noir of the day: Charles Bronson as Machine-Gun Kelly in Roger Corman's B gangster movie
Love Nicolas Cage, El Santo, Charles Bronson, and Jess Franco? Then you're gonna love my new book: https:…
Watching original with Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and James Coburn. Old time western! What a cast!
Paul Ryan is such a *** he makes richard Simmons look like Charles Bronson
My heart belongs to . Donald Pleasance & Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson pleads with ‘fans’ to go straight and stop vandalising walls
Just remembered the time I bought a Charles Bronson 7" in Tampa from the Burrito Records guy. I know this means nothing to anyone but me 😔
I don't look like someone who leans on a mantelpiece with a cocktail in my hand, you know.
very clear copy of Charles Bronson's Cold Sweat. A pale copy of the original at that
Then his family is murdered! Like, he's a combo of "Death Wish" Charles Bronson and disappointed Captain America
FROM NOON TIL THREE is the most atypical Charles Bronson movie I've seen. A sweet, funny western/romance with a cheerfully downer ending.
Watched CAVETT from 10/3/72 with Richard Attenborough, Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Lana Cantrell. Bronson was surprisingly interesting.
Westerns were all daddy liked to watch. Give me some Clint Eastwood, some Charles Bronson, and
The fear really hits you. That's what you feel first. And then it's the anger and frustrati
treat williams to me will only be the substitute. Him and charles bronson are defined by a very specific role they played.
Called into service in the War on Crime, Charles Bronson-style.
Why does Charles Bronson make you nervous?
The secret to my acting success? My aftershave! Mandome, as worn by my late mentor Charles Bronson! xxx
Greatest movie ever. Charles Bronson also proud Lithuanian like me.
Just looking into the eyes of Charles Bronson and Henry Fonda told stories. Legendary actors like no other.
Interesting Charles Bronson interview on *** Cavett . Family, film career & rough life as a coal miner in rural PA.
beefcake charles bronson ripped AF with steiger in Fuller's Run of the Arrow
If Donald Trump were the bad guy in a Charles Bronson movie he'd be eaten by chihuahuas at the end
I felt along with her - not the physical pain, of course, but all her mental anguish. You c
That sounds like the tag line for a Charles Bronson movie
Wait, what? As if an armed Kim K will take out a group of armed robbers? Ppl keep thinking life is a Charles Bronson movie.
but Tim Kaine has to play the harmonica riff that Charles Bronson plays in "Once Upon A Time In The West"
Add sone Charles Bronson movies to the mix, and I'm in 😜👍
Find the original with Charles Bronson... Spooky as ***
I use to watch The Mechanic starring Charles Bronson. — watching The Mechanic 2
The Sun Britain's most violent prisoner Charles Bronson appeals to fans to stop plastering walls with his NAME The…
listen to the Blair Witch eps & stoked you picked Send More Paramedics. Hoping you set the Charles Bronson discography one day.
- Society doesn't want a Charles Bronson. It wants a Ryan Seacrest. Give me as much space as u want, Seacrest is out
Maybe I'm too masculine. Casting directors cast in their own, or an idealized image. Maybe
the mechanic featuring Charles Bronson is weird. but i dig the 1970s aesthetics
America needs to go 'Charles Bronson' and waste these punks!
genre: action, crime, thriller The Mechanic was a remake to an old Charles Bronson movie n
I saw someone suggest Paul Rudd to play the Charles Bronson character and I'm sure he'd have made it just adorable
dude, its all about his Charles Bronson
Wore my shirt with Charles Bronson's face from & this guys said Hey nice shirt. Of course it is. Charles Bronson is on it.
aesthetic: Charles Bronson planning a hit in the '70s
think about that same feeling I had watching Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Robert Vaughn, Horst Buchholz +
Every book Ghost Rider book I could find. Charles Bronson in Death Wish and Brandon Lee in the Crow.
A LOT. I also drew a lot from Charles Bronson's Death Wish and Brandon Lee as The Crow.
