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Charles Barkley

Charles Wade Barkley (born February 20, 1963) is a former American professional basketball player and current analyst on the television program Inside the NBA.

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Charles Barkley on Mike Conley:. "He's the best finisher in the league with either hand. It's not even close.".
"If you locked DeAndre Jordan in the gym overnight and said no dunks, he'd have six points in the morning.". -Charles B…
So you're saying that because Charles Barkley never got a ring, he's not a superstar. Mind y…
Pregame news: Local dog Charles Barkley lifts leg and pees on glove
Warriors, Charles Barkley and Bob Ley pay tribute to fired ESPN workers
You've lost your *** mind. Like Charles Barkley said the only thing in San Antonio is fat women.
Hearing Charles Barkley mutter "Happy Mothers Day" at six in the morning at the airport means I'm home again.
You're not always going to be successful, but if you're afraid to fail, you don't deserve to be successful. - Charles…
The only difference between a good shot and a bad shot is if it goes in or not.-Charles Barkley .
Nba legend charles barkley makes surprise visit to newton boys basketball Bringing in a perennial NBA All-star, champion and Hall of ...
I've always been a huge Charles Barkley fan. As a player and analyst. But never more so than today. He called me to wish m…
Charles Barkley might not ever go to Chick-Fil-A again after this. (Video via
Portland Trail Blazers get the 'gone fishin' treatment from Charles Barkley, NBA on TNT crew
The NBA needs to have Charles Barkley announce the rest of this series so he has to constantly pronounce Jonas V…
Charles Barkley says the "got lucky" with Rajon Rondo going down with his injury. (Via TNT)
Charles Barkley is the undisputed king of stupid questions.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I have long wished for a show like The View but hosted by Charles Barkley, Bobby Knight, and Ozzie Guillen. .
Shaq's son explains why he chose Arizona and breaks Charles Barkley's heart
Shareef O'Neal played it straight when Charles Barkley asked if Auburn was ever in the picture for his services:.
We're well aware of Charles Barkley's critical theory on race & racism in America.
This one is great! Looks just like our Charles Barkley!
Charles Barkley, Lavar Ball and Stephen A. Smith (ik the last 2 ain't players but just imagine this conversation 💀)
Today on I learned that a Russian punching a Hungarian is like a North Korean punching Charles Barkley!
Charles Barkley thought the Bulls stood no chance and he was wrong. Does Buffalo Grove hate music? Plus more...
Charles Barkley: "Isaiah Thomas crying makes me uncomfortable". Me:
He also said the Bulls had no chance to win. I sure hope Charles Barkley isn't a gambler. He'd lose everything
Oh man Charles Barkley is about to get blasted heavy. Man his comments are just too reckless.
Perspective: in between Charles Barkley & (via
Charles Barkley claims he's never been to Detroit
Charles Barkley going too far with a prank? Ernie Johnson tells us about it in the Green Lounge:.
Ernie Johnson once cut Charles Barkley out of a segment because he was furious over a prank via
First-time golfer and heavyweight Derrick Lewis (has stroke! 🏌⛳️. Charles Barkley's got NOTHIN on this nat…
"Puerto Rico is one of the coolest places I have had the priviledge of visiting," Charles Barkley. 🇵🇷
Charles Barkley: "Russell Westbrook is the most relentless player I've ever seen"
Charles Barkley with some high praise for Russell Westbrook. Barkley also said "I don't think he's leaving OKC" https:…
Charles Barkley states on Dan Patrick Show that Oklahoma City Thunder's “ Russell Westbrook plays harder than ... -…
Clark Kellogg, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley all pick North Carolina to beat Kentucky.
