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Charity Ngilu

Charity Kaluki Ngilu (born 1952) is a Kenyan politician. She was Minister of Health from 2003 until 2007 and was appointed as Minister of Water and Irrigation in April 2008.

Uhuru Kenyatta Hon Charity Ngilu President Uhuru Kalonzo Musyoka Kazungu Kambi President Kenyatta Ann Waiguru National Land Commission President Uhuru Kenyatta Charles Nyachae James Orengo Githu Muigai Martha Karua

The termination of Charity Ngilu's case is a Jubilee move. She has been sent by the incumbent to seduce Wiper..
Charity Ngilu announces that she will back Kalonzo Musyoka’s presidential bid
Why is that it is only Wavinya Ndeti and Charity Ngilu coming to tell us that Kalonzo tosha and not Hon David...
Allow me to call Charity Ngilu a prodigal daughter after Squandering Jubilee . EURO BONDs is now realizing to buck up Stephen kalonzo
These journalists are mean ... Sasa did have to call Ngilu by saying 'sacked lands CS Charity Ngilu' 😂😂😂😂
The last thing Kenyans need is this sort of stupidity. proven himself an easy lay if price is "right.".
Politics is funny, Charity Ngilu and Kalonzo are buddies.
Ngilu is the octopus in Kenya's politics. Always chooses the winning team so lets see via
Charity Ngilu says she won’t work with Jubilee, roots for Nasa.
ask Charity Ngilu.. she knows better
Charity Ngilu announces that she will back Kalonzo Musyoka's presidential bid. LW
JUST IN: Former Lands CS Charity Ngilu with Ukambani leaders after a cup of tea in support after the courts dropped the case aga…
FORMER lands CS Charity Ngilu square deal with wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka to dissolve NARC and vie for kitui senate seat on wiper ticket.
Kalonzo, Charity Ngilu and Wavinya ndeti at a joint presser after 'having tea.'
Former CS, Charity Ngilu never loved to see eye balls to eye balls with former VP Kalonzo Musyoka. Now they call each other Sister & Brother
Veteran lady like Betty Tet, Martha Karua, Charity Ngilu just to name a few did something...
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I said earlier Nick salat has nothing to offer he is more of a Charity Ngilu
I thought Charity Ngilu would be a surprise visitor today at Bomas of Kenya.
Muthama ONLY thinks only of bed matters &wait a minute,have you noticed Charity Ngilu is not there?
Hon Charity Ngilu launched it during nusu mkate gov, uhuru relaunched last yr & will redo this yr
Worse still Uhuru used Charity Ngilu to cut out Kalonzo's pie. The kamba vote is Kalonzos card, he wouldnt forgive anyone slicing him.
Najib Mohamed Balala headed back to ODM. Charity Kaluki Ngilu too. The question is, are we going to have...
yet he chased Charity Ngilu from the government until now no tangible reason has been given, an insult to Kamba people
"Kavaluku (Sungura) should respect Kalonzo and recognise him as the Ukambani political king maker". - Hon. Charity Ngilu
Charity Ngilu has likened to a 'political baby' who knows nothing about decorum and respect to elders and seniors
Charity Ngilu has dismissed as a 'political kamikaze" who knows his time is up in Ukambani
Ngilu hits out at Mutua for attacking Kalonzo:
FORMER LANDS CS Charity Ngilu hits out at Mutua for attacking Kalonzo ~> via
Charity Ngilu goes untamed and badly embarrasses her former friend, Governor Mutua in public
That right there is what i call ignorance. Charity ngilu making big moves in kenya politics
Charity Ngilu may team up with Kalonzo, Raila to dethrone corrupt Jubilee
may team up with Kalonzo, to dethrone corrupt Jubilee
What does CS Jacob Kaimenyi do???. You might hate her but Madam Charity Ngilu used to move things at the Ministry...
Wamalwa Kijana had to reach out to Charity Ngilu and Mwai Kibaki to actualise the second liberation.
If you had to vote for a woman in Kenya for President in 2017, who could you vote for??. 1.Charity Ngilu. 2.Martha...