September at the New Bev: J. Lee Thompson, Charles Bronson, Michael Cimino, Claude Lelouch & more!
Watching the Charles Bronson movie Telefon; Tyne Daly's character is a much overlooked geek icon.
Headphones Everywhere via -I refer you all to Elizabeth Montgomery & Charles Bronson.
Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery in an episode of "The Twilight Zone."
This dude on trax complimented my Charles Bronson shirt then proceeded to tell me I should vote Ronnie Radke for president. No thanks?
I became very close with Charles Bronson and his wife, Kim. We did Sea Wolf together along with Christopher Reeve. Ive been
Conclusion for the evening - Tyrion should have chosen Charles Bronson to fight the Mountain instead of Oberyn Martell.
When you had Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn, as James Coburn as the good guys.
Just to note: Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Horst Bucholz and James Coburn set the bar pretty high.
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I'm in so many Charles Bronson films because no other actress will wor...
I liked a video Chino (1973) Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland and Marcel Bozzuffi
we need more Clints, John Wayne's more Charles Bronson's more Charlton Heston's &Sam Elliot's in this world!
Charles Bronson, Forrest Bondurant and Bane...dude is good
BADASS!Diggle can totally go all Charles Bronson anytime. Wonder how many people are old enough to get that reference
J. Lee Thompson did every genre from kitchen sink realism through every Hollywood movie to Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson schlock for Cannon.
Charles Bronson refused to work with Walter Hill after he was critical about his wife's performance in this movie
My idea of a bad trip is Vincent Gallo my idea of a good trip is Charles Bronson
It doesn't seem like you guys think Action Bronson is cool enough, so how about Charles Bronson?…
...I'm not even going to think about what Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson would say.
Borderline - Charles Bronson dares you to cross this line! Screen favorite Charles Bronson...
Stuck Mojo release Charles Bronson lyric video: Stuck Mojo have released a lyric video for their song Charles ...
- Stuck Mojo release Charles Bronson lyric video -
or assuck, or spazz, or Charles Bronson...
Weekend is on. Cant wait to play Charles Bronson tomorrow with REZNIK. Lazer lets go!
Charles Bronson, new lyric video from STUCK MOJO:
16 Lively Facts About 'Death Wish' --- Bruce Willis starring in remake... can't hold a candle to Charles Bronson.
Actor Charles Bronson born in Cambria County, worked in coal before heading to Hollywood https…
Jill Ireland & husband Charles Bronson, who kept Leonard honest during the kissing scenes in This Side of Paradise. http…
At some point, we all dreamt of being Charles Bronson are back!
Watch the film Raid on Entebbe with Charles Bronson.Brilliant.
Charles Bronson is a very good painter.
I'm worried the legal way won't work, God I wish they could just go "Death Wish" Charles Bronson style on their *** NOW!
my SIM is a young Charles Bronson, I have a pet armadillo with a cowboy hat and my only friend is a Vietnam vet who lives in the woods
Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for Charles Bronson.
Finally someone who wrote a song about Charles Bronson.
any chance of a wee blast of the good stuff Charlie ' Charles Bronson " sheen
My first western was 'Death Hunt' with Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin; that...
Dream casting for Roland:. 1: Clint Eastwood. -1a) Scott Eastwood in like 30 years. 2: Charles Bronson
I added a video to a playlist CHarles Bronson Part 6
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I added a video to a playlist Charles Bronson "Diet Rootbeer" EP
Good Movie Stars are either Dead or too old. Ernest Borgnine, Telly Savalas, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson. Shelly Winters.
Poland’s Tatars Feel Uncertain as Anti-Muslim Sentiment Grows Charles Bronson was lipka. They fought for sobieski
I vividly remember Charles Bronson's face in 'Chino.' The western genre is ...
reprises Charles Bronson in upcoming remake?
Death Wish is also a classic example of beating a dead horse, in that case Charles Bronson, until it's too old to act anymore
Michael Winner and Charles Bronson in 1972 during the filming of 'Chato's Land'
I don't have friends, I have thousands of acquaintances. No friends. I figu...