Charles Barkley said he'd love to kill Skip Bayless on TV
Charles Barkley says dying wish would be to kill Skip Bayless on live TV
Charles Barkley says if he was dying he would kill fellow talking head Skip Bayless
Charles Barkley says he would kill Skip Bayless on live TV
Charles Barkley: My dying wish is to kill Skip Bayless on national TV
Charles Barkley says if he were dying, he'd kill Skip Bayless on live TV
Charles Barkley says that if he ever has a terminal illness he wants to beat Skip Bayless to death on live TV:
Charles Barkley was on the Dan Patrick Show today and discussed the future of Russell Westbrook. He doesn't see the love…
First Chuck Berry, now Chuck Barris. Someone form a protective circle around Charles Barkley, Death is working out of the yellow pages now
- Charles Barkley by no means can ask fans to boycott. TNT refuses to get rid of him. Adam Silver look into.
Charles Barkley is the best player to wear a Kent State jersey.
That time Charles Barkley became the best basketball player ever to wear a Kent State jersey.
Charles Barkley hops on the Kent State bandwagon
Charles Barkley just said that " two teams you do not want to see in this tournament are " USC AND Rhode Island.
"Kentucky got 5 McDonald All Americans and the the Norse got 5 guys that eat at McDonald's" -Charles Barkley 😂
Charles Barkley dropping the hammer. "For me, it came down to Notre Dame and Auburn. I was looking for a better education…
.There's no way Charles Barkley can beat Lavar Ball in a game of 1-on-1
Wow Lavair Ball said Charles Barkley is talking trash because he wants attention. This guy is really something else.
Charles Barkley on Lavar Ball: "Ain't no guy who averaged 2 points a game can beat me 1-on-1. I'm positive of that." h…
Charles Barkley tells that Lavar Ball would have no chance against him.
Charles Barkley just challenged Lavar Ball to a 1 on 1 game on ESPN's show.
Charles Barkley did not hold back on Lavar Ball.
If Magic, Isiah Thomas, Reggie Miller, & Charles Barkley all played for the same team he wouldve .
Nurkic joins only Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley as the ONLY players since 85-86 season to post at least: . 28 PTS. 19 REB. 8…
Karl-Anthony Towns: 1st player with 7 straight games of at least 20 points and 14 rebounds since Charles Barkley in 1989…
Lavar Ball responds to Charles Barkley's criticism: "If Charles thought like me, maybe he'd win a Championship."
Come on youngsters.Karl Malone and Charles Barkley? I would even take Kevin McHale
Charles Barkley has a logical, no-BS answer for why he doesn't quit golf:
Patrick Ewing in the nicks, Charles Barkley in the Suns, Vince carter on the raptors, Karl Malone on the Jazz.
Charles Barkley trying to say that Westbrook is trying too hard to avg a triple double while not trusting his teammates makes zero sense.
I have admired Ernie Johnson for many years. After all, he had the great Charles Barkley and Kenny, the Jet, Smith…
Charles Barkley: The Warriors won’t make it out of the West without Kevin Durant
LJ, The Chief, Disgraced Former Mayor Kevin Johnson, Celtics GM and what looks to be AC Green & Charles Barkley. gr…
Charles Barkley got the ugliest golf swing
NBA TV's Greg Anthony on the recent beef between Lebron James and Charles Barkley.
Jim Brown, Charles Barkley, Herschel Walker, and many others are at least supporting the on inner city help. Time to work
Charles Barkley accidentally cussed on air and Shaq couldn't stop laughing
Wicked bad chest pains but hearing Charles Barkley swearing accidentally on live TV kinda makes it better
Charles Barkley always has to shout somebody out lol. SHUT THE *** UP
Charles Barkley: "Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant should have a fist fight..and if Russ win, GSW have to trade Dura…
Shaq and Charles Barkley on television is some of the best comedy you'll find
Charles Barkley just dropped some serious shade on LSU basketball.
Charles Barkley just told Shaq, remember when Obama was President, that's the last time LSUwon a basketball game. 😂
The way Charles Barkley says, "Are they going to win a Championship? No." is everything.