My ties with Jubilee are still strong – Suspended Lands CS Charity Ngilu – Kitui Online
CHARITY NGILU leaves everybody in shock as she makes her move on who she will support for President in 2017
Ngilu has spoken leaving everyone in shock over who she will support in 2017
Charity Ngilu discusses and his politics
I wonder what party Ms. Charity Ngilu is gonna be on?? She is Famous for Flip Flopping! !
Hon Charity Ngilu has declared that she will vie for kitu Gubernatorial 2017
I used to think Charity Ngilu was mum coz Kaluki 🙅
Charity Ngilu wants to be governor of Kitui . What is your take
This lady Charity Ngilu never ages.come to think of it,it looks like Kambas have some anti-ageing gene going on for them hehe
Charity Ngilu is been evasive with her answers,she ought to be straight
Charity Ngilu ignores to answer if she has been meeting H. E Uhuru Kenyatta in a live interview.
I am looking forward to seeing this person Charity Ngilu keeps on refering to. Anaitwa Cartel nani??
Charity Ngilu evading the main question
Charity Ngilu live on . Which side of her bread is battered, Jubilee or Cord?
Former land CS Charity Ngilu is live on Citizen Tv
Remember what Charity Ngilu did to CORD before 2013 elections.
Charity Ngilu is a thief and remains a very egoistic politician. She knows where the bread is buttered
Charity Ngilu in studios..she's a smart, gutsy, feisty politician..very independent. Def wears the pants
Seth Odongo. When Charity Ngilu left CORD to join Jubilee at. the 11the hour; she said she was joining a. 'coalition...
Ann Waiguru is on track within a span of 3 short years in dethroning champion Charity Ngilu as the high priestess of co…
What is wrong with our women leaders?:. Nancy Baraza, Gladys Shollei, Charity Ngilu, Ann Waiguru, Kalpana Rawal and now Njoki Ndungu
Thursday May 5, 2016 - Former Lands Cabinet Secretary, Charity Ngilu, has waded into the murky debate of the...
Wednesday May 4, 2016 - Former Lands Cabinet Secretary, Charity Ngilu, has finally come to her senses and gone on...
Hon. Charity Ngilu lauds KOT for putting pressure on gov't to fight corruption. She says NYS scandal is a tip of the iceberg
How is the status of leadership in our country?. with Hon. Charity Ngilu
offcourse just like Charity Ngilu all Kenyans are equal
tomorrow we host Hon. Charity Ngilu. . Topic: Status of leadership in Kenya. . Will you miss?
Now that Duale and Murkomen are behind r. the NYS scandle,they should also step down to allow investigations like the likes of Charity Ngilu
Didn't Charity Ngilu warn him of that rejection? That was before she went back too. Probably had to make money. Suffered same fate
Charity Ngilu stepped aside because of the same reason pliz we want justice
Charity Ngilu: As a leader, do you serve the people? If you've not served people, you are not a leader
Should Charity Ngilu Vie as the Governor of Kitui County? -
Charity Ngilu faces EACC over land graft allegations.
Who is What following does she command? If Charity Ngilu can shut up, who is Waiguru? Let her do light duties and shut up!!!
When former Lands CS Charity Ngilu, former Transport PS Nduva Muli, former Principal Secretary in the Ministry of...
. Charity Ngilu would be Van Persie - Nowhere to be seen.
faith that the vacant slot for personal assistant at my Kabarak home can be filled by Charity Ngilu in Jesus name!
Charity Ngilu used to loudly support you - she has since gone mute. Ask urself why, goodnght.
Alfred mutua we will embarrass you. we will disown you like we did to charity ngilu
just like charity Ngilu, Alfred Mutua is still null and void.
Iron Lady Charity Ngilu was used. She got a CS appointment as a reward. Now she is in oblivion.
By closely following Uganda & Kenyan politics, I wish to state that Beatrice Anywar is Uganda's equivalent of Charity Ngilu of Kenya in 2013
Former CS's Charity Ngilu & Kambi Kazungu are en route to CORD after Jubilee Government regurgitated them never to take them again.
When Charity Ngilu was the CS for lands. There was a lot happening.. Every other week she was somewhere issuing...
Those two are charity ngilu and kambi,even the govt ditched them,why me
and is Charity ngilu now able to finally reveal the names behind the names?