This steak is so tough it has a tattoo of Charles Bronson
Shaved the head but left the beard. Look like a cross between Tim Howard and Charles bronson. But less of a psycho and a better keeper
This film features a young Charles Bronson (he was credited as Charles Buchinsky) -
actually, maybe not. Might scare clients!
you remind me of Charles Bronson good job
I just want to be able to walk down my street without worrying if my family is being killed by youths, a la Charles Bronson
was Charles Bronson in any of these?
one of the most notorious British criminals named himself Charles Bronson and looks like he stole the chaos emeralds https:…
Tfw you search Charles Bronson on YouTube and a bunch of movies come up
Charles Bronson in the 1972 Western revenge tale Chato's Land, coming to Blu-ray next month!
Charles Bronson in IB Technicolor 35mm! Death Wish screens this Saturday at midnight.
Add Indiana Jones:. Indy would be played by Ford, 73 right now. Charles Bronson was 72 when Death Wish V was released.
I love em,..started to re-watch again. You will love the Lee Marvin and Redford ones. Also found one with a young Charles Bronson
Joe Don Baker, Charles Bronson, and Jim Kelly. Sadly lost in the modern shuffle of Vin Diesels and John Cenas.
Can see Adam Johnson getting beaten up by Charles Bronson in prison😂😂
Movies with revenge (not reconciling) as a theme Carrie, Unforgiven, Ransom, Cape Fear, First Wives Club, Taken, any Charles Bronson movie
Ah, Pat and Mike. The film where Katherine Hepburn uses martial arts to beat up Charles Bronson. Who'd ever think THAT?
Starting a band that wears tuxedos and Charles Bronson masks with facial piercings. Pierced Bronson.
Charles Bronson and Ursula Andress in Red sun directed by Terence Young, 1971
Ahh that one, Ya Japan loves Arnold, tommy lee jones and Charles Bronson. .
Gee--why couldn't FInn actl like Alan Ladd in SHANE (1953) or Charles Bronson in Once Upon A TIME IN THE WEST (1968)?
Unfortunately, I am no Charles Bronson. On the other hand, my customers are not Henry Fonda, either.
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Virginia ending conceal carry reciprocity w 25 other states. Sorry you won't be able to pretend you're Charles Bronson in Death Wish anymore
Charles Bronson has been punished more than Taking him out in a drone attack has only martyred him and recruited many more!
Charles Bronson took everything to the Max .. He made examples out of everyone who crossed him.
The old and the new? JTE's favorite bond Charles Bronson and the new Penn, Sean Penn
Charles Bronson,if had continued alive had turned 94 years today. He was from your same state,was from the city:Ehrenfeld.
If only I could dress like Charles Bronson from Once Upon a Time in The West every day.
were you in Death Wish with Charles Bronson ?
The Death Wish series were revolutionary and underground.. a great character played by Charles Bronson RIP 2003
Yes! Also Harrison Ford. Who is your Roland? I can't imagine anyone other than Viggo Mortensen. Charles Bronson next best.
. Charles Bronson has been in solitary for nearly 40years no he's not a
Charles Bronson in a teeny speaking role.
I look like a skinny Charles Bronson.
. Charles Bronson in Once Upon a Time in the West. "you brought two too many"
I didn't know Charles Bronson was on day release!! 😂 😂
It is supposed to be a criminal offence to keep a prisoner in solitary for years where are Bronsons humane rights.
is that Charles Bronson? It looks like him in The Dirty Dozen
this is literally the plot of the Charles Bronson film VIOLENT CITY (all shot in New Orleans!)
.if we must have one, then Charles Bronson is my Beyoncé.
I can't wait to see Charles Bronson pop his head out of that vent on the pitcher's mound.
EXCLUSIVE: Charles Bronson latest bid for freedom REVEALED
Charles bronson self titled 1995 first press only 500 with typos
Charles Bronson; You Brought Two Too Many via So many standout moments and this is 1 of the best in OUATITW
the older I get, the more I understand the appeal of Charles Bronson. That guy killed more kids than an anti-vax parent.