Charles Barkley: "I was talking to Spike Lee All-Star Weekend, he dying to get kicked out of the Garden. He don't want…
Charles Barkley gonna say what he want
Last night my dad and I sat in the car eating in-n-out and watching Charles Barkley highlights. It was great💗💗
Thank you Charles Barkley!!! A lot of people laughing at Sacramento for trading Cousins..Great deal for the Cousins has to go
"Kentucky already won. I should call my bookie." - Charles Barkley.
Charles Barkley really be up there just chattin.
It'll be dope if when Shaq and Charles Barkley quit nba on TNT KG and Sheed take their place
Hate 2 say it fans but king of devour of charles barkley is b right no biz being on nat tv
Charles Barkley cussing on tv again 😂😂
Lmao Charles Barkley up here cussing on live tv
Charles Barkley cussing on air, they be tweaking on Inside The NBA 😅
I like Charles Barkley but why does he support HOU who just shot 3s but hates on Warriors who shoot 3s AND play defense?
Charles Barkley really just said Harden never passed the ball before this year. He's been a top 5 or 6 assisted leader for years. I give up.
Charles Barkley has nerve to talk about being traded
I don't think Charles Barkley actually watches basketball. I probably wouldn't if I was him either.
Charles Barkley is wearing too many patterns
"I'm not sure if I like bc of the courage it takes or bc I can call my bookie on Sat & Sun" - Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley just mentioned calling his bookie on primetime television.
I knew Kentucky was good money after Charles Barkley said pre game "This games over, I already called my bookie"
host Charles Barkley thinks the will beat the in the because his bookie won't let him sw…
Charles Barkley just mentioned his bookie. DRINK.
Literally the only person enjoying this is Charles Barkley's bookie
Charles Barkley don't be jealous of the talent.not pretty on you
Charles Barkley cussed on live TV because the Knicks are that bad
"The Clippers showed me something tonight...that they've got no heart."-Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley let it slip during National TV 😂
For the first time in I think ever, I agree with something Charles Barkley said. Somoas ARE the best Girl Scout Cookie…
Charles Barkley double: "the Knicks suck in New York & Ohio" and "I spoke to Spike at All Star Weekend. He's dying to get k…
Charles Barkley needs the cuss button 🤣
"Why is he in a hurry to get back to NY?? If he stays in Cleveland at least he'll see some good basketball" - Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley is fed up with the Knicks. 😂😂
Charles Barkley describing Knicks and Phil Jackson perfectly on Live TV .
Charles Barkley really speaks for all of us who have to put up with Knicks games being nationally televised (I just…
I know it's time to turn the tv when Charles Barkley starts his "silly" hot takes. Bye.
"The Clippers showed me something tonight they showed me that had no heart"- Charles Barkley LMFAAAO
Charles Barkley swears on live TV, says Spike Lee is “dying to get kicked out of the Garden”
A lot of good people were born on this day: Rihanna, Chelsea Peretti, Robert Altman, Me, Charles Barkley, and Lili Taylor.
Charles Barkley turns 54 today. 22.1 PPG. 11-time All-Star. 5-time All-NBA First Team. 1992-93 MVP
wrong Montel there are many blacks who support Trump. Shaq , Charles Barkley, Allen West just to name a few.
Charles Barkley must have been seen too many Denver Nuggets games to consider Murray for rookie of the year
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Brodgon and Murray front runners for ROY -- Charles Barkley. please let this *** stop drinkin on the job
I was reading the Houston post and I don't know how Charles Barkley is going to help the rockets.
Charles Barkley is a *** really. Put him in the same column as Stacey Dash.
Every time Charles Barkley opens his mouth about other players. His opinion gets more irrelevant.
don't say nun to em lol. then he said Rick fox , kemba walker, and howard better than Charles Barkley
Carmelo Anthony passes Charles Barkley to become No. 25 on the NBA's all-time scoring list.
Congratulations to Carmelo Anthony for passing Charles Barkley and securing his status as a top 25 all time scorer! http…
bruh said rick fox, kemba walker, Howard, and boozer over Charles Barkley
Bonzie Colson reminds me a bit of Charles Barkley when he was at Auburn...