Visibly tired of waiting for reinstatement to the government, suspended Charity Ngilu now to run for an elective post in her Kitui county.
President Uhuru Kenyatta received Pope. Francis yesterday. Raila will officially receive. Charity Ngilu in his camp early next week
Charity Ngilu supported this Govt and now is out in the cold. They are being dropped one by one. For how long will she stay in Jubilee?
Charity Ngilu has had big theft scandals in ministry of water,health and land. She is still free. No assets frozen or r…
we should be more united.I support Hon Charity Ngilu to come back wiper.
I wonder what Charity Ngilu is planning after being fired from the cabinet. She's too quiet.
If you thought Charity Ngilu is over and done with active politics, think twice. The seasoned politician has decided for Kitui top seat.
I feel for Charity Ngilu, but the question is will she ever learn.
Fidel Jesus. For those of you who were not born in. 2010, that was the time Charity Ngilu. was the minister for...
What next for Charity Ngilu? Retire from politics totally or join the opposition?
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Nope. Just dropped Charity Ngilu and brought in a medical expert from Ukambani.
Charity Ngilu’s factor. 1. Fight Jubilee and call them corrupt . 2. Start associating with CORD and in the...
Charity Ngilu will be bitter with Jubilee's reshuffle.A new Cord Pentagon in the offing.Rao,Weta, Kalonzo & Karua.2 women who shoot straight
Madam Charity Ngilu had the chance to be either the 1st elected woman Senator/Governor but chose to be a shortlived CS
Now I can't wait for Charity Ngilu's next move
Madam Charity Ngilu could not initiate land reforms at ardhi house nah we have Kaimenyi who will dance to the tune of UK
After officially exiting cabinet, what is the way now for Hon Madam Charity Ngilu - CORD or JUBILEE?
When Charity Ngilu was involved in another corruption scandal and supported her. htt…
Charity Ngilu will hold a press conference shortly flanked by man Rao
Let them learn that loyalty is not a safety net in jubilee. Ask charity ngilu.
Reports indicate that Charity Ngilu will make a statement about flanked by Raila Odinga. Kalonzo Musyoka to leave CORD.
Charity Ngilu could not provide us with land to build 5 stadiums. No that she is out, we shall build them after 2017 https:…
charity ngilu perfect time to tell Kenyans her role she played in changing the kenyatta's lands records
It's the end of the road for Charity Ngilu...
Charity Ngilu be telling Raila...forgive me papa, I was misled!
I don't pity Charity Ngilu.. She betrayed baba at his hour of need.
5 Suspended CS's among them Charity Ngilu officially out of Cabinet
End of the road for Charity Ngilu. Next decision; stick withe Jubille or go back to CORD and hurl missiles
Tomorrow you will see Charity Ngilu holding a press conference with CORD principals
Charity Ngilu and Kazungu Kambi should tell us if WAIGURUS doctor has prescribed a sack for them
So Kazungu Kambi, Charity Ngilu should consider themselves FIRED
Seems Eng. Kamau, Davies Chirchir, Charity Ngilu, Kazungu Kambi will get their last pay this month.
Standard Digital News - Kenya : Charity Ngilu says she is not ready to quit Jubilee just yet
kabetes: Former activists like Kiraitu Murungi, Koki, deputy UN Ambassardor, Charity Ngilu, Koigi Wamwere etc changed when they got into…
The rapid sliding of health care system in our nation started with charity Ngilu. She opened huge doors for corruption.
The likes of Charity Ngilu have stepped down for less -
lands CS charity ngilu and patrick makau at a fund-raising in athi river
Just coincidentally met Charity Ngilu hehe she asked me if I wanted a ride to town 😊😊
Charity Ngilu also cleaned up the land files. A few days of private cleaning. We all know what was happening.
Sack CHARITY NGILU from the Cabinet - Ukambani leaders turn around and tell UHURU -
I swear, my ‘romance’ with CHARITY NGILU is real and no one will ever separate us again -
Why is it that she is still in cabinet not even. stepping aside like Charity ngilu.POK is playing. POKER.
got pressure but has support from his excellence Uhuru!nothing to worry Waiguru unlike Charity Ngilu!