If it had starred Charles Bronson and been called The Caretaker, cinema would have won.
Duck and Cover, Shelter in Place, Pee Yourself, Vomit, Talk Calmly, Recite Koran, but NEVER go Charles Bronson Death Wish on em!
Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson 'upbeat' about latest bid for…
Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson is 'upbeat' about possible release
Imagine if Charles Bronson was your dad
Call Charles Bronson. Great white squirrel loose in Golden Valley MN
I watched part of a Charles Bronson marathon movie night last night...couldn't help but think of this:
Yeah I thought that too he seems to write a bit more each time. and yes I've written to Charles Bronson. How about you?
EXCLUSIVE: Notorious inmate Charles Bronson 'positive' he'll be OUT within months
On page 115 of 288 of The Krays and Me, by Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson and in the same movie!?! That would have been awesome!
How many will he establish in Ngr. Heard of Charles Bronson (Virgin Airlines) or Ted Turner (CNN) be open, Expand
in the latest podcast you mention the town of Bronson, which is a town where everyone is Charles Bronson
'Charles Bronson stole my wife' claims David McCallum
'Charles Bronson stole my wife':  As the man from U.N.C.L.E. returns, original heartthrob David McCallum speak...
Yes and Rebekah Brooks in the Charles Bronson role or was that Richard Branson? I always get those 2 mixed up
Yup. Yul Brenner, Charles Bronson and Eli Wallach cannot be beat! They have a bunch of guys I've never heard of in the new one.
There are more action figures of John Barrowman than there are of Charles Bronson. Discuss.
things are out of hand last few years. I think it's time some off duty police officers do some Charles Bronson justice.
no longer than that please. Plus you need to grow your hair or you look like Charles Bronson
Only if they make Charles Bronson a playable character.
James Coburn and Charles Bronson had a movie together. It's as if Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain co-starred something. Love it!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Only footage of criminal Charles Bronson fighting
Photoset: rheamaxim: My name is Charles Bronson. All my life I wanted to be famous. I had a vocation. Only...
He's like Charles Bronson.not pretty, not beautiful, not handsome, but everybody loves the *** out of him ;-)
We need Charles Bronson types like in the movie Death Wish
Charles Bronson was briefly released in 1988. He took part in an unlicensed boxing match and the footage is ruthless! http…
So you's are telling me that student ID upside down doesn't look like Charles Bronson?
Shout out to Charles Bronson, who escaped prison to join in with the moshpits
Life Lessons with Charles Bronson - How to Handle Everyday Situations via
3 options:. •Marry a Jenner. •Marry a Kardashian. •Spend a week in the boot of a Ford Fiesta with Charles Bronson, Gary Glitter and Pat Sharp.
Charles Bronson operates the elevator of pain via
I just realized Charles Bronson is dead now Im upset
I added a video to a playlist Breakheart Pass (1975) - Charles Bronson movies english
Charles Bronson was the taciturn, chiseled-faced actor who became an international action star in Europe in the...
Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson showdon in 'Once Upon a time in the West' is about as good as cinema gets
My body belongs to the government but my heart will always belong to Charles Bronson
August 30, 2003: Charles Bronson dies. On this day in 2003, the actor Charles Bronson, best known for his...
2003: Hollywood - tough-guy actor Charles Bronson, [The Dirty Dozen and the Death Wish franchise], died at the age of 81 in Los Angeles.
Charles Bronson from the great escape is bad to the bone man.
Aug 30, 2003 - Actor Charles Bronson (Charles Dennis Buchinsky) died of pneumonia at age 81 at Cedars-Sinai
What an amazing life and career. 12 yrs ago today, Charles Bronson died. He was popular in several countries too! http:/…
Audiences like to see the bad guys get their comeuppance. Charles Bronson
Jack Klugman and Charles Bronson were also roommates for a time in NY as young actors.
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