Maybe I'm just a blind, biased ND fans but I think Bonzie Colson could be a Charles Barkley-esque big in the league
Charles Barkley: "If you don't like Russell Westbrook, you don't like basketball."
Knicks fan are agreeing with Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley... ... The last 24 hours have been like a Twilight Zone epis…
Charles Barkley on Draymond Green and Dwyane Wade defending Lebron James' comments.
For you young bloods who don't remember Charles Oakley when he played, this is him pummeling Charles Barkley in 1996 — IN A…
ok; but if you don't think Karl Malone, John Stockton, Dominique Wilkins, Charles Barkley, Ewing, Reggie Miller, and A.I.
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I love Charles Barkley, he says the crazy stuff I think
Charles Barkley and Shaq agree: John Wall is East’s best point guard: Barkley says Celtics' Isaiah Thomas is a…
Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal agree: John Wall is East's best point guard
Charles Barkley still low key taking shots but I thought he said it was over? Clearly he still hurt
Karl Malone, John Stockton, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Dominique Wilkins were all great players w/o rings. Good enough to win one tho
Right?? Elvin Hayes and Charles Barkley over LeBron and Kobe??? He must be on something
NBA on TNT analysts Charles Barkley, Shaquille O' Neal and Kenny Smith just broke it down for Oklahoma City...
Tom Anderson: NBA TV's on the growing feud between Lebron James and Charles Barkley.
Thursday! on tough loss in Boston, on LeBron vs Charles Barkley + Chris Schultz LIVE from
Lebron James reaction 2 Charles Barkley's criticism is exactly why he will never be Michael Jordan
Dwyane Wade defends Lebron James' criticism of Charles Barkley: 'It's about time'.
.‘Thank God’ finally lashed out at Charles Barkley
Dwyane Wade backs LeBron in the Charles Barkley convo: "thank God he said something." Adds that Barkley "acts like he…
Dwyane Wade advises Charles Barkley to keep his mouth shut.
Dwyane Wade Stands Up For LeBron Over Criticism from Charles Barkley: "It's about time he (Lebron) said something"
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Charles Barkley going in on Lebron is like me going in on Arnold Schwarzenegger...know your place
Charles Barkley fired back at LeBron: ‘We’re never going to be friends’ | For The Win via
Charles Barkley fires back at Lebron James: "He clearly Google'd me. I'm not going to get upset...I'm not 12 years old."
Lebron James has a history with Charles Barkley and he's fed up
Lebron James fed up with 'hater' Charles Barkley's opinions - Miami Herald
Lebron James says he's done biting his tongue, goes off on Charles Barkley. . "Screw Charles Barkley."
Charles Barkley in response to Lebron James: "I'm not there to be friends with these guys, I’m there to do my job.” htt…
Charles Barkley gets viciously angry about Lebron James wanting more players. .
Who thinks that Lebron James whines too much ?? was Charles Barkley right by saying that ??
Dwyane Wade defends LeBron, says Charles Barkley should 'shut up'
Cleveland Cavaliers: Lebron James responds to attacks from Charles Barkley after TNT rant -
Warriors and Lebron James form unlikely alliance in hatred of Charles Barkley
"Screw Charles Barkley." Lebron James comments on Charles Barkley for coming at him and calling him whiney. 👀
Dwyane Wade is 'glad' that Lebron James called out Charles Barkley: "When your flaws are more you should shut up."
Lebron James unleashes sick burns on 'hater' Charles Barkley
Charles Oakley tells Charles Barkley to 'stop drinking at work' after LeBron dig | FOX Sports
Is this gonna be another Charles Barkley moment? It hurt to give up Lang/Hornacek/Perry but the results were worth it.
Charles Barkley ain't "that guy on tv" Hall of famer, Olympic gold medalist, & 1 of the baddest dudes 2 play the game
Charles Barkley really went full B-Rabbit during the final battle against Papa Doc.