Boni Khalwale : Ann Waiguru is no different from Charity Ngilu or Felix Koskei.The President is protecting Waiguru
Charity Ngilu has accused Jubilee government of lacking the drive to fight graft and defended Kalonzo Musyoka over land grab c…
Charity Ngilu and Kalonzo Musyoka are the leaders of MRC. . They must be arrested for advancing ideals of an...
CS Charity Ngilu MUST be in a state of awe as MPs allied to UKenyatta raised a storm at CS Anne Waiguru grilling.None was on her side@ all.
What's so Special about Waiguru compared to Charity Ngilu? let her step aside what's illegal password hio ni wizi
Fighting corruption where Waiguru is named is fighting against women while where Charity Ngilu is concerned it becomes fighting corruption
Nancy Barasa, Monica Juma and Charity Ngilu are not women. The only woman who represents all women is WaiKuLU!
Kalonzo's double speak is questionable, he supported Charity Ngilu who faces corruption charges now says president is protecting corruption
Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka to lead opposition and Kamba leaders to court in solidarity with suspended lands CS Charity Ngilu.
these *** should fight like Charity Ngilu, Martha Karua, Wangari Mathai, Grace Ogot! Face the men in the battle.
Then the President also need to step aside
Charity Ngilu reveals new development in Likoni land saga
CS Charity Ngilu outs her boss in investigations against her and she expects to "get back" or "keep" her job.
CS Charity Ngilu says she was acting on President orders on the two cases of corruption
Suspended Land CS Charity Ngilu to face anti-graft team
: true Charity Ngilu should have resigned if she felt morally offended by the President directive. She must c…
CS Charity Ngilu claims she acted on President Uhuru's orders in two matters over investigation via
Why Ngilu mention President Uhuru in her land allegations scandal
Rotten media houses. The headline misleading, different from the content!
Suspended Lands CS Charity Ngilu denied allegations of inflating the price of Waitiki farm in Likoni by 110 million shillings when she...
Suspended CS Charity Ngilu has accused presidential advisor Joshua Kuttuny of pressuring her to give up a two acre piece of land on S House
Charity Ngilu accuses senior State House operatives of meddling in the affairs her ministry
"I Engaged in Mr Waitiki's Land corruption deal under Uhuru's ORDERS"SACKED Charity Ngilu takes the bull by its horns
Kusetiana, as would say: Ngilu drags Uhuru into her land woes
Charity Ngilu has sensationally claimed that President Kenyatta was deeply involved in two of the three land dealings that put her on the.
Charity Ngilu drags President Kenyatta into her land woes
says personally made decision to have Mr Waitiki paid Sh1.1B for Likoni land
Decision to up Waitiki land offer by Sh100 million was made by says Ngilu
"Here we go---> Ngilu drags President into her woes.this story is positive for Pres…
"Traders occupying Varsity land should vacate or face forceful eviction" Charity Ngilu.The president thinks otherwise.Guess, you know why.
I can see another Charity Ngilu in the offing.
First it was Charity Ngilu who said he knows the Private Developer. Then Singhs appeared on the scene. Now Kambi. Who will appear next?
Just like Charity Ngilu, Kazungu Kambi is going to name Muchai's killers and resign?
Charity Ngilu is going nowhere. As . put it, she's been going strong since Moi days. Mutampeleka wapi?
Top court to resolve Charity Ngilu-... -By PAUL OGEMBAThe Supreme Court will now resolve the di...
Precedent to watch: Supreme Court now to resolve sticky land administration issues:
Mother charity ngilu i salute you Congratulations have my support
CS Land Charity Ngilu: My ministry is responsible for delivering the 3M titles promised by the government.
Nairobi Governor We support Charity Ngilu for everything she is doing. We congratulate her.
President Kenyatta being given a tour of the National Titling Centre by CS Charity Ngilu.
Why CS Charity Ngilu is not ready to step aside
Charity Ngilu wants an additional Sh3b to meet targets via
domain names
CS Charity Ngilu meets lands and housing committee in parliament
KE: Charles Nyachae & Charity Ngilu set the record straight on NTV Tonight:
Lands Cabinet Secretary says she will not resign :
Lands CS Charity Ngilu has failed yes, but the greatest shortage in Charles Nyachae's tenure in CIC is success.
KE: Lands cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu takes on her critics:
CS Charity Ngilu says she will not resign, calls CIC chair Nyachae unprofessional
Charity ngilu and siwazuri are now a team after finding a common enemy in nyachae administration kenyan style how foes become buddies
Listening to the CIC chair Dr. Nyachae and the lands CS Charity Ngilu showdown on and sadly all comes...
CS Ngilu on the spot and I will side with Mr Nyachae is right on this one .
Charity Ngilu just go home and sleep. You've never delivered in any ministry. Nyachae is only being thorough.
"I will not resign, Ngilu says don't cs I support ur work
Charity Ngilu wants Kenyans to tell her if she is delivering or not? Jesus Christ. See how gullible they take us to be?
Uhuru Kenyatta commends Lands CS Charity Ngilu for her work in ensuring land disputes are solved; says she is doing her job well. -NMG
We are going to give you the name of the landgrabber, but there is a name behind that name - Charity Ngilu
Has land's minister, Charity Ngilu and land's commissioner, Swazuri released the name of the guy who grabbed Lang'ata primary school playground yet?
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We took over a rotten sector and we are trying to clean it. Cs Charity Ngilu.
Charity Ngilu "I will be on at 9 PM discussing Land grabbing matters with erik njoka .Stay tuned".
Name grabbers of Langata school land, Nkaissery tells Charity Ngilu, Swazuri who was the complainant Bw CS? U protected him!
Be sure to watch our exclusive interview with Land CS Charity Ngilu as she addresses with on
Coming up on Tall order, under pressure Charity Ngilu on a face saving mission
I get surprised when people like my friend James Wachai say it should have been pretty easy to get the name of our Most Wanted Grabber after the clean up of Arthi House by Charity Ngilu. What you are assuming is that the Grabber is unknown. He is only unknown to you and I. Just in case you have forgotten, its same Arthi House (read Ngilu) which told the ICC that Uhuru Kenyatta has no land in Kenya. And with that the case against him went down. Then someone sits thinking Uhuru will sack Ngilu. Guys, soup is ready; take a cup and go home.
The Langata road primary school land grabber must be a very influential being in the country. Nobody is daring to mention names. Hon. Charity Ngilu you are right in the registry and have powers to unveil this impunity, recently you arranged the files and embraced ICT, it shouldn't take you long to unearth the truth unless something is cooking..! Kenyans are waiting.
Lang’ata land grabber not yet exposed! . And CS Joseph Nkaissery confront CS Charity Ngilu and Swazuri to make...
CS Land Charity Ngilu says all illegal structures on grabbed Land must and will be demolished.
" All illegal structures on grabbed Land. MUST and will be demolished " lands cs Charity Ngilu
Busy day for Lands CS charity Ngilu as she personally supervises demolition of walls erected on grabbed land in various spots in Nairobi
Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery has challenged Charity Ngilu and Muhammad Swazuri to reveal the...
Charity Ngilu since you are supervising the clearance exercise by NYS,then stop your games and us the grabber.
Lands CS Charity Ngilu supervises demolition of illegal perimeter wall at Langata Primary
Charity Ngilu: Ministry of Lands raised the red flag long before the matter got out of hand
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CS Land Charity Ngilu supervising demolition of an illegal wall on grabbed land in Westlands.
LAND CS Charity Ngilu supervising the demolition of the illegal perimeter wall at
Demolition of a fence on a grabbed 7 acre piece of land opposite Westgate mall being overseen by CS Charity Ngilu
Cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu quite performing in the ministry of lands!
. Was it really thugs that break into his office or charity ngilu
Kambas have no bargaining power in Jubilee Government due to lack of an ambitious political leader. Cs Charity Ngilu isn't a politician.