First, learn the English language. Second, Charles Barkley is paid to give an opinion. Real talk
Back in the day when Charles Barkley was unstoppable in the post queen james was still in nate Thurmond ***
Is Lebron in charge? Or will he invite Charles Barkley for input? Just checking...
Lebron James destroyed Charles Barkley for his recent criticism via
So to that end, Charles Barkley was right and what he said cut LeBron DEEP because he knows it’s true. There is NO SUPERSTAR…
Charles Barkley was roasted for the time he missed a game because he got lotion in his eyes
I know Lebron James and Charles Barkley are Wrestling fans so are they trying to get a match at Wrestlemania?
Charles Barkley would abuse so bad Oakley would get kicked out of the game on purpose to stop the 1…
LeBron absolutely ripped Charles Barkley for everything Barkley's said about him:.
Lebron James needs to realize that Charles Barkley is the main reason why many of us even watch all those boring games on…
.At no point in time was Charles Barkley ever the best player in the NBA. Lebron James has been for the pas…
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To the people criticizing how LeBron responded to Charles Barkley. STFU
New story: Lebron James tells ESPN he's done biting his tongue as he turns the tables on Charles Barkley
Was curious about the LeBron/Barkley thing, so I went straight to the source. I got no prob w/ James' quotes here.
From last night: LeBron deftly destroys Charles Barkley in comments to
I liked a video First Take - Was Lebron James out of line for personally attack on Charles Barkley?
Charles Barkley calls out Lebron for being too whiny. Do you agree?
We're about to have:. Chris Brown vs. Soulja. Derek Fisher vs. Matt Barnes. LeBron vs. Charles Barkley. 2K17 Fight Card 😂
Charles Barkley...Charles Oakley...could be Charlie Brown. I don't give a ***
LeBron let Charles Barkley know what he thinks of his comments about him:
LeBron is having absolute none of Charles Barkley's criticism
It seems as though Lebron James has had enough of Charles Barkley's criticism.
HOLY lord LeBron has UNCORKED THE NAPALM and is firing his WAR CHEST of scud missles at Charles Barkley 🚀🚀. https:…
Bron was right...Charles Barkley is a bird
Lebron said The monstars only lost in space jam because Charles Barkley shaved points to pay off his gambling debt.
LeBron FINALLY claps back at Charles Barkley 😳😳😳. Pic via
Lebron James is not taking any criticism from Charles Barkley.
This kid was tryna show LeBron some video games & LeBron stole the keyboard and Googled "Charles Barkley in the 90s" https:…
Add LeBron and Charles Barkley to the ring👀
Lebron James has heard enough of Charles Barkley.
.I think LeBron feels his mortality; the recipe was there for him to snap and it happen to be at Charles…
Chuck's an informed guy, but he's also comic relief. The perfect comparison for Charles Barkley's role on "Inside" is Terry Bradshaw on FOX.
Lebron James unloads on Charles Barkley and calls him "a hater" .
Charles Barkley doesn't understand why the Milwaukee Bucks are struggling. He clearly has no idea how good Khris Middleton…
Charles Barkley stays unafraid to go out there on national TV and argue that Marc Gasol is the best big man in the leag…
Antoine Walker is looking like Charles Barkley out there at the
Antoine Walker was a beast and Charles Barkley
T.I., Shaq, Reverend Run, Jill Scott, Jaheim, Charles Barkley, thats just off the top of my head.
Randy Moss hits Charles Barkley in stride, gets planted by Shaq. 😭 Best show on TV.
Charles Barkley is a bitter loser who hates when players with no rings try to get them just like he did.
Charles Barkley says is his third guy in the league MVP race right now.
When ol girl calls Charles Barkley a "Wanna Be" it's the best part in Space Jam
Charles Barkley was just a glorified Mario Elie.
These refs must've never seen Charles Barkley play
Charles Barkley talks a lot of trash about the Warriors, but can he back it up?