Kenya is the ONLY country in the world where thieves will thieve anything at will (for example the 8.3 and 15BILLION cash that was robbed from Central Bank by Uhuru Kenyatta's men the other day and the prime city land that has been grabbed by William Ruto - Deputy President, Charity Ngilu - Lands Cabinet Secretary, Evans Kidero - Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi - Nairobi Senator, David Kimaiyo - Inpector General of Police and Ndegwa Muhoro - Director of Criminal Investigation Department) then the President leads the thieves in blasting those who point fingers at them while the thieves themselves demand for apologies from those unearthing their thieving activities. NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OR BE MADE TO BE ANSWERABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS IN THE LAND OF KENYA AS LONG AS YOU ARE FROM THE CORRECT TRIBE OR BELONG TO THE RIGHT POLITICAL PARTY.
Charity Ngilu is at the hague with is a CS,in what capacity is she there,is she on leave or is she there on official duties?
CS Charity Ngilu arrives at JKIA. She is accompanying Mr. Kenyatta to The Hague.
Charity Ngilu will be accompanying Uhuru to the ICC. So our public lands are safe.
fixed at by Charity Ngilu and Githu Muigai for interfering with evidence and data on Kenyatta' s wealth.
Politicians like Ngilu Charity should as victims for forgiveness because they were party of the problem during 2007 election violence
Charity Ngilu to accompany Uhuru to the ICC to show solidarity to the man who made her CS even if her integrity was in question
Meanwhile, at our Local Radio news : Narc party SEXretary Charity Ngilu …
KE: Over 300 members of Twiga farm petition the Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu over delayed justice:
"I was in Politics in 2007 i know what happened and President Uhuru was not part of it" - CS Lands Hon. Charity Ngilu
Lands CS Charity Ngilu among over 100 politicians from Cord and Jubilee coalitions who have applied for Visas to travel to The Hague
Lands CS Charity Ngilu among the 140 politicians who have applied for visas to the to accompany President Uhuru Kenyatta.
CSs Joseph ole Lenku,Charity Ngilu and Jacob Kaimenyi unhappy over appearing in Parliament to respond to MPs' questions.
Seems like Charity Ngilu only makes news when she's in a tussle or scandal and not for anything good .
Lands CS Charity Ngilu begins search for land heirs
Squatters to get land ahead of Lamu port project
Some people still trying to make their way to the list for the millions in Lamu land compensation.
Mohamed Swazuri team, Coast leaders hit out at Charity Ngilu over land leases via
"How cute, Charity is dressing up in local head dress...its not Saudia Arabia..its Lamu;)Looks like…" — clandestine
The power of a woman Charity Ngilu.Sema Impunity of the highest order.Cs from Ukambani as well as registra.
Cabinet secretaries clash over Lamu land compensation deal via
Cabinet secretaries clash over Lamu land compensation deal.
Cabinet secretaries clash over Lamu land compensation deal
The ministry of lands has recovered several documents at the concluded two weeks exercise in Kwale land offices including 1,574 green cards, 197 title deeds and 65 white cards. Land cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu made the announcement on Thursday when she officially opened Kwale lands offices for t…
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The cs Charity Ngilu needs to be the iron lady as far as the issue of land is concerned. History will remember her.
Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity unearths 125,000 land files in clean-up
Land lease holders to enjoy first priority, CS Charity Ngilu assures. -
Guys hating on CS Charity Ngilu for arranging files and purporting to be carrying out land reforms.
Charity Ngilu should head up the search for MH370.
Kenya: Ngilu blamed for suspending parastatal boss Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu has been accused of med...
Does it mean charity Ngilu is a magician who goes to an office and finds all file that have been mising?
Mombasa Lands offices re-opens as 30,000 files found Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu indicated that despi...
kaluki ngilu CS lands hope she turns up for
Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu;Many people especially from Kwale County allocated themselves…
If there is one public servant who has "worked" then that is Charity Ngilu
Ngilu appoints 3 directors to housing corporation. Land secretary Charity Ngilu has appointed three directors to...
Charity Ngilu wants court to drop NLC case against her. -
Lands Cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu could face yet another impeachment bid over irregular sacking of the NHC managing director
James Orengo turns guns on Charity Ngilu over land - Politics -
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Lands Cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu at the Lands Registry offices in Nairobi. Digitising land records is...
Lands CS Charity Ngilu says govt, will revoke titles to all illegally acquired land dating back to 1963.someone pass me some popcorn !