I remember when Charles Barkley said that the Pacers trade for Turner in 2014 made them better than the Heat
Churchill, Lincoln hitler, JFK, trump, Charles Barkley, Stephen a smith, Shia LaBeouf... just to name a few better
Imagine if Charles Barkley wasn't as fun in interviews, then he'd just be the guy who throws guys through plate glass windows 🤔😭😭
Joyce learned that Charles Barkley is just as warm and funny in person while visiting the set.…
Frank Caliendo explores the AFC playoff permutations with Morgan Freeman, Charles Barkley and Jon Gruden.
If Shaw would of connected with that punch . Charles Barkley would of needed reconstructive surgery for his face.
Charles Barkley: "The NBA, to me, is the worst it has ever been” …... (via
Wow, Charles Barkley with the shade. Hopefully, he realizes that Finney-Smith is emerging and the Mavericks will bounce back
Charles Barkley, John Cena, Umi Sonoda, and a bear walk into a bar,
yeah but Charles Barkley says Klay Thompson is so how much stock can we put in ex-player opinions 🤔
Remember when Charles Barkley said Klay Thompson was the 2nd best player in the NBA?
"Klay Thompson is the best 2 way player in the NBA" Charles Barkley needs to be banned from inside the NBA
Charles Barkley killing me talking about Klay Thompson the 3rd best all around player brah🙄😂
yeah don't listen too them Charles Barkley said Klay Thompson is the 3rd best player and kawhi is number 2 behind
Charles Barkley said Klay Thompson's the 3rd best player in the NBA lmfao
"Draymond green can't name his son Draymond number 2." 😂 Charles Barkley cracks me up
"Lemme tell yuh sumthin, George Karl is right." -Charles Barkley
Wire: WATCH: Michael Jordan's golf swing is nearly as bizarre as Charles Barkley's
NBA legend Charles Barkley has announced that he is making a $1M donation to Clark Atlanta University. 👏🏽
Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquile O'neal have me in tears. Beautiful words and tribute to the life of...
Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler and I used to argue for hours about w...
Stephen A. Smith believes Charles Barkley should have personally reached out to Michael Jordan be... - via App
Russell Westbrook: 1st player with 20 points and 10 turnovers in a triple-double since Charles Barkley (1986-87)
Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson and will broadcast Inside the NBA Live from https:…
What former NBA player Charles Barkley just stood up and said forced this town hall to be cut shortThe crowd LOST it
Charles Barkley and ignorance go hand in hand. Like PB and J. Bacon and eggs. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.
Charles Barkley: Lebron James is no Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan, let alone Michael Jordan.
Frank Caliendo as Charles Barkley singing Thriller was gold
BeBe Winans is Patrick Ewing, Fred Hammond is Charles Barkley, Andre Crouch is Shaq & Israel Houghton is Lebron James
Dan Majerle explains why Charles Barkley was his favorite teammate of all time
Charles Barkley roasting ESPN has me completely dead.
Watching Hank Haney Project to fix Charles Barkley's golf swing. Bloody great watching. Bravo
Making Brent Barry work with Reggie Miller is like making Ernie Johnson work with Charles Barkley. Wait.
Turner just went from Kevin McHale and Charles Barkley to Reggie Miller. At least Brent Barry is there
ha, yes. Charles Barkley a great one on this. Greg Poppovich recently said he didn't like three pointers at all. Proper old school
Remember that time RuPaul and Mugsy Bogues were on SNL with Nirvana and Charles Barkley?
Charles Barkley said I'd never work at espn cuz they make me work like a horse. On espn radio, news, deportes, countdown
Stephen A smith , Charles Barkley, Shannon Sharpe, & Stuart Scott my fav commentators bro they all hilarious
Penny Hardaway, Charles Barkley. But Jordan Brand still wins with Ray Allen and a very slept on Michael Finley
Charles Barkley comments on David Aldridge's choking on Ernie Johnson
David Aldridge makes Reggie Miller choke sign for Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson shows off his form
From Unpredictable Pete Rose is the Charles Barkley of Fox Sports -
What they do believe is what I am telling them...Floyd the Barber bc Jim Nabors is from Alabama...Charles Barkley born Feb 20...from here...