MASAA NI YA NGILU. In 1997 Charity Kaluki Ngilu had caused a political storm when she became the first woman...
CS Charity Ngilu should be open and tell Kenyans how much she own in terms of land because we dont want those who preach water but behind us take wine.
I hope this is not HATE SPEECH. According to the Registrar of Companies and the documents released by Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu, Shanghai African Investment Limited, one of the companies that allegedly grabbed land in Lamu, was registered in 2013 when Uhuru/ Ruto were in office and not before 2011. In fact, the company was registered on 4th of November, 2013, with Certificate No. CPR/2013/121805 and could only have grabbed land after its registration and incorporation. Surprisingly, Shanghai African Investment Limited is the only company in question with eight directors with all of them coming from Central Kenya. Here are the directors of the Shanghai Investment Limited; 1. Daniel Mwangi 2. Samuel Wanjohi 3. Burton Maina 4. Michael Kariuki 5. Jeremiah Gikonyo 6. John Gitau Kiarie 7. Peter Njiru 8. Peter Mwangi I read this with shock...
Lands CS extends net on grabbed land in Lamu, title deeds for all illegally acquired land from 1963 could be revoked
Even Charity Ngilu's body language shows that she is not sincere about this Lamu land saga.
Former Cabinet minister James Orengo has cleared himself from accusations by the Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu that he backed land grabbing by corruptly allocating public land without any regard to the laid down procedures when he was in charge of the docket.
Charity Ngilu served as a Minister in the same govement as J. Orengo, who now she claims is a thief and wants to persecute. Hypocrates.
Ngilu widens Coast land probe to cover back to 1963.. Well... Watching how she treats the National Landlord.
Charity Ngilu ordered closure of Govnment Land offices in Mombasa and in 2 days (During the closure) substantial files are reported missing
Charity Ngilu should also be held accountable while working as minister for health. She had contracted a company...
Coast land probe to go back 50 years
I now realize why Charity Ngilu was "planted" in that Ministry of Lands. Things are unfolding handsomely.
I really like Charity Ngilu. On the other hand I do not at all like Amina Mohammed. I can't stand her voice even.
Charity ngilu and William ruto are the last people to be lecturing Kenyans on land issues and corruption .
The hypocrisy shown by Charity Ngilu on corruption in the Lands Ministry is despicable. She labels Orengo a fake liberator?
Did we give too much land to few people at the expense of the poor people in Lamu?-Charity Ngilu
Always shocked when I see charity Ngilu accuse others of being corrupt . Hypocrisy should be declared a national disaster
Ahead on Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu says land Audit to begin from post-Independence period.
Charity Ngilu is just a funny character! Madam CS you mean to say a woman can't own land 80,000 acres in size?
did i hear right? did the lands Cabinet Secretary Ngilu just say no leader owns 50k acres?
Charity Ngilu suggestively says women in this country cannot own land in tens of thousands
Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu now says Raila Odinga’s faction of the Grand Coalition Government was in...
Titles of all grabbed land to be revoked. Land Secretary, Charity Ngilu has said that the government will revoke...
Hon Charity Ngilu the right person to hold lands docket keep it up mum.
--->>"Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu has closed all land offices in the coastal region for files audit and re-organization.
BREAKING: Lands CS Charity Ngilu says the government will revoke all illegally acquired land since 1963, as EACC...
BREAKING: LANDS CS Charity Ngilu says she will revoke title deeds for all land acquired illegally since 1963.~
Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu EGH, MP must go further and reveal the rot in the ministry. That why the Jubilee...
secretary charity Ngilu closes coast land registries for files to be Audited.
Ngilu Close Coast Land Offices for Files Audit [The Star]Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu has closed all la...
William Ruto office now linked to Charity Ngilu, Mohamed Swazuri row via
President Uhuru Kenyatta with Lands CS Charity Ngilu issue a title deed for the Taita Taveta University
Lands cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu shocked Machakos residents when she claimed that she always carries condoms in her handbag for any sexual emergencies. While addressing a roadside gathering,Charity told them Aids is really and that they should learn…
You never know when the craving will strike:I always carry CoNDOMS in my handbag - CHARITY NGILU says.: . ...