Pete Rose is direct, unpredictable and wildly entertaining on TV. He's the Charles Barkley of Fox Sports.
On this date in 1984, a trio of Hall of Famers played in their first NBA games, the GOAT John Stockton, Micheal Jordan, and Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley 'Pau Gasol is an upgrade from Tim Duncan"
Charles Barkley is something of a Billy Murray-like figure. Everyone loves him. He's almost impossible to peg, his personality unique.
Auburn announces plans for Charles Barkley statue - via App
Auburn is erecting a Charles Barkley statue on campus:
Charles Barkley explains why Lebron James isn't ranked higher than Kobe or Tim Duncan.
Brand joins Mo Cheeks, Scott Brooks, Willie Green & Charles Barkley on my all-time favorite top 5 players with media.
Can we get Charles Barkley, Pete Rose and Mike Ditka talk show🤔🤔 are you network executives sleeping 😌 wake up
It looks like Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley are friends again.
Charles Barkley is a moron. Plain and simple. He doesn't understand today's game or how it is played. 0 understanding of it. At all.
I loved when Charles Barkley said "I am not a role model ". That's perfect. I don't want you to be
"They use me to make money. I use them to get my point across.". -Charles Barkley, on being on TV to talk about issues he cares about.
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Charles Barkley calls out athletes who deny dirty 'locker room talk'
Charles Barkley: Something about Hillary Clinton "makes me uncomfortable," but "I can’t vote for the other guy”
Charles Barkley: Criticism of Donald Trump has been 'disingenuous' -
Charles Barkley on Kevin Durant : "There's no reason to take all these shots at Russell Westbrook & OKC. You left, you'r…
Seems the feud between Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan is over -- because the two hugged i...
Charles Barkley says Kevin Durant is making himself into a villain by taking shots at OKC. What do you make of his comments…
Kevin Durant is making himself a villain according to Charles Barkley.
"Barack Obama will never be President." —Charles Barkley, probably
"Ya'll the one talking about rings!" . Charles Barkley doesn't hold back when comparing LeBron to Kobe and Tim Duncan (…
Complacency is the silent killer of the greats: Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Ronaldo, Michael Beasley, Charles Barkley, Eddie Curry, etc.
Do you like ? You should not miss this unique golf segment with Hugh Grant and Charles Barkley:
Wonderful story by Kenny "Sky" Walker on Charles Hurt. When Charles Barkley getting thrown out of the game in 1983. Tonight at 6:20 on LEX18
Charles Barkley defied his doctor's orders to be by Craig Sager's side following 3rd bone marrow transplant.
Charles Barkley defied doctor's orders to visit friend Craig Sager in the hospital after 3rd bone marrow transplant. http…
Racial draft: white people get a 4 for 1 trade deal. Cam Newton, Jerry Rice, Stephen Smith, and Charles Barkley for Aly Ra…
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Dream Olajuwon and Charles Barkley had the late great Moses Malone to show them not only what it…
the Redskins gave Josh Norman $75 mil? Well I gave the redskins $80 mil. - Charles Barkley at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino
Btw: Charles Barkley said the Rockets should’ve chose “Caron Butler or Jay Williams” instead of Yao Ming.
Victor Riley sounds just like a faster talking Charles Barkley! Glad to have y'all back. War Eagle!
This is great. Charles Barkley went against his doctor’s orders to visit Craig Sager in the hospital.
Charles Barkley defies doctor, visits Craig Sager in hospital Love this story, prayers with Craig + Chuck is Great!
Charles Barkley ignored doctor’s orders and visited Craig Sager at the hospital ht…
Kickoff party for in features Charles Barkley (Cowboys Saloon American Bar & Grill)
"Charles Barkley and Karl Malone think all lives matter .. you don't agree?"
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