I never forget to carry condoms in my handbag says Charity Ngilu see more here
Uhuru Kenyatta does not own any land in Kenya! - Uhuru's Defence team. You now know why Charity Ngilu had to clean la…
Charity Ngilu is carrying condoms, n urge women 2 do the same, why don't she avail the venue of the usage of the same
Charity Ngilu confesses to carrying condoms in her handbag --
CHARITY NGILU confesses publicly that she always carries C()ND()MS in her HAND BAG :
Charity Ngilu carries condoms in her handbag everyday not for her use but for 'your' use Via
Its very unfortunate that the Kenya government chose to use Kenya’s corruption, inefficiency and ineptitude to defend President Uhuru at the ICC. Charity Ngilu says that because there are about 1.3 million misplaced or lost at the lands office, they can’t trace any land registered in Uhuru Kenyatta’s name. In otehr words, its good that the Land Registry is in that sorry state, so that evidence against Uhuru is not available. The Registrar of companies says because their system was manual before 2009, they could not terrace any company owned by or associated with Uhuru. Supposing Uhuru asked the same Lands Registry to look for ANY land in Kenya owned by Wahome or his family, would it take them even 10 minutes to locate it? If he wanted to know any company/companies registered by Wahome or Lempaa Soyianka with our PIN number alone, they would get them in three minutes. The 1.3 million files Ngilu talked about are in Nairobi Lands Registry. How about other offices in Kiambu and Coast, is it possible to ...
"Uhuru Kenyatta bought his first ever phone in 2010!he didnt own a phone in 2007/08" . Githu Muigai n Charity Ngilu tell ICC
SOME JOKE TAKEN TOO FAR: It seems (according to one Charity Ngilu) Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta an accused person for...
Our respected CS Charity Ngilu, please do the follow up on this land claimed to be a Public Land by Hon. Simba Arati!
A good number of CORD supporters are nursing serious injuries after they were beaten by police along Nairobi’s Tom Mboya Street. Trouble started after a few goons started forcing shop owners to close shops along Moi and Tom Mboya avenues to attend the CORD rally at Uhuru Park. Others were trying to loot mobile phone shops but police, who were on standby moved in with speed arresting a number while a good number escaped with serious injuries. At Kenyatta Avenue, police managed to contain a section of CORD rally attendants jamming Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi, protesting against the screening by police. Meanwhile, President Uhuru Kenyatta will today visit the National Lands Office in Ruaraka amid high tension in the area. The President will be accompanied by Lands Cabinet Secretary, Charity Ngilu.
Why Kenyans are yearninh for a National Dialogue and they want discussed as a matter of urgency: (a) exclusionary policies of the Jubilee govt (b) a timid,clueless national Cabìnet that act like school prefects and class monitors (c) the on-off of the Jubilee national policies/projects and why they stall mid-stream. Examples- lap-top,SGR, ten huts,CCT camera security. (d) Anglo Leasing 'greasing'/oiling (e)run-away tribalism (f) thieving from public coffers (g) activities of CS Charity Ngilu vis a vis the National Land Commission. Those are my 7-point items that should be in tommorrow's 7-7 list of demands for Dialogue.
Time for Charity Ngilu and Mohamed Swazuri need to address land ownership in Western and North Rift
The rift between Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu and the National Land Commission has widened as the...
Your are here » Home » Kenya CS Charity Ngilu directs surveyors not to issue maps to land c... :
Typewriters? Really? Charity Ngilu? R.E.A.L.L.Y!? I wasn't even a teenager the last time I saw one!
Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu defends the use of typewriters in her ministry.Have a listen - CapitalNewsBeat
The CS Ministry of Lands Ms Charity Ngilu has promised Kenyans to issue 1million tittle deeds by end of the year.The Jubilee gov't has issued about 60,000 title deeds so far.This is a great achievement by Jubilee gov't under one year,though marred by harsh economic times and sabotage from real and perceived enemies. Go! Ngilu Go! Ngilu Go! And God will see you through.
Does scandal dog CS Charity Ngilu everywhere she serves or does she dog scandal wherever it hides?
National Land Commission boss Mohammed Swazuri Sunday accused minister Charity Ngilu of disrespect for the rule of...